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Shaqx and me are going to do a joint federation. He's doing Raw and I'm doing SmackDown!. I hope you'll like it and please give feedback. It's my first federation ever so I'll need all the help I can get, lol.

Wrestlemania 21 will be posted soon in quick results and after that, Shaqx will post his Raw.

Here my SmackDown! information:

SmackDown! said:

General Manager
Ted DiBiase

SmackDown! Roster
1. AJ Styles
2. Akio
3. Big Show
4. Bill DeMott
5. Bill Goldberg
6. Billy Kidman
7. Charlie Haas
8. Chavo Guerrero
9. Daniel Puder
10. Danny Basham
11. Dean Malenko
12. Doug Basham
13. Eddie Guerrero
14. Hardcore Holly
15. Harry Smith
16. John Cena
17. John Heidenreich
18. Kurt Angle
19. Lance Storm
20. Luther Reigns
21. Mark Jindrak
22. Paul London
23. Rey Mysterio
24. Rhyno
25. Sakoda
26. Shelton Benjamin
27. Steve Austin
28. The Rock
29. TJ Wilson
30. Yoshihiro Tajiri

Bret Hart
Paul Heyman

Undisputed Heavyweight Championship
United States Championship
Tag Team Championship
Cruiserweight Championship

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Hey here is my Raw roster, titles, divas, etc. Red indicates that they have been traded or especially signed.



Tune into Raw to find out!


Brock Lesnar
Booker T
Buh-Buh Dudley

Chirs Beniot
Chris Jericho
Chris Nowinski
Chris Masters
D-Von Dudley
Gene Snitsky
Jeff Hardy
Kevin Nash
Khosrow Daivari
Mark Henry
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Muhammad Hassan
Randy Orton
Ric Flair
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Scott Hall(Manager to Kevin Nash)
Shawn Michaels
Simon Dean
Sylvain Grenier
Triple H
Tyson Tomiko
William Regal

Announce Team

Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Lilian Garcia
Al Snow


Christy Hemme
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Torrie Wilson
Trish Stratus


World Heavyweight Batista
Intercontinental Maven
World Tag Team Christian & Tyson Tomiko
Womens Christy Hemme

Here is the PPV Schedule for Raw and Smackdown:

Backlash Raw
Judgment Day Smackdown
Bad Blood Raw
Great American Bash Smackdown
Summerslam Joint Hosting
Unforgiven Raw
No Mercy Smackdown
Taboo Tuesday Raw
Survivor Series Joint Hosting
Armageadon Raw
New Year's Reveloution Smackdown
Royal Rumble Joint Hosting
No Way Out Smackdown
Wrestlemania 21 Joint Hosting

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Hey thanks. I have written the first Raw but I will post it this coming monday and here are Raw's Wrestlemania 21 results. Some of the matches look like the upcoming Wrestlemania 21 card but I've made some different ones.

World Heavyweight Championship-No Disqualification
(Champion) Triple H w/ Ric Flair V Batista
Winner: Batista

Shawn Michaels V Kurt Angle
Winner: Shawn Michaels

6-Man Ladder Match
Chris Jericho V Kane V Edge V Chris Benoit V Gene Snitsky V Jeff Hardy
Winner: Chris Jericho

World Tag Team Championship-Special Elimination Match
(Champions) William Regal and Tajari V La Resistance V Rosey and the Hurricane V Christian and Tyson Tomiko
Winner: Christian and Tyson Tomiko

Legend V Legend Killer Hardcore Rules Match
The Undertaker V Randy Orton
Winner: The Undertaker

Intercontinental Championship
(Champion) Shelton Benjamin V Maven
Winner: Maven

American Dream Match
Mick Foley V Muhammad Hassan
Winner: Mick Foley

Women’s Championship
(Champion) Trish Stratus V Christy Hemme
Winner: Christy Hemme

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Hey everyone. I thought I would post my raw early this week as i can't wait to get started. Please give me feedback on it so I can know what is good and bad and improve it.


A promo plays of what happened at Wrestlemania 21.
J.R: “My Gosh! Christy Hemme has defeated Trish Stratus with her own finishing move!”
Jerry Lawler: “I know J.R! CHRISTY! CHRISTY! Come down here and party with us!”
American Dream Match
J.R: “Thank the Lord! Muhammad Hassan finally got what was coming to him! Mick Foley kicked his ass to hell and back! Now Hassan, if you want to be an idiot and insult us that is what’s going to happen!”
Jerry Lawler: “You got that right!”
Intercontinental Championship
J.R: “Wow! What an intense battle. Maven was able to beat Shelton Benjamin and get WWE Gold in the process. I think Shelton might think about which brand he’ll sign with after Wrestlemania!”
Legend V Legend Killer
J.R: “Undertaker wins! His unbeaten at Wrestlemania and this was no exception!”
Jerry Lawler: “Imagine what this is going to do to his ego J.R!”
J.R: “Shawn Michaels put on yet another excellent performance at Wrestlemania 21!”
Jerry Lawler: “I wonder what this is going to do to Kurt’s ego?”
6-Man Ladder Match Shot at the World Title and $10 000
J.R: “Jericho won! Jericho can now choose when he wants his title shot!”
World Heavyweight Championship, Batista V Triple H w/ Ric Flair

The Raw music plays and clips are shown of the Wrestlers on Raw.
The pyrotechnics go off lighting up the whole arena. The camera pans around to the crowd.

J.R: “Welcome everybody to Raw! It’s not even 24 hours since Wrestlemania! The dust has not settled yet and we have been informed on Raw that Linda McMahon herself will be coming to raw tonight to deliver a special announcement!”
Jerry Lawler: “You got that right J.R! I can’t wait for tonight’s announcement from Linda McMahon! Hey maybe Linda is promoting me to Chief Diva Referee!”
J.R: “Ok King, if that’s what you want to-“

The General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff, music hits and the crowd start to boo.
Eric makes his way to the ring and gets a microphone.
“Welcome to Raw!” Bischoff says and the crowd cheer. “Now I know all of you are expecting to see some exciting action because it hasn’t even been 24 hours since Wrestlemania!” The crowd cheer again. “Now tonight I have some very special matches planned-“

Eric is interrupted by Linda McMahon’s entrance music. Linda herself appears and the crowd cheers again.

Jerry Lawler: “I thought Linda McMahon was coming tonight not now right at the beginning of the show!”
J.R: “Me too. I guess we are going to get those announcements a little early I expect.”
Linda: “Hello Eric. Sorry to interrupt you but I have to stop you from what you are about to do. You see as this is a new season, changes have to be made and you have been the General Manager of Raw for how long now?...about 3 years. So what the Board of Directors has decided to do is to shake things up.” The crowd cheer in agreement with Linda.
Eric: “What are you trying to say Linda?”
Linda: “Eric instead of you being on Raw, the Board of Directors has decided to place you on Smackdown!”
Eric: “How can I be the General Manager of Raw while I am on Smackdown?”
Linda: “Eric I’m not sure if you got the hint there. In true McMahon fashion I must say Eric…YOUR FIRED!”
Jerry Lawler: “Can she do that?”
J.R: “She just did!”

Linda: “Now Eric please get out of my ring before I fire you from both Brands!”
Eric yells a few times and then decides to get out of the ring. Eric walks up the ramp screaming “SHE CAN DO THIS!” and then disappears backstage.

Linda: “Now that is out of the way let me introduce you to the NEW General Manager of Raw…..”
The “I Am a Real American” theme music starts to play and the crowd goes wild.
Linda: “Your New General Manager of Raw…..Hollywood Hulk Hogan!”
Upon hearing his name the fans cheer wildly and start chanting “Hogan! Hogan!”
Hollywood Hogan does his usual poses in the ring before getting a microphone.

Hogan: “HULKAMANIA is back brother and it’s bigger, badder and better than ever!”
The crowd pops.
Hogan: “Now as your General Manager for Raw I know a lot of Raw fans are HULKAMANIACS so I plan to deliver the very best matches RAW has to offer!”
By this time Linda has gone backstage.
Hogan: “Now first and foremost at Backlash there will be a special challenge s 4-Way match and the winner will receive a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship 4 weeks later on Raw!”The crowd cheer loudly.
Hogan: “I know you like that brother, so each week we will have a special hardcore qualifier match! Also tonight we will have a Tag Team title match qualifier. Chris Benoit and Eugene will face La Resistance for a shot at the Tag Titles at Backlash!”The crowd cheer once more.
Hogan: “Now the last thing on my agenda tonight brother is the main event. It will be…The Undertaker…Batista…and…Shawn Michaels facing off against…Randy Orton…Triple H…and…Booker T!”The crowd goes wild again and Hulk Hogan exits.

Commercial Break.

J.R: “My gosh what just transpired here! We are not even half-way through the Raw after Wrestlemania and we have crowned a new General Manager and a major main event right here tonight!”
Jerry Lawler: “I know what you mean J.R tonight’s main event might even top Wrestlemania’s but we can assure you WWE fans that Raw over the next month is about to get very very interesting.”
J.R: “Indeed…but now it is time for our first match….the first of 4 hardcore title qualifiers.”

Match 1
Edge V Tyson Tomiko

The match started with both men coming to the ring. Tyson Tomiko and then Edge, Tomiko got the jump on Edge as he started throwing right hands and backed Edge into the turnbuckle. Tomiko proceeded to thrust his shoulder into Edge’s abdomen but suddenly Edge reversed putting Tomiko into the corner and started to throw some right hands of his own. Edge Irish whipped Tomiko hard into the other turnbuckle and as Tomiko hit off the turnbuckle he walked forwards and Edge scored a perfect dropkick.
Edge quickly got outside and grabbed a steel which he used to imprint Tomiko’s face in.
Later in the match after the ring was filled with weapons Tomiko pulled Edge up by the hair and hit him with some punches. Tomiko bounced Edge off of the ropes but Edge countered and speared him. Edge set a steel chair up as if you were going to sit on it and delivered an edgeucution (DDT) onto the steel chair. The chair bended and Edge covered Tomiko with a hook of the leg.
Winner: Edge

J.R: “Oh my gosh what a match-up, if those two meet again I think it will be worse than that.”
Jerry Lawler: “Did you see Edge bust open Tomiko with that DDT onto the chair? That was some match but now according to Hogan Edge is now one of the contestants for the special challenge title match!”
J.R: “That’s the way it looks from what we were told earlier. Folks don’t go anywhere we will be right back.”

Batista Promo-Clips of Batista with red eyes on a black background are being shown.
The Animal is waiting to be unleashed…he will find his solitude in the man whom he can defeat…now he has championship gold…can he be beaten…The Animal is waiting to be unleashed.
Clips play of Batista Batista-Bombing multiple people.
Now the animal is unleashed…can anyone stop him!!!

Commercial break

J.R: “Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. We are just about to get underway in this special tornado tag team championship match qualifier. The winner will go to Backlash to face Tyson Tomiko and Christian for the WWE Tag Team titles.”

Match 2
Chris Benoit and Eugene V La Resistance

Both teams entered La Resistance getting most of the heat. Chris Benoit was the bigger fan favourite. Once the bell had rung both teams went straight to work on each other. Eugene hit 3 double clotheslines before Sylvain Grenier got in some right hands and hit Eugene to the floor. Meanwhile Chris Benoit threw Rob Conway out of the ring and dived through the ropes with a spear type move knocking both men to the ground. Eugene regained control of the match as he knocked Sylvain to the floor and did Eugene’s usual head butts. On the outside Rob and Benoit got up but Benoit was quicker and he delivered a toe kick and Irish whipped Rob into the steel steps.
Eugene scoop slammed Sylvain and Chris Benoit got onto the tope rope where he delivered a diving head butt and then rolled out of the ring. As Eugene went to go for the pin Rob Conway caught an unsuspected spinebuster on Eugene. Both members of La Resistance kicked Eugene is a horrible fashion as they made good use of the referee’s 5 count. La Resistance pulled Eugene up and did a double team move much like a double chokeslam. Sylvain pinned Eugene with a hook of the leg.
Chris Benoit broke up the 3 count with a double axe handle. Benoit clotheslined Rob Conway outside the ring as Eugene got up and gave a spinebuster to Sylvain Grenier. Eugene took his elbow pad off and threw it into the crowd as Eugene bounced against the ropes for the people’s elbow, Benoit climbed to the top rope and gave another astonishing diving headbutt. Eugene connected with the people’s elbow and noticed Rob Conway getting up outside the ring. Eugene bounced against the ropes and his Conway with a baseball slide. Meanwhile Chris Benoit got Sylvain Grenier in the crippler crossface and made Grenier tap-out.

Winners: Chris Benoit and Eugene

J.R: “What an intense match up! I don’t believe what I saw! The teamwork between Benoit and Eugene for the people’s elbow and the diving headbutt my gosh what a match!”
Jerry Lawler: “I don’t think that’s fair I mean look at the double teaming on La Resistance, if that was a match I was refereeing I would disqualify Benoit and Eugene right there and then. Anyway on to the next match…PUPPIES!”

Commercial Break

Match 3
Trish Stratus V Sable

Trish entered first and when Trish’s music hit she received an enormous amount of heat. Once in the ring Trish got a microphone and waited for the crowd to go silent.
“Hello everybody and thank you for coming to see Trish Stratus. Unfortunately some little s*** at Wrestlemania STOLE my title belt, so if you wanted to see me face another WWE Diva for my title…..blame the s*** Christy Hemme.”
Eventually Sable’s music hit throughout the arena and Sable got a mixed amount of cheers and heat.
After Sable got in the ring Trish Stratus immediately threw Sable to the mat face first by pulling the hair. Trish got Sable up and slapped her in the face. Sable turned back to look at Trish and slapped her back twice as hard. Trish checked to see if there was any blood and out of nowhere started slapping Sable like mad, eventually Trish was on top of Sable and still slapping her, the referee had to pry Trish of Sable. Trish picked up Sable by the hair and delivered a DDT and rolled into a cover.
Sable kicked out! Trish picked up Sable again but Sable elbowed Trish and set Trish up for a Sablebomb.
However Trish quickly reversed it and Sable was hung up onto the top rope. Trish toe kicked Sable in the stomach and hit Sable with her own version of the Sablebomb.
J.R: “Look at her copying another Diva’s special move! What does she call that? The StratusBomb?”
Trish covered Sable in a pin.
Sable got a shoulder up! Trish picked Sable up by the hair once again and pulled Sable’s face onto her knee. Trish then used her usual move the Stratusfaction and pinned Sable.

Winner: Trish Stratus

J.R: “My gosh look at how hard Trish put her knee in Sable’s face…Sable’s nose is bleeding!”
Jerry Lawler: “A WWE Diva does what a WWE Diva has to do. Trish was just taking care of business.”
J.R: “Like hell she was…Trish was trying to send a message to Christy Hemme. Folks we’ll be back after this.”

Commercial Break

Backstage you see Trish Stratus walk up beside Stacy Keibler.
Trish: “Hey Stacy!”
Stacy: “Oh hey Trish, how are you?”
Trish: “Oh I’m fine, just taking care of business. Did you see my match?”
Stacy: “Oh no I didn’t but I saw you loose your title to Christy Hemme at Wrestlemania though. You put up a good fight but I guess Christy was the better woman.”
Trish: “Excuse me? What did you just say?”
Stacy: “Christy….was…the better woman.”
Trish: “No you see your just like Christy…you are a s*** the same as her!”
Trish then slap’s Stacy around the face. Stacy looks at Trish and Stacy spears Trish and both start to pull hair and slap each other. Referees have to come in and break it up.

J.R: “Trish had no right to call Stacy that! Stacy Keibler is a beautiful young woman and Trish has no right!”
Jerry Lawler: “Leave Trish alone, Trish is still grieving from having her beloved Women’s championship taken away.”
J.R: “Moving on now it is time for our main event. Randy Orton, Triple H and Booker T V The Undertaker, Batista and Shawn Michaels.

Match 4
Triple H, Randy Orton and Booker T V Batista, the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels.

Triple H, Randy Orton all came to the ring and Undertaker did his usual entrance but when he got into the ring all 3 opposing team members started throwing right and left hands. The referee lost control of the match before it even began. Undertaker threw all of his opponents off and hit each of them with a throat thrust. Shawn Michaels music hit the arena and all the fans were on their feet cheering HBK. Once Shawn was in the ring he hit sweet chin music on an unsuspecting Randy Orton who fell through the ropes to the outside. Batista’s music went off and out came Batista running along the ramp; Batista threw down his title belt and went straight to work on Triple H throwing right hands that knocked Triple H to the floor. When Randy Orton got up Undertaker bounced against the ropes and jumped over the top rope onto the outside to deliver a flying clothesline. Both Undertaker and Orton got up slowly but both started hitting each other however Undertaker managed to get a big boot to the face on Orton and set him up for the tombstone pliedriver. Booker T clotheslined HBK outside the ring to where Lillian Garcia was sitting. Since the referee had lost control Booker T grabbed a steel chair and went to hit HBK with it but HBK countered the attack and hit sweet chin music onto the chair which rebounded off of Booker T’s skull. Undertaker was able to get Randy Orton into the tombstone position on the outside and delivered the tombstone onto the steel steps. HBK and The Undertaker got into the ring where Batista kicked Triple H in the abdomen and Batista Bombed him.
The last thing you see is Batista, Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker in the ring and then you see what happened to Booker T, Triple H and Randy Orton.

Quick Results
Edge def. Tyson Tomiko for a place in the special challenge match.
Chris Benoit & Eugene def. La Resistance for Tag Team Title Shot.
Trish Stratus def. Sable.
Batista, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels def. Triple H, Randy Orton and Booker T.

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Hey cool show dude! I loved it.
Bringing back Hulk Hogan like that and Linda firing Eric! That was so cool. Hey another nice touch was the special challenge match qualifiers for Backlash. A good backstage segment with Stacy and Trish however the main event did seem kind of weak with the bad guys getting their asses whopped but good none the less. 9.5/10

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Ok Firstly, Welcome to BTB.

Secondly, nice show.
Hogan's return was pretty cool, wonder what he's going to do?
Also it's a shame to see Eric go, but hopefully the new GM will be good too.

Should be good to see what else you can do.

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First of all the rosters look good. I'm disappointed that JBL isn't on the roster and I'm a bit surprised that Christopher Daniels and Chris Sabin are not on the roster, but it isn't my show. As for the Wrestlemania results it was shocking to see Maven winning the Intercontinental Championship, nice to see the Undertaker defeating Randy Orton and it was disappointing to see you had Christy Hemme and Batista win.

WWE Raw by Shaqx

-Not typing out peoples names in full.
-Eric Bischoff going to Smackdown.
-Hardcore matches aren't allowed on Raw, and haven't been for a couple of years.
-Chris Benoit in the Tag Team division.
-Having JR saw "My gosh" over and over through out Raw.
-Only one backstage segment and no in-ring promos.
-The length of the show.

-At least you brought in a good replacement in Hulk Hogan.
-The push of Batista who at least in my opinion needs to be pushed in this way.
-Having the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and Batista go over in the main event.

It was a good Raw, but there are things that I think could have improved it. The biggest being Chris Benoit in the World Tag Team Title Division. I thought the show could have also been longer, with more promos and segments.


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Sorry Raw is late...I don't know where my partner has gone who is supposed to be doing Smackdown.

Promo-Last Week.
Lind Mc Mahon: “Eric you’re… fired!”
Jerry Lawler: “CAN SHE DO THAT!”
Linda: “Let me introduce to you the new general manager of Raw…”The, I am a Real American theme music plays.
Hogan: “HULKAMANIA is back brother and it’s bigger, badder and better than ever!”
J.R: “MY Gosh what just transpired here?!? A new General Manager and a major main event right here tonight!”
Clips are played of the main event with Undertaker tombstoning Orton, Shawn Michaels hitting Booker T with the Sweet Chin Music and Batista Batistabombing Triple H.

The Raw theme music plays and the usual clips of the raw superstars are shown. The pyrotechnics go off and the arena is lit up.

J.R: “Welcome everybody to Raw! We are live from Miami Florida and can’t wait for tonight! Since last Monday everyone has been thinking what is in store for the Raw superstars as our new General Manager Hollywood Hogan last week booked some explosive matches. Isn’t that right King!”
Jerry Lawler: “It sure is J.R. I have been waiting since…well since we went off of the air last week and at our last main even…I think there is some bad blood brewing there.”

Hollywood Hogan’s theme music plays and the arena goes mad cheering and holding up their Hogan signs. Hogan struts to his music as he struts down the ramp to the ring. Once Hogan was in the ring he pulled off some of his old muscle taunts.

Hogan: “Welcome Miami Florida to Raw!”
The crowd cheer.
Hogan: “Now I know all you Hulkamaniacs out there want to see the best Raw has to offer.”
The crowd cheers in agreement.
Hogan: “So tonight we will have another special challenge qualifier between Gene Snitsky and the one and only…daredevil himself…Jeff Hardy!”
The crowd roar upon hearing Jeff’s name.
Hogan: “And what happened last week backstage between Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus will tonight spill into the ring when they battle each other."

Jerry Lawler: “I’m looking forward to this match J.R!”
J.R: “I bet you are King.”

Hogan: “Now this match hits me right in the heart. It will be one of the most decorated individuals in World Wrestling Entertainment history…Shawn Michaels and it will be a man who could be the next Shawn Michaels….Randy Orton!”

The crowd boo once they hear Randy Orton’s name.

J.R: “Wow, they’re some explosive matches booked for tonight. I can’t wait!”
Jerry Lawler: “I know. I can’t wait for Stacy to battle Trish…I wish it was a bra and panties match!”
J.R: “Ladies and Gentlemen we’ll be back right after this!”

Commercial Break.

J.R: “Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen. We are just awaiting the arrival of the young Jeff Hardy who is going to face-off against Gene Snitsky in a hardcore rules match for a place in the special challenge match at Backlash.”

Match 1
Jeff Hardy V Gene Snitsky

Gene Snitsky had entered during the break so Jeff Hardy’s music hit the arena and all of his fans cheered.
The match started with Jeff up on the turnbuckle taunting to the audience when Gene Snitsky attacked Jeff from behind. Gene Snitsky then Irish whipped Jeff off of the ropes and delivered a big boot to the face of Jeff Hardy. Snitsky then got out of the ring and grabbed a chair from ringside, Snitsky got into the ring and swung the chair aiming to get Jeff Hardy’s head but Snitsky missed and hit the ropes and the chair rebounded hitting Snitsky’s head. Jeff Hardy took advantage of the situation by throwing the chair to Snitsky who caught it and then hit the chair with a dropkick. Jeff was up immediately and slid outside of the ring. Jeff pulled a few weapons out like a trash can and a ladder. Jeff set the ladder up but Snitsky came along and kicked Jeff in the mid-section. Snitsky picked up the trash can and hit Jeff Hardy Square in the face with it then threw Jeff into the ring. Snitsky pulled Jeff up who got an elbow to Snitsky’s rib…and then another and another…Jeff Hardy was up and started to throw right and left hands, Jeff bounced off of the ropes and caught Snitsky with a flying forearm smash. Jeff picked up the trash can and hit Snitsky with it denting the trash can. Jeff Hardy put the can on the floor and delivered a twist of fate to Snitsky onto the trash can but Jeff hardy wasn’t done. Jeff went to the outside and set up the ladder outside the ring and then climbed it. Jeff did his usual pose before he jumped off of the ladder and did his senton bomb which hit Snitsky right in his stomach. Jeff pinned Snitsky for the 1…2…3.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

J.R: “Oh my gosh! What a match I can’t believe what Jeff Hardy did. First a twist of fate onto the trash can and then a senton bomb off of the ladder onto Gene Snitsky! What a match!”
Jerry Lawler: “I know what you mean J.R I couldn’t believe my eyes when Jeff Hardy did that! So now for the special challenge match we will have Edge V Jeff Hardy V two other guys which are going to be decided next week.

Backstage we see Randy Orton and Stacy Keibler walking together.
Randy: “I still can’t believe it! Hogan making me face Shawn Michaels...I just don’t believe it!”
Stacy: “Come on Randy it shouldn’t be that hard for you at least your not facing the Undertaker.”
Randy: “What?”
Stacy: “Well I just thought…well…”
Randy: “You thought wrong…I could take that piece of recycled old dead guy any day of the week. The only reason Undertaker beat me at Wrestlemania is because he had the home advantage. I mean never being beaten at Wrestlemania gives a guy a major boost. Anyways who actually likes that dope anyway? Now you better go and get ready for your match.”
Stacy: “Bye…Randy…”
The camera pans around to see Eugene walking up to La resistance.
Eugene: “Hello my name is Eugene.”
Rob Conway: “Who do you think you are eh? Coming up to us like this and trying to brag about your win last week eh?”
Sylvain Grenier: “You know I think we should teach you a lesson about coming to us and bragging.”
Eugene: “Oh no I wasn’t bragging.”
La Resistance corner Eugene and beat him up.
Rob Conway: “Let that be a lesson to you!”

Commercial Break.

J.R: “I can’t believe La Resistance beating up poor Eugene like that. It was uncalled for!”
Jerry Lawler: “Well if you are going to hang with the big dogs you’ve got to be prepared to take some punches. Anyways now onto our next match…Stacy V Trish! I can’t wait

Match 2
Stacy Keibler V Trish Stratus

Both divas entered with Trish getting the heat and Stacy being the favourite of the match. When Trish got into the ring she got a microphone and started talking.
“You know I have been thinking…why do I have to wrestle Stacy Keibler? I mean it’s not like she has any in-ring ability. All Stacy is is long legs and b-“
Before Trish could finish Stacy slapped Trish knocking the microphone out of her hand. Stacy slapped Trish again knocking her to the ground and then started to use her long legs to kick Trish in the stomach. Trish eventually found the turnbuckle but Stacy was still kicking her however Trish ducked one of Stacy’s kicks and hit Stacy with a chic kick. Trish rolled into the cover.
No Stacy got a shoulder up. Trish picked Stacy up by the hair and threw her face down to the mat.
“HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT HUH?” Trish yelled. Trish picked Stacy up again but Stacy was able to elbow Trish in the mid-section but Trish countered it with a slap to the face. Trish bounced Stacy off of the ropes but Stacy bounced off of the ropes and did a cartwheel, Trish immediately went after Stacy but Trish walked into her foot.
J.R: “Oh my gosh! Stacy with a big boot!”
Stacy then picked Trish Stratus up and hit her with a devastating spinning kick right in the face. Stacy covered Trish with a hook of the leg.
Trish kicked out!
Stacy picks Trish up again and goes for another spinning kick but Trish ducked it and Stacy hit the referee. Stacy bends down and looks at the referee to make sure he is okay. Meanwhile Trish reaches into her pocket and pulls out an iron rod, when Stacy turned around Trish hit her with it knocking her to the ground.
Jerry Lawler: “No Stacy! You shouldn’t have turned around!”
J.R: “What an underhanded and dirty move!”
Trish then picked up by the hair and did her finishing move; Stratusfaction.

Winner: Trish Stratus

J.R: “Trish steals another victory.”
Jerry Lawler: “Calm down J.R it’s only a match!”
J.R: “Yes but if it’s only a match then why does Trish have to cheat to win!”
Jerry Lawler: “In this business you do what you have to do J.R.”

The camera goes backstage where you see Chris Benoit storm into Hollywood Hogan’s office.
Benoit: “Hogan! I’ve got a problem with how you’re running this show!”
Hogan: “And what is that brother?”Benoit: “Last week me and Eugene beat La Resistance for a shot at the World Tag Team titles. Now because we kicked their asses they go and beat the crap out of Eugene who will not be able to wrestle until AFTER Backlash.”
Hogan: “Okay brother here is what we are gonna do. Next week La Resistance are going to go down to the ring, you are going to go down to the ring and both teams will fight for a number 1 contender spot for the World Tag Team titles. Now do you know who your partner is going to be?”
Benoit: “No.”
Hogan: “It is going to be the Iotola of Rock’n’Rola! Y2J Chris Jericho!”
Benoit: “I’m starting to like the way you run things Hogan.”
Benoit exits.

Commercial Break.

Match 3
Batista V Ric Flair

Ric Flair entered during the commercial break and when Batista entered the fans went nuts. Batista entered the ring with one purpose; to destroy Ric Flair. Ric and Batista immediately got into a tie-up but Batista threw Ric Flair half way across the ring. Batista gave some devastating kicks to the mid-section of Flair but Flair countered with a quick thumb to the eye. While Batista had his back turned Flair managed to get in a quick shoulder to the back of Batista’s knee. Throughout the match Flair kept working on Batista’s knee but in the aid of Flair half way through the match Triple H came out.
J.R: “Who’s that? Wait its Triple H! He doesn’t have any business being out here!”
Jerry Lawler: “Of course he does J.R. H is coming out to motivate his friend.”

Once Batista got control of the match he cornered Ric Flair by the turnbuckle but Flair slapped Batista and Batista knocked out the referee.
J.R: “How many times do people have to knock out the referee tonight?”
Flair caught Batista with a low blow and Triple H handed Flair the World Heavyweight title belt. Flair went to hit Batista with it but Batista ducked and pulled the title off of Ric Flair. Batista hit Flair with the belt and Triple H came rushing into the ring where Batista quickly caught Triple H with a Batistabomb, Batista then did the same to Ric Flair and pinned Flair for the 3 count.

Winner: Batista

J.R: “WOW what a match! I can’t believe that Triple H tried to interfere!”
Jerry Lawler: “That was unfair! I mean look at what Batista did to poor old Ric! Anyways that enough about that match let’s look at our next one!”
J.R: “Yes this is going to be an explosive one as it will be the Hurricane with Rosey taking on Rob Conway from La Resistance.

Match 4
the Hurricane V Rob Conway

Both teams entered neither getting big cheers but you could tell it was the Hurricane and Rosey who were the fan favourites.
The Hurricane straight on the attack as he speared Conway and hit him with right and left punches.
J.R: “Wow look at the Hurricane I knew he was mad at La Resistance because it was their fault Hurricane and Rosey were eliminated in the Tag Team Title match at Wrestlemania 21 but I didn’t know he was this mad.”
Rob Conway quickly threw Hurricane off and threw right hands of his own but Hurricane kicked Conway off and both men stood up quickly. Hurricane wasting no time hit Conway with 5 consecutive knife edge chops. Conway quickly reversed it and threw the Hurricane into the corner kicking him repeatedly until the referee had to use his 5 count. Conway got off of the Hurricane but Sylvain Grenier got onto the ring apron and distracted the referee which allowed Rob Conway to pick the Hurricane up, hit him with a low blow and choke him for a few seconds before the referee got back to the match. Conway delivered a devastating DDT and pinned the Hurricane.
The Hurricane kicked out! The Hurricane got up quickly but Sylvain Grenier tripped the Hurricane up. Rosey got on the apron trying to tell the referee what he saw but meanwhile La Resistance performed their double team move. Sylvain slid out of the ring and Rob Conway rolled into a cover pinning The Hurricane for the 1…2…3.

Winner: Rob Conway

J.R: “My Gosh what an underhanded way to win a match! I am disgusted.”
Jerry Lawler: “The ref. can’t call what he doesn’t see J.R.”
J.R: “We will be back right after this folks.”

Commercial Break.

Promo-The Undertaker

A Lord of Darkness…A Bad Ass…A Dead Man…The Undertaker!
Clips play of Undertaker doing his usual moves.
“You will know my name as the Lord of Darkness!”
“I will Strike down upon thee with anger and furious vengeance!”
“Welcome to your worst nightmare!”
“Shut up and fight!”
“I’m back!”
The dead man has returned…and he’s looking for some revenge!

J.R: “Well that was certainly an interesting promo. And yes that is right the Undertaker is on Raw, he was drafted to Raw after Wrestlemania 21 where he defeated Randy Orton but I don’t think that feud is over.”
Jerry Lawler: “I don’t think so either but it’s now time for our main event…Randy Orton is going to take on…Shawn Michaels! I can’t wait!”

Match 5
Randy Orton V Shawn Michaels

Both men entered Randy Orton getting most of the heat and Shawn Michaels getting lots of cheers (many from the female fans). While Shawn Michaels was doing his usual taunt in the ring Randy Orton came from behind and hit HBK with a forearm blow to the back of the head. Randy then proceeded to hit HBK with more forearm blows to the back of his head and neck. Randy Irish whipped HBK into the turnbuckle and as Michael’s bounced out of the turnbuckle area Randy back body dropped HBK. Randy then taunted to the audience but HBK jumped back up to Orton’s surprise. HBK then continued to hit Randy with left and right hands and the caught Randy with a clothesline. While Randy was on the mat HBK hit him with elbow drops from his feet and picked Randy up however Randy countered and did a fireman’s carry type move flipping HBK over his body. Randy picked HBK up by the hair and kneed him in his face. Randy again picked HBK up and used his altered backbreaker which HBK cried out in agony afterwards. Randy hit HBK with elbows to the head stopping him from getting up, Randy bounced HBK off of the ropes and went for a clothesline but HBK ducked it and Randy went fro a clothesline again but HBK ducked again until HBK hit Randy with the flying forearm smash. HBK popped up and climbed to the top rope where he jumped off and hit Randy with the elbow drop. HBK hooked the leg of Orton for the pin.
Orton kicked out. HBK picked Orton up quickly and managed to get a DDT on Randy. HBK went over to the turnbuckle where he slapped his knee calling for Sweet Chin Music.Randy got up slowly but dodged HBK’s foot and tried to reverse it into and RKO but HBK reversed that and threw him against the ropes and tried for another superkick but Randy also ducked that and finally hit his RKO.
Randy rolled into the cover.
HBK kicked out to Randy Orton’s astonishment. Randy got up and went to get a chair but when Randy got in the ring the referee tried to take the chair away. HBK got up and superkicked the chair in the face of Randy Orton but Randy saw it coming and moved so the chair hit referee Earl Hebner. HBK looked at Randy who then swung the chair and hit Shawn Michaels in the face. Randy picked up Shawn by the hair and hit him with the RKO. A referee ran down from the entrance and Randy covered HBK who was now bleeding.

Winner: Randy Orton

J.R: “Whoa what a match, I haven’t seen anything like that for years and I can’t believe Randy Orton had to use the chair to beat Shawn Michaels!”
Jerry Lawler: “Well J.R desperate times call for desperate measures!”
J.R: “I know but….What happened to the lights? “

The whole arena went pitch black. 10 seconds later the light came back and Undertaker’s music hit at the same time. Undertaker was standing in the ring face-to-face with Randy Orton.
J.R: “Oh my gosh! It’s the Undertaker and I think he wants to make Randy pay for what he said earlier.”
Randy puts his hands up as if to say sorry but the Undertaker punches him with a hard right hand and the crowd roar. Undertaker backs Randy into the turnbuckle and keeps hitting him with right and left hands. Undertaker picks Randy up and delivers and tombstone piledriver. The last images of Raw you see is Undertaker on one knee in his traditional pose with the blue/black light.

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Hey man I love your shows. It is sooooooooo cool at the moment with Chris Benoit in the tag division again and everything and the speical challenge match is looking to be good. I'd give this week a 9/10 because it wasn't as shocking as last week.

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Week 3​

Promo-Last Week
Randy Orton: “I could take that piece of recycled old dead guy any day of the week. The only reason Undertaker beat me at Wrestlemania is because he had the home advantage. Who actually likes that dope anyway?”
J.R: “Whoa what a match, I haven’t seen anything like that for years…Randy Orton had to use the chair to beat Shawn Michaels!”
J.R: “What happened to the lights?”
J.R: “Oh My Gosh it’s the Undertaker!”
J.R: “I…t…s the Un…der…taker…!”
Undertaker backs Randy into the turnbuckle and keeps hitting him with right and left hands. Undertaker picks Randy up and delivers and tombstone piledriver. The last images of Raw you see is Undertaker on one knee in his traditional pose with the blue/black light.

The Raw theme music plays and the usual clips of the raw superstars are shown. The pyrotechnics go off and the arena is lit up.

J.R: “Welcome to Raw everybody! I am J.R Jim Ross and I am here with my broadcast colleague Jerry “The King” Lawler.”
Jerry Lawler: “Thanks J.R I can’t wait for some of tonight’s matches!”
J.R: “What are tonight’s matches?”
Jerry Lawler: “I don’t know but if they are anything like the last two weeks I can’t wait!”

Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s music hits the arena and the crowd goes wild like they never have before.
Hogan got into the ring and did his usual poses before being handed a microphone.

Hogan: “Welcome to Raw Brother!!”
The crowd cheer.
Hogan: “Now everybody, tonight’s matches are top secret so instead of spoiling them I am going to tell you that matches that I have booked for Backlash!”
The crowd cheer.
Hogan: “First, the special challenge match; the winner will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship 4 weeks after Backlash. At the moment the Match is Edge V Jeff Hardy V either Rob Van Damn or Simon Dean…whoever wins tonight’s match brother! Next on my agenda for Backlash is the Women’s Championship, it will be the Women’s Champion Christy Hemme V Trish Stratus V Stacy Keibler V Sable! How do you like that brother?”
The crowd go nuts again.
J.R: “What an announcement!”
Hogan: “Now another match is going to be a big match, this match is going to be for the World Tag Team Titles; it will be Christian and Tyson Tomiko facing the Dudley’s and both teams will face Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit if they can win their match tonight against La Resistance!”
The crowd cheers.
Hogan: “Now finally…since Triple H has decided to use his rematch clause in his contract…at Backlash the main event will be Triple H V Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship brother!”
The crowd roar and Hulk Hogan exits but does some of his traditional poses before he goes.

Commercial Break.

Match 1
Rob Van Dam V Simon Dean

The match started with Simon Dean entering first. He came down to the ring with his bag filled with his Simon System products. Dean grabbed a microphone and started talking.
Dean: “Hello everybody. Tonight when I walked in here I was shocked…completely shocked at the fat on every woman’s thighs and the flab on every man’s stomach. I mean come on people I have seen some bad stuff but this must be fattest town U.S.A.”
The crowd boo.
Dean: “Now I know all of you here tonight haven’t been buying tickets for Raw. You have been buying tickets to see me Simon Dean and all of you want to purchase my Simon System so fattest town U.S.A can become-“
Simon was interrupted by the entrance music of Rob Van Dam and the fans went wild.
Rob Van Dam came racing down to the ring and threw right hands at Simon Dean. Dean quickly got an eye rake and started to pummel Rob Van Dam until he was laying on the bottom turnbuckle in the corner. Simon went through his bag and pulled out his workout belt and as Rob Van Dam was getting up he whipped RVD’s back. RVD screamed out in pain but managed to regain a vertical base. RVD hit Simon with an enziguri and did his usual moves like the rolling thunder, shining wizard, etc. RVD went into Simon’s bag and pulled out another workout belt which he used to whip Simon Dean until Dean didn’t get up.
As it was no disqualification RVD set a ladder up inside the ring and put Simon Dean on a table. RVD climbed the ladder and did his usual thumb taunt…”ROB…VAN…DAM.” RVD then climbed to the very top of the ladder and did his 5-star frog splash and the table broke in two. RVD crawled across the ring and covered Simon Dean.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

J.R: “King! King did you see that? Did you see Rob Van Dam jumping off of that ladder and nearly breaking Simon Dean in half! My gosh what a match up!”
Jerry Lawler: “I know J.R I don’t believe it. Is there a risk Rob Van Dam won’t take?”

“I’m 6-feet 3 inches. I am 300 pounds. I am a 3 time World Wrestling Entertainment Champion. Who am I? Who the hell do you think I am! I’m Brock Lesnar…B...RO…C….K…LE…S…NAR! I’m Brock Lesnar and I’m coming back! I’ve defeated Olympic Champions, Legend’s, Great Ones! Nothing means anything to me anymore because I’m Brock Lesnar. HERE COMES THE PAIN!”
“I’m Brock Lesnar and I’m coming back!”

J.R: “KING DID YOU SEE THAT! Brock Lesnar is returning to the WWE! I can’t believe it, Brock is coming back!”
Jerry Lawler: “I can’t believe it either Brock is coming back and he is coming back to Raw! This is unreal!”
J.R: “We will be back after this folks!”

Commercial Break.

J.R: “Welcome back ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve just joined us we have got word before the commercial break that Brock Lesnar is going to return to the WWE and that he will be on RAW!”
Jerry Lawler: “Let’s stop fussing over Lesnar…let’s fuss over our next match. Sable and Trish V Stacy and Christy.”

Match 2
Sable and Trish Stratus V Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler

Sable and Trish Stratus entered separately but Stacy and Christy entered together to Christy’s music. From the very beginning it was obvious that Christy wanted to get her hands on Trish because of what she did to Stacy the past few weeks. So Trish and Christy started and Christy slapped Trish hard and then slapped her again, then Christy threw Trish to the floor and kept slapping her. The referee had to break up the pair. Both teams made tags so Sable and Stacy were now in the ring Sable clotheslined Stacy a few times before bouncing her off of the ropes but Stacy countered and did a cartwheel, then as Sable ran at her Stacy hit Sable with the big boot. Stacy got Sable up and hit her with a devastating DDT.
Stacy then made the tag to Christy who clotheslined Sable a few times and then set her up for the twist of fate. Christy hit it and rolled into the cover.
Trish broke the pin up. Christy stood up and slapped Trish and did what she did at the beginning of the match. Stacy had to pull Christy off of Trish but Sable came from behind and hit Stacy. While Christy was busy with Trish, Sable kicked Stacy in the abdomen and delivered a Sablebomb. Trish got control of Christy and did her special; Stratusfaction, then Sable hit Christy with the Sablebomb and finally Trish kicked Christy with a chic kick and Sable got the 1…2…3.

Winners: Sable and Trish Stratus

J.R: “Wow…Trish and Sable working as a somewhat cohesive unit there. This might spell problems for Backlash however.”
Jerry Lawler: “How do you mean?”
J.R: “Well Trish and Sable want the title right?”
Jerry Lawler: “Yeah.”
J.R: “Well at Backlash we can only crown 1 women’s champion. So if they are working as a unit now…what will happen at backlash?”

Backstage you see HBK looking at the monitor seeing what went on in the ring when Booker T walks up to him.
Booker T: “Hey man. How’s is hanging?”
HBK: “Alright. I’ve just been think about a few weeks ago…that 6-man tag match. It was a bar brawl alright.”
Booker T: “Yeah…and I would have won if it weren’t for someone who kicked a chair in my face!”
HBK: “Well you shouldn’t use weapons in a disqualification match. Someone had to stop you.”
Booker T: “Yeah well at least I know I can beat your punk ass any day of the week in a disqualification match or no disqualification match...NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT! SUCKA!!!!!!!!!!!”
Booker T goes to walk away but HBK turns him around and both men start throwing right and left hands. Booker T got a knee to HBK’s stomach and threw HBK head first into a steel grate. Booker T then scoop slammed HBK onto many different cardboard boxes. Booker T went to walk away but turned around when HBK yelled. HBK speared Booker T and started throwing more punches when security had to separate them. Booker T broke off from security and clotheslined HBK and then delivered a Book End onto and through a wooden crate.

J.R: “King did you see that Booker just delivered a Book End through a wooden crate!”

Commercial Break.

Match 3
Intercontinental Championship
Maven V Christian V Gene Snitsky

Maven and Christian entered not knowing who they were both going to face but as soon as Gene Snitsky’s music hit the arena both men had display all of their faces. Gene Snitsky got into the ring and Christian ran at him only to be shot down with a clothesline and the same happened to Maven. Snitsky delivered a scoop slam to Christian and head butted Maven. Snitsky picked up Maven and hit him with a scoop slam. Meanwhile Christian climbed to the top rope and tried for a crossbody but Snitsky caught him and flipped Christian over his head onto Maven. Maven quickly got up and ran at Snitsky but Snitsky countered into a backbody drop which threw Maven outside the ring. Gene Snitsky kicked Christian in the stomach and delivered a thunderous powerbomb. Snitsky covered Christian for the 1…2…3 and became the new Intercontinental Champion.

Winner: Gene Snitsky

J.R: “Oh no the psychotic freak is the new Intercontinental Champion! I don’t believe it.”
Jerry Lawler: “I know what you mean J.R. Gene Snitsky as champion…what will happen next?”

The camera goes backstage to Hollywood Hogan’s office where Hogan is doing his traditional posing in front of a mirror.
Triple H: “Hey Hogan how are you?”
Hogan: “Hey I’m fine. What can I do for you brother?”
Triple H: “Well I heard you set the rematch for me and Batista at Backlash earlier tonight.”
Hogan: “Sure did brother.”
Triple H: “Well since Batista cheated at Wrestlemania in a normal match. I was thinking. Shouldn’t I wrestle Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship in a different type of match? I mean this would raise the bar for Backlash. You would get more ratings and-“
Hogan: “Hold it there brother. I know just the thing for Backlash…come out with me after the main event and I will announce it okay brother?”
Triple H: “Yeah thanks.”

Triple H exits and Maven enters panting.
Hogan: “Hey brother what can I do for you?”
Maven: “Hogan that match was completely…totally wrong. I mean how can I contend against the likes of Gene Snitsky. I just came off of one of the biggest Pay-Per-Views in my life and already I have to defend my title.”
Hogan: “Okay brother. I’ve got just the thing you will battle at Backlash against…Gene Snitsky in an Intercontinental title match.”
Maven: “Wait! No! I can’t face Gene Snitsky again!”
Hogan: “No need to say thanks brother! Now I’ve got some work to do!”
Maven then exits Hogan’s office annoyed.

Commercial Break.

Match 4-Main Event
Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho V La Resistance

La Resistance entered first getting most of the heat. Then Chris Benoit entered getting the majority of the cheers. When Benoit got into the ring La resistance clubbed him in the back of the head and then stomped the crap out of him.
J.R: “Oh my…where is Jericho…I thought Jericho was Benoit’s partner!”
La Resistance got Benoit up and did their double team move and then kept stomping him. Suddenly the crowd roared as Jericho ran down from the entrance and clobbered Rob Conway and then Sylvain Grenier. Jericho clotheslined Sylvain outside the ring and hit Conway with an enziguri. Benoit climbed to the top rope and delivered a diving head butt on Conway while Jericho did a springboard dropkick on Sylvain who got up onto the apron. Jericho did his springboard lionsault which hit Conway and Benoit knocked Sylvain off of the apron while Jericho caught Conway’s ankle in a drop toe hold and Conway was hung up on the ropes. Jericho did his usual feet dance, bounced off of the ropes and hit Conway, choking him. Jericho pulled Conway up and quickly locked in the Walls of Jericho. Once it was fully locked in Benoit put on the crippler cross face so Conway couldn’t move.
J.R: “Will Conway tap? My gosh how can he hang on this long?”
Suddenly Conway tapped out.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit

Jericho and Benoit left the arena quickly the same as la resistance. Once both teams had left Batista’s music hit and Batista came down to the ring getting lots of cheers. Triple H came out after Batista but stayed by the entrance.

Finally the crowd went nuts when they heard Hogan’s music play.
Hogan: “I’m back hulkamaniacs and I’m badder than ever brother!”
The crowd cheered.

Hogan: “Now before our main event I promised Triple H that his rematch was going to be a special rematch. Didn’t I brother? Anyway what type of match do you want at Backlash?”
Triple H took the microphone from Hogan and began to talk.
Triple H: “Well what I was think was…a lumber jack match…a special guest referee being Ric Flair.”
Hogan: “Okay then brother I have got just the thing…are you ready for it?”
Triple H nodded.
Hogan: “Okay then…HELL IN A CELL BROTHER!”
Triple H’s face was distraught as he paced up and down a few times.
Triple H: “YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME!” Then Triple H punched Hogan but Hogan blocked it and retaliated with one of his own.
Hogan: “What’re ya gonna do brother because Hulkamania is here to stay and Hunter…I’m the GM I can do anything I want.”J.R: “OH MY GOD! Hollywood Hogan our GM has just announced that the rematch for Backlash between Triple H and Batista will be a Hell in a Cell!”
Triple H looked at Hogan again and went for another punch but again Hogan blocked it and threw back a few of his own. Hogan clotheslined Triple H and Batista ran to the entrance where he got Triple H and dragged him into the ring. Triple H went for a clothesline on Batista but Batista ducked and HHH got clotheslined by Hogan. Batista picked HHH up and Batistabombed him and then Hogan delivered a thunderous leg drop. Batista then stood over Triple H holding the belt up and Hogan took his GM jacket off which showed a Hulk still rules tank top which Hogan tore off. The last scenes of Raw you see are Batista holding the belt and Hoagn doing his traditional poses.

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Preety good so far. 8.5/10. Keep up the good work
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