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This is a new thread for the old "WWE Riencarnation". Everything will be the same as the old one, just without the draft.

General Manager
Shane McMahon

JR and Jerry "The King" Lawler

Maria, Coach

World Heavyweight Champion

Intercontinental Champion
Champion: Eddie Guerrero

World Tag Team Champions
Champions Hardyz

Women's Champion
Champion Lita

Kurt Angle
John Cena
The Rock
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Eddie Guerrero
Mark Jindrak
Team Extreme
The Dudleyz
The Hurricane
Stacy Keibler
Mick Foley
Stephanie McMahon
Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Here is the PPV Schedual
Backlash Sunday, May 1, 2005 | Manchester, NH
Judgment Day Sunday, May 22, 2005 | Minneapolis, MN
SmackDown! PPV
King of the Ring Sunday, June 12, 2005 | New York, NY
Raw & Smackdown PPV
Vengeance Sunday, June 26, 2005 | Las Vegas, NV
The Great American Bash Sunday, July 24, 2005 | Buffalo, NY
SmackDown! PPV
Summerslam Sunday, August 21, 2005 | Washington DC
RAW & SmackDown! PPV
Unforgiven Sunday, September 18, 2005 | TBD
No Mercy Sunday, October 9, 2005 | TBD
SmackDown! PPV
Taboo Tuesday Tuesday, November 1, 2005 | San Diego, CA
Survivor Series Sunday, November 27, 2005 | Detroit, MI
RAW & SmackDown! PPV
Armageddon Sunday, December 18, 2005 | TBD
SmackDown! PPV
New Year's Revolution Sunday, January 8, 2006 | TBD
Royal Rumble Sunday, January 29, 2006 | Miami, FL
RAW & SmackDown! PPV

756 Posts
General Manager
Hulk Hogan

Gene Okerland

Raw Wresters Active
Triple H
Randy Orton
Chris Jericho
Chris Beniot
Ric Flair
Brock Lesnar
Tyson Tomko
Carlito Carribean Cool
Simon Dean
Kevin Nash
New Age Outlaws
Stienar Brothers
Chris Masters
Muhammid Hassan and Davarii
Hulk Hogan
Scott Hall
Big Show
Orlando Jordan
Booker T
A.J Styles

573 Posts
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Raw (emanating from Madison Squared Garden in New York City)

A Warning comes up that reads “This program may contain scenes of violence, vulgar language and partial nudity, parental advisory is advised.”

A brand new video for Raw is shown highlighting stars like Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Trish Stratus and Undertaker. The Pyros go off as a cheering crowd awaits the outcome of the first Event since the Draft.

JR: “Ladies and Gentleman welcome to Monday Night Raw!”

King: “I’m so excited JR, we have a new GM, new roster and we will crown a new World Heavyweight Champion tonight! I just want to know how Shane McMahon will handle the vacant tiles.”

JR: “We won’t have to wait long, because here comes Shane O’Mac now.”

“Here comes the Money” is heard as the audience goes crazy for the new GM of Raw. Shane McMahon dances on the ramp for a bit before walking down the aisle towards the ring.

Shane McMahon: “Thank you for the huge ovation and welcome to the best show of sports entertainment, Monday Night Raw! (crowd goes crazy again) You know, it’s been more than a year since I was last seen on television and I missed it out here. My last match was that horrendous ambulance match against Kane back in late 03. But I’ve recovered and decided I’d come back to my father’s company in a more formal position. But enough about me, we have some business to attend to before the action starts. As you all know, I’m not the only one who has returned to the WWE, lots of other people have returned as well, and not just to Raw either, some less talented people have decided to pursue the easy route on Smackdown. Speaking of Smackdown, Eric and I had a little arrangement with the guidance of my father and we’ve decided that since there are still a lot of talent not placed yet, some time during each of our shows we will pick another talent to join our program. Seeing is how Raw airs before Smackdown, this gives me the first pick, which I will make later in the broadcast. Also, there appears to be a lot of naked waists on Raw, meaning that there are no champions. Well I’m here to fix that problem one week at a time. And here on Raw, we are going to fix that problem right away. Tonight, for the pleasure of all the Raw fans around the world, there will be a 20 man over-the-top-rope Battle Royal for the World Heavyweight Championship (huge pop). The contestants will be named seconds before the match, and the participates may compete twice tonight. In other business, we will have a World Tag Team Title match tonight for the vacant titles. The Self Proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team (decent pop) will be facing off against the newly re-united Tag Team of Matt and Jeff Hardy (huge pop). In another title match, RVD (good pop) will be going for the Intercontinental Championship against Eddie Guerrero (good pop). In the women’s division, Trish Stratus (huge heat) will be defending against Molly Holly (good heat) and Lita (huge pop) in a triple Threat Match. So sit back and enjoy Raw. Thank you and…”

Shane McMahon is interrupted by “No Chance in Hell” as Vince struts to the ring (huge pop).

Vince: “Well Shane, it looks like I made the right choice in putting you in charge of Raw. I felt that Eric was growing stale of Raw but still a good job, so I put him on Smackdown. I just came here to get you to sign this contract here which prohibits you and all your talent from interfering with Smackdown for the first two months. This contract expires the day after Judgment Day. This is just a formality to make sure we don’t have an all out war between the shows given your history with Eric.”

Shane: “I’ll sign it if you get Eric to sign it, I don’t trust him.”

Vince: “Well don’t worry, I’m here for the duration of the evening doing paperwork and if anyone interferes in a match of yours from Smackdown, that person will be fired on the spot no questions asked. Now if I could get you to sign it, I’ll be on my back to my office.”

Shane signs the contract. Vince and Shane shake hands as it cuts to a commercial break. (12:29 in the show)

~~Commercial Break~~

JR: “Well King, it looks like Shane McMahon has great plans for Raw and I have no complaints.

King: “Well I have to admit, Shane did do a good job of making matches, the only complaint I have is that Trish won’t be competing in a Bra and Panties match so I could see some Puppies!”

JR: “Is that all you think about…wait don’t answer that. We have Maria standing by, take it away.”

King: “Maria, who is she with?”

Camera goes to Maria who is standing with The Rock

Maria: “Wow Rock, just standing here with you is overwhelming; I just have one question how do you feel about being back on Raw?”

The Rock:
“Finally, the Rock has come back to Monday Night Raw. Make no mistake about it, The Rock loved Hollywood, The Rock loved making movies for the Millions…and Millions of the Rock’s fans. But the big screen just isn’t the same as being out there live every week. As far as being back to Raw is concerned, it feels great. The Rock is ready to Lay The Smackdown on Raw’s Candy Ass, If You Smelllllll…what the Rock…is Cookin.” (the rocks music hits as the crowd goes crazy) (20:03 in the show)

~~Commercial Break~~

JR: “Well King, up next we have a match for the World Tag Team Titles, and although we’ve never experienced Charlie Haas on Raw, we’ve seen Shelton Benjamin in action and he can certainly hold his own against anyone. This match should be interesting.”

King: “Also, the return of Jeff Hardy to Raw will make a very interesting match, assuming both teams play by the rules.”

JR: “Yes and here we go!”

The WGTT come out to a decent pop showing as much energy as they did a year ago at Wrestlemania. The Hardy Boys come out with Lita as if they never missed a day. They all looked great and seemed in perfect unison.

Match 1: WGTT vs. The Hardyz for the World Tag Team Championship.

Match Start: Matt and Charlie start the match off. They exchange side headlocks each showing their speed and agility. The tie up in the middle of the ring and Charlie goes behind with a hammerlock. Matt quickly reaches between his legs and trips Charlie Haas, then dives on his head with a front face lock. Charlie forces Matt to Stand up with him and drop toe holds Matt. Charlie then grabs Matt’s head in a side headlock. Matt stands up and throws Matt against the ropes. Matt ducks down as Charlie jumps over him and arm drags Charlie on the rebound. Charlie, quickly to his feet runs at Matt and is arm dragged again. Charlie, again to his feet quickly, runs at Matt a third time, this time sliding between Matt’s legs and tripping him. Matt kicks Charlie Haas in the face and gets up at the same time as Charlie to a huge pop.

Mid-Match: Jeff and Charlie are in the ring now with Jeff on the top ropes waiting for Charlie to turn around. Charlie turns around to a huge cross body off the top ropes, but Charlie rolls through for a 2 count. Charlie is quickly to his feet only to be dropkicked in the face. Jeff grabs Charlie’s legs, separated them and does a double leg drop to the inside thighs. Charlie rives in pain as Jeff tags in Matt. Jeff picks up Charlie and whips him into the Hardy Corner. Matt gets on his hands and knees as Jeff runs and does the Poetry in Motion. Charlie falls back in the corner sitting down dazed. (31:42 in the show)

~~Commercial Break~~

Match Finish: Matt and Shelton are in the ring now and have been for a few minutes. Matt is in a neutral corner Shelton Benjamin charges at him fir a Stinger Splash. Matt gets out of the way but Shelton lands on the top rope. Jeff runs along the apron and pushes Shelton off the turnbuckle to the outside barricade. Jeff gets off the apron and throws a hurt Shelton in the ring. Matt covers for a 2 count due to Hass’s interference. As the ref tries to get Charlie Haas out of the ring, the Hardyz drag Shelton to their corner. Matt tags in Jeff and Jeff climbs the turnbuckle. Matt goes for a twist of fate, but is thrown into the turnbuckle head butting Jeff in the groin, causing him to fall off. Shelton throws Matt out of the ring and picks up Jeff. Shelton grabs Jeff for the T-Bone, but Lita gets on the apron. Distracted, Shelton is countered into a small package for two as Lita gets off the apron. Shelton quickly gets up and tries to kick Jeff, but Jeff catches Shelton’s foot and whirls him around, only to get a dragon whip. Shelton covers for a 2 count before Matt interrupts the cover. Charlie Haas gets in the ring now and the ref has lost all control. Haas and Benjamin double team Matt Hardy with a duel super kick which sends Matt out of the ring. Lita is back on the apron as Charlie Haas has Jeff on the top rope by his neck. Lita gets off the apron as Benjamin runs towards her and is tripped by Lita. Jeff flips Haas over the top ropes and skins the cat to get back in the ring. Shelton gets up sort of groggy and looks at Lita. Jeff grabs Shelton’s back and gives him a Russian leg sweep into a Compactor for the three count.

Winner and New World Tag Team Champions: The Hardyz

Camera goes Edge and Christian in their dressing room

Edge: “Well little brother, this could be our big break in winning the World Heavyweight Championship. Maybe with this new General Manager I’ll finally be givin the recognition I deserve.”

Christian: “Yeah Bro, this totally reeks of Awesomeness! Finally all my peeps will get to see their leader, Captain Charisma, with championship gold around my waist.”

Edge: “What do you mean “Captain Charisma with championship gold?” If either of us is winning that Battle Royal, which we are, it’s going to be the winner of the 2001 King of the Ring, Edge.”

Christian: “I’m afraid your confused dear brother, for it will be I, Captain Charisma winning the Battle Royal.”

Edge: “Well, we’ll see in the ring, won’t we?”

“I guess we will, see in the ring.”

Christian leaves the locker room with Edge smiling. (51: 15 in the show)

~~Commercial Break~~

JR: “Well, an interesting confrontation between Christian and Edge a few minutes ago, and for all they know, their not even in the Battle Royal.”

King: “I didn’t think of that JR, but can you imagine what it will do to both their ego’s if they’re not in the main event, they’d go crazy.”

JR: “Well one things for sure, they won’t be leaving here with the Intercontinental Championship, but either RVD or Eddie Guerrero will, and here comes RVD now.”

Lillian Garcia introduces RVD as he makes his way to the ring, shaking the hands of his fans until his name is called to which he does the RVD thumbs. Van Dam slides in the ring and hopes ninety degrees four times with his hands in the air until “Viva La Raza” is heard and Eddie Guerrero drives down to ringside in his low-rider, pumping the shocks several times before leaving his car. Guerrero slides in the ring as Lillian leaves and the Bell sounds.

Match Start:
Both Rob and Eddie were cautious at the beginning circling around the ring until they tie up in the middle of the ring. Eddie backs RVD in the corner and backs up after the ref counted to four, giving Van Dam a clean break to a good pop. RVD, a little surprised hooked back up with Eddie, this time going behind him, tripping him, floating over and messing up Eddie’s hair. Eddie got up a little PO’d and ran at RVD, who side stepped Eddie and dropkicked him in the back, rolling him up for a 2 count. Eddie slid under the bottom rope to regroup.

Mid-Match: RVD had the advantage now just hitting a split-legged moonsult for a 2. Eddie was feeling really frustrated by now. RVD sent Eddie into the ropes and did the splits as Eddie jumped over him then was monkey flipped by Van Dam. Eddie got up in a corner where RVD was standing and he drove his shoulder twice in Eddie’s gut, did a back flip and went for a third one, but Eddie jumped up, rolled down RVD’s back and school boyed him for a 2 count. RVD, quick to his feet, went to kick Eddie; Eddie caught the foot, ducked the ensiguri, but was kicked in the face on the way back. (64:52 in show)

~~Commercial Break~~

Match Finish:
RVD had Eddie out in the middle of the ring and he was perched on the top ropes. RVD dove off the top ropes looking for a Five Star Frog Splash, but Eddie rolled out of the way, leaving RVD to crash and burn. The referee got to a count of 6 before Eddie stood up. RVD slowly made to his feet only to be but in a front face lock by Eddie for the Three Amigos. This time it was Eddie going to the top ropes looking for a Frog Splash and RVD rolling out of the way just in time. The referee got to an 8 count this time before RVD made it to his feet. Both men standing and groggy, they exchanged right hand from Eddie to Right forearms from RVD for several seconds, until RVD ducked a punch just hitting the referee on the chin causing him to turn around holding his mouth when Eddie kicked RVD in the groin and rolled him up. The referee turned around and counted to 3

Winner and New Intercontinental Champion: Eddie Guerrero.

The camera then fades to John Cena walking down the hall when he stops dead. The camera turns around and we see why John stopped. Stacy Keibler is doing toe touches facing the opposite direction. John appears to be fighting the urge to do something when he says “Damn!” Stacy straightens up and turns around.

Stacy Keibler: “Huh? Oh, hi John, did you say something?”

John Cena: “…….What? Me, say something…um yeah, I said Hi”

Stacy Keibler: “Well, hello John, I was glad to hear that we were finally going to be on the same show, I just love hearing your rap, it shows so much talent.”

John Cena: “Thanks Stacy, that means a lot coming from such a talented young diva as yourself. I hope we get to spend more time together in the future.”

Stacy Keibler: “Yeah, I’ll see you around John.”

Stacy walks off with John watching her leave smiling. (76:12 in the show)

~~Commercial Break~~

JR: “Another interesting encounter backstage, eh King?”

King: “I’ll say, that John Cena might be the luckiest man in the locker room, especially if he leaves here with the World Heavyweight Title around his waist.”

JR: “What do you think John Cena will do to the World Title should he win it tonight?”

King: “I hope he doesn’t make a mockery of it like he did the U.S. Title.”

Molly Holly’s Theme is played as she walks down to ringside to a wave of boos. Trish Stratus was next to come to the ring, to a chant of “slut!” Lita came to the ring to a huge ovation.

Match Start: Molly quickly clotheslined Trish through the ropes leaving her and Lita in the ring. Lita ran at Molly with a dropkick landing Molly on her back. Molly quickly got back up and was kicked into the corner. Lita mounted Molly in the corner and began to punch Molly’s head until Trish got on the apron and pushed Lita to the mat.

Mid-Match: Trish and Molly had been double teaming Lita for the better of three minutes before Lita began to fight back. Lita dropkicked Molly down, then Trish, Then Molly again. Lita ran to clothesline Trish, but Trish leaned back all the way, but Lita dropped an elbow on Trish’s stomach. Lita pinned Trish for a two count before Molly broke it up. Molly threw Lita against the ropes, ducked and had her hair grabbed and whipped to the mat face first by Lita. Trish grabbed Lita and gave her a German Suplex into a bridge for a 2 count.

Match Finish: Molly was on the top turnbuckle, getting ready to deliver the Molly Go Round on Lita when Trish pushed her into the turnbuckle, causing Molly to fall to the outside and Lita to fall to the mat. Trish picked her up, but her in a side headlock and put her hand up, running at the ropes. Trish springboarded over Lita who countered the Stratusfaction. Lita ran at Trish for a clothesline, Trish ducked and Trish went for the Chick Kick that was sidestepped and Lita hit the Kiss Of Death for the three count.

Winner and New Women’s Champion: Lita

JR: “Well how about that, what a day for Team Extreme, taking the Tag team gold and the Women’s title. But coming up next for the World Heavyweight Championship, a twenty man, over-the-top Battle Royal.”

King: “Yeah, I can’t wait for this one, it sounds great”

JR: “And It’s coming up next!” (85:42 in the show)

~~Commercial Break~~

After the warning, Shane McMahon was in the ring the was surrounded by 14 superstars from Raw; Farooq, Bradshaw, X-Pac, Eddie Guerrero, RVD, Rhyno, Mark Jindrak, Bubba, D-Von, Spike, Kane, Christian, Eugene and The Hurricane.

Shane: “Edge!” (Huge Heat)

Edge comes to the ring

Shane: “Kurt Angle!” (Biggest Heat of the night with “You Suck” chants blaring.)

Kurt Angle comes to the ring

Shane: “Shawn Michaels!” (Huge Pop)

Shawn Michaels comes to the ring

Shane: “John Cena!” (Huge Pop)

John Cena goes to the ring

Shane: “The Undertaker!” (huge pop)

The lights go out as The Undertaker heads to the ring. The Undertaker gets on the steps, raises his arms and the lights come back on.{/I]

Shane: “And Finally, The Rock!” (biggest pop of the evening)

Shane leaves the ring as it fills up with 19 superstars leaving Eugene running around the ring.

Match Start: Within 15 seconds, Kane through The Hurricane, eliminating him. The Dudleyz were working over the APA 3 on 2 until Mark Jindrak came out of nowhere and threw out Spike, and then Jindrak was flipped over by Kurt Angle. Undertaker eliminated Rhyno and X-Pac virtually at the same time.

Mid-Match: The Dudleyz and APA were eliminated by Kane and Edge, and Eddie was eliminated by RVD seconds before he was eliminated by Christian. Eugene had finally come in the ring and eliminated Kurt Angle while he was working over HBK. Angle had tried to get back in the ring but the referees got him out of there with the help of security. Christian had taken the time to go and get two chairs and put them in the ring. John Cena has being beaten in the corner by Kane. Kane uppercutted Cena and he fell to the mat. Cena grabbed his chain and popped Kane in the head with it, then threw him over the top ropes eliminating him. The Rock was on the Undertakers shoulders being threatened to be eliminated, but he rigged Undertaker’s eyes and rolled down, then punched The Dead Man four times, then a fifth which backed Undertaker to the ropes. Rock ran for a clothesline, but Taker ducked and Rock landed on the apron. Edge ran at Taker for a spear, taker moved and Edge speared The Rock right out of the match, eliminating him.

Match End: With the match down to 6 people, the pace was slowing down. Eugene ran at Edge, Edge ducked and Eugene hit the turnbuckle. Edge grabbed Eugene’s chin and drove him backwards for the Edge-O-Matic. Undertaker had Cena’s chain and was hitting him in the gut with it. Undertaker gave Cena an uppercut with the chain eliminating him, and then Shawn Michaels ran up behind Undertaker and dropkicked him in the back, sending him out of the ring. Both Edge and Christian had a chair and Eugene was getting up between them. Both Edge and Christian swung their chairs together and hit each other’s chair as Eugene had ducked a second sooner. Eugene, enraged at this punched Christian down, then Edge, the Christian, then Edge. Christian got up and Eugene did the Rock Bottom to Christian and went for the Stunner on Edge, but Edge pushed Eugene into Shawn Michaels’s Sweet Chin Music that was headed for Edge. Edge ran HBK and clotheslined him over the top roped eliminating him. It was down to Edge and Eugene. Edge looked down at Eugene and smiled. Edge slowly walked over to Eugene and grabbed his head. Edge began to pick up Eugene when Eugene overpowered Edge and kicked him in the gut, then stunned Edge. Eugene dragged Edge to the center of the ring where he began to imitate Hulk Hogan and ran against the ropes, delivering the Hogan Leg Drop to Edge. Eugene ran around the ring with his arms spread out like he was a plane. Eugene then walked over to Edge and pinned him. Eugene waited a second looked around and counted to three himself. Eugene stood up and ran around again like an airplane. Edge began to get up now and Eugene saw it. Eugene picked Edge up like a body slam and walked over to the top ropes. Edge grabbed on to the top ropes but Eugene still tried to dump Edge over. Kurt Angle came out of nowhere an eliminated Eugene. It took Eugene a few seconds to realize what had happened, and when he did, he chased after Angle and chased him up the ramp and to the back.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Edge (114:12 in the show)

~~Commercial Break~~

When we get back to the show, Edge is in the ring with Shane McMahon.

Shane: “Well Edge, I don’t like how you did it, but you did win the Battle Royal, and you are the new World Heavyweight Champion. And here to present you with your title is the newest member to the Raw Family, my sister Stephanie McMahon!”

“I’m all grown up” is heard as Stephanie comes down the ramp holding the World Heavyweight Title.

Shane: “Welcome to Raw Stephanie, I believe you have something to say to Edge?”

Edge just stared at the title he had worked so hard for.

Stephanie: “Thank you Shane, and to Edge, congratulations on becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion and I wish you a long and success title reign.”

Stephanie handed Edge the World Title and kissed him on the cheek. The Show goes off the air with Edge holding his title in the air. (120:00 in the show)

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Thursday Night Smackdown

The Show starts off with a totally new theme song (which video will be made later) and new video flashing off the new future stars of Smackdown. As the song and video come to an end the camera zooms out to reveal thousands of fans yelling and screaming and jumping up with signs in there hands. Of course, the pyro goes off flying off.

Michael- Hello, and thanks for tuning in to WWE Thursday Night Smackdown. What a big show tonight will be. We are under new management.

Tazz- We sure are, The Legend Hulk Hogan is our new general manager, and I don’t think he will disappoint anybody for any time that he is here.
Michaels- Well


Tazz- Well, enough talking here comes the living legend himself.

Hulk Hogan takes his time to the ring as he opens his arms wide as the crowd still chant for him.

The Fans Continue to Chant “HOGAN, HOGAN, HOGAN”

Hulk Hogan is generously handed a mic as he lets the crowd quite down which takes a while.
Hulk Hogan- You knows, after I got inducted to the hall of fame, I didn’t know what to do with my life. I did not want to get beat like a pulp every time I came out here. Sooooooooooo, I decided to come up with a more professional role in wrestling. That certain role is “THE BOSS”
Huge Pop Is Given to Hogan

Hulk Hogan- Well, with that said. Hogan is going to make Smackdown the best damn television in television history. Sometimes I going to make matches that you all are not going to like.
Crowd Boos

Hulk Hogan- But most of the time you all will be loving matches that I make. Smackdown Is under New Management guys. And I know that….

The Whole Arena Turns Black. An unfamiliar song is heard blaring through the P.A System. On the titantron besides the red and black flashing.

The lights slightly start to go back on, when Kevin Nash starts to make his way out with Scott Hall. They automatically get booed from the start for some apparent reason. They eventually get to the ring as they get booed for interrupting Hulk Hogan. They get in the ring and Scott Hall does his trademark little hop. Kevin Nash gets a mic.
Kevin Nash- (Kevin Nash Tries to speak but the crowd chant’s are to overwhelming)
Scott Hall than intensely snatches the mic away from Kevin Nash and goes crazy.
Scott Hall- You people need to listen up. The two best things on Smackdown are here to speak; where the reason everybody back there gets there paychecks so you all better listen up.
Scott Hall than properly hands Kevin Nash the mic who is also frowning and cursing. But quickly his face changes to a smile as he look at Hogan.

Kevin Nash- Hogan, what’s up dude?

Hulk Hogan- A Kevin, I’m a changed man. I don’t have time to play around. I got big task here and I’m trying to compete with Eric Bischoff and that crazy roster he now has.
Scott Hall than now grabs the mic, intensly again from Kevin.

Scott Hall- Hogan, don’t you remember. The only reason WCW survived was because how me, Kevin and you, changed wrestling. Were about to change smackdown also.
Hulk Hogan- You got to understand, I want you 2 guys on the roster competing but I don’t want you starting any trouble.
Kevin Nash than gets control of the mic.

Kevin Nash- Any trouble! How about I get a title shot.

Hulk Hogan- I will consider giving both of you a title shot……….in the tag team division.
Nash and Hall get outrageous. They stomp all over the ring.

Hulk Hogan- But I tell you this. If any of you lay a hand on me I’ll fire and sue your ass for every dollar you got.
Hulk Gets A Big Pop.

Kevin Nash than turns around and leaves the ring. Scott Hall than looks at Kevin, than back at Hogan. He than turns around and runs full speed out of the ring, to follow Nash who is infuriated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERICAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hulk Hogan is shown in his office with a lot of papers. He is reading a couple of papers when than the door open abruptly. Hogan quickly gets up and walks to the door and it is no other that The Game HHH himself accompanied by Ric Flair his manager. Before they get a chance to say anything Hulk Hogan makes a comment.

Hulk Hogan- Look HHH, I have some important decisions to make right now. I got about an hour to sign a wrestler. I think you should come back later.

HHH- Well, Hogan, I think I deserve your time because I have an important comment.

Hulk Hogan- AND What is so important.

HHH- If im not mistaking, you never mentioned out there who was going top participate in the rumble for the WWE title.

Hulk Hogan- Well, if I’m not mistaking I never said there would be a royal rumble for the title. Quite frankly hunter, I’m not going to copy what there doing over there on Raw. I’m more focused on something else. That something else is the tag team division.

HHH goes into a fit.

HHH- What the hell is wrong with you Hogan. I am a 10 time world heavyweight champion. Ric Flair Is a 16 time world heavyweight championship.


HHH- Exactly what

Hogan- The reason you two should be competing for the tag teams titles. Smackdown is now a totally new environment, and the tag division will probably be the most exciting division hunter.

HHH- You know what Hogan.

As HHH tries to finish the sentence he is interrupted by Chris Beniot who enters the room.

Chris Beniot- Yes, you wanted me here.
Hulk Hogan- O, yea Chris Beniot. Are you interested in competing for the World Heavyweight championship?

Chris Beniot- Of course.

Hulk Hogan- Well tonight for the main-event you and Chris Jericho will take on the tag team of Scott Hall and Kevin Nash.
Huge Pop For the match.

Chris Beniot- Chris than laughs as he leaves the ring.

Hulk Hogan- Before you leave remember this Beniot, your in my mind for a title match at Judgment Day that I’m having., and believing me this match will be BIG!
HHH than goes into the camera views as he goes face to face with Hogan.

HHH- So, your basically gonna hand beniot the title?

Hulk Hogan- Not really, before anybody gets the title, EVERYBODY will have a chance to impress me. Including you to.
Points at Ric and HHH

Hulk Hogan- Because you two will be involved in that tag match. With Beniot and Jericho vs. Outsiders.

HHH- Keep thinking like that Hogan and Bischoff will make your smackdown look like a pile shit.

Hogan- Well, you wont be saying that for long when you see what I have plan for Judgment Day.

The Fans Pop as the scene slowly fades away.
Now The Ring is shown and Tazz and Michael Cole are talking.

Tazz- Cole what do you think Hogan has planned for Judgment day.

Michael Cole- Who knows what’s going through his mind, but as you just heard we basically have a number one’s contender’s match for the tag titles.

Tazz- AND, we just heard that Hogan has plans to change the tag division.

Michael Cole- Well, I cant wait to that main-event

Tazz- Well, how about this next match were having, Scott Steiner vs. Tyson Tomko.
A siren is heard as Scott Steiner makes his way to the ring accompanied by his brother Rick, who is in street clothes. They are getting a nice pop. There music is slowly followed by Tyson Tomko who has a new video, theme song AND attire.

Tazz- Well there goes the new and improved Tyson tomko.

Tyson finally arrives inside of the ring as the match gets started.

The Start
Scott Steiner quickly starts the match by hitting huge offensive moves such as a couple of clothesline and some sidewalk slams. Tyson manages to get a big boot as he jumps out of the ring to respite.

Mid Match
Rick Steiner has involved himself in the match countless times which is to the delight of the fans. The only offensive moves Tomko have delivered is the big boot and 2 punches.

The Finish
Scott Steiner basically gets him in a quick Reclinar as Tyson tomko has no choice but to tap. Scott Steiner barely broke a sweat as he raises his arm in victory.

As they continue to celebrate the music of The Outsiders is heard.

Kevin Nash quickly comes out by himself and goes into the ring.
Kevin Nash- Scott and Rick I’m offering you an offer. You stay out of me and Scott Hall’s way to the tag team titles, and we don’t bother you. It’s an easy deal Scott and Rick.
Scott Steiner- Well, sorry Kevin, but you see. I and Rick are just going to be one of your obstacles that you gotta pass.

Scott Seinar- and Trust me brother it is not going to be easy.

Another Huge Pop as there music hits and they leave.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
18:52 Time In Show Gone
As We Return back we see Batista looking at himself in the mirror. As he jumps up and down preparing for his match with Orlando Jordan .

Hulk Hogan is seen for the 3rd time to night, but this time he approaches batista.
Hulk Hogan- How you doing tonight Batista?Batista continues to jump ignoring what Hogan is telling him.
Hulk Hogan- Batista, I know your upset about having to give up the title in because of this WWE: Reincarnation stuff, but Batista, change is apart of life and you just have to deal with it.
Batista Still continues to jump up ignoring all of what Hogan has to say.

Hulk Hogan- Okay Batista let me get to the point. You see I have a vision that I have two people leading smackdown and making it better than Raw would ever be. You see there is two individuals that I think could lead Smackdown to greatness. Those two are two huge people. Literally. Dave. I’m talking about you and Goldberg.

Batista stops jumping and the crowd makes an extreme pop.

Hulk Hogan- I just got a call from Mr. Goldberg and yeah, he’s expecting to be an active wrestler here on the best brand ever Smackdown.
The Fans Pop Again.
Hulk Hogan- Well, before you two make any dream matches I was wondering if you two could be on a team.

Batista turns around and looks at Hogan disgusted.

Hulk Hogan- Think about Dave, we have so many groups and stables here on Smackdown. I think I need somebody like you so you could patrol around here.

Batista- Hogan I got a match.

Batista than leaves the room.Hogan stays in the room and about 5 seconds after he leaves he starts nodding his head.
Hogan- think about it big man.

JBL’s music is heard throughout the arena as Orlando Jordan makes his way out in a limo. Orlando eventually gets in the ring and grabs a mic.

Orlando Jordan- I know you all are wondering why Im coming out to John’s theme.
The Fans Start Chanting “Boring”

Orlando Jordan- Well quite frankly the cabinet is still alive. I’m just going to cover smackdown which will be an easy task.
Batista’s Music is than heard exploding throughout the arena as Batista wastes no time in posing but jogs straight to the ring.

The Start- As soon as Batista slides in the ring, the bell is rung. Batista runs full speed to Orlando Jordan who is trying to run away and starts to chop away at Orlando Jordan with right hands. Orlando tries to run into the cover but Goldberg follows him to the corner and starts giving him more right hands. Goldberg than does an Irish Whip, and when he meets back up with Orlando Jordan he delivers a thunderous Spine Buster.(HE THAN POSES)

Mid Match- This match has actually been going on for about 5 minutes. It seems as if throughout all that 5 minutes the crowd have been chanting Batista’s name the whole match.

The Finish- This Match has excelled to outside of the ring but is now inside of the ring. Batista and Orlando Jordan are on the 3rd turnbuckle and it looks as if Batista is going to get superplexed from the to rope. But Batista smartly throws Orlando Jordan off of him who obviously cant pick up Batista and Batista stands up on the turnbuckle. He raises his hands up as he poses and he executes a flawless shooting star. Batista goes for the pin




Batista is declared the winner as his music hits and he goes and taunts the crowd. With his pose. Than at the mouth of the ramp seen approaching the ring is Brock Lesnar accompanied with Sable. Sable is seems to be sweet talking him as he is smiling to himself and looking at the floor. Brock does not make any eye contact with Batista, but Batista seems to be infuriated and is cussing and pointing at Brock. It seems as if Batista has had enough and he walks over and grabs a mic.

Batista than grabs the mic. Brock I’m going to tell you this in the nicest way I know.

Brock smirks and keeps his smile.


Fans give an extreme pop.

Brock Lensnar- You see Dave, I didn’t come out here to start any problems

Batista interrupts him.


Brock Lesnar- Alright Dave, I’m not going to sit here in argue with you. You could waste your time but remember this. Hulk Hogan might be asking you to be the future of his problem. But remember this I AM THE NEXT BIG THING. Not you.

Brock Lesnar’s Music hits as Batista still poses to the fans.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Time in Show Gone 25:07
As we come back we see Carlito Caribbean Cool walking backstage. He than is shown in front of a door that says Hulk Hogan and GM. Carlito silently knocks on the door

Carlito- Hogan, ju there. Diz is Carlito.

Carlito just opens the door and Hogan is right in front of the door.

Hogan- ALWAYS KNOCK ON MY DOOR BROTHA. Now what’s your problem dude?

Carlito- oke, brode
He says mocking Hogan

Carlito- Oke, today, ju mentioned the world wrestling entertainment championship, the tag titles but ju never mentioned nothing about the TV title. Hogan ju should know that Carlito is the only person deze fans want to see on TV. So when do I get my title.

Hogan- Well, Carlito Cool, I had other….BIG…plans.

Carlito- u seems to have big plans for everything man.

Hogan- Well, I mean big literally.

The camera zooms out revealing the 7’0 475 pound Big Show breathing down on Carlito’s neck.

Carlito lets out a real loud girl scream.

Carlito quickly turns around and sees the big show nodding his head with his championship belt around his shoulder.
Carlito- who does ju think ju are. Fat boy.

Big Show- I think I’m the TV Champion.

Big Show gets a huge pop.

Carlito- Well, guess what. Hulk Hogan jus made me the new TV Champion.

Big Show laughs to himself and so does Hogan.

Hogan- Okay Carlito the match is official. Big Show vs. Carlito Caribbean Cool for the television championship.

This Match gets a huge pop.

Big Show- Cya out there, CCC.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`COMMECIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hulk Hogan is shown once again running backstage with a phone in his hand. He is shown side by side by one of the backstage crew members.

Hogan- Okay, right after The Big Show kicks CCC’s ass go out there and set up the ring for a special occasion.

Crew Member- May I ask what that is?
Hogan Flashes a smile
One of the biggest pops of the night is cheered at the mention of Goldberg’s name.

Carlito’s original music hits as he makes his way out with an apple in hand. He viscously bites the apple and rudely spits it on the crowd who are totally giving him heat.

He is followed by the 475 pound Big Show who is smiling. He makes his way to the ring and the match begins.
The Start- Carlito Caribbean Cool stays on the outside as he seems somewhat afraid of The Big Show.

The Big Show tries to make his way out of the ring but than Carlito smartly slides in the ring. He starts with vicious right hands to the big shows back but the big show does not feel them. The Big Show than turns around and delivers one right hand that knocks Carlito over. Carlito than rolls back out of the ring.

Mid Match Notes- This Match has not been going well, for both superstar’s. Every time The Big Show gets some momentum going Carlito finds a cheap way out and it should be very discouraging for The Big Show. But every time Carlito runs away, he’s eventually caught and gets his ass beat.

The Finish
The Big Show has accidentally knocked out the ref. Carlito is down and the big show has been low blowed. This match has been happening for a booming 15 minutes. The first to make his way up is Carlito Caribbean cool. He crawls his way to Big Show and puts a hand over him.




The Big Show kicks out. The Big Show than makes his way up as well. Than in the crowd you can start hearing boos from one part of the arena. As the camera zooms over there you could see that the outsider Scott hall is shown approaching the ring, with a tooth pick in his hand. He slides into the ring with a steel chair in hand and waits for the big show to make his way up fully. The Ref has already got up but Scott Hall has not noticed. Scott Hall than goes to hit the big show but the big show reputes with a thunderous hand to the chair that brakes the chair in half! The Fans start going crazy. The Ref than joins in and directs for Scott Hall to get out of the ring. The Fans explode once again for the second time. But while the ref is arguing with Scott Hall. Carlito gets up and deliverers a low-blow to the big show. The Big show holds his crotch in pain but Carlito rolls him up.





Carlito’s music hits as Scott Hall flashes a smile.

Michael Cole- I cant believe my eyes, Carlito and Scott Hall what kind of connection is this.

Tazz- It’s no good Michael. It’s no good.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~\
Time in Show Gone 1hr and 6, minutes

We come back and Hulk Hogan in seen in the back. All the EMT’s surround somebody. As the camera looks over the EMT’s the fans slowly comprehend that the person on the floor is Bill Goldberg.

EMT 1- He is not responding

EMT 2- He is unconscious.

Hulk Hogan- What the hell is going on here.

EMT 3- Sir, hulk Hogan has been knocked out and he is bleeding and is not responding.

Hulk Hogan- Who did this?

EMT 1- We don’t know, we just found him laying here.

Hulk Hogan than sees a couple of jobbers walking around.

Hulk Hogan (To jobber 1) Did you see who did that?

Jobber 1- No, man

Hulk Hogan- DAMN! I have to go find out
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
TIME IN SHOW GONE 1hr and 10 minutes

We come back and Hulk Hogan is already in the ring.

Hulk Hogan- OK, were all professionals over here, and an incident has seemed to happen. Now somebody better come in clean. If anybody knows who attacked Bill Goldberg, come out here and explain it to the people.
Hulk Hogan waits for a few seconds and repeats the question.

BROCK LESNAR”S MUSIC HITS AS THE FANS GIVE HIM BOO. He makes his way out with a smile as hulk Hogan nods his head looking at the floor. Brock makes it into the ring and is smiling.
Hulk Hogan- Brock Did you attack Bill.

Brock Lesnar- Of course not. I’m here because I want a title shot.

Hulk Hogan- Okay Brock you want to have little games. Okay.
As far as I am concerned Brock, you will be suspended from WWE Smackdown until Judgment Day.

Hulk Hogan does not stay any longer. He drops the mic and heads out as Brock complains in the ring
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
TIME IN SHOW GONE 1hr and 20 minutes

The outsider’s music is heard throughout the arena as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall make there way out to the ring for the tag team elimination match. They are followed by HHH and Ric Flair who receive a tremendous amount of heat. The last team to enter Is Chris Beniot and Chris Jericho who come in at two different theme songs. Chris Jericho manages to get the better pop.


1) RIC FLAIR- Taps out to the crippler crossface.

2) Chris Jericho Is Low Blowed by Scott Hall and rolled up.

3) Scott hall taps out to the crippler crossface.

4) HHH taps out to the crippler crossface

5) Chris Beniot is eliminated when Carlito Caribbean Cools hits him with a steel chair allowing Kevin Nash to Power bomb him.



Carlito Caribbean Cool celebrates as Scott Hall comes back into the ring and joins.

Scott Hall- You could call us 3 the outsiders.

Fans Boo.

As soon as he finishes, the 3 of them leave through the crowd rather quickly than expected. The show ends with 7 minutes left which is odd.
Biggest Pops
1) Bill Goldberg’s Name Mentioned
2) Batista Posing for the fans
3) When Hogan Tells HHH, that he is in the tag division
Biggest Heat
1) Brock Lesnar interrupts Batista.
2) The Outsiders come out in the beginning of the show.
3) At the end of the show when the outsiders officially name themselves the outsiders.

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Raw Preview

What will the first night of Edge’s Title reign be like? And how will Eugene react to being screwed out of the World Heavyweight Title? Who will be the next member to Raw? Plus, Mick Foley will be in his first match in a year. All this and more on Raw, next Monday night.

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Smackdown Preview
The Inner-Core WWE fans have and WWE.com have reported that Vince McMahon will be at Smackdown Live To report breaking news.
Tune In to see What is causing this

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Raw (eminating from Boston)

Raw’s theme ends and the camera’s focus are on the ring. The mat is covered with red carpet and Edge is in the ring wearing what looks like a new suit along with his title over his shoulder.

Edge: “I told you I could do it, I told all of you. You all thought I was crazy, but I proved myself last night that I could win the World title all by myself. After six months of being held back, I have finally won the World Title, and it feels great. But make no mistake; I’m not going to be a champion who comes out here and talks for half an hour. I am, however a fighting champion. So tonight, I have an announcement to make. Earlier tonight I was approached by a young talent, you like myself, just wants to prove himself and I let him. So tonight, you are going to see your World Heavyweight Champion defend his title against…”

“Here comes the money” is heard as Shane McMahon walks out to the ramp with a mic in hand.

Shane: “Well edge, I must admit that it is good to hear you plan on being a fighting champion, but the only problem is that you plan on also being the General Manager of Raw. Now that is, in case you forgot, my position. Now, before I get to you, I have a couple of announcements to make regarding the show. Firstly we have the returning Mic Foley in a no-disqualification match against X-Pac. Also in tag team action Kurt Angle and Mark Jindrak will face off against Eugene and Rhyno. Our Intercontinental champion Eddie Guerrero will also be in action taking on, well your little brother Christian in a non title match. And finally Edge, you will be in action tonight, but not against someone of your choice. You will defend your World Heavyweight Championship against the newest member of Raw whom you will meet later tonight. Enjoy the show.”

Edge is irate as the show cuts to commercial. (10:12 gone in show)

~~Comercial Break~~

Backstage, the Hardy boys and Lita are talking in the back when there is a knock on their door. Matt says come in and RVD walks in.

Rob Van Dam: “Hey guys, I just heard about our match tonight and thought I’d come talk strategy and congratulate you three on your title wins last night.”

Jeff Hardy: “Thanks a lot man that really means a lot to us. And sorry about your match, it really could have gone either way. Too bad Eddie cheated, but aside from that it really was a great match.”

Lita: “Yeah, it was a shame, we could have all been champions, but let’s not live in the bast, we prefer to live by the moment.”

Matt: “And right now we need to head to the ring for our match”

The Hardy boys, Rob Van Dam and Lita leave the locker room as the door shuts.

The camera next shows X-Pac on the phone

X-Pac: “Yeah, I’m facing Mic Foley in a no DQ match.” pause* “Don’t worry, this is going to be easy, he’s just an old has been now.” *pause* “Ok, I’ll talk to you later, cya” The camera goes to commercial leaving X-Pac smiling. (21:41 gone in show)

~~Commercial Break~~

Match 1: The Hardy Boys, Rob Van Dam and Lita vs. The Dudley Boys and Molly Holly

Match Start: D-Von and Jeff started the match off. Jeff attacks quickly and has the advantage until Bubba attacked Jeff and brought him to his corner. D-Von tagged in Spike and Spike came off the tope ropes and jumped on Jeff’s chest.

Match Finish: Molly and Lita are the legal women in the match, but all eight wrestlers were going at it. Spike and Rob were on the outside fighting. Bubba and Jeff were on the other side of the ring fighting. D-Von and Matt were in the ring with Matt giving D-Von the Twist of Fate. Lita was just getting up with Molly on the top ropes. Molly flipped off the turnbuckle looking for the Molly-Go-Round but found nothing but the mat. Lita grabbed Molly as she was getting up and gave her the Twist of Fate. Lita went to the top ropes and landed a moonsult for the 3 count.

Stacy Keibler was walking down the hall when she bumped into Trish Stratus.

Stacy:“Sorry Trish, that was my fault, I wasn’t looking where I was going”

Trish Stratus: “Your damn right it was your fault Stacy, you shouldn’t even be walking in the same hallway as the six time women’s champion, let alone touching her.”

Stacy: “Never mind Trish, I’m not sorry, and for what’s it’s worth, I think your nothing but a slut!”

Trish Slaps Stacy hard and Stacy falls to the ground. Officials come and separate the two of them. (39:32 gone in show)

The camera shows the ring with X-Pac already standing in it holding a steel chair. Cactus Jack's theme plays as he heads down to the ring with a grocery cart filled with a grocery cart filled with a garbage can, a lead pipe and a stop sign as well as other little things.

Match 2: X-Pac vs Mic Foley

Match Start: X-Pac slid out of the ring and ran at Foley. Mic pushed the cart into X-Pac and X-Pac fell fast. Mic picked up the steel chair that X-Pac was holding and hit him in the back with it. Mic hit him again and again, then pinned for a two count.

Mid Match Notes: The Match had been going on for 5 minutes and X-Pac was bleeding from the forhead and the mouth. Foley rammed X-Pac's head against the steel steps again. Foley walked over and and grabbed the lead pipe from the cart and walked back over tpo X-Pac. X-Pac low blowed Foley and rolled him back in the ring. X-Pac the rolled in the ring himself. X-Pac picked Foley up and hit the X-Factor and pinned for a two count.

Match Finish: Loosing blood fast, X-Pac was starting to get desperate. He had the steel chair and was waiting for Foley to get up. X-Pac held the chair up high as Foley slowly made it to his feet and turned around. X-Pac slammed the chair down as fast as he could, but Foley caught it and kicked X-Pac in the gut. Foley then jabbed X-Pac in the gut with the chair, dropped it and drove X-Pac face first into the chair with a double arm DDT and pinned for a three count.

Winner: Mic Foley

The camera then shows Kurt Angle and Mark Jindrak talking to eachother. Kurt notices the camera, whispers something in Jindrak's ear and they walk away. The camera tries to follow them, but they enter a room and close the door. The Rock is walking down the hall and the canera follows him until he is stopped by the coach.

Coach: "Well, if it isn't the Rock, The People's Champion, The Great One. Might I ask just how do you feel about being left off the show tonight?"

The Rock: "Finally, the Rock has come back to Boston. ANd Coach, make no mistake about it, the Rock is pissed, but the Rock will live, which is more than the Rock can say about you if you ask the Rock another stupid question. Firstly, the Rock will shine his boot up real nice, polish it off, turn the son of a bitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy ass!"

The Rock walks past Coach as Coach looks panicked (Time in show gone: 56:21)

~~Commercial Break~~

After the commericial break, Christian came out o the ring, followed by Eddie Guerrero

Match 3: Eddie Guerrero vs. Christian

Match Start: Christian and Eddie tie up in the middle of the ring and after a struggle, Christian backs Eddie into the turnbuckle. The ref calls for a clean break and Christian gives it to him. The two meet in the middle of the ring in a tie up and this time it's Eddie who wins and backs Christian in the corner. The ref again calls for a clean break, but Eddie kicks Christian in the gut, chops him twice and a third time hard as the crowd chants "Wooo!"

Mid Match notes: The match dominated by eddie for the first couple of minutes after Eddie got the cheap shots in. Eddie slaps on the three amigos and Christian rolls out of the ring. Eddie goes out there after him and Christian runs around hakf the ring and rolls back in. Eddie rolls in and is kicked by Christian. Christian kicks Eddie again twics and taunts the crowd.

Match Finish: The match had been going on for a good twenty minutes now and had a commercial break in the middle. Christian was on the ground and Eddie was on the top turnbuckle preparing for the frog splash. At the last second, Christian pushed the referee into the ropes with his foot and Eddie landed uncomfortably on the turnbuckle, then fell off. Christian grabbed Eddie from behind as both got up and delivered the unprittier for the three count.

Winner: Christian

Christian cleebrates in the ring when "Here Comes the Money" is heard and Shane McMahon comes out to the ring.

Shane: "Well Christian, since you beat the intercontinental champion, I'm giving you a title match next week against Eddie Guerrero."

Christian smiles as the cmaera fades into commercial (Time in show: (89:49)

~~Commercial Break~~

Kurt Angle and Mark Jindrak are in the ring and Kurt has a microphine

Kurt Angle: "Last week I was eliminated for the Battle Royal by what I have to say the dumbest WWE Superstar out there, and possibly ever in history. I won my olympic gold medal with a freain broken neck for this country, and to think that includes people like Eugene makes me sick! People like him shouldn't even be on TV le alone on TV with the likes of Kurt Angle, oh it's true, it's damn true!"

Eugene and Rhyno ran to the ring and the bell rang

Match 4: Kur Angle and Mark Jindrak vs. Eugene and Rhyno

Match Start: Eugene pounded on Angle until Kurt left the ring, but Eugene followed and chased Kurt around the ring. Kurt stopped, turned around and chased Eugene around the ring, Eugene turned around and leap frogged Kurt and Kurt ran into the steel steps. Eugene applauded himself as Rhyno and Jindrak exchanged rights in the ring.

Mid Match Notes: The match had become more serious now and Kurt Angle was in control. Angle had Rhyno in the ring and was working on his right ankle with a step over toe hold. Eugene began to clap his hands trying to get the crowd into the match. It sort of worked when Angle realesed the hold and hit Eugene off the apron. Eugene ran in the ring and the ref tried to restrain him all the while Jindrak and Kurt double teamed Rhyno in their corner.

Match Finish: Jindrak and Rhyno were the legal men. Mark was setting up for his killer left punch. Rhynoturned right in to it and covered for a two count. Eugene had broken up the pin and Kurt came in to attack Eugene from behind. Angle went for a german suplex, but Eugene countered and elbowed Kurt in the head, then gave Kurt the Rock Bottom. Rhyno was up now an ran at Jindrak for the Gore but Jindrak jumped over and Rhyno hit the turnbuckle. Jindrak pointed to his head as he heard Eugene scream and charge. Mark turned around in time to get the Gore form Eugene and Eugene pulled Rhyno over Mark for the three count.

Winners: Rhyno and Eugene

Eugene and Rhyno celebrate in the ring as Kurt Angle is visably frusterated on the outside.

Backstage The Rock knocks on Shane's door. Shane answeres

Shane: "Yes Rock, is there anything that I can hellp you with, I was about to head to the ring?

The Rock: "I just wanted to know why you left The Rock off of Raw."

Shane: "What? Oh, I get it, you wanted a match, well next week you will face Shawn Michaels, how about that?"

The Rock: The Rock likes that, The Rock likes that very much (101:12 gone in show)

~~Commercial Breal~~

Shane McMahon is in the ring holding a microphone as the commercial ends.

Shane: "Ladies and gentleman, it's time for our main event, introduciing first, The World Heavyweight Champion, Edge!"

Edge came out to the ring with his World Heavyweight Title. He held the title high for huge heat. He slid in the ring and went to the turnbuckle to raise his belt high.

Shane: "And his opponent, the newest member to Raw, fom Calgary Alberta Canada, Bret 'The Hitman' Hart

The crowd exploded as Bret Hart's theme played and Bret made his way out to the ring. Bret looked in great shape and ready to compete. Edge looked worried.

Match 4: Edge vs. Bret Hart for the World Heavyweight Championship

Match Start: Bret showed no ring rust as he tied up with Edge and quickly got behind him and tripped him, floated over and applied a side headlock. Edge got up quickly and shoved Bret into the ropes. Edge dove down but Bret stopped and dropped an elbow to the back of Bret's head.

Mid Match Notes: Edge and Bret were exchging holds and counters for the first few minutes of the match. Bret hit some signature moves like the russian legsweep and elbow from the second rope. Bret set Edge up for a piledriver, but Edge back-body dropped Bret. Edge perched himself in the corner waiting fro Bret to turn around. Bret got up and Edge speared him. Edge covered and got a two count. Edge pulled hair from his head.

Match Finish: Bret had gained momentum in the last seven minutes and was on the second rope. Bret jumped and gave Edge a bulldog. Bret then grabbed Edge's legs and applied the sharpshooter. Edge scremed in pain as he tried to get to the ropes. Edge started to crawl to the ropes, but Bret pulled Edge back to the centre. Edge tried to power out of the hold, but fell down after a futile attempt. Edge started to crawl again and barley reached the bottom rope and Bret released the hold. Edge riving in pain slid under the bottom rope but Bret went out after him. Bret caught up to Edge and punched him to the ground. Edge crawled to the time keepers table and grabbe dhis title. Bret came up and grabbed Edge's head. Edge turned around and hot Bret with the title for a clear disqualification

Winner via DQ: Bret Hart

The referee came out to loom at Bret as Edge ran to the ramp and slowed down. Edge turned around to look at what he did and smiled as the show signed off (120:00 in the show gone)

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vegeta_Never_dies your show is great

I The Man work on your promos and use some colour

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No Video Plays. Right after the WWE globe clip is shown we go straight to the ring. There we see Vince McMahon pacing around ring.

Vince McMahon- For those, who visited WWE.com and for those who heard the rumors. There is in fact a big shake-up occurring backstage. But Before I do anything let me introduce you to the current general manager of Raw……HULK HOGAN


Vince McMahon- Hogan, I don’t know if you know this or not, but Smackdown has always been the struggling brand Of the WWE. Smackdown has always been known as the back-up brand. But Last week, you almost proved that part. Hogan, to make a long story short, you were a TERRIBLE…TERRIBLE general manager.


Vince McMahon- Hulk, Last week, we had one injured wrestler, one suspended wrester and only one champion all on the same show. You left out a good number of superstars such as Randy Orton, Chris Masters and Muhammad Hassan out of the show. Hulk you didn’t even sign the contract that made sure that no superstars were allowed to jump ship.

Hulk Hogan- Well, Vin….

Vince McMahon- Let me finish talking…. Hogan, you simply did not put on a great show. Hogan, I just don’t think your capable of running this show that needs a tremendously experienced runner. So Hogan



Hulk Hogan- Well, brother, If im not experienced than who is?


Eric Bischoff’s music blares through the arena as he makes his way to the ring wearing a huge smile. He gets in the ring and is handed a mic. The music stops and Vince shakes both Eric’s and Hulk’s hand.

Eric- Well……Well……Well, if it isn’t for Hulk Hogan. The Immortal, Hulkamania.

Hulk Hogan starts to get mad.

Eric- Oh No Hogan, don’t get upset. Im not going to leave you hanging. I got a place for you Hogan.


Eric- Hogan, you are now permitted to stay….



Eric- You heard me Hogan, YOU’RE FIRED!

Hogan starts to speak.


Eric- Security escort this man out of the WWE’s premises.


Eric Bischoff- OK, Now for WWE Smackdown!


Eric Bischoff- OK, fans as you know. I am a very successful promotion leader. My WCW beat WWE 88 weeks straight. My Raw was clearly the better brand. But now I will try AND succeed in making Smackdown the better brand. Now you see Hulk Hogan was a mediocre general manager. But he lacked a lot of stuff. Hogan was so predictable. First of all, he said he would have 6 men competing. Everybody knows what was going to happen. 6 Men, Judgment Day. Hulk we knew you had a Hell in a Cell planned.


Eric- Sorry, Let me tell you this Hulk. All championships will be decided tonight


Eric- EXCEPT, the WWE championship


Eric- That, very belt will be decided in a tournament that will last for the next month. Speaking of tournaments all titles will be decided in tournaments.




Eric- I know how Vince was eager to get Hogan out of here, but he went a little to far in stripping all the champions. I think the T.V Title Holder still deserves it. So here is Carlito Caribbean Cool.

Mixed Reactions by the fans as CCC’s music hits. Carlito Caribbean Cool comes to the ring with an apple. He is handed the new shiny championship belt.

Eric still smiling starts to speak.

Eric- Carlito, let me tell you this. Since your Smackdown television champion. You will have to be on Smackdown week in and week out.

Carlito- That is cool Eric bischoff. That is cool.

Eric- Competing!

Carlito smile turns into a frown.

Eric- Carlito sorry to break it to you but you have to be a fighting champion. Carlito you will have to compete in a match for that title every single show!

Mild Pop

Carlito- A man, I’m to cool, to be wrestling every show.

Eric- Don’t worry about it CCC. Tonight you could chose who you want to face.


Eric- but Next Week, expect me to chose your opponent.

Carlito starts to pose with his title. He laughs and shakes Eric’s hand.

Eric- Okay coming up after this commercial break, we will have our first of many qualifying matches. It will be Gene Snitsky taking on Randy Orton.

Eric’s music hits as he leaves with a smile.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

IT’S NOT MY FAULT is heard through out the arena as Gene Snitsky makes his way out to the ring.

Michael Cole- There goes the 300 pound and a lot of extra, monster.

Tazz- Yeah, but I think Mr. Snitsky has his hands full tonight, he goes one-on-one with the young self proclaimed “Legend Killer”

AS SOON AS TAZZ FINISHES THAT SENTENSE RANDY ORTON THEME PLAYS. Randy Comes out and walks keeping his eyes on Gene Snitsky. When he is halfway through the ramp, he stops in his tracks. He takes a few steps back and than obviously does his pose. A beautiful, rain of gold falls around him. He eventually gets in the ring, and the bell is rung.

THE START- Randy Orton and Gene Snitsky circle each other in the ring. They lock up with Gene Snitsky getting the advantage early. He easily secures a headlock on Orton. Orton is not strong enough to overpower Gene Snitsky but somehow he musters enough strength to push Snitsky to the ropes. Snitsky comes back fiercely with all his power gathered in his shoulder and gives Orton a shoulder block. Orton falls back on his back flatly.

Mid- Match Notes- 5 Minutes have passed since the first lock up and Gene Snitsky has got most offensive moves. Orton for a change has managed to show his quick highflying ability. But he does not have the upper hand in this match so far.

The Finish- Randy Orton is sitting down completely on the floor and is getting viscous right hands. Gene Snitsky than forces Randy Up. He pushes randy towards the rope and attempts a clothesline. Randy ducks and Once Gene turns around. He runs straight into a RKO.




Randy Orton gets the pin. He holds his head which should be ringing after all those rights hands delivered by Snitsky. He gets up and steps over Snitsky;. He then does his trademark praise which is much to the delight of the fans.

The cameras are now seen, in general manager Eric Bischoff’s room. Bischoff is seen talking on the phone when there is a knock on the door

Eric Bischoff- Open!

The door opens and in comes Orlando Jordan in a suit.

Orlando Jordan- Eric, I’ve got 2 important questions for you?

Eric puts his phone down and looks bored when Orlando starts to talk to him.

Orlando Jordan- First of all Eric. You never announced who was in the WWE Championship Tournament.

Eric- Put it this way. If you lose any match of any sort in the next couple of weeks your out. So Snitsky is out already.

Orlando Jordan- So that means I’ve got a chance for Championship gold.

Eric- Yes sir. But I believe it will be more challenging for you.

Orlando Jordan who was smiling, than gets sad.

Orlando Jordan- How is that

Eric- Tonight you will be competing in a fatal four way match for the United States Championship.
Orlando than gets happy again.

Eric- In a Fatal Four Way Match!


Eric- Yes Sir! Jordan it will be you vs. The Big Show, vs. Chris Beniot vs. the newest addition to the Smackdown roster.

Orlando- Eric I ……..

Eric- I suggest you leave because I’m having a very important conversation over the phone.

Orlando- Who is more important than the chief of the WWE.

Eric has a questioning look on his face. He than shows Orlando his phone.


The Biggest Pop Of the night is given as Orlando Jordan quickly leaves the room.

Eric- Don’t worry about it Jordan!

The Camera zooms in

Eric- I’m about to give an announcement that is going to shake the foundation of Smackdown!
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Eric Bischoff’s music sounds through the arena as the general manager of Smackdown makes his way out to the ring. For a change Eric is rather serious than all happy as of the beginning of the show.

Eric- Now, I just had a talk with Bill Goldberg.


Eric- You see, I have all the details on that viscous attack that took place last week. Here is the clip


Eric- Well, Goldberg just informed me of who attacked him. That person is…


Brock Lesnar practically power walks to the ring. He looks worried. He is quickly handed a mic as soon as he gets in the ring.

Brock Lesnar- Eric, do you think anybody cares about Goldberg.


Brock Lesnar- Nobody really cares about Goldberg. Goldberg is cheap!

Eric- Well Lesnar, he said you attacked him.


Brock Lesnar- I DID ATTACK HIM and I’ll do it again if I have to.

Eric- Well, you will have a chance because Goldberg will be here live in person.




Brock Lesnar- Eric, I don’t care about you or Goldberg or anybody else.

Eric- Well.

Brock Lesnar- Well Nothing!

Brock Lesnar has had enough and picks up Eric on his shoulder. He delivers a F-5 as the fans boo him out of the ring.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Carlito Caribbean Cool’s music hits through the arena as the television champion makes his way out to the ring. He has his wrestling tights on and has a button-down shirt. He has his title on his shoulder and of courses; he has an apple on his shoulder. He goes in the ring and grabs a mic.

Carlito- Okay guys. Chill out. Stop screaming that’s not cool.
Mixed Reactions

Carlito- The only thing cool in the world is Carlito….Carribean…..Cool

Mixed Reactions.

Carlito- Okay, the Boss said that I have to choose somebody so I could fight tonight for my title. Well, I found somebody and I think us to could have a very good match. I chose …………. SABLE!


Sable’s music hits through the arena. It takes a couple of minutes than she comes out looking confused.

Carlito- Hurry up Sable! I don’t have enough time for you girl.

Sable slides in the ring. She looks confused and she looks scared.

Carlito okay sable are you ready.


Sable- I ……..

Carlito spits an apple at her face.

He than delivers a DDT to her. She lands right on her face.



3! The Winner and Still T.V champion Carlito Carribean Cool.

Tazz- Oh that was a classic, Carlito is great!

Michael Cole- Where the hell is Sable’s husband?

Tazz- He is probably scared that Goldberg might be back and get him.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Dave Batista is shown backstage jumping up and down.

Gene Okerland- Next up you have a match with Booker T. What is going to be in your mind when you get in the ring?

Batista stops jumping and starts to speak.

Batista- Well, booker T is good isn’t he?

Gene Okerland- I don’t know,

Batista- Weren’t you in WCW

Gene Okerland- Yes I was

Batista- Have you seen any of his matches.

Gene Okerland- Yes I have.

Batista- Well give him a rating from 1-10.

Gene Okerland- I would rather not.

Batista laughs; it doesn’t what my mindset is. I’m going to go out there and execute. Like Always

Batista than walks off.


Booker T comes out to a decent pop. He stops at the mouth of the ramp. He jumps up and a huge red explosion comes up behind him. Booker T, waits a while an continues into the ring. He slaps a couple of hands on his way.

Than Batista comes out to his ring. He is pumped up. He does a couple of poses and jumps to the ring. He gets a louder pop than Booker T, by far.

The Start- Batista, looks as if he is in a good mood. He and Booker T circle each other. They lock up. Batista easily overpowers booker and throws him. Booker T rolls about 3 times. The fans pop and Booker T look astonished while Batista poses and is smiling.
Booker T than runs full speed at Batista looking for a clothesline. Batista ducks. As soon as Booker turns around Batista goes for a clothesline. Booker T ducks and right when Batista turns around he is met up with a kick from Booker T. Booker T laughs as Batista get pissed himself.

Mid Match Notes- This has been a great match. It’s been going on for a surprising 10 minutes. Booker T and Batista have equally got the same offensive moves on each other.

The End- Booker T kicks Batista in the gut. He than runs to the rope and attempts a scissors kick. Batista backs out of the way and counters. When Booker T turns around, Batista does a devastating spine-buster on Booker T. Booker t looks out of breath. Batista than goes for the pin..



Booker T Kicks out!

Batista than picks up Booker T and delivers a Batista bomb. The match is clearly over.




Batista than grabs a microphone.

Batista- People, you are looking at the next WWE Champion.


Batista than get serious and his veins start bulging out as he poses.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERICIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

We come back and HHH is shown in his locker room with Ric flair. HHH is taping up his wrist.

HHH- Flair, you know what

Flair- What champ?

HHH- I’m going to ask Bischoff to take us out the match.
Flair starts to go crazy


HHH- I know. But how about if we lose?

Flair- We won’t lose man, we wont.

HHH- Calm down Ric. I have a plan

Ric Flair calms down but still looks mad.

Ric- What are we going to do.

HHH- It’s about time we renew Evolution

Ric- Now that IS a good plan.

Ric Flair starts dancing as HHH starts taking off his tape.

We than go back to the ring as the U.S championship is about to take place..

Orlando Jordan’s music hits as the self-proclaimed Chief of the WWE comes out.

Orlando comes out to mostly boos.

The next person to come out is The 475 Pound Big Show! The Big Show comes out to a decent pop. He easily goes over the third rope and as soon as he gets in the ring Orlando Jordan runs out.

The Next Person to come out is the crippler Chris Beniot. Beniot looks surprised and gives the crowd a crazy look for the extraordinary pop that they give him.

Beniot and The Big show stay in the ring as Orlando Jordan stays out of the ring. They stand awaiting the newest addition to the Smackdown Roster.

The arena turns dark as the crowd cheers.

A graduation theme plays and on the titantron a Harvard ring is shown. THE NEWEST ADDITION TO SMACKDOWN IS CHRISTOPHER NOWINSKI.

The Start- the Match starts off with Chris Beniot aggressively going after Christopher Nowinski. He grabs Nowinski and delivers 3 straight German suplexes. On the other hand, Orlando Jordan runs into the crowd as The Big Show chases him.

Mid Match Notes- This Match is the best on the card so far. Beniot has busted his own self open by attempting a flying-head but on Orlando Jordan who was laying on the commentating table but elegantly moved out the way.

The Finish- Orlando Jordan and The Big Show are up by the mouth of the ramp. The Big Show has Orlando Jordan by the neck. The Big Show picks up Orlando Jordan easily and delivers a huge choke slam to Orlando off the ramp. Orlando falls on the tables and accessories off the ramp.

In the ring Beniot has Christopher Nowinski in the German suplex position. He successfully does 1. He than does another. He does yet another German suplex, but he continues to hang on to Christopher. Big Show has just crawled into the ring. He runs full speed toward Christopher while Beniot is holding him. Christopher ducks and The Big Show hits Beniot. The Big Show stands up looking at Beniot. Nowinski than comes behind him and delivers a low blow. He than DDT’s The Big Show. Chris Beniot who has gotten up all ready walks toward Christopher Nowinski and delivers a belly to belly. He looks at The Big Show and than looks at the turnbuckle. He does the maneuver when he premeds to cut his throat. He goes to the turnbuckle and delivers the flying headbut. Since he hit The Big Show’s huge head his head must be ringing. Beniot holds his head and rolls out of the ring. Christopher Nowinski than goes and get’s the cover.




The winner and the new U.S Champion is Christopher Nowinski. Christopher Celebrates and leaves the ring.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~COMMERCIAL BREAK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
TIME IN SHOW GONE (1 hour and 12 minutes)

We come back and we are backstage. There is a doctor alongside Chris Beniot. He is receiving medical attention from the previous match. Chris Jericho than walks in. The fans give him a mild pop.

Jericho- Eric, just told me that since HHH, dropped out of the title match no other team can forfeit. That means we have to wrestle. Could you wrestle Beniot.

Beniot- I’ll go out there and see what I can do.


Next Up Is The WWE Tag team Championship.

Micheal Cole- This match will be important. The losers will be not be qualified for A WWE championship.

Tazz- Oh My god! This is going to be god.


The New age outlaw’s music hits as they make there way out to the ring with a huge pop. One of the biggest of the night.

Next Up the Steiner brothers come out to a mild pop.

Than The Outsiders come out. They get A nice amount of boos and they are accompanied by The television champ Carltio Caribbean Cool. This is an elimination match and until everybody single is pinned the last man who is there, he and his partner will be tag champs.

Chris Jericho comes out. He than turns around and present Chris Beniot who gets a huge ovation. You could see that he was bleeding earlier in the night.

Rick Steiner is eliminated first by Billy’s Gone Fame-Ass-er
Next Scott Steiner is eliminated by Kevin Nash when Carlito interferes.
Billy Gunn is than eliminated when Carlito interferes again.
Scott Hall is eliminated when he taps out to the crippler.
Chris Jericho eliminates Road Dogg, with a lionsault.
Kevin Nash eliminates Chris Jericho when he tries to hit Beniot with a chair but beniot ducks and hits Jericho. (Ref does not see it)
Than Kevin Nash rolls up and grabs the tights of Chris Beniot.

The Outsiders Are The Tag Team Champs!!!!!!!!!!

The fans are booing and throwing there drinks into the ring toward Kevin Nash, Scott Hall and Carlito Caribbean Cool. Chris Beniot has his head in his hands. He is disappointed. Chris Jericho brings a chair into the ring and uses it to chase off The Outsiders. Who are laughing and jumping all over each other. Chris Jericho is still mad. He continues to pound the chair on the canvas. He than glances at Chris Beniot. He still has the chair in his hand. He glances again. The fans give a boo, realizing what he has in mind. Chris Beniot starts to slowly get up and


Chris Jericho nails beniot with the chair. The fans start booing at Chris Jericho and start throwing drinks at him. Chris Jericho opens up his arms wide. He get a mic.

Chris Jericho- SMACKDOWN IS JERICHO!!!!!!!!

His music hits, as Smackdown goes off air!

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Just read the show and there great. The only thing I have to say is colour, especially for Smackdown. It's hard on the eyes, especially with no bold or italics. Cant wait for the next show!
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