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WWE Revolution Preview

The mainevent
Chris Benoit vs Kane vs Triple H vs HBK/Hell in a Cell

Trish vs lita womans title match

Battle Royal for the Intercontinental title.
Maven, Rhyno, Shelton Benjamin, Eugene, Val Venis, Tyson Tomko, William Regal, Chris Jericho, Christian, Matt Hardy, Edge, Randy Orton

The Hurricane vs Rosey

World Tag Team Titles Elimination Match
La Resistance vs Batista and Ric Flair vs Matt Hardy and Unkown Partner vs Garrison Cade and Coach

Eugene vs Eric Bishcoff/Loser leaves wwe Revolution.

Molly Holly vs Victoria vs Ivory vs Gail Kim vs Nidia vs Stacy/Number one Contender for the Womans title Elimination Match.

Hardcore title Match up
Steven Richards vs Mick Foley vs Test vs Mark Henry vs Chuck Palumbo

Please post Suggestions or things that I need to work on

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WWE Revolution

The Pyro goes off and the crowd is hysterical.

JR: We have a huge match card for tonight.

King: The match I want to see is the Divas elimination match. PUPPIES

JR: Well lets go on with our first match tonight.

Roseys music hits and he comes down the ramp.

Next the Hurricane the crowd then see’s him come down flying to the arena. Once The Hurricane got down they started the match.

Rosey vs The Hurricane

Rosey and The Hurricane hook up and Rosey pushed The Hurricane back. The Hurricane got back up and tried to push Rosey but he couldn’t. Rosey then picked up The Hurricane and threw him on the ground. The Hurricane got up and started to punch Rosey. Rosey hit the ropes and The Hurricane clotheslined him over the rope. The Hurricane looked and jumped over the ropes and tried a crossbody but Rosey caught him and hit him into the metal post. The Hurricane was on the floor clenching on to his back. Rosey picked him up and rolled him into the ring. He covered him for a 2 count. Rosey looked at the ref in surprise. The Hurricane got up and went to the top ropes. The Hurricane jumped and hit a missle drop kick. The Hurricane went for the pin but Rosey threw him to the side. The Hurricane ran to the rope and tried to clothesline Rosey but Rosey picked him up and did a samoan drop. Rosey got on the top rope and jumped off and hit The Hurricane and knocked him out. Rosey covered him and got the 3 count.

Winner Rosey Match 7.00 minutes

Kane is backstage getting ready for his match.
Coach walks to Eric Bishcoff’s office.

Coach: Boss aren’t you going to get ready for your match?
Bishcoff: I don’t think that I will have too.
Coach: Why do you say that.
Bishcoff:I have somebody taking care of it.

JR: What was that about?
King: I don’t know.
JR: Well lets get to our second match
King: I’ve been waiting for this match. PUPPIES
All the divas come down to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: The rules are simple you can get eliminated by pinfall or submission. Nce you are eliminated you will be escourted back to the locker room.

Divs Elimination Match for the number one contender

All the divas are pounding at eachother. Gail did a hurricarana on Victoria and tried to pin her but she only got a one count. Molly Holly got on the top rope and did a molly go round on Stacy and she pinned her for a 3 count. Nidia hopped on Molly Holly’s back and put her in a sleeper. While that was happening Victoria put Gail Kim on her back and gave her the widows peak. She covered her for a 2 count. The Ref then saw that Molly Holly was knocked out and she was eliminated. Ivory went after Gail Kim but Gail kicked her straight in the face. She went to the top ropes and did a moonsault. She covered her for the 3 count. Victoria did the widows peak on Nidia and then Gail Kim did a moonsault. Then covered her for the 3 count. Victoria locked up with Gail Kim and Victoria did a suplex. She covered her for a 2 count. All of a sudden Jazz comes to the ring and hit both woman with a chair. The bell rang. The Refs tried to take the chair away but she kept hitting them.
Winner No contest Match 10.00 minutes

King so who is the winner?

Matt Hardy: I can’t wait to team up with you again.

JR: Who was Matt Hardy talking to.
JR: Well the Tag Team match will start know.

La Resistance vs Batista and Flair vs Matt Hardy and Mystery Partner vs Garrison Cade and Coach

First La Resistance came to the ring. The audience was booing them. Next Batista and Flair came out. The Cade and Coach coming out. Then Matt Hardys music hit he came alone. Then somebody elses music comes on and it is Jeff Hardy. The Crowd goes wild as Jeff comes to the ring. There opponnets are amazed. Matt and Jeff start hammering on the Evolution members. Coach tried to sneak out of the ring but La Resistance gave him a double suplex. Garrison Cade tried to hit Rob Conway but he picked him up and they did there special on Garrison Cade. Batista grabbed Rob Conway and gave him a sit down powerbomb. Jeff and Matt got a ladder and set it up in the ring Matt got Coach and gave him a twist of fate. Then Jeff did a swanton bomb off the ladder on to Coach. Jeff covered him for the 3 count. The Refs took Coach and Cade out of the ring. Le Resistance threw Jeff out of the ring. Batista and Flair attacked Matt and gave him a sit down Powerbomb. Batista covered him and got a 2 count. Batista started to argue with the ref. Jeff got back in the ring and rolled up Batista for a 2 count. Batista tried to get Jeff but La Resistance clotheslined Batista down. Jeff did a twist of fate on Rob Conway. Matt went to the top and did a leg drop on Sylvan Grenier. He then pinned him for the 3 count. Know Batista and Flair took Jeff and rammed him into the ring post. Matt went to the top and did a moonsault off the turnbuckle. He hit both Flair and Batista. Jeff then pulled Flair into the ring and they both got on the turnbuckles and hit a leg drop and a swanton bomb. They covered him for a 3 count. The crowd went wild. Jeff and Matt celebrated together as the new tag team champions. Lita came out with them and know Team Extreme is back together.
Winners: Matt and Jeff Hardy/Time:20 Minutes

Mick Foley was walking out of his car. All of a sudden Evolution started to pound on his head. They then did a sit down power bomb on top of the car. Triple H then threw Mick Foley through the hood of the car.

Eric Bishcoff comes out and say’s that they can’t have the hardcore title match up because of the ambush of Mick Foley.

JR: Our next match will know be Trish vs Lita.

Lita comes down to her entrance music. Next Trish comes out with Christian and Tyson Tomko.

Trish vs Lita Womans Title

Trish and Lita lock up. Lita pushes her down. Lita then signals that she will win the title. Trish comes after her and starts to slap her. Lit pulled her off her. When Trish got up she got clotheslined by Lita. Lita went to the top rope but Trish threw her off the turnbuckle. Tris then grabbed Lita’s hair and started to slam her face on the mat. The ref then broke it up. Lita crawled to the turnbuckle and started to pull herself up. Trish tried to put her on the top turnbuckle but Lita fought back. Lita then kicked Trish in the stomach and hit the twist of fate. Christian started to distract the ref. Lita went to the top but Tyson Tomko threw her off the turnbuckle. Trish then rolled Lita up but only got a 2 count. Trish tried again but only got a 2 count. Trish went to the top rope but Lita caught her and did a superplex off the top rope. Tyson Tomko got a chair while Christian was distracting the ref. All of a sudden Matt and Jeff come out of the crowd and start to beat Tyson Tomko. Christian then got in the ring and started to beat on Jeff. Jeff started to fight back and he hit a twist of fate. While they were fighting Lita hit a twist of fate and then went to the top. Matt hit a leg drop on Tyson Tomko. Jeff hit a swanton bomb on Christian. Then Lita hit the monnsault and got the pin for the 3 count.
Winner:Lita for the Woman Title Match:15 minutes

JR: Lita has finally done it.
King: that wasn’t fair Matt and Jeff interrupted the match.
JR: Didn’t you see Tyson Tomko trying to hit Lita with the chair.
Replay of the match
King: Still she should get a title match.
JR: well are you ready King the battle Royal for the Intercontinental match.

The Battle Royal over the top Rope Challenge for the Intercontinental Title.

All the participants get in the ring. Randy Ortons music hit. All the participants were looking at the titantron. All of a sudden Randy came from the audience ran into the ring and pushed Maven out. Maven was so mad he went and got a chair and hit Randy Orton on the head. Randy was on the floor bleeding. Eugene was in the cornor watching everyone wrestle. All of a sudden William Regal tried to clothesline Eugene over but Eugene held onto the ropes. William Regal tried to punch him off the ring side but Eugene grabbed him and threw him over the top rope. William was furrious. All Eugene did was wave to him. Chris Jericho and Christian started to punch eachother. Chris Jericho drop kicked him down. Shelton Benjamin also started to punch Christian down to. Tyson Tomko hit Shelton in the back and gave him a suplex. Christian was on the ropes. Shelton was infront of Christian and Tyson Tomko went to clothesline Benjamin but he moved and he hit Christian out of the ring. Christian looked at Tyson Tomko and Tyson Tomko was yelling I’am sorry. Chris Jericho pushed Tomko over the top ropes. Rhyno hit the gore on Val Venis he then waited for Randy Orton to get up. Randy got up Rhyno tried to hit the gore but Randy Orton pulled the rope down and Rhyno was eliminated. Matt Hardy and Edge were hitting eachother with everything the had. Then Randy hit the RKO on Edge. Matt Hardy went for the leg drop but Eugene pushed him off the top turnbuckle and he landed on his groin on the ropes and Randy pushed him to the outside. Edge then speared Randy Orton as he turned around. Val Venis went for Eugene but Eugene pulled the ropes down and Val Venis fell out of the ring. William Regal came back out and went into the ring and threw Eugene out. William was laughing and Eugene was mad. The crowd was booing Regal out of the arena. Jericho put Randy Orton in the walls of Jericho. Edge then started to fight Shelton Benjamin. He irishwipped Benjamin into the ropes and speared him. Randy was holding onto the ropes and all three of the members hit Randy out of the arena. Edge and Shelton were talking trash to Randy and Chris threw them bot out of the ring. The Bell rang.
Winner:Chris Jericho Match:30 minutes

JR: Jericho has won the title.
King: Randy was cheated he was jumped by Edge, Benjamin, and Jericho
JR: Poor Eugene he was cheated
King: He wasn’t cheated William Regal was
JR: Well Eugene has had started the night out bad will he change it by beating his uncle.

Eric walking to the ring.

Eugene comes out limping from when he was thrown out of the ring.

Eugene vs Eric Bishcoff

Eugene and Eric locked up. Eugene then did a suplex on Eric and tried to cover him. Eric kicked out of a 2 count. Eric got up and then Eugene did a pedigree. All of a sudden Coiach and William Regal came to the ring and distracted the ref. William Regal ran toward Eugene with the chair. Eugane moved and dropkicked the chair into William Regals face. Eric Bishchoff got up and did a pin. He then hooked the tights but Eugene kicked out. Eugene then kicked Eric in the gut and did a rock bottom. Then Eugene went to the top of the turnbuckle and hit a elbow drop. He then covered Eric only to get a 2 count. Eric got up and started to plead to Eugene not to hit him. Eugene tried to hit him but Eric hit him with a lowblow. Eric then tried to pin him but only got a 2 count. Eugene then was picked up by Eric and then kicked in the face. Eugene got up and hit Erics head on the turnbuckle. Eric was busted open. Eugene picked him up and powerbombed him. Eugene hooked the leg for the 3 count. Eric was shocked and then kicked Eugene in the face. Eric then went and got a chair and started to hit him with the chair. Then Vince came out. Vince told Eric that he was fired and his replacement will be here next week.
Winner: Eugene/Match Length: 9.00 minutes

I will post the Main Event in a couple of days please Rate this story

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Not bad for your first try, could have explained yourself a little bit better in your first post with what's going to happen. I like the end of the with Jazz getting herself DQ'd. The show would be greatly helped with it's presentation if your had bold and italics. A good ending to the Womens Title match with Matt and Jeff returning.

Most of the dialouge seemed off, if your not that good with commentary yet just stick to backstage promo's and matches like I did for my first show here. Hopefully you'll keep this going because I see some future in this show, and in your writing. Another thing try and put your shows in one whole post, don;t get too over excitied about posting a show re-read it when you've finished to make sure you've done it and your happy with it.

With a little bit of help in how to present you shows a little better go to WWE: Rise of Glory and read through my first RAW there and you'll pick up a few idea's on what you cando to improve your shows.

So tell me are you going to post another show?? If so when?
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