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now its superb superb 10/10 i think u should have had taker return at mania thats his legacy

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Raw will be posted some time tonight, or early tomorrow night.


The Rock
Stone Cold
Jeff Jarrett
Scott Steiner
Sean O Haire
Blly Kidman
Eric Bischoff
Ric Flair
Rob Conway

Raw Champions

World Heavyweight – Jeff Jarrett
World Tag Team – vacant
Cuiserweight – Hurricane


Kurt Angle
Booker T
Mick Foley
Orlando Jordan
Brock Lesner
Shane McMahon

Smackdown Champions

WWE Champion- Kurt
United States- Eddie
Tag Team- Booker/RVD
Womens- SUSPENDED for now

Raw Calendar

Tuesday March 6th- RAW live in San Jose, California (HP Pavilion)
Monday April 12th- RAW live in Portland, Oregon (Rose Garden)
Monday April 19th- RAW live in Saint Paul, Minnesota (Xcel Energy Center)
Sunday April 25th- Backlash live in Detroit, Michigan (Joe Louis Arena)
Monday April 26th- RAW live in Columbus, Ohio (Nationwide Arena)

Smackdown Calender

Thursday April 1st- Smackdown live in Sacramento, California (ARCO Arena)
Thursday April 8th- Smackdown live in Seattle, Washington (KeyArena)
Thursday April 15th- Smackdown live in Billings, Montana (MetaPark Arena)
Thursday April 22nd- Smackdown live in Boise, Idaho (BSU Pavilion )
Thursday April 29th- Smakcdown live in Grand Forks, North Dakota (Ralph Engelstad Arena)


Sunday April 25th- Backlash live in Detroit, Michigan (Joe Louis Arena) RAW Roster

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the reason there so small is because, thats our base roster. There will be people comin in, and leavin frequently. When I did the raft I made it so that there were only about 20 per brand. After that its up to each brand for doing there debuts, and signings. Makes for a more interesting diary

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WWE Raw - Duration 2 Hours
Ringside : Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Location: Portland, Oregon
Arena: Rose Garden
Date: Monday, April 12th 2004
Fans attended: 18,021 out of 19,800

Pyro Explodes And Raw Begins
Ross - "Welcome Everybody to Monday Night Raw. It is jamed packed here in the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. And I tell you what I night we have or you this evening."
Lawler - "What about the match we've been waiting for Edge vs. Randy Orton, this fued is about to hit a maximum, but what effect will The New Breed play?"
Ross - "Your right King, and how about the Cruiserweight Championship is up for grabs, when the Hurricane faces Billy Kidman."
Lawler - "JR, this match is gonna be unbelieveable, but what is the future of the cruiserweight division on RAW? Hell we only have 3 maybe 4 that could compete for the belt. But JR here is the moment I'm waiting for. What is Jeff Jarrett gonna do tonight to The Rock, or better yet Stone Cold? Things should erupt when he arrives in the building.

Chris Jericho vs. Sean O'Haire
Sean O'Haire is in the ring, and Jericho begins his walk down to the ring. The ref seems concerened that O'Haire is hiding something so he checks him for brass knuckles, etc. As Jericho makes it to ringside he get attcked from the side by Mark Jindrak. Jindrak lays a beating on him, and just as quick as he shows up he dissapears. O'Haire pushes the ref aside, and goes to the outside to begin the match. The ref saw nothing. O'Haire slides Jericho into the ring, and executes a Hard powerbomb in the middle ring. This is match is over. One..Two..Three.. Jindrak, and O'haire have just destroyed
Jericho. The lights go off, and the New Breed makes there way to the ring.
Flair - "WOOOOOOO, for those of you who dont know it yet. These two young competitors are the newest members of the hottest, and youngest group in the wrestling world. Cause God Damn It, Its time for a change, hell, its time for a new breed. WOOOOOOOO"
All seven men make there way to the back, as they tell off fans on their way.
Winner : Sean O'Haire

Ross - "The strongest group in the WWE, has just got alot stronger."
Lawler - "Definately JR, these two new members, are just what the New Breed need to complete there group.
Ross - "Now what makes you think there done makin' changes."
Lawler - "Hey JR, I do have my sources."

We cut to the back and we see a long limo pull up in the parking lot.
The door opens and out steps former TNA owner Travis Edwards.
Fans begin to Cheer
Edwards - "AHHH, so this is what it feels like to be in the WWE."
He closes the door and makes his was to his office in the back.


Interview with Edwards
Coach - "Excuse me Travis, if I could get a word with you?"
Edwards - "Well I'm kinda busy, but sure yah I got one minute for you."
Coach - "One question, Why are you here this evening?"
Edwards - "The answer is quite simple Coach. You see after watch Smackdown last week I realized they had one thing we didn't. A GM. So I decided to show up here this evening and use my powers to announce the new GM of Raw. And believe me, you WILL be suprised.....Oh Ya one more thing Coach, if I ever hear you call me by my first name again, you will get the biggest ass kicking in your life, and believe me thats not the only thing you'll be gettin' either."
Coach looks shocked as he watches Travis walk away.

Future Dates
Next Monday Night, Raw is live in Boise, Idaho at the BSU Pavilion
In Two Weeks RAW is live in Saint Paul, Minnesota at the Xcel Energy Center
and April 25th; Backlash is live in Detroit, Michigan at the Joe Louis Arena

Austin's Segment
Glass Breaks and Austin heads down to the ring with a clipboard.
Austin - " Let me see here what do these fans in PORTLAND wanna see tonight."
Fans Go Nuts
Austin - "Maybe I'll make a match between The Rock, and Jarrett tonight? or Maybe we'll have tune up matches for each? or how about a tag team match just like we had last week? No..No..No. I got it this is a great idea. There is only one way to show the true strength, abilities, and morales of these two great competitors. Cause tonight in this very ring, its gonna be The Rock vs. Jeff Jarrett, in a..............Beer Drinking Contest.
They start bringing out the beer as we go to commercial


Austin's Segment Cont'nd
There is a table set up in the middle of the ring, with beer cans covering it.
Austin - "OK Rock, Jarrett we dont have all night, lets get our asses movin', and get here so we can start."
Rock, and Jarrett make there entrances, as Austin is sitting in the ring having a few beer. Jarrett goes first, he finishes the first, and Austin quickly laughes at him cause hes already done three. To finish it off Jarrett finishes only four in one minute.
Austin - "What the hell was that, you think your gonna win with that performance. UHUH. If you think the Rock can beat the number four give me a hell yeah. HELL YEAH! We'll come on Rock lets see what you can do."
The rock goes and by the time he hits 47 seconds he has already drank five beer.
Austin - "I think we have a winner, and his name is The..."

"Bang" Jeff Jarrett nails Austin from behind with a chair, and lays him out in the middle of the ring. The winner is Jeff Jarrett, and I'm sick and tired of this crap. Jarrett then goes after the Rock, and the two begin brawling as Road Agents, and Refs run to the ring to break up the two.


Hurricane vs. Billy Kidman - Cruiserweight Championship
The match started out fast pased with a lot of pin exchanges and high flying. At one point Hurricane tosses Kidman right over the top rope to the outside. Hurrican went for the Vertabreaker early but Kidman was able to reverse it into a bulldog. Kidman hit the sky high and Kidman gets a near fall as a result. Hurricane executes the super kick on Kidman and gets a near fall because of it. A little later on Kidman tries for the Shooting Star Press but Hurricane moves resulting in kidman hitting nothing but mat. Hurricane hits the Eye of the Hurricane and goes for the pin...only a near fall. Hurricane then starts to set up Kidman for the Vertabreaker in an attempt to finish him off, but Kidman reverses it into a sort of reverse Pedigree and gets the pin for the victory. Kidman gets up, and helps Hurricane to his knees. The two shake, and now it seems like we have two top face cruiserweights.
Winner and New Champion: Billy Kidman


Christian vs. Rhyno - Hardcore Rules
Rhyno stands ready waiting for Christian to get into the ring, Christian circles the ring for at least 3 minutes not wanting to get in the ring with Rhyno. Rhyno stands back to let Christian get into the ring as Christian gets into the Ring Rhyno attacks him stomping on him for a while until Christian crawls into the corner and Rhyno starts giving him the shoulder block in the corner he does at least 5 before the referee pulls him away, Rhyno whips Christian into the ropes and gives him a spinebuster, Christian rolls around on the floor for a while, then Rhyno picks up Christian and gives him a high angle back suplex, Christian rolls around holding his head, Christian slowly gets to his feet Rhyno grabs him and whips him into the ropes Christian manages to cling onto the ropes, Rhyno runs at him, but Christian ducks and pulls the ropes down causing Rhyno to fly over the top rope and hit the barrier hard, Christian drops out of the ring and grabs a charir. He begins to hit Rhyno over the head with the chair, and continues until he is left sprawled out on the mat in a bloody mess. Christian starts to stomp on Rhyno, he then picks him up by the hair and whips him straight into the steel
steps. Christian then rolls Rhyno back into the ring, then begins to look under the ring for weapons. He finds a stop sign and rolls into the ring to use it but Rhyno kicks him in the midsection and uses the stop sign on him instead. Rhyno picks up Christian and nails him with his own version of the belly to belly the crowd go wild, Rhyno gets the cover one, two and Christian kicks out Rhyno stands in the corner waiting for Christian to get up waiting to give him the GORE, Christian stumbles to his feet Rhyno runs at him but
Christian gets him with a drop toe hold and Rhyno nails his head on the bottom turnbuckle. The crowd begins to "boo" a Christian as he makes the sign that the end is near. He picks up Rhyno and nails the Unprettier. One, Two..NO, wait someone from the crowd has just pulled Christian out of the ring. It's Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer has returned to RAW. He goes to the outside and grabs a kendo stick, and lays a betting on Christian. He rolls Rhyno on top of him. One...Two...Three. Rhyno wins, and him and Dreamer pose in the ring together, as the fans are going nuts and chanting ECW...ECW...ECW
Winner : Rhyno


Edge vs. Randy Orton
Edge is in the ring as Orton makes his way out with the New Breed, but the ref sends them away from the ring, back to the backstage area. The two start the match off with a few hookups, and Orton takes control, after a slip by Edge. Orton hits a snap suplex, followed by a back suplex. He goes after Edges right knee, and kicks it multiple times. He goes down to apply a leg lock, but Edge reverses it, and instead pushes Orton out of the ring. Orton cautiously makes his way back into the ring, but Edge catches him with a quick elbow. He applies a sleeper to Orton, and momentarily gets the upper hand, but Orton low blows him, and gets the advantage back. He climbs to the top rope, and hits a perfect elbow drop, he picks Edge up for the RKO, but Edge reverses it into a type of a brainbuster. Edge pulls Orton to the ropes, and performs a guiltoine on him. He throws Orton to the opposite turnbuckle,
and nails the Spear. He picks up Orton and goes for the edgeecutioner, but no Orton reverses it into the RKO, but no Edge somehow low blows Orton, and he gets him back into the Edgecutioner, and nails him with it. One...Two..Three. Edge wins, and here comes the New Breed. All the members come down to the ring, and massacre Edge. He is left bloodied in the ring, and isnt moving. EMT's come down and help him to the back.

Business is Picking Up!
We go to a live camera shot in the back, and we see Travis Edwards leaving his office. It looks like he is coming out to the ring.
Ross - "Here we go, business is about to pick up!."
Lawler - "Who is it JR? Who is the new GM of RAW?


Edwards music hits, and out he comes walking quickly to the ring.
Edwards - "Cut my damn music. I know I only have a few minutes left in the show, so lets get right down to business. Last Thursday when watching smackdown I realized the RAW needed a GM, just like Smackdown. So I went over my roster, smackdown roster, possible workers, but nobody was good enough to fill the position of GM. Then it hit me, why not give the fans what they want on my very first RAW. I made a few phone calls, faxed the contract, and the deal is finalized. So it is my honor to announce the new GM of RAW as...........Bret Hart."
Bret makes his way down to the ring, and shakes hands with Travis, they pose as RAW goes off air.

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Chris Jericho was injured on Raw during his match vs. Sean O'Haire. It is believed to be when Mark Jindrak hit him over the head with a chair. He is currently suffering from neck spasms.

Triple H is still on the road back. He sprained his left knee in his Wrestlemania match vs. HBK, and Chris Benoit.

Goldberg has fully recorved from a broken finger look for him to be back on TV any time now.


There have been rumors of the RAW brand being in talks with a specific Smackdown superstar, as well as former TNA superstar Sonny Siaki. At this time all we can say is that these are just rumors, and nothing has happened in any agressive deatil.


Sean O'Haire def. Chris Jericho
Billy Kidman def. Hurricane (Crusierweight Championship)
Rhyno def. Christian
Edge def. Randy Orton
NEW GM - Bret Hart

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great show finekilla i love it and i would write your smackdown brand if you want me to if you have msn i can addu and we can discuss over it if u like

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actually faru. I found someone yesterday to write smackdown, BUT we still are looking for someone to write smaller shows for Velocity, and Heat, aswell as someone giving input, and fill in jobs for Smackdown and RAW.

Yes I am interested in talking to you. Believe me this diary, is very serious, and I'd love to have you apart of it.

msn - [email protected]

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i am there finekilla i can write heat and velocity where are u from so we can match timezones for online meetings who u gettin to write smackdown

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ok same time zone thats good
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