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well once again, the forums have changed, and once again, I have lost my BTB thread. LOL. Funny. I will be continuing on with my WWE: Resurrection thread I was doing at the merged forum, and I will be quickposting the Genesis PPV results so I can build up fresh to WM22. Here is all the info, once again......

Genesis Results

Paul London & XXX def Mexicools in a very good opener, when Paul London hit the 450 Splash to Super Crazy after 8 minutes

AJ Styles def Chris Jericho with the Styles Clash after 11 minutes

Undertaker def Monty Brown via DQ when Monty snapped and destroyed Taker with a steel chair

RVD & Shelton Benjamin def AMW in a Hardcore Texas Tornado tag match after 14 minutes when RVD hit the 5 Star to Chris Harris, after the Dudleyz showed up and 3D' James Storm through a table

The Rock def HHH in 17 minutes with a Rock Bottom, after ducking a shot from the sledgehammer

DDP def Stone Cold Steve Austin when Vince McMahon came out to the ring and distracted Austin, who turned into a Diamond Cutter after 16 minutes

Goldberg def Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Sting & Scott Steiner in a WCW Tribute 6 Pack Challenge after 21 minutes when he Speared Steiner into Booker, and pinned Steiner

In the Eddie Guerrero Tribute matchup, Chris Benoit fulfilled his promise to Eddie and did not tap out to Kurt Angle, and he suffered almost 3 minutes in the Anglelock and passed out, with Angle winning via KO decision. After the match Angle shook Benoit's hand, but then pulled him in and nailed him with an Angle Slam. Angle looked to shatter the ankle of Benoit, but Mick Foley made a return and saved Benoit

Edge def John Cena in a brutal Stretcher match for the WWE championship after 28 minutes when he planted Cena on the stage with an Edgeacution and then placed him on the Stretcher

Randy Orton def Batista in a bloody and brilliant Hell In A Cell match for the WHC. Batista looked to have the match won when he countered a superplex attempt and spinbustered Orton off the top rope, but when he made the cover the ref refused to count. Batista went over to talk to the ref and the ref, kicked Batista in the groin! Batista staggered around and Orton RKO'd Batista onto the barbed wire steel chair for the 3 count. The ref then tugged at his skin to pull off a mask, revealing his identity to be Cowboy Bob Orton!

The PPV came to a close with the Draft Lottery results red out by Vince McMahon, where RAW gained Randy Orton, AJ Styles & MNM, while SmackDown! gained Edge, Lita, Chavo Guerrero, X-Pac & Rene Dupree.

The show ended with the Ortons shocked that they are headed to RAW, and a champion switch has taken place. In this case, the titles stay, but the champs change so Randy Orton is now the WWE champion, and Edge is now the World Heavyweight champion


Commissioner: Mick Foley
Interim GM: ???
Announce Team: Joey Styles, The Coach & The King
Ring Announcer: Lillian Garcia
Backstage Interviewer: Todd Grisham & Maria

WWE Championship
Intercontinental Championship
Hardcore Championship
World Tag Team Championships
Womens Championship

AJ Styles
Big Show
Billy Gunn
Chris Harris
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
CM Punk
Diamond Dallas Page
Hulk Hogan
Jeff Hardy
Joey Mercury
John Cena
Johnny Jeter
Johnny Nitro
Johnny Parisi
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Lance Cade
Mark Jindrak
Randy Orton
Road Dogg
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Scott Hall
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stone Cold Steve Austin
The Rock
Triple H
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis

Trish Stratus
Gail Kim
Mickie James
Molly Holly


General Manager: Eric Bischoff
Announce Team: Mike Tenay, Tazz & Bobby Heenan
Ring Announcer: Tony Chimel
Backstage Interviewers: Michael Cole & Steve Romero

World Heavyweight Championship
United States Championship
Cruiserweight Championship
WWE Tag Team Championships

Andy Douglas
Bobby Lashley
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chase Stevens
Chris Benoit
Chris Daniels
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Elix Skipper
Hardcore Holly
Ken Kennedy
Kid Kash
Matt Hardy
Monty Brown
Muhammad Hassan
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rey Mysterio
Ron Simmons
Scotty 2 Hotty
Simon Dean
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
William Regal

Torrie Wilson
Christy Hemme
Stacy Kiebler

PPV Schedule
(Red for RAW, Blue for SmackDown! and Green for joint)

Wrestlemania 22
Pontiac Silverdome, Pontiac; MI

Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas; NV

Judgment Day
Pepsi Center, Denver; CO

Bad Blood
Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford; NJ

Great American Bash
Delta Center, Salt Lake City; UT

AstroDome, Houston; TX

Kellogg Arena, Battle Creek; MI

No Mercy
Everblades Arena, Fort Myers; FL

Survivor Series
Riverside Centroplex, Baton Rouge; LU

GM Palace, Vancouver; British Columbia

Royal Rumble
Kemper Arena, Kansas; MS

No Way Out
Rupp Arena, Lexington; KT

RAW will be up soon.

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Good tidy start to this, it must be frustrating losing everything every couple of months lately. Nemesis sounds like a brilliant Pay-Per-View especially the two title matches and a swap in champions is interesting. Glad you are restarting with the build up to Wrestlemania, can't wait to see the complete card.

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Doesnt these changes just make you wanna kick the shit out of someone? I think from now on, I need to keep proper track of all my things. I know what you mean sg999. It kind of pisses a guy off. Hopefully youll have a new show coming up, in the next few days

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Tampa; FL

Ludacris/Sum 41 - Get Back hits and the RAW video package airs

We are then shown a lengthly package of last nights massive Genesis PPV, before cutting to the arena as the pyros go off and the crowd erupts, the camera scans around the arena then fixates on the commentary team, with Joey Styles taking over from JR who is on long service leave

Styles: Welcome to Monday Night RAW! We are just 24 hours removed from the massive PPV Genesis, where we saw some down right shocks, including a champion switch in the Draft Lottery, but the titles stayed on their respective brands. And before I ramble on all night, beside is The Coach & The King!

Coach: Could you have gone any longer, I'll give you a piece of advice kid keep the mic and camera on me, so th....

Styles: Why? So we can scare off all our viewers?

Coach: O that's a good one Joey. But seriously, who do you guys think is going to be the Interim GM until Wrestlemania, where Mick Foley will return the night after.

King: I don't know, there are so many options in my mind, but we'll find out very soon....

*No Chance* hits to huge heat as Vince McMahon walks to the ring with a huge grin on his face, accompanied by DDP. Vince takes a mic and gets in the ring

Vince: Now before I get started, how many of you people had enough money to purchase the Genesis PPV last night?

Crowd cheers lightly, then boos Vince who frowns

Vince: Well can I ask how many people saw Stone Cold Steve Austin get beaten by this man, my good friend DDP?

Crowd boos heavily as DDP poses

Vince: Yeah, I could go on all night, but you people can't afford me for that long, so I'll get down to the point.

Crowd boos and chants *Asshole* at Vince

Vince: I am here tonight, to name an Interim General Manager, who will be in control of RAW until the night after Wrestlemania, where Mick Foley will return to his duties. But I caught up with Mick earlier in the hospital, and he wished me to tell you all that he is recovering fine, and Kurt Angle, he's coming for your ass!

Crowd cheers and starts chanting *Foley*

Vince: But back to the point. Please welcome your Interim General Manager, PAULLLLL HEYMANNNNNN!

*Extreme* hits and the crowd erupts with a huge pop as Paul Heyman steps out on stage, smiles all around, with an ECW cap on and a nice suit on. The crowd can't believe he's here

Styles: O my god! Paul Heyman!?!

King: Wow that is huge!

Coach: Aw no! NO!

Styles: Shut up Coach, you have no idea how good this man is!

Heyman takes a mic from Lillian Garcia and kisses her on the hand, before getting into the ring and shaking hands with Vince McMahon, and then stares out into the see of people who have started chanting *ECW* loudly

Heyman: Wow, you people don't know how good it is to be back!

The crowd cheers and chants *Paul-E*

Vince: Paul, I chose you for the job because you seem to be the best candidate. Can I trust you to take RAW to another level?

Heyman: You sure can, I'm taking RAW to the Extreme!

The crowd erupts again

Vince: That's all well and good, but Paul, I would like to hear what you have in mind for tonight's show, mainly regarding the main event?

Heyman: Well Vince, I have decided that tonight's main event is going to be our new WWE champion, drafted from SmackDown Randy Orton.....

Crowd boos heavily

Heyman: Defending the title against the man who should've never lost it in the first place, John Cena!

Crowd erupts and chants for Cena start up

Heyman: But I realize that I cannot dissapoint in my first night in charge, the board, you or these great fans in Tampa.....

The crowd erupts for the cheap pop

Heyman: So it will be John Cena vs Randy Orton for the WWE championship in a street fight!

The crowd erupts and chants *ECW* as Vince looks impressed

Vince: Well so far, I'm impressed.

Heyman: If I may continue Mr. McMahon, I wasn't finished.

Vince: Sure go ahead.

Heyman: Also, tonight will mark the RAW debut's of MNM, as they will face The New Age Outlaws & Womens champion Trish Stratus in an inter-gender 6 man tag matchup!

The crowd cheers again

Vince: Well, that is big Paul and I ca......

*Glass Shatters* blasts to a thunderous pop as Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way to the ring looking fairly pissed off after last night. He gets in the ring and goes to pose on the turnbuckle, but DDP refuses to move so Austin flips him the bird and gives him a Stunner as the crowd goes wild. Austin the gets a mic and paces the ring

Austin: Well well. Paul Heyman. Paul-E!


Austin: Good to see ya.

Austin shakes Heyman's hand

Vince: Well Mr. Austin it see....

Austin: Shuddup!

The crowd erupts as Austin turns to Vince with those Stone Cold blue eyes

Austin: You see Stone Cold was backstage, pretty pissed off, watching you guys on the monitor.


Austin: And he was drinking a beer.


Austin: Eating a hot dog.


Austin: And I couldn't take it anymore, so I came out here to meet my good old friend Paul Heyman and give that little SOB a taste of his own medicine!

Austin points to DDP who is still down from the Stunner

Austin: So I put the lapdog down, but your still standing Vince, and that's not right.


Austin: So save me the hassle of having to whoop your ass.... and place your neck on my shoulder, wait for the crank, take that wham drop and Stone Cold Stunner, to save me beating your teeth down your throat and out your ass!

Crowd cheers as Vince gulps and backs off

Heyman: Now Steve, I'm sure you don't want to do that.

Austin: WHAT?


Heyman: What I was going to say is, how about you and DDP, one on one tonight?

Austin: I like, I like......but.....

Austin drops his mic, flips Vince the bird and gives him a Stunner! DDP gets back to his feet and Austin gives him another Stunner, as Austin calls for some beer as the crowd is eating this up

Austin: We need to toast to it, so here.

Austin hands a beer to Heyman who looks a little skeptical to drink it. Austin rolls his eyes

Austin: If ya wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin drink a beer with Paul Heyman gimme a hell yeah!

Crowd erupts with a huge *Hell Yeah* and Austin and Heyman down some beer as we go to a commercial


Styles: Welcome back to RAW, were we just saw a lot of stuff go down, three massive matches announced for tonight, plus Austin coming out, Stunning both DDP and the chairman Vince McMahon, then having a beer bash with our Interim General Manager!

King: A truly unbelievable start to a huge RAW!

Coach: Stone Cold is going to pay later tonight, I hope DDP beats him to within an inch of his life!

We go backstage and Paul Heyman is walking through the corridors, many of the agents, officials and superstars he passes shake hands with him or nod to him, acknowledging that he's here. We see him keep walking when a hand reaches out and stops him. Heyman turns to the figure, who happens to be Rhyno!

Rhyno: Paul, what's up man?

Heyman: Not much. How are you going?

Rhyno: Alright, it's great to see ya again.

Rhyno shakes Heyman's hand as Heyman continues to walk down the hallways, he stops and enters his new office to find HHH sitting on his chair, with his feet up on the desk, lying back like HHH was in charge

HHH: Ah, Paul Heyman. Welcome to RAW. I just want you to know a few things, so we don't get off on the wrong foot. One. I run this show. Two. I a....

Heyman: Hold it right there Hunter. You do not run this show, I do. You never did. Your backstage politics don't work around here, because when Eric Bischoff went os SmackDown, your power went with it. Straight down south.

HHH: O I see, your trying to be a big man, to get the crowd and the rest of these cruddy superstars behind you. Does it work Paul? Huh, I personally wouldn't know anything about ass-kissing.....

Heyman: Really? Well from what I've heard Triple H, you had your nose so far up the McMahon families ass that if you sneezed it was coming out of their mouth.

HHH: What? That's gross! You listen to me! I run RAW, I am The Game!

Heyman: I don't care if you where God himself I wouldn't hand the control of RAW over to you.

HHH: Look, we already saw what happened to Mick Foley when he didn't get along with certain members of the locker room, and unless you want to be his bed buddy for the next few weeks, then I suggest you declare me the new WWE champion, and strip it from Randy Orton and damn sure make it happen that The Rock's title shot guarantee, is null and void.

Heyman: Um.......no. And so help me God HHH if you lay a finger on me I will put it in writing that you can NEVER, EVER challenge for the WWE title again!

HHH smirks and then stands up, getting in Heyman's face

HHH: I don't like you Heyman, everything you've been in control of before has failed.....ECW for instance.

Heyman: OK Triple H, I think it's time to leave.

HHH: Right. Just remember Paul, the fans love can only take you so far......

HHH leaves as Heyman sits down and rolls his eyes

Styles: What the hell does HHH think he's doing, trying to intimidate our new Interim General Manager?

Coach: He's running his show the way he wants. There isn't anything wrong with that.

King: Except for the fact that HHH dosen't run RAW.

*O You Didn't Know?* and out comes the Outlaws to a huge ovation from the fans. They slap a few hands and then hold up the DX taunts

*Rock & Roll* hits to a decent pop as Trish Stratus comes out and joins the Outlaws. She hugs both of them then raises her Womens titles up high

*Papparazi* plays and the crowd boos as MNM come out stage, posing for the camera's. Melina does her split legged entrance as Trish smirks at her

6 Person Inter-Gender Tag Match
New Age Outlaws & Trish Stratus

Very good way to start off the matches on RAW tonight, with everyone getting some action in the ring and the crowd loving it as the Outlaws & Trish control things heading into the break.

We return to find Trish being beaten around by Melina, and we are shown that during the break she went to clothesline Melina, who ducked and Johnny Nitro superkicked Trish to the jaw. Melina sends Trish to the corner and follows up, only to run into a boot to the face. Melina staggers out and trish puts her down with a bulldog from behind. The Outlaws get the crowd behind Trish as she tags in Billy to a huge pop.

Billy knocks down Nitro & Mercury with clotheslines, then sends Nitro to the ropes and catches him with a powerslam. Billy powers up Mercury and drops him ribs first with a Military press. Billy Gunn goes for the Fame Asser on Nitro, but Melina kicks his leg out from behind. Billy, however turns to Melina, who tries to run away but runs right into a Chick Kick from Stratus! This distraction allows Nitro to roll up Billy 1-2-NO! Road Dogg breaks the fall. Road Dogg takes up Nitro and drills him with a Pump Handleslam, but Mercury knocks Road Dogg out to the floor.
Billy takes Mercury from behind and goes for a suplex, but Mercury counters, gets Billy up and then Nitro recovers, as MNM hit Billy with the Snapshot. Road Dogg gets on the apron, but Mercury takes him off with a superkick to the jaw. Nitro covers Billy Gunn 1-2-3

Winners - MNM

MNM celebrate, as Trish gets back to her feet to find herself stuck, as the members of MNM close in on her. Nitro & Mercury back Trish up to Melina, who grabs Trish and plants her with a reverse DDT! Melina then picks up the Womens title and holds it up, before laying it across the chest of Trish, while Nitro & Mercury pretend to take pictures of Melina who looks pleased with what she has done. They go to do more damage, but the Outlaws recover and scare off MNM. Billy is attending to Trish while Road Dogg tells MNM to come for more

Styles: What a great match, ruined by MNM who just layed Trish Stratus out!

King: Melina obviously making her intentions clear for the Womens title, she is supposed to be the most dominant female in this business.

Coach: Stating her claim for the title, and she will soon get it, because she is the most dominant diva, and the hottest!

King: What about Trish?

Styles: In either event, a debut win for MNM on RAW!

We go backstage and John Cena is walking, not looking to happy at all. He stops when Team RAW get in front of him

Cena: What do you guys want?

Hall: Are you pissed?

Cena: Yes.

Hall: You wanna fight?

Cena: Yes.

Hall: Hurt someone?

Cena: Yes.

Hall: Well, why don't you join up for Team RAW, we got a spot left and we think that you'll be perfect for it. You get to kick five of SmackDowns top guys in the ass at Wrestlemania 22!

Cena: Yeah I like that, I might just be apart.....

Christian walks into view

Chrisian: Are you guys kidding, you don't want this pretender, you need Captain Charisma, not Marky Mark!

Crowd gives a mixed response

Cena: Hey, you talk about my bad rap career, but what about your show! I love it, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy right?

Crowd explodes into laughter as Christian frowns, with Tomko by his side shaking his head, trying not to laugh

Cena: I think you might wanna calm your goat down, he's about to split....

Tomko stops laughing and stares at Cena, while Team RAW is watching on

Hall: Well how about this, tonight, John Cena vs Christian, and the winner gets the final spot on Team RAW?

Cena: What, this guy had his chance when he was on SmackDown to be in their team and he lost to a guy who speaks like Pavarotti in third person!

Christian: I'll see you later Cena, and I'll win my match baby for all the peeps, coz that's how I roll.

Christian & Tomko walk off as Cena stares at them with an angry look, then walks off leaving Team RAW to talk

We are now in the office of Paul Heyman, who is talking on his phone, when the Dudleyz walk in to a huge pop. Heyman hangs up and smiles, before shaking hands with both of the Dudleyz

Bubba: Paul, it's good to see you again.

Dvon: Yeah it's been too long, how are you doing?

Heyman: Just fine guys, just fine. What can I do for you?

Bubba: Well you see there are these 2 punks, called James Storm & Chris Harris, and they stole our tag titles from us, and we want them back, so we want a match tonight against them, with the belts on the line!

Crowd cheers

Heyman: Well how about I just go up to them, have security take the belts from them since they don't rightfully own them, and give you guys the belts you own, back?

Bubba: Because unlike those punks we aren't afraid to earn our titles!

Heyman: Sure thing, consider it done.....

Heyman sits down to book the match, when Johnny Parisi & Johnny Jeter walk in, the crowd not giving a reaction as they don't know what they are doing here

Jeter: Mr. Heyman, we want a tag title shot, we can do it all, we have the skills, and I'm sure you agree we got the looks, so change the name of Dudley Boyz to.....

Parisi: The Johnnies!

Dvon: The what?

Jeter: The Johnnies, Johnny Jeter & Johnny Parisi!

Bubba: That sounds like a lame name from a cruddy 70's disco band!

Crowd laughs as Jeter & Parisi frown, and get in the faces of the Dudleyz

Parisi: Well it's nice to see you have a big lip, but can you back it up in the ring, hows about The Johnnies vs The Dudleyz, and the winner gets to face AMW next week for the tag titles?

Dvon: You're on!

Jeter: We'll see you after the break!

Parisi & Jeter leave as the Dudleyz glare at them, the Dudleyz then walk off as Bubba mutters

Bubba: Punks...


We come back and The Johnnies are in the ring, warming up

*Drop Da Bombshells* hits to a big reaction after the pyros explode and the Dudleyz make their way to the ring, glaring at the Johnnies who are mocking the Dudleyz taunts

Dudley Boyz vs The Johnnies
Winner gets a tag title shot against AMW next week

Pretty good match, with the Dudleyz taking control of the most part and taking the young kids to school as Bubba put it. The crowd is thoroughly behind the Dudleyz, and after a miscalculation, Parisi counters a powerbomb and head scissors Bubba into the turnbuckle. The isolation of Bubba lasts about a minute, when he fights off both Johnnies and tags in Dvon.

Dvon comes in and throws Jeter out of the ring. Dvon whips Parisi to the ropes and nails him with a cyclone forearm. Dvon covers for a 2 count. Dvon takes Parisi to the corner and tees off on him with right hands, then goes for the Saving Grace, only to have Jeter interrupt and dropkick Dvon down.
Jeter & Parisi whip Dvon to the ropes and catch him with a flapjack + bulldog move they call the Rocketbuster. Parisi covers 1-2-Bubba breaks the count!
Jeter swings a shot at Bubba, who ducks and then loads up Jeter with a Bubba Bomb. Bubba then is taken down by Parisi with a DDT.
Parisi mounts the top rope and goes for a body splash, but Bubba moves out of the way.

Parisi gets to his feet slowly and Bubba goes for a Bubba Cutter, but Parisi pushes him away into a drop toe hold by Jeter. Parisi then climbs up high and drops a leg to the back of Bubba's head. Dvon tackles Jeter down to the outside, then counters a neck breaker attempt by Parisi, with the Saving Grace! Dvon scores the count and the Dudleyz win a huge match

Winners - Dudley Boyz

Styles: And the Dudleyz have a chance to win their belts back next week against the unofficial tag champions America's Most Wanted. What a match, truly brilliant.

King: I know, the Johnnies got a little too cocky towards the end if you ask me.

Coach: It's a shame that the Dudleyz won, because come next week, they won't.

Backstage now and RVD, Shelton Benjamin, AJ Styles, Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho are standing in Paul Heyman's office, talking amongst themselves as Heyman walks in

Heyman: Gentlemen, thank you for your time. Now the six of you he....

Shelton: Five of us.

Heyman: No six, I know because I said for RVD, Shelton Benjamin, Shawn Michaels, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho & Triple H to be in my of...

Michaels: Well theres your problem Paul-E boy, Hunter ain't here.

Heyman: Right. Fine, then he can forget about thi.....

HHH: Forget about what Heyman? This better be good.

RVD: Why, what where you doing that was so important. O no wait my bad, you were doing something that was impotent, like Mark Jindrak!

Crowd erupts with laughter as HHH grits his teeth at RVD, the rest of the guys found it funny also

Heyman: Now this concept was introduced to Wrestlemania last year, and I thought it was a screaming success, so it's happening again. You six men have been selected to compete in a ladder match wi....

HHH: Ladder match? This has to be some sort of joke. I refuse to be involved in a ladder match. I'm gone.

HHH starts to head out the door

Heyman: Sure you can do that HHH, but then you'll be missing out on a WWE title opportunity.

HHH stops at the door and turns back, now looking interested in what Heyman is saying

Heyman: I thought so. Now, there will be a MITB contract suspended high above the ring, and the only way to get this title shot contract, will be to climb the ladder and take the briefcase off. And you guys have been selected to appear in it. I'm sure you all want a title opportunity?

The superstars nod their heads and leave, HHH smirks at Heyman then leaves shaking his head and laughing

Styles: A MITB ladder match, returns to Wrestlemania 22 with six huge superstars involved!

Coach: What does Heyman think he is doing? Putting HHH in a ladder match, this man should have the ground he walks on paved into the history books!

King: I think it's time to pull your head out of HHH's ass Coach.


We come back and *Close Your Eyes* fills the arena to a mixed reaction, although the boos out do the cheers as Christian makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Tyson Tomko

*The Time* hits, sending the crowd into a frenzy as John Cena steps out on stage, the crowd pops as he fires the crowd up and throws his cap into the sea of supporters

John Cena vs Christian
Winner gets final spot on Team RAW

A very good match, with the crowd supporting Cena, but there is a contingent of Christian supporters here tonight, as both men put on an entertaining match. Christian starts to work on the lower back of Cena, but Cena fights out of a Surfboard stretch and drops Christian on his face!

Cena throws some right hands, then rebounds off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. Cena now pumps it up and drops the 5 Knuckle Shuffle to Christian. Cena tells Christian he can't see him, then gets him up for an FU, but his back gives out and Christian plants Cena with a reverse DDT! Cover 1-2-kickout by Cena! Christian is shocked. Christian goes for a scoop slam on Cena, who counters and nails the Protoplex (Spinning back suplex) Cena makes a cover, but the ref is busy trying to get Tomko off the apron. Cena gets up and nails a right to Tomko, sending him off the apron, but Christian sneaks over and rolls Cena up with a handful of tights 1.....2.....NO! Cena kicks out and Christian is in shock. The crowd gets behind Cena with a *Let's Go Cena* chant. Christian pulls the ref into the corner and starts arguing with him, as he does this Tomko gets in the ring! Tomko charges at Cena looking for a big boot, but Cena ducks and Tomko straddles the ropes!

Christian looks to take advantage of the distraction, and goes for an Unprettier, but Cena pushes Christian away, and Christian runs right into Tomko, who falls off the ropes to the outside. Christian staggers around into Cena, who gets him up on his shoulders and hits the FU! Cena makes the cover for the 3 and wins a great match

Winner - John Cena

Cena has his hand raised to a big pop from the crowd as Christian is pulled out of the ring by Tomko and the pair retreat up the ramp while Cena plays to the crowd

Styles: Cena wins! What a match!

King: O boy talk about great matches, that's one for the vault!

Coach: Such a disappointment that Christian didn't win it, but I will admit that it was a great match.

Styles: Guys we are 41 days away from Wrestlemania, but Team RAW already looks very impressive, but we can't take SmackDown lightly, they might even show up tonight!

Coach: And if they do, RAW will kick them to the pavement!

Maria is standing by with MNM

Maria: Hi, I'm Maria and I'm here with Millennium, the women who claims to be the most dominant diva in our business, and Millennium, you attacked Trish Stratus earlier, why?

Melina: First off you cow it's Melina and second of all, I'm tired of the lack of competition for the Womens title, it's a joke to see people like you in the ring for that belt, and I am the most dominant diva around, so Trish, I want a shot at your Womens title, next week on RAW!

Crowd lightly cheers the challenge

Melina: And if the inscentive isn't there after what we did to you before....

Melina turns and nails Maria with the mic, then throws her into the wall and starts stomping on her

Melina: How about now Trish, start shining that belt up for me, because next week, it's coming home with me!

Melina kicks Maria again and walks off, while Nitro & Mercury laugh at Maria and follow

Styles: My god, Melina is a crazy bitch!

Coach: I'd like to see you say that to her face, so she can kick your ass.

King: Coach, shutup. You lost a match to a woman before I am wrong?

Coach: No, but she was huge....

Styles: It was Trish Stratus you coward and she beat you good.

Kurt Angle is now walking backstage, and he seems very angry. He keeps walking, and although he notices Maven, walks right into him. Angle keeps walking, as Maven yells out

Maven: Hey, Kurt Angle! You want a piece of me?

Angle stops walking and turns around

Maven: Yeah I'm talkin to you, you don't scare me!

Angle: I don't wanna piece, I want the whole damn pie!

Angle gets right up in Maven's face, and Maven smiles and slaps Angle across the cheek to a huge pop from the crowd, Maven then starts heading for the entrance curtain

Maven: Come on then, come on boy!

Angle gets that sick smile across his face again and follows Maven to the ring, while the crowd chants *You Suck* to Angle loudly

Styles: Looks like we have an inpromptue matchup, right now!

Coach: Maven's gonna be sorry he slapped Kurt Angle.

Maven vs Kurt Angle

Pretty decent matchup, although Angle is dominating the most part, the crowd is behind Maven, who has shown some improvement in his wrestling skills.

Angle goes for an Angle Slam, but Maven gets out the back and rolls Angle up 1.....2....NO! Angle kicks out. Angle gets to his feet and Maven meets him with some right hands, whips him to the ropes and catches him with a dropkick for another 2 count. Maven now mounts the top turnbuckle and leps off, driving Kurt Angle's skull into the mat with a bulldog! Cover 1.....2.....3-NO! SO CLOSE! Angle gets his foot on the ropes.
Maven goes for a clothesline, but Angle ducks and nails a belly to belly suplex.

Angle now hits the trifecta of German suplexes to Maven, and then plants him with an Angle Slam. Cover for the win

Winner - Kurt Angle

Angle isn't finished, as he locks the Anglelock on Maven, and lays down, increasing the torque in the pull. Maven is tapping, but Angle refuses to let go of the hold. All the time he is screaming "Come on Foley!", daring Mick Foley to come out. The crowd starts chanting *Foley* but he doe not show.
Finally, enough officials and referees get in to break Angle up from Maven, who is writhing in pain clutching at his leg

Angle: Come on Foley, you wanna fight? You want a fight, bring it on!

Still Foley no shows as Angle is escorted to the back looking pleased with himself

Styles: Kurt Angle has no respect, he just demolished the poor kid. Maven didn't deserve that!

King: Well, something inside Angle has snapped recently, and he wants Mick Foley!

Coach: The fat oath should come out and fight Angle, instead of cowering in the hospital bed!

Styles: Well up after the break folks, our main event, don't go anywhere!


After the break, we see the Ortons heading out to the parking lot, getting a heavy dose of heat from the crowd as the come into view. The Ortons stop however, when ahead of them they see The Rock

Rock: Randy Orton, Cowboy Bob! I can't say it's a pleasure.

Randy: Back off Rock.

Rock: Whoa! Hey, easy man. You not facing The Rock tonight, you are going one on one with the Great One at Wrestlemania 22 baby! The Rock's gonna whip that candy ass and take back the WWE title, IF YA SMELLLLL...... WHAT THE RO....

Orton puts a hand up in Rock's face, copying how The Rock stops other people

Randy: Rock, you are yesterdays news. No one cares about you. I, I am the future. Randy Orton the youngest champion ever in history of the WWE!

Rock: Don't ever, interrupt The Rock again. I'll see you around, and Cowboy Bob, don't take the history of our families fights too much to heart.

Rock walks off as Cowboy Bob seems annoyed, knowing he has been beaten by Rock's past generations

*D-D-P* hits to loud heat as DDP makes his way out for the next match

*Glass Shatters* hits and the crowd explodes with a massive ovation as Austin walks to the run rather quickly, talking trash to Page

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs DDP

Austin has total control of DDP leading into the commercial, and when we return nothing has changed, as Austin takes all his frustrations of last night out on the man who he should of beaten.

Austin nails a Stunner to Page and the ref goes to make a count, but Vince McMahon pulls the ref out of the ring! Vince hits the ref with a right hand, and then gets in the ring with a steel chair. Austin gets up and turns right into a shot between the eyes from Vince, who then helps DDP to his feet.

Vince revives the referee as DDP nails a Diamond Cutter to Austin, and the ref makes the count 1-2-3

Winner - DDP

Vince & DDP celebrate up the ramp smiling, while Austin glares at them with hatred from the ring, down and hurt

Styles: Once again, for the second time in 24 hours Vince McMahon robs Austin of a victory over Diamond Dallas Page!

Coach: Such a class man, a sneaky, well orchestrated plan! From a geniuos, in Vince.

Styles: Coach is it too much to ask for you to go a night without ass kissing everyone who the people boo?

Coach: No, but I support who I want to Joey. This isn't Extremely Crappy Wrestling.

Styles: Well up next two men are going to do what The Coach does to play by play, destroy each other. As Randy Orton defends his WWE title against John Cena in a Street fight!


Paul Heyman is now walking around again backstage, and he sees Kurt Angle up ahead

Heyman: Ah, Kurt. Just the man I needed to see.

Angle: And why would that be? Have you come to give me a title shot?

Heyman: No, but I have come to tell you that Mick Foley said he saw what you did to Maven earlier, and he's coming back next week to have a little "chat" to you.

Angle smiles as Heyman walks off, Angle looks up at the roof as if to say "YES!"

Styles: Mick Foley might be here next week!

King: That is huge. Kurt Angle best be on the lookout.

Coach: Come on you guys know that Angle dosen't fear Foley, otherwise he wouldn't of smashed the ambulance he was in with a truck!

Styles: I hope Angle pays for what he has done the last few weeks.

*Burn In My Light* plays to a defeaning amount of boos as Randy Orton and Cowboy Bob make their way to the ring, Orton is in street gear and dosen't looked pleased in his opening night as WWE champion he has to fight John Cena

*The Time* hits to a raucous ovation as John Cena runs to the ring to get the match underway

Main Event
WWE Championship
Street Fight
John Cena vs Randy Orton (c)

A long, drawn out TV main event where the crowd is completely into the match, plenty of nice hardcore style wrestling blended in with brawling and regular wrestling.

Neither man can get a foothold in the match, as Orton hits Cena over the head with the trash can, Cena low blows Orton! Cena fights back with right hands, does the You Can't See Me taunt and drops the 5 Knuckle Shuffle to Orton. Cena gets a two count. Cena heads out and grabs a fire extinguisher from under the ring. Cowboy Bob tries to get involved and Cena sprays Cowboy in the face with it. Randy however capitalizes and hangs Cena out over the ropes.
Orton now sends Cena to the ropes and hits a reverse elbow to Cena. Orton goes outside, pushes Lillian Garcia out of the way and picks up a steel chair. Orton goes to hit Cena over the head, but Cena ducks and Orton wipes out the referee!
Cena then turns Orton around and plants him with an FU! Cena pins, bu no ref. All of a sudden another referee runs to the ring and makes the count 1.....2.....NO! Orton puts a foot on the ropes.

Cena can't believe it. Cena stares at Randy in shock, then goes under the ring and pulls out a wooden board. Cena brings the board into the ring, and places it down on the mat. Cena pulls Orton to his feet and goes for an FU, but Orton gets out the back, Cena turns around into an RKO on the board! Orton hooks the leg 1.....2......3

Winner & STILL WWE Champion - Randy Orton

Randy & Cowboy hug in the ring and then head out as Cena is down, we fade to the WWE logo

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Joey Styles on commentary?? Wonder how long J.R will be gone.

Whoa. It's ECW to the max tonight, first with Styles on commentary, and now Paul Heyman taking the reigns as Interim General Manager. Awesome start to the show. Wow. Big announcement, with John Cena facing Randy Orton tonight for the WWE Championship. Surprised you arent saving their first ever meeting for a PPV, but what a way to kick off Heymans reign as GM.
And terrific use of Austin here too, raising hell as always, getting a rematch with DDP tonight. Lovely stuff, and I see Austin meeting Vince at WM.

Hmm... Triple H trying to get his way with Heyman, but gets no dice. Not sure what that will lead to, as I'm sure you arent going for a HHH - Heyman match. Possibly Heyman to call on a former ECW alumni to help him out??

Good debut for MNM, getting a win over the former tag champs, who have taken a major slide since losing the belts. Definately a possible Melina - Trish for WM at this rate.

Uh?? Cena vs Christian tonight?? Was kinda hoping for that one at WM, and besides, was Cena not meant to face Orton for the title tonight??

LOL, Nice team. The Johnnies. I'm always interested in seeing new teams debut. I think this one could be quite successful.

Despite just debuting as a team, I think you made the right choice, having The Dudleyz go over. That means The Johnnies can build themselves up to a title shot, rather than getting one right away. Glad it was a well deserved win, and not a squash too.

I like the announcement of MITB II, but the promo was a little too similar to last years which announced it, as I remember Edge being totally against the idea of a Ladder, then once the title shot was mentioned he changed his mind. Still, you put some huge stars in the match, which I thought was a surprise, especially HHH and Michaels, who normally get big one on one matches at the biggest event, so thats a nice change.

Cena beats Christian to qualify for Team Raw. Again, I'm surprised to see a major big name in a multi man match, but certainly including Cena in the ten man makes things ultra huge in that one. Not sure why you have him in two matches tonight though.

Melina officially challenges Trish for what should be a great match, if Survivor Series a few weeks ago was anything to learn from.

Quick win for Kurt Angle, with Maven showing some intestinal fortitude, making the challenge. Not enough though, as Angle picks up the win, and adds a little Ankle Lock afterwards. No Foley is disappointing, but that just builds up the anticipation for when he finally shows up again.

Austin loses DDP for a second time?? Didnt expect that. Vince just keeps screwing the Rattlesnake, but I see Austin gaining redemption before WM on DDP, then Vince at the Big event.

Mick Foley in the arena next week. Sounds promising.

I'm a little unhappy going into the Main Event, because with Cena already part of Team Raw, we know he is losing this, as he wont be wrestling 2 matches at WM, and we saw the first glimpse of build up for Rock and Orton too.

Glad Orton got the clean win, but Cena didnt look too weak taking the loss, after wrestling another match earlier, and as the RKO was delivered onto the board. Rock and Orton at Wrestle Mania should be an absolute classic.

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Well well well. Paul Heyman becomes the interim general manager. Great decision there, but even better is to include Austin in some scene with him on the first night.

That is huge!!!!

Plus, the main event being the street fight was good aswell. If it was a ppv though, i would have probably decided with John winning. Hopefully you keep shoving this down our throats in the future, cause I love it.

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WWE.com News

The WWE was impressed with the performances of Johnny Jeter/Parisi as a tag team and intend to keep the gimmick going as a cocky young tag team.

Major Push?
According to rumours, Rhyno & AJ Styles may be joining a list of people to be pushed which is already includes RVD, Shelton Benjamin among others.

Backlash Sold out
The first RAW brand PPV of the year Backlash, has sold out the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas in half an hour.

*Out of character* I hope I get some more reviews soon, as 2 is very depressing. Hopefully a few more come in later today and overnight.

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Hey i been reading your be the booker since the beginning and haven't reviewed because i don't really take part in writing my own i enjoy reading them. Anyways i thought it was time i starting repaying you for the effort you are putting into this and i got to tell you i haven't had a dull moment reading this.

This Raw was awesome it had some good matches and im liking the direction your pushing some of the superstars, ie. shelton and the jonnies. You are making great use of the tag division which the wwe have not been able to do of late.

Imo i could notice some subtle build up of feuds for wrestlemania like, Trish V Melina, The Rock V Randy Orton (this weren't subtle but you get what i mean) Hopefully we get to see Kurt Angle V Mick Foley as this has been brewing since the beginning of this thread. Hopefully it can be as good or better than genesis which i was bummed about not being written in full, but i understand because of the split again.

Anyways this Raw had it all entertainment, matches, build up and a new tag team was introduced.

I give it 9/10 hopefully this is an ok review for ya.
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