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I've decided to do a new BTB. My old one didn't do too well, so I'm gonna try to make this one a lot better. I'm going to reply to as many people's threads and grade lots of shows so I can get some feedback. Well anyway, here's

WWE: ReLoaded

Pro Wrestling News Update
McMahon Shocks The World!

At approximately 6:00 p.m. last night, Vince McMahon shocked the world when he sold his World Wrestling Entertainment to his children, Stephanie and Shane McMahon! "I'm just getting too old to run the company, and it's about time I pass it on to my children, who can continue its legacy," McMahon said when interviewed. Shane and Stephanie made an agreement that Shane would run RAW, and Stephanie would run SmackDown. Everything will start fresh on the next WWE shows RAW and SmackDown.

RAW Preview
All the championships on RAW have been vacated, and we are going to be told how they will be decided this week on RAW. With Shane McMahon as the General Manager, things are sure to be shaken up. Also on RAW, there is going to be a draft lottery to decide the new rosters of the shows. And what will the old champions, such as Triple H, have to say about the titles being vacated? Find out all this and more this week on WWE RAW, live from the Providence Civic Center in Providence, Rhode Island!

SmackDown! Preview
WWE SmackDown! comes to you live from the Fleet Center in Boston, Massachusetts, and its Stephanie McMahon's first night back as GM of SmackDown. Like RAW, all the SmackDown titles have been vacated as well. Stephanie assures us at least two of these titles are going to be decided this week, and much more. How will the former champions react? And what new superstars will be on SmackDown after the draft lottery on RAW? Find out this Thursday night, only on UPN!

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pretty good previews but what are the rosters? anyways cant wait till 1st show

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Lethal_Killa said:
I love the name of the thread. Could you please post some rosters? or are they the same as current?
I forgot to put that in the RAW preview, I edited it in a while back. There's gonna be a draft on RAW between Shane (RAW) and Stephanie (SmackDown!). Hope that clears things up. :)

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Looks good I'll be reading. Good luck with the first week of shows and I can't wait to see the Draft Lottery. Good background info on your thread and I'm looking forward to Raw. Good luck oh and also if you get a chance you should check out WWE by Icecoldkilla and Randyorton24 :) .

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WWE: ReLoaded RAW
April 4th, 2005
Providence Civic Center
Providence, Rhone Island

A new RAW opening video is shown, highlighting WWE’s newer stars such as Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton, John Cena, and many more. The new RAW theme song, “Step Up” by Drowning Pool blasts through the Providence Civic Center as fireworks explode all over the stage! The camera pans around the sold out arena audience, showing their signs like “Hassan Stole My Camel” and “Job The Game.” The camera finally settles at announce position, where Good Ol’ JR and The King sit.

Jim Ross: Welcome everybody to WWE RAW! I’m Good Ol’ JR, and I’m seated next to my broadcast partner, as always, Jerry “the King” Lawler!

King: Thank you JR, and this is gonna be a great night, I can feel it!

Jim Ross: It certainly will be, King! Tonight is the dawn of a new era for the WWE, because we have two co-owners of the WWE: Shane and Stephanie McMahon! Tonight there’s gonna be another draft lottery, and I hope we get to see some new faces here on RAW.

King: But what if they get somebody good, like Triple H? Oh no, I hope The Game doesn’t get drafted to SmackDown!

JR: Well we’ll just have to see.

“Here Comes The Money” hits and the fans cheer like crazy as the new General Manager of RAW, Shane McMahon, comes out to the stage! Shane has on a three piece beige suit, and shakes hands with some fans as he makes his way to the ring. He climbs up the steps and enters the ring, then pulls a mic out of his jacket pocket. He waits for the cheers to die down, and then begins to speak.

Shane McMahon:
Allow me to be the first to welcome you all, to the new WWE RAW! As you can see, we have a new video, a new theme song, and it’s gonna be a fresh start for RAW. And with me as the GM, SmackDown doesn’t stand a chance! But down to business, as I’m sure you all know, RAW’s titles have been vacated, so we need to find a way to decide them don’t we? So here’s what’s going to happen. The Tag Team titles will be decided next week in a four corners tag team match. Also next week, the Intercontinental title will be on the line in triple threat match! This brings me to my next title, a championship that is making its return to the WWE, the Hardcore title! This championship match will be saved for RAW’s next pay-per-view, Backlash, coming to you on Sunday, April 24th. The last title on RAW’s list, is the coveted World Heavyweight Championship. There will be an eight man tournament, starting tonight, to see who will go on to the main event at Backlash to compete for the title. Thank you-

“All Grown Up” hits and Stephanie McMahon walks quickly out to the stage. He holds a mic in her hand as she walks down the ramp and climbs the steel steps. Shane holds the ropes down for his sister and she gets into the ring.

Stephanie McMahon:
Shane, I must say, these next four weeks will be pretty promising to RAW, but you mentioned that SmackDown doesn’t have a chance against RAW in the ratings battle. Well why don’t we make a little bet, Shane?

Shane McMahon: I’m listening.

Stephanie McMahon: Since none of your titles are being decided tonight, how about you pick a superstar that you draft, and I’ll pick one that I draft, and they’ll square off in the main event to find out who really has the better superstars?

Shane McMahon: Fine, you’re on, sis. But how about the winning show gets to have their title match in the main event at the next joint pay-per-view?

Stephanie McMahon: Fine, Shane. But I think it’s time to start the picking, I’ll let you go first. You know what they say, underdog’s first.

Shane and Stephanie leave the ring and make their way up to the two podiums on each side of the stage. Shane gets behind the one with the RAW logo, and Stephanie gets behind the one with the SmackDown logo. Each podium has a tumbler and a microphone on it. The fans chant the name of their favorite superstar as Shane spins the tumbler. A ball comes out, and Shane picks it up and looks at it…

Shane McMahon:
I am proud to announce RAW’s first pick in the 2005 draft…Brock Lesnar!

Jim Ross: Wow, Brock Lesnar is making his return to the WWE, and it’s gonna be here on RAW!

King: That’s already one good pick, and we’re bound to have more!

Stephanie McMahon: Pretty lucky, huh Shane? Well it’s time for my pick. SmackDown’s first pick is…

She spins the tumbler until a white ball pops out. She picks it up and looks at it…

Stephanie McMahon:
The Rock!

“If Ya Smeeellll…What The Rock…Is Cookin!” The Rock’s music hits and the fans absolutely EXPLODE as “the People’s Champ” The Rock walks out from the back! He walks back and forth on the stage as Shane looks on in surprise. Rock walks up to Shane and snatches the mic out of his hand.

The Rock:
FINALLY…The Rock HAS COME BACK…to the WWE! Now The Rock is out here for two reasons, and two reasons only. The first of those being to thank you, Stephanie McMahon. No matter how many times The Rock called you a slut, no matter how many times he called you a bimbo, a hooker who gets a boob job every couple of weeks, you still managed to get The Rock on SmackDown, the show that The Rock made. The Rock thanks you. Anyway, the second reason is to tell all the jabronis in the back that The Rock is back for good, and he is gonna WHOOP the candy ass off anyone who gets in his way. No one, and The Rock means NO ONE is gonna get in his way of winning the WWE title.

Jim Ross: The Rock is back in the WWE! We’ve only had two picks, and both of them have amazed us!

“Time To Play The Game!” Triple H’s music hits and the fans start booing as he shoves the curtain aside and walks out to the stage, a mic in his hand. He walks right up to The Rock and gets in his face.

Triple H:
Rock, you’ve been out here two minutes and already I wanna beat the crap out of you. Rock, you better hope I’m not drafted to SmackDown, because if I am, your hopes will be shattered. If I’m drafted to SmackDown, Rock, you will never TOUCH the WWE title. I will your life a living hell, Rock. Do you understand that? I will-

The Rock: SHUT YOUR MOUTH JABRONI! (big pop) You do NOT interrupt when he’s talking. And you know what Pinocchio, I hope you do get drafted to SmackDown, so I can whoop that big nose of yours all over the ring!

Triple H and Rock go nose to nose as Stephanie and Shane move forward to break them up.

Jim Ross:
Folks, we’ll be right back. We gotta take a commercial break!

{Commercial Break}

RAW comes back from the break and Stephanie and Shane are back at the podiums, ready to make their next picks. It’s Shane’s turn, so he spins the tumbler and picks up the ball that pops out.

Shane McMahon:
RAW’s next pick, is arguably the greatest tag team of all time, the Dudley Boyz!

The fans boo at the mention of the Dudley Boyz, and Stephanie starts to spin her tumbler. The ball pops out, and she picks it up to read it.

Stephanie McMahon:
Wow, what a coincidence. My next pick is also arguably the greatest tag team of all time, the Hardy Boyz! I guess that means we can have another interpromotional match tonight.

Shane McMahon: Fine, why don’t we have that match right now, then?

Shane and Stephanie leave their podiums and disappear behind the curtain.

Jim Ross:
We’re gonna start our first match right now, and it’s gonna be interpromotional!

King: Go RAW!

“Drop The Bombshell” by Powerman 5000 hits the arena and the fans start booing as Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley push through the curtains onto the stage. They put up the “3-D” symbol, and then quickly make their way into the ring. “2Xtreme” hits and the fans burst into cheers. Jeff Hardy comes dancing out onto the stage as Matt Hardy throws up the “Team Xtreme” symbol. They run down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as they go. They slide into the ring and pose on the turnbuckles. They get down and are immediately attacked by the Dudley Boyz.

Interpromotional Match
The Dudley Boyz vs. The Hardy Boyz

The Dudley Boyz attack the Hardyz as soon as they get off the turnbuckle, until the referee restores order and gets D-Von and Jeff out of the ring. Matt and Bubba start things off, and Bubba Ray has the advantage for the early part of the match, due to the attack. Matt soon starts fighting back, but Bubba tags in D-Von, who goes right on the assault. He controls the match for a while, until Matt suddenly counters a suplex into a reverse DDT. He crawls to his corner and tags in Jeff. Jeff dominates D-Von, using his speed advantage. Toward the end of the match, D-Von tags in Bubba Ray, who goes for a Bubba Bomb on Hardy, but Jeff counters it and kicks Bubba in the gut, then hits the Twist of Fate! Jeff climbs to the top rope as Matt clotheslines D-Von out of the ring. Jeff leaps off the turnbuckle and hits the Swanton Bomb! He hooks the leg, 1…2…3!
Winners: The Hardy Boyz

Jim Ross:
The Hardyz have beat the Dudley Boyz, and Shane doesn’t look too happy about that.

King: Booooooo! RAW loses, boooooooo!

The cameras go backstage, where Triple H and Ric Flair and sitting on a couch in a locker room. The fans instantly boo upon seeing them.

Triple H:
Look at that, it’s pathetic! If I get drafted to RAW, I’m gonna have to beat some sense into those idiots.

Ric Flair: Yeah, but first we gotta deal with The Rock, and then we’ll deal with beating sense into people and getting YOUR title back.

Triple H: That’s right, Ric. So you know the plan for later on?

Ric Flair: Yeah, I know the plan. Let’s go.

Triple H and Flair stand up and leave the room as the camera cuts back to announce position.

Jim Ross:
What kind of plan do Triple H and Ric Flair have? Whatever it is, it can’t be good for The Rock. Fans, don’t go away we’ll be right back!

{Commercial Break}

Jim Ross:
Welcome back to RAW everyone. In case you just joined us, RAW’s first pick was Brock Lesnar, and SmackDown’s pick was The Rock! The Rock then came out and made a “return speech” so to speak, but he was interrupted by Triple H, who said HE would become champion, not The Rock. We also saw The Hardy Boyz defeat the Dudley Boyz in an interpromotional match, giving SmackDown a win for the night.

King: That’s not fair, JR. The Dudleyz should’ve won!

Jim Ross: Well King let’s not be sore losers. We have another interpromotional match later on anyway.

King: Yeah, we’ll beat those SmackDown punks!

Jim Ross: Well it’s time for Shane and Stephanie to make their next picks in the draft!

The cameras go back up to the stage, where Shane and Stephanie are ready to make their next picks. Shane spins the tumbler and a ball pops out. He looks at the ball and gets a look of surprise.

Shane McMahon:
That was just a practice, so I’m gonna do my real pick now.

Stephanie McMahon: Oh no you don’t Shane, that’s your pick, no matter what!

Shane McMahon: (sad and angry expression) RAW’s next pick…is…Eugene.

The fans cheer as “Child’s Play” hits and Eugene comes running out to the stage, smiling. Stephanie is laughing at her podium. Eugene runs around on the stage with his arms out like an airplane. He jumps up and down and claps his hands, before taking the mic from Shane’s podium.

YAAAYYYY! I’m on RAAAAWWW! It’s gonna be SO cool and I’m gonna win matches and win titles and be like all my favorite wrestlers! Like- like Chris Jericho! He was REAL funny. I remember when he- he- he called Stephanie McMahon a slut!

Stephanie McMahon: EUGENE! I should have you fired!

Eugene: Slut, slut, slut! RAW IS EUGEEEEENE!

Stephanie McMahon: Security, get him off my stage!

A couple of security officers come out to the stage and go to escort Eugene backstage. Eugene sees them and runs away down the ramp and into the crowd. The security guards start to chase after him, but he disappears behind a curtain somewhere backstage.

Shane McMahon:
I told you I should’ve repacked.

Stephanie McMahon: Whatever. (spins tumbler) It looks like SmackDown’s next pick is… “Captain Charisma” Christian!

King: No, another good superstar taken from RAW! And we get Eugene. Great.

Jim Ross: Eugene is a fine young man, King. There’s nothing wrong with having him on our roster.

King: There are about a THOUSAND things wrong with having him here!

Jim Ross: In any event, coming up in just a few moments is another match, and both of these men want to impress whatever GM drafts them. And these two were partners before they were drafted to separate shows in last year’s draft.

Charlie Hass’ music hits and the fans give him an almost silent reaction. He walks down the ramp and a fan extends his arm. Charlie goes to high five the fan, but the fan pulls his hand away! Hass shakes his head and rolls into the ring. “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me Now” hits and the fans come to life in cheers as Shelton Benjamin hops through the curtain. He jogs down the ramp, slapping the hands of some fans as he makes his way down the ramp. He slides into the ring and gets to his feet, waiting for the bell to ring.

Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton Benjamin offers his hand to his former tag team partner, and Haas shakes it. The fans cheer for the sign of respect from both superstars, but all of a sudden Haas grabs Shelton and rolls him up with an inside cradle! The ref reluctantly makes the count, 1…2…3!
Winner: Charlie Haas

Haas quickly slides out of the ring as Shelton gets to his feet. He walks over to the ropes and hits them in anger as he looks at Charlie Haas, who backs up the ramp, smirking. Haas laughs at Shelton before disappearing backstage.

Jim Ross:
Now that was just wrong! Charlie Haas stole the win!

King: There was nothing wrong with that, he just caught Shelton by surprise. It should teach him to be aware.

Jim Ross: Whatever, King. We’ll be right back after a quick break!

{Commercial Break}

Jim Ross:
We’re back live on RAW, and it’s time to see a RAW debut as Chris Cage takes on Chris Masters.

King: Who the hell is Chris Cage?

Jim Ross: He’s an up and coming athlete from Ohio Valley Wrestling, that’s who.

Some generic rock music hits and the fans give a very small reaction to Chris Cage as he jogs out to the stage. He raises one arm in the air, and then trots down the ramp and into the ring. “Masterpiece” hits and the fans immediately start to boo as “the Masterpiece” Chris Masters ****ily walks out to the stage. He outstretches his arms and makes poses, showing off his muscles as golden pyros go off on the side of the stage. He walks down the ramp, ignoring the boos of the fans and then gets into the ring.

Chris Cage vs. Chris Masters

An even match for the first few moments, but Chris Masters soon gains the advantage after Cage was not able to lift him for a suplex, and Masters suplexed him back first onto the turnbuckle. Masters dominates Cage for the rest of the match using mostly hard hitting power moves, with Cage barely getting any offense. At the end of the match, Masters locks in the Master Lock, a modified camel clutch. Cage doesn’t last long and taps out.
Winner: Chris Masters

Masters is handed a mic from ringside and begins to speak.

Chris Masters:
You see? I am truly a masterpiece. In my two months in the WWE, nobody has ever escaped the Master Lock, they all submit. I am perfect, you won’t find a flaw on me. And I-

“Reflection of Perfection” plays and Mark Jindrak comes out to a small pop from the fans, mainly because he’s interrupting Masters. He walks down to the ring and gets in, then is handed a mic from ringside.

Mark Jindrak:
Are you kidding me? You, perfect? Come back to reality buddy, you are far from perfect. You want perfect, you look at me. You say nobody has ever escaped from the Master Lock? And how many opponents have you faced exactly? That’s what I thought.

Chris Masters: It seems like you think you can beat me.

Mark Jindrak: Oh believe me, I don’t think, I know. If we get drafted to the same shows, I’ll see you in the ring.

The fans cheer Jindrak a little more as the two stare each other down and RAW goes to another commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

RAW returns from the break, and Shane and Stephanie McMahon are back at their podiums.

Jim Ross:
Welcome back everyone, and as you can see, the two co-owners of the WWE are ready to make their next picks. I wonder who RAW will get next.

King: I hope it’s someone good, JR.

Shane McMahon: Well, it’s RAW’s turn to pick again, so let’s see who we’re getting.

Shane spins the tumbler, and the familiar white ball pops out yet again. He picks it up and reads the name. Shane gets a sour expression on his face.

Shane McMahon:
RAW gets Rob Conway.

Jim Ross: Rob Conway is a fine young superstar, but he has no class or honor from teaming with those anti-americans La Resistance. Well now it’s Mrs. McMahon’s turn to pick.

Stephanie spins the tumbler, and picks up the white ball that pops out, and then reads it.

Stephanie McMahon:
Looks like I got unlucky as well, Shane. SmackDown’s next pick…is Maven.

“Tough Enough” hits and the fans give a mixed reaction as Maven comes walking out to the stage with a purpose. He walks quickly right up to Stephanie McMahon and takes the mic from her.

Unlucky? Unlucky? You think you’re unlucky that you’ve picked me to go to SmackDown? Well how about me? I have to go to your second rate show with a bunch of jobbers! How’s that for unlucky?

Stephanie McMahon: Now you listen here-

Maven: No you listen here lady! (small pop) I am talent personified! I can beat any one of your stupid jobbers on SmackDown any day in any match! So you better get used to me, because I’m gonna be the next WWE Champion!

Stephanie McMahon: Oh you can, can you? Well then, I guess you won’t mind facing both of the Dudley Boyz next week!

Maven: That’s not what I-

Stephanie McMahon: Shut up and get off the stage!

Maven gets an angry look on his face and storms to the back, leaving Stephanie McMahon looking a little pissed off, and Shane laughing.

Jim Ross:
Well I guess this means SmackDown has its first match.

King: Well I’m sorry to see Maven go, but he’ll beat the Dudley Boyz this Thursday easily!

Jim Ross: We’ll see, King. But coming up next, Shawn Michaels is gonna have a rematch with Kurt Angle from WrestleMania last night, and it’s gonna be a slobber knocker!

{Commercial Break}

RAW comes back on the air, and the two McMahons are at their podiums again, ready to make their 5th and last picks of the night.

Jim Ross:
Well it’s time for Shane and Stephanie to make their last picks of the night, and the rest of the rosters will be decided randomly after the show.

Shane spins the tumbler and removes the ball then pops out. He grins at the outcome, obviously happy.

Shane McMahon: RAW is happy to announce it’s last pick of the night…Stone Cold Steve Austin!

“Glass Shatters” by Disturbed fills the arena and the fans erupt as “the Texas Rattlesnake” Steve Austin emerges from the back! He goes back and forth on the stage, holding up the one fingered salute as the fans mimic the gesture. Shane smiles as Stephanie seems to be in shock.

Jim Ross:
STONE COLD! STONE COLD! STONE COLD! Stone Cold is here in the arena, and more importantly, here on WWE RAW!

King: YES!

Austin grabs the mic from Shane and waits for the deafening cheers to die down.

Steve Austin:
That’s right, Stone Cold Steve Austin is back, and he’s here to stay! I just gotta make one thing clear right now, and that is that Shane McMahon: you don’t tell me what to do, (crowd: WHAT) you don’t order Stone Cold around, (WHAT) you don’t suspend him, (WHAT) you don’t fire him, (WHAT) you don’t do anything to him! (WHAT) You understand you stupid little son of a bitch? Good, next order of business. I am gonna whoop any sumbitch’s ass who’s in this tournament. Then I’m gonna win the World Heavyweight title, go home, drink some beer, have a party, drink some beer, watch TV, drink some more beer, and then drink beer some more! And nobody’s gonna get in my way! And that’s the bottom line, ‘cause Stone Cold said so!

Austin drops the mic and gives Shane McMahon a Stunner! The fans explode with deafening roars as Shane flops on his back. Stephanie laughs at him from her podium. Stone Cold raises his hands, giving the bird, and then walks backstage as RAW goes to another break.

{Commercial Break}

Jim Ross:
Welcome back to RAW everyone, and I can’t believe what we just saw! Stone Cold Steve Austin returned, and Stunned his new boss!

King: I can’t believe he would do something like that! He needs to be punished!

Jim Ross: Well folks, what a night we’ve had already, but during the break, Stephanie McMahon’s last pick turned out to be Triple H! This could be bad news for The Rock, or bad news for Triple H! But fans, it’s time for a WrestleMania rematch!

“Medal” hits and the fans boo as Kurt Angle pushes the curtain aside and walks out to the stage. He walks down to the edge of the ramp and points to the sky as red, white, and blue fireworks go off behind him. He walks the rest of the way and gets into the ring. “Sexy Boy” hits and Shawn Michaels comes skipping out to the stage. He drops to his knees on the ramp and red and silver pyros go off behind him on the stage. He gets up and slides into the ring.

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels

An even back and forth match, with nobody having the advantage for most of it. Midway through the match, Angle starts to work on the ankle of Shawn Michaels, trying to weaken it so he can get the Ankle Lock locked in. However, toward the end of the match, Angle goes for an Angle Slam, but Michaels counters it into a back body drop! Angle gets to his feet and turns around…into a Sweet Chin Music! HBK makes the cover, 1…2…no! HBK backs into the corner, and allows Angle to get to his feet slowly. Angle turns around and Michaels goes for a Sweet Chin Music…but Angle catches his foot and takes him down to the mat, locking in the Ankle Lock! Shawn struggles to get to the ropes, he’s almost there…but Angle drags him back to the center of the ring! Shawn can’t take it anymore and taps out!
Winner: Kurt Angle

Jim Ross:
Kurt Angle wins it, but kudos to both men here, they had a hell of a match!

King: He cheated, JR!

Angle gets up and raises his arms in the air, as Shawn Michaels rolls around on the mat holding his ankle. The fans boo Angle as he looks down at HBK and starts talking trash to him. Angle leaves the ring and walks up the ramp.

The camera cuts to the back, where Maria is standing with Triple H.

Triple H, earlier tonight you were drafted to SmackDown. What do you plan to do on SmackDown, and what are your goals?

Triple H: What are my goals? That’s about the dumbest question I’ve ever heard a slutty interviewer say. Hell, you’re worse than Terri Runnels! So here’s a dollar, (hands her a dollar bill) so go wait at a red light for a customer or something.

Maria slaps the dollar out of Triple H’s hand with an angry look and walks away. Triple H smiles.

Triple H:
Rock, I hope you’re listening, because now that we’re on the same show, you’re gonna be sorry you ever talked to me the way you did. I am going to make your life a living hell, do you understand me? I am going to win the WWE title, and I am not going to let you get in my way. I am a 10 time World Champion, and I’m gonna make it 11 soon. Rock, you better watch your back around here if you wanna talk to people like that.

Triple H turns around and walks off, and the camera shifts back to ringside.

Jim Ross:
Strong words by The Game, Triple H.

King: But he can back up everything he says, JR.

Jim Ross: We’ll have to see about that. But folks, don’t touch that dial, the main event is NEXT!

{Commercial Break}

RAW comes back from its last commercial break, and Shane and Stephanie McMahon are standing on the stage, both with mics in their hand.

Shane McMahon:
Well it’s time for the main event of the night, and it’s going to be RAW vs. SmackDown! The superstar I’m picking…is Brock Lesnar!

“Here Comes The Pain” hits and the fans give a mixed reaction for the returning Brock Lesnar. He hops in place on the stage, before walking down the ramp with a focused look in his eyes. He hops onto the apron, setting off the pyros, then gets in.

Shane McMahon:
And Brock, allow me to say that if you win this match tonight, you will be guaranteed a World title shot if you don’t win the tournament.

Stephanie McMahon: Blah, blah, blah, that’s great Shane. Allow me to introduce the superstar representing SmackDown…The Rock!

“If Ya Smeeelll…What The Rock…Is Cookin!” The Rock’s music hits and the fans cheer like crazy as he walks out to the stage! He walks down the ramp with a purpose and climbs to the turnbuckle, raising his arm high in the air as the fans start a “Rocky” chant. He hops down and stares at Brock Lesnar as the bell rings.

RAW vs. SmackDown Main Event
Brock Lesnar (RAW) vs. The Rock (SmackDown!)

Another back and forth match, with Rock using mostly power and speed moves, and Lesnar using mostly power and technical moves. They trade control of the match for a long time, both of them having momentum for a small time. After The Rock went for a Rock Bottom and Lesnar countered it into a T-Bone suplex, Lesnar started working on the ribs of Rock. Towards the end of the match, Brock lifted Rock up onto his shoulders for an F5, but Rock slides off his shoulders and lands on his feet behind Lesnar! Lesnar turns around and Rock goes for a Rock Bottom, but Lesnar shoves him forward, right into the ref! The ref falls to the mat. Rock turns around and Lesnar goes for a clothesline, but Rock ducks under it, hooks Lesnar’s arm, and hits the Rock Bottom! The fans erupt as The Rock hooks the leg, but there’s no ref to count the pin. Suddenly the fans start booing as Triple H comes running down the ramp with a sledgehammer! Rock turns around and gets DRILLED in the face with the hammer! Triple H drapes Lesnar’s arm over Rock as the referee starts coming to. Triple H leaves the ring as the ref makes a slow count,





Winner: Brock Lesnar

YES! RAW wins! Way to go, Brock!

Jim Ross: How can you be happy about a win like that, King?

King: Easy, because we won!

Jim Ross: This wasn’t a fair win! Triple H hit Rock with a sledgehammer for god sakes! And now Brock Lesnar is guaranteed a World title shot after Backlash, if he doesn’t win the tournament in the first place. And look at Triple H, he’s happy with himself!

The fans boo as The Rock is laid out in the ring and Triple H backpedals up the ramp, smirking. Brock Lesnar gets to his feet and stares at Triple H and smiles as the RAW logo flashes across the screen and the show goes off the air…

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Good show and nice layout it was really easy on my eyes. I loved the Draft lottery with all of the big names moving around like Lesnar, Rock and Triple H. Great interpromotional matches. Hardyz vs Dudleyz are always a great match and so was Lesnar and the Rock. I like that all Title are vacated and everyone has to earn there way to get the vacated Titles. Next weeks four corners match for the Tag Team Titles and triple threat match for the Intercontinetal Title should be great. Also forgot to mention that the HBK-Angle match was great tonight. The Chris Masters-Jindrak segment was pretty good considering there both perfect. Overall you did a good job I liked it, I rate it 1 9/10 and can't wait for Raw next week and Smackdown this week.

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Draft Results

Big Show
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho
D-Von Dudley
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Muhammad Hassan
Paul London
Rene Dupree
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Simon Dean
Steve Austin
Tyson Tomko

Al Snow
Billy Kidman
Charlie Haas
Chris Cage
Chris Masters
Gene Snitksy
Garrison Cade
Jeff Hardy
John Bradshaw Layfield
John Cena
Johnny Nitro
Matt Hardy
Mark Jindrak
Nathan Jones
Shelton Benjamin
The Hurricane
The Rock
Triple H

Note: These are not the entire rosters, new superstars will come, old ones will return, and some will switch shows. Only superstars who were in the draft lottery at the time are on this list.

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pretty good show, you can never go wrong w/ and hbk/angle rematch, lesnar/rock and hardy's/dudley's was great too. liked all of the big names getting drafted intsead of midcarders on every pick.

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Note: I won't be here tomorrow so I'd rather post this early rather than late.

WWE: ReLoaded SmackDown!
April 7th, 2004
Fleet Center
Boston, Massachusetts

Highlights are shown from the draft lottery on RAW, and Stephanie McMahon drafting The Rock to SmackDown. It shows The Rock saying he is going to win the WWE Championship, and nobody was going to stop him. Triple H comes out and tells The Rock HE would win the WWE title if he was drafted to SmackDown, and would beat Rock to do so. It ends by showing Triple H interfere in The Rock’s interpromotional match later in the night and hitting him with a sledgehammer, costing him the match. The new SmackDown! video airs, witch “The Beautiful People” by Marilyn Manson playing in the background.

A big pyrotechnic display booms all over the stage as WWE SmackDown! goes on the air! The camera pans around the Fleet Center, where thousands of fans cheer and hold up signs for their favorite wrestler. The camera finishes scanning the arena and rest at announce position at ringside, where Michael Cole is seated next to Tazz.

Michael Cole:
Welcome everyone to SmackDown! I’m Michael Cole, and as always, I’m here with Tazz!

Tazz: Thanks Cole, and I have a feeling tonight is gonna have a lot of important matches, now that we have our new roster!

Michael Cole: That’s right partner, there was a draft lottery on RAW, and we got a lot of new superstars here on SmackDown! And can you believe what we saw at the end of RAW last week?

Tazz: Man, that was some serious stuff, Cole. Triple H came out at the end of The Rock’s match and nailed him with that sledgehammer! I wonder what physical condition The Rock is in?

Michael Cole: Well we have confirmation that The Rock is in fact scheduled to be here tonight, and we’ll see what his reaction will be to all of this.

“Time To Play The Game!” The fans burst into boos as “The Game” by Motorhead blasts through the arena and Triple H pushes past the curtain and comes out to the stage. He looks around at the thousands of booing fans and looks pretty pleased with himself. He walks down the ramp and gets into the ring, and then snatches a mic from Howard Finkel.

Michael Cole:
Looks like Triple H has something to say.

Triple H: Last week, The Rock said he would win the WWE title, and nobody would get in his way. Well I couldn’t stand for crap like that, so I took matters into my own hands. I warned him, I told him he wouldn’t win that title, I would. But did he listen? Of course not! He’s been in Hollywood too long, he doesn’t understand that he doesn’t run this place, I do! I am a 10 time World Champion, and he thinks he can stop ME from winning the WWE title? Well let me tell you something, Rock, you got another thing coming if you-

“I’m All Grown Up” hits and the fans cheer as the General Manager of SmackDown, Stephanie McMahon, walks out to the stage, a microphone in her hand.

Stephanie McMahon:
Triple H, this isn’t RAW! This is SmackDown! You don’t get to just push everyone around and get everything you want. I’m not a pushover like Eric Bischoff was. Here on SmackDown, I run things, and if you don’t like it, tough! Now you think you can win the WWE title? Then you can enter a series of matches to crown the WWE Champion. There will be two matches this week, and two matches next week. There will be a contract signing the next week, and the following week will be a match between the four winners for the WWE Championship. Thank you.

Stephanie drops the mic and leaves the ring, leaving Triple H standing in the ring with an irate look on his face.

{Commercial Break}

SmackDown! returns from the break, and Stephanie is sitting at her desk in her office. There is a knock on the door and before she can answer, it opens and in walks in Shelton Benjamin.

Stephanie McMahon: Hell Shelton, what can I do for you?

Shelton Benjamin: Ms. McMahon, last week my former friend Charlie Haas stole that win, and I want you to give me a rematch tonight.

Stephanie McMahon: Well Shelton, I’m sorry but I can’t do that. You and Charlie both have qualifying matches tonight.

Shelton Benjamin: (excited) You mean…I’m getting a shot at the WWE title?

Stephanie McMahon: Well, no, the US title. You and Charlie Haas are both in different qualifying matches for the US Championship tonight. The only way to face him would be if you both won your matches tonight and went on to the finals next week.

Shelton gets a look of satisfaction on his face, and grins. He turns around and leaves the room as the view changes back to the announce table.

Wow, so I guess we know how the US title is gonna be decided.

Michael Cole: We do, but right now it’s time for a little tag team action!

Tazz: This is gonna be a great Tag Team title match, Cole.

A mix of William Regal and Tajiri’s music plays and the fans cheer as they come out to the stage. Regal waves to the fans as he walks and Tajiri follows. They both roll into the ring and await their opponents. “Basham” hits and the fans begin to boo. The Basham Brothers walk out to the stage, being led by Shaniqua! They walk to the ring and Shaniqua whips them with a whip.

Michael Cole:
Looks like Shaniqua’s back.

Tazz: Uh oh, Cole. That’s not good.

Tag Team Championship
William Regal & Tajiri vs. The Basham Brothers

A relatively short match, with the William Regal and Tajiri controlling the beginning. Momentum shifted when Regal went for the Regal Cutter, and Doug Basham reversed it into a kick to the gut and then a piledriver. The Bashams made quick tags, isolating Regal from his partner. Later, the Bashams went for a double team move, but Regal clotheslined them both and made the hot tag to Tajiri. “The Japanese Buzzsaw” came into the ring and dominated the Basham Brothers with stiff kicks, and soon had Danny Basham in position for the Buzzsaw Kick. He went for the kick, but Danny moved and Tajiri kicked the ref in the ribs, knocking the wind out of him. While the ref is on the ground holding his sides, Eugene starts running down the ramp with a chair! He slides into the ring, but suddenly drills Tajiri with the chair! The fans boo as he exits the ring and Danny Basham makes a cover. 1…2…3!
Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: The Basham Brothers

What is Eugene doing here? He’s on RAW!

Michael Cole: More importantly, why did he hit Tajiri with a chair?

Tazz: I think we’re about to find out!

Eugene has gotten back in the ring as the Basham Brothers walk up the ramp with their Tag Team titles. Eugene takes a mic out of his jacket pocket, before ripping off the jacket and throwing it to the floor. He looks angry.

I am sick and tired off this crap!

Tazz: Whoa! It sounds like Eugene’s voice has changed!

Michael Cole: Maybe it’s puberty.

Tazz: How would you know about that, Cole?

Eugene: I am sick and tired of having to act like a stupid retard to get money! I’m through with that! It’s over, I’m not gonna be that idiot who runs around waving and biting his nails. And I will no longer be referred to as Eugene, my name is Nick Dinsmore!

Dinsmore stands in the ring looking around at the many booing fans in the crowd.

Nick Dinsmore:
William Regal, you can blame yourself for this. When I had a knee injury and was put on the shelf, that didn’t bother you. That didn’t faze you all did, it? You just went out and found another partner, you didn’t care about me. You never cared about me, William! All you cared about was yourself, and the Tag Team titles! So William, SCREW YOU!

Michael Cole: Oh my…

The fans are in shock, as is William Regal, who gets up on the apron and gets into the ring. He tries to explain to Eugene that what he’s saying is wrong, and takes the mic away from Eugene.

William Regal:
Eugene, listen to yourself, lad. You’re talking crazy. I think what you need is to get some rest, okay? Now let’s just calm down, and-

Eugene snatches the mic away from Regal and looks at him with hatred in his eyes.

Nick Dinsmore:
My name…is Nick DINSMORE!

Dinsmore drops the mic and starts firing right hands to the face of Regal. He sends Regal into the ropes, and kicks him hard in the head when he returns. He gets on top of Regal and starts wailing on him with hard punches to the face. He picks Regal up and slams his face into the turnbuckle, then lifts him up onto his shoulders. He yells and hits Regal with a Death Valley Driver onto the chair from before! He has a look of insanity on his face as he smiles. He picks up the chair and raises it into the air. Suddenly Tajiri slides into the ring, but Dinsmore strikes him down with the chair.

Michael Cole:
My god, Eugene has snapped! Fans, we’ll be right back!

{Commercial Break}

Michael Cole:
Welcome back to SmackDown! everyone, we’re here at the Fleet Center, and I can’t believe what we just saw!

Tazz: No doubt about Cole, Eugene- I mean Nick Dinsmore really has some emotional problems! Look at this!

A video recap is shown, showing Eugene costing William Regal and Tajiri the Tag Team Championships, and revealing that he isn’t retarded after all, and it was just a scheme to make money! It shows him saying he will now be referred to as Nick Dinsmore, and when William Regal tries to explain to Dinsmore why he chose Tajiri to be his partner, Dinsmore viciously attacks him and gives him a Death Valley Driver onto a chair!

Michael Cole: Well there you see it, Nick Dinsmore has snapped! But now we’re getting set for an US title qualifying match.

“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me, Nah!” Shelton Benjamin’s music hits and he comes out to the stage to a big pop from the fans. He walks down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as he goes. He slides into the ring and raises his fists into the air. “Just Close Your Eyes” by Waterproof Blonde hits and the fans boo as “Captain Charisma” Christian walks out to the stage. He pats his chest and kisses his fingers, and points to his “peeps” in the crowd. He walks down the ramp and slides into the ring.

United States Championship Qualifying Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. Christian

A moderately fast paced match, both superstars using mostly speed moves. Midway through the match, Shelton goes for an Exploder suplex, but Christian fights out of it and hits the Unprettier. He goes for a cover, but Shelton kicks out at two. Christian has control of the match for a while after that, and looks to put Benjamin away at the end of the match. Christian picks Shelton up and kicks him in the gut. The fans boo him as grabs Shelton’s arm and sets him up for the Unprettier. He goes for the move, but suddenly Shelton elbows Christian in the side of the head. He whips Christian across the ring into the turnbuckle, and then charges forward, hitting him with the Stinger Splash! The fans cheer as Christian staggers forward, into an Exploder suplex from Benjamin! Shelton makes a cover, 1…2…3!
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Michael Cole:
Shelton moves on to the next round!

Tazz: And now he’s one step closer to getting his rematch with Charlie Haas!

Michael Cole: Well what if Charlie loses?

Tazz: Then he’ll wait a little longer.

The cameras cut to the backstage, where backstage officials and medical workers are rushing down a hallway. They stop where more medical workers are hovering around something. Stephanie McMahon pushes past the crowd, and Eddie Guerrero is lying beaten up in a pool of his own blood!

Stephanie McMahon:
What the hell happened here? Who did this?

Worker: We don’t know, Ms. McMahon. We found Eddie all bloody and beaten up, and we found this around his neck.

The worker holds up a long, thin metal string. Stephanie gets a confused look on her face.

Stephanie McMahon:
A…guitar string?

Michael Cole: Oh my god, partner. Somebody brutally attacked Eddie Guerrero, and almost strangled him to death with a guitar string!

Tazz: This is crazy, Cole. It looks like some kind of psycho is on the loose. And now Eddie won’t be able to be in the tournament for the WWE title!

Michael Cole: I think that’s why this person did it. They obviously didn’t want Eddie to be in the tournament. Who could it be? Well folks, don’t go away, we’ll be right back!

{Commercial Break}

Michael Cole:
Well everyone, we’re back, and I’m still in shock over what just happened.

Tazz: Well I think we need to get on with the night, but on behalf of all the guys in the back, we wish Eddie Guerrero a speedy recovery.

Michael Cole: Well, it’s now time for a quarter-final match in the tournament for the vacant WWE Championship.

“My Time Is Now” hits and the fans rise to their feet and cheer as “the Doctor of Thuganomics” John Cena comes out to the stage, his hands raised in the air in the “Word Life” symbol. He runs down the ramp, taking off his jersey and visor as he goes, before sliding into the ring and throwing them into the crowd. “Medal” hits and the fans give a mixed reaction to Kurt Angle as he walks out from the back. He stops halfway down the ramp and points to the sky as red, white, and blue pyros go off behind him. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

WWE Championship Tournament Quarter-Final
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

A pretty even match, with Cena using power and speed to try to get the advantage on Angle, while the Olympic Gold medallist uses submission and technical moves to wear down Cena. The end came about ten minutes into the match, when Kurt Angle hits a third German suplex on the former WWE Champion. Angle goes for a cover, 1…2…Cena kicks out. The fans cheer for Cena kicking out. Kurt goes to pick him up, but Cena rolls him up for only a two count. Angle gets up and Cena runs at him, but Angle catches him with a belly to belly, and then locks in an Ankle Lock! The fans boo as Cena struggles to escape the hold, but he can’t and eventually taps out.
Winner and moving on to the Semi-Finals: Kurt Angle

The fans boo as Angle keeps the hold locked in. The ref attempts to stop Angle, but Kurt refuses to release the hold. Cena yells and tries to escape, but he can’t. A whole swarm of referees run down to the ring and separate the two.

Michael Cole:
Kurt Angle refusing to release the hold, but the referees finally got him away from Cena.

Tazz: Kurt must’ve gotten so caught up in making Cena tap and moving on to the Semi-Finals, that he didn’t realize the match was over!

Michael Cole: Well fans, we’ll be right back.

{Commercial Break}

RAW Rebound:

-All titles being vacated
-Shane and Stephanie McMahon being introduced as the new co-owners of the WWE
-Triple H and Rock having an argument
-Charlie Haas stealing a win from Shelton Benjamin
-Shane announcing a tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship
-Kurt Angle defeating Shawn Michaels in a WrestleMania rematch
-Brock Lesnar defeating The Rock after Triple H hit Rock with a sledgehammer

“Longhorn” hits and the fans start booing as John Bradshaw Layfield comes out to the stage. He has an angry look on his face as he makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. He snatches a mic away from Howard Finkel.

This is completely unfair, do you idiots know that? This crap about vacating all the titles, and this draft, it’s all bullcrap! I should be the WWE Champion, because John Cena shouldn’t have even been in the title match with me at WrestleMania! That was a damn fluke win! John Cena is nothing but trash, while I am a self made millionaire! I deserve to be WWE Champion, not John Cena, nobody else but me. It’s completely-

“The Game” hits and Triple H comes out to the stage, his trademark water bottle in hand. He makes his way down the ramp, ignoring the booing of the fans. He gets into the ring and gets ready for the main event.

WWE Championship Tournament Quarter-Final
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Triple H

Triple H attacks JBL as soon as the bell rings, and controls the early part of the match. JBL takes control for a short while, but Triple H soon gains the advantage once again. JBL starts fighting back once again toward the 15 minute mark. Triple H goes for an Irish whip, but JBL reverses it into a whip of his own. Triple H comes bouncing back and gets taken down by a boot to the face by JBL. JBL picks Triple H up and goes for a Powerbomb, but “The Game” reverses it into a back body drop. JBL quickly gets to his feet and bounces off the ropes as Triple H turns around…Clothesline From Hell! JBL hooks the leg, 1…2…no! Triple H just gets his shoulder up! JBL slaps the mat in frustration as Triple H slides under the ropes. Suddenly the fans cheer as the TitanTron shows a limo arriving in the parking lot, and The Rock hopping out of it! He starts walking toward the arena entrance as the referee looks at the screen. Behind the ref, JBL turns around and gets nailed in the face with a sledgehammer by Triple H! “The Game” slides the hammer out of the ring and makes a cover. The ref turns around, not realizing what happened and makes the count. 1…2…3!
Winner and moving on to the Semi-Finals: Triple H

Michael Cole:
Triple H steals another win with that damn sledgehammer! But The Rock is here in the arena on his way to the ring!

Tazz: Business is about to pick up, Cole!

“If Ya Smeeelll…What The Rock…Is Cookin” The Rock’s music hits and the fans erupt as he comes running down the ramp and hits the ring! He gets up and Triple H starts attacking him with right hands, but The Rock slaps one of his punches out of the way and starts laying to “the Game” with quick right hands to the face. He sends Triple H across the ring and then hits him with a spinebuster! The fans pop as The Rock hops up and stands over Triple H. He bounces off the ropes, jumps over Triple H, bounces again and hits the People’s Elbow! Rock gets up, and JBL comes running at him, but Rock catches JBL and hits a Rock Bottom!

Michael Cole:
Triple H just layed the SmackDown on Triple H and JBL! We’re outta time everyone, we’ll see you next week on SmackDown!

The fans go wild as The Rock stands over Triple H and JBL as the show comes to a close…

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Great opening segment with Triple H demanding for a Title shot and I always love to see tournaments to determing who will be Champ. Some great stuff Steph really showed her authority on there.

A U.S Title tournament huh? Should also be good I think Benjamin will face Haas in the Finals and defeat him to become the new U.S Champion.

Good match for the Tag Team Titles and great after match segement from Eugene or should I say Nick Dinsmore and I'm glad you made him get that retarded gimmick out of here. Great stuff and great change.

Good to se Benjamin move on in the U.S Title quailification match and same with Kurt Angle moving on in the WWE Title tournament.

Nice Main Event between JBL and Triple H, it's good to see Triple H move on, but hopefully he dosen't win it all I also loved the aftermath of the Main Event with the Rock laying the Smackethdown on both Triple H and JBL. As I also mentioned I love your layout much easy on the eyes.

Realism: The show seemed pretty realistic to me and as I mentioned great to see Eugene change gimmicks. 10/10

Length: IMO it was a little shorter then a two hour show, but still a great show and I loved every part of it. 9/10

Quality/ Entertainment: So far this was your best show I know you've only had two so far, but out of the two this was the better one. I loved when Steph just basically told Triple H off saying what she did. 10/10

Spelling/ Grammar: You had a few spelling errors like "faze" which is phase and a few others. 8/10

Matches/ Booking: You booked the matches greatly and I enjoyed reading them especially the Main Event between Triple H and JBL. Also loved the Cena-Angle match and I liked seeing Angle advance. 10/10

Overall I loved this show and your total score is 94/100 .

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RAW Preview

Last week on RAW, the draft lottery brought many new superstars in, and eliminated old superstars from the roster as well. How will superstars react to seeing other superstars they haven’t seen in over a year? How will they act towards superstars they have never seen?

The tournament for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship will commence this week on RAW. What matches will we see? Who will go on to the Semi-Finals? Find out on RAW.

RAW’s Eugene made an appearance on SmackDown! last Thursday, going crazy on his former friends Tajiri and William Regal, attacking them with a chair. He then revealed that he was never really mentally handicapped, it was just a plot to get money, and saying he will now on be referred to as Nick Dinsmore. Will Mr. Dinsmore be on RAW tonight? Will he have anything to say about his actions on SamckDown?

Find out all this and more, this week on RAW, only on Spike TV!

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Good shows, keep up the good work

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RAW Preview

Last week on RAW, the draft lottery brought many new superstars in, and eliminated old superstars from the roster as well. How will superstars react to seeing other superstars they haven’t seen in over a year? How will they act towards superstars they have never seen?

The tournament for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship will commence this week on RAW. What matches will we see? Who will go on to the Semi-Finals? Find out on RAW.

RAW’s Eugene made an appearance on SmackDown! last Thursday, going crazy on his former friends Tajiri and William Regal, attacking them with a chair. He then revealed that he was never really mentally handicapped, it was just a plot to get money, and saying he will now on be referred to as Nick Dinsmore. Will Mr. Dinsmore be on RAW tonight? Will he have anything to say about his actions on SmackDown?

Find out all this and more, this week on RAW, only on Spike TV!

Okay, from now on I'm going to do summaries of RAW, until two months from now, I'll do summaries of SmackDown, then alternate every month. SmackDown should be up on Thursday. Sorry this was so late.

WWE: ReLoaded RAW
April 11th, 2005
Marine Midland Arena
Buffalo, New York

Highlights are shown from the draft episode of RAW last week, and the RAW video opener is shown. We go to the arena as red, fiery pyros boom on the stage. The camera pans around the arena audience, and then stops at announce position, where Jim Ross and Jerry “the King” Lawler welcome us to the show.

Before the commentators could say much, Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring and brags about winning the interpromotional match last week on RAW. He says he’s now guaranteed a World title win, because even if by some miracle he loses the tournament, he gets a title match with the new champion the night after Backlash. He says to “tune-up” for his tournament matches, he’s going to give a fan the opportunity of a lifetime, facing him in the ring. He calls a muscular looking man down to the ring, and says if the fan can beat him, he’ll drop out of the tournament.

Lesnar squashes the man, with the man not getting any offense whatsoever. Brock pins the man after a powerbomb. He lifts the fan up after the match is over and goes for an F-5, but suddenly “Glass Shatters” hits and Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to the stage! He walks down the ramp and gets into the ring, instantly getting into a staredown with Lesnar. He grabs the mic that Lesnar used and talks about how Lesnar’s bulging neck, his stupid little tattoo, and his ugly steroid using body doesn’t impress him one bit. He says Lesnar talks about being “the Next Big Thing” when Stone Cold Steve Austin is still the “big thing.” Lesnar replies that Stone Cold is the “old thing” and nothing but a washed up Texan, and Austin replies with lighting right hands to the face. The two start to brawl in the ring, but Lesnar escapes and backpedals up the ramp as RAW goes to a commercial break…

When RAW returns from the break, Nick Dinsmore is seen walking around backstage, when he runs into a backstage worker, who tells him Shane McMahon would like to see him. Dinsmore goes to Shane’s office, and Shane angrily asks him what the hell he was doing on SmackDown. Dinsmore said he was just taking care of some business, and now he was back on RAW. Shane says if Nick wants to be on RAW, he has to compete, and as punishment for being on SmackDown last Thursday, he will face the Big Show.

In the first round of the World Heavyweight Championship tournament, Eddie Guerrero took on Chris Jericho. It was a relatively even and fast paced match, until “Y2J” hit Guerrero with the Lionsault for the win. After the match, Jericho got on the mic and made fun of the people from Baltimore, telling them their sports teams suck more than the city itself.

A video is shown, hyping the debut of “the Monster” Abyss next week on RAW, and JR and the King announce that he will make his debut match against Batista in the World title tournament Quarter-Final.

Big Show faces Nick Dinsmore in the next match, and Big Show dominates Dinsmore for the early part of the match. However, Dinsmore soon starts fighting back and eventually hits Big Show with a low blow as the ref’s back was turned, and then hit a spike DDT. He goes for a cover, but Show kicks out. This angers Dinsmore, who gets a chair and slams it into Big Show’s head, causing a DQ. After the match, Dinsmore hits Big Show with the chair some more, until a group of security guards restrain him and take him out of the arena, and RAW goes to another break.

RAW comes back on the air, and Jonathan Coachman is interviewing World title tournament participant, Chris Benoit. She asks him what he thinks his chances are of winning the tournament and the World Heavyweight Championship, and he says there is no way he can lose, because he is the hungriest for the title. He talks about being in the business for 19 years, and holding the World title once, and how the only reason is because he was held back by unfair General Managers. He says he’s going to win the World title, and he’d like to see anybody prove him wrong.

In the next Quarter-Final match for the World title tournament, Kane faces Chris Benoit. It’s another back and forth match, but Kane starts to gain momentum towards the end. The end comes when Kane goes for a Chokeslam on Chris Benoit, but “the Rabid Wolverine” reverses it into a tornado DDT, and then hits the diving head butt for the win.

Simon Dean comes out to the ring, and insults all the people in Baltimore, telling them they’re fat and disgusting. He invites an overweight man down to the ring and offers him some of his patented Simon System, but the man refuses. Simon goes to punch the man, but the man decks Simon with a punch of his own! Simon quickly gets up and grabs some kind of powder from his Simon System jars, and throws it in the man’s eyes. He grabs his Simon System and scurries up the ramp as RAW takes another break…

RAW comes back from the break, and JR and King announce that the official theme song of Backlash is “Getting Away With Murder” by Papa Roach. They also hype up the main event for the night, where Brock Lesnar will take on Shawn Michaels in a Quarter-Final match.

The Tag Team titles were decided in a four corners tag team match, which featured La Resistance, the Dudley Boyz, the Basham Brothers, and Muhammad Hassan and Khosrow Daivari. No tag team really had the advantage, but Hassan and Daivari were manhandled throughout the match. At the end of the match, La Resistance went for an illegal double team move, but they were distracted by Rob Conway, who was coming down the ramp. This allowed D-Von Dudley to roll up Rene Dupree from behind, and get the win and the Tag Team Championship. After the match, Rene Dupree and Sylvian Grenier asked Rob Conway what he was doing, and Conway said he was sick of being used by two stupid French morons. He then proceeded to say the USA was better than France any day, and then clotheslined both members of La Resistance over the rope, and ripped off his French flag shirt, revealing a Statue of Liberty t-shirt underneath. The fans actually cheer him as RAW goes to another break…

RAW returns and the newcomer to the WWE, AJ Styles, is sitting in his locker room, when all of a sudden Randy Orton walks in. Orton tells Styles he’s seen some of his TNA matches, and when he heard “the Phenomenal” AJ Styles was in the WWE, he had to meet him. He tells Styles that he’s nothing but a joke, and doesn’t deserve to be in the WWE. Orton brags about being a “Legend Killer” and Styles says that makes him a legend, so Orton should go jump off a bridge. He then challenges Orton to a match next week, and Orton accepts!

In a match for the vacant Intercontinental title, as announced last week, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, and Paul London were in a triple threat match. It was a back and forth, fast paced matchup with no man having a clear advantage for more than five minutes. The end came when Booker T went for a Scissors Kick on London, but London stood up, avoiding the kick, and planted Booker with a tornado DDT. Before he could go for a cover however, RVD hit him with a flying kick off the top rope, and then quickly ascended the ropes again. He leaped off and hit a 5 Star Frogsplash on London and made the cover, getting the three just before Booker T broke it up. Booker leaves the ring frustrated as RVD helps London up and shakes hands with him after the match.

Before the main event, Jonathan Coachman interviews Shawn Michaels. He asks Shawn what he thinks about Brock Lesnar, and how he thinks he’ll do in the tournament. Shawn says he will win the World title once again, because he’s the Showstopper, the Heartbreak Kid, the Main Event, the icon, Shawn Michaels, and that’s what he’s destined to be. He says it doesn’t matter who he has to face, he will always overcome them. He then walks away to get ready for his match as RAW goes to its final commercial break…

In RAW’s main event of the night, Brock Lesnar took on Shawn Michaels in the third Quarter-Final match in the World title tournament. It was a long, even match, with Michaels using mostly speed to wear down Lesnar, and Brock using power moves to break down Michaels. It ended at around the twenty minute mark, when Brock Lesnar countered the Sweet Chin Music and spun Michaels around, then hit an F-5 for the win. After the match, Lesnar got a chair from ringside and got back into the ring. Before he could do anything however, Steve Austin came running down the ramp and immediately went on the assault with right hands to the skull of Lesnar, making him drop the chair. He picks up the chair and nails Brock in the face with it when he gets up, but Lesnar doesn’t fall down. Austin drops the chair, kicks Lesnar in the gut and gives him a Stunner, much to the delight of the fans. He turns around to come face to face with his old enemy Shawn Michaels, and they lock eyes as RAW goes off the air…
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