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This is a new thread for Wolf Beast Presents WWE RAW. Wolfie decided that it was only fair that it was not JUST his name in the title and that both of our names would be in it. We threw some ideas around and I came up with the Name: WWE Rebirth. So here it is, I will post all of the SmackDown shows up until Bad Blood, where i will start posting Wolfie's RAW's!!
So here is My first SmackDown!:

May 20th Las Vegas NV

The show opens with a video package displaying what went down at Judgement Day between Eddie Guerrero and JBL in the WWE Championship match.

Pyros and music hits and SmackDown! is underway!

Michael Cole and Tazz open the show telling us about Judgement Day!

Cole : Hello everybody and welcome to SmackDown! Just 4 days removed from the MASSIVE Judgement Day!
Tazz : Damb right it was massive!
Cole : Here to start us off tonight is General Manager Kurt Angle!

Kurt Angle’s music hits and he comes out in his wheelchair with Luther Reigns, his new appointed bodyguard.

Kurt : Last night was a travesty in my opinion! Eddie Guerrero was up to his old antics of Viva La Rasa! And you know what? It stops HERE! And you know why? Because of this man, Luther Reigns! And you know how? Because Luther is going to beat the living CRAP out of Eddie! Right her TONIGHT! And this match will be for the WWE Title! Oh and one small thing, IT’S NEXT!

Cole : Oh My God! WWE Championship, on the line! NEXT!

<Don’t try this at home video plays>

Luther Reigns is in the ring ready for Guerrero. Luther’s size is scary and Kurt just chuckles as Eddie’s music hits, ready for him to make his way to the ring.

Viva La Rasa! Eddie makes his way out to the ring in his Low Rider, but he does not look in his normal buoyant mood. Eddie looks busted up with stitches all over his drained face.

1st Match WWE Championship
Eddie Guerrero v Luther Reigns

The match begins with Luther nailing a kick to the gut followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Reigns, picks Eddie up and hits some right hands, direct to the face. Luther then picks Eddie up and hits a shot the ribs, with a big knee. Next Luther nails a Big Boot to the face. Reigns then smashes Eddie’s face into the turnbuckle, then followed by a powerslam. Eddie, who hasn’t been able to get up on his own yet, begins to look tired and weary. Luther then decides that he has had enough of beating Eddie up and signals to Kurt that it is the end. Luther hoists Eddie onto his shoulders in a powerbomb position. Reigns then nails not 1 not 2, but 3 powerbombs in a row! Luther then pins Eddie for the 1,2,3!
Winner and New WWE Champion: Luther Reigns

Kurt : Your new WWE Champion everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well he would be if he were a signed WWE Superstar!!!!! HA HA HA!!!!! Yeah that’s right Eddie’s still champ! But he will defend his title in 2weeks in Las Vegas! And can you guess whom it will be against? That’s right you bunch of losers you guessed it! LUTHER REIGNS!

Suddenly JBL’s music hits and out comes the native Texan in his limo.

JBL : What the HELL! You are seriously giving this pathetic excuse of a wrestler a TITLE SHOT! What the hell is up with that! I beat Eddie Guerrero’s ASS last Sunday!

Kurt : Well since you couldn’t Win and BEAT Eddie last Sunday! I decided that Luther would become the No.1 Contender! And if you’ve got a problem then maybe you should sort it out with Luther!

Luther Reigns gestures for JBL to come to the ring. Then out of nowhere Eddie blasts Reigns around the head with a steel chair! Eddie then moves on to flip Angle out of his Wheelchair and smash the chair onto Angle’s cast making Angle scream in pain!

JBL : What the hell! Eddie you got lucky last Sunday! Stay there so I can kick your ass!

JBL then climbs out of the limo and begins to limp towards the ring. Once their Bradshaw attempts to climb into the ring, only to be shoved off of the apron onto the floor by Eddie. Guerrero then grabs Angle’s microphone and says three short words “Viva La Rasa”
JBL begins to go wild, flipping the ring steps and kicking the ring barrier, as Eddie Guerrero’s music plays and he celebrates with his title in the ring.

Commercial Break

We then cut to the back where we see Paul Heyman approaching The Dudley Boyz with a glint in his eye.

Bubba : What the hell do you want?

Paul : Wait Bubba, D-Von hear me out here! What if I could get you two a tag-team-title-match! Huh? What do you two think to that? Listen I know that you lost to RVD and Rey at Judgement Day, but that was a fluke! I’m telling you those titles are all but around your waist! I mean you can beat those two ****’s Rico and Charlie Haas with your hands behind your back!

D-Von : We’ll think about it. Now get out of here!

2nd Match Cruiserweight No.1 Contenders Fatal Fourway
Rey Mysterio v Billy Kidman v Paul London v Jamie Noble

As all four participants enter the ring, Chavo Guerrero’s music hits and both Chavo Jnr and Snr come out looking full of themselves. Both of them will join Michael Cole and Tazz for commentary for this match.
We begin with Rey Mysterio and Jamie Noble taking control of London and Kidman, the two former partners. Rey hits a kick to the mid-section on London and tails a spinning DDT. Noble however, is a little more settled and starts with a powerslam. Noble then picks up Kidman and hits a couple of chops, followed by a face smash into the turnbuckle. Rey picks up London and nails some elbows to the face. Noble and Rey then Irish whip Kidman and London into each other. After the collision, both turned back around into DDT’s!
Noble and Rey then back into each other, turn around and begin to brawl. London rolls out of the ring to re-cooperate.
Kidman however gets back up and climbs to the top rope, after Rey has won the fistfight with Noble, he turns around to a drop kick from Billy. London then slides back into the ring and covers Rey, 1,2..Kidman breaks up the count. Noble then picks up London and hits a reverse atomic drop. London then turns around to another powerslam from Kidman. Rey then dropkicks Kidman into Noble, who goes crashing to the outside, but Kidman land throat first on the second rope.
Tazz : Dial it up Cole!
Rey hits the 6:19 and springs up to the top rope ready for the West Coast Pop! The crowd go wild! But out of nowhere Jamie Noble trips Rey and he lands on the outside, straight on his neck. Noble then jumps onto the top turnbuckle and nails a Leg Drop on Kidman. Noble covers him 1,2..Kickout. London then gets back up and attempts a brawl with Noble, only for Jamie to win and push him into the turnbuckle. Noble then sits London on the top rope and nails a superplex. Jamie once again goes for the pin, 1,2..Kickout! Kidman then gets back up and nails a reverse DDT on Noble. Billy then pulls him to the corner and hits al of the Shooting Star!!! Cover, 1,2,3!!!
Winner: Billy Kidman

Chavo Guerrero then creeps up behind Billy who is celebrating, and hits a chair shot from behind! Chavo then stands above Billy and tells him that the title is his and that he will never win!

Commercial Break

Interview with Mordecai
Josh Matthews : Now I am here with the rising star on SmackDown! Mordecai! Now Mordecai, tonight you will face John Cena, the U.S Champion, now how do you think you will fare in this encounter?

Mordecai : How do I think I will fare? What?!?! Fare? What the hell is that supposed to mean? I’ll fare by kicking his ass!! I have seen the future and the lord has told me, I am the NEXT U.S Champion! I will abolish and destroy John Cena, the sinner of all time. I will punish him and silence his foul mouth! I will take the devil from inside him!

Then John Cena approaches Mordecai from behind and signals that he can’t see him. John then wraps his chain around his hand and nails Mordecai in the back of the head! John then runs to the ring!

3rd Match
John Cena v Mordecai

John Cena’s music blasts through the arena and out runs the U.S Champion! Cena has a HUGE smile on his face and starts to play up to the crowd. Mordecai’s music then hits and the man in white charges down to the ring and straight away takes it to Cena. Mordecai lays some stiff right hands to Cena who delivers them back, plus an eye rake. Cena then gains an advantage from Mordecai’s anger and hits a big clothesline. Cena picks Mordecai up and goes for a suplex, only for the big man to reverse it. Mordecai then kicks Cena before picking him up and hitting a big DDT. Mordecai then nails a backdrop followed by an atomic drop. Cena is out on the mat but Mordecai refuses to let him lie. He picks Cena up and locks on a sleeper. Cena begins to fade and the ref begins the count, 1,2..Cena raises his arm. Mordecai tightens the hold but Cena lifts Mordecai up and backs him into the turnbuckle so he releases the hold. Cena then hits some right hands to the ribs. John begins to fight back, that is until Mordecai hits a knee to the mid-section. Mordecai then hits an uppercut and attempts a Crucifix Bomb on Cena. John then drops down the back of Mordecai and accidentally shoves him into the referee! Cena, noticing the ref is down, grabs his chain and attempts to nail his opponent with the steel. Then out of nowhere Rene Dupree stops Cena in his tracks with a Low Blow. Dupree then hits a Bulldog followed by a knee to the lower back. Rene then begins to do his French Dance. Without Dupree noticing, Mordecai has got up and grabs Rene for a Full Nelson Slam!
The bell then rings for a No Contest! Mordecai is furious! He grabs the referee and delivers a vicious Crucifix Bomb!
Winner: No Contest

Cena then rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Rene follows him and the two begin to brawl on the ramp. Cena gets the better of Dupree and nails a FU on the solid steel ramp! Cena then holds his title high above his head and heads to the back, leaving Mordecai in the ring looking furious.

Commercial Break

Main Event
Rob Van Dam v Kenzo Suzuki w/His Bodyguard

We start the match with Kenzo landing a snap suplex. He then moves on to land a side walk slam. RVD then reverses an atomic drop attempt and turns it into a roll up, 1,2..Kickout. Kenzo then hits a spinning wheel kick and picks Rob back up for a DDT. Kenzo then picks RVD back up and try’s a superkick but Rob blocks it and hits one of his own. RVD then hits a spinning wheel kick of his own and goes for a cover, 1,2..Kickout. RVD then puts Kenzo on the top rope and hits a HUGE DDT! 1,2..KICKOUT! RVD keeps his cool and picks Suzuki back up and hits a kick to the gut followed by a knee to the head. TVD then hits a rolling thunder and another pinfall attempt, 1,2..Kickout once more! RVD then goes for an Irish whip into the ropes, Kenzo reverses it and his bodyguard trips RVD! The ref sees this and sends him to the back. Meanwhile behind the refs back, Kenzo nails a low blow and a spinebuster. Kenzo then rolls up RVD with the tights and feet on the ropes, 1,2,3.
Winner: Kenzo Suzuki

We see that there has been total destruction in the men’s locker room and Rico, Charlie Haas, Orlando Jordan, Rikishi, Shannon Moore, Billy Gunn and The Bashams have all been laid out on the floor!!

Cole : What the hell happened here??????

Tazz : Who the hell did this???

Closing moments go to each superstar in the locker room, each hurt and knocked out!

The Second SmackDown!

May 27th Milwaukee WI

The show opens with a re-cap of last week’s events displaying Eddie v Luther Reigns and then the violence at the end of the show.
Pyros go off and music plays. Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the show.

Cole: Good evening everybody and welcome to WWE SmackDown! Tazz and Michael Cole at ringside!
Tazz: Whoa what a line up we’ve got tonight Cole!
Cole: That’s right ladies and gentlemen a great line up!
Tazz: Here we go then!
Cole: We kick things off with what should be a great highflying encounter! Rey Mysterio and the No.1 Contender for Chavo Guerrero’s Cruiserweight Title, Billy Kidman, taking on Chavo Guerrero and his father Chavo Classic!

1st Match
Rey Mysterio + Billy Kidman v Chavo Guerrero and Chavo Classic

We start with Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero in the ring. They lock up and Chavo powers Rey in to the corner. The ref breaks it up and Rey hits a kick to the gut followed by an uppercut. Rey throws Chavo into the ropes and goes for a backdrop, only for Guerrero to kick him in the face! Chavo then slings himself into the ropes and comes back with a knee to the side of Mysterio’s head. Chavo then takes Rey to the corner to tag in his father. Classic climbs into the ring and delivers some right hands to Rey’s face. Classic then wraps Mysterio’s leg around the ropes and begins to rip away at it. Ref breaks it up. Classic then drags Mysterio into the centre of the ring and attacks the right knee with knee wrenches and double axe handles. Classic then picks Rey up and attempts a clothesline but Rey ducks and hits a neckbreaker of his own. Rey then tries to crawl to Kidman but Chavo Jnr runs in and pulls him back to the centre of the ring. Classic then picks Rey up but Rey nails a dropkick! Mysterio crawls to the corner and makes the tag to the No.1 Contender Billy Kidman. Kidman darts in and hits a cheap shot to Chavo Jnr. He then picks Classic up, hits a few chops followed by a DDT. Billy then delivers a stiff right hand to the kidneys. Kidman picks Classic up, throws him into the ropes and attempts a dropkick but Classic hangs onto the ropes. Classic then makes the tag to his son. Chavo straight away nails a DDT to the dazed Kidman. He picks Billy up and hits a suplex followed by a knee to the ribs. Chavo then decides to finish Billy off and attempts a Tornado DDT. When Chavo has him set up, Rey Mysterio leaps from the top turnbuckle with a hurricarana! Kidman then drags Chavo to the corner and heads up top for the Shooting Star! Rey knocks Classic off of the apron and follows him to the outside while Kidman nails the Shooting Star Press! 1,2,3!
Winners: Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman!

Cole: Kidman just pinned the Champ!
Tazz: Fluke! Chavo wasn’t ready for that match!
Cole: Sure he wasn’t Tazz!


We then cut to the back where Shannon Moore, Billy Gunn and Rikishi are being questioned as to who attacked then last week, by General Manager Kurt Angle.
Shannon: I don’t remember, all I saw was a steel chair hitting my face!
Rikishi: I can’t remember either but whoever it was has got to answer to the Big Kish!
Billy: Now hold on guys I can remember hearing a whisper outside of the door and Doug or Danny, went to see what it was. Next thing I knew he was laid out on the floor courtesy of a steel chair. His brother then went to see who it was and he got one as well! So then Orlando and I rushed to the door and then I can’t remember seeing anything.
Rikishi: Yeah I remember that! Then I peaked my head out of the door. I saw.. A ponytail! Yeah A ponytail! Then someone with a short beard knocked me out!
Shannon: Well I can’t remember any of this happening!
Billy: That’s cause your stupid Shannon!
Shannon: HEY!
Rikishi: What it’s the truth!
Shannon: I suppose.
Billy: You should go ask Rico and Charlie, they were the last two to get hit.
Kurt: OK thanks guys I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Commercial Break

2nd Match
Kenzo Suzuki w/ His Body Guard v Charlie Haas w/ Rico and Miss Jackie

Kenzo begins the match in full control, hitting an eye rake followed by a spinning wheel kick. Suzuki then picks Hass up and hits a knee to the face. He then throws Charlie into the ropes and hits a reverse elbow. Kenzo then hits a standing elbow drop onto Charlie’s chest. Cover 1,2.Kickout
Suzuki picks Charlie Haas up and hits a quick-fire DDT. With Kenzo in complete control, Miss Jackie and Rico try to get the crowd behind Haas. Kenzo attempts a suplex but with the crowd and Miss Jackie behind him, Haas reverses and hits a brainbuster DDT of his own. Haas then picks Kenzo up and goes to work on his back with a backdrop followed by a sidewalkslam. Cover 1,2..Kenzo’s bodyguard breaks up the count. Miss Jackie tries to slap the bodyguard but he catches her hand. Then out of nowhere, Rico slaps his backside and bites his own lip as the bodyguard stares in shock at Rico. Charlie Haas then springboard crossbodies over the top rope onto Kenzo’s bodyguard! With Charlie down on the outside, Suzuki tells the ref to count him out! 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8..Charlie eventually gets back in the ring. Kenzo kicks him in the lower back and drops a knee to the back of the neck; Kenzo then lifts Charlie up and hits a MASSIVE superkick! Cover 1,2,3!
Winner: Kenzo Suzuki
After the bell has rung, Kenzo’s bodyguard attacks Rico from behind and nails a Chokeslam on the outside. He then turns to look at Miss Jackie who flees inside the ring to Charlie. Haas baseball slides the bodyguard as he tries to slide into the ring! Kenzo then gets mad and charges at Charlie but Haas throws him over the top rope! Miss Jackie then spins Charlie around and begins to make out with him! Rico sees this and does not look too pleased! Rico gets in the ring and breaks up the lip lock. He then yells at Jackie asking what the hell she is playing at? The three begin to argue and walk up the ramp to the back still arguing!

Don’t Try This At Home video airs

We come back to see that Kurt Angle is attempting to get some answers out of Charlie Haas and Rico to as to whom attacked them last week. Unfortunately the two are still arguing over what happened between Haas and Miss Jackie.

Kurt: Look you two listen! Listen! LISTEN! LUTHER!

Luther Reigns grabs Haas by the throat and tells him to listen to Kurt!

Kurt: Right, I want some answers! Who was it that attacked you last week?
Rico: I can’t believe you kissed her!
Haas: She kissed me!
Rico: It takes two to kiss, LOOK!

Rico then kisses Angle.

Rico: See! Didn’t you see the lust in his eyes?
Kurt: WHAT????????? LUST????? RICO YOU FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haas: Now there’s no need for that Kurt!
Haas: How the hell should we know? They attacked us from behind!
Rico: Yeah I was putting on my glitter and Charles was rubbing it into my chest!
Haas: What? I was not!
Rico: Of course you weren’t!
Haas: I wasn’t, don’t believe him!
Kurt: I really do not give a Damb what you two homosexuals were doing!
Haas: HEY!
Rico: HEY!
Kurt: Look did you see anything?
Haas: There were 3 letters on his shirt but I don’t know what they were!
Kurt: Rico did you see anything?
Rico: No I was lying face down on the floor.
Kurt: Right ok now you two can get back to your kinky sex or whatever you like to do.

It takes a few seconds for this to sink in before Charlie starts to protest against Kurt.

Commercial Break
3rd Match Non Title
Booker T v John Cena
The two make their way to the ring after Cena does his usual rap insulting Booker and also Mordecai!
We start the match with Cena bouncing off of the ropes into a clothesline from Booker; he gets back up and receives another. Book then hits Cena with a left hand and backs him into the turnbuckle. Book then Irish whips Cena into the opposite turnbuckle and goes to splash him, only for Cena to move, Book to rebound outwards and John to land the throwback! Cover 1,2..Kickout. Cena then picks Booker up and hits a snap suplex. John keeps Book on the floor and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle! Cover 1,2…Kickout again! Cena looks annoyed. John picks him up and goes for the FU! He lands it! Cover 1,2..Mordecai interrupts the count! The ref calls for the bell.
Winner: By DQ John Cena

Mordecai picks Cena up and hits a scoop slam. He then nails a sitout powerbomb followed by the Crucifix Bomb! Booker T then pushes Mordecai and questions why he cost him the match. Mordecai then hits Booker and follows up with another Crucifix Bomb!

Cole: What the hell!?
Tazz: Mordecai just cost Booker that match!
Cole: John Cena just got robbed of a pinfall victory!
Tazz: Booker T you mean!

Mordecai grabs a mic and explains his actions.
Mordecai: Nobody, NOBODY insults Mordecai! Nobody attacks him from behind and NOBODY offends The Lord God!

Mordecai slams the mic down and punches Cena some more, then leaves to a roar of boos.

We cut to the back where Shannon Moore bursts into Kurt Angle’s office yelling and shouting.

Kurt: WHAT THE HELL??????
Shannon: Come…quick….its….see for yourself!
Kurt: Luther! Push me to… Where did you say?
Shannon: The parking lot!
Kurt: What? Luther your match is next! Shannon you take me! Be careful don’t hit my leg against anything!
Reigns: OK I’ll go kick Eddie Guerrero’s ASS!
Kurt: Good Luc…ARGH!!! Shannon!!!!!!!
Shannon: Sorry Mr Angle!

Main Event
Rob Van Dam + Eddie Guerrero v John Bradshaw Layfield + Luther Reigns

RVD comes out first and looks over his shoulder as he comes out? Eddie follows him, to a HUGE pop and their opponents come next.
RVD and Luther start the match with Rob using his speed to his advantage. RVD hits a spinning wheel kick to take Reigns down, followed by a very early rolling thunder. RVD then picks Reigns up and hits a kick to the gut followed by a swift DDT. RVD then tags in Eddie who looks to take out some revenge from last week. Eddie starts with a tilt the world hurricarana followed by a drop kick to the face. Eddie then taunts JBL and is caught off guard by a reverse DDT from Reigns! Luther picks Eddie back up and hits a big scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Luther then tags in JBL who goes to work on Eddie arm. He hits an arm bar takedown and then applies the arm bar to full extent. RVD then tries to get the crowd behind Eddie. Eddie breaks out of the hold and flips back onto his feet. JBL tries to hit a clothesline, but Eddie ducks and hits a neckbreaker. Eddie then tags RVD back in and Rob hits a kick from the top rope. RVD then nails another rolling thunder, this time on JBL, RVD then hits a cheap shot on Luther. Reigns jumps into the ring and takes out RVD with a clothesline. He then turns around to a drop kick from Guerrero, but it is not enough to knock him down. Luther picks Eddie up but Guerrero nails a DDT. RVD then hits a DDT on JBL and both head to the top! Both deliver Frog Splashes and both pin JBL and Luther Reigns! 1,2,3!
Winners: RVD and Eddie Guerrero

As soon as the match finishes we cut to the back where Kurt Angle is seen arriving in the parking lot to find 4 SmackDown! Superstars laid out on the floor! Paul London has been put through a car window. Hardcore Holly’s head has been smashed into the car. Mark Jindrak’s leg has been run over and Jamie Noble has been put through the bonnet of the car!
Angle: OH MY GOD!

The Third SmackDown

June 3rd Toronto Ont.

The show opens with a re-cap of the RVD, Eddie, JBL and Luther Reigns match and also a re-cap of the mystery attacker damage.Pyros go off music plays and SmackDown is under way!

Cole: Hello everybody and tonight we hope to find out who the mystery attacker is!
Tazz: That’s right because tonight we have actual security camera footage from last weeks attack!!!!
Cole: This will be huge!!
Tazz: Lets get things underway!

1st Match
Rey Mysterio v Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo Classic

Billy Kidman joins Michael Cole and Tazz for commentary on this match.
Rey and Chavo lock up in the centre of the ring and Rey demonstrates his lightning pace taking Chavo down, hooking his leg around Guerrero’s leg and flipping Chavo down locking in a half Boston Crab. Chavo powers out and backs into a schoolboy from Rey. 1,2..Kickout. Chavo and Rey bounce back up and lock up once more. This time Chavo lifts Rey onto the top turnbuckle and climbs to the middle rope. Rey pushes Chavo off and goes for a dropkick, Chavo catches Rey’s legs and goes for a powerbomb but Rey reverses into a hurricarana! Guerrero gets back up to a clothesline from Rey followed by another! Chavo rolls out of the ring and Classic gets on the apron. Rey begins to brawl with Classic and Chavo gets back into the ring and rolls up Rey! 1,2..Kickout! Chavo gets Rey back up and hits some chops to the chest. Guerrero attempts a DDT only for Rey to reverse and twist Chavo’s arm and land a tilt the world DDT! 1,2..Classic breaks up the count! The Referee sends Classic to the back! Rey begins to yell at Classic as he walks to the back. Meanwhile Billy Kidman jumps onto the apron and springs Chavo back off of the ropes into a DDT from Rey! But the ref is too busy with Classic who refuses to walk away. Rey yells at the referee while Chavo recovers. Suddenly Classic throws Chavo the Cruiserweight Championship Belt and nails Rey with the title while Classic distracts the ref!!!!! 1,2,3!!!
Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Billy Kidman climbs into the ring and Chavo and Billy begin to brawl. Rey and Billy double team Guerrero and Billy holds Chavo for Rey to hit him. Chavo ducks and Rey nails Billy unintentionally! Chavo and Chavo Classic walk back up the ramp while Rey attempts to console Billy!

Commercial Break


Rey Mysterio is still trying to console Billy Kidman but Billy is having none of it.

Rey: Billy I’m so sorry!
Billy: Get lost Rey I don’t want to know
Rey: It was an accident Billy! Chavo ducked I can’t help that!
Billy: Maybe if you weren’t showboating for the crowd then you might have been a bit quicker!!!!!
Rey: Oh cum on Billy they love me!
Billy: Well guess who doesn’t? ME!
Rey: I don’t want you to love me! But will you forgive me and lets just forget this ever happened!
Billy: The only thing that I’m going to forget is OUR FRIENDSHIP!!!!!!

Billy slams his dressing room door on Rey’s face.
We then see General Manager Kurt Angle being wheeled into his office by Luther Reigns.

Kurt: Now Luther two weeks ago I said that you would have a title match against Eddie Guerrero, however since you are STILL not a signed WWE Superstar, the title shot will have to go to John “Bradshaw” Layfield.
Luther: WHAT???? You are giving that jerk a title match?????
Kurt: Look he’s the next best candidate behind you! Plus he did look pretty impressive at Judgement Day!
Luther: I suppose
Kurt: But I think that I’ll delay it for a week, so that I can come up with a decent stipulation that if both fair and favours JBL! Yeah and there will be a match tonight between Eddie’s chum Rob Van Dam and JBL!
Luther: Sounds good
Kurt: Right Luther take me to my Limo so I can go and visit the victims of last weeks attack and try to find out who it was.
Luther: Mr Angle what about the security camera tape!
Kurt: Of course! Stick it in the video truck and we’ll go to the ring and call out whoever did it!
Luther: Then can I beat the hell out of them!
Kurt: Too right you can Luther! But I need to freshen up first!

Luther drops the video into the monkeys in the truck and wheels Kurt to the bathroom for him to freshen up.

Don’t Try This At Home video airs.

2nd Match
Booker T v Mordecai

In a grudge match caused by Mordecai attacking Booker last week, Booker looks to exact some revenge. U.S Champion John Cena walks down to ringside and gets out a chair to sit on to watch the match.
The two lock up and Mordecai powers Booker T into the corner and nails some right hands to the face. Booker gets angry and retaliates with a kick to the mid-section followed by a DDT. Booker picks Mordecai up and hits some massive chops in the corner before slinging Mordecai into the ropes and landing a backdrop. Book signals to Cena on the outside that the title is his. Cena signals Just Bring It but Booker continues with his match. Book lands a suplex followed by a leg drop. 1,2.Kickout. Booker keeps his cool and picks Mordecai back up and goes for the Book End. Mordecai reverses and nails a DDT of his own. 1,2.Kickout. Mordecai lifts Book up and hits a back breaker. Mordecai lifts Book up again and goes for a sitout powerbomb. Booker reverses and sends Mordecai flying out of the ring into Cena! Cena begins to brawl with Mordecai and Booker interferes and nails a suplex on Cena! Booker throws Mordecai into the ring and Cena follows! Cena stops and attempt of a Scissors Kick and the Ref calls for the bell.
Winner: No Contest

Out of nowhere Rene Dupree sprints into the ring with a chair and deals Cena a blow to the head! Dupree swings for Mordecai but he blocks it and hits a scoop slam on Rene. Mordecai turns round to see the United States Title in his face, courtesy of Booker T! Booker then performs the Spin-a-rooni to celebrate!

Commercial Break

We come back to Josh Matthews with and interview with Kenzo Suzuki.

Josh: I’m here with SmackDown!’s newest signing, Kenzo Suzuki and both his bodyguard Taiyo Kea, and his wife Hiroko Suzuki join me here as well. Now Kenzo last week you faced one half of the tag team champions, Charlie Haas. After the match, Taiyo and yourself attempted to attack Charlie and Miss Jackie, do you have a reason?
Kenzo: dgfhfxgertnbudhyvbdus(A Load of Japanese talk)
Hiroko: Kenzo calm down! He does not have to explain his actions! And neither does Taiyo or even me! Kenzo does what he wants when he wants!
Josh: Ok……This week Kenzo you will face the other half of the tag team champions, Rico. How do you feel about this match?
Hiroko: There is no way that Rico can win! Kenzo will destroy Rico! He will do it for his home country! And after the destruction, Kenzo will get his hands on Charlie Haas and he will destroy him to!!!!!! Come on lets go to the ring!!

At Ringside

Cole: Kenzo sure doesn’t seem the most pleasant person does he?
Tazz: I dunno I quite like him, should be interesting to see how he copes with Rico.
Cole: Indeed! Flamboyance v Ruthless Aggression! Next!

Commercial Break

4th Match
Kenzo Suzuki w/ Taiyo Kea and Hiroko Suzuki v Rico w/ Charlie Haas and Miss Jackie

As the two groups of three make their way to the ring, Charlie and Rico do not look on the best of terms, with Miss Jackie’s face displaying that she feels fairly awkward.
Rico does not look in his normal flamboyant mood as he locks up with Kenzo. Suzuki hits a knee to the mid-section followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Kenzo picks Rico back up and goes for a gut wrench powerbomb but Rico powers out and hits a clothesline of his own. Rico lands an elbow drop followed by an armbar. Kenzo manages to get to the ropes and Rico breaks the hold. Rico picks Kenzo up and delivers a couple of chops to the chest and then throws Suzuki into the ropes. Rico attempts a back elbow but Kenzo ducks and nails a superkick to the face! Cover 1,2.Kickout. Kenzo begins to get angry and tosses Rico out of the ring. Taiyo begins to beat on Rico until Charlie interferes and hits a bulldog on Kea. Rico gets back up and pushes Charlie away so he can beat on Taiyo. Miss Jackie pulls Charlie away while Kenzo pounces on Rico and throws him back into the ring. Kenzo hits a kick to the back and picks Rico up and hits a backdrop. Miss Jackie tries to get the crowd behind Rico but Hiroko attacks her from behind! Charlie pulls her off of Miss Jackie but Kea Taiyo attacks him and the two begin to brawl with Taiyo having the size advantage. Taiyo throws Charlie into the ringsteps while Hiroko hits a DDT on Miss Jackie! In the ring Kenzo is in complete control and hits a neckbreaker on Rico. Kenzo then picks Rico up and nails a Superkick to finish him off. Cover 1,2,3!
Winner: Kenzo Suzuki

After the match, Kenzo and Kea Taiyo continue to beat on Charlie and Rico, Kea then gives Miss Jackie a choice of who to save from the beating, Rico or Charlie. Miss Jackie begins to sob but eventually points to Charlie!!!!!!! Kea and Kenzo hit a double team powerbomb on Rico as Miss Jackie and Charlie Haas are forced to watch!

Commercial Break

We come back to see General Manager Kurt Angle yelling at the monkey’s in the truck about something to do with the security camera video.

Kurt: What do you mean you can’t see anything!!!!
Monkey: The camera is black Sir apart from one of the bottom corners!
Kurt: WHAT???????
Monkey: I’m sorry Sir!
Kurt: Hell with it stick it in and after this match me and Luther will go to the ring and see if we can see anything!!!
Monkey: Yes Sir!

Main Event
Rob Van Dam v John “Bradshaw” Layfield

Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns are at ringside for this match and Eddie Guerrero is barred from ringside.

RVD and JBL lock up and RVD lands some kick to the leg that knock JBL to one knee. RVD goes for a kick to the temple but JBL ducks and hits an uppercut of his own. JBL throws RVD into the ropes and goes for a Big Boot but RVD moves and JBL gets stuck on the top rope. Before Van Dam can capitalise Luther Reigns helps Bradshaw to untangle himself. RVD knocks Reigns off of the apron and hits a spinning wheel kick on JBL. Cover 1.Kickout. Rob picks Bradshaw up and hits a kick to the leg. RVD throws JBL into the ropes, does the splits so Bradshaw jumps over him on the way back, and then tosses JBL over onto the canvas with his feet on JBL’s way back. RVD is in full control of JBL and hits the rolling thunder. 1,2.Kickout. RVD picks Layfield up and goes for a standing dropkick but JBL moves and RVD lands awkwardly on his back. Bradshaw lands an elbow drop followed by a knee to the ribs. JBL picks Mr Thursday Night off of the canvas and goes for a powerbomb but RVD drops down the front and lands a face crusher. 1,2.Kickout again! RVD begins to get agitated and drags JBL to the corner of the ring. Rob heads up top and goes for a split legged moonsault but Luther pulls Bradshaw out of the ring. Bradshaw slides back into the ring and begins to hit some right hands in the lower back of RVD. Bradshaw lifts RVD up and goes for the Clothesline From Hell up RVD ducks and puts Bradshaw in a small package, but Bradshaw squeezes out and rolls RVD up with a handful of tights! 1,2,3!
Winner: John “Bradshaw” Layfield

As soon as the bell rings Eddie Guerrero sprints down to the ring and begins to brawl with JBL but Luther interrupts pulling the two apart. RVD holds Eddie back while Luther fetches Kurt. Luther then places Kurt in the ring and Angle grabs a mic.

Kurt: Seems, as you two can’t keep your hands off of each other, next week you will meet in a STREET FIGHT!!!!!! And the WWE Title WILL be on the line! Right now that that announcement is over and done with lets take a look at this video! If RVD and Luther let you two go, do you promise to help be find out who caused all of this carnage that has been happening?

JBL and Eddie nod while giving darting looks to one another.

Kurt: Good! Right you monkeys in the back! Stick that tape in!

The video comes up on the TitanTron and we see someone with long hair in a ponytail approach the camera with a spray paint can. The man is wearing a mask so we cannot see his face. He sprays the camera but a small space is left in the bottom right hand corner. We then hear the man yell to another mystery man to back away.
Mystery Man 1: Go back go back! Here they come!
Mystery Man 2: Get in the car!

We see Hardcore Holly, Jamie Noble, Paul London and Mark Jindrak enter the car park. Out of nowhere the car that the mystery men got into charges into Mark Jindrak! We do not see the men exit the car and begin to brawl with the remaining three however we can hear them.

Mystery Man 1: You want some Holly??? Huh have some of this steel!!!!
Mystery Man 2: Come on you two wimps! Noble how do you like this?????

We hear a crash that would appear to be Noble going through the car window. We then hear the sound of Hardcore Holly’s head hitting the car. Next we hear a man scream.

Mystery Man 1: Get the hell off of my mask London!!!!!!

We hear another crash that must be Paul London going through the car bonnet. The final image is of the 1st Mystery man backing into the small gap without his mask! Unfortunately we do not see who’s face it is as the video is cut short!!

Kurt: What the hell!!!!!! Put it back on!!!!!!

Suddenly the lights go out and we here a scream followed by several chair shots! The lights come back on and we see that there has been total chaos in the ring with Eddie, JBL, Luther and Kurt all on the mat screaming in pain! RVD is standing on the entrance ramp looking shocked. The crowd start to boo as they suspect RVD has caused the damage.

The final images are of a shocked Van Dam and also of the chaos in the ring.

The Fourth SmackDown!

SmackDown! June 10th
Long Island NY.

Paul Heyman’s ugly face appears on the screen as we prepare for another action packed SmackDown!

Paul: Tonight Kurt Angle is unable to participate in his duties as SmackDown!’S General Manager, so he has decided to appoint the next best candidate, Paul Heyman!
Tonight Ladies and Gentlemen, you have a different General Manager that WILL resolve the sneak attacks that have taken place over the last three weeks. Tonight, you WILL see new Tag Team Champions crowned and also tonight you WILL witness the return of the Dudley Boyz!!!!!!!!

Clips from last weeks videotape is played followed by a re-cap of last week’s chaos.
Pyros explode music plays and SmackDown is underway!

Cole: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Tonight we have an action packed line up!
Tazz: That’s right tonight we will have a different General Manager!
Cole: Correct Tazz, due to Kurt Angle being laid out in a hospital bed due to last week’s chaos, the returning Paul Heyman will be the General Manager for this evening!
Tazz: It should be interesting to see what Paul pulls out of the bag!
Cole: We have two confirmed title matches tonight! Charlie Haas and Rico will defend their tag team titles against The Dudley Boys!
Tazz: Kenzo Suzuki will not be too happy about Heyman’s decision!
Cole: And also an HUGE Street Fight encounter between Eddie Guerrero and John “Bradshaw” Layfield for the WWE Championship!!
Tazz: That should be an epic encounter!
Cole: Lets get things underway with a non-title encounter between Rene Dupree and U.S Champ, John Cena!

1st Match Non Title
John Cena v Rene Dupree

Before the match John Cena comes out and cuts a rap insulting the French, Booker T and Mordecai!
Rene runs to the ring and Cena and Dupree begin to brawl. Dupree gets the upper hand and beats on Cena in the corner. Cena drops to the floor and rolls out of the ring. Dupree follows and grabs Cena from behind and lands a few right hands but Cena retaliates with an eye rake. Cena grabs Dupree’s head and smashes it into the ring steps. John throws Rene into the ring and slides in behind him. Cena lifts Dupree up and lands a suplex. 1,2.Kickout. John picks Dupree up and goes for a scoop slam. Rene wriggles out and lands a DDT of his own. 1,2.Kickout. Rene picks John back up and throws him into the ropes; Dupree lands a clothesline upon Cena’s return. The U.S Champ gets back up and receives another clothesline. Dupree is in control and lands an elbow drop. Rene picks Cena up again and hits an atomic drop followed by a knee to the lower back. The French Phenom picks the Dr Of Thuganomics up and hits an uppercut followed by a Tiger Bomb. 1,2.Kickout. Dupree begins to get aggravated. Rene picks Cena up and goes for a suplex but Cena fights out and lands a scoop slam followed by a leg drop. Cena picks Dupree up again and goes for the F.U! Dupree fights out and rolls Cena up with a handful of tights! 1,2,3!
Winner: Rene Dupree

After the match, Booker T sprints to the ring and brawls with Dupree! Booker gains the upper hand and hits the Scissors Kick! Out of nowhere Mordecai nails Booker with a chair! Mordecai begins to celebrate but Cena creeps up behind him and lands a reverse F.U!!!!!!!
Paul Heyman then appears on the TitanTron to a gigantic boo from the crowd.

Paul: Now upon my return to SmackDown! You disgraceful Long Island idiots boo me! Well screw you!

Crowd Boo

Paul: Oh shut up! Now since you four refuse to leave each other alone! I am making a match scheduled for the Great American Bash! That’s right, Kurt Angle has given me permission to make matches wherever I see fit! So at GAB it will be, Rene Dupree, Mordecai, Booker T and John Cena competing for the U.S Championship in an elimination tournament.

Crowd Cheer but the four superstars in the ring look confused.

Paul: Let me explain. Two of the four competitors will start the match, whoever gets the pinfall will face the next opponent, and so on. But this will be no ordinary tournament! No, no, no. The first fall will be an ordinary match, where the winner will be decided by pinfall or submission. The second will be a ladder match where the challengers will have to reach the U.S Championship that will be dangling above the ring! And the third fall will be inside a solid steel cage where you must escape to win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crowd go ballistic! But John Cena does not look too happy.

Commercial Break

We come back to see Paul Heyman coming out of the Dudley’s dressing room with a wicked smile on his face. Paul begins to walk down the corridor until he bumps into Charlie Haas and Rico who are arguing over last week’s events.
Rico: Why the hell did you leave me high and dry like that?????
Haas: Look man I was beat up as well! They were too big!
Rico: There is no one that is too big for us Charles!
Paul: Oh I wouldn’t be so sure!
Haas: What the hell do you want?
Paul: Just to wish you good luck, because you are going to need it!!!
Rico: Oh and why’s that?
Paul: Because you are about to face the MOST destructive tag team in HISTORY! Over the past two weeks, I have taken the Dudley’s away from SmackDown! And I have put them through the most intense training sessions ever! They are a stronger, quicker, more intense and most of all BETTER tag team then they ever have been!!!!!!!! So I WILL wish you good luck, because you WILL need it!!!!
Rico: Look Paul, we’re not afraid of you, the Dudley’s or even Kenzo Suzuki and Taiyo Kea!! We ARE the Tag Team Champs and we ARE going to retain our titles tonight! And we ARE going to do it WITHOUT Miss Jackie!!!!
Haas: What?? You can’t just leave her out!!
Rico: Why not?
Haas: Because….because.
Rico: Because she always gets in OUR way Charles! I might care about her, but I care about you and these titles more!
Haas: Get the hell off of me!!!!!!! These titles are all three of ours! She has always tried to help us, whenever she can!
Rico: Help you, you mean!
Haas: What’s that supposed to mean!

Paul shakes his head and walks away

Rico: You know what I mean! I’ve seen you two together!
Haas: You’re crazy!!!
Rico: I know I’m crazy! Crazy about you!
Haas: That’s disgusting!
Rico: But Charles!
Haas: Shut up and get to the ring!

Charlie walks off looking seriously annoyed. He bumps into Miss Jackie and he tries to explain why she cannot come with them to the ring.

Haas: Look Jackie I’m sorry, it’s Rico; he thinks there is something going on between us, so he won’t let you come to the ring with us.
Jackie: It’s OK I understand, he can get very jealous you know.
Haas: Yeah I see that now! Well wish us good luck!
Jackie: You won’t need it.

Miss Jackie and Charlie share a small kiss before Rico comes round the corner and glares at Miss Jackie.

Rico: Huh you never wished me good luck!
Jackie: Look Rico there is nothing going on between us!
Rico: There better not be! Right come on Charles we’re going to the ring!

Rico and Haas walk to the ring.Commercial Break

2nd Match Tag Team Championship
Charlie Haas and Rico v The Dudley Boys

Charlie and Rico look to be on the same page as they make their way to the ring. Rico slaps Haas’s butt as he enters the ring Charlie just rolls his eyes. Suddenly The Dudley’s music hits and Paul Heyman struts out. Paul then signals for the Dudley’s to come out but Bubba and D-Von attack Haas and Rico from behind with steel chairs!!!!!!!
The match bell rings and Bubba pins Haas! 1,2.KICKOUT!!!!!!!!! Paul Heyman goes ballistic!!!! Bubba picks Charlie back up and goes for the Bubba Bomb but Haas lands a Low Blow behind the referee’s back! Charlie turns round and nails a clothesline on Bubba. Haas picks Bubba back up and swings him into the turnbuckle. Charlie goes for a flying forearm into Bubba but Bubba moves and Haas goes crashing into the turnbuckle! Bubba picks Haas back up and hits a scoop slam followed by a big splash. 1,2.Kickout! Bubba drags Charlie to the corner and tags in D-Von. D-Von looks to have bulked up and got a lot stronger since two weeks ago. D-Von throws Charlie into the ropes and hits a hip toss upon Haas’s return. D-Von picks Haas back up and hits a belly to back suplex. 1,2.Kickout! D-Von begins to get angry and goes for a Piledriver but Haas reverses into a backdrop. Haas edges towards Rico but Bubba runs in and pulls Charlie away. Rico tries to get in the ring but the referee blocks his path! Meanwhile Paul Heyman throws D-Von one of the tag titles and D-Von nails Charlie with it! The referee turns round to count the fall!!!!1,2,Rico JUST breaks up the count!!!!!! Bubba runs in and attempts a clothesline but Rico ducks and throws Bubba over the top rope. Rico follows Bubba out of the ring and plants his face into the ring barricade and the steel steps! Bubba id knocked out on the floor when Paul Heyman creeps up behind Rico and tries to hit him! Rico has it scouted and hits a DDT on Heyman!!! Back in the ring D-Von is going for a swinging neckbreaker but Charlie breaks out and goes for a superkick! D-Von blocks the kick and holds onto Haas’s foot! Charlie then hits the Standing Enziguri out of desperation!!!! Rico is back on the apron, as is Bubba. Both men crawl to their partners and tag in! Rico comes in like a house on fire delivering multiple clotheslines to Bubba and D-Von! Rico goes for the 5th consecutive clothesline on Bubba but Bubba ducks and plants Rico with the Bubba Bomb!!!! Before Bubba can even attempt a cover, Charlie Haas makes the save and lands a tornado DDT on Bubba. D-Von sprints in and goes blow for blow with Charlie and coming out on top! D-Von throws Haas into the ropes and Bubba gets back up for the 3-D!!!!!!!!! Rico is back up and hits a double clothesline on the Dudleys! Heyman gets on the apron and distracts Rico but Miss Jackie pulls Paul off of the apron and smashes him in the nuts!!!!!!! Rico picks Bubba up and nails a spinning wheel kick! 1,2,3!!!!!!!!!
Winners: Still WWE Tag Team Champions Charlie Haas and Rico!!!!!

Miss Jackie, Rico and Charlie are celebrating in the ring until Kenzo Suzuki, Kea Taiyo and Hiroko Suzuki attack them from behind. Rico fights back against Kea and hits a superkick to send him flying out of the ring. Charlie hits a brainbuster DDT on Kenzo and pushes him out of the ring while Miss Jackie hits a DDT on Hiroko! Then the Dudleys enter the ring with a table and creep up behind Miss Jackie and plant her through the table with a 3-D!!!!!!!!!! Rico and Charlie can only stare on as the Dudleys and Heyman run up the ramp with giant smiles on their faces!

Josh Matthews is with John "Bradshaw" Layfield to discuss his Street Fight match, later tonight.
Josh: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have with me here, the No.1 Contender for Eddie Guerrero's WWE Championship, John "Bradshaw" Layfield. Now John later tonight you will face Eddie Guerrero in one of the MOST anticipated match-ups ever on SmackDown! How do you feel?
JBL: Oh I'm feeling great Josh! And I will feel great once I have that WWE Title around my waist. You see Eddie Guerrero is no Champion! Eddie Guerrero is a hooligan that does not deserve the title of WWE Champion!!!
Josh: Many people have said that John, but in reality Eddie has defended his title with dignity, heart and most of all passion. Do you think that you will be able to put out the fire that burns in Latino Heat's heart?
JBL: What sort of question is that? Of course I can! Didn't you see me beat the crap out of Eddie at Judgement Day? And what that displayed was only a fraction of the beating that he is going to recieve tonight! You see I am a TRUE American that DOES deserve that belt! I'm not a Mexican hooligan like Eddie is! As far as I'm concerned, in the Street Fight tonight, you may well see the last of Eddie Guerrero!!!

{Promo for a returning wrestler} (It should be obvious so I won’t say who it is)
We see a dark room with a wrestling ring inside. We see a number of trophies and awards around the ring. Suddenly a spotlight shines into the middle of the ring and we see a large tattoo on a muscle filled back. A voice begins to talk: {The youngest ever WWE Champion. A former NCAA Champion. An all American Wrestler. And he has some unfinished business! At the Great American Bash, the pain will arrive AGAIN!!!} A familiar opening to a former WWE Champions music plays before the picture fades into the darkness.

We come back to see Miss Jackie being loaded onto an ambulance and Rico and Charlie fighting to see who get on with her,
Rico: Look Charles, I’ll go!
Haas: Let me Rico
Rico: No I am!
Haas: I am!
Jackie: Neither of you are!
The doors close on the ambulance and Rico and Charlie stare in shock as the ambulance speeds away into the night. The Dudley Boys and Paul Heyman then approach from behind and taunt Haas and Rico.
Paul: Awe, do the two bum boys miss their master?
Charlie turns round and takes a swing at Heyman but Bubba Rey blocks it.
Paul: Listen up! Since you got the luckiest win EVER a minute ago. You WILL defend your titles at the Great American Bash! Against THE DUDLEY BOYS!!!
Kenzo Suzuki, Kea Taiyo and Hiroko Suzuki approach from behind and Hiroko begins to complain about Heyman’s decision
Hiroko: Hold it right their Paul! My husband has defeated both of these two wimps in two straight weeks! Don’t you think that HE deserves a title shot?
Paul: These are the tag team titles dear! You have to have a tag team partner to compete for them!
Hiroko: Oh but he DOES have a tag team partner!
Paul: Oh and who would that be?
Kea Taiyo steps forward
Kea: ME!
Bubba: Oh and what are you gunna do?
Kea: A hell of a lot more than you did earlier!
D-Von: Back off you Japanese idiot!
Paul: Whoa, whoa guys calm down! I can change the match!
Kea: You better or else!
Haas: Or else what?
Kea: Or else I’ll kick your ass!!!
Rico: Oh you just try it!
Paul: Look at the Great American Bash it will be a three corners tag team match with the WWE Tag Team titles on the line! OK?????
All: FINE!!!
As the three teams walk away, Kenzo overhears a comment from D-Von about his native Japan. Kenzo turns around and attacks the Dudleys and all hell breaks loose between the three teams. Security runs in and restrains the three teams.

Please Don’t Try This At Home video plays

3rd Match Non Title
Shannon Moore v Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo Classic
Chavo and Classic make there way to the ring where Shannon Moore awaits. The two lock up and Chavo slaps on a waist lock that he turns into a frontal takedown. Chavo springs back up and hits a leg drop to the back of the head. Chavo picks him back up and hits a suplex. Shannon is on the mat hurting. Chavo begins to strut around the ring but Classic tells him to stay focused. In a dramatic fight back, Shannon lands a DDT followed by an elbow drop to the back of the head. Shannon picks Chavo up and hits a couple of shots to the face followed by a dropkick. Shannon heads up top and goes for a cross body but Chavo moves and Shannon smashes into the mat. Shannon manages to crawl back up the ropes to receive a clothesline to send him over the top rope to the floor below. While Guerrero distracts the referee, Classic beats on Shannon on the outside, throwing him into the ring barrier and ring post. Eventually Classic throws Moore back into the ring and Chavo picks him up and nails a tornado DDT for the easy win. 1,2,3
Winner: Chavo Guerrero

After the bell rings, Chavo and Classic celebrate with the belt and Chavo begins to shout into the mic.
Chavo: WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! That was one tough match! NOT!!! Hahahahaha!!! That’s about the calibre of opponent that I’m going to face at Great American Bash, against Billy “Girl Pants” Kidman! That’s right Billy, I’m going to kick you ass!!! You know why? Because Chavo GGGGGGGuerrero is unbeatable!

Billy Kidman’s music plays and the No.1 Contender make’s his way out to the stage.

Billy: Oh so YOU are going to kick my ass? Well looks like you couldn’t kick Shannon’s ass on your own so you had to let your HAS BEEN HERO Dad do it for you!

Chavo looks seriously peeved.

Billy: Oh I’m sorry was that a teeny weenie bit mean? Well tell it to someone who cares! You see Chavo you’re not all that you are cracked up to be! You can’t beat opponents one on one, cause they all kick your ass like Shannon was about to! That Cruiserweight Title belongs around a waist that will put his heart and soul on the line EVERY night to defend it! That title belongs to someone who will give the respect to the title that it deserves. That title belongs to someone that the crowd want it to be. That title belongs to BILLY KIDMAN!!! And at Great American Bash, It will!!! And there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!

Billy plays up to the crowd and then leaves, signalling to Chavo that the belt ishiss.

Commercial Break

Main Event WWE Championship: Street Fight
Eddie Guerrero v John “Bradshaw” Layfield

JBL makes his way out to the ring in his limo to a giant boo from the crowd. Next comes the WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero to the biggest ovation of the night.
The two stare each other down for around a minute. Huge Eddie chants frequently break out during this time. The two finally lock up and JBL overpowers Eddie into the corner. JBL hits Eddie’s head on the turnbuckle and follows up with a backdrop. JBL plays up to the crowd while Eddie gets back up and delivers a dropkick to JBL who falls out of the ring. Eddie follows him and hits Bradshaw’s head against the ring post, barriers and the announce table. JBL eventually rolls into the ring. Eddie grabs a chair and a trash can from under the ring and throws them over the top rope. JBL grabs the trashcan and as Eddie flies over the top rope, he smashes it over Latino Heat’s skull. 1,2.Kickout

JBL is in complete control and lands a backbreaker followed by an elbow drop. Bradshaw steps outside the ring and picks the ring steps up. Layfield throws them into the ring and Eddie climbs up from the canvas to receive a big boot from JBL. Bradshaw lifts Eddie back up and goes for a powerbomb onto the ring steps!!!! Fortunately Eddie drops down the front and lands some right hands to JBL’s head. Eddie pushes John to the ropes and hits a hip toss followed by a leg drop onto JBL’s right arm. Eddie climbs to the top rope and goes for the Frog Splash but Bradshaw moves and Guerrero rolls through.

Eddie bounces off of the ropes and goes for a clothesline but JBL ducks and lands a neckbreaker. Bradshaw lifts Eddie off of the mat and smashes his head into the turnbuckle. With Eddie propped up against the turnbuckle, JBL retrieves the ring steps and mashes Eddie between the turnbuckle and the ring steps. Eddie staggers to turn around and gets a face full of steel courtesy of a chair swung by Bradshaw. Blood starts to pour out of Guerrero’s skull and JBL looks to have the match won. 1,2.Eddie gets his foot on the bottom rope!!!! JBL gets annoyed and pulls Eddie up by his hair. Blood has now spread all over the canvas and Eddie looks to be loosing energy fast.

JBL picks Eddie up into a scoop slam position and slams him onto the blood covered ring steps. Yet again Bradshaw picks Eddie up and goes for the powerbomb onto the ring steps. Yet again Eddie reverses and sends Bradshaw flying out of the ring. Eddie is motionless in the ring while JBL is breathless outside. Eventually Eddie gets to his feet and climbs to the outside. Once their Eddie grabs Bradshaw and smashes his head continuously into the ring barricade. Next Eddie grabs a TABLE!! Eddie slides it into the ring and throws JBL in with it. Eddie hits JBL with the chair and throws it out of the ring. JBL is now bleeding, but not as much as Eddie. Eddie grabs the table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Next Eddie grabs Bradshaw and hits some right hands to keep him on the table. Eddie then puts the chair on top of JBL and heads to the top rope. Suddenly JBL moves and dives into the ropes to knock Eddie off balance. Eddie falls and lands painfully on his neck. JBL regains his breath and wipes the blood from his face. Layfield then grabs Eddie and goes for yet another powerbomb to Eddie’s already injured neck, but this time he tries to put him through the table!!

With Eddie on his shoulders, JBL looks to have the match won, but what Bradshaw failed to notice was that Eddie had picked up a chair when JBL lifted him onto his shoulders! As JBL prepares to plant Eddie through the solid wood, Latino Heat lands a vicious chair shot that sends Bradshaw himself onto the table as Eddie leaps off of his shoulders! Eddie then climbs to the top rope and leaps off with an almighty Frog Splash!!!!! A HUGE “HOLY SHIT” chant breaks out and Eddie crawls to get his arm over JBL! 1,2,3!!!!!!
Winner: Still WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero

Cole: WHAT A MATCH!!!!!!
Tazz: Whoa simply amazing!! Eddie is STILL Champ!!!

Suddenly the lights go out and we hear a crash! The lights come on and we see a masked man standing in the ring. Eddie is on the mat lifeless. Slowly the masked man peals off his mask to reveal……………KEVIN NASH!!!!!!!!!

The First RAW

RAW; June 14th 2004; Dayton, Ohio
Highlights from Bad Blood
Eric Bischoff is standing in the middle of the ring….

Eric: “Last night, Eric Bischoff gave you people the dambdest main event in the history of PPV. Shawn Michaels and Triple H gave you their bodies, their mind, heart and soul. So right now, forget your feelings for either man, and give them the applause that they deserve.”

Crowd gives both men respect with a huge round of applause.

Eric: “Unfortunately, there had to be a loser in the match, and neither man deserved to lose, but in the end, Shawn Michaels was just pipped to the post.
However, right now, I want Shawn Michaels to come to this ring!”

HBK’s theme music plays, and a broken, and clearly battered Shawn makes his way to the ring.

Eric: “Well, well, well. Shawn, I know we’ve had our differences, but last night, at Bad Blood, you gave these fans a performance that will go down forever.
And, after the hell you went through in that cell, you lost the match, but Shawn, you gained my respect. In fact, I think you deserve a Championship match.”

Crowd pops huge!

Eric: “These people think you deserve a title shot, I think you deserve a title shot. But do you Shawn? Do you believe that you can be a World Champion again?”

HBK nods.
Eric laughs. He quickly gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. He turns around and smiles.

Eric: “Well Shawn, Unfortunately for you, You’ve been TRADED!!!”

Crowd Boo’s
Eric: “Security, take this man out of MY ring!!!”

Eric laughs as HBK looks shocked in the ring


We return with J.R and King talking about HBK being traded to Smackdown.

1st Match: Inter Gender Tag Match:
Matt Hardy & Lita vs. Gail Kim & A-Train
A-Train and Gail control the most part, with A-Train using his strength, and Gail using her Submissions. Matt & Lita fight back, thanks to their speed advantage…
Finish: Matt & Train are the legal men, while Gail & Lita fight on the outside, with the momentum in Matt’s favour. He hit’s a side effect, follows up with a Twist of fate, and then calls in Lita to hit her Moonsault. He then goes for a cover, 1...2...TEST PULLS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!!
Matt then tees off on Test, while A-Train gets back up and plants Lita with the Baldo Bomb. Gail then applies an STF and Lita taps out!!!
Test bails through the crowd, while Train looks in the ring wondering why Test would help him.
Winners: A-Train & Gail Kim
In the parking lot, Evolution arrive, steeping out of a limosuine. They see that Shawn Michaels is being escorted out of the arena. Eric Bischoff then approaches Evolution with Johnny Nitro.

They then wave off Michaels. Bischoff then turns to Triple H and smiles.

Eric: Well, Triple H, congratulations on your victory last night. Now, as you have just seen, Shawn Michaels has just left.the building - FOR GOOD! (laughs).

Eric: That really only leaves one man that can be the Number 1 contender for the Heavyweight Title. YOU TRIPLE H!!! At Vengeance you will face Chris Benoit for the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

HHH laughs, shakes Bischoff’s hand, and then walks off with the rest of Evolution.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Shelton Benjamin.

Todd: Shelton, last night, Randy Orton defeated you to retain his Intercontinental title, after interference from Ric Flair. Many peoples opinion was that you had the match won, and if it wasn’t for Flair, then you would be standing here right now as the I.C champ.

Shelton: Well Todd, I know that it isn’t an opinion, it’s a DAMN fact, that I would be champion if Flair hadn’t interfered. Now Randy Orton is still the champion, but I’m after HIM, and I’m after HIS title.
Orton can talk about holding the belt for six months, and that’s all good, but soon he is gonna realise that his time is up, and that it will be ALL about the Benjamin!!


2nd Match:
Edge vs. Garrison Cade
Edge uses his speed and superior technical skill to outmanouvre Cade at the outset, but Cade soon gains the upper hand with some shady tactics. He works on the leg of Edge, and applies a figure four…
Finish: Edge makes the ropes, and Cade is forced to break the hold. He then goes for it again, but Edge counters into a small package, 1...2...KICK OUT!!
Both men bounce up, and Edge hit’s a series of clotheslines, followed by a BuzzKiller. He then sets up Garrison for a Spear, but he moves out of the way. Cade then goes for a Powerbomb, but Edge fights out, and nails the Edgecution, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Edge

We cut backstage and see the arrival of the returning Christian with Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus. They bump into Jericho, and have a staredown.

Christian: (Laughs) We don’t need this. He isn’t worth it. We have bigger and better things to take care off.

The trio then walk off, with Christian laughing.

Test is in Eric Bischoff’s office.

Eric: Welcome back Test. You’re looking great. Hey, what an impact you’ve made here already tonight. Helping A-Train??

Test: That’s right.

Eric: Well, now I want you to prove how much of an impact you can make. You see, as I’m sure you are aware, my nephew Eugene has been making my life HELL RECENTLY.

Test nods.

Eric: Tonight, I want you to put Eugene out - FOR GOOD!!

Test: Eric. If that’s what you want, it will be my pleasure to finish off Eugene!

Eric: That’s what I like to hear Test. That’s what I like to hear.

A vignette then airs, hyping RAVEN.
***(If anyone has ever seen the Shoot Interviews, then you will have seen Raven talk about a storyline he mentioned when in the WWE that they never wanted to use. Now that I have brought Raven back, I have decided to go ahead with the storyline)***

We see a dark eerie room, filled with birds flying around. We then see the shadow of a man in the darkness, and then he speaks:

Raven: Vanity, Anger, Sloth, Greed, Gluttony, Envy, Lust. The seven deadly sins of man. For each sin, they say you will be dealt with appropriately. For each sin, you will spend an eternity in Hell.
I think you hear me knocking…..I think I’m coming in!
Quote the Raven…NEVERMORE!!!

*** *** *** ***

3rd Match: Non-Title Match:
La Resistance vs. Rhyno & Tajiri
Rhyno & Tajiri start off the match on fire, but the champions Tag Team experience begins to overcome the opponents, and they take over. They single out the smaller man, Tajiri, and keep him away from his partner.
Finish: After a long period of control over Tajiri, The buzz saw ducks a double team attempt, and hits both men with a martial arts kick. He then crawls over and tags in his partner. Rhyno clears house and nails a big time spine buster on Conway, then a Powerslam on Grenier.
He goes for a Gore on Grenier, but Conway stops him. They then kick Rhyno out of the ring and take on Tajiri. They whip him off the ropes, but he bounces off and hit’s his reverse elbow to both men, and Rhyno delivers a GORE to Conway, 1...2...3!!!
The victors then celebrate in the ring as La Resistance stagger up the ramp shocked.
Winners: Rhyno & Tajiri


Backstage, Lita is walking around the backstage area smiling. Then she stops, and her smile vanishes. Kane then enters the picture and smiles.

Kane: Hey, Litaaa…

He clutches her hair and sniffs

Kane: Ohhhh, Lita, Lita, Lita.

Lita: What do you want!!??

Kane: You know what I want Lita…….AND I WILL GET IT!!!

Kane walks off as Lita looks terrified.

Interview with Benoit.

Todd: Chris Benoit, earlier tonight, Triple H was announced by Eric Bischoff as the Number one contender for the World Championship at Vengeance. Your thoughts?

Benoit: Well Todd, last night, I defeated Kane to retain THIS CHAMPIONSHIP!! At WrestleMania, I made Triple H TAP OUT!! At Backlash, I made Shawn Michaels TAP OUT!! And at Vengeance, guess what?….Tri-

Triple H interrupts

HHH: Triple H will tap out. Was that what you were gonna say? Guess what Benoit? You have never beaten THE GAME one on one. You never have, you never will. Chris Benoit, your honeymoon is OVER. My time is ready to begin again. No triple threat crap, no ducking, no diving. You and me, one on one. And you WILL lose!!

Benoit: Prove it Triple H. Prove it to these people, and prove it to me. PROVE ME WRONG!!!

The two men go head to head, but Evolution pull Triple H away.

We then go to the ring and see Chris Jericho and the Highlight Reel set. He welcomes his guest tonight - The Coach!!!
Coach makes his way to the ring, looking both a little humiliated from losing to Eugene at Bad Blood, and also still with a slight cockiness.

Y2J: Well Coach, last night you lost your perfect PPV record to Eugene, one of RAW’s rising stars. How will you ever get over a defeat like that??

Coach: (Looks puzzled) What the hell are you talking about. I didn’t lose. No, no, no. That was just a blip. For god’s sake, I mean, it’s Eugene for crying out loud. He doesn’t know his left foot from his right.

Y2J: Do you Coach?

Coach: Of course.

Y2J: Then put up your…..LEFT HAND!

Coach shoots his right hand up in the air, and then realises he has just put up the wrong hand.

Coach: Dammit!! Ok, that was a mistake. Anyway, it doesn’t really matter about that. You see, the coach is a lover, not a fighter. Whereas you Jericho…well you’re just a loser, especially with women. I mean Trish Stratus ditched you in an instant. I tell you what Chris. How about you come out tonight with the coach, and I’ll teach you how to woo the ladies. How about it??

Y2J: Why Coach, I’m touched, really, I am. However, I stopped going to under twelves disco’s a long time ago. And you should too. There is a reason why I call myself, a SEXY BEAST!! I’m the highlight of the night BABY! In more ways than one. So I tell you what Coach. Drink some Jericola, go to the nearest strip club, and shove some fifties down their bra’s, while Chris Jericho pleasures the LADIES of DAYTON, OHIO, AND GIVE THEM A NIGHT, THAT THEY WILL NEVER, EVVVVVVVEEEER FORGET!!!

Coach then swings at Jericho, but Y2J ducks, takes down Coach and locks in the Walls of Jericho. Coach taps in agony, and eventually Jericho lets go, and Coach runs up the ramp.


4th Match: Mixed Tag:
Trish Stratus & Tyson Tomko w/ Christian vs. Victoria & Steven Richards
Richards starts off with Tomko, but is soon overpowered. Both men though make tags, and Victoria & Trish go at it with Victoria on top. Christian though, soon proves a distraction and Trish takes over.
Finish: After a long period of control, Trish becomes Cocky, then goes for the Chick Kick, but Victoria ducks and hit’s the Widows Peak. She goes for a tag, but Christian pulls Richards off the apron. This distracts the referee. Tomko then runs in and Powerbombs Victoria. Trish gets the cover, and the referee makes the count, 1...2...3!
The trio then quickly get up the ramp as Richards tends to Victoria in the ring.
Winners: Trish & Tomko

Bischoff approaches La Resistance in the back.
Grenier: What do you mean?
Eric: What do I mean? You guys are supposed to be representing me as the WORLD tag team champions out there. Tonight, you guys lost to a makeshift team. That is not acceptable. So what I am now planning, is to re-build the Tag Division on RAW!
At Vengeance La Resistance will defend the Tag Titles in a Four Corners, Elimination Match. Now over the next few weeks, two teams will earn a place in the match, and at Vengeance, the third team will be a mystery to everyone!! You got it!!

Bischoff walks off, while La Resistance look on, rather worried.

Interview with Randy Orton. He talks about being the Intercontinental Champion for six months now, and still going strong. Then Jericho enters…

Y2J: Six months eh? That’s a pretty impressive reign Randy, but something I’ve just noticed is that you haven’t defended the title, against, Y2J!!

Orton: Listen Jericho-

Edge then interrupts.

Edge: Woah there Jericho. Now you may not have got a shot yet at the title, but four weeks ago on RAW, I was screwed out of that Title, and I’m still waiting for a rematch.

Y2J: Edge, I’m sorry to tell you this, but you had you’re chance to win the belt, now its mine!

Edge: Oh yeah, well its too bad I don’t see it that way. One way or another, the titles mine, even if I have to go through you.

Jericho & Edge then go face to face, as Orton quickly backs off.

We then see Eugene preparing backstage for his one on one match up next. He takes the flowers out of a flower pot, and drinks the water. He then spits it out like HHH would do.


5th Match:
Test vs. Eugene w/ Regal
Eugene frustrates Test early on, outwrestling the bigger opponent, but Test nails a well hidden low blow, and begins to wear down Eugene.
Finish: Test goes for the Big Boot, but Regal distracts him, and Eugene scores with a roll up for the three count!!
Test is irate, as Regal and Eugene celebrate yet another win.
Winner: Eugene

Backstage, we see Lita sitting alone, holding a pregnancy test. She looks worried as the camera pans out.

Interview with Johnny Nitro. He announces that Mr. Bischoff has signed next weeks main event, Chris Benoit vs. Batista. He then adds that Bischoff has stipulated that if Benoit wins, he gets to stipulate the rules of the title match at Vengeance, but if Batista wins, Triple H gets to stipulate the rules.

A video then plays, hyping RAW coming to Miami next week, and then it says that The Rock will be at the arena next week.

Main Event:
Chris Benoit & Shelton Benjamin vs. Randy Orton & Batista
Both teams have good periods of domination throughout the match, but when it seems like Benoit & Benjamin are taking a clear advantage, HHH & Flair make their way to the ring, and distract both men, leading to Evolution taking the upper hand.
Finish: Evolution have worked on Shelton for a long period, but soon he mounts a comeback, and eventually makes the tag to Benoit.
Benoit cleans house, hitting the three Germans to all four members of Evolution. He then fights with Triple H on the outside.
Orton then goes for an RKO on Benjamin, but Shelton counters, and rolls up ortonfor the three count. He quickly jumps out of the ring, as randy has a temper tantrum. He is calmed down by Batista and Flair, while Benoit fights with Triple H through the crowd to close the show.

End of Show.

The Fifth SmackDown!

June 17th Chicago IL.

A recap of last weeks Street Fight is played and then the return of Kevin Nash!
Pyros, music and SmackDown kick’s off!

Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to SmackDown! Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside coming to you from Chicago!
Tazz: Whoa I can’t wait Cole! I can’t wait!!! You know why?
Cole: Might it be because tonight, HBK Shawn Michaels will make his debut on SmackDown!!!!
Tazz: Damn right it is!!

Kevin Nash’s music hits and Big Sexy struts out to a chorus of boo’s.

Cole: I guess he’s here to explain his actions from over the last couple of weeks!

Nash grabs a mic and enters the ring.
Nash: Whoa calm down! I know I’m big, I know I’m Sexy and I know I’m Cool!! And I know that I am the biggest and baddest man on SmackDown!
Crowd boo
Nash: You may boo me now, but you’ll thank me once I relieve certain individuals on SmackDown! Of their heavy burdens! Whether it is the U.S Title, Tag Team Titles or even the WWE Title! Big Daddy Cool will be a CHAMPION!!

Viva La Rasa hits and Eddie Guerrero comes out onto the stage to an almighty roar of “Eddie” chants.
Eddie: I want an explanation homes! Why in the HELL did you attack be last week????
Nash: I don’t have to give you a reason!!
Eddie: Why the hell not!!! You answer to authority, the WWE Champion IS authority homes! Now I DEMAND an answer!
Nash: Fine whatever you want Eddie! I attacked you because………well because I could!! I mean what is a pathetic piece of Mexican crap like you going to do?
Eddie: WHAT??????
Nash: I said, what.. Is a pathetic… piece of…Mexican…CRAP like... YOU, going to do?

Eddie begins to go crazy, hitting the TitanTron and punching the stage.

Suddenly before Eddie can make his way to the ring, the returning General Manager Kurt Angle’s music blasts through the arena and Luther Reigns comes dashing out to restrain Eddie.
Kurt: Whoa Eddie! Cool it man! Kevin is just having some fun! Ain’t that right Kevin!!!!
Nash: Sure I was only having some f…
Kurt: Shut the hell up Trash! Don’t forget what happened two weeks ago!! YOU injured my already crippled ass!!! And Luther here isn’t going to forget it!!

Luther flexes his muscles.

Kurt: But hold on, I’ve got a better idea! You can prove to me that you are on my side! You know how you can do that? My beating Eddie Guerrero, TONIGHT!!! It settles both scores! Kevin can prove to me that he is willing to apologise, and, Eddie can get some so-called “Revenge”! One small problem though, I may need a special referee that can call it right down the middle. Let me think! Oh Kurt you sly old fox! I have the perfect candidate that can respect both competitors for who they are! That’s right! HBK SHAWN MICHAELS!!!

Kevin Nash is not quite shore what to look like, however Eddie Guerrero is still being restrained by Luther and cannot say anything.

Commercial Break

We cut to the back where we see Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman exit Billy’s locker room.
Billy: This is your last chance Rey! You muck this up and you will never! Ever! Be my friend again!
Rey: I wont let you down Billy!! I promise! You go out there and teach Chavo Classic a lesson!!

The two walk towards the ring.

1st Match
Billy Kidman w/Rey Mysterio v Chavo Classic w/Chavo Guerrero

Billy and Rey make their way to the ring first to a reasonably large pop from the crowd. Chavo Classic and Chavo Jnr come out to some BIG heat from the hot Chicago crowd.
Billy and Classic lock up and Chavo Snr hits an eye rake to send Billy back into the corner. Classic nails a hip toss, and another, and another. Kidman is slow to get up off of the mat and Classic kicks him in the temple. Classic struts around for a while before Kidman gets back on his feet and hits a clothesline. Billy picks Classic back up and goes for a suplex but Chavo blocks it and attempts a small package of his own. Billy rolls straight through it and is back on his feet too quick for Classic and hits a dropkick to send Classic to the outside. Chavo picks his father up and clams him down. Billy Kidman then springs over the top rope with a cross body onto both of them. Rey then comes round from the other side of the ring and starts to beat on Chavo Jnr while Billy throws Classic into the ring. Billy picks Classic up and goes for a DDT but Chavo powers out and lands one of his own. 1,2.Kickout. Classic drops a knee into the ribs of Kidman and them an elbow drop to the neck. 1,2.Kickout again. Classic is beginning to get a little frustrated and yells at the referee. While this is happening Chavo Jnr creeps into the ring with the Cruiserweight Title Belt and blasts Billy round them face with it!!! Rey Mysterio jumps onto the apron and hits a hurricarana on Guerrero!! Finally Rey and Chavo Jnr exit the ring and brawl up the ramp! Meanwhile Classic takes advantage of his son’s dirty work and pins Billy! 1,2,3!!
Winner: Chavo Classic

Rey and Chavo continue to brawl and Classic grabs a chair from the outside of the ring and smashes Billy Kidman over the head with it!! Classic then runs up the ramp and grabs Rey. Classic gives him an eye rake and the Jnr, Snr duo run to the back. Paramedic’s then rush to the ring to aid Billy Kidman, who looks to be in tremendous pain.

Commercial Break

Billy Kidman is in the medical room and is yelling his head off at Rey Mysterio!

Billy: What the hell where you doing?????? YOU were supposed to have my back!!! But you STILL managed to let me suffer a smash in the head with a title belt, AND, a chair!! Wow you really had my back!!
Rey: Hey I was taking care of Chavo!!
Billy: Chavo is my problem NOT yours!
Rey: He’s my problem when he’s attacking me!
Billy: But he wasn’t attacking you!! You attacked him!
Rey: To stop him from interfering!
Billy: It was a bit late for that!
Rey: I was trying to help!
Billy: Well you didn’t make a very good job of it!
Rey: I’ve had enough of this Billy!
Rey storms out of the medical room and walks straight in the two Chavo’s who have been listening and are chuckling to themselves.
Rey: What the hell are you laughing at?
Chavo Jnr: Oh nothing, except the fact that you two are so pathetic, arguing about the inevitable!
Rey: The inevitable?
Chavo Jnr: It’s not like you could of helped getting your ass kicked!
Rey: Oh I got my assed kicked did I?
Chavo Jnr: Ass kicked, eye raked, what’s the difference??? You still couldn’t help it, or your little friend Billy!!! Face it Rey! You’re washed up! I mean you can’t even help your own friend! Let alone yourself!! You might as-well run along back to kindergarten with all of you other 1 foot 2 friends!!
Rey turns away but comes back with a right hand to Chavo to send him to the floor. Classic glares at Rey before attending to his son.

Please Don’t Try This At Home video airs

We come back to see a car arrive in the parking lot and a door opens, we see a foot step out and then the rest of the body, HBK Shawn Michaels arrives in the arena!!!!!!

The Brock Lesnar promo airs again.

We see a dark room with a wrestling ring inside. We see a number of trophies and awards around the ring. Suddenly a spotlight shines into the middle of the ring and we see a large tattoo on a muscle filled back. A voice begins to talk: {The youngest ever WWE Champion. A former NCAA Champion. An all American Wrestler. And he has some unfinished business! At the Great American Bash, the pain will arrive AGAIN!!!} A familiar opening to a former WWE Champions music plays before the picture fades into the darkness.

2nd Match
Booker T v Rene Dupree

These two competitors in the U.S Title elimination match-up square off in an intense match.
Book and Dupree get things started by locking up in a test up strength, however Rene hits a knee to the mid-section to gain an advantage. Dupree delivers some chops in the corner and then some shoulder blocks to send Booker reeling. The French Phenom slaps on a headlock and backs into the ropes for leverage. Booker tries to fight out and does but suffers a hip toss in the process. Rene lands a leg-drop on Booker and then a slap across the face in arrogance. Booker T is now fuming and springs to his feet and hits multiple clotheslines. Rene comes back up from the fourth clothesline and suffers a stiff kick to the temple. 1,2.Kickout. Booker picks Dupree up and hits a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. Booker begins to get aggravated and stomps a mud hole in Dupree. Booker picks Dupree up for the Book End but the Frenchman fights out. Dupree lands a full nelson and then locks on an armbar. Booker screams in pain and eventually reaches the ropes. Dupree releases the hold and then stomps on the back of Booker T’s head. Next Rene lands a DDT followed by a knee to the lower back. In an act of complete disgrace, Dupree props Booker up in the corner and spits in his face!!!!! Booker goes crazy and throws punches everywhere! He lands a DDT and then a scoop slam. Book picks Rene up for the Book End when John Cena’s music hits and Cena holds the U.S Belt above his head and signals to Booker “You Can’t See Me!” Suddenly Mordecai hits a HUGE clubbing blow to the back of the head of Cena and sends him rolling down the entrance ramp. By this time Rene has fought out of the Book End and has rolled Booker up with his feet on the ropes! 1,2,3!!
Winner: Rene Dupree

Dupree slides out of the ring into a right hand from Mordecai and the two begin to brawl. Cena gets back up and takes it to both of them, smashing Dupree’s head on the ring steps. Booker then grabs a chair and hits Cena in the back with it. Booker raises the U.S Title above his head before Mordecai grabs him for a Crucifix Bomb onto the ring steps!!!!! Mordecai climbs the entrance ramp with his arms above his head to a chorus of boos, before Cena rises into the ring and grabs a mic.
Cena: Oh you think you’ve won don’t you? Well you may have got that cheap shot on me tonight! But in ten days, Thuganomics will rain supreme. At the Great American Bash this U.S Title Belt, will still be around MY waist, and you know why? Because John Cena is untouchable! Because John Cena is the man! Because none of you wise ass bad guys can beat me! Because the fans know, you know, hell even God knows, yow can’t see me!!!!! John Cena WORD LIFE!!!!
Word Life blares through the arena and Cena celebrates in the ring.

Commercial Break

3rd Match
Taiyo Kea w/Kenzo and Hiroko Suzuki v D-Von Dudley w/ Bubba Ray Dudley and Paul Heyman

Rico and Charlie Haas are at ringside for commentary on this match, without Miss Jackie who is still recovering from last weeks attack by the Dudleys. It is Taiyo Kea’s first match in the company as well
Kea and D-Von stare each other down before Taiyo his a big kick to the midsection followed by a quick-fire clothesline. D-Von is straight back on his feet and into a big boot. Kenzo and Hiroko cheer as Taiyo toys with D-Von slapping him and shouting in his face. Suddenly D-Von awakens and comes back with right and left hands everywhere! D-Von then lands a neckbreaker followed by five kicks to the knee. D-Von then locks a single leg Boston crab on and grabs the ropes for leverage. Taiyo is in immense pain and does not seem to be able to power out. Hiroko then gets on the apron and yells at the referee while Kenzo sneaks in and delivers a sharp kick to the temple. Bubba then enters the mix and throws Kenzo to the outside. Bubba smashes Kenzo’s head onto the announce table where Rico and Haas are sitting. Charlie objects to this and pushes Bubba away from the table. Bubba leaves Kenzo and begins to brawl with Charlie until Rico kicks Bubba in the gut. Meanwhile back in the ring Taiyo has taken control of D-Von and hits some suplexes followed by a pump handle slam. 1,2.Kickout. Paul Heyman urges D-Von to fight back and he eventually does. When Taiyo goes for a powerbomb, D-Von drops down the front and lands a face crusher! Bubba is now being double-teamed by Rico and Charlie and is getting the holy hell beaten out of him. D-Von darts out of the ring to defend his half brother. Kenzo and Kea eventually get involved and the referee calls for the bell.
Winner: No Contest

The three teams continue to brawl and Paul Heyman attacks Hiroko from behind until General Manager Kurt Angle appears on the TitanTron.
Kurt: Stop fighting!!!!!!!! Listen!!! LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!
The teams eventually stop. And Paul stops stomping on Hiroko.
Kurt: When you are quite finished! Thank you! Right since you STILL cannot keep your hands off of each other, I am making a Triple Threat match up for next week where each team will elect a superstar to compete and whoever wins will get a choice of stipulation for the Tag Team Title match at the Great American Bash!!!
Crowd Cheer
Kurt: Also, since Paul likes beating on women! He will have to take on Miss Jackie AND Hiroko Suzuki in a Triple Treat match also at the Great American Bash!!!!!!!!
Paul looks aghast!
Kurt: Oh and one small thing, it’ll be a Bra and Panties match!!!
Paul looks horrified!!
Kurt: Enjoy the rest of your night Paul!!!

Commercial Break

We come back to see Paul Heyman and the Dudley Boys in coming back from the ring, walking to their dressing room.
Paul: Bra and Panties!!!!! How can a MAN compete in a Bra and Panties match?
Bubba: I mean that is just stupid Paul, you don’t even have brea… well you don’t wear a br… well you’re not a woman!!!
D-Von: Oh come on! Kurt surely can’t mean it!
Luther Reigns wheels Kurt Angle by.
Kurt: Oh I do mean it Paul!!
Paul: But, but, but Kurt!!
Kurt: But nothing! Now Luther, to ringside!!!
Luther wheels Kurt to ringside while a dismayed Paul is left flabbergasted

Main Event: Special Guest Referee
Eddie Guerrero v Kevin Nash
Referee: Shawn Michaels

Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns make their way to ringside before Big Sexy hits the ring. The crowd’s boos turn to huge “Eddie” chants when the WWE Champion makes his way to the ring. Last but not least, the debuting Heart Break Kid makes his way to the ring to a giant ovation, even Kurt Angle claps!
HBK has a quiet word with both competitors before Kevin Nash cheap shots an unsuspecting Eddie with a sucker punch. Kevin picks Eddie back up and hits a sidewalk slam. 1.Kickout. Kevin picks Eddie back up again for an uppercut followed by a powerslam. BDC slaps on a sleeper and Eddie fights out immediately, flipping over Nash’s back and shoving him into the ropes. Kevin comes back to receive a drop kick from Latino Heat that fails to knock him down.

Eddie is back up again and hits a chop block that does send Nash to the floor. Eddie drops a knee into the face of Kevin and then gets a two count. Shawn has not had anything to worry about until Luther Reigns trips Eddie when the WWE Champion backs into the ropes. HBK immediately tells Luther to go to the back but Kurt tells him to stay! Shawn climbs out of the ring and gets in the face of Reigns and tells him to got to the back. Luther pushes Michaels away and HBK comes back with some Sweet Chin Music!!!!!!

Nash noticing the absence of Shawn collects the WWE Title belt and clocks Eddie round the head with it!!! Kurt points out to Shawn that Kevin has got a cover and HBK slides in to make the count! 1,2.NO EDDIE KICKS OUT!!!! Kevin can’t believe it and puts three fingers up to HBK who just shrugs his shoulders. Nash picks a groggy Eddie back up and hits a neck breaker. 1,2.Kickout again! Kevin becomes irate and beats the crap out of Eddie in the corner of the ring until Shawn breaks it up. Kevin pushes Michaels out of the way and continues to beat on Eddie. HBK physically removes Nash from the corner and threatens to disqualify him. Nash charges at Eddie in the corner and hits a MASSIVE clothesline. Kevin then gets Eddie’s head between his legs and sets him up for the Nashknife Powerbomb! Eddie reverses into a hurricarana that sends Nash to the other side of the ring.

Eddie springs to his feet and dropkicks Nash into the turnbuckle! Kevin rebounds straight into a belly-to-belly from Eddie to set him up for the Frog Splash! Eddie climbs to the top but Nash is back up already and goes for a superplex. Eddie fights out and lands the Frog Splash!!!!! 1,2.KICKOUT FROM NASH!!!!! Eddie is in disbelief! Guerrero keeps his focus and locks on the figure-four-leg-lock, Nash screams in pain. Eventually Nash rolls over to put the pressure on Guerrero in the Indian Death Lock. Eddie releases the hold and the two get back up. Eddie hits a suplex, rolls his hips and lands another, and another! Eddie has Nash down for the count and heads up top for another Frog Splash! Then Luther Reigns who is back up from the Sweet Chin Music, pushes Latino Heat from the top turnbuckle! HBK has no choice but to call for a disqualification!
Winner: Eddie Guerrero by DQ

Luther Reigns then enters the ring and Nash and Reigns perform a beat down on Eddie. HBK tries to prevent it but Angle warns him not to. Nash and Reigns hit Powerbombs, each in turn before Eddie is lifeless. The two huge men then exit the ring and push Kurt back up the entrance ramp while HBL attends to Eddie.

Kurt Angle then grabs a mic.
Kurt: Since Kevin did such a great job of destroying Eddie, I think I’m going to give him another match!!! FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! At the Great American Bash!!!!! And since HBK Shawn Michaels was such a “kick” as the special guest referee, I think HE will be the referee at the Great American Bash!!! Good Night everybody!!!

The closing moments go to Nash, Angle and Reigns celebrating while HBK and Eddie are left in the ring.

The Second RAW

RAW; June 21st 2004; Miami:


J.R: We are live for another Monday Night RAW!!!! And tonight, Chris Benoit takes on Evolution’s Batista, and if Benoit wins, he gets to name the stipulations for his match with Triple H at Vengeance, but if Batista wins, Triple H gets to name the stipulations for Vengeance.

King: And that’s not all J.R, because tonight, we are in the hometown of the People’s Champ - THE ROCK J.R!! HERE…TONIGHT!!!

J.R: You’re right there King, but we are set for some tag team action, as Randy Orton & Ric Flair take on Chris Jericho & Edge.

King: And you gotta wonder J.R, will Y2J and Edge be able to co-exist, after their showdown last week.

J.R: That’s true King, both men want Orton’s Intercontinental title, and both will stop at nothing to get it.

1st Match:
Randy Orton & Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho & Edge
Great offence from both teams, with a lot of high flying, and technical action involved. Jericho & Edge seem quite unhappy with each other, with a number of hard tags, and sometimes, refusing to tag the other in. This leads to Evolution taking over, and working on Edge. Jericho is then forced to try and help out his partner, and eventually he gets the tag.
Finish: Y2J gets the tag and clears house with a number of clotheslines, and then back body drops Flair over the top rope. Orton goes for an RKO, but Y2J pushes him away, and follows up with his standing Enziguri. He goes for the cover, 1...2...Flair pulls out the referee.
Jericho then goes to the outside and brawls with Flair, while Edge gets the better of Orton. He goes for a spear while Jericho is re entering the ring. Neither man notices the other, and Edge connects with the Spear on Y2J.
Orton dropkicks Edge out of the ring, and covers Jericho, 1.…2.…3!!!
Orton & Flair leave the ring, whilst Edge argues with Jericho. They walk up the ramp, still arguing.


Christian, Trish and Tomko enter Bischoff’s office.

Xtian: You wanted to see me Eric?
Eric: Yes, as a matter of fact I did. Now, Christian, I believe that you have someone that can solve problems?
Xtian: That’s right, Tyson Tomko, The Problem Solver.
Eric: That’s good. You see, over the last three and a half months, I’ve had a major problem…my nephew - Eugene. Now, Christian, if you can solve my problem, then lets say, you can have a shot, at ANY title that you wish for, after Vengeance. How does that sound.
Xtian: That sounds great Eric. I’d say, that you are looking at the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion.
Eric: But you have to solve the problem first.
Xtian: Eric, think of your problem, solved!

The trio leave, as Bischoff looks on with a huge grin.

Another Raven vignette airs. It is the same one from the previous week.

Interview with Test & A-Train.

Grisham: Well Test, last week, you helped A-Train to victory upon your return, and now, it seems like you two guys are back as a team??
Test: That’s right Todd. T&A are back, and we have only one goal, and that is to become the NEW World tag Team Champions at Vengeance.
Grisham: Speaking of the Tag Titles, it was announced earlier today, that it will not be a Fatal Four Way as it was announced last week, but instead it will be a Tag Team Turmoil match. Does that help you guys, or hinder you?

A-Train grabs the microphone…

A-Train: Listen pipsqueak, it doesn’t matter, whether it’s a Fatal Four Way, Tag Turmoil or a teddy bears picnic, T&A are the next Tag Team Champions. Lets go Test!

Test laughs at Grisham before walking off.

2nd Match:
T&A vs. Rhyno & Tajiri
T&A use their strength and power advantage over Tajiri, taking him away from his corner, infuriating Rhyno. Eventually, Tajiri’s speed helps him make the tag to Rhyno, and he uses his power to match up with T&A.
Finish: Rhyno sets up A-Train for the Gore, but Test sees it and nails Rhyno with the Boot, as Rhyno runs, taking Rhyno out of the ring.
Tajiri then hits his reverse elbow off the ropes to Test, but walks into a De-Railer from A-Train. He goes for the cover, but La Resistance run in, and attack both teams, ending the match in a DQ.
They continue the assault, until officials come down to stop them.

Backstage, Randy Orton is getting a cup of water, and walks into Shelton Benjamin.

Randy: Watch were you’re going…loser.
Shelton: (laughs) Loser?? You are calling me a loser?? Obviously, you seem to have forgotten that last week, I pinned you in the middle of the ring.
Randy: That was a tag match, loser. I meant in singles competition.
Shelton: Ohhhh, I get it, you mean having some 55 year old man run in and help you makes you a winner, right.
Randy: You know what, I have a lot more important things to do, than sit around here talking to you. I’m the Legend Killer, the six month I.C Champion. What are you??
Shelton: What am I? What am I? I am the next Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, the man who had you beat at Bad Blood, and last week, and I promise, I will be the I.C champion.

Benjamin walks off, as Randy looks kinda worried.


Backstage, Lita is sitting down with Matt. She tells him that she has big news for him…she’s pregnant. Matt is overjoyed. He jumps up and down, then kisses Lita. He then tells her that he has to ring Jeff to let him know.
Kane then enters the room. He sits down beside Lita. He tells her, that she has a choice, tell Matt, or I will.
He smiles, and walks out as Lita looks worried.

We then cut back to the locker room, where Y2J and Edge are still fighting. They blame the other for losing the match.

We then cut to the parking lot and see the arrival of The Rock. He is met with a HUGE ovation from his hometown crowd.

3rd Match:
Eugene w/ William Regal vs. Tyson Tomko w/ Christian & Trish Stratus
Christian continuously interferes from the outside, but is soon stopped by Regal. However, Trish then starts to distract Eugene also, allowing Tomko to get on top.
He uses his power to effect, but Eugene then hulks up…
Finish: Eugene starts going mad, and fights back at Tomko, knocking him down with a powerful clothesline, before chasing Christian, and planting him with a spine buster. Trish then tries to distract him, but he plants a kiss on her, forcing her to run also. He then gets back into the ring and hits Tomko with an Axe Handle from the top rope. He then hit’s a Rock Bottom, and gets the cover, 1.…2.…3!!! Eugene wins. Then, Christian grabs a chair, and hits Regal, before planting Eugene. He hits an Unprettier, and then the trio begin attacking both Eugene and Regal, then……
“IF YA SMELLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK…IS COOKING” Rocks music plays, and he runs to the aid of Eugene and Regal. He plants Tomko with a Spinebuster, DDT’s Christian, then spanks Trish. He then hits Christian with a Rock Bottom, followed by a People’s Elbow.
Tomko then pulls out the other two, and carries them up the ramp.


We return with The Rock in the ring with Eugene and Regal.

Rock: Firstly, The Rock has to say this, “Finally, The Rock has come back….. HOME.” And The Rock is here, with his good friend, Eugene. Well done Eugene, still unbeaten, very impressive. But you have to watch out for Creepy Little Bastards Eugene.
Eugene: He’s a popcorn fart!!!

Crowd laughs.

Rock: That’s right Eugene. Hey Regal, what’s up, you look like you constipated or something. Screwed up face like that and all. What’s going on?
Eugene: Maybe his trousers are too tight?
Rock: Yeah. Hey Regal, do you think your pants are too tight??
Regal: I woul-
Rock: It doesn’t matter what you think!!!
Eugene: Is William Regal a popcorn fart??

Bischoff’s music hits…

Eric: Sorry, to interrupt the little party you guys are having out here, but this isn’t Welcome Home Rock, this is RAW!!! And Rock, I want you to get the hell out of my ring, right now!!
Rock: Now Eugene, he is a Popcorn fart!! Eric Bischoff, You don’t make decisions around here, I don’t make decisions around here, Eugene doesn’t even make the decisions around here. Only, the People can decide!!
Eric: Screw the people. This is my show, and I demand you get the hell off it!!!
Rock: Ok, Eric, you’re right. I guess I’ll get out of the ring. I’ll get out, kiss your ass on the way up too, how would you like that!! No Bischoff, what The Rock is gonna do, what you can count on, is that The Rock is gonna walk up that aisle, stand right next to ya, then he’s gonna take his size twelve boot, shine that real nice, and turn that sum bitch sideways, and shove it straight up your Candyass!! That is what The Rock plans on doing!

Rock jumps out of the ring, and walks up the ramp, but then security surrounds Bischoff.

Eric: What was that Rock. Well, I’m sorry, but your not gonna be sticking any boot up any ones ass tonight, because SECURITY, ARREST THIS MAN!!!

Security takes Rock and arrest him.
Bischoff gloats as The Rock is taken by security.

Backstage, Jericho & Edge are still at each others throats, blaming each other for their defeat. Johnny Nitro then approaches…
Nitro: Hey, guys.
Both ignore him
Nitro: Yo, Edge…Jericho…
Both still ignore him, continuing to argue
Nitro pushes Edge, Edge grabs him by the throat.
Edge: What the HELL do you want?
Nitro: (really shaky) Look, Edge, I’m really sorry, I need to give you guys a message from Eric Bischoff’s office.
Jericho: What is it?
Nitro: Next week, it’s gonna be you two guys vs. each other.
Both: WHAT!!
Nitro: Look, I’m just the messenger. Eric saw that you guys weren’t seeing eye to eye, and thought that the best way to solve the problem would be for you two to face each other.
Both: Fine.
Edge lets go of Nitro, and stares face to face with Jericho before walking off.

Kane then approaches Matt Hardy backstage, as Matt is celebrating with Shelton Benjamin, Tommy Dreamer, Rhyno, Tajiri, and Maven.

Kane: Hey Matt.

Matt looks kinda worried, but tries to look away.

Kane: Matt?
Matt turns around
Matt: What do you want, Kane!?
Kane extends his hand, and smiles.
Kane: Congratulations.
Matt warily shakes Kane’s hand.
Kane: Good Luck.
Matt: Yeah…Thanks.
Kane walks off, as Matt wonders what just happened.

***(Side note. From this point on, things are very undetailed. I had wrote the WHOLE Main event, but for some reason it was lost. I was really pissed off, so I have just wrote a really basic summary.)***


4th Match:
Maven vs. Rodney Mack
Maven takes on the returning Rodney. Rodney dominates the most part, working on the back. Maven fights back and looks set to win until a distraction from Johnny Nitro leads to Rodney getting the win.

Christian swears revenge on Eugene for costing him a chance at the Heavyweight Championship.

Matt & Lita are leaving when they pass Kane, who smiles and waves. Lita hurries Matt away before Kane says anything.

Preview for Main Event from J.R & King. They then preview next weeks show, where Jericho takes on Edge.

Main Event:
Chris Benoit vs. Batista w/ Ric Flair & Triple H
(If Benoit wins, he gets to name stipulations for match at PPV vs. HHH)
(If Batista wins, HHH gets to name stipulations for match at PPV vs. Benoit)

Batista dominates the early going, thanks to the help of Flair & HHH on the outside. Benoit’s technical superiority soon takes over, as he counters, and reverses everything Batista throws at him. He even takes down Flair and HHH who continue to interfere.
Benoit then counters the Powerbomb into a Crossface, but Flair distracts the referee, while Batista taps. HHH then grabs a chair and smacks Benoit across the back. He then nails a Pedigree onto it, and Batista makes the cover, 1...2...3!!! Batista wins.

HHH then gets the microphone and stands over the broken body of Benoit.

HHH: I told ya Benoit. I told you, that I would be on top, that I would name the stipulations, and boy, have I got a treat for you.
You see at Vengeance, you will see Chris Benoit take on Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship, with a special guest referee, Ric Flair!!
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. That’s not all. You see, It’s not just gonna be Triple H vs. Benoit, it will be Triple H, and BATISTA vs. Chris Benoit.
Now, Big Dave knows, that even if he pins you, the title will be MINE!!
You see Benoit, up until now, you have been playing in the minor leagues, but at Vengeance, you will PLAY THE GAME!! AND I WILL BE THE NEXT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, BECAUSE NO ONE PLAYS THE GAME BETTER THAN I DO. Then we will see if you REALLY ARE THE REAL DEAL!!!

HHH’s music plays and they stand over Benoit as the show goes off the air.


The Sixth SmackDown!

June 24th Orlando FL

A re-cap of last weeks main event between Eddie Guerrero and Kevin Nash is shown, also the beat down that happened after the match.

Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the last SmackDown before the Great American Bash!
Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to SmackDown! Just three days away from what should be a huge Pay Per View, the Great American Bash!
Tazz: Whoa Cole all hell could break loose tonight!!
Cole: That’s right Tazz!! Tonight we will witness HBK Shawn Michaels make his debut match on SmackDown, against none other than Luther Reigns!!
Tazz: What a debut match! HBK has got the odds stacked against him in that match!
Cole: HBK also has the burden of refereeing the WWE Championship match at GAB on his mind!
Tazz: This should be an action packed night!
Cole: Also we get an update on the condition of Eddie Guerrero after last weeks beat down, courtesy of Kevin Nash and Luther Reigns!

1st Match
Billy Gunn w/Torrie Wilson v Mark Jindrak w/Teddy Long

Before the contest gets underway, Teddy Long brings out a mirror and tells Mark Jindrak to look into it, look into it and tell him who he really is, Mark goes crazy and smashes the mirror on the ring post and jumps up and down on the mat. Jindrak replies to Long saying “I AM THE REFLECTION OF PERFECTION!!!!!!”

Billy Gunn and Mark Jindrak lock up and Jindrak hits a high knee to the ribs followed by a forearm smash to send Gunn to the floor. Jindrak picks Billy back up and throws him into the ropes and attempts a clothesline. Billy ducks and hits a backbreaker on Jindrak. Gunn picks Mark back up and hits an uppercut followed by a dropkick. Torrie begins to jump up and down in support, and then HER support gives way, much to the crowd’s enjoyment, as a stray boob falls out of her skimpy dress! Billy yells at her to look at what has fallen out of place. Meanwhile Jindrak is back up and Billy turns round to receive a stiff right hand followed by a DDT. The “Reflection of Perfection” picks Gunn up and hits a vertical suplex followed by an elbow to the back of the head. Jindrak looks seriously pumped and begins to nail right and left hands to the lower back of Billy, as Gunn screams in pain. Teddy Long reminds Mark to stay on task, to which Jindrak replies with a middle finger!! Long shakes his head and walks to the back. Meanwhile Billy is back up and attempts a schoolboy but only gets one. Jindrak springs back up and nails an almighty clothesline that sends Gunn out of the ring! Jindrak follows and smashes Billy’s head onto the ring steps. Mark tries it again but Torrie begs him not to. Jindrak grabs Torrie’s hair and throws her onto the floor. Gunn springs back off of the floor to attack Jindrak before he can harm Wilson. Mark replies with a vicious uppercut and backdrop onto the ring barrier! Mark picks Torrie up like a javelin and smashes her head into the ring post!!! The referee is now at an eight count and Jindrak rolls into the ring, and then back out again. Jindrak retrieves Gunn from the concrete floor and rips up the floor protection! Jindrak then nails a powerbomb on the concrete floor!!! The referee calls for the bell and awards the match to Billy Gunn.
Winner: By DQ Billy Gunn

Jindrak goes crazy and grabs a trashcan from under the ring. He smashes it into the back of Gunn and then onto the lifeless body of Torrie Wilson! “How Do You Like Me Now?” hits and Hardcore Holly runs to the ring but Mark Jindrak escapes through the crowd. Holly calls for EMT’s to come and help Billy and Torrie. Hardcore then moves on to grab a mic.

Holly: Jindrak get your ass back out here!!!!
There is no reply
Still there is no reply
Holly: Well if you don’t come out tonight….Then you WILL come out at the Great American Bash!!!!!
Theodore Long appears on the TitanTron.
Long: Now hold up there Playa. You saying you want some of the Jindrak?
Holly: Yeah! I want some revenge on behalf of Billy and Torrie!!
Long: You want revenge? You are going to get it!
Mark Jindrak then turns up next to Long
Jindrak: You want some of this Holly? You want to tango with the “Reflection of Perfection”? You’re just going to have to suffer the same consequences as your friends Billy and Torrie did!
Holly: Oh but I wont Mark, you see I’m a completely different barrel of fish to Billy! At GAB, Hardcore Holly is gunna bring not only my fury, but also Billy’s and Torrie’s!!!
Jindrak: Well you’re gunna need all of that fury because it’ll take more than the fury of two washed up veterans to bring down the destruction machine that is, Mark Jindrak!!

Commercial Break

We come back to Michael Cole and Tazz discussing the events that just took place.
Cole: Tazz can you believe the ego of Mark Jindrak?
Tazz: I dunno Cole; this kid seems to be able to back up his words!
Cole: He’s going to have to back up his words going against Hardcore Holly!!
Tazz: Too right he will!
Cole: So here is the official card for the Great American Bash, coming to you LIVE from the Norfolk Community Centre in Norfolk, Virginia. Remember folks the night isn’t over; there could still be more announcements to come!

WWE Great AmericanBash
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Theme Tune: Harder to Breathe: Maroon 5
Date: June 27th 2004

WWE Championship: Special Guest Referee
Kevin Nash v Eddie Guerrero
Referee: Shawn Michaels

WWE Tag Team Championships
Charlie Haas and Rico v Dudley Boys v Kenzo Suzuki and Taiyo Kea

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo Classic v Billy Kidman

WWE U.S Championship 3 Elimination Stages
John Cena v Rene Dupree v Mordecai v Booker T

Bra and Panties Match
Miss Jackie v Hiroko Suzuki v Paul Heyman

Singles Match
Hardcore Holly v Mark Jindrak w/Theodore Long

We come back to see Shawn Michaels entering General Manager Kurt Angle’s office to talk about the WWE Championship match at the Great American Bash.
HBK: Look Kurt why did you have to make ME the referee at GAB, why not Charles Robinson or Nick Patrick?
Kurt: I made you the referee because I know that both of the competitors respect you Shawn. And to be honest, I respect you too. No other referee would be able to keep control of this match an…..
HBK: Excuse me! But did I not have to call for a disqualification last week? What makes you think it won’t happen again?
Kurt: It won’t happen again because there are NO disqualifications!!!
HBK: WHAT???????????
Kurt: That’s right Shawn! This way it favours Kevin Nash! So I can sit back and watch BDC beat the hell out of Eddie Guerrero!!
HBK: This isn’t fair!!!!
We hear someone enter the room.
?????: You’re right Shawn, it isn’t fair!
The camera turns round to reveal... LINDA MCMAHON!!!!
Kurt: Ms McMahon!!!
Linda: Shawn’s right Kurt! This isn’t fair on Eddie, or HBK! So I am using my authority as CEO of this company, to take away that stipulation, and add in a different one!
Kurt: That isn’t fair! I’m the General Manager!!!
HBK: Quit moaning Kurt!
Linda: This stipulation will allow all of the people that Kevin Nash harmed over the last couple of weeks to get some revenge! This stipulation is… a Lumberjack Match!!!!

The Brock Lesnar promo airs again.
{Promo for a returning wrestler}
We see a dark room with a wrestling ring inside. We see a number of trophies and awards around the ring. Suddenly a spotlight shines into the middle of the ring and we see a large tattoo on a muscle filled back. A voice begins to talk: {The youngest ever WWE Champion. A former NCAA Champion. An all American Wrestler. And he has some unfinished business!
Brock Lesnar formally challenges anyone in that locker room to a match at GAB!!! Just so he can prove his dominance in the company again!!! At the Great American Bash, the pain will arrive AGAIN!!!} A familiar opening to a former WWE Champions music plays before the picture fades into the darkness.

We come back to see Michael Cole and Tazz, once again talking about the events that just took place. We then cut to the back where Josh Matthews is standing by with Big Sexy, Kevin Nash.

Josh: I am here with the man that will face Eddie Guerrero, this Sunday, in a lumberjack match, for the WWE Championship, Kevin Nash! Now Kevin, over the last few weeks you have been terrorising the SmackDown locker room, in vicious assaults. Can you give a reason for your bizarre actions?
Nash: What’s bizarre with wanting people to notice me? I did those things because I enjoyed it! I did it for one sole reason besides that. I did it to be noticed! If I would have come back as any other no bit superstar, playing up to the fans and being the good guy all of the time, I would NEVER have gotten the WWE Title shot that I have today!
Josh: How can you be sure of this?
Nash: How can I be sure!!!! I can be sure by… by…
Nash looks to the floor and then looks back up with an evil glint in his eye.
Nash: I can give you an example of it. I’m going to take you back to February 17th 2002, remember that day, when Hall, Nash and Hogan strutted into the company as the nWo! All three of us terrorised the company up until WrestleMania! There is my proof. All three of us were there, all three of us did everything together, except this! Austin v Hall!! Hogan v Rock!! The Snake takes on the Razor! Icon v Icon!! Yet was Big Sexy on the card? NO!!!! Instead Hogan and Hall took MY rightful place on the card! And guess what? They both lost! Instead of being on the card, I had to accompany Hall to the ring, unfortunately he lost, but that was not his fault! But as for Hogan! He told us to stay away from the ring while he beat The Rock’s candy ass! But did he? NO! Would Kevin Nash have done? YES! The nWo fell to pieces, right in front of my eyes! Hogan became Red and Yellow again and Hall went off and got drunk. But Kevin Nash, the man who did not credit a WrestleMania place was still there! I stuck it out and went through Hell in a Cell with Triple H the next year, for the World Heavyweight Title! I may have lost, but at least I was there! Now I finally have the chance to make up for those wrongs that have been committed! Big Daddy Cool has the chance to abolish the hideous memory of the OLD nWo! BDC WILL TAKE THE TITLE FROM EDDIE GUERRERO!! Mark my words Josh!!! And I’m going to do it with the help of my own Lumberjacks! But they are no ordinary Lumberjacks! Oh no. They are part of my new faction. A new era of an old faction! These are MY nWo!!!! And WE are going to take control of SmackDown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
Josh: OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!
Scott Hall, Scott Steiner and X-Pac then approach behind Kevin Nash with evil grins on their faces. The four begin to laugh and walk off backstage.

Please Don’t Try This At Home video plays

2nd Match
Mordecai v Paul London w/ John Cena

John Cena accompanies London to the ring, as a type of protection against one of Cena’s opponents at GAB, Mordecai.
London and Mordecai lock up and straight away Mordecai demonstrates his strength and lands a body press slam. London rolls in pain and Mordecai just kicks Paul about before pulling his hair to get him to his feet. Mordecai lands an uppercut and then throws London into the ropes, hitting a high elbow on London’s return. John Cena urges Paul to get back up and eventually he does, but he walks straight into a hard clothesline from Mordecai. The man in white toys with London and begins to work on his leg, hitting chop blocks and knee breakers, frequently. Cena eventually gets on the ropes and Mordecai attempts to hit him but John drops down and Mordecai goes flying out of the ring. Mordecai is infuriated and charges at Cena but John dives into the ring and Paul London nails a dropkick as Mordecai slides into the ring in pursuit of Cena! 1,2.Kickout at the last second! Cena slams his hands on the mat in disbelief. Paul tugs on his hair in agony as Mordecai kicks out, yet he stays on task. London picks Mordecai up and goes for a suplex but Mordecai pushes him away. Paul comes back with a cross-body for a two count. Paul drags Mordecai into the corner and is about to hit the 450 Splash when Mordecai gets to his feet and lands a F.U from the top rope!!! John Cena cannot believe Mordecai stole his finisher! 1,2,3!!! Mordecai picks up the relatively easy victory!
Winner: Mordecai

John Cena gets in the ring and goes eye to eye with Mordecai and the two being a stare down. Rene Dupree appears on the scene and attempts to take both of them out with the French Flag but Cena ducks, so Dupree only levels Mordecai! Cena turns around and kicks Dupree in the gut and goes for the F.U. Unfortunately Booker T turns up and nails a spear to take Cena and Dupree to the outside. Booker then turns around to receive a sort of reverse chokeslam from Mordecai! The man in white stands tall above Booker before Rene Dupree attempts to hit him with the U.S Title belt, but Mordecai ducks and hits a full nelson on Dupree. John Cena then runs into the ring, straight into a shot with his title from Mordecai!! Mordecai just demonstrated his physical dominance that he will bring to the elimination stages, in three days!!! Mordecai stands tall with the U.S Championship!!

Commercial Break

We come back to Rico, Charlie Haas and the returning Miss Jackie discussing who will compete in the triple threat match tonight.
Rico: Look I’ll be in it, I need to take out some revenge on that big lump Taiyo Kea!
Haas: We don’t even know if Kea will be in the match!!
Rico: So what what’s the difference between those two Japanese idiots!!!
Haas: SIZE!!!
Miss Jackie: Whoa hold it, both of you!!! I’m going to compete in this match whether you like it or not!!! I am going to get some revenge on one of those Dudleys!!!!!
Rico: You can’t!!
Haas: We won’t let you!!
Miss Jackie: Just try and stop me!
Miss Jackie storms out of the locker room and straight to the ring!

3rd Match: Triple Threat
Miss Jackie V ??????? V ????????

Miss Jackie runs to the ring and Charlie Haas and Rico follow urging her not to do it. Kenzo Suzuki’s Music hits and out strut the Japanese Trio. Next come the Dudleys accompanied by Paul Heyman. Hiroko steps onto the apron and appears to enter the ring until Taiyo Kea attacks Miss Jackie from behind and it is clear he is their member in the match. Taiyo pick Miss Jackie up by the hair and screams in her face, D-Von Dudley then attacks Kea from behind and the match begins.
D-Von and Taiyo start brawling and Taiyo hits a big knee to the mid section followed by a scoop slam. Charlie Haas and Rico pull Miss Jackie out of the ring. Taiyo Kea notices this and tells Kenzo something in Japanese to which Kenzo replies with a wicked smile. Meanwhile D-Von is back up and hits a stiff neckbreaker on Taiyo. 1,2.Kickout. Kea gets back up straight into an attempted suplex but Taiyo blocks it and hits one of his own. D-Von stays down for a couple of seconds and then staggers into an enormous powerslam! Taiyo picks D-Von back up and shouts at Kenzo to attack Miss Jackie!! Taiyo lands a brainbuster on D-Von while Kenzo attacks Charlie Haas and Rico with a chair! Next Kenzo grabs Miss Jackie and starts to yell at her but Jackie kicks him square in the balls. Kenzo falls to the floor in agony! Taiyo Kea notices this and leaves D-Von to help Kenzo. Rico is back up and begins to brawl with Taiyo until Bubba Ray attacks both of them. All hell breaks loose between the three teams of three and eventually the Dudleys grab Hiroko Suzuki and set up a table! Kenzo does his best to stop them but is knocked down with a big boot. The table is set up on the outside and Bubba has Hiroko on his shoulders on the top of the turnbuckle. Suddenly Hiroko awakens and hurricaranas Bubba through the table!!!! Paul Heyman and D-Von are in shock! Charlie Haas, Rico and Miss Jackie begin to walk up the ramp but Miss Jackie breaks free and hides under the ring. Taiyo Kea grabs D-Von and throws him into the ring where he delivers a giant sized scoop slam followed by a top rope leg drop. Miss Jackie yells at Rico to distract Taiyo Kea, which he does. Kea leaves the ring to take on Rico and Miss Jackie slides into the ring to cover D-Von!!!!!!1,2,3!!
Winner: Miss Jackie

Taiyo Kea is shocked and sprints to the ring to attack Miss Jackie. Rico squeezes Taiyo’s ass before he can get to the ring. Taiyo turns round in disbelief as Rico flickers his eyelashes!! Charlie Haas enters the ring to fight off Kenzo Suzuki and the two brawl to the outside. Paul Heyman slides into the ring to attack one of his GAB opponents, Miss Jackie. Hiroko attacks Heyman from behind with a low blow and Miss Jackie pulls down his trousers!!!!! Heyman rolls around in embarrassment as Miss Jackie and Hiroko laugh at him. Miss Jackie then runs to the back with Rico and Charlie Haas, who have both beaten off Kenzo and Taiyo. The tag team champions and their escort celebrate 3 days before their title defence at GAB.

Commercial Break

We come back to see Billy Kidman, Shannon Moore, Rikishi and the Basham Brothers, all gathered in the men’s locker room, preparing to leave.
Kidman: Hey guys in going to get a coffee, anyone want anything?
Rikishi: Yeah see if you can find me some, pie or some cake or something fattening like that.
Moore: Can you get me a Cola?
Kidman: Sure, that all? Cool!
Billy exits the door and begins to walk down the corridor until the two Chavo’s appear in front of him. Immediately Chavo Guerrero clocks Billy around the head with his Cruiserweight title!!!
Chavo Jnr: You like that? That’s as close as you are going to get to this title Billy!!! This Title is mine!!!! MINE!!!!! DON’T YOU FORGET IT!!!!!!!
The two Chavo’s walk away looking pleased with themselves. Rey Mysterio comes running down the hall.
Rey: Billy, Billy!!!! Are you OK? Billy say something!
Kidman: Wha… when? What, get the hell off of me Rey! I don’t need your help!
Rey: The two Chavo’s just attacked you!
Kidman: I KNOW!!!!!
Rey: Are you OK?
Kidman: Get off of me!!!!!
Billy staggers to his feet to the drinks table where he collapses. Rey calls for help and EMT’s come running around the corner.

The Rey Mysterio Desire clip airs.

We come back to Michael Cole who will give us an update on the condition of WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero.
Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, last week Eddie Guerrero was the victim of a vicious assault, courtesy of Kevin Nash and Luther Reigns. Eddie suffered two broken ribs and a damaged shoulder blade. However, the desire and passion of the Guerrero family runs through him and he has declared himself fit to fight, on Sunday, at the Great American Bash. Eddie has this message to send us, by fax.
Cole takes out a piece of paper.
Cole: Last week “I” Eddie Guerrero, suffered an important lesson, that lesson was the lesson that a champion must bare the burden of constant challenges and sneak attacks. Two men the size of Luther Reigns and Kevin Nash would be able to go toe to toe with any WWE Superstar and beat them down as well. However when they attacked Eddie Guerrero, they attacked no ordinary superstar, they awoke something that they will live to regret beating up. They awoke the passion and burning fire of Latino Heat. Kevin Nash will have HELL to pay at GAB. Kevin Nash will learn to never mess with the Guerrero Family EVER again. Kevin Nash will learn that he may have been a successful WWE Champion in 1994, but in this WWE, it’s a LOT harder to defend your title! And at GAB “I” will prove just how much I love this title, “I” will put my body and soul on the line to defend it!!! “I” will walk out of Norfolk, Virginia, STILL the WWE Champion!!!!!!!!
Cole folds the paper and puts it on the announce table.
Cole: Well those are some powerful words coming from Eddie Guerrero, but do you really think he can fight off BDC at GAB Tazz?
Tazz: If the fire in Latino Heat’s belly is burning then Eddie can beat anyone! Just look at No Way Out earlier this year when he beat Brock Lesnar!
Cole: Yeah Tazz but that was with help from Bill Goldberg!
Tazz: And this time he’s got the help of the SmackDown locker room who are looking for their revenge on Nash. Eddie has better odds now than he did against Lesnar!
Cole: That is true Tazz! Now next is the main event, HBK Shawn Michaels takes on GM Kurt Angle’s bodyguard, Luther Reigns! This match was made by Kurt Angle due to the Sweet Chin Music that HBK delivered to Reigns, in last week’s main event! This should be a great encounter!

Main Event
Shawn Michaels v Luther Reigns

Luther Reigns comes out to Kurt Angle’s music and looks pumped for this match. HBK’s music hits and the crowd explode as Shawn makes his in-ring debut on SmackDown!
Luther easily out sizes Michaels but Shawn has sled much bigger opponents. The two begin a stare down before Luther attempts a clothesline nut HBK ducks and hits a big time neckbreaker. Luther springs back up and receives some right hands to the face. Luther fights back with a forearm smash followed by a gorilla press slam. 1,2.Kickout. Luther picks Shawn back up and hits some forearms before throwing him into the ropes and hitting a clothesline. Luther kicks Shawn around before nailing some elbow drops to the lower back. HBK writhes in pain as Luther cackles an evil laugh. Luther picks Shawn back up and goes for a backdrop. The Showstopper flips off of Reigns’ back and drop kicks Luther into the turnbuckle. Luther bounces back out into a schoolboy from HBK! 1,2.Kicout at the last second! HBK stays on task and kicks Reigns hard in the lower back before heading to the top rope. HBK jumps off with a cross-body but Reigns catches him and slams him on the mat. Luther picks HBK up and locks on the abdominal stretch. HBK screams in agony as his lower back is ripped and torn along with his abdomen.

Shawn attempts to fight out with elbows to the head but Luther just tightens the hold and Michaels stops the fight back. Reigns grabs the ropes for leverage and the referee sees it. Reigns lets go of the ropes which gives HBK the chance to escape the hold. Shawn begins to smash his head into the chest of Luther, who releases the hold.

Shawn spins Luther round and hits some chops followed by a desperation DDT! Both men are down and referee begins to count to ten, 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8,HBK gets to his feet. Luther is then dragged up by HBK but Shawn is caught off guard by a HUGE uppercut! Luther then nails a pumphandle slam. 1,2.HBK KICKS OUT!!! Luther is in disbelief!! Reigns picks him back up and goes for a suplex but the Heart Break Kid fights out and nails another desperation DDT! This time Shawn springs back t his feet and tunes up the band! Luther slowly gets to his feet and dodges the Sweet Chin Music!! Luther hits a kick to the mid-section and throws HBK up for a powerbomb!! HBK drops down the front and nails the Sweet Chin Music!! 1,2,3!!!
Winner: HBK Shawn Michaels

HBK gets onto the turnbuckle and celebrates while Luther staggers to his feet. Luther slides out of the ring and Kevin Nash comes out to help him to the back. The two huge men walk to the back as HBK celebrates. All of a sudden EDDIE GUERRERO walks out onto the stage carrying a chair!! Eddie screams LATINO HEAT and sprints to attack Reigns and Nash!!!! Eddie destroys both of them with the chair and “Viva La Rasa” blares through the arena as he celebrates before SmackDown fades off of the air!

SmackDown!'s Great American Bash

WWE Great American Bash

Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Theme Tune: Harder to Breathe: Maroon 5
Date: June 27th 2004

The WWE logo flashes across the screen and an old fashioned projector begins to run.

The projector flashes the first picture. A voice speaks over it as the screen changes. The first picture is of George Washington.
Voice: The first real great American was George Washington, a man of dignity, politeness and kindness.
Another slide comes up this one is Abraham Lincoln. The voice once again talks about his dignity, passion and love for his country. More and more former Presidents of the USA flash across the screen until we reach George W. Bush. The screen goes on about his and his father’s triumphs. Suddenly we hear footsteps in the room and a different projector is used, this one is a rolling film. The screen goes fuzzy and the lights go out. “Fo.. For Life, For Life” The nWo logo flashes it then shows the havoc the faction has caused and we hear the voice of Kevin Nash.

Nash: All I ever hear about Great Americans is what they have done for their people and country. Well that stops here! The nWo poison is back and will stay until we capture the WWE under our firm grasp. Tonight the darkside of America fights back and becomes the good. Tonight you will witness a NEW champion crowned. Tonight you will witness the re-birth of the most feared faction EVER! Tonight the nWo will take the WWE title from the hands of a lying, cheating, stealing drug addict, Eddie Guerrero!

Eddie Guerrero’s face appears on the screen. Kevin grabs the projector and slams it to the floor crushing it instantly. The camera moves up to reveal the face of Kevin Nash who is holding the American flag. Nash flips it over to reveal the nWo sign spray painted onto old glory.

“And now Subway Eat Fresh presents, a SmackDown brand production: WWE Great American Bash!!!!”

The Pyro hits, Maroon 5’s Harder to Breath blasts through the arena and Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to SmackDown!’s very own Great American Bash!
Cole: Hello everybody, good evening and welcome to SmackDown!’s Great American Bash!
Tazz: Pump it up Cole there are some rocket busters around the corner!
Cole: Very true Tazz, tonight all SmackDown Titles will be up for grabs!! Also tonight Kevin Nash attempts to take the WWE Championship, from the waist of Eddie Guerrero!
Tazz: That isn’t gunna be easy Cole!
Cole: You can be sure of one thing Tazz, Eddie will not give up without a fight!
Tazz: He never does!
Cole: Lets kick things off with the Cruiserweight Title match! Billy Kidman takes on Chavo Guerrero!

1st Match: Cruiserweight Title
Billy Kidman v Chavo Guerrero© w/ Chavo Classic

Billy Kidman makes his way to the ring first to a reasonably decent pop. Next comes the champion, Chavo Guerrero, to MAJOR heat from the crowd.
Chavo has a cocky smile on his face as he steps into the ring. Classic and Guerrero caused the damage to Kidman 3 days ago, busting him WIDE open. Will Billy be able to shake it off?

The two start off with a short stare down before Kidman charges at Guerrero with a clothesline but Chavo ducks and hits one of his own. Kidman is straight back up and into a hip toss. Billy is slower to get back up this time however when he does he takes Chavo down and jumps on top of him delivering fast paced right and left hands. The referee finally restores order and pulls Billy off of Chavo.

Kidman kicks Chavo in the head as he attempts to get to his feet. Classic gets on the apron and complains however is knocked off by Billy. This gives Guerrero a chance to gather his senses. Chavo gets back up and delivers a right hand to the back of Kidman and kicks him behind the knee. Billy falls to the floor and is then picked up by Chavo in a chicken-wing. Kidman screams in pain and Chavo drops him to the floor. Kidman is hurting on the floor and Chavo begins to play up to the crowd. Billy eventually rises to his feet and ducks a clothesline from Chavo and lands a neckbreaker of his own.

Billy rises to his feet before Chavo and delivers a standing leg drop to get a two count. Billy stomps on Chavo before heading to the top rope. Chavo eventually staggers to his feet but gets knocked back down with a drop kick from Billy Kidman. 1,2.KICKOUT AGAIN! Billy can’t believe it! Kidman picks Chavo back up and puts him down with a snap suplex. Billy heads up top again but Guerrero pushes the referee into the ropes to put Billy off balance. Billy lands crotch first on the top rope.

Chavo quickly bounces back to his feet and drop kicks Billy, who is still on the top rope, to the outside. Chavo Classic then gets involved as his son distracts the referee. Classic kicks Billy around and Irish Whips his back into the ring barrier. Classic then throws Kidman back into the ring. The referee warns Classic while Chavo Jnr beats on Billy Kidman in the corner. Chavo then picks Billy up and nails the Tornado DDT! 1,2.BILLY GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES!! Chavo Classic tugs at his hair on the outside while his son attempts another Tornado DDT, this time Billy reverses into a suplex with a bridge. 1,2.KICKOUT!!! Both men have given their all and are slow to rise to their feet. Billy goes for a clothesline but Chavo ducks and gets a schoolboy with his feet on the ropes! 1,2.SOMEHOW BILLY GETS A SHOULDER UP!!!

Guerrero once again picks Kidman up and goes for the Tornado DDT but Billy fights out and hits a DDT of his own. Kidman uses the ropes to climb to his feet and Chavo Classic gets on the apron. Billy knocks Classic down again and brawls with his son. Chavo gains the upper hand but Billy soon fights back and lands a neckbreaker. With Classic still on the floor, Kidman drags Chavo to the corner and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Billy leaps off with a Shooting Star Press and covers Guerrero, 1,2,3!!!!!!!

Winner: NEW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman

The crowd erupt as Billy lifts the title on the turnbuckle and the two Chavo’s crawl to the back, devastated. Billy celebrates in the ring for two or three minutes before we cut to the back.
General Manager Kurt Angle ushers Luther Reigns, Johnny The Bull, Nunzio and the Basham Brothers into his office.

Kurt: Ok guys, the reasons that I have called you in here are that I need a favour from you all. That favour involves the main event. That favour involves you being lumberjacks for Kevin Nash, tonight.
Doug: Hell no! He attacked us!
Danny: Yeah why should we do a favour for him?
Kurt: Because I said so!
The nWo enter the already cramped office. Kevin Nash looks around in disgust.
Nash: You call these lumberjacks? These wimps aren’t lumberjacks! These guys are ballerinas!!!
The nWo chuckle to themselves. Luther Reigns flexes his muscles.
Reigns: Oh I’m a ballerina am I?
Hall: Na dude you ain’t no ballerina, you’re a monster!
X-Pac: Yeah but a big green ugly one!
Nash: Whoa X! Cool it guys! We need an extra lumberjack, and Luther here is just the man for the job!
Reigns: What makes you say that?
Hall: Look at you! You’re HUGE! You might even be bigger then Big Poppa Pump!
Steiner: Whoa I wouldn’t go that far! He needs to build up his peaks if he’s gunna be bigger than me!
Nash: Will you guys shut up? GOOD! Look Luther we might of accidentally attacked you in the past..
Reigns: We?
Nash looks around awkwardly
Nash: I meant “I” might have attacked you.
Luther looks suspicious
Nash: But lets put that behind us! Come on what’d you say?
Reigns: Fine
The nWo smile and each shake Luther’s hand. Kurt Angle then interrupts.
Kurt: Great that’s settled! Now all of you can get the hell out of my office!

A commercial of Summerslam airs saying that it will be a joint RAW and SmackDown! Production.

Grudge Match
Mark Jindrak w/ Teddy Long v Hardcore Holly

As Hardcore Holly looks to exact some revenge on Mark Jindrak for his actions against Billy Gunn and Torrie Wilson, Jindrak looks to build on his winning streak and add the name of Hardcore Holly to the defeated list.
Jindrak does his usual thing with the mirror saying that he is the “Reflection of Perfection” and yet again smashes it on the ring post.

The two men lock up centre of the ring and Jindrak backs Holly into the corner. The referee breaks up the confrontation and Holly hits some right hands to the sternum of Jindrak. Holly hits an uppercut followed by a scoop slam. The crowd get behind Holly as he uses his arsenal of power moves to wear down Jindrak. Holly lands a leg drop on Mark followed by several elbow drops.

Holly picks Jindrak off of the mat and goes for a suplex but Jindrak blocks it and hits one of his own. Mark springs back up and hits a back breaker. Jindrak Irish whips Holly into the turnbuckle and splashes him. Jindrak does this in the three remaining corners until Holly falls to the ground. Teddy Long yells at Holly calling him a pathetic excuse for a human being. Mark goes to pick Holly up but Hardcore pulls him into a small package! 1,2.Kickout!

Jindrak and Hardcore spring to their feet and deliver right and left hands to each other. Holly gets the better of Jindrak and hits a side walk slam followed by a cover. 1,2.Kickout again! Holly begins to get aggravated and gets in the referee’s face. The referee pushes Hardcore away. Meanwhile Teddy Long throws Mark Jindrak something to which he stuffs in his boot.

Hardcore picks Jindrak off of the mat and goes for the Alabama Slam! Jindrak holds onto Holly’s legs as he goes back and Holly flips himself straight into a Boston Crab! Holly screams in pain and after a good 20 seconds reaches the ropes. At this point Mark Jindrak takes out Brass Knuckles from his boot and hits Holly square between the eyes with them! Holly screams in pain and Jindrak gets the cover!

Winner: Mark Jindrak

Mark Jindrak stands over Hardcore Holly and spits in his face! Holly goes crazy moving around on the floor until Jindrak kicks him straight in the temple. Teddy Long pulls Mark Jindrak away as Holly is left lifeless on the mat. EMT’s come rushing to the ring in aid of Hardcore. The crowd is left silent.

We cut to the back where we see a limo arrive with horns on the front. John Bradshaw Layfield steps out of the car and has a smile on his face. Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio arrive on the scene and comment on why JBL is here.
Rey: Hey JBL why the hell are you here?
RVD: Yeah you’re not on the card!
JBL turns towards RVD and Rey.
JBL: Why am I here?
RVD: Yeah why are you here man?
Rey: Come on tell us!
JBL: Why am I here? Why are you here?
Rey: We are here to participate in the main event!
RVD: Yeah we were hand picked by EDDIE GUERRERO to be his lumberjacks!
JBL: Oh that’s nice; TELL IT TO SOMEONE WHO GIVES A DAMN!!!!! RVD: Whoa man chill out!!!
Rey: Don’t get stressed out!
JBL turns to leave.
RVD: Just because Eddie beat your ass..
JBL: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
RVD: I said Just because Eddie beat your ass!
JBL grabs RVD by the throat.
JBL: Don’t you EVER, EVER doubt the abilities of John Bradshaw Layfield! Eddie Guerrero got lucky, but you won’t be so lucky Rob!
RVD: When won’t I be so lucky?
JBL: You won’t be so lucky when you go one on one with JBL! TONIGHT!!!!
RVD: Is that a challenge?
JBL: Why yes I believe it is!
RVD: Then I accept!!
Rey: Ok then guys settle it in the ring! Not in the damn parking lot!

WWE U.S Championship: 3 Elimination Stages
John Cena © v Rene Dupree v Mordecai v Booker T

John Cena makes the draw for the order of competitors and picks himself out first, much to his dismay. John picks out his opponent, Rene Dupree! Next John picks out Booker T to compete in the ladder match, and Mordecai in the cage match! Booker and Mordecai are chained to each ring post in order to prevent them from interfering in the first contest.

1st Stage 1 Fall Singles Contest
John Cena v Rene Dupree

John Cena comes out to the ring first, followed by Mordecai, who is chained to the ring post, followed by Rene Dupree who gets in the ring, followed by Booker T, who is chained to the opposite ring post to Mordecai.

Cena and Dupree begin a 30 second staredown before Dupree yells at Cena calling him pathetic and useless. Cena doesn’t react and stands firm. Dupree charges at Cena with a clothesline and nails it. Cena springs straight back up into a spinebuster that puts Cena down for a fair 5 seconds before he makes it to his feet. Dupree Irish whips Cena into the turnbuckle so he is facing back inside the ring. Rene puts 3 shoulders into Cena’s gut flowed by a splash in the corner. Cena falls to the floor and shakes his head in an attempt to wake himself up.

Dupree slaps Cena while he is on his hands and feet and then kicks his lower back. Cena crawls up the ropes and is about to be clotheslined over the top, but he has it scouted and Rene goes flying over the top rope. Booker T attempts to kick Dupree while on the outside but cannot reach. Cena then slides out of the ring and taunts Booker, daring him to hit him. Booker tries desperately before Cena signals “Word Life” and kicks Book, square in the nuts.

Meanwhile Dupree is recovering and attacks Cena from behind, slamming his head into the ring post while the referee checks on Booker T. The French Phenom pulls Cena up by the hair and throws him into the ring where he delivers a Russian leg sweep. The referee climbs back into the ring as Dupree slaps on a sleeper. Cena begins to fade and the referee begins the arm count. He lifts it up once… it falls down. Twice… it falls down. Thrice… Cena’s arm rises and his fist begins to clench. Cena shows immense strength and lifts Dupree clean off of the ground. He backs him into the corner and begins to climb the turnbuckle, with Rene still clinging on for dear life.

Eventually Cena reaches the top rope and turns around! He then leaps off of the turnbuckle to squash the Frenchman between the mat and John’s upper back! Both men are down and the referee begins to count to 10. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8… Cena begins to stir and makes it to his feet by the count of 9! The Dr of Thuganomics attempts to drag Rene to his feet but Dupree rolls Cena up for a LONG two count! Both men are slow to rise from the pinfall attempt and have to use the ropes.

They finally reach standing and Cena goes for a clothesline but Rene ducks and locks in an armbar! John screams in pain and crawls to the ropes but Dupree pushes the bottom rope away from Cena’s grasp with his foot. Cena is in immense pain and is about to tap when he finds one last ounce of strength and reaches the ropes. Dupree is forced to break the hold!

Both competitors rise to their feet and Rene Dupree gets the better of John, hitting a DDT. Dupree then heads to the top rope and goes for a tope rope splash onto Cena! He gets it! 1,2. CENA KICKOUT!!!!!!!! Dupree is in complete disbelief!!!!!!! Rene decides that he has had enough and lifts Cena onto his shoulders to use Cena’s own F.U! Then suddenly John drops off of the back of Rene and hits his own F.U!!!

Cena progresses!!!!!

2nd Fall Ladder Match
John Cena v Booker T

With Cena already hurting and tired, Booker T looks a hot favourite to win the ladder match. Booker is unchained and he rolls into the ring where a hurting John Cena is propped up against the turnbuckle.

Booker immediately goes to clothesline Cena but John has it scouted and dodges the flying Book man as he smashes into the top turnbuckle. Cena kicks Book in the gut and hits a DDT. Booker actually gets up before Cena does and begins to put the boots to him. Cena groans in pain as Booker T pulls him off of the mat. Booker chops John in the corner and gets many “WHOOOOO”’s from the crowd in return.

Booker grabs Cena by the throat, picks him up and puts him on the top rope where he performs a superplex on the current U.S Champion. Booker taunts the crowd before going to the outside and fetching a ladder. Book sets up the ladder and begins to climb. Cena sees this and immediately crawls to his feet. Cena pulls Booker down by his tights and begins a slow brawl. Booker hits a knee to the mid-section and hits John’s head against the ladder sending Cena to the mat.

Booker lifts the ladder and folds it up. “T” then continually smashes the top of it into Cena’s intestines. Book then lays Cena on top of the ladder and delivers a vicious leg drop that shakes the ring. Cena has blood coming from his mouth and looks to have given all he can. Booker spits in Cena’s face and sets up the ladder. Booker T is about to reach the U.S Title belt when John manages to muster enough strength to shove the ladder and throw Booker off of it to the outside!!

Booker and Cena are both down for at least a minute and a half before Cena begins to awake and pull himself up by the ladder. Booker notices John standing above the folded ladder and quickly catapults the top of it into his face with a body splash on the other end. Cena falls to the floor screaming, he then rolls over and we see he is busted open BAD! Booker pulls himself into the ring and props up the ladder in the corner of the ring.

Booker attempts to Irish Whip John into the ladder but the Doc O Thuganomics reverses and Booker smashes head first into the ladder! Cena falls to the floor and the ring becomes a crimson mess. Cena eventually makes it to his feet and lays the ladder on the floor. John delivers a backdrop to Booker, on top of the ladder. Booker screams in agony! John rolls Book to the corner of the ring and then sets up the ladder.

With only one good arm John begins to climb the ladder, with his left arm almost completely limp. Booker is in no-mans land and looks to have to chance of defeating Cena. The Book Man shows tremendous courage and makes it to his feet, climbing the ladder! John is almost at the top of the ladder and is touching his gold when Booker delivers a hard right hand to the sternum. Cena leans over the top of the ladder and booker beats on his lower back. Booker then leans over Cena’s back and John hooks his arm around Booker’s leg!

Booker realises what position he is in and struggles to get out! John refuses to let go and uses every last ounce of strength he has to F.U Booker T from the top of the ladder, to the mat below! Cena looks up and through his blood covered eyes he just manages to see the title dangling aimlessly. John reaches for it and tugs it down!

Cena progresses AGAIN!!!

3rd Fall Cage Match
John Cena v Mordecai

Mordecai cannot believe his luck as he enters the ring to find John Cena bloodied and bruised and a reasonably fresh Booker T being escorted to the back.

Mordecai raises his arms and the cage begins to descend from the ceiling. Mordecai quickly goes outside and grabs his staff, a chair and the ring bell. He then enters the ring just in time before the cage is locked on to the ring posts.

Mordecai stares at Cena who is still motionless from the ladder match. Mordecai then simply walks towards the door, opens it and steps onto the ring steps. He then turns around to look and John Cena who is now just sitting upright with his middle finger pointing towards the man in white. Mordecai is enraged and storms back into the ring where he is met with a low blow!!!!!

This gives Cena some time to re-cooperate; however Mordecai is back up within 20 seconds. Cena attempts another low blow from the floor but Mordecai blocks this one and stamps on Cena’s left arm, making him squeal and squirm. John then bites Mordecai’s ankle and he releases Cena’s arm. John flips over sending Mordecai into the cage wall after letting go of John’s ankle! Like a flash of light John grabs a chair and makes it to his hands and knees.

Mordecai bounces back off of the ropes and straight into a shot with a solid steel chair! It doesn’t put the big man down but sends him back onto the ropes where he bounces straight back out. This time when Mordecai returns, Cena stabs the chair into Mordecai’s shin, which forces the white man to the floor. Cena immediately crawls towards the cage door but Mordecai is back up too quickly and drags Cena to the centre of the ring.

Mordecai drags Cena up by his hair and props him up against the turnbuckle. Mordecai delivers thunderous right hands to Cena’s skull and then hits a massive clothesline in the corner. The big man then grabs his staff and looks to the sky. He chants something before whacking Cena around the face with it! Mordecai then signals for the “Father, Son and the Holy Ghost” Mordecai throws his staff out of the door before stepping out himself.

Before Mordecai’s foot reaches the floor, Cena staggers over to the other side of the ring and yanks his hair. The man in white cannot believe it. He shakes his head and climbs back into the ring. Once there he begins to brawl with Cena, delivering right hands to the already blood covered skull of John Cena. John fights back and hits an eye rake before nailing the F.U!!!!!! The crowd go wild as John steps towards the door. Suddenly the Basham Brothers appear out of nowhere and slam the cage door on Cena’s head!!!!

The Bashams enter the ring to HUGE boos and Mordecai yells at them to beat Cena up! The Bashams take it in turns to spinebuster Cena before handing him over to Mordecai. The follower of the lord plants Cena into the mat with a Crucifix Bomb. The Bashams then hold up Cena and Mordecai clocks John around the head with the ring bell!!!!!! Just to make sure there is no escape for Cena, Doug Basham heads to the outside and grabs Mordecai’s staff. Danny props Cena up in the corner of the ring. Doug then puts the staff through one hole in the cage and back out of another, trapping Cena between the cage wall’s corner and the staff pole!!!

Mordecai then steps out of the ring with Danny Basham, to capture the WWE U.S Championship!

Winner: NEW U.S Champion Mordecai

Mordecai grabs a mic and speaks to the crowd.
Mordecai: You see what happens when you disrespect God!!!!!! HIS MESSENGERS DESTROY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, “I” Mordecai, the NEW U.S Champion, along with The Basham Brothers, MY followers! Will bring peace and order to SmackDown! And just to prove to what lengths we will go to, we will make a sacrifice of JOHN CENA!!!!!
Bright lights shine on Cena as the cage is lifted, taking the trapped Cena with it! John struggles desperately but cannot do anything. The lights go out and three spotlights shine on Mordecai, Doug Basham and Danny Basham!

The RVD Desire Video plays as the chaos left by the U.S Title match is cleared.

We cut to the back, inside the Dudley’s locker room where Paul Heyman is preparing for his Bra and Panties match.
Paul: Here we go then! I’d like to see those two women rip off all of these T-Shirts! Not to mention these 3 pairs of my best jogging bottoms!
Then GM Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns arrive in the locker room.
Kurt: Whoa there Paul! You call that wrestling gear? I don’t think so! Luther give him his gear!
Luther pulls out a plastic bag and hands it to Heyman.
Paul: I can’t wrestle in this!
Kurt: You’re not a wrestler you can wrestle in anything!!!!
Paul pulls out a skimpy Bra, a thong, a skirt and one of Kurt Angle’s T-Shirt that says “Team Angle”
Kurt: Go ahead put it on!
Paul: Now?
Kurt: Of course now!
The camera backs out of the room as Paul gets changed for his match.

Impromptu Singles Match
Rob Van Dam v John Bradshaw Layfield

This match caused by RVD insulting JBL begins with RVD making his way to the ring, fully dressed in his usual ring attire. JBL makes his way to the ring, in his limo, in a suit!!!! RVD stares in horror as JBL enters the ring smiling and waving to the booing fans.

RVD asks his what the hell he is wearing; JBL just begins the fight a right hand to RVD. Rob returns it and the referee starts the match. JBL gets the better of the unsuspecting Van Dam and nails a powerslam, followed by a leg drop. JBL yanks Rob up again and lifts him up into the Last Call position. JBL climbs to the second rope and performs the Last Call to get a two count.

JBL once again pulls Van Dam up and throws him into the corner of the ring. He goes for a clothesline but RVD gets his foot up and smack Bradshaw in the jaw with it. RVD delivers a stiff kick to the leg followed by a spinning heel kick to send John to the mat. RVD hits the rolling thunder on JBL for a two count.

Rob picks Layfield up again and begins to work on the left leg. He hits 3 straight kicks to JBL’s leg followed by a small chop block. RVD heads to the top rope, he flies off with an elbow to the left knee of Bradshaw. JBL screams and RVD kicks him in the mouth. Rob picks up JBL and nails a low drop kick to John’s knee. RVD applies a leg lock that stretched JBL’s knee out painfully.

John is in agony and elbows RVD in the head to force him to break the hold. Van Dam makes it to his feet and heads over to Bradshaw but he is met with a low blow!!!!!! The referee calls for the DQ and JBL throws Rob out of the ring.

Winner: RVD by DQ

JBL grabs RVD after the bell has rung and takes him over to his limo. JBL slams Rob’s head into the hood and horns, which busts Van Dam open. JBL throws to the top of the limo and tells the driver to drive. The limo goes backwards out of the arena and into the parking lot. JBL still has RVD captive and is beating him on the top of the moving vehicle. Eventually JBL picks RVD up onto his shoulders and powerbombs him from the limo, going at 20 miles an hour, onto the floor below!!!!! RVD’s limp body hits the floor painfully landing on his neck! JBL climbs through his sunroof and drives into the night!!!!

Cole: OH MY GOD!!!!! RVD just got powerbombed off of JBL’s moving limo!!!!
Tazz: Is he OK?
Cole: I don’t think so!
Rikishi comes running into the parking lot.
Rikishi: Rob! Rob! Say something!
Rikishi picks Van Dam up and takes him back into the arena.

Singles Match
Brock Lesnar v The Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer

Brock Lesnar returns and makes his way to the ring with his old pyros and old look. Brock gets into the ring and grabs a mic. He challenges anyone in the back to a match, a match against the most dominating force SmackDown has ever seen. Suddenly everything goes black and the gongs of The Undertaker sound, to a giant ovation from the capacity crowd. Paul Bearer comes out with Taker’s urn and smiles an evil smirk. Paul ushers out The Phenom in his first match since Judgement Day!!!

Brock Lesnar stands in the ring, not terrified, not confident but a normal competing wrestler. It seems Lesnar is not afraid of Taker!
Taker enters the ring in his usual manner, staring down Lesnar. Brock does not flinch, blink or move. He simply stares into the dark eyes of the Deadman. The two stare at each other before entering a test of strength. The two lock fingers and Brock amazingly overpowers Taker, into the corner of the ring. The referee breaks the confrontation and Brock backs away only to come back with shoulders to the gut! Brock pulls Taker from the turnbuckle and throws him into the opposite corner. Brock follows this up with a big time clothesline.

Taker shakes his head to try and get some feeling back into his skull. Lesnar grabs Taker’s arm and twists it round, he then kicks Taker repeatedly in the stomach. Lesnar flips Undertaker over his head by his already twisted arm and locks on an arm bar. Lesnar holds it for a couple of seconds and then releases it, punching the inside of the elbow as he does so. Lesnar swings Taker into the ropes and locks on a sleeper in an attempt to keep The Phenom from fighting back.

Taker fights out immediately backing Brock into the turnbuckle. Brock sits on the top and Taker turns round to receive a flying forearm from the top rope. Taker sits straight back up and lifts Brock up as well. Lesnar hits an uppercut and a scoop slam. Brock again stamps on Undertaker’s arm but the Deadman does not make a sound. Brock picks Taker up and goes for a suplex, the Deadman blocks it and pushes Lesnar away, into the ropes. On Brocks return he receives a big boot and an elbow drop to the sternum.

Taker picks Lesnar up and hits some big right hands to the face; Lesnar backs into the ropes and attempts a right hand of his own. Taker blocks it. Brock tries a left. Taker blocks it again. Brock tries a Headbutt but Taker moves his head away and comes back with two of his own! Undertaker throws Brock into the ropes and clotheslines him over the top. Brock falls to the outside and Taker soon follows, hitting rights and lefts to Lesnar’s kidney area. Brock attempts to run away but Taker grabs him for a full nelson out on the floor!

Undertaker throws Brock back into the ring and begins to stomp on him. Undertaker signals for old school and he heads up top. Brock sees this coming and when Taker jumps off with the big right hand to the arm, Brock brings Taker to the floor in a cross armbar position. Finally Undertaker grimaces and shows that he does feel pain. Brock releases the hold when Taker reaches the ropes.

Lesnar picks Taker up and throws him into the ropes front ways. When Undertaker staggers backwards Brock nails a backdrop and gets the first cover of the match! 1,2.Kickout from the Phenom. Brock flexes his shoulders and drags Taker up by the hair. Brock flings Taker into the ropes and hits a huge belly-to-belly to get another two count! By this time Paul Bearer is beginning to get worried and screams at The Undertaker to fight back!

Brock has a wicked smile on his face and plants Taker with a massive DDT! Incredibly Undertaker sits straight up and a look of fear spreads across the face of Lesnar! Taker climbs to his feet and rolls his eyes back into his skull. This is an opportunity for Lesnar and he quickly nails an F-5!!!! He gets the cover 1,2. KICKOUT FROM TAKER!!!!!!!! Brock can’t believe it!!!!! Lesnar makes the cover again, 1,2. KICKOUT AGAIN!!!! Brock screams at the referee while Taker sits straight up!

Brock continually kicks Undertaker until Taker lies down. Brock attempts a cover but Taker throws him off of him! Lesnar runs at Taker but The Phenom has it scouted and hits a big sidewalk slam! 1,2.KICKOUT FROM LESNAR!!! Taker lifts Brock back up and signals for the Tombstone Piledriver! Taker flips Lesnar round but Brock fights out. Brock runs at Taker with a clothesline but The Deadman grabs Lesnar for the Chokeslam!!!!!! Cover 1,2. LESNAR KICKS OUT!!!! Paul Bearer tugs at his own hair!!!!!

Lesnar is short of breath and needs some time to re-cooperate but Undertaker will give him no time. Taker begins a slow brawl with Lesnar and comes out on top. Taker goes for another Chokeslam but Brock elbows out of it turning it into his own F-5!!!! Taker fights out and lifts Brock up for the Tombstone!!!! Brock desperately reaches under Takers legs and grabs a hold of The Phenom’s waistband, instantly pulling Taker over into a pinning predicament in Lesnar’s favour!!!! For leverage Brock puts his feet on the ropes as the referee counts to 3!!!

Winner: Brock Lesnar

The bell rings and Brock flees the ring as Undertaker sits up looking immensely enraged. Brock runs to the back to a chorus of boos!!!

Cole: I get the feeling this isn’t over between Lesnar and Undertaker; you know what I mean Tazz?
Tazz: I certainly do! Whoa what a rocket buster that one was!

Commercial airs hyping a SmackDown UK show that will be filmed LIVE from the Manchester Evening News Arena!!!

Josh Matthews is standing by in the back waiting to interview Charlie Haas, Rico and Miss Jackie
Josh: I am here standing by with Tag Team Champions Rico and Charlie Haas and also the lovely Miss Jackie who will compete in the upcoming Bra and Panties match. Tonight Rico and Charlie you will attempt to defend your Tag Team gold, how do you think you will do?
Rico: Oh wow, are we ready for those four jackasses!!! Charles has never looked so good!!!! In the ring that is………
Haas: Right… I’m ready for this match! Oh yeah!!! We are going to kick their asses!!
Rico: That’s right Charles and Miss Jackie is going to teach Hiroko and Paul Heyman a lesson in that Bra and Panties match!!!!
Miss Jackie: Damn right!
Josh: Well you seem pretty confident! Now Rico, you and Charlie have been teaming for quite a while now, do you have a team name yet?
Rico: Why yes we do Josh!
Haas: No, no, no, PLEASE don’t say it!!!!
Rico: Naturally Born Flamboyant!!!!
Haas: NOOOOO!!!
Josh: Well that is quite a name!
Miss Jackie: I know isn’t it?
Josh: Well I wish NBF and Miss Jackie the best of luck in your matches and look forward to interviewing you in the near future!
Rico: Ok Charles lets go help Miss Jackie win that Bra and Panties match!
General Manager Kurt Angle arrives on scene with Luther Reigns.
Kurt: Where do you two think you are going?
Haas: To the ring!
Kurt: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Only Miss Jackie is allowed at ringside!
Rico: WHAT????
Miss Jackie: Guys its OK I can do this by myself!
Haas: Are you sure?
Miss Jackie: I’m certain!
Rico: Go win it then!!!

Bra and Panties Triple Threat
Miss Jackie v Hiroko Suzuki v Paul Heyman

Both Miss Jackie and Hiroko walk out to the ring looking stunning wearing tight tops and short skirts! Then Paul Heyman makes his way to the ring wearing a big brown seed bag with a huge smile on his face!!!

The contest begins with Jackie and Hiroko agreeing to get the bag off of Heyman! The two start to attack him and push him into the turnbuckle. They take it in turns to kick Heyman in the leg so he collapses to the floor. They then drag him to the centre of the ring and peel off the brown bag to reveal a Kurt Angle shirt that is too small and a skirt that disappears half way up his ass crack!

The two ladies back away as the smell is overwhelming. Paul then attacks Jackie from behind and pulls her hair. Paul appears to have taken tips from the Dudley’s and uses a suplex followed by a full nelson. Hiroko then attacks Heyman but is pushed away and kicked in the upper leg by Paul. Hiroko gets back up and jumps on Heyman hitting him and pulling his hair! Paul screams at her to get off but Hiroko rips off Paul’s shirt to reveal a skimpy see-through Bra!!!!!

Paul attempts to cover up but Miss Jackie. Who has recovered from Heyman’s attack, pulls it away from him. Miss Jackie then pins Paul’s arms to the floor while Hiroko pulls off the skirt!!!!!! Paul yells “BUBBA!!!!” and Bubba Ray springs out from under the ring and attacks Hiroko and Miss Jackie!!!! Bubba nails the Bubba Bomb on Hiroko and Bubba Cutter on Miss Jackie!!!!

Winners: Miss Jackie and Hiroko Suzuki by DQ

As Paul Heyman gets up the crowd laugh at him and he runs to the back, his fat belly wiggling as he runs!!!!! Bubba stands tall over Miss Jackie and Hiroko. Kenzo Suzuki’s music hits and the two native Japanese men run down to the ring in aid of Hiroko. D-Von sprints to the ring to help Bubba fight off Kenzo and Taiyo. Then Naturally Born Flamboyant’s music hits and the Tag Champs run to join in with the mass brawl.

WWE Tag Team Championships: Three Way Dance
Naturally Born Flamboyant v Dudley Boys v Kenzo Suzuki and Taiyo Kea

The ring is cleared of the bodies of Miss Jackie and Hiroko Suzuki and the three-way tag match gets under way with Taiyo Kea and Rico fighting in the ring first.

Rico immediately attacks Kea and delivers several kicks and punches to every part of the body possible without getting a DQ. Rico hits a snap suplex and a fireman’s carry to put Kea down fro two. Rico throws the bigger opponent into the ropes and attempts a clothesline. Taiyo grabs Rico’s arm, puts it back down and hits a giant sized scoop slam. Kea drags Rico to his corner and tags in Kenzo.

Kenzo immediately hits a leg drop that gets a two count. Kenzo hits a fisherman suplex before throwing him into the turnbuckle. Rico is propped up in the corner and Kenzo delivers a high knee to the back of Rico who falls to the floor, feet under the turnbuckle. Suzuki climbs to the top and comes off landing straight on Rico’s chest. Kenzo sticks his tongue out to taunt the crowd. Kenzo picks Rico up and begins to work on his back with back breakers and several knees to the lower back. Kenzo performs a backdrop and then Irish whips Rico, back first, into the turnbuckle. Kenzo goes for a clothesline in the corner but Rico ducks and hits a desperation spinning heel kick!!!! Rico crawls to Haas and tags him in!

Charlie darts into the ring and lets all hell loose delivering a clothesline to Kenzo and knocking off D-Von, Bubba and Kea. Suzuki gets back up and receives a drop kick from Haas. Charlie is then attacked by D-Von who nails a spinning neckbreaker to put Charlie down. Kenzo manages to get to Kea and tags him in. Kea runs in and begins to stomp on Haas who is still on the mat; he picks Charlie up and nails a DDT. Kea throws Haas into the ropes and Bubba Dudley hits a blind tag. Taiyo nails a giant sized powerslam on Charlie but Bubba attacks him before he can get a cover. Bubba hits some right hands followed by an uppercut.

Bubba plants Taiyo with a powerslam followed by a knee to the throat. Bubba hits Kea’s head on his turnbuckle and puts him on the top rope. Bubba hits a super backdrop on Taiyo Kea and gets the pin. 1,2. Kenzo breaks the count!!! Bubba gets up and begins to brawl with Suzuki but Kenzo blinds him with powder into the eyes!!! Bubba walks backwards into a schoolboy from Kea!!! 1,2. Rico breaks up the count!! Kenzo attempts to blind Rico as well but Mr Flamboyancy ducks and Kenzo blinds Taiyo unintentionally!!! Rico hits a spinning heel kick on Kenzo!

Rico is thrown out by the referee and both the active members tag in another participant, Taiyo tags Charlie Haas and Bubba tags D-Von. Haas and D-Von exchange blows and D-Von gets the better of Charlie, throwing him into the ropes and landing a clothesline. D-Von drops a leg onto Charlie’s head and goes for a cover. 1,2. Kickout from Haas. D-Von hits a neckbreaker on Charlie and attempts another pin. 1,2. Rico breaks up the fall!!! D-Von stands up and ducks a karate kick from Rico, who inadvertently takes out the referee!!!

D-Von nails a low blow on Rico and a jawbreaker! Bubba recovers and is able to see again! He hits a scoop slam on Haas and D-Von heads up top for the WASSSSSUPPPP???? He nails it and NBF are completely laid out. Kenzo Suzuki gets back in the ring with a chair and takes out Bubba!!!! D-Von ducks his chair shot and punches it back into Suzuki’s face! Taiyo Kea enters the ring and attacks D-Von nailing a Piledriver. Kea wakes the referee and covers D-Von! 1……2……NO RICO BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

Taiyo Kea gets back up and begins to brawl with Rico but Charlie Haas intervenes and NBF double team Kea throwing him out of the ring with a double team backdrop!!! Kenzo gets back up and is thrown out as well! Bubba is still down from his chair shot and D-Von is on the mat. Haas signals fro the Haas of Pain and Rico guards the ring to make sure no one breaks up the submission! After 20solid seconds D-Von gives up and Naturally Born Flamboyant retain their titles!!!!

Winners: STILL WWE Tag Team Champions Naturally Born Flamboyant

Rico and Charlie Haas are ecstatic and celebrate as the other two teams are left hurting outside. Haas and Rico hug each other in joy and Rico pecks Haas on the cheek, Charlie shrugs his shoulders and the two walk to the back.

Cole: Whoa NBF retain Tazz!!!! Can you believe it?
Tazz: It’s amazing; I would have never expected this!!
Cole: Yet another fantastic match!!! Oh and what should be the BEST match of the night is coming up next! WWE Championship on the line in a lumberjack match!!! Who are you putting your money on Tazz?
Tazz: This one is hard to pick with Nash’s power advantage but then there is Eddie’s speed and heart! I’m gunna have to go with Nash’s power, plus the nWo is at ringside!!!!
Cole: Well let’s find out!!

WWE Championship: Special Guest Referee Lumberjack
Eddie Guerrero © v Kevin Nash
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels

Lumberjacks: Kevin Nash.................................Eddie Guerrero
Scott Hall.................................Rob Van Dam (replaced by Rikishi)
X-Pac.................................Rey Mysterio
Scott Steiner ...............................Orlando Jordan
Luther Reigns .................................Shannon Moore

Eddie and his Lumberjacks make their way to the ring first; Guerrero attempts to pump them up by reminding them of the attacks that the nWo performed. Then the screen goes black and white and the nWo make their way to the ring, looking very smug. Last but not least HBK Shawn Michaels comes to the ring to a big pop from the crowd.

We get the match started with yet another long stare down. The two then circle the ring and then go at it, punch for punch. Kevin Nash gets the upper hand and goes for a clothesline, Eddie ducks and comes back with one of his own, Nash doesn’t move and laughs at Eddie. Eddie retaliates and delivers some right hands to the face of his challenger. Eddie knocks Nash down with a big right hand. Nash gets back up to receive a drop kick followed by an uppercut.

Eddie hits a DDT and goes up top for the Frog Splash. Scott Steiner gets on the ropes and pulls Eddie to the floor below. The nWo begin to beat on Eddie before throwing him back into the ring, HBK warns the nWo about interference but they simply ignore him. Big Daddy Cool lifts Eddie up and puts him on his shoulder and nails a giant sized powerslam. Kevin stamps on Latino Heat in the corner and taunts the crowd and Eddie’s lumberjacks.

The leader of the New World Order stands above Eddie and laughs. Guerrero kicks Nash’s leg and puts him on the floor. Eddie beats in Nash’s kidney area and stomps on it. The WWE Champ picks Nash up and flings him into the ropes; Kevin comes back with a big boot!! Nash makes the first cover of the match. 1,2. Eddie kicks out. Nash scoops Eddie onto his shoulder and throws Guerrero like a javelin into the turnbuckle. Latino Heat rebounds back out into a full nelson overhead toss.

Eddie is in pain and Rikishi can see this. The Big Kish trips Nash as he backs into the ropes, then drops to his hands and knees so HBK doesn’t see him. Nash exits the ring but Shannon Moore an Orlando Jordan attack him and roll him back into the ring. Eddie gets back up and brawls with Nash until Guerrero puts Kevin on the floor with a hip toss. Eddie again assaults the kidney area until Nash kicks Guerrero and he goes flying through the ropes. This time X-Pac attacks Eddie, hitting the X-Factor on the outside!!! Eddie is busted open and sent back into the ring by Luther Reigns.

BDC picks Eddie of the mat and hits a suplex. 1,2. EDDIE KICKS OUT!! Nash stares at Michaels and HBK puts up two fingers to Nash. Kevin pulls Eddie up by the hair and goes for the Nashknife! Eddie reverses and hurricaranas Nash to the other side of the ring!!! Kevin staggers to his feet and receives a drop kick to back him into the corner of the ring. Eddie gets on the second rope and attempts to deliver the 10 big punches. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8…Nash grabs Eddie’s legs and delivers a vicious Nashknife powerbomb. On the outside the New World Order celebrates as they think the match is in the bag.

Kevin makes his way over to the limb body of Eddie Guerrero and covers him for the 1,2. KICKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!! KEVIN IS IN SHOCK!!!!!!!! Nash pins him again. 1,2. KICKOUT AGAIN!!!!! Nash stands up and jumps around the ring in fury!! HBK shrugs his shoulders. Orlando Jordan and Rey Mysterio get an “Eddie” chant going in an attempt to revive Guerrero. Nash picks Eddie up and goes for another Nashknife but Eddie drops down the front and hits X-Pac’s X-Factor!!! Eddie and Nash are both flat out on the floor!

Rikishi cheers Guerrero on and Eddie begins to stir. Guerrero makes it to his feet first and starts kicking Nash as he attempts to make it to his feet. Again Guerrero goes back to the kidney area and places his knee into it, pulling back Nash’s arms in the process. Kevin screams in pain as Eddie laughs an evil twisted laugh. Guerrero then shouts at Nash “NEVER MESS WITH MY FAMILIA HOMES!!!!” Eddie then headbutts the back of Nash’s head. Nash refuses to give up and begins to fight out. Eddie jumps on Kevin’s shoulders and delivers a reverse hurricarana!!!!!

Both men are yet again down and hurt. Guerrero gets to his feet and climbs to the top rope, ready for a Frog Splash. Yet again Guerrero is knocked off the top of the turnbuckle and goes crashing into the ring barricade, this time Scott Hall commits the crime. HBK gives Hall his final warning however Rikishi is not so forgiving. Eddie’s lumberjacks attack the nWo and a mass brawl ensues. Shannon takes on X-Pac, Rey against Hall, Jordan against Big Poppa Pump and Big Kish takes Luther Reigns.

Meanwhile Kevin Nash exits the ring as HBK attempts to restore order of the match from inside the ring. Nash picks Eddie off of the floor and backdrops him onto the ring barrier. Nash then slams Guerrero’s head on the ring post, busting him open even more! Nash then throws Eddie back into the ring where he performs a gorilla press slam and a fisherman suplex. Eddie looks to be totally wiped out and Kevin makes the cover however HBK is too busy with the fighting on the outside.

Nash grabs Michaels and tells him to count the fall. Kevin walks back over to Eddie and is about to pin him when Eddie springs to life and locks Nash in a small package!!!
EDDIE RETAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

Winner: STILL WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero

Eddie rolls out of the ring as Shawn fetches the title belt. Eddie runs up the ramp as Nash comes to terms with what just went down. Nash goes crazy and destroys the announce table as Eddie’s music plays and his lumberjacks run through the crowd from the pursuing New World Order.
The last moments go to HBK raising Eddie’s arm and an enraged Kevin Nash standing in the ring.

The Third RAW

RAW; June 28th 2004; Richmond


J.R: We are live, for Monday Night RAW in the packed out Richmond Coliseum, and what a night we have in store for you tonight!!

King: Oh my J.R, two friends are going to square off here tonight, Chris Jericho and Edge, they are gonna rip and tear at each other….I Love it!!!

J.R: That is true King, and folks, we are less than two weeks away from Vengeance, you gotta believe that things are gonna take shape for the upcoming PPV here tonight.

Evolution’s music plays, and the foursome make their way to the ring, all smiling and happy.

King: Look J.R, EVOLUTION!!! The next Worlds Champion, Triple H!!

J.R: He ain’t the champ yet King, and if I were you, I wouldn’t put all your money on him either at Vengeance. He’s gonna get his comeuppance one day, I promise you!

Triple H takes a microphone, but before he can talk, the crowd get on his back. He soaks it up and tells them to keep going.

HHH: Last week, Batista defeated Chris Benoit in singles competition, and that gave me the choice of stipulations for Vengeance.

Crowd Boo’s

HHH: That leaves Benoit with 13 days left with MY title. In Hartford at Vengeance, I, The Game, will beat Benoit, and Naitch will be their to make the count and raise my arm in victory. Batista is the insurance policy. If Benoit gets a little out of hand, he WILL be tamed by Batista.

Crowd Boo’s

HHH: And you can boo all you want, because I don’t care whether or not you like it, it WILL happen. It wont matter if Benoit has the whole nation pulling for him, because he is just another everyday person like all of you. He has just been given the chance to live life as a somebody, not a nobody, because I have allowed it.
Benoit likes to think he is the real deal, and that everybody is gonna tap to the Crossface. Reality check Chris, I am better than you, and I will prove it at Vengeance.

Orton then takes the mic.

Orton: And as for Shelton Benjamin, please, he’s a bigger loser than Benoit. He got lucky against you Hunter, and you Naitch, and even me, the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, once. But Shelton, just like Benoit, you are a nobody, given the chance to be a somebody. You’re not in my league, your not in Batista’s league, not Flair’s and certainly not Triple H’s.
Maybe you ought to just leave the WWE and head over to somewhere else that you would be a somebody, like those backyard places or something. And you know wh-

Benjamin’s music hits and he makes his way to the stage.

Shelton: Well, well, well, wouldn’t you know, It’s Evolution, hogging the lime light once again. Randy, I’ve just listened to you four talking for the last five minutes, and to be perfectly honest, I had to come out here before all the boy’s in the back fell asleep. Now as for you being the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, that’s a joke. Might I remind you that if it wasn’t for Ric Flair, or your frisky hand pulling tights, then you wouldn’t be the champion right now, I would.

Flair: Hey, Benjamin, SHUT UP!! You are NOT the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, Randy Orton is!!! He is a third generation superstar, and you are nothing but a snot nosed PUNK!!!
Randy has beaten HBK, Mick Foley, RVD, Booker T, the list is endless!! You haven’t beat anyone!!

Benjamin: (Shakes his head) Old age creeps in fast for you Flair, you’ve already forgotten that I beat your ass at Backlash, AND I’ve beat Triple H not once, but twice!!!

HHH: Hey, that don’t matter kid, because they were flukes, Randy is pure gold. He would beat you anywhere, any place, any time.

Benjamin: If that so, why doest Randy accept to meet me at Vengeance, FOR the Intercontinental title, one on one!!!

Evolution look at Orton as if to make a decision. He looks around, and reluctantly nods his head.

HHH: There, you got your match, now get the hell outta here kid.

Benoit’s music then plays. He comes out onto the stage with a mic.

Benoit: Congratulations Hunter, you seem to have all the odds going for you at Vengeance. What with Ric Flair as the referee, and Batista as your tag partner, it almost looks like you CANT lose……But you CAN lose. I will make you tap out to the Crippler Crossface, and I will still be the World Heavyweight Champion.

HHH: Oh yeah, well I don’t believe you Chris.

Benoit: Maybe I should come down there and prove it then.

With that Benoit and Shelton sprint to the ring and fight it out with Evolution. Surprisingly, the two men end up on top, with all four members of Evolution running out.

Benoit holds the title high in the air as HHH says that it is his.


1st Match:
Eugene vs. Sylvain Grenier

Regal eliminates Conway from interfering, leaving it a one on one match. Sylvain dominates early on, but Eugene fight back.
Eugene begins to dominate. He hit’s a succession of head butts and then acts like the JYD, before nailing an aeroplane spin for the victory.
Afterwards, Eugene and Regal celebrate in the ring, until Christian, Tyson Tomko and Trish make their way to the ring. Trish distracts Eugene, while Christian nails Regal with a chair. Eugene then attacks Christian, but Tomko attacks Eugene from behind, and nails a Powerbomb. Christian then hit’s the Unprettier, leaving Eugene and Regal both down on the canvas.

Bischoff and Nitro are talking in Eric’s office. They talk about Nitro screwing Maven last week on RAW. Nitro says he wants to prove that he is the best graduate from Tough Enough. Eric then makes a two on one for later featuring Maven against T&A.


We return looking at Matt Hardy, walking backstage, holding a small box, which looks like a box that would hold a ring. J.R and King speculate that he may propose to Lita tonight.

2nd Match:
Victoria & Nidia vs. Gail Kim & Molly Holly
:Gail Kim locks on a submission hold on Nidia, whilst Victoria brawls on the outside with Molly. Victoria pulls off Molly’s wig to reveal her baldness.
Molly then runs away embarrassed, while Victoria breaks the submission, and nails a Widows Peak on Gail to allow Nidia to get the pin, 1...2...3!!! Nidia and Victoria win. They celebrate as Gail runs to the back.

Christian is backstage with Tyson Tomko and Trish. He tells them that he has just come from Eric Bischoff’s office and has got him and Tomko a tag match at Vengeance against Eugene and William Regal.

Lita is walking backstage, looking as if she is thinking of something. Kane then walks up behind her, and hugs her from behind…
Lita: (Giggles) Oh Matt, you nearly scared me there.
Kane: I did??

Lita jumps away, realising it was Kane.

Lita: Wh..What do you want?
Kane: Tonight, I want you to go out to that ring, and tell the world the truth about MY baby, or I will.

He strokes her hair and walks off, as Lita looks really scared.


Jericho and Edge walk into Bischoff’s office at the same time asking each other what the other is doing here, they look ready to tear into each other, until Bischoff interrupts.

Eric: Guys!! That’s enough. Now the reason you are both here is because I want to let you both know that I hope you give all our fans out there a great match tonight, -

Edge cuts in

Edge: Cut the crap Eric, what do you really want??

Eric: (Grins) Okay, what I want you two to know is that I want you to forget what happened earlier when Evolution accepted Shelton Benjamin’s challenge for the I.C Title at Vengeance. Evolution don’t make matches around here, I do.
Therefore, what I’m getting at is, that I know you two are “buddies” so to speak, so just to make sure that your friendship is out of the window tonight, the winner of your match, gets an Intercontinental Championship match at Vengeance!!

Both nod.

Eric: Now, give these fans what they deserve, and put on a hell of a match.

Both stare each other down as neither backs up. Eventually the camera leaves the room, with both still standing face to face.

3rd Match: Handicap Match:
T&A vs. Maven
Unsurprisingly, T&A dominate the match, with Maven unable to get an upper hand. He ducks a Boot from Test and nails a dropkick. He then knocks A-train off the apron, and goes up top. He goes for a Cross Body, but Test, ducks.
Maven rolls through and nails test with a clothesline. He goes up top again, but this time, A-Train distracts the referee while Johnny Nitro pushes Maven off the top rope, and Test delivers a Pumphandle Slam for the three count.
Afterwards, Nitro tells T&A to beat up Maven some more. Test nails a Big Boot, and A-Train hit’s the De-Railer.
Nitro then slaps Maven around, and poses to the crowd.

A video airs hyping Raven. He talks in depth about the Seven Deadly Sins, and how RAW represents them all, but starting at Vengeance, he will begin to wipe them out.

Interview with Coach. Grisham asks him about a rumour that has been going around all week along about him entering a team into the Tag Turmoil at Vengeance.
Coach: Oh yeah BABY!! It is true, I have found the Perfect team to take home the World tag team titles at Vengeance.
A team that is meaner than the Nasty Boys, more Rock and Roll than the Rockers could have ever been, more daunting than the Legion of Doom, more attitude than the New Age Outlaws, and a team more Extreme than The Dudley’s!!
They are Chuck Palumbo and Garrison Cade…..The Originals!!!

Chuck and Cade enter, both wearing the same coloured ring wear of white trunks and black boots.

Coach: Now The Originals are about to show the world, just how good they are, and this is a message to La Resistance, T&A, Rhyno & Tajiri, whoever this MYSTERY team is, and are opponents up next, Hurricane & Rosey!! Lets go guys.


As we come back, J.R and King inform us that it has just been announced that at Vengeance, Maven will take on Johnny Nitro, one on one.

4th Match:
The Originals vs. Hurricane & Rosey
After some solid teamwork from Cade and Palumbo, Hurricane makes a tag to Rosey who beats up both guys with some high impact moves. He goes for a Military slam on Cade, but Palumbo makes the save by hitting a chop block to Rosey’s knee. He falls and rolls to the outside in agony.
Hurricane fights both men alone, and gets the upper hand on Cade. Palumbo distracts the referee, and Coach sneaks into the ring holding an Umbrella. He smacks Hurricane in the back with it, and Cade hit’s a DDT, followed by a cover, 1...2...3!!!
The Originals get the win, but don’t bother to celebrate, and just run to the back, after stealing the win.

J.R and King then talk about what just happened, and then talk about next weeks show which will feature Ric Flair vs. Chris Benoit and a #1 Contenders match for the Women’s Championship.

Matt Hardy then comes to the ring, and calls out Lita. He prepares to propose to her, until Kane enters, he walks down to the ring and claps. He says that Lita has something to tell him.

Matt looks puzzled and asks Lita what it is. She cries in the corner, as matt squares up to Kane.

Kane then laughs. He says that it doesn’t look like Lita wants to tell, but he will. He then tells Matt that Lita’s baby, isn’t Matt’s, it’s HIS!!!

Matt looks shocked. He turns around to Lita and she looks away. We see a tear in his eye. He then exit’s the ring and walks up the ramp.

Kane stays in the ring and smiles, he says that matt could have at least been happy for them.

He backs Lita into the corner and tells her that he will look after her until she produces HIS child. He then kisses her on the cheek before leaving the ring.

Lita gets on her knees and see that the ring is still sitting on the mat. She falls to the floor in tears.


Main Event:Winner gets I.C Title shot at Vengeance.
Chris Jericho vs. Edge
Overview:The two men go face to face, and then circle the ring. They tie up and struggle for power, Jericho backs Edge into the corner, but Edge powers back and backs Jericho into the opposite corner. The referee then makes the two back away from each other.
The crowd begins a Y2J chant, but when that stops, an Edge chants begins. The crowd seem totally split between the two superstars at this point.
Then, they tie up again, this time, Jericho takes down Edge. He then applies a waist lock as Edge tries to struggle out. The two tussle around the canvas, until both back off and grab the ropes. The crowd give another huge mixed response as the two superstars get to their feet.
They tie up again, this time, Edge gets a headlock, but Y2J reverses and whips Edge into the ropes and hit’s a shoulder block. Jericho goes for an elbow, but Edge moves out of the way, and hits Y2J with a clothesline. He gets a cover, 1...2...Chris kicks out.
Edge then drops an elbow, followed by another. He picks up Jericho and places him in the corner. He hit’s a chop to which the crowd reply WOOOOO!! He hits another, and then Jericho reverses and hits five chops of his own. He then whips Edge to the opposite corner, but as he runs at him, Edge sticks his boot in the air, woozing Jericho. He then hit’s a suplex on him and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick out! Edge picks up Jericho and goes for another, but it’s blocked, and Y2J hit’s a suplex of his own. He then gets a cover, 1...2...Kick out! Jericho stomps on the grounded opponent, and then picks him up for a German suplex. Edge blocks it and rolls through for a pin, 1...2...Y2J kicks out!
Edge then picks up Jericho and attempts a Sharpshooter, but Jericho counters and goes for the Walls. Edge fights out, but Jericho comes off the ropes and nails a Flying Forearm. The crowd then comes to it’s feet as Jericho signals for the Lionsault. He goes for the move, but Edge rolls out of the way at the last second.
Edge then quickly tries to lock in the Walls of Jericho, but Jericho tries to fight it, Edge however, overpowers him and locks the submission in.

Jericho screams in agony as he tries to make the ropes. He looks set to grab the bottom rope at one stage, but Edge pulls him back into the centre. Y2J then in one last attempt, hooks the leg of Edge and counters the move. Y2J then locks the move in on Edge, but Edge scurries to the ropes immediately.

Both then get up, and Jericho meets Edge with a slap. Edge then slaps him back, and goes for a whip, but Y2J reverses with velocity and Edge flies over the top rope. He tries to get on the apron, but Jericho meet him with a Springboard Dropkick.

Jericho then follows to the outside. He whips Edge into the steel steps, and then bounces his head off the announce table. He hit’s a back suplex to Edge on the outside and then throws him back in the ring.

Jericho then drop toe holds Edge into the ropes and goes for the knee to the back of the head, but Edge moves out of the way, and then nails Jericho with a Spear!!! 1.…2.…KICK OUT AT THE LAST SECOND!!!

Edge is shocked. He gets Jericho up and goes for the Edgecution, but Y2J reverses and hit’s a Northern Lights Suplex. He gets the bridge for a cover, 1...2...Edge kicks out!! Jericho picks up Edge and hit’s a suplex. He then goes up top for a dropkick. He goes up top, but this time, Edge jumps to his feet and stops him. They go punch for punch on the top rope, but Edge gets the better of the exchange. He then hit’s a superplex to a huge ovation from the crowd.

Both men are laying motionless on the canvas as the crowd split their favouritism for the two men. The referee begins a ten count, 1.……2.……3.……4. Edge then begins to show some life, 5.……6, Edge begins to move and slowly places an arm over Jericho, 1...2...JERICHO KICKS OUT!!!

After a short while, both men begin to stir, and eventually they make it to their feet. They then go punch for punch, back and forth. Edge drives a knee into Y2J’s sternum and goes for a Buzz Killer, but Jericho fights out, and cradles the opponent, 1...2...EDGE KICKS OUT!!! They both shoot up to their feet and Edge nails a dropkick He then whips Jericho into the corner and hit’s a reverse elbow.

Y2J staggers out and Edge hit’s a Buzz Killer. He then goes to the top rope and looks for a body splash, but Jericho has it scouted and moves out of the way, and Edge hit’s the canvas.

Jericho takes the opportunity to get to the top rope and hit’s the reverse elbow. He struggles to make the cover, but he does eventually, 1.…2.…EDGE GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Jericho is shocked. He gets Edge and puts him in the corner. He whips Edge hard, but Edge then has a sudden burst. He throws right and left hands at Jericho, backing him into the opposite corner. He kicks him and chops him in the corner, and then hit’s a Spear. He goes for another, but this time, Jericho moves, and as Sting bounces back out, Jericho hit’s the Standing Enziguri.

Eventually, he gets the cover, 1...2...EDGE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Jericho cant believe it, he then goes for a bulldog, but Edge ducks, and hits an arm drag. He then hit’s the Edgecution on Jericho, followed by a cover, 1...2...Y2J GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE.
Both men are spent. They get to their feet and trade blows, Edge gets the better, and knocks down Y2J with a clothesline. He goes for the spear, but Jericho moves, and edge runs into the post, Jericho nails a Bulldog, and goes for the Lionsault, but Edge gets the legs up.
Both men are down. The referee reaches an eight count before they get up again. Jericho chops Edge in the corner, but Edge fights back, he goes for a spinning heel kick, but Jericho ducks and Edge hit’s the referee instead.
Edge tries to help the referee up, but Jericho nails him with the Breakdown. He then applies the Walls of Jericho, and Edge eventually taps, but there is no referee.

Jericho lets go, and tries to revive the referee, but then Randy Orton runs down, and plants Jericho from behind with the I.C Title belt. He then hit’s the RKO on Edge, leaving both men down.
He stands in the ring proud of what he has done, until Shelton sprints to the ring, and takes on Orton, Orton dives out of the ring, and runs through the crowd as Shelton chases.
The referee then gets to his feet and issues the ten count. Neither man gets to his feet and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Double Count Out

The show goes off the air, with both men laying motionless in the middle of the ring.

My next SmackDown should be up tomorrow........

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Nice one Red Cold. That brings us up to date.

Also, the other reason for doing this was because the shows werent actually in order before, so it was pretty hard to follow.

Please let us know what you think so far, and as Red Cold just mentioned, he will post his next Smackdown tomorrow.

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These were all previous shows which I have read, but it doesn't hurt reading them again!

Let's hope that the name change doesn't make the content slip (cough cough WWF-WWE cough) But I'm sure it wont.

Looking forward to more of you're work, and Smackdown! tomorrow

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Sorry its late!!! I had places to go, things to do, people to see!!!!


July 1st, Fayetteville, North Carolina

The show opens with a 5-minute video recap of what went down at GAB.

The pyros hits and Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to SmackDown!

Cole: Hello everybody and welcome to SmackDown!, just 4 days removed from the Great American Bash!!! Tazz here beside me!

Tazz: Whoa Cole, GAB was HUGE!!!! And the fallout may be even bigger! What a main event we have tonight!

Cole: WWE Champion Eddie Guerrero teams with HBK Shawn Michaels to take on two members of the nWo, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall!!!!

Tazz: Oh but that’s not all, not by a LONG shot!!

Cole: The Tag Team Titles are on the line as The Basham Brothers challenge Naturally Born Flamboyant. What presence will Mordecai, the Basham’s new leader, hold at ringside? We’ll find out! But first we have an update on Rob Van Dam after he was attacked by JBL last night. We have this update, courtesy of the man that found RVD injured last night, Rikishi!

Rikishi appears on the TitanTron, backstage.

Cole: Rikishi what is the physical condition of Rob Van Dam?

Rikishi: Well first off Cole, Rob will not be here tonight, the next SmackDown or even the one after that! Rob has a severely bruised spine and will be out for up to three weeks. JBL’s powerbomb has completely messed up Rob’s spinal structure!!!

Cole: That sounds pretty bad… I hope JBL feels proud of himself Tazz!!

Rikishi: Well I hope he does too! Infact…I am personally disgusted with the actions of JBL; personally I believe he deserves to be fired on the spot!!!But I know that cannot happen. However I DO know that I have got a match against JBL TONIGHT!!!! Where the loser…gets…FIRED!!!!!

Rikishi walks out of the screen.


Rey Mysterio Desire video plays

1st Match

Mark Jindrak w/Teddy Long v Orlando Jordan

Yet again Jindrak has his mirror, does his usual “Reflection of Perfection” speech and then smashes the mirror over the turnbuckle. Orlando Jordan’s music hits and he comes out to a reasonable pop.

The match starts with a fast grapple with Jindrak taking control. Mark backs Jordan into the corner and hits some fast paced right hands to the abdomen area. Orlando pushes Jindrak away but Mark comes back with an elbow to the face. Jordan holds his cheek and Jindrak kicks him in the mid-section, he hits a snap suplex. Orlando holds his lower back in agony. Jindrak laughs and drops a knee into Jordan’s back, causing further damage. Mark picks Orlando up and slings him into the ropes. Jindrak puts his head down for a big back body drop but Jordan has it scouted and hits a spinning neckbreaker! Jordan quickly rolls over and gets a cover.1, 2.Kickout from Jindrak. Orlando hoists Mark off of the mat and Irish whips him into the turnbuckle. Jordan plays up to the crowd before going for a splash onto Jindrak. The “Reflection of Perfection” moves and Orlando lands face first on the top of the turnbuckle. Jordan rebounds out into a big powerslam from Jindrak.1, 2.Kickout from Jordan.

Jindrak gets to his feet and hits a knee drop to the neck of Jordan. Mark screams out the crowd that it’s over. Jindrak picks Orlando above his head and drops him for a gorilla press slam. Jindrak heads to the top rope but Jordan gets up too quick. Orlando bounces into the ropes to send Jindrak off balance and he falls on the top rope, crotch first. Orlando dropkicks Mark to send him flying to the outside. Jindrak writhes in pain and Jordan slowly rolls out of the ring. Orlando picks Jindrak back up and attempts to slam his head into the ring steps, but Jindrak reverses and smashes Jordan’s head into the solid steel.

Jindrak takes his time but eventually gets back into the ring, with Jordan following closely. Jindrak and Jordan begin a slow brawl before Jordan gets the upper hand. Jordan pounds away at Jindrak and throws him into the ropes. Jindrak comes back with a flying forearm. Both men are slow to get to their feet and Teddy Long screams at Jindrak to finish it. Both men rise to their feet and Mark hits a BIG DDT upon Jordan’s arrival to his feet. Jindrak heads up top and hits a somersaulting leg-drop to earn himself the 1,2,3!!

Winner: Mark Jindrak

Jindrak and Long make their way backstage as Jordan is given a nice ovation as he walks to the back.

Commercial Break

We come back to see Mordecai and The Basham’s inside Kurt Angle’s office, discussing last Sunday’s events in the U.S Title match.

Kurt: Well, well, well!!! Someone did get a beating last night! Namely JOHN CENA!!!! Hahahahaha!! Well Mordecai I guess we won’t be seeing the FORMER U.S Champion in a while!

Mordecai: I guess not! But I’m here for one reason Kurt… that reason is to find out who my next challenger will be!!!

Kurt: Well you are probably not going to like this, but… Since The Bashams helped you to defeat Cena, the board of directors have granted him a rematch…

Mordecai: WHAT???????????????
Mark Jindrak and Teddy Long enter the office.

Long: Hold up their Playa! Didn’t you just see my man; Mark Jindrak beat down that Texas Jordan?

Kurt: Orlando Jordan?

Jindrak: Whatever! It’s still a state…. Who really cares?? Now the REAL question… when am I gunna get my U.S Title shot?

Mordecai: WHAT???? YOU AS WELL??????

Kurt: Well Mordecai, the thing is… I told Teddy, if Mark won 3 straight matches… he could he a U.S Title shot…

Jindrak: Exactly, and I just won my third match! So I want that title shot!

Kurt: Well… the only way to settle this is… to have a No1. Contenders match between Mark Jindrak and John Cena, next week!

Jindrak: Fine!!

Jindrak, Long and Mordecai leave the room but the Basham’s stay put…

Kurt: What do you two want?

Doug: A match!

Kurt: Wha…

Danny: A title match!

Kurt: Fo…

Both: A Tag Team Title Match!

Kurt: Whe…

Both: NOW!!

Kurt: Fi…

Both: ne!!!!!!

Doug: Come on lets go win those titles!!


- Shows the opening segment with Benjamin, Benoit and Evolution

- Continuing feud between Nitro and Maven

- The debut of The Originals

- Kane and Lita’s Baby announcement

- The confusion after the double count out main event

2nd Match: WWE Tag Team Titles

Basham Brothers w/ Mordecai v NBF w/ Miss Jackie

NBF come out first, accompanied by the ever lovely, Miss Jackie. NBF look ready coming off the back of a hard fought title defence at GAB. The Basham Bros come out to Mordecai’s music, dressed in white trousers, two white hooded jackets, with the hoods up, and Mordecai has his staff high above both of their heads. The Bashams stop at the end of the ramp and look to the sky. Mordecai chants something before tapping both brothers on the shoulder with his staff. The Bashams enter the ring and straight away brawl with Rico and Haas.

Doug and Rico start the match as Danny and Haas battle on the outside. Doug lays some right hands into the skull of Rico and then hits a snap suplex. Doug slaps Rico on the face before dropping an elbow into his gut. Doug picks Rico up and backs him into the ropes and hits a hard shot to the mid-section. Rico leans over and Doug, very acrobatically, jumps onto Rico’s back, flips him over the ropes and hid shoulders, to send Rico crashing to the floor!!! Haas sprints into the ring and jumps on Doug’s back, pulling him to the floor. Haas hits some fast rights and lefts as Doug attempts to cover up but can’t. The referee tries to break up Charlie and Doug while Mordecai assaults Rico on the outside. Rico gets to his feet and gets booted back down by Mordecai. The Man In White slams Rico’s head into the barricade and tosses him into the ring.

Danny Basham slides into the ring and takes out Haas leaving both Rico and Doug down on the mat. Both get to their feet and Doug takes a swing at Rico. Mr Flamboyancy ducks and grabs Doug’s ass. Rico giggles before hitting a backdrop. Rico drags Doug over to Haas and tags him in. Rico holds Doug while Charlie enters the ring to a decent pop. Rico is holding Doug in an obscene position, Doug is bent over and Rico is standing directly behind Doug’s ass. Rico just giggles before exiting the ring. Hass goes to work on Doug’s leg, hitting some stiff kicks followed by a DDT. 1,2.Kickout by Doug. Danny jumps into the ring and hits a reverse DDT on Haas. The referee pushes Danny out of the ring and Doug has a chance to tag in his brother… he does! Danny darts into the ring and straight away locks on a headlock to send Haas to the mat.

Danny applies the pressure and Charlie makes it to his feet. Charlie throws Danny into the ropes and hits him with a drop kick. 1,2.KICKOUT FROM DANNY!! Haas can’t believe it! Charlie again goes back to Danny’s knee, like he had been doing on Doug. He goes for a figure four but Danny boots him away and into the referee!!

Mordecai gets on the apron but Miss Jackie pulls him off!!! Mordecai chases Jackie around the ring until JOHN CENA jumps over the guardrail and attacks Mordecai!!!!! Cena lays into Mordecai and hits the Throwback!!!!! Cena jumps into the ring and lays some right hands into Danny! Cena nails the F.U on Danny and then jumps on Doug!!!! Haas revives the referee and locks on the Haas of Pain!!! Rico meanwhile battles with Mordecai while Cena attacks Doug!! Danny is in immense pain and has no choice but to submit!

Winners: STILL WWE Tag Team Champions Naturally Born Flamboyant

John Cena jumps the guardrail and celebrates in the crowd while Mordecai and The Basham’s come to terms with what just happened!

We cut to the back where NBF and Miss Jackie come through the curtains celebrating. Suddenly The Dudley’s attack them!!! Bubba whacks Rico with a chair, D-Von nails Haas with a baseball bat and Heyman tugs Miss Jackie’s hair and spits in her face!!!!!!!! Bubba begins to destroy Rico with the chair and D-Von continually hits Haas in the arm with the baseball bat!!! They scream at NBF telling them that it isn’t over!!!!!

Commercial Break

We come back to Michael Cole and Tazz at the announce table…

Cole: Did you just see the Dudley Boys Tazz!!

Tazz: Did you just see John Cena?

Cole: How about the look on Mordecai’s face after Cena turned up???? But it could get a lot more heated in this ext match! Cruiserweight Battle Royal to determine the No1. Contender!! NEXT!!

Please Don’t Try This At Home video plays

3rd Match: Cruiserweight Battle Royal

Paul London v Rey Mysterio v Shannon Moore v Chavo Guerrero w/ Chavo Classic v X-Pac w/ Scott Steiner v Akio v Sakoda

Akio and Sakoda make their way to the ring first, followed by X-Pac, Shannon Moore, Paul London, Chavo Guerrero and finally Rey Mysterio!

1st Elimination

An all out brawl takes place and Akio goes at it with Shannon Moore, X-Pac against London, Mysterio against Sakoda while Chavo Guerrero struts around the ring! Suddenly Paul London, who has got the better of X-Pac, throws the cocky Guerrero out of the ring!!

Classic attempts to console Chavo as they walk to the back.

2nd Elimination

Mysterio has control of Sakoda and looks to eliminate him but Akio attacks him from behind! Paul London steps in and lays some right hands into Akio and backs him into the ropes. X-Pac hoists London in the air and dumps him over the top rope!

3rd Elimination

Akio drops to the mat and X-Pac kicks him in the head. Pac struts around the ring until Shannon Moore hits a drop kick. X-Pac falls backwards into Akio and falls out of the ring! Steiner catches him and puts him back in the ring! X-Pac immediately charges at Moore and hits a vicious clothesline. Sakoda takes advantage and throws Shannon over the top!

4th Elimination

Rey Mysterio picks up Akio and props him against the ropes. Sakoda charges at Mysterio but Rey ducks and Sakoda sends Akio flying over the top rope!

5th Elimination

X-Pac immediately throws the shocked Sakoda over the top and we are down to two!

6th Elimination

Re and X-Pac begin a stare down and Rey backs into the ropes where Steiner trips him!! Rey falls to the mat and X-Pac hits a leg drop to hurt Mysterio! Rey gets back up and ducks a clothesline from X-Pac, then hits his own neckbreaker! Both men are down until Steiner gets on the apron. Rey gets to his feet and drop kicks Steiner off of the apron. Yet again X-Pac runs at Mysterio with a clothesline but Rey moves and tosses X-Pac over the top rope, onto Steiner!!!!

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Rey celebrate with the crowd then Billy Kidman’s music hits and The Newly crowned Cruiserweight Champion comes to the ring to a bi pop from the crowd! Billy grabs a mic and extends his hand to Rey.

Kidman: I know we haven’t seen eye to eye recently but… what’d you say? Put it behind us and have a nice clean match?

Kidman extends his hand and Rey smiles; the two hug and shake hands. Billy turns to leave and Rey dropkicks him to the outside!!!!! Billy lands painfully on his back and Mysterio flies from the top rope and stamps on Kidman’s back!! The crowd are in complete shock!! Mysterio picks Billy up and throws him into the ring post, busting Billy open!! Rey grabs a chair and begins to destroy Billy with it! Focusing mainly on the lower back!!!!! The crowd boo Mysterio tremendously!! Rey throws Kidman into the ring, along with the chair. Rey closes the chair on Billy’s face and puts him in the 619 position!!! Mysterio hits the 619 with a chair and Billy is motionless!!!!! Rey grabs the Cruiserweight Title belt and drapes it across the bloodied body of Billy Kidman! Rey leaves the ring to tremendous heat from the crowd. EMT’s rush to the ring in aid of Kidman…

SummerSlam commercial airs telling us that is LIVE from the Toronto Arena in Toronto, Canada on August 15th!!!

We cut to the back with Josh Matthews who is standing by with John Bradshaw Layfield…

Josh: Hello everybody, I am standing by here with the man that injured RVD last Sunday with a vicious powerbomb, JBL. Now John your actions last night shocked and scared many viewers and quite frankly it may have scared SOME superstars. What made you go over the edge and do that to RVD?

JBL: What made me? Hmmm lets see…. Could it be his badmouthing OF ME!!!! For no reason, when I arrived, RVD and Rey Mysterio verbally abused me for no reason. RVD was the worse of the two mentioning…mentioning…mentioning…

Josh: Eddie Guerrero???

JBL grabs Josh by the throat and yells at him…


JBL picks up Josh and scoop slams him, leaving Matthews writhing in pain!!!!

4th Match: Loser Gets Fired Match

Rikishi v John Bradshaw Layfield

JBL comes to the ring in his limo looking EXETREMELY pissed, “To the party” hits and the Big Kish comes out to an almighty roar from the crowd!! Rikishi spits on JBL’s limo as he comes out! JBL shakes his head and Rikishi yells at him “THIS IS FOR ROB” Rikishi slides into the ring and the match gets underway!!

Rikishi takes it to JBL with some massive right hands but JBL simply hits an eye rake to stop the attack. JBL immediately hits a DDT and a pin. 1. Kickout from Kish! JBL yells at the referee while Rikishi gets to his feet. Rikishi taps JBL on the shoulder and Bradshaw slowly turns around to receive a superkick!!! 1,2. Rikishi pulls JBL’s shoulder up!! Kish lifts JBL up and goes for a clothesline but JBL ducks and goes for a Schoolboy! Rikishi simply sits on JBL!!!! 1,2. Rikishi gets off again!!!

Rikishi picks the winded JBL up and slaps him! Bradshaw responds with a face crusher! 1,2.KICKOUT FROM KISH!! JBL yells at the referee but gets no decision. Rikishi makes it to his feet and chop blocks JBL to the floor. Rikishi goes to sit on him but JBL moves and Kish slams onto the floor! JBL attempts a roll up on Kish with his feet on the ropes but Rikishi powers out at one!

Bradshaw picks Kish up and hits an uppercut. Layfield backs into the ropes and comes back with a clothesline from hell!! RIKISHI DOESN’T MOVE!!!!! JBL hits another, another, another! He cannot knock Rikishi down!!! JBL big boot’s Kish but still cannot knock him down! JBL attempts a suplex but Kish immediately reverses and hits one of his own! Kish picks JBL up and slings him into the ropes. Rikishi hits a Samoan Drop and drags JBL to the corner!

Rikishi goes to the second rope and hits the Bonzai Drop for the three count!!!!!! JBL IS FIRED!!!!!!!!!!! RIKISHI WINS!!!!!!!!!

Winner: Rikishi

Rikishi shouts, “That was for you Rob!!” suddenly Scott Steiner attacks Rikishi from behind with a chair!!!!! Steiner yells at Kish “You cost Nash the WWE Title last night!!!!” Steiner beats on Rikishi until Eddie Guerrero sprints to the ring and Steiner scatters through the crowd! Eddie grabs a mic ass JBL crawls up the ramp…”Na, Na, Na, Na… Na, Na, Na, Na… hey, hey, hey…GOODBYE ESSE!!!!” JBL looks on in horror as EMT’s help Rikishi out of the ring and the WWE Champion; Eddie Guerrero stands tall in the ring!!

Commercial Break

Main Event

Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels v The Outsiders

With Eddie already in the ring, HBK’s music hits and Shawn comes out to a brilliant reception! Eddie and Shawn nod at each other as “For Life” hits and The Outsiders come out, to the nWo music!!

The Outsiders enter from the back of the ring and ambush HBK and Guerrero!! Kevin immediately assaults Eddie while Hall throws HBK out of the ring. HBK lands awkwardly and lies motionless on the outside.

Kevin and Eddie start the match with Nash taking total control. Nash hits a backbreaker followed by a snapmare. Nash locks on an early sleeper. Eddie tries to fight back but BDC changes the hold into a more painful dragon sleeper. Eddie flips his legs up around Nash’s head and counters the sleeper with a low hurricarana!! Eddie goes to tag in HBK but his is still down on the outside!! Eddie turns around and receives a big boot from Nash. Kevin drags Eddie to his corner and hits a leg drop before he tags in Hall.

Razor takes his time getting into the ring and when he finally does go over to Guerrero he is caught in a small package that gets a long two count. Both Hall and Eddie spring to their feet and exchange blows with Ramon getting the better of Eddie thanks to Nash who pulls the Champs hair. Hall hits a quick DDT and goes for the cover. 1,2.Kickout! Hall picks Eddie up and throws him into the ropes. Hall looks for a tilt-the-world-slam but Eddie reverses into a tilt-the-world-DDT!! 1,2.Nash breaks up the count!

Kevin kicks Eddie until is up. Nash exits the ring as Hall locks in an arm bar on Guerrero. Eddie desperately calls for Shawn but he is STILL motionless on the floor. The crowd begin a strong chorus of “EDDIE” chants. With that Eddie begins to crawl towards the ropes. Hall just pulls Eddie right back in!!

Eddie cannot do anything but somehow find the courage to get to the ropes, to the crowds delight. Hall attacks Eddie’s arm and attempt another arm bar but Eddie turns it into a fireman’s carry to send Hall to the outside, onto HBK! Michaels begins to stir and makes it to his feet. Hall bulldogs HBK on the outside to put him back down!

Eddie crawls up the ropes and Kevin Nash attacks him from behind, further beating on Eddie’s elbow. Hall slides into the ring and hits a sidewalk slam on Eddie. Hall gets a cover. 1,2.KICKOUT!! The Outsiders are shocked! Suddenly X-Pac and Scott Steiner make their way to ring side! Hall picks Guerrero up and goes for the Razors Edge! Eddie slides down the back into a backslide! 1,2.Kickout! Both men get back up and Eddie drop kicks Hall down! HBK gets to his feet and is on the apron! Eddie crawls, crawls, but HBK drops from the apron, shaking his head!!!!! Nash grabs Eddie off of the floor and delivers the Nashknife powerbomb! Hall gets back up and delivers the Razors Edge! Hall gets the cover. 1,2,3!

Winners: The Outsiders

Nash and Hall continue the beat down after the bell. HBK slides into the ring to try to reason with them. Steiner and X-Pac get into the ring as well. HBK gets a mic.

HBK: Look guys that no way to treat are champion! Com’on have some compassion!!

Eddie crawls to his feet.

HBK: That’s no way to treat our champion…. This is how you treat our champion!!!!

HBK turns round and delivers the Sweet Chin Music to EDDIE!!!!!!! The crowd are in awe!!!!! HBK laughs and hugs Nash!!! The nWo all shake hands and hug!!!! HBK has an evil smile on his face and the entire group signal “For Life”!!!!! The new World order head up the ramp leaving a beaten up Eddie on the mat! HBK, Nash, Hall, X-Pac and Steiner raise each other’s hands as SmackDown! Fades off of the air!!




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Picked off perfectly from GAB. Some pretty intense feuds developing, with HBK and Eddie, Cena and Mordecai, and the Dudleyz with NBF, no forgetting Rey Mysterio's heel turn.

This was a history changing Smackdownwith not one, but two heel turns!!

Jindrak and Cena next week should be great. Fantastic matches there also, looking forward to next week.


One other thing, when mentioning GAB, you kept referring to it as last night, not Sunday as you should have, but that is pretty minor.

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Yeah great job, like i said in the other thread, you've done a great job, looks like you'll be able to keep up with Wolfy in booking for this thread.

Like Wolfy said, Jindrak and Cena should be great..... hope Jindrak comes out on top..

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RAW Preview; July 5th 2004:

RAW comes your way, this Monday Night, live from Winnipeg, Chris Jericho’s hometown. What type of reaction will the hometown hero receive from his home people, with just six days from Vengeance.

Talking of Chris Jericho & Vengeance, it is expected that Eric Bischoff will announce the true #1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship, after Shelton Benjamin at the top of last weeks show thought he had the title shot at Vengeance, but this was taken from him later by Eric Bischoff, claiming that he had never sanctioned Benjamin for a rematch against Orton. Instead, Bischoff declared that the winner of the Main Event, contested between Jericho & Edge would be the challenger at Vengeance for Orton’s title.

However, this puzzle became even more fuzzy, as thanks to interference from Randy Orton, the match finished in a no contest, with both men down for a ten count. This left no official #1 Contender. How will Bischoff react?? Find out on RAW.

Chris Benoit will take on 16 time former champion, Ric Flair, as a tune up for Vengeance, ahead of Benoit’s handicap match against Triple H & Batista at the event, with Ric Flair as the referee. How will Benoit handle the pressure, facing his most uphill battle of all time in just six days time? And will Triple H have any last minute messages for Benoit ahead of this Sunday.

With Vengeance just six days away, there have been four matches announced. These are, the handicap Match for the Heavyweight Championship, Tag Team Turmoil for the World Tag Team Titles, Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Eugene & Regal, and Johnny Nitro vs. Maven in a Battle of the Tough Enough Champions.

Will there be any final matches announced for the event, and will there be any last showdowns between the superstars already involved in matches??

One match that definitely be added is a Women’s Championship Match, as Victoria, Lita and Jazz will face off in a triple threat match, with the winner facing Women’s Champion, Trish this Sunday.

Also, the situation between Lita, Matt Hardy and Kane will be likely to rage on after last weeks shocking announcement that Lita was carrying Kane’s child. How will Matt Hardy react to this claim.

There is only one place to find all this out, Monday Night, LIVE!!!

Confirmed Matches:
Lita vs. Victoria vs. Jazz
(# 1 Contenders match for Women’s Championship at Vengeance)
Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair

Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista vs. Shelton Benjamin, Chris Jericho, Edge

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Ok, guys, here is RAW, the last before Vengeance, please rate.

RAW; July 5th 2004; Winnipeg:

J.R: We are live in the hometown of Chris Jericho for Monday Night RAW!!!! We are just six days away from WWE Vengeance, and tonight, Chris Benoit faces the 16 time World Champion, Ric Flair, and with Benoit facing the biggest challenge of his career this Sunday, tonight, it is very important that Benoit gets on a roll heading for Vengeance when he faces Batista and The Game in a handicap match, with Flair as Guest referee!!!

King: And that’s not all J.R, because tonight, The Game is also in action, along with Batista and Randy Orton, as they take on Shelton Benjamin, Edge and the hometown hero, Chris Jericho in a six man tag.

J.R: And speaking of the six man tonight, we still don’t know who Randy Orton will face this Sunday. Will it be Shelton Benjamin, Edge or Jericho??

King: Well, J.R that will be solved tonight, as Eric Bischoff will address that whole situation!!!

J.R: That still to come, but first up, it’s a triple threat match to determine the #1 Contender for the Women’s Championship this Sunday at Vengeance!!! And King before this match starts I want to show the people at home what happened last week as Matt Hardy was set to propose to Lita, Kane then ended the party, and announced he was the Father of Lita’s child. Now since then, Matt has not been seen, nor has anyone heard from him all week, and now Lita will have to wrestle a match, and look to become the #1 Contender.

***NOTE*** All matches BAR some main events on RAW will be done using EWR from now on, but PPV matches will be written by me***

1st Match: (Winner gets Women’s title match at Vengeance)
Lita vs. Victoria vs. Jazz

(Lita as she comes to the ring, seems dejected and sad. J.R and King say this is due to what went down last week)
Victoria takes a kick to the chest, and staggers back, into the corner. Lita bitch-slaps Jazz. Victoria counters an arm wringer with an elbow to the side of the head. Big kick from Victoria. Massive backbreaker, Victoria got planted. 1 - 2 - 2.999 Jazz walks into a spinning heel kick.
Jazz powers out of a headlock. Victoria \ Jazz hook up Lita, then hit a double suplex. Victoria DDTs Lita. Victoria takes a headbutt from Jazz. Victoria backdrops Jazz out of a piledriver attempt. Lita then hit’s a double clothesline to both women and takes control. Lita then hit’s the twist of fate on Jazz and dropkicks Victoria out of the ring. She goes up top for the Moonsault, but Kane comes running down the aisle and onto the apron! Lita turns...and is dropped throat-first onto the top rope by Kane! Kane has left Lita in big trouble. Victoria gets back in and moves in for the kill. Here it comes - Widow's Peak. 1....2...3, it's finished.

Winner: Victoria
After the match, Victoria quickly leaves, and Kane stands over Lita. He goes for a Chokeslam, but through the crowd comes Matt Hardy. He runs in and puts down Kane with a steel chair. Kane rolls out as Matt tells him to come get some more.
Hardy then helps up Lita, and carries her out to the back.

We then see a Limo pull up outside the arena and out steps, EVOLUTION!!!


We return with Eric Bischoff standing on the entrance way. He explains the situation regarding the Intercontinental Championship, then shows a video of the finish to last weeks Main Event. He then says that he has to make a choice as to who will challenge Randy Orton at Vengeance.

Eric: Now, all three men have a great alibi as to why they should be the #1 Contender, I mean, Shelton Benjamin claims to have been “Screwed” at Bad Blood, and Jericho and Edge are both very talented superstars. And with neither man losing last week on RAW, then both have a case for a title shot.
But - neither of these men won last week, so technically, neither has a right to meet Orton at Vengeance, and since these two men put up at stellar contest last week, we are going to do it all over again at Vengeance!!! That’s right, Edge vs. Jericho at Vengeance!!! Therefore, it leaves Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin….but NOT for the I.C Title.

BOOS from the crowd

Eric: No, you see that would be too simple for Eric Bischoff. For me it needs to get a little complicated. Because these two matches are just the beginning of a four man tournament to be Intercontinental Champion.
Next week on RAW, Edge faces Orton, the week after, Jericho faces Benjamin, then three weeks from tonight, Edge faces Benjamin, and Jericho faces Orton on a points based system with the winner being the highest scoring superstar after the series of matches are over. There will be two points for a victory, one for a time limit draw, and no points for a loss, there will be Disqualifactions, count outs, falls can come only in the ring.
After this series, the man with the highest number of points will be the Intercontinental Champion!!! Thank you, and you’re welcome!!!

J.R and King talk about that startling announcement before looking back at the situation between Kane, Matt Hardy and Lita.

2nd Match: Four Corners Match, partners banned from ringside.
Colour Commentary: La Resistance
Test vs. Chuck Palumbo vs. Hurricane vs. Rhyno
Second rope flying axe handle from Hurricane, Test goes down. Shining Wizard by Hurricane on Test. 1 - 2 - kick out. Super kick by Hurricane. Test blocks a punch. Rude Awakening on Hurricane by Test. 1 - 2 - no 3 though. Big piledriver on Hurricane. 1 - 2 - shoulder up.
Hurricane kicks Test in the gut to reverse the momentum. Hurricane hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw. Tag to Rhyno.
Bodyslam by Rhyno. Massive backbreaker, Rhyno got planted. Rude Awakening on Test by Rhyno. Lariat, apparently Rhyno thinks he is Stan Hansen. 1 - 2 - almost a 3. Rhyno tags out to Chuck Palumbo.
Palumbo slams Test down. Palumbo DDTs Test. 1 - 2 - kick out. Chuck Palumbo strikes Test. 1 - 2 - no 3 though. Chuck Palumbo DDTs Test. 1 - 2 - kick out before the 3. Test tags out to Hurricane.
Weird kick by Hurricane on Palumbo. Legsweep. There's probably a Japanese name for that....like Golden Dragon Nuclear Spike....that'll do, i'll call it that from now on. Hurricane scores with a back heel kick on Palumbo. Hurricane gets taken down out of nowhere. Palumbo DDTs Hurricane.
Coach runs to the ring and has climbed up onto the apron! Hurricane turns...and falls for the distraction! Chuck Palumbo attacks Hurricane from behind! Hurricane is in trouble. Jungle Kick!!! That shook the ring. 1....2....3!!
Winner: Chuck Palumbo

Coach and Palumbo quickly run through the crowd as Hurricane looks upset in the ring. La Resistance leave commentary and stand at the top of the ramp holding the titles, looking down at the other competitors this Sunday in the Tag Team Turmoil match, but still don’t know ho the sixth and final team is, heading into this Sunday’s event.


We return looking at Chris Benoit, standing by with Todd Grisham for an interview.

Todd: Chris Benoit, this Sunday, you face the biggest challenge of your title reign, or perhaps even your career, when you take on Evolution’s Batista and Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title, and not only that, but Ric Flair will be the Special Guest Referee in the match. Your thoughts?

Chris: Well Todd, I’m used to being the underdog in my career. No one thought that I would win the Thirty man Royal Rumble in January, especially as the #1 Entrant. Even fewer expected me to walk out of WrestleMania Twenty with the World’s Title, when I faced HBK and Triple H, but I proved them wrong!!!
They said lightning wouldn’t strike twice at Backlash in the Final Encounter, but it did!! No one expected me to beat Kane last month, but I proved that I AM FOR REAL!!! Evolution still don’t believe it, but this Sunday, I will force it down their throats, when once again, Chris Benoit will defeat the odds, and will STILL be THE Worlds Champion!!!

Todd: Tonight though Chris you face the referee for the match on Sunday, Ric Flair. How will you approach this match, with Vengeance so close??

Chris: Like I always do Todd. I will look to make him TAP OUT!!! And I will keep an eye over my shoulder, because I know for a fact Evolution wont be able to stay away from ringside for too long, and when they-- what the hell do you want???

Flair enters, to a massive WOOOOOOOO from the audience

Flair: (Smiles) Chris, Chris, Chris. You still haven’t learned, have you?? You are the Champion, but Evolution hold the keys to victory. You’ve had the belt, because Triple H has been busy with other things, and now, he wants HIS title back.
I’ll give you credit Chris. You have done a great job of keeping the belt warm for Hunter, but at Vengeance, THE GAME takes it back!!! See you later Chris.

Benoit looks on with a face of stone.

Matt Hardy calls Lita to the ring. She enters, and Matt tells her that he still wants to be with her, no matter what happens. Then Bischoff enters…

Eric: I’m so glad to see that you have made a choice Matt, I mean, Lita and you…go soooo well together. I mean, not even someone like Kane could hold you two apart. Congratulations.

Then Bischoff smiles

Eric: However…I’m afraid to tell you Matt that it’s no longer you’re choice as to you’re relationship with Lita is concerned. You see, Kane has every right to want Lita for himself, I mean, for God’s sakes, there’s a fifty per cent chance that she is carrying HIS child.
Therefore, this Sunday, Matt Hardy, you will go one on one with Kane in a match I like to call, the Stairway to Her Heart.

Matt and Lita look puzzled.

Eric: You look puzzled, so I’ll explain further. You see, Lita will be suspended above the ring inside a cage. The only way to win the match is to climb a ladder, and unlock the cage door, and take the hand of Lita.
Now here’s the catch. The loser of the match must NEVER approach Lita, EVER again. So Matt, it’s all on the line for you this Sunday. You could either get Kane out of your lives forever, and live happily ever after….but lose, and Lita becomes the property of Kane, with a wedding to make things official, next week on RAW.

(Bischoff laughs)

Eric: Good luck Matt, and I hope you have a storybook ending.

Matt and Lita look to each other in the ring, worried about the consequences of what could happen this Sunday.


3rd Match:
Triple H, Batista & Randy Orton vs. Benjamin, Jericho & Edge
Batista slams Chris Jericho. Batista slams Chris Jericho down. Tag between Batista and Randy Orton. Throat-first drop onto the top rope from Randy Orton! Pick-up into a powerbomb, Jericho hits hard. 1 - 2 - kick out. Tag to Triple H. Randy Orton scoops up Jericho. HHH bounces off the ropes and hits a flying Hart Attack clothesline. Thrown slam by Triple H. Jericho backdrops Triple H out of a piledriver attempt. Kick by Chris Jericho...to the facial regions. Break that nose! Yeah!
Tag between Chris Jericho and Edge. Second rope flying axe handle, HHH goes down. Vicious kick to the teeth from Edge. 1 - 2 - almost a 3. DDT by Edge. Tag to Shelton Benjamin. Kick from Shelton Benjamin...to the leg! Oh the humanity! Legsweep. There's probably a Japanese name for that....like Golden Dragon Nuclear Spike....that'll do, i'll call it that from now on. Triple H ducks a clothesline attempt. HHH tags out to Batista. Flying shoulder tackle by Batista sends Shelton to the mat. Tag to Chris Jericho, and all hell breaks loose.
All six men brawl, and Edge goes for a Spear on Batista, but he moves and Edge accidentally hits Jericho instead. Edge tries to get Jericho up, but Batista then kicks him out of the ring and does a quick roll up. Batista has a handful of tights! The referee hasn't seen it: 1....2....3!!

Winners: Evolution
Meanwhile, Triple H and Orton are beating down Shelton on the outside. Orton levels him with the I.C title and tells him that he is just not good enough to be the champ, and at vengeance he will beat him in the opening tournament match.
Evolution leave and Edge helps Jericho up, but Jericho pushes Edge away and they argue over Edge spearing Jericho. The referee’s break the two men apart before a fight breaks out.

Another Raven vignette airs. As before he sits in a dark room with birds flying around and so on. In this one he talks about the deadly sins known as Vanity and Pride…
“The Devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked. - St. Thomas Moore.
Overweening pride, arrogance, haughtiness…… these have been the stuff of tragedy. Vanity, fussiness, delicacy: the stuff of comedy. These are all forms of self-delusion, and paper-thin masks over rotting features. Pride and vanity refuse the truth about who we are and substitute illusions for reality. While vanity is mostly concerned with appearance, pride is based in a real desire to be God, at least in one's own circle.
I will reek Vengeance, and will fix all the wrongs that Vanity deems right……Quote the Raven, NEVERMORE………”

Backstage, Victoria celebrates her win from earlier, then is met in the corridor by Trish. Trish looks her up and down before saying, “You’re not worthy of facing me. I don’t need to face you this Sunday” She then walks off, but Victoria snaps and attacks Trish, sparking a fight, with Victoria on top. She gets up afterwards and picks up the Women’s title, before laying it beside Trish and telling her, “I’ll let you mind it for me until Sunday Trish.”


Smackdown Rebound:

- Rey Mysterio wins a Cruiserweight Battle Royal earning a Title shot against his friend, Kidman, but turns on his former partner after a handshake.
- J.B.L loses his job after losing out to Rikishi, in revenge for the brutal attack from J.B.L to RVD at Great American Bash.
- Announcement of Cena vs. Jindrak for a U.S Title shot, followed by Cena gaining revenge on The Basham’s by costing them the Tag Titles.
- HBK turns on Eddie Guerrero, and sides with the New World Order.

4th Match:
Maven vs. Tyson Tomko
Terrible brawling from Maven. Trip from Maven. Maven hits a right hand on Tomko. 1 - 2 - kick out. Weak bodyslam on Tomko by Maven. 1 - 2 - kick out. Maven misses a clothesline. Tomko fires off some right and left hands. 1 - 2 - no 3 though. Tyson Tomko hits a bulldog off the ropes. Maven pushes out of a Tyson Tomko hold. Maven DDTs Tomko. Johnny Nitro comes running down the aisle with a chair! Tomko goes to Irish whip Maven into the ropes. Nitro prepares to swing the chair...but Maven reverses! Nitro accidentally smacks Tomko with a chair to the back! Tyson Tomko is stunned as Maven heads to the top rope. Here it comes - Missile Dropkick, forget about it. 1....2...3! Maven climbs each turnbuckle in turn, working the crowd as he celebrates his victory, heading into this Sunday were he will meet Johnny Nitro, one on one.

Backstage, Jericho and Edge continue to argue. Jericho shoves Edge, and Edge goes berserk. He takes down Jericho and the two men brawl all over the backstage area, before being broken up by superstars and officials.

We see Christian talking with Tomko. He tells him that tonight’s loss is no big worry, and this Sunday they will solve the problem of Eugene, once and for all.

We then come to J.R and King who hype up Vengeance this Sunday.

J.R: Well, King, this Sunday, it will be RAW presenting Vengeance.

King: That’s right J.R. eight matches in total, three championships on the line, it’s gonna be great.

J.R: Well, we will see the first of the Intercontinental Championship tournament matches, as Randy Orton takes on Shelton Benjamin, and Edge takes on Chris Jericho, in matches with quite the history behind them.

King: Oh my J.R. Four of the hottest stars on RAW today, going at it for one of the richest prizes in the game.

J.R: Talking of prizes, Kane takes on Matt Hardy, with the relationship of Matt Hardy and Lita in the balance!!

King: The Stairway to Her heart match. You gotta believe J.R that the risk taker, Matt Hardy will go all guns blazing to try and take out, the Big Red Monster.

J.R: The battle of Tough Enough Champions King, Maven vs. Johnny Nitro.

King: I cant wait for this J.R. Who will be crowned as the Ultimate King of Tough Enough!! Maven or Johnny Nitro!!!???

J.R: Trish Stratus defends her Women’s Championship against the former Champion, Victoria.

King: Well, it’s gonna be Beauty and the……well, THE BEAUTY!! This two diva’s will go all out for the Women’s championship!!! Why cant they just get along J.R???

J.R: Tag Team Turmoil, six teams, one goal!!! La Resistance put the belts up for grabs taking on T&A, the Superhero’s, The Originals managed by The Coach, Team ECW, and of course, A MYSTERY TEAM!!!

King: This one will be as you would say J.R, a SLOBBERKNOCKER!!! Can La Resistance fend off the challenge of these hungry teams??? Eric Bischoff said he would rejuvenate the Tag team division, and he hasn’t let us down!!!

J.R: Eugene and William Regal will face Christian and Tyson Tomko!!!

King: Ever since Christian’s return to RAW, Eugene has become a problem. Along with Tyson Tomko, this Sunday he plans to solve the problem known as Eugene once and for all!!

J.R: Of course King, we cannot forget the debut of Raven!!!!

King: We’ve seen the hype. And to be honest it is down right scary. Why does he talk of the seven sins?? We will find out this Sunday!!!

J.R: And of course King, The Main Event, Benoit defends the Heavyweight championship against none other than Triple H, but, it wont be just a straight up match, as Batista will partner The Game, and Ric Flair is the Special Guest referee. Has a World Champion ever faced a more uphill task???

King: Quite simply J.R. NO. And I love it!! The Game will one again become the Heavyweight Champion!! And Chris Benoit can start cleaning boots for stars again!!!

J.R: Well it all goes down, this Sunday, live from the Civic Centre in Hartford, only on Pay Per View!!!


Main Event:
Chris Benoit vs. Ric Flair
Benoit hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building. Chris Benoit scores with a back heel kick on Flair. DDT by Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit hits a rolling kick on Flair. Chris Benoit misses a big legdrop and lands ASS-FIRST on the mat.
Benoit eats a suplex like a fat man eating a waffle. Man i could use a waffle right about now. Benoit walks into a jaw breaker. 1 - 2 - shoulder up. Chris Benoit, like so many teenage boys, uses a right hand. Except in this case, it's for a punch. I missed what happened for a few minutes as i went to get a beer...i'm going to take an educated guess and say that Bruiser Brody made a stunning return and beat everyone up, then left. I'm sticking with that story until proven wrong.
1 - 2 - no 3 though. DDT from the top rope by Chris Benoit....holy crap, that was sweet. 1 - 2 - almost a 3. Ric Flair ducks a clothesline attempt. Suplex by Ric Flair, Benoit landed on his ass...heh. Flair drops an elbow...but misses...HAH.
Flair takes a flying neckbreaker from Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit signals for the Crippler Crossface! Triple H comes out of the crowd! He grabs the leg of Chris Benoit and drags him out of the ring. The referee has no option but to call for the DQ! Meanwhile, Chris Benoit gets sent crashing into the ring post! Flair and HHH beat away on Chris Benoit, leaving him spread-eagled on the canvas.
Then, they signal for Batista to come to the ring. He does so, and nails a Sit-out Powerbomb on Benoit, then HHH puts a foot on Benoit and Flair makes the count, 1...2...3. Is this a sign of things to come this Sunday at Vengeance!!??
Evolution then stand over the broken body of Chris Benoit, as HHH holds the Championship aloft, heading into the PPV this Sunday!!!


Official Card for Vengeance:

Venue: Civic Centre, Hartford
Date: 11th July 2004
Event Music: Dashboard Conventional, Vindicated

World Heavyweight Championship: Handicap Match:
With Special Guest referee: Ric Flair
Chris Benoit © vs. Triple H & Batista

First tournament Matches for Intercontinental Championship:
  • 2 Points awarded for Victory,
  • 1 Point for a 15 Minute time limit draw,
  • 0 points for a defeat.
Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin
Edge vs. Chris Jericho

World Tag Team Championships:: Tag Team Turmoil Match:
La Resistance © vs. Rhyno & Tajiri vs. Hurricane & Rosey vs. T&A vs. The Originals (Garrison Cade and Chuck Palumbo) w/ The Coach vs. ???

Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria

Stairway to her heart; Love Her or Leave Her Match:
With Lita suspended in a cage above the ring.
Matt Hardy vs. Kane

Tag Team Match:
Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Eugene & William Regal

Battle of the Tough Enough Champions:
Maven vs. Johnny Nitro

Plus the Debut of Raven!!!


Please give me your predictions for the matches at the event, all will be welcomed. PPV up on Sunday!!! I will post a preview tomorrow.

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Great Show! Love what you are doing with Raven and The main event was great. I also loved the evolution six man tag match. The heat between Benjamin and Orton going into Vengence is great.

Vengence looks like it will be superb! 10/10! Great Show! My Vengence predicitons will be up later.

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The show was great especially the main event. It might be tough for Benoit to win, but I cant see a squash match happening.

The debut of Raven will be interesting to see, what with all the Promos etc.

10/10 for a great Raw.

Ill be back with my Vengeance predictions as well.

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WOW, that was a MUCH better build up to a PPV than mine was!!!!!!!
I loved the Raven promo! Even though it was hard to understand some of it!!!!
Here are my preditctions!!! *sniggers to himself*

World Heavyweight Championship: Handicap Match:
With Special Guest referee: Ric Flair
Chris Benoit © vs. Triple H & Batista
Winner: Chris Benoit

First tournament Matches for Intercontinental Championship:
2 Points awarded for Victory,
1 Point for a 15 Minute time limit draw,
0 points for a defeat.
Randy Orton vs. Shelton Benjamin
Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Edge vs. Chris Jericho
Winner: Edge

World Tag Team Championships:: Tag Team Turmoil Match:
La Resistance © vs. Rhyno & Tajiri vs. Hurricane & Rosey vs. T&A vs. The Originals (Garrison Cade and Chuck Palumbo) w/ The Coach vs. ???
Winners: The ??? team

Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Victoria
Winner: Trish Stratus

Stairway to her heart; Love Her or Leave Her Match:
With Lita suspended in a cage above the ring.
Matt Hardy vs. Kane
Winner: Matt Hardy

Tag Team Match:
Christian & Tyson Tomko vs. Eugene & William Regal
Winners: CLB and Thug

Battle of the Tough Enough Champions:
Maven vs. Johnny Nitro
Winner: Johnny Nitro

I wonder if i've got atleast one match right? *coughs* *M%$t H*&£y*
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