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Hey everyone Im just giving this a shot and hopefully I can keep it going for awhile... I will be doing RAW only...but if someone would care to do smackdown Id love a partner in crime...post comments/replys and I hope you enjoy all my ideas...For now ill use the same champs/rosters/storylines the WWE has going....hope you enjoy it...

April 18th-

A video package is shown showing HHH's challenge to Jim Ross

The Pyros go off to an astounding applause

JR: Welcome to Madison Square Garden, Home of tonight's Monday Night RAW! Although there's one portion of the evening I'm not lookin forward to King the night overall should truly be incredible with both rosters being present.

King: Yeah JR tonight should be off the charts! And I hope HHH doesn't see the fear of the pedigree in your eyes!

JR: Yeah king well my parents didn't teach me to fear anyone so I'm gonna go out there and give him a fight if that's what he wants. But tonight will be the night where all the superstars gather together in Madison Square Garden..things could be headed in an explosive direction King.


King: Speaking of explosive here comes the Game!

HHH comes out to nothing but boos from the sold out arena...Dressed in a suit with Ric Flair back along his side...He stares down Jim Ross for a few seconds and makes his way down the ramp...up the steps and into the ring..

HHH: "You know something Ric? I don't understand how all these fans just don't seem to understand our business by now. Don't they see that Im the Game? The 10 time Worlds Champion? The best in the business? At Backlash all of you will see that Dave Batista is nothing compared to me, he is a fluke champion who was better on one night and will get what's coming to him at Backlash. Let me shift gears here though and explain my challenge for later on in the evening. Last week I stared into that ring and saw fear in both mens eyes...Batista and Jim Ross. Just as I was about to challenge Batista for tonight I realized that New York City just didn't deserve it. So I stared into the face of JR and saw the fear and I made the challenge. Tonight I show all of you the most dominant finisher in this business today. That's right just like last week I again am promising a pedigree for everyone to witness.."


Eric Bischoff makes his way to the stage and Triple H and Ric Flair hang on the ropes facing the entrance ramp

HHH: What the hell do you want Eric? Do you realize who your messing with? I'm the Ga...

Bisch: Yes I realize it and I have to disagree with something you said..You see I believe that Madison Square Garden is one of the best venues in the world..and they deserve to see RAWs best product..The world heavyweight champion Batista in action tonight!

The crowd goes crazy and Batista chants start to erupt

Flair: Damn it do you realize that Batista isn't the best product on RAW, this man now this man is the best there is today (patting HHH on the back as Trips nods his head in agreement)

Bisch: Well then Ric since you feel so inclined to make that statement I wanna see my best product in a match not with one of my announcers but with one of my best superstars.

HHH: To bad Eric that isn't how it works. You see the match has already been made..Tonight it is The Game vs Good Ol JR

Bisch: Your right...tonight you two will be opponents in that ring

The camera cuts to Triple H and Flair with huge smiles on their faces

HHH: I'm glad you see it my way Eric...hear that JR...tonight I'll give you another reason to announce me as that damn good

Bisch: Let me finish HHH...you see tonight you and JR will be in the ring together in a tag team match. Tonight it will be HHH and Ric Flair teaming up to face Good Ol JR, Jim Ross and.....Batista!

The crowd goes wild as Bischoff's music begins to play again and he makes his way back to the dressing rooms...HHH is fuming in the ring screaming NOOO.

Cut to a commercial Break

King: Well JR looks like you'll have the Animal Batista in your corner tonight!

JR: Well King with Batista by my side I think Evolution will be in for a slobber knocker!

Lillian Garcia does the match intros

Match #1-
La Resistance vs William Regal/Tajiri- Tag Team Championship

Grenier and Regal Start the match off with a series of grapples and Regal comes off into a sleeper hold. Grenier breaks free though with a series of quick elbows to the gut of Regal, whips him off the ropes and hits a diving forearm smash and goes for a quick cover gaining a two count. Grenier gets up quickly and begins kicking Regal's midsection. Grenier whips Regal into LR's corner and tags in Conway. Conway comes in and hits a series of punches on Regal in the corner. Regal fights out though with a series of punches of his own. Regal whips Conway off the ropes and hits a running clothesline. He quickly makes a tag to Tajiri who comes in and hits a running legrop on Conway. Tajiri brings him up into a grapple and starts a series of his patented kicks to the midsection. Conway is whipped into the corner and Tajiri hits him with a running dropkick. Tajiri drags conway out of the corner and puts him into an armbar. Grenier runs in and gets a shot to the back of Tajiri's head breaking the hold. Conway gets up and scoop slams Tajiri down. He tags in Grenier who runs over to Tajiri but is met by Regal who sends him down to the mat with a running punch with the brass knucks. Regal and Conway now are doing battle on the outside as Tajiri appears to be lining up for the Japanese Buzzsaw on Grenier. He nails it as the crowd approves. The Ref is distracted by Regal and Conway on the opposite side of the ring and down the ramp comes Rene Dupree! He slides in the ring and hits a huge DDT on Tajiri and places a motionless Grenier over Tajiri. The ref turns around and counts 1-2-3. The crowd begins to chant cheater-cheater as Dupree makes his way back up the Ramp.

Winners and New Tag Team Champions- La Resistance

Backstage we are in Evolution's locker Room-

HHH: Damn that Bischoff! Batista doesn't deserve to get in the ring with me tonight he just doesn't deserve it.

Flair: Hey calm down we'll be fine tonight..In fact as you can see I've got my gear on already I have a plan for a tune up match for later tonight.

HHH: A tune up match? Sounds good..this wouldn't have anything to do with?

Flair: Oh it does...this tune up match will be a true Masterpiece...WOOOO

Evolution is shown smiling as we cut to a commercial...

JR: What the hell did Flair mean about a tune up match King?

King: I don't know JR...I don't understand

*Chris Masters Theme hits and he makes his way down to the ring

Masters: Tonight is my open challenge to anyone in the back that thinks they can take out me! So bring it on...

* Ric Flair's music hits as the Nature Boy comes out to a big pop

Flair: Get ready Kid...tonight is the end of your RAW dominance..WOOO

Masters: Bring it on old man

The bell sounds and here we go

Match #2-
The Masterpiece Challenge Chris Masters vs Ric Flair

Masters goes for a clothesline but Flair ducks and rakes the eyes as Masters turns around. Flair then gets a few chops to the chest of Masters as the crowd Wooos after each one. Now in the corner Masters is being chopped like crazy but grabs Flair by the neck and throws him into the corner. Masters nails a few huge shots and props Flair onto the top turnbuckle. Masters goes up and nails a huge backdrop off the top. He gets up and starts punching the face of Flair. He turns around to the fans and strikes a flexing pose and laughs. Flair though is up and meets him when he turns around with some big punches. Flair goes for the Irish whip but it's reversed into the Polish hammer. Flair falls to his knees and Masters lines up for the Full Nelson finisher as the crowd begins to chant boring. Masters grabs Flair on his way up and applys the Nelson. Flair is in obvious pain but is not giving up. The hold is on for over 45 seconds and still Flair has not given up! All of a sudden Flair kicks his leg up and hits Masters for a low blow. Masters falls backwards and Flair brings himself up. He sees Masters down and applys the figure four leg lock and Masters taps out.

Winner- Ric Flair

Flair helps Masters up. And goes and grabs a mic.

Flair: Your one hell of a competitor kid. I just wanted to shake your hand and hope you find the right path to come up the ranks.

Masters looks confused as Flair extends his hand. Masters shakes Flair's Hand as the Nature Boy's Music Hits.

JR: Looks like Flair considers The Masterpiece as a great up and comer here on RAW.

King: I think your right JR, that was a big sign of Respect.

JR: Well lets take a look at the recent actions of a man I have no respect for..Mr. Money in the Bank...Edge

A Video Package is shown on how edge won the match at WM21 and his recent scuffles with Chris Benoit.

Maria: I'm here with Mr. Money In the Bank, Edge. Edge what's your view on the news we just heard from Eric Bischoff's office that Chris Benoit has issued a challenge to you for a match at Backlash.

Edge: What do I think? What do I think? I think Chris Benoit is nothing! I injured Chris Benoit at Wrestlemania when I became Mr. Money In The Bank. I got screwed by Chris Benoit on RAW a few weeks back and I don't think he deserves another match with me. Still I'll give it to him, he thinks he can screw me again but it will not happen.

Benoit: Hey punk, I just got back from Bischoff's office. Not only is the match for Backlash official...It's for that contract in that briefcase of yours. You could be looking at the new Mr. Money In The Bank. See ya buddy.

The fans go crazy

Edge is shown clenching onto the briefcase as we go to commercial

Match #3-
Kane w/Lita vs Christian w/Tyson Tomko

Kane opens up on Christian with a series of throat thrusts then picks him up by the neck and slams him down. Kane picks up Christian and whips him off the ropes into a big boot. Kane begins choking the life out of Christian but Tomko runs in and breaks Kane off of Christian. Kane whips Tomko off the ropes and clotheslines him out of the ring. He turns around and is met by a big kick from Christian. Christian nails a big DDT on Kane and puts him into a quick sleeper. Kane though gets to his feet with Christian still around his neck. Kane falls backward with Christian getting slammed between the mat and Kane's back. Kane goes off the ropes and hits a big legdrop and picks Christian up to his feet. Kane nails a sidewalk slam and goes for the cover but Christian escapes with a two count. Christian is up before Kane and begins with a series of kicks to the face of the monster. Christian picks Kane up and hits a quick russian suplex. He advances to the corner to take off the turnbuckle cover as Kane sits up. Christian doesn't notice Kane is on his feet and turns around looking scared. Christian runs across the ring to attack Kane but is caught in a spine buster. Kane goes to the top rope and awaits to attack. Lita sees Tomko make his way to Kane and tries to cut him off but is just shoved off. Tomko knocks Kane off the rope. Christian gets Kane up and hits the Unprettier for the win.

Winner- Christian

After the match Lita is in the ring tending to Kane. Kane is up and they are standing in the Ring. Trish's music hits and she makes her way down to the ring.

Trish: So you bitch you have to send this freak to do your dirty work for you. Well I on the other hand take matters into my own hands!

She sprints to the ring and attacks Lita and Lita counters with a few punches and a twist of fate. Lita then gets up and looks over at Kane. She begins to lean in for a kiss when Kane grabs her throat and shakes his head with an evil smile. BAM Lita hits the mat with a huge Chokeslam. Kane then takes Trish and chokeslams her as well. He thrusts his arms up and down and fire engulfs the ring.

Backstage we see Edge fuming in Bischoffs office.

Edge: The match is all good and fine Eric...whatever I don't care...but I won at Wrestlemania I will not put my contract on the line. It will not happen whether you like it or not.

Bisch: Well Edge seeing as I'm the one that created the match at Wrestlemania I made the contract. And in it it is clearly stated that if the winner had not announced his match for before or at Backlash then I Eric Bischoff can put that contract on the line in a match at Backlash.

Edge: Fine then, I wanna use my contract for Backlash...there we go problem solved.

Bisch: It would be, but that contract also states that if the owner is already booked in a match at Backlash he may not use the contract then, gotta read the fine print Edge. I'll tell ya what though why don't you go down to the ring and vent your frustration in a match...against Shawn Michaels...and you'd better be ready because your match is next.

We cut to commercial

Match #4
Edge vs Shawn Michaels

The match starts off with a series of broken grapples. Edge though counters and whips Michaels off of the ropes and flips him up over his back. Michaels is up quick though and meets a running Edge with a flying forearm. Michaels then begins working on the legs of Edge. Edge breaks a hold and starts furiously attacking Shawn Michaels. Edge whips HBK off the ropes and out of no where hits him with a spear. In the process he also takes out the ref by mistake. Edge runs outside the ring and grabs a steel chair. He slides it into the ring and goes to pick it up when Benoit runs into the ring. Benoit nails Edge and begins headbutting him and punching him wildly. The ref sees this as he becomes conscious and tells them to ring the bell. Out of nowhere Kurt Angle comes down to the ring and picks up the loose chair. He shows the crowd the chair and turns around. Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music into the chair knocking Angle out. Meanwhile on the outside Edge has laid out Benoit with the briefcase. Edge climbs in the ring and nails Michaels with another spear. Running down to the ring now though is Hulk Hogan! Hogan takes down Edge and nails a legdrop. Hogan is celebrating with the crowd when Hassan and Davari come running down to the ring and double team him. He hulks up and takes out Davari but Hassan is right there and puts him back down. Hogan though takes control of Hassan and Michaels by now is back up. Hogan holds Hassan as Michaels tunes up the band. He goes for the superkick but Hassan ducks and Michaels takes out Hogan. Hassan then grabs Michaels and applys the Camel Clutch. Hassan is celebrating in the ring after it has been cleared.

Hassan: You see this is what is coming at Backlash when myself and Davari take out those good for nothing has beens and make a true name for ourselves here in WWE.

Angle: Hey wait a freakin second pal. I hear you don't like America? Im a gold medalist buddy. Though I think it's great that you want to take out Shawn Michaels I don't like how you feel about the country I represented.

Hassan: Is that so? Well I cannot help that the country you represented is Bias and unfair to arab americans. You however wouldn't understand you bald piece of crap.

Angle: The only thing that's a piece of crap is your mindset buddy. And do you know what rhymes with piece of crap? I'll make you tap!

Angle grabs Hassans foot and applys the ankle lock as the crowd cheers. Security breaks them up.

JR: Well King I hate to leave you but I have to go get ready...can you believe this RAW though?

King: JR this is an incredible RAW, we've seen interferences from Smackdown superstars and it has been crazy all night long! While JR goes and gets ready were going to take our last commerical break but don't go anywhere because when we get back it is our tag team main event!

Commercial Break

Evolution's Music hits and HHH and Flair make their way down to the ring.

JR's Oklahoma theme hits and the crowd goes wild. JR with a mic begins to talk...

JR: Madison Square Garden I present my partner, the world heavyweight Champion, Batista!

The Crowd goes Insane

Batista's Music Hits And he and JR make their way to the ring.

Match #5
Batista/Jim Ross vs Evolution

Batista starts off with Ric Flair and nails him with a massive kick and a scoop slam. He stares over at HHH who appears scared and points at his eyes screaming "Do you see fear huh?". Flair though takes Batista out at the knee. Flair quickly puts a leg lock on Batista who after about 20 seconds kicks Flair off with massive power. Both men are now up and Flair charges Batista who grabs him and whips him into Triple H's corner. He is standing in the middle of the ring asking Flair to make a tag. Flair tags in HHH. HHH slowly walks toward the middle of the ring as Batista is yelling to "Come On!". HHH freezes and turns quickly and tags Flair back in. Flair looks confused and steps back in the ring. Batista turns to JR as Flair and HHH argue and the fans see it and go wild. Batista goes over and tags in JR who runs over and attacks flar from behind. JR opens up on Flair while he's down and begins hitting a series of punches. HHH runs in though and breaks him off. Flair begins to take advantage with chops and holds. Flair tags in HHH who runs over to JR and throws a series of hard shots. He picks him up and whips him off the ropes and gets him into a knee buster. HHH looks over at Batista who is heard saying "Let him tag me coward!". HHH hits a massive DDT on JR who is now motionless and tags in Flair. Flair comes in and goes for the figure four and has it locked. JR though grabs the ropes behind him and remains alive! Batista runs in and nails Flair and puts him up into a spinebuster before the ref makes him leave the ring. Flair and JR are down and JR chants are going crazy through the crowd. JR and Flair climb slowly toward their respective corners. JR rolls over to get there faster and tags in Batista! Batista runs in and catches Flair before he makes it to HHH. Batista whips Flair into the corner and hits a running clothesline. He picks him up and nails another spine buster. Batista hits a sidewalk slam and then a scoop slam and then he calls for the Batista Bomb! HHH comes in the ring though causing Batista to come running towards him. HHH moves and Dave rams his shoulder into the ref who is now down. Batista though turns around and grabs HHH. He whips him off the ropes and hits a spinebuster. He gets the crowd ready for the Batista Bomb, HHH is ready to be put up when Chris Masters enters the ring. He turns Batista around and hits Batista with a steel chair. He then picks him up and does a massive Jackhammer on the Animal. Masters then runs over and knocks JR to the outside. HHH comes back over and nails a pedigree on Batista. Masters grabs the ref and puts him in the ring. HHH covers Batista for the 1-2-3.

Winners- Evolution

Masters then grabs a bloody Batista and holds him up for HHH and Ric Flair. HHH has a mic and says that the world should welcome the newest member of Evolution Chris Masters and that at Backlash the Animal will finally be put to sleep at our hands then nails Batista with the Title Belt. Evolution stands with their hands raised over a bloody Batista as we go off the air.

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pretty good show. you did good using color but use some bold/italics and also dont use too bright colors, but as for the show, 8/10
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