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WWE: Return to Glory

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Okay After a Long Abscence from WE Im back and Will start another BTB. If this one is not Succesful (At least 50 Replies) Then I Might Quit BTB. AS you all maY KNOW I have had a lot of BTB and All of them Failed. Anyway here is the Backstory.

BACKSTORY: Vince Mcmahon Decided to Keep one Brand Because He Lost a lot of Money by Signing a lot of Bad Superstars. Since Smackdown Beat Raw and Survivor Series and in a Elimantion 6 Man Tag Match at Wrestlemania 22 .
The Roster is the Same Execpt Some Raw Guys came to Smackdown.


Triple H
John Cena
Kurt Angle
Chris Masters

My First Show Will be up Soon


Jan: Royal Rumble
Mar: Wrestlemania
May: BackLash
Jun: Bad Blood
July: Great American Bash
Aug: SummerSlam
Sep: UnForgiven
Nov: Survivor Series
Dec: Armageddon
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Royal Rumble 2006

Undertaker pinned Ken Kenndedy after a Tombstone
John Cena defeated Edge to retain the WWE Title after a F-U
Batista pinned Big Show after a Batista Bomb
Kane pinned Rey Mysterio after a Cokeslam
Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble last Elimanating Triple H


Ken Kenndedy defeated Bobby Lashely
MNM defeated Batista & Rey Mysterio to win the Tag Titles
Buried Alive: Dark Lord w/Sharon defeated Undertaker

WrestleMania 22 Results (GOOD MACTHES)

Randy Orton Defeated Batista to win the World title after a RKO
Raw Vs.Smackdown Elimantion match: Dark Lord,JBL,Rey Mysteriow/ Sharon & Jilliian Hall defeated Shawn Micheals.Triple H,John Cena after Dark Lord pinned John Cena after he hit him with a chair. Dark Lord was the Sole Survivor
NOTE: Dark Lord was in my AWF Thread which was my best one. I decided to put him in and give him a manager in Sharon. He is in a fued with Undertaker.
The Tool bar that you can BOLD Stuff and All That frooze. What Happened?

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I did Forget to add Shawn Micheals. I Will Add Shelton Benjamin but Don't expect him to Main Event anytime soon. Edge and Kane also will be added as Mid-Carders. Ric Flair: I'll think about it.

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Good look also and t'would be nice if you could send some comments the way of my btb. But seriously, good roster and looks good, I hope it does well

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- The Show opens up with Sylvain Grenea already in the ring. He Awaits his oppenent in the ring.

Cole: Welcome To Smackdown! Stylvain Grenea is in the ring waiting for his oppenent for tonight.

-John Cena's music hits and he comes down to the ring to a medium Ovation from the Crowd. He enters the ring and the match Begins

Match 1- John Cena Vs. Sylvain Grenea

ENDING: Sylvain goes to the top rope for an Elbow Drop. He Hits it on Cena! The Referee counts. 1.....2.....NO! John Cena kicks out! Sylvain signels for his new Finishing Move: A Swinging Neckbreaker. Sylvain goes for the Swinging NeckBreaker but Cena counters and hits a Suplex on Sylvain. Cena then goes off the ropes and hits the 5-Knuckle Shuffle on Sylvain. Cena then Picks up Sylvain and hits the F-U On Sylvain. Cena Covers Sylvain. 1....2....3!

Winner: John Cena

-After the match Theadore Long comes down to the ring.

Theadore: Great Job John. I want to make an annocement. Next Week Their Will be Fatel 4 Way match to Determen the World Champion. John Since you won You are in the Fatel 4 Way. The Next 3 Matches for Tonight will determen the Other 3 men in the Fatel 4 Way.

- Theadore Long leaves as we go to Commercial


-When we come back from the Break Dark Lord and Sharon are in the ring.

Dark Lord: During the break Theadore Long said that I Am NOT In the Matches to decide who will fight for the World Title Next week! It is not Fair! I Was the Sole Survivor for Smackdown at WrestleMania! Wait, I Won it for us! But I Am Still not in the match! I Want an Answer now!

- He Waits but Nobody comes out. Then Batista comes out!

Batista: Dark Lord....You really got to Shut up!

- Crowd Cheers

Batista: With all that Complaining....You Might Wake the Dead!

Dark Lord has a Puzzled look on his face.

Dark Lord: What do you mean?

Batista: Look man Im just telling you... Watch your Back.


Batista: Dark Lord I Forgot to Tell you....Im Your Opponent for Tonight. Here is a Warm Up.

- Batista Gives Dark Lord a Spinebuster. Batista walks up the Entrence Way as we go to Commercial


Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown! Coming up Next is anothero f the World Title No.1 Contender Matches: Triple H Vs. Snitsky.

Match 2- Triple H Vs. Snitsky

ENDING: Snitsky hits a Big Boot on Triple H for a two Count. Triple H Gets up and Hits a Knee on Snitsky. Triple H Then hits a Pedigree on Snitsky for a 123.

Winner: Triple H

-After the match Triple H Beat down Snitsky. Triple H Took out a Sledgehamer and hit Snitsky with it. Suddenly Shawn Micheals came down to the ring. Triple H Ran out of the ring. Shawn Micheals got a huge pop.


- When we come back from the Break Shawn Micheals is still in the ring. He has a MicroPhone.

HBK: Triple H, Stop Being a Sissy. Come out here and Fight Me. Im Tired of you Pushing everyone Around. Come Out!

- Instead of Triple H Coming out JBL's music hits. He Comes down to the ring. They Begin another No.1 Contenders match.

Match 3- Shawn Micheals Vs. JBL w/ Jillian Hall

ENDING: JBL rams HBKs head into the exposed Turnbuckle he Exposed Earlier in the match while Jillian Hall distracted the referee. HBK was busted open. JBLe then signeld for the Clothesline from Hell. When HBK Got Up JBL went for the Clothesline HBK Ducked and hit the SweetShin Music. HBK Covers JBL. 1....2....NO! JBL Kicks out. HBK Gets up and Bodyslams JBL. HBK goes to the top rope and hit an Elbow. HBK Started Tuning up the Band. JBL was about to get up when Triple H Slid a Steel chair in the ring and started to Distract the Referee. HBK brought HHH Into the ring and hit the SweetShin Music on HHH. When The Referee Was Bringing HHH Out of the ring. JBL Hit HBK With a Chair. JBL Slid the Chair out of the ring and covered HBK. The Referee turned around and started the count. 1....2....3!

Winner: John "Bradshaw" Layfield

Backstage Dark Lord was preparing for his match against Batista Which is Next.

Sharon: Dark Lord?

Dark Lord: What?!

Sharon: what do you think Batista Means by "You'll wake the dead"

Dark Lord: Don't Care.

Sharon: Remember NO WAY OUT? Remember Your Buried Alive Match. Remember....

Dark Lord Leaves the Room.

Sharon: Wait Up.

Cole: Batista Vs. Dark Lord NEXT!


When We Come back from the Break Dark Lord and Sharon are Already in the ring. Batista Comes out to a huge pop. The Final No.1 Contender match begins.

Match 4- Batista Vs. Dark Lord w/Sharon

ENDING: Dark Lord works on Batista's bad back with a Couple of Kicks to the back. Dark Lord then went to the top rope. Dark Lord jumped off but Batista Cought him and gave him a SpineBuster to a Huge Pop. Batista got up and Signeled for the Batista Bomb. He went for the Batista Bomb But Sharon Distracted the Referee and Dark Lord hit a Lowblow on Batista. Dark Lord Then hit the DeadEnd on Batista (RockBottem) Dark Lord Pinned Batista. 1...2...NO! Batista kicked out to a huge pop. Dark Lord could not Believe it so He Went for Another DeadEnd but Batista Elbowed Dark Lord in the Head and hit another SpineBuster. Batista Covered Dark Lord. 1...2...NO! Dark Lord kicked out. Sharon then came into the ring with a chair and Tried to hit Batista but Batista hit a SpineBuster on Sharon. Sharon was SpineBustered on the Chair. The Referee was checking on Sharon Dark Lord hit a DeadEnd on Batista on the Chair. Batista Covered the Chair. The Referee turned around and Started the Count. 1.....2.....3!

Winner: Dark Lord

-As Soon as the match Ended The Lights went out. Acolytes Rolled a Casket to the ring covered in Dirt. Dark Lord Looked Shocked. Lightning Struck the Casket and hit opened. Undertaker Walked out. He Entered the ring. Dark Lord pushed Sharon into Undertaker. Dark Lord Ran into the Crowd as Undertaker Tombstoned Sharon. Dark Lord Looked At Undertaker Scared as the show Fadded to Black.


Feedback is Appreciated

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Good win for Cena, although he should never lose that match. Fatal 4 way should be a good match

Don’t like made up characters being used, but I might learn to like the dark lord. A feud with Taker is obvious, and match against Batista could be good

HHH over Snitsky was expected, and it looks like we have an HBK/HHH feud. HBK promo should have been more than a line though

Good win for JBL over HBK, and HHH screws HBK. Should be a good feud, but they feuded so many times before, it will be hard to find anything new to do in this feud

Good win for the dark lord, and then we see the return of the Undertaker. A feud between these two is on the cards, and should be good to see which route you take it

Overall, not a bad show. However, it didn’t seem to be a 2 hour show, as it didn’t feel long enough. Also, the promos were too short, and not always in character. But keep trying, and you will get there
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