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April 2010
Before Wrestlemania XXVI Vince McMahon, Channel Executives from Sy-Fy and the WWE board decided that the NXT programming wasn’t working out, so collectively they decided to pull the plug on the NXT brand all together, with the talent being sent back to development, with a view to bringing through the ranks the old fashioned way. As well as NXT being canceeled, Vince decided to cut down on other WWE programming and stopped Superstars from airing.

Wrestlemania itself was one of the greatest nights in WWE history. In the opening match the tag team of Show-Miz (The Big Show and The Miz) retained their Unified Tag Team Championships against the team of John Morrison and R-Truth. Next we watched the end of The Legacy stable, as Randy Orton defeated Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes in a triple threat match, the end coming as Orton RKO’d DiBiase to prove why Orton is one of the deadliest men in the WWE.

The high octane Money in the Bank Ladder match was won by The All American, American Jack Swagger, the new Mr Money in the Bank, using the briefcase itself, high above the ring to take out fan favourite Christian. The fourth match of the night saw Triple H take on former WWE champion Sheamus, The Game coming out on top after connecting with his powerful Pedigree finisher to claim the pinfall victory.

Next on the card was Rey Mysterio taking on CM Punk, in a match that had Mysterio of lost he would be forced to join Punk’s stable, “The Straight Edged Society”. Mysterio would eventually come out on top after reversing a GTS attempt into a 619. Next the WWE universe witnessed the end of a bitter feud, which had been going on for the best part of 13 years, since the infamous “Montreal Screw job”. With the entire Hart family at ringside, united by the induction of Stu Hart to the WWE Hall of Fame, Bret “The Hitman” Hart brutally defeated The Chairman of the WWE Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

The Royal Rumble winner’s match against The World Champion was up next. Winning the Royal Rumble after making a shocking return to the WWE after injury, Edge would take on Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Championship, Unfortunately for Edge, Jericho would come out on top after using his title belt and connecting with a Code Breaker to win and retain the title. But Jericho wasn’t finished there, as he tried to re-injure Edge, but Edge fought it off and ended up spearing Jericho through a barricade off the top of the Announcers’ table.

After Vickie Guerrero got the pin for her team in the Ten Diva tag team match, pinning Kelly Kelly, John Cena would take on the WWE champion “The Animal” Batista. Batista looked like he was going to retain the title, only for Cena to reverse the Batista Bomb into his own STFU. Batista Tapped out crowning Cena the new WWE Champion.

The Main event of the night saw Shawn Michaels put his career on the line against “The Phenom” The Undertaker. The match was the highlight of the wrestling year, for the second year running. Both men hit their finishers on numerous occasions only for their opponent to kick out. But as both men tired, Undertaker would hit the Tombstone Piledriver for a third time, which proved too much for “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. The final count from the referee spelled the end of the legendary in-ring career of Shawn Michaels.

With Wrestlemania gone, the WWE universe geared up for a huge Monday Night Raw which would start the new wrestling year. After his brutal beating at the hands of Bret Hart, Vincent Kennedy McMahon has now promised us that following Wrestlemania, a member of the WWE board would be at Raw to make an announcement which would affect the future of the Flagship show.


Chavo Guerrero
Chris Masters
Cody Rhodes
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
John Cena
Kofi Kingston
Mark Henry
Randy Orton
Santino Marella
Ted DiBiase
The Big Show
The Miz
Triple H
Vladimir Kozlov
William Regal
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

Alicia Fox
Brie Bella
Eve Torres
Gail Kim
Jillian Hall
Katie Lea
Kelly Kelly
Melina (Currently injured)
Nikki Bella
Rosa Mendes (also manager to Zack Ryder)

Michael Cole (Play by Play)
Jerry “The King” Lawler (Colour)
Justin Roberts (Ring announcer)

Ranjin Singh (The Great Khali’s manager)

Caylen Croft
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
David Hart Smith
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Ezekiel Jackson
Jimmy Wang Yang
John Morrison
Kung Fu-Naki
Luke Gallows
Matt Hardy
Mike Knox
Rey Mysterio
Shad Gaspard
Shelton Benjamin
Slam Master J
The Great Khali
The Undertaker
Trent Beretta
Tyson Kidd


Beth Phoenix
Michelle McCool
Mickie James

Todd Grisham (Play by Play)
Matt Striker (Colour)
Tony Chimmel (Ring Announcer)

Theodore Long (General Manager)
Vickie Guerrero (Assistant General Manager)

WWE- John Cena.
World Heavyweight- Chris Jericho
United States- The Miz
Intercontinental- Drew McIntyre
Unified Tag Team-Show-Miz (The Miz & Big Show)
Women’s- Michelle McCool

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The World is Watching video plays​
A highlight package from Wrestlemania 26 plays set to “I made it” by Kevin Rudolph
The video shows all the major events of the previous night, Swagger winning the Money in the Bank, Vince McMahon getting screwed by the entire Hart family, Triple H pinning Sheamus, CM Punk losing to Rey Mysterio, Show-Miz beating John Morrison and R-Truth before we get John Cena putting the STFU on Batista to win the WWE title and the Chris Jericho beating Edge, before Edge spears Jericho through the barricade off the top of the announce table.

Finally the video slows down ad turns into a black and white Montage of the Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker match. Set to “Be yourself” by Audioslave. It shows Undertaker hitting the tombstone ad Shawn hitting sweet chin music only for the other to kick out. After showing some more highlights, The Undertaker hits a third Tombstone as Shawn’s head hits the mat the audio stops and only silence is heard. Then as Undertaker covers Shawn the only sound is that of the ref’s count. He hits 3 and silence falls, before a bell tolls ad the screen goes blank. Whe the picture returns it is still black and white shot of Shawn standing on the stage, with the crowd chanting “Thank you Shawn”. The screen fades to black.​
The Raw opening titles hit the screen as the first Monday Night Raw after Wrestlemania XXVI gets underway.

We cut to the main arena where the crowd, having just watched the same video we saw, are chanting
“Thank you Shawn”

We have a minute of shots of the crowd, all we can hear is the crowd chanting.
Finally the place erupts as “The Game” hits the arena and Triple H comes out on to the stage looking sombre as he walks towards the ring.

He enters the ring, bends down and takes a microphone from ringside. He puts the microphone to his lips, but before he speaks he looks around the packed arena.

HHH- Last night one of the greatest careers in this business was ended.

Small heat from the crowd, not for Triple H but towards the result of The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels match.

HHH- Last night the legend that is Shawn Michaels failed in his attempt to end The Undertaker’s undefeated streak at Wrestlemania, and as per the stipulation, Shawn Michaels, The Heart break kid has been forced to retire from in ring competition.

Small heat again from the crowd.

HHH- Shawn himself has declined WWE management’s offer to be here tonight.

Heat from the crowd

HHH- Yeah, yeah I know, it sucks, but Shawn told me that last night was the perfect way to say goodbye.

A small ripple of Thank You Shawn chants breaks out.

HHH- I know Shawn is watching tonight, so Shawn buddy, Thank you.

He looks right into the camera as if reaching out to Shawn himself.

HHH-You were the best man to ever step into this ring, to ever grace this business, You came out here week in, week out and gave it your all. When everybody hated you and everybody loved you, it didn’t matter to you. You still came out here every single week and gave one hundred and ten percent. You took me in when everybody despised me, and you made me believe in myself, and made me and everybody else believe in you, Shawn Michaels, The Heart Break Kid, The Show Stopper! Shawn there is only one thing to say, you were the best friend guy like me could hope for and for that Shawn I can only say............Thank you.

After being silent and appreciating Triple H’s words the crowd erupts in a huge “Thank You Shawn” Chant.

Triple H looks around the arena, and pulls out a DX army shirt. He holds it up to the camera before turning it around, on the back is written “Thank you Shawn”. Triple H shows it around the arena and then places it in the middle of ring with the back pointing upwards. Triple H stands over the shirt and applauds, before he goes to leave the ring.

He has one foot out of the ring as the crowd’s chat turns into an eruption of cheers as “Sexy Boy” hits the arena.

King- It can’t be Michael!

Cole- Shawn must have changed his King!

Sexy Boy” plays but Shawn Michaels doesn’t appear, Triple H goes back to the center of the ring looking o confused. His confusion turns to anger as The all American, American walks out onto the stage wearing a black pin striped suit, with the Money in the Bank briefcase under his right arm, in his left hand he is holding a Microphone.

Cole- Oh what does this idiot want!

The crowd start to boo heavily as Swagger slowly walks onto the stage.

Swagger- I’m Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Massive heat from the live crowd

Swagger- But I had to come out here and shut you up Triple H. I’m sick of hearing about Shawn Michaels. He’s gone Triple H, get over it! Last night I won the Money in the Bank match.

Swagger slowly walks toward the ring

Swagger- I won a guaranteed title shot whenever I want! But no, for the past twenty four hours, all people have spoken about is Shawn Michaels.

More heat from the crowd, which forces Swagger to stop half way down the ramp and look around the arena before he continues to walk toward the ring.

Swagger- How Shawn was the greatest performer this company has ever seen.

He reaches the bottom of the ramp and starts toward the ring steps.

Swagger- How there will be nobody like him, nobody can replace the great Heart Break Kid! Well to those people I say Don’t worry I am here.

Massive heat as he climbs the ring steps.

Swagger- And when I cash in this contract, you will all bask in the glory of the all America, American, World Champion . Jack Swagger!

He enters the ring, clutching the briefcase with both hands.

HHH- I’m sssssssssorrrry! I didn’t understand a word you just said!

Swagger stands up after crouching through the ring ropes.

Swagger- I don’t have a lisp.

Swagger explodes connecting with a massive shot to the head of an unsuspecting Triple H, leaving “the Game” down on the mat.

Cole- Whoa!

Swagger crouches down next to him.

Swagger-How does it feel Triple H? To know you’re all alone! Again! Shawn’s gone! DX are no more! You forced Randy Orton and Batista to turn their backs on you! Evolution was no more! You’re a washed up has been Triple H! And when I cash in my Money in the Bank contract I will be World Champion! I will be at the top! A place you so desperately want to be! A place you will never be again! It’s over Triple H, face it! You will never........ever........be as good as................

Swagger is cut off as the crowd erupts with a massive pop as “All grown up” hits the arena and Stephanie McMahon struts out on to the stage.

King- Michael! It’s The Billion Dollar Princess! Stephanie McMahon!

Steph- That’s enough Swagger!

Pop from the crowd as Swagger stands back up and turns to face the stage.

Steph- As I’m sure many of you are aware there is no guest host here tonight.

Another pop from the crowd.

Steph- This is because my father, before he was brutally beaten by the entire Hart family,and the WWE board decided that the guest host concept had run its course!

Pop from the crowd

Steph- Having spoken to my Father before we went on air, he informed of a huge announcement to be made later tonight, an announcement I will make later tonight personally, an announcement which will effect the future of Monday Night Raw! My Father also informed me that I would be in charge tonight!


Steph- Which brings me to you Swagger! When word got round that I was running the show tonight, I had a man you know quite well Jack, come to me and request a match for tonight. The same man who you beat with that briefcase, over the head high above the ring last night. A man’s who request I accepted. Christian!

The crowd pops again

Steph- And after how you just disrespected a future Hall of Famer, and purely because I can and don’t really like you, If Christian wins tonight, then at Extreme rules it will be you and Christian, one on one with that Briefcase on the line!

Swagger looks pissed in the middle of the ring

Swagger- You can’t do that!

Steph- I just did!

Swagger- But what happens if I cash this in, say tonight!

Steph- Ah now I thought about that! As I’m running the show I am here by suspending the Money in the Bank contract until after Extreme Rules!

Swagger- But.............You cant do that!

Steph- Yes, yes I can, and I have! And do you really want to cross a McMahon. Everybody knows what happens if you cross a McMahon, there are serious consequences! So don’t even try it!

She scowls at Swagger in the ring before walking towards the back. She is about to disappear when she stops and looks back over her shoulder at an angry Jack Swagger, she smiles ad raises the Microphone to her lips again.

Steph- And talking of consequences, just turn around.

Swagger turns around to see Triple H standing in the middle of the ring, he kicks Swagger in the gut the force of which makes Swagger drop the briefcase. Triple H connects with a huge pedigree which is met by a massive pop from the live crowd.

As we fade to commercials Triple H is standing over a fallen Jack Swagger starring down at Mr Money in the Bank 2010.


Cole- Welcome back to Monday Night Raw! We are live from the US Airways center here in Phoenix, Arizona. And already tonight has been explosive!

King- We’ve already had an emotional goodbye to Shawn Michaels from his Friend Triple H and Jack Swagger making a statement of intent after claiming the Money In the Bank contract last night at Wrestlemania 26!

Cole- But the biggest shock was yet to come King! As Stephanie McMahon shocked us, the locker room and the entire WWE universe by coming out here and declaring she was running show tonight due to Mr McMahon’s absence!

King-And the night is only just beginning, Michael! Already later tonight we found out that Christian will take on Jack Swagger

Cole- And if Captain Charisma can beat Mr Money in the Bank then at Extreme Rules in 3 week, Swagger will put his Money in the Bank contract on the line!

Holla” hits the arena and the crowd pops as Kelly Kelly comes bounding on to the stage!

Cole- And now King, its time for the Divas!

Roberts- This match is scheduled for one fall and is for the WWE Divas title.............introducing first from Jacksonville, Florida..............Kelly Kelly!

Kelly enters the ring and throws her hands as the crowd pops her arrival.

The crowd’s cheers turn to heat as “Pourquoi” and the Divas champion Maryse comes strutting down to the ring.

Roberts- And her opponent, she is the current WWE Diva’s champion..................from Montreal, Quebec, Canada..............Maryse!

She struts down to the ring, enters and throws off her jackets, she removes the title from around her waist, and bends down next to the ring ropes, she stands up holding the title aloft, and winks at the camera. The referee takes the title from her, holds it in the air and starts the match
WWE Divas title match
Maryse (c) Vs. Kelly Kelly

Ending- Maryse controls the match from the start, as it looks as if the underdog and less inexperienced Kelly struggles, but a high forearm knocks Maryse off balance, a quick kick to Maryse’s midsection, and Kelly quickly sets Maryse up for the K2, she has her leg hooked over the back of Maryse’s head and connects with a huge, K2. Kelly rolls Maryse over and goes into the cover............1....................2..................................3

Winner- Kelly Kelly @4:40 (New Diva’s Champion)

Kelly grabs the title from ringside as Maryse rolls out of the ring, looking shocked. Kelly drops to her knees in the center of the ring clutching the title to her chest.

Roberts- Here is your winner and new WWE Divas champion............Kelly Kelly!

Huge pop from the crowd.

Kelly jumps to her feet and jumps up the turnbuckle. With her right hand she holds the title in the air, and with a huge smile on her face, she points around at all of the fans in the arena.

Cole- Kelly did it King! Kelly Kelly has won her first title here in the WWE!

King- This is a great moment Michael! Kelly Kelly, so good they named her twice!

We cut backstage to see Randy Orton arriving in the parking lot.

He gets out of his car and walks to the back, he opens the trunk. He bends over and picks his bag up. As he does we hear a loud crashing sound from somewhere behind him. He jumps up and turns around quickly as he does, Sheamus comes out of nowhere and hits a huge Brogue Kick to Orton’s head. Orton drops to the concrete instantly.

Sheamus picks a now lifeless Randy Orton and drags him to a vertical base, he lifts Orton on to his back and carries him over to front of the car, without a moment of hesitation he hits The Irish Curse on to the hood, sending Orton crashing into the front windscreen, shattering it. Sheamus stands over him, starring at the fallen Viper.


We return with Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler at ringside

Cole- Welcome back folks. Shortly before the commercial break, Sheamus brutally attacked Randy Orton.

A video airs on the screen of Orton being attacked by Sheamus, it shows Sheamus hitting the Pale Justice to Orton’s head before throwing him onto the hood and through the wind screen of the of the car.
Cole- Folks during the commercials, Randy Orton was taken to a near by medical facility. All we know right now is Randy has suffered some cuts to the back of his head and his shoulder. Obviously if we get informed of an update on his condition we let you all know.

Air Bourne” hits the arena and the crowd goes wild. Evan comes out on to the stage and briskly walks towards the ring, high fiving the fans as he goes.

Roberts- This match is scheduled for one fall..................from St Louis, Missouri, weighing in at 183 pounds...............Evan Bourne!

Evan enters the ring and jumps on the turn buckle, throwing his hand up saluting the crowd. Who pop loudly for him.

Their pop turns to heats as “Out to Kill” hits the arena and Cody Rhodes comes out on to the stage.

Roberts- And his opponent.............from Charlotte, North Carolina...weighing in at 223 pounds............Cody Rhodes!

Cody walks up the ring step and wipes his feet before entering the ring. The referee rings the bell to start the match.

Evan Bourne Vs. Cody Rhodes

Ending- The match is even to start of with, but Cody uses his experience learnt from his father and Randy Orton, and connects with a clothesline after ducking under Bourne’s own attempted clothesline. With Bourne down, Cody starts to stomp away at Bourne’s limbs as he tries to wear down Bourne. Cody picks up Bourne and turns him round. Rhodes locks it CrossRhodes, it connects. Cody covers Evan, 1..................2..............................Bourne gets the shoulder up.

Rhodes looks down in shock, shouts at the ref that it should have been 3. Rhodes pulls Bourne to his feet and throws him into the ring ropes, Bourne uses the momentum from the Irish wipe, and jumps onto the middle rope, surprising Rhodes with a cross body, Rhodes falls to his back as Bourne rolls through and springs to his feet. He looks around the arena, throws his hand up signalling for Airbourne. He clambers up the turnbuckle holding his head feeling the effects of CrossRhodes; Bourne steadies himself at the top of turnbuckle before leaping off ad connecting with a beautiful Airbourne. He sits up, clutching his chest and his head, he clambers back toward Rhodes, hooks his leg and covers him. 1............................2........................................3. Rhodes tries to kick out, but is too late as the ref rings the bell.

Winner- Evan Bourne @7:35

Evan rolls out of the ring leaving Cody in the ring. Evan walks up the ramp backwards with a huge smile on his face as he does, Cody gets to his feet. The two exchange a long look, before Cody nods his head in appreciation of Evan Bourne’s win.


We return backstage with Stephanie McMahon in the General Manager’s office.

She is on the phone.

Steph- Yeah I know dad.....................................Yeah, I have informed security............................yep, yep..........................................If Bret Hart or any of the Hart family show up here tonight, they are to be removed...................................Yes Daddy.....................................Ok, OK.................................Yeah love you too.

She hangs up the phone and looks up from her desk, she looks up just as Batista storms in to her office looking pissed.

Batista- I hear you’re the person I have to talk to about getting my title back!

Steph- Dave Batista! The former WWE champion!

Batista- No, Batista the next WWE champion! I want my rematch right here tonight!

Steph- No!

Batista- But I’ve got a rematch clause.

Steph- I said no!

Batista- I’ve got a clause in my contract that states, I’m entitled to the rematch. I want that rematch, right here tonight!

Steph- I don’t care what your contract says, I said no. You’re not getting your rematch right here tonight! You will, but not here tonight!

Batista- What! I want it now! I should be at the top, not that thug Cena!

Steph- Look, if you keep arguing me, you will never get your rematch, you will never get another title shot! You listen to me, right now! You will not be getting your title shot tonight; instead you’ll be getting your rematch at Extreme Rules.

Batista- But I wan.........

Steph- Shut up! At Extreme Rules in 3 weeks, you will face John Cena for the WWE title, and next week you and John Cena will face off in a one on one match, the winner will pick the stipulation for that match. Now, as for tonight, you will team with Sheamus to take on the 2 men who defeated you 2 last night, Triple H and the new WWE champion...John Cena! Now get out of my office!

We cut to the main arena where Show-Miz’s music hits; it is met by massive heat from the crowd.
The Big Show and The Miz come down to the ring with all four tag teams belts over their respective shoulders and The Miz has the United States championship around his waist. He also has a mic in his hand.

Miz- So last night, we defeated yet another team, and once again retained the Unified Tag Team championships.

Heat from the crowd

Miz- And now, just 24 hours after we defeated John Morrison and R-Truth, we are forced to defend our titles again.

Small pop as Show and Miz enter the ring.

Miz- But once again tonight we will be victorious, I guarantee it. Tonight we face the Colons. Really?!? I mean seriously, really!?!? The Colons! I’m the United States Champion! I hold 3 titles right now, and I have to face the Colons

Show bends over and whispers in his ear.

Miz- Jees, alright We have to face the Colons. A pair of Apple crunching, Hawaiian shirt wearing, nobodies! I mean, Carlito was once good, but Primo!! What have you done lately! In fact what have you done ever! Sure I’ve been here longer than you, but I’ve achieved everything and more than you could ever dream of! And now, just because you asked, Stephanie McMahon is letting you have a title shot! Really! This is so wrong! But once we beat you tonight we and the entire WWE universe will never have to hear “what’s cool” again! And we ...will... beat you, because we’re Show-Miz............and WE'RE AWESOME!

Cool” hits the arena and Carlito and Primo comes out on to the stage looking slightly pissed at The Miz’s words.

Cole- The Unified Tag Team titles, on the line! Next!


We return with the match underway.

Unified Tag Team title match
Show-Miz Vs. The Colons

Ending- The Miz insisted on starting the match for his team, and the Colons capitalized, not allowing Miz to tag Big Show into the match. The Miz hits a high elbow trying to get some space to tag in Big Show, but just as he is about to tag in Show, Primo grabs his leg and stops him, just inches short. Primo drags him back toward his corner. Primo tags in Carlito, releases Miz from the hold as Carlito starts his own attack. But instead of Primo taking up his position on the apron, he runs across the ring, jumps on to the ring ropes and hits a massive spring board dropkick, sending Show to the floor.

Miz fights off Carlito, with a DDT, and goes to tag in Show, but the corner is empty. Miz looks pissed as he sees Show down; he gets to his feet and shouts at Show at ringside. Carlito quickly locks in a Backstabber, it connects. He quickly goes for the cover. 1................2....................3!

Winners- Carlito and Primo Colon (The Colons) (New Unified Tag Team Champions)

Carlito and Primo roll out of the ring and grab the titles from ringside, hurrying to the back after their quick roll up win.

With the Miz down in the ring, Big Show gets up from ringside and looks at the fallen Miz, first in shock, but then in anger. He climbs into the ring and just looks at The Miz. Miz starts to climb to his feet slowly, as he reaches a stable base he looks up at the Big Show, Show stares at him, and turns his back, he suddenly turns back and connects with a massive right hand, which knocks Miz out.
The crowd pop as Miz hits the canvas, and Big show raises his hand in the air letting out a massive scream. The camera zooms in on Miz who is out for the count!

King- what a shot Michael!

Cole- It looks like Miz has not only lost his Tag team titles, I think he just lost his tag team partner as well!


We return with Josh Mathews

Josh- Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time...........Christian!

The crowd pops as the camera pans backwards and we see Christian standing next to Josh.

Josh- Christian tonight you face Jack Swagger the man who beat you over the head with the Money in the Bank briefcase just as it looked like you were going to win the match, and tonight...........

Christian- Let me stop you there Josh. Tonight I face the All American, American, Mr Money in the Bank 2010, Jack Swagger. And tonight when I beat him, I will face him at Extreme Rules and once again beat him. My point Josh, that in 3 weeks time, I will have 2 more victories over that Jackass and people will call me Mr Money in the Bank. And then it’s just a matter of time before I will be walking around with a World title around my waist, It’s just a matter of time before people call me a World Champion. Something I have worked to get my entire career. Right now Josh, I’m feeling pretty damn good!

Christian walks off with a huge smile on his face, leaving Josh Mathews standing in front of the camera.

We cut to a locker room where we see Triple H putting tape on his wrist. The live crowd pops from the arena. The pop gets slightly louder as John Cena walks into the room.
Triple H stands up and looks at the WWE title over John Cena’s shoulder. Cena looks at Triple H and then down at the title himself.

Cena- Look, I know we’ve not always seen eye to eye, but tonight we have to.....

HHH- Save it John.

Cena- Whoa alright. I know you’re a little upset about Shawn having to retire and I know you’re pretty annoyed about the whole Jack Swagger, Briefcase shot to the head thing. Oh and there’s the whole Stephanie McMahon turning up and running the show, that couldn’t be easy!

HHH- Shut it Cena, Look what do you want!

Cena- I was just coming to see how my Tag Team partner is! That’s all. We’ve got to pull together. We’ve got to go out there and beat those 2 again! Batista and Sheamus! A team of the palest man in the WWE history and The Animal.

HHH- Cena stop it.

Cena- Ok

HHH- You’re right, I am pissed. Everything seemed to happen all at once, but I can see clearly now John. That idiot Swagger sparked something in my head earlier. Last night I faced and beat Sheamus at Wrestlemania, but I’m the Game, I’m Triple H! I should have been in the main event, And right now, you have that one thing that I have to have to be there, my WWE title.

Cena- Your WWE title?

HHH- Yeah you heard me. My WWE title, and it doesn’t matter who’s running this show, who’s running things at the top, This is my show! It always has been and always will be. Sure people get there chance, people think they are at the top, like you have the past few months, but I have been watching you Cena, watching you and Batista and everybody else, watching as they thought they could take my spot. Sheamus couldn’t come close last night, The only person who has ever come close happened to be a friend of mine, a man who is now gone leaving me alone at the top. And now, John that makes you my only target, sure we have to team together tonight, and sure I might not get the next title shot, but one day John, one day I will take that title back, and I wont stop at anything John. I’m Triple H, I’m the Game, I’m The Cerebral Assassin! And I will be WWE champion!

Triple H looks at him and walks off.

Cena then raises his eyebrows, looks at the WWE title

Cena- I only came in here to see if he was ready. Jesus!

We cut to the main arena where the crowd goes wild as “Just close your eyes” and Christian comes out on to the stage, looking around the arena for his peeps

Cole- This next match has major ramifications for Extreme Rules which is just 3 weeks away on Pay-Per-View.

King- If Captain Charisma can score the win tonight Michael, Jack Swagger will be forced to put his Money in the Bank briefcase on the line!

Cole- And with, that guaranteed title shot!

Christian reaches the ring and goes up the turn buckle, still looking for his peeps.

Roberts- This match is scheduled for one fall introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada......weighing in at 227 pounds..............Christian!

The crowd pops, but that is short lived as it turns to heat and “Get on you knees” hits the arena.
The crowds heat intensifies as Jack Swagger slowly walks out on to the stage, He has the money in the Bank briefcase in both hands and looks at all the time he is walking toward the ring.

Roberts- And his opponent...............from Perry, Oklahoma.........weighing in 263 pounds............He is Mr Money in the Bank 2010.........Jack Swagger!

Swagger reaches the end of the ramp and finally takes his eyes off the case, he looks up at Christian, who in turn points down at the case, then at himself. Saying “That will be mine” without the microphone. Swagger shakes his head and then walks into the ring. He leaves the Briefcase on the ring steps.

Christian Vs. Jack Swagger

Ending-An even match with the 2 closely matched opponents. And as we head towards commercials, Swagger slides out of the ring, to try to regain some stamina. He turns to go back in, but as he does Christian comes off the top rope and hits a cross body. With both men down we go to commercials.


We return with the Swagger in the ring and the ref starting to count out Christian.

Cole- Folks this is what happened during the commercial break.

As the ref starts to count out both men, we cut to a split screen replay.
It shows Swagger countering a Christian attack with a clothes line on the outside. It then cuts to Swagger picking up a limp Christian and ramming him into the steel ring post head first. Finally as the ref count reaches 7, Swagger throws Christian into the security barrier and heads into the ring.
The ref carries on counting as Swagger watches Christian crawl toward the ring. The ref reaches 9 as Christian just manages to jump in. But Swagger meets him and starts to stomp away at Christian. He backs off as Christian struggle to a vertical base. Swagger pounces quickly, and locks in the Gut Wrench powerbomb, he quickly covers Christian. 1........................2.....................Christian kicks out.

Swagger looks shocked, but doesn’t argue instead going straight back on the attack, he stomps away at Christian’s left leg. He looks down at Christian as he clutches his ankle, grabs it and locks in an ankle lock. He wrenches Christian who looks in pain, but fights it as Swagger applies more pressure. Christian starts to crawl toward the nearest rope, but can’t quite reach it, trying anything Christian attempts to reverse it, he rolls through it sending Swagger into the turnbuckle.

With Swagger hung up on the turnbuckle, Christian gingerly gets to his feet. He can barely stand on his left leg, but tries to go on the attack, Swagger connects with elbow knocking Christian back. Swagger goes on the attack but as he runs toward Christian, Captain Charisma ducks under the attempted clothesline, hooking Swagger’s arms and spinning him round. Running on pure adrenaline Christian hits The KillSwitch. He sits on the mat and grabs his ankle, feeling the strain of the Ankle Lock. But he still has enough to roil Swagger over and cover. 1......................2.......................3.!

Winner-Christian @14:45

Cole- Christian did it!

King- You know what this means Michael! Jack Swagger now has to face Christian at Extreme Rules with his Money in the Bank contract on the line!

Christian limps over to the corner and grabs the Briefcase off the ring steps he brings it into the ring and gingerly climbs the turnbuckle. The crowd pops loudly as Christian holds the case in the air, with a huge smile on his face.

Christian slowly climbs down, off the turnbuckle and back down to the mat. As he turns around Swagger kicks the briefcase and it connects with Christian’s stomach, dropping Christian down to his knees and to the mat. Swagger acts quickly and locks in the Gut wrench Power bomb, it connects with devastating effects, leaving Christian down on the mat.

Swagger picks up the case and looks down at it, then down at the fallen Christian. He snarls at him before saying (with out a microphone) “You will never get your hands on this!”

He holds the briefcase in the air, as the crowds heat get worse. He looks back up at the case before breaking out a smile.


We return in the General Manager’s office.

Behind the desk is Stephanie McMahon, looking straight into the camera.

Steph- welcome back. Earlier tonight, I told you all that I would be making an announcement on my Father’s behalf, as due to the injuries he sustained last night at the hands of the entire Hart Family last night at Wrestlemania 26, he is unable to be here himself. The time has come to make that announcement. Or should I say announcements. The first of which, is that if Bret Hart.

Pop form the live crowd back in the arena

Steph- If Bret Hart steps foot inside any building housing the WWE he will be escorted from the premises, if Mr Hart, continually tries to enter the premises of the WWE he will be arrested.

Heat form the live crowd back in the arena.

Steph-The second is that next week, when Monday Night Raw comes to you live from the United Kingdom, I will personally introduce the new, permanent General Manager of Raw!

Pop from the live crowd

Steph- And finally, in 3 weeks time the WWE holds it’s annual homage to Extreme, with the Pay-Per-View, Extreme Rules. The very next night when Monday Night Raw comes from Baltimore, the biggest shake up in WWE history will take place, with a 3 hour draft special! A draft where nobody will be safe, the champions, the number one contenders, the announce team, the divas, even the camera crew will not be safe. But for the first time since, 2004 the WWE draft will not be done by computer, instead both the new Raw general Manager and Smackdown General Manager will pick out the ballots themselves on the stage, live on Monday Night Raw!

Pop from the live crowd

Steph- Thank you all for listening, the next month is sure to be a turbulent time for not only Monday Night Raw, but for the entire WWE universe.

We cut back to the main arena where we see Michael Cole and Jerry “the King” Lawler.

Cole- Did you hear that King! The draft lottery returns, in 3 weeks!

King- Not only that Michael! But Next week, live from the O2 arena in London England, we will finally have a brand new General Manager!

Cole- Some stability finally coming back to Raw King!

King- Maybe Michael, but you know, new General Managers do tend to like shake things up and make an instant impression!

The live crowd start to boo heavily as the house lights go down, leaving only a spot light beamed down on the stage. “I walk alone” Hits ad “The Animal” Batista comes walking slowly out on to the stage, he looks slightly pissed at the fact that he isn’t coming out for a WWE title match.

He slowly walks to the ring.

Roberts- This tag team match is scheduled for 1 fall...........introducing first, from Washington, DC.....weighing in at 290 pounds............The Animal...........Batista!

The crowd’s heat intensifies as Batista reaches the ring and the house lights come back up. He stands in the middle of the ring, not looking amused as “Written in my face” hits and Sheamus comes out onto the stage. He storms toward the ring.

Roberts- And his tag team partner...............from Dublin, Ireland.......weighing in at 274 pouds...........Sheamus!

Cole-Our main event is next!


We return with Batista and Sheamus in the ring.

The crowd goes wild as “The Game” hits the arena and Triple H comes down out through the smoke now pouring through the center of the stage. He is clutching a bottle of water and swings it as he walks toward the ring.

Roberts- And their oppoenents, first from Greenwich, Connecticut....weighing in at 25 pounds...........The Game..........Triple H!

He throws the bottle into the crowd before climbing on to the apron. He spits the water into the air before entering the ring and going up the turnbuckle. Pointing at himself and shouting at the live crowd.

He stands up there as the crowd’s pop gets even louder. Triple H turns and stares at the stage as “My time is now” hits ad John Cena comes bounding out on to the stage. He holds the WWE title into the air, salutes the crowd and runs down to the ring.

Roberts-And his Tag Team partner.........from West Newbury, Massachusetts.......weighing in at 240 pounds.......he is the WWE Champion.............John Cena!

He slides in as Triple H drops back down to the mat. All 3 other men are starring at the WWE title as Cena holds it in the air once again. He brigs it down and turns round to salute the other side of the ring, as he does he notices Triple H is starring straight at him. Cena stops and looks at the title, before raising it again. He hands the title over to the ref, who passes it out of the ring, as he does Cena throws his hat and shirt into the crowd.

Main event
John Cena & Triple H Vs. Batista & Sheamus

Ending- A long match, which goes through the last commercial break and sees all 4 men share the work load of the match and despite the obvious friction between Triple H and Cena, they work well together as a team, and have Sheamus isolated from Batista. Triple H is the legal man, and is working on Sheamus’ legs. Stomping at his left leg, he picks up the Irish man and throws him into the ring ropes, as Sheamus rebounds back towards “The Game”, Triple H explodes with a high knee to his head. Sheamus gets back to his feet and runs back at Triple H, But he HHH catches him and connects with a devastating Spine Buster. “The Game” is straight back onto his feet and flexes his muscles to the live crowd. Batista tries to enter the ring, distracting Triple H slightly, allowing Sheamus back to his feet. Triple H turns round and straight into a Huge Brogue Kick from Sheamus. Triple H goes down after the shot, and Sheamus drops to the mat after the pounding he’s received through out the match.

Both men crawl toward their respective corners, they both get the hot tag, and in come Cena and Batista, as Sheamus rolls off the ring apron and to the floor. Batista goes for the clothes line, but Cena ducks under it. Batista turns and walks straight into a side scoop slam, Cena jumps to his feet and raises his arm into the air, signalling for the 5 knuckle shuffle, he connects. The crowd pops as Cena throws his hands in the air, getting another loud reaction from the live crowd, turning his back on Batista, as Cena taunts with the crowd, Batista gets to his feet, Cena turns as Batista tries another Clothesline, Cena counters with a drop toe hold, jumps to his feet and locks in the STFU. Batsita tries to resist but eventually taps.

Winners- Triple H & John Cena. @16:46

Batista rolls out of the ring as Cena throws his hands up in celebration.

Cole- Cena and Triple H win!

King- And they managed to co-exist as a Team Michael!

The ref hand John Cena his title, and he raises it in celebration, he turns around and turns straight into a kick from Triple H to his stomach, Cena drops the WWE title, as Triple locks in the Pedigree. He starts to shout “that title is mine Cena” but he takes too long to connect, as Sheamus from out of nowhere hits a massive Brogue Kick on Triple H. The force of which sends Triple H rolling out of the ring and Cena drops to the mat. Cena struggles to his feet, and walks into a Brogue Kick from Sheamus of his own. With Cena and Triple H now both outside the ring following the attack by Sheamus, The Irishman goes to pick up the title, as he does the crowds excitement starts to build as Randy Orton comes through the crowd, Orton slides into the ring as Sheamus, unaware Orton is there, stands back up. Orton connects with a huge RKO to Sheamus.

Orton jumps to his feet and throw both arms into the air. As he does, Batista slides into the ring behind him, Orton sensing “The Animals” presence turns, but only turns into a massive Spear from Batista.

The house lights go down once again as the crowd starts to boo heavily. Batista picks up the WWE title and takes his place under the spot light now beaming down into the center of the ring.
As Monday Night Raw goes off the air, Batista is holding the WWE title in the air in his right hand, under the spot light, his left is pointing at himself.

Batista- This belongs to me!

Dark match results

Zack Ryder def Chris Masters
Gail Kim & Eve def Alicia Fox & Jillian Hall

Monday Night Raw Results

WWE Diva’s title

Kelly Kelly def Maryse (to become the new Diva’s champion)

Evan Bourne def Cody Rhodes

Unified Tag Team Championship

The Colons (Carlito & Primo) def Show-Miz (Big Show & The Miz) (To become unified Tag Team champions)

Christian def Jack Swagger

John Cena & Triple H def Batista & Sheamus

Extreme Rules confirmed matches

WWE title (match type TBA)
John Cena (c) Vs. Batista

Christian Vs. Jack Swagger (with the MITB contract on the line)


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Smackdown Preview

At Wrestlemania 26 World Champion Chris Jericho once again proved to be amongst the best in the business, retaining his title against the Royal Rumble winner, Edge. But after the match, Edge took out his frustration on the World Champion, spearing him through the security barricade at ringside. Will the World Champion be carrying any injuries as Smackdown rolls into The Thomas & Mack Center at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas? With the defeat at the hands of Jericho five nights ago what is next for Edge? Will somebody new step up to the plate and challenge the World Heavyweight Champion?

Speaking of somebody new, this past Monday on Raw, WWE Board member Stephanie McMahon announced not only will Raw being gets a new General manager next week, but the Monday Night after Extreme Rules in 3 weeks, the WWE will hold it’s annual draft lottery, and for the first time since 2004, Smackdown general manager Theodore Long will be present on Raw to make the draft picks himself. Which Smackdown superstars will look to catch their General Manager’s eye? Will any Raw superstars show to make a name for themselves, and get a head start on Smackdown should they be drafted?

Already announced to happen this Friday is CM Punk and his Straight Edged Society member Luke Gallows, team together to face the man that defeated Punk at Wrestlemania Rey Mysterio and the Big Red Machine, Kane! The WWE universe is already sure that Punk will no doubt have something to say about his lose at Wrestlemania, and the state of Nevada!

Also confirmed for this week’s edition of Smackdown is a triple threat match for the Intercontinental Championship, with Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth taking on champion Drew McIntyre for the chose one’s gold. Will the man from Scotland be successful i defending his gold? Can Shelton Benjamin finally get his career back on track and claim his first singles title in nearly four years? Can R-Truth get his hands on the Intercontinental Championship for the first time and join a list of greats including Triple H, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero and Shawn Michaels?

Find out the answers to all these questions and many more when Smackdown! Comes to you soon right here!​
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