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Tna - A New Breed

TNA Breakdown - 1 Hour Special

TNA Breakdown - Duration 1 hour
Announcer- Tony Schivone
Color Comentator - Mike Tenay

The pyro goes off, and the first ever Breakdown begins
Schivone - Welcome everybody to TNA Breakdown. It should be one hell of a night, and it might be an interesting night.
Tenay - What do you mean by that, it always is an interesting night here in NWATNA, I mean TNA.

The new owner Area_52 heads down to the ring
Area - Welcome everybody to TNA Breakdown. My idea is to give you the fans the most entertaining, most fan favorite shows, that I am capable of, and it all begins tonight on this inugural 1 our show of BreakDown. Tonight we are gonan have yourselves a World Championship Match. It will be Jeff Jarrett vs. Kurt Angle for the title. Plus. in a 6-women bra and panties match for the womens title, it will be Trish vs. Lita vs. Jazz vs. Victoria vs Stephanie McMahon vs. Dawn Marie.
I absolutely guarentee, each and everyone of you thta by the end of the night TNA, will take over a whole new meaning.


Randy Orton vs. Edge
Randy Orton starts the fight with a fury of right hands followed by a few hard lefts. He dominated the first bit of the match hitting suplex after suplex. Edge regained control after a Orton mishit a backbreaker, and instead edge turned it into a sort of a monkey toss, over his back. Edge then locks in the sleeper hold, and gets Orton almost totally out. He quickly jumped up to the top rope and hit a moonsault on Orton which wasexecuted perfectly. He picked up Orton threw him towards the turnbuckle, and went for the spear but missed. Orton quickly took advantage of this missed oppurtunity, and went for the cover 1..2..no Edge just kicks out. He tries again 1..2..no Edge kicks out once more. He picks him up, and bounces him off the ropes, and nails him with a hard clothesline. Orton then hits his finsihing move a jacknife powerbomb. It's all over 1..2..no. Edge somehow finds a way to kick out. Orton cant believe it. He tries to go for the powerbomb again, but instead Edge reverses it into a hurricarana. He picks up Orton and hits the Edgecution. Now Its over 1..2..no. John Cena comes running in, and pulls the ref out, as he is distracting the ref. Test comes running in, and gives the pumphandle slam to Edge. Test leaves with Cena so that teh ref can go back into the ring. Orton finally gets the win over Edge.1..2..3.
Winner=Randy Orton

Schivone- What a match Mike, I hope we see a lot more of this tongiht, cause this may of been the best match Ive ever witnessed.
Tenay- Are you meaning it was good because of the skills these to athletes brought to the ring? Or was it good becasue the best damn athlete in the world, Randy Orton, has just made Edge another victim.
Schivone- What the hell do you mean by that?


Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs. Billy Gunn w/Torrie Wilson
Noble starts the match with a few quick dropkicks to Gunn. He follows up with a leg drop, and low blow elbow drop. He climbs to the top rope, and hits a senton bomb on Gunn. This looks like its gonna be a short match. He grabs Billy and nails a ddt, which he calls the trailer park ddt. He goes for the cover but instead of the ref counting, he is distracted by Torrie Wilson. She is on the apron taking off her top, then her shorts, revealing a sexy red Bra, and G-String. Noble comes over and punches the ref. The ref calls for a DQ, as Noble and Billy start a shoving contest in the ring. Torrie also comes in the ring, but Nidia follows her. It seems like she is just about to hit Noble when Nidia pulls her to the side. The two look like they are just about to start exchanging slaps but instead the two embrace in a lip lock on eachother.
Winner by DQ: Billy Gunn

Tenay WOOHOO, WHat the hell is going on here? Whatever it is I like it.

Gunn, and Noble look in amazement. They jump out of the ring, and grab a chair fro mthe crowd, and steal someones popcorn. They sit in the ring watching the two, as Torrie begins to undress Nidia. As the two are just standing in there bra, and panties, they lock lips, start making out, and begin to feel eachother up. Nidia locking her hand on Torrie's breasts, and Torrie squeezing Nidia's tight Ass. It looks as if Torrie is gonna undo Nidia's bra, when all of a sudden, they hold eachothers hands, and clothesline Billy, and Jamie right off their chairs. They continue to lay the beating on the two men, and leave the ring together.


Trish vs. Lita vs. Jazz vs. Stephanie vs. Victoria vs. Dawn Marie
The bell rings, and all six women go running at eachother. Victoria is assulting Dawn, in the corner. Lita is dropkicking Jazz, and Trish and Steph are just looking at eachother. Finally the two start going at it, throwing eachother around by the hair. Jazz strips off Lita's pants to reveal a gold thong, while Dawn rips Victoria's top off to show off her purple lace bra. As Trish is still in the corner working on Steph, she does a quick powerbomb, and rips off her top aswell. The fans go absolutely nuts, to see Steph without a top. She is left in the ring with a white bra on that was so tight you could see her hard nipples through. The fight continues as Lita goes and finally strips the top of Jazz off. Jazz is so disgusted that she leaves the ring, and heads to the back. Lita, Trish, and Stephanie, now triple team on Dawn ,and Victoria. They end up begin eliminated(stripped) to leave Trish, Lita, and Steph in the ring. At one point Lita seems to get the upper hand, as she hits a moonsault on Trish, and pulls of her top to reveal a black lace bra. Lita continues to go at it by pealing off Stephanies tight pants to reveal her matching, small, tight white thong. Once again the crowd goes nuts. Lita and Trish are left in the ring, it looks as if Lita is gonna when when she does a Twist of Fate, but instead its reversed. Trish goes to pull off her top, but no, Lita reverses and get the Trishs pants half way off, but no Trish also grabs Lita's top and completely rips it off, at the same time Lita rips Trish's pants off. The two are left in the ring. Lita with her gold matching bra, and thong, and Trish with her black lace bra, and thong. Who won? They both stripped eachother at the same time?
Winner : Draw

--Area_52 comes out--
Area - I see we have a little problem here. I agree both of you won at the same time, and we cannont give the title to both of you. So, Im gonna resolve this dispute. Next week in this very ring, its gonna be Lita vs. Trish in an evening gown match for the womens championship. And YES to all you fans out there, and to Lita and Trish, the loser will be without any bra, or thong.
--Fans go nuts, as Area_52 leaves the ring
Tenay - What? This is even better than Torrie, and Nidia. Tony I cant wait till next Tuesday. Hell I wish it was Tommorrow.
Schivone - I agree with you there Mike, but we have to concentrate on tonight yet. Because next, it's Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, for the World Championship.


Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett
Kurt Angle comes out to a huge ovation, everyone is pumped to see him again. When Jarrett's music hits, nobody comes out. They play his music three times, nobody comes out.
Schivone - Where the hell is our World Champion?
A camera cuts to the back, and we see a person laying in blood that looks like, wait yes it is Jarrett. Its hard to see him because he is covered in blood. It doesnt look like this match will go on, there is no way he can compete in this type of matter.
Schivone - Who the hell did this? Why? Hopefully we will have all of these answers for you next week. And remember its official next week's BreakDown, IS 2 hours long, on the USA Network. Goodnight everybody.

TNA Breakdown - Duration - 2 Hours
Announcer - Tony Schivone
Color Commentator - Mike Tenay

Who Is The Owner?!?!?

Unfamiliar music hits, and out comes a guy we have never seen before
Edwards - "For who that dont know me, my name is Travis Edwards and I own TNA. I was absolutely shocked when last week I was sitting at home, and out comes Area_52, saying that he is the new owner of TNA. I couldnt believe it, and I was interested to see what he could do for the company. But, my thinking quickly came to an end, when my good friend Jerry Jarrett phoned me, and said that Area isnt the owner, but I could be, if im interested in the oppurtunity. I said hell yeah, paid my like away, and now im in front of you tonight."
Area_52 comes out
Area - "Who the hell do you think you are ocming into my ring, saying how your the owner, and im not. Well ever since you came out here youve been telling bullsh*t. So security if you will, please come out here and escort this crazed fan out of the arena.
Security comes out, and escorts Travis out of the ring, and up the ramp, but stop when Jerry Jarrett comes out
Jarrett - "Area you are completely wrong. You arent the owner I have the contract right here in my hand, and right now there is no signature on the dotted line. BUT, below the dotted line it does read Travis Edwards. So security if you could release Travis, I think he has a contract to sign."
Edwards signs the papers, and now is the owner of TNA
Edwards - "Security, will you please get that man out of my ring. And Area your FIRED.
Edwards leaves, and the security goes and escorts Area out of the ring, and arena.


Unexpected Arrival
We cut to the back and see Jeff Jarrett coming out of a limo. His head is wrapped up in bandages, and it looks like he is looking for someone, or maybe looking to stay out of the way of someone.

Schivone - "What? What a true competitor. Showing up to a show one week after that viscious attack, it takes a very committed person to show up at work, when he doesnt have to."
Tenay - "Ahh, shut up Tony. I only wish that the guy who attacked him last week would of beat a little more sense into him, to keep him out for a lonmger amount of time, and then maybe he wouldnt come back."

Dudley Boyz vs. La Resistance - Tag Team Championship
The match goes back and forth, with the Frenchmen taking control over D'Von. After a few minutes as a face in peril, D'Von is finally able to make the tag to Bubba Ray. Bubba gets in the ring, cleans house, and a melee breaks out. D'Von and Grenier spill to the outside, as the legal men battle in the ring. Bubba Ray reverses an Irish Whip and sends Dupree into the referee , knocking him down and out. Dupree is down near the ropes. On the outside, Grenier has used the ring bell to clock D'Von! Bubba signals for the Bubba Bomb, but as he moves towards Dupree, Grenier hands Dupree the bell. Bubba grabs Dupree, but gets nailed with the ring bell! Dupree tosses the evidence to Grenier, and covers Bubba. The ref is finally coming to.......1-2-3! La Resistance has just screwed the Dudley Boyz out of the Tag Team Titles.
Winner, and New Champions La Resistance


Edge vs. John Cena
John Cena comes down and starts rapping about Edge, and how much he looks like a girl. Edge interupts him, and makes his way down to the ring. Just before he gets to ringside he gets jumped by Randy Orton, and Test, and they begin to lay the beating on him. Road
agents, and refs come down to the ring, to try break up the fight between Edge, and the three men, but to no avail. As Orton, and Cena continue the beating, Test keeps authorites out of the way, by laying them out. It seems as though nobody can stop these three.
As the three men jump into the ring, Ric Flair makes an unexpected appearance

Flair - "WOOOOO!!. Damn is it great to be out of WWE, and out of the life of Triple H. I was sitting there every single day listening how life could be better, and better. Well I tell you i'm getting sick and tired of that crap. That is why im in front of you today, with these three men. WOOOO!! Cause just like Edge found out a moment ago
WOOOO! there is a New Breed in wrestling WOOOO!! Now get back on that asshole, and keep showing him why, he doesnt deserve to be around you three anymore WOOOO!!
Orton, Test, Cena, and Flair continue the beating as we go to commercial
Winner = No Decision


Jarrett discusses his injury, but that's not all he gets
Jarrett - "By know all of you know that last week, I was brutally attacked backstage by an unknown person. Thus, leaving me not able to defend my TNA World Title. I wanted to, but because of that attacker, Kurt you just couldnt have that chance could you? So..."
Eric Bischoff comes down to the ring
Jarrett - "Eric, what are you doing here? This doesnt affect you at all?
Bischoff - " What do you mean this doesnt affect me? I came down here to see how your doing from last weeks beating. I know you very well, and I know that just no little beating will take you out of action. So I decided to come down here tonight, and challenge the new owner of TNA, Travis Edwards, to start a search to find who did this
cruel action to Jeff, last week.
Edwards comes down to the ring
Edwards - "We'll you see Eric? Thats where you're wrong. I have already looked into this problem, and I have solved it already.
Bischoff - "What? I mean. How were you able to do that?
Edwards - "Last week, I just happened to get my hands on a copy of the security tapes from the arena. I went to the local police department, and they were able to help me out on who committed a crime like this.
Bischoff - "Well hell your beginning to look a lot smarter, than I thought you were. Did I mention to you how much I was filled with joy, when I heard you were gonna be the new owner of TNA?
Edwards - "Hey Bischoff, cut the crap. Im not stupid. I know your a little ass kisser, and I also know that it was you, and Jarrett that set up the whole thing last week. The only little problem is that now Val Venis, is at the hospital, having suffered a concussion, because of the attack. So, this is what I'm gonna do. Jarrett get that crap off your head. Im gonna make a huge 10 man Battle Royal this evening, where the winner will face you Jeff, at Ground Zero for the world title, in 3 weeks. And one more thing Jarrett, all these competitors are former world champions themselves. So if I were you I'd get ready for one hell of a night.

Tenay - "See I told you that we had a great champion, a real competitor."
Schivone - "What are you talking about? You just said you wished he would never show up again in another TNA ring?"
Tenay - "No, that wasnt me. It must of been this security guy telling you this."
Schivone - "Well why is he here, we dont need no security, nobody is coming to attack us.... or wait your worried about Jarrett arent you? Some tough guy are, now your running scared HAHA"


Jamie Noble w/Nidia vs. Billy Kidman - Cruiserweight

Spinning back kick from Jamie Noble. Noble crushes Kidman with a huge legdrop. Hooks the leg for a two count. Kidman blocks the suplex attempt and is able to hit the suplex instead! Kidman hits a HARD spinning kick to the jaw. Flying elbow from Billy Kidman connects. SUPER frankensteiner on Jamie, who hit hard and is loopy as a result. Pinfall attempt: ONE...TWO...NO! I would have bought that as the finish! Noble takes a NICE hurrancarana from Billy Kidman. Kidman drops an elbow...but Jamie Noble moves out of the way. Super kick by Noble. Lightning kick by Jamie on Kidman. Billy Kidman comes up with a right hand out of nowhere. The time limit expires, and the referee declares the match a draw. Billy Kidman extends his hand to Noble...and it is accepted! They shake.
Winner = No Decision


Video recap of last weeks events
We are shown a video of how the main event tonight, a ten man battle royal was set up, and how Jeff Jarrett was able to keep the tilte last week.

We cut to the parking lot, where we see lights coming in the entrance, and to our surprise The Undertaker, flies by us on his motorcycle.

Schivone - "It looks like The Undertaker is on his way. The main event is NEXT.


Ten Man Battle Royal - #1 Contenders Match
Kurt Angle, Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Booker T, The Undertaker, Kevin Nash, Randy Orton, Scott Steiner, and Christian all come out in order, and the match is off to a blazing start, but for some reason we only have nine competitors. Hmm, anyways everyone runs at eachother and fists are being thrown left, and right. Christian seems to always be getting knocked down, but is always quickly going on. Nobody is getting the upper-hand until Goldberg double closthesline both Kevin Nash, and Christian out of the ring. The remaining competitors do the usual moves they always do, and the pace slowly slows down. Orton and Steiner then leave the ring, and pull out The Undertaker under
the ropes, and procede to give him consecutive chairshots. On the ring Angle has the anklelock on Chris Jericho. He gets the ropes but gets pulled away, and the pain is too much so he taps, and is eliminated. Orton and Steiner then get in the ring and go after Angle, knocking him out after a chairshot. A couple refs come in and take there weapons, and they continue the beating on Goldberg and Booker T. As they are busy with those two. Angle gets up, and hits the Angle Slam on Steiner. One..Two..Three, Steiner is eliminated. Orton sees this and meets, Angle as hes getting up TKO. One..Two..Three..
Angle is eliminated.. Booker tries to hit the Scissor Kick on Orton, but instead he moves out of the way, and throws Booker right over the top rope. This leaves Orton, and Goldberg, oops and Undertaker, but he is still laying out of the ring. Goldberg sets Orton, up fo the spear, but No, instead Orton throws him right out of the ring. Orton is just about to get out of the ring to get The Undertaker, when...The Rock makes his entrance. He is carrying a mic, down to the ring, and it looks like he may be the tenth competitor in this match.

Rock - "Just Wait A Damn Second, you think you could end this mathc without The Rock? Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, AHHH Shut Your Mouth you little pretty boy amateur. Cause yes you can end the match, but it will be The Rock that ends the match."Orton tries to clothesline the Rock, but instead he duck, and hits the Rock Bottom 1..2..3. Orton is eliminated, as the Rock gets up, he doesnt see that The Undertaker is standing right behind him, and he steps into a chokeslam, but no, The Rock low blows The Undertaker, and hits the spinebuster, here it comes The People Elbow. 1..2..3 The Rock did it, hes the number one contender, but wait a damn second, Jarrett's behind him, and nails him with a guitar. Jarrett, leaves the ring, and high tails out through the crowd.
Winner = The Rock

The Owner's music hits, and Travis Edwards is headed down to the ring
Edwards - "You know I had a feeling that you would do this Jeff. So I have decided on two things. First, the Main Event will be The Rock, vs. Jeff Jarrett for the World Title, in a No DQ Falls Count Anywhere Match. And Secondly, there will be a special guest referee for that match. There is only one man that I know will call it down
the middle, because of the past experiences hes had with both of you, and his name is..........Stone Cold Steve Austin."
Glass Breaks, and Austin comes down to the ring
Austin - "What?, What?, What? I got four words for you Trav, you Rock, you Jarrett, and for everyone else watching us here tonight. 'I'll Drink To That'."
Schivone - "Oh my lord, the texas rattlesnake has arrived in TNA. What a Main Event we have set for Ground Zero."
Tenay - "And what a disadvantage Jarrett has know. If your listening Jarrett, you'd better start making plans now."
Schivone - "Im sure Austin will call it down the line, we'll see you next week. Goodnight everybody."

Austin celebrates, and has a beer bash, as we go off the air
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