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Here's the first thing I'm going to start off with...my own Raw show. The Raw roster is the same as it is now. I'll start off with the Unforgiven PPV. Nothing's changed on the card or anything. So here we go...


A video pacakge is shown highlighting some of the feuds such as Kane when he put Shawn Michaels out of work with an injury, Randy Orton spitting in the face of Triple H and Christian nailing Chris Jericho with a ladder. After the video package, the pyros explode and the show gets underway.

J.R.: "Welcome to Portland, Oregon...welcome to Raw's Unforgiven!"

King: "Tonight's gonna be great! We're going to see Triple H climb to the top of the mountain once again and reclaim HIS World Championship."

J.R.: "That's your thoughts King. But now, let's kick things off with some tag team action!"

Tag Team Match:​

Chris Benoit/William Regal Vs. Evolution’s Batista/Ric Flair​

William Regal and Ric Flair decide to start things off and they do so by circling the ring and locking up. Both exchange wrestling holds and knife-edge chops before Ric Flair sticks a thumb into the eye of Regal and tags in Batista. Batista then displays his monstrous strength on Regal for a small period of time before Regal gets a blind tag in to Chris Benoit. Benoit comes in and absolutely cleans house with German Suplexes. Batista and Benoit then exchange fists with both going to the ropes and meeting with a double closeline.

The referee starts the ten count…1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…Flair tags in Batista who waits in his corner as Benoit reaches Regal for the tag. Regal pulls back a little and extends the hand far enough and nails Benoit in the face then removes something from his hand which cameras point out to be the Brass Knuckles. Benoit stumbles forward, having been busted open from that backstabbing blow and Batista catches him with the sit down powerbomb followed by the cover…one…two…three!

Winners: Evolution’s Ric Flair and Batista

William Regal celebrates with the winners of the match as Benoit is out cold.

J.R.: “What’s going on here? Why did Regal do this to Benoit?”

King: “Does this mean that William Regal has joined Evolution?”

J.R.: “I’m not sure King but I think Benoit needs help. While EMTs take care of Chris Benoit, let’s go backstage with the Coach!”

Jonathon Coachman is backstage with a microphone and Randy Orton with him.

Coach: “Randy Orton…we just saw who is possibly your replacement among Evolution, William Regal. Now I’m sure this is only to try and gain an advantage for Triple H later tonight when you face him for the first time for the World Heavyweight Championship.”

Orton: “Coach…why don’t you do me a favor and shutup! I remember when this all started…I was backstage and I accidentally bumped into Triple and the Nature Boy Ric Flair. Now…I…being the rookie I was, apologized and tried being nice to the seasoned veterans but they said they needed to talk to me. I was completely shocked. Triple H explained to me that I was an up and coming superstar…he introduced me to all his grand ideas…he allowed me to join…Evolution. Then, I slowly made it up the ranks on Raw and I became the Intercontinental Champion a little under a year ago. Now I held onto that title for 7 long months and I took on the best of the best…I defeated the Rock…I defeated Mick Foley…Cactus Jack…whatever! Then…at Summerslam…I became the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in history! Well tonight…Randy Orton is going to make history once again…I will defeeat my mentor…my trainer…my former leader…tonight is the night where Orton becomes the number one guy in the business. You see, Evolution was looking and past, present and future…well tonight…the future begins! Tonight…the present known as Triple H…will become nothing more than…”

Randy Orton pauses and notices that someone has joined him in the interview segment. It’s the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels.

Orton: “Hey, Shawn…how’s it going?”

HBK: “Well…it looks like a lot has changed…since I’ve been gone. You know, Triple H and I were about to shake hands and put an end to our rivalry until Kane took me out and put me in a hospital. I was coughing up blood like there was no tomorrow…that’s how it felt like. Well I’m here for revenge now against Kane but I’m also here for another reason…Orton…we’ve been through a lot ever since you decided to use me as a stepping stone. I told you to step hard…and you did exactly that and now look…the World Heavyweight Champion. I’ve come here to congratulate you.”

Shawn Michaels extends the hand and Randy Orton gladly accepts the handshake. Cameras go back to ringside for the next match.

Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match:
Chris Jericho Vs. Christian​

Both competitors start off in the ring by staring at each other and the vacant WWE Intercontinental Championship. They exchange different wrestling holds to each other to start off the match on a slow pace. After a while, Chris Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho and makes Christian scream in pain. Tyson Tomko races down to the ring and clubs Y2J with a closeline from behind. Tomko then hits a powerbomb on Jericho before stepping to the outside. Christian gets the ladder then sets it up and climbs. Once he gets near the top Y2J hits a springboard dropkick to take Christian off. Both now show off some incredible moves with the ladder such as a closeline, a catapult into the metal object, a DDT onto it however…no matter how hard the beating…they always seem to take their opponent off the ladder in the nick of time.

Tyson Tomko gets back in the ring and gives Y2J another powerbomb. This time…Edge races down to the ring and spears Tomko out of his boots! Edge then nails Christian with an Edgecution and sets up the ladder. Edge picks up Y2J and climbs up the ladder with him to make him go faster. Once at the top of the ladder with Y2J in clear control to grab the title…Edge delivers an Edgecution to Y2J off the top of the ladder! Christian gets up and with Tyson Tomko and Edge helping him out…he grabs the Intercontinental Championship and become the Champion once again.

Winner: Christian

King: “This is great…the peeps can be proud of Christian now…in his first match back from injury…he takes the Intercontinental Title!”

J.R.: “Thanks to Tyson Tomko and that backstabbing hypocrite Edge! Jericho got screwed out of the title damnit! It’s not fair!”

Cameras go to Todd Grisham who is backstage with Triple H.

Todd: “Triple H…we’ve received comments from Randy Orton…now I’d like to get your thoughts on the situation.”

HHH: “My thoughts? My thoughts!? You see…Evolution was put together for 2 reasons…the first one, I will admit was to keep the World Heavyweight Title around my waist for as long as possible. That’s why I had my idol Ric Flair…the animalistic Batista…and the future of the business, Randy Orton to back me up. But the second reason was to simply display the Evolution of wrestling. We had the great technical wrestler from the past…one of the greatest World Champions of all time…The Nature Boy Ric Flair…then we have the guy who is currently on the top of the mountain and is displayed as the greatest wrestler alive today…me…Triple H! Then we have Batista…who will be the next big man in this company that will squash his opponents for years to come…and then there’s the guy who in due time…when it’s time…when it’s time for me to step down…when it’s time for a new star to rise…the future of the company…the future of the business…the future of wrestling…that guy was Randy Orton! I took this guy in with open arms from his cowboy rookie state and turned him into what he is today…he’s a stud…he’s a lady thriller…he’s a legend killer! He’s defeated The Rock…he’s defeated Mick Foley…he can go one on one with the greatest stars there is to offer…”

Triple H pauses for a second and stares with an evil look into the camera.

HHH: “Except for me! Orton…you weren’t supposed to be the World Champion that soon…it just wasn’t your time…I gave you the opportunity of a lifetime…if you would have handed the title over to me then you would still be able to build up your experience but now you’re going to be stuck with the moniker as a guy who got lucky just one time. Well…then you decided to spit in my face…to me…that was my invitation…that was the last straw…that was my invitation to kick your teeth down your throat! Randy Orton…for you…Game….Over!”

Triple H walks away as Todd Grisham has a shocked look on his face.

Todd: “King…J.R…back to you…”

Tag Team Championship Match:
La Resistance (c) Vs. Rhyno/Tajiri​

Tajiri is assaulted before the match begins. His right knee is smashed against the apron and steel steps. Sylvan Grenier finds a steel chair and smashes it across Tajiri’s knee when it’s leaning against the steel stairs still. Rhyno gets in the ring to start off the match with Robert Conway as Tajiri lays on the outside holding his knee in pain.

King: “This has become a handicap match by the looks of things now J.R.”

J.R.: “I think you’re right King…even if Tajiri could get up…he probably won’t be able to do anything.”

Rhyno shows off his great wrestling skills in this match against both members of La Resistance however, the numbers always seem to be too much. Every time Tajiri gets back to the apron…the illegal man from La Resistance pulls him down and does a number on him.

Rhyno closelines Sylvan Grenier over the top rope as Robert Conway begins to stir. Rhyno is setting up for the Gore! Tajiri gets back up to the apron now and stands there. Robert Conway turns around and dodges the Gore which causes to Rhyno to nail Tajiri with the finishing maneuver. However, when Tajiri was hit…his green mist spewed out from his mouth and got Robert Conway in the face since Rhyno was bent over. Rhyno notices the downed Rob Conway and goes for the cover…one…two…the referee stops the match. He goes over to Howard Finkel and tells him something.

Fink: “Ladies and gentlemen…the winners of this bout by disqualification…and STILL Tag Team Champions…La Resistance!”

Winners: La Resistance by DQ

King: “You have to admit that’s fair Ross…the mist is illegal.”

J.R.: “But it was unintentional…what about all the cheating that La Resistance pulled off to Tajiri…he’s probably going to the hospital to take a look at that knee as Rhyno helps him up now. It’s such a shame…all of Rhyno and Tajiri’s hard work ends up in failure.”

Cameras go backstage now where Kane is holding Lita very tightly to him.

Kane: “Sweetheart…this is the best gift a wife can give…a chance for me to finish what I started on Shawn Michaels!…You see…I’m not afraid of HBK…I put him out of action for a long…long time. Now he’s back and history shall repeat itself. But you remember the plan don’t you? If the match gets a little out of hand…you will do as you were told…or else…”

Cameras return to the ring where Victoria is doing her dance routine to the ring for her match.

King: “Or else?…Or else what?”

J.R.: “I don’t know…it could be anything if it involves that sadistic monster!”

King: “You know…just because it looks like she’s gained weight from her pregnancy, doesn’t give you the right to call her a monster.”

J.R.: “I’m talking about Kane! Anyways…let’s go to ringside for a Championship Match…”King: “And…puppies!”

Women’s Championship Match:
Trish Stratus (c) Vs. Victoria​

This match starts off as a cat fight between the two female competitors. Victoria then starts off on a roll and completely dominates Trish.


Victoria body slams Trish Stratus and shakes her body before going for a moonsault which Trish counters by sticking her knees up. Trish rolls up Victoria with a hook of the tights…one…two…three!

Winner: Trish Stratus

Video footage is shown of when Kane assaulted HBK and put him out of action.

Kane with Lita Vs. “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels

Kane begins walking to the ring with Lita as HBK stands in the ring with revenge on his mind. He leaps over the top onto Kane then nails some fists to start off the match. It gets very ugly very quickly when Lita distracts the official and Shawn uses a steel chair…continuously smashing it across the skull of Kane which leaves a huge dent in the chair. After a few more minutes of assault…Kane fights back and takes over the match.


Lita climbs into the ring as Kane is arguing with the official and HBK is down. Lita shoves the referee away and backs up Kane into the corner by shoving him. She climbs up to the second rope and gives him a huge kiss. She gets out of the ring as Kane is smitten by the move. HBK leaps back up to his feet and waits for Kane to turn around then hits him with Sweet Chin Music. Shawn goes for the cover…one…two…three!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

World Heavyweight Championwhip Match:
Randy Orton (c) Vs. Triple H​

A real hard fought match between both competitors. It really tells the story of the Evolution of wrestling and the careers of Triple H and Randy Orton. Batista, Ric Flair and William Regal all attempt to interfere in the match but are stopped by Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit. Triple H brought out the sledgehammer and accidentally nailed the referee. A double closeline occured and everybody is down now.


After a while, Randy Orton and Triple H stagger to their feet. Triple H is still bleeding from the chair shot and Randy Orton is also bleeding from the ring post. They both exchange blows in a fist fight and Randy Orton goes for the RKO but it is dodged. Triple H picks up Orton and hits the pedigree. Triple H goes for the cover with the official still unconscious. Triple H counts himself...one...two...three! It doesn't count though so Triple H goes over to the downed referee. Randy Orton gets up slowly after a while and hits the RKO on Triple H. Randy Orton sums up what's left of his energy and is able to get an arm over HHH as the referee starts to recollect his thoughts and count...one...two...Hunter gets the shoulder up! Both men make their way to a set of ropes and pull themselves up. The referee pulls himself up in the corner and is bent over in that fashion trying to recover from the huge hit he took. Triple H kicks Orton in the mid-section and attempts another pedigree. Orton sweeps the legs of The Game and catapults the World Champion into the referee in the corner. Triple H awaits Orton to turn around so he can hit him with another pedigree. Randy Orton staggers slowly around and hits an RKO out of nowhere on Triple H! Orton goes for the cover and another referee comes out to make the count...one...two...three!

Winner: STILL World Heavyweight Champion...Randy Orton

Randy Orton celebrates with the title as Triple H heads backstage in frustration to end the show.

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Thanks to everybody who's read it and commented on it. Perhaps some ratings out of 10 now? And I was wondering if everybody would prefer my show to go up every Monday? Here's the fall out from Unforgiven...


Raw's Intro Video is played and the pryos explode to kick off this episode of Monday Night Raw.

J.R.: "Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw! We are just 24 hours removed from Unforgiven and what an awesome and controversial that night was."

King: "That's right J.R. but as much controversy as there was last night...I think there's going to be even more tonight."

Randy Orton's music begins to play and the World Champion makes his way to the ring with a bandage on his head and the World Title over his shoulder. He pauses on the ramp and raises his arms in classic Orton fasion as his pyros are displayed to match his Championship status. Orton then makes his way into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Orton: "So here I am...still World Heavyweight Champion. After a grueling match with Triple H...I was able to survive...I was able to come out as the winner. But it wasn't only Triple H I defeated...all of Evolution was taken out during that match. Including the newest member of Evolution...William Regal (The crowd begins to boo.) Now I have to admit...I'm a little...upset...I thought that nobody would be able to replace me. I was the future of the company...I AM the future of this company...and I was replaced by an Englishman who is past his prime? I'm a little diappointed in their choice. But then again...Triple H hasn't been at the top of his game lately, no pun intended."

Triple H's music begins to play now and he makes his way to the ring alone, also with a bandage on his head. HHH gets in the ring and gets right in the face of Randy Orton with a microphone.

HHH: "So...here you are...still World Heavyweight Champion. After a grueling match with me...you were able to survive...you were able to come out as the winner. But it wasn't just you who defeated me...Chris Benoit...SHawn Michaels...they helped you. Now...I chose William Regal because he's a better wrestler than you ever will be. But now..let's get serious..you...me...right now...for the World Heavyweight Title!"

Orton and Hunter stare each other down as everybody is off their seats and cheering. Eric Bischoff's music plays and he walks up to the ramp with a microphone.

Eric: "Stop the music! Now...there won't be any match tonight between you two...(The crowd boos.)...except for a tag team match that is...tonight's main event will be Triple H and the newest member of Evolution, William Regal...against Randy Orton and Chris Benoit!"

The crowd erupts after hearing the main event.

HHH: "Bischoff...that all sounds nice...but I want a rematch!"

Eric: "Don't worry...because in two weeks...in that very ring...Triple H versus...Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

The crowd erupts again as HHH and Orton stare each other down and the commercials begin.

Pictures are shown of Tajiri being assaulted by La Resistance at Unforgiven as J.R. explains the situation.

Rhyno is in the ring with a microphone.

Rhyno: "At Unforgiven...Tajiri suffered an injury due to La Resistance's assault. The doctors don't know how long Tajiri will be gone for but he will need surgery. As I saw Tajiri lying in his hospital bed he asked for a favour and I plan on fulfilling it..Get revenge on La Resistance! I will look for a new partner and take the tag team titles...even if it's the last thing I do!"

Rhyno begins to exit the ring as pictures are shown of the Women's Championship Match at Unforgiven including Tyson Tomko revealing the mystery woman as Steven Richards.

Mixed Tag Team Match: Trish Stratus/Tyson Tomko Vs. Steven Richards/Victoria​

The women start off the match and continue where they left off at Unforgiven. The guys are tagged in and Richards goes insane on Tomko. The women are tagged back in and begin a slugfest with Victoria gaining the advantage.


Victoria hits the Widow's peak and goes for the cover...one...two...The Problem Solver break the count! Steven Richards comes in and Stevie Kicks Tomko out of the ring. Trish gets up and is hit with another Widow's Peak followed by the cover...one...two...three!

Winners: Victoria and Steven Richards

***Commerical Break***

Rhyno Vs. Kane
Rhyno immediately goes to work on Kane and is able to take him down seveal times. Kane however changes the whole perspective of the match with a big boot. Kane now assaults Rhyno for a while. Lita gets in the ring and begs Kane to stop.


Kane and Lita argue for a while, allowing Rhyno enough time to get to his feet. Rhyno goes for the Gore and Kane pushes Lita out of the way to take the blow. Rhyno goes for the cover...one...two...three!

Winner: Rhyno

Lita looks on in shock at Kane as Rhyno celebrates.

Cameras go backstage to Christian who is shining his newly won Intercontinental Championship with Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko looking on.

Christian: "I know you guys were beaten earlier...but that's alright...you guys will have some serious payback for them. That's not important...because tonight...I'm going out there...and delivering my acceptance speech!"

Christian takes the belt and puts it on his shoulder then walks down the hallway with Trish and Tyson.

J.R.: "An acceptance speech? You've got to be kidding me!"

King: "This is gonna be great!"

The SmackDown Rebound is played involving Kurt Angle and Eddie Gerrer's Lumberjack Match with interference from the Big Show who squashes everybody. It also shows the Last Ride Match being announced for No Mercy.

***Commercial Break***

Christian comes out with the Intercontinental Championship around his waist and Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko by his side. Christian gets in the ring with a microphone in hand.

Christian: "First of all...I'd like to thank Eric Bischoff for stripping Edge of the Intercontinental Championship, for if it wasn't for him...I wouldn't be the champion right now. I'd also like to thank my peeps...for all their support and cards during my time of absence."

Edge's music begins to play and he makes his way to the ring on his crutches as the fans boo him. He gets in the ring and stares down Christian. Christian looks a little scared as Edge has an evil look on his face. The stare down is ended quicly by brotherly love when they Edge hugs Christian. However, the reunion and love is replaced by hate when Chris Jericho comes from out of the crowd with a steel chair and chases all four competitors backstage as the commercials begin.

Batista Vs. Shawn Michaels

A great match displaying Batista's strength and Shawn's speed. Shawn Michaels goes for a moonsault but Batista catches him and takes him down with a powerslam. When Batista goes for the cover, he only gets a two count.


Batista picks up HBK and goes for a powerbomb but Shawn sticks a thumb in the man's eye to break up the move. Michaels hits Sweet Chin Music followed by the cover...one...two...three!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Backstage we see Triple H and Regal discussing while walking down the hall getting ready for their match as the Raw theme plays.

J.R.: "Oh my...this match is going to be something. It's Triple H and William Regal taking on Randy Orton and Chris Benoit when we come back..."

***Commercial Break***

Chris Benoit/Randy Orton Vs. Evolution's Triple H/William Regal

A great back and forth match with HHH wanting nothing to do with Randy Orton. During the match Chris Benoit gets some revenge on Regal for backstabbing him at Unforgiven. All four men get into a huge brawl and Triple H and Benoit are the first men to spill out to the floor. Benoit and Regal are the legal men as Orton and the Englishman are in the ring.


The World's Champion hits the RKO on Regal then The Game comes in and attempts the pedigree. Benoit gets back in the ring and comes from behind, nailing three consecutive German suplexes. Chris Benoit goes up top and hits the diving headbutt on Regal and goes for the cover as Orton throws Triple H out of the ring...one...two...three!

Winners: Chris Benoit/Randy Orton

Triple H heads for the back as Randy Orton challenges him to come in the ring and finish it once and for all to end the show.

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As always Juvy, a wonderful show there. A lot of great feuds building up here, and the addition of Regal to Evolution is an interesting one. Orton vs HHH in two weeks sounds great also. I like the reformation of Edge and Christian, that should be a real treat to watch.

Also, it would probobly be best if you posted the show on Mondays so people will be able to look out for your show.

as for a rating, what other than 10/10.

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Nice shows Juvy but I was wondering did Kane push Lita out of the way because she is bearing his baby or what? I am just curious. I would give that show a 10/10 and I really like your promos and interviews!

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ok, i didn't know if that was a story line or just your Kane personality

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***This was written on a Sunday afternoon. So if some storylines or appearances seem stolen from Raw or Unforgiven, they are not. Sorry about not having this up yesterday, I had it all typed up on here and tried to send it but the internet disconnected and it was all erased.***


The Raw intro video is played followed by the exploseive pyrotechnic display to start off the show.

J.R.: "Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw! Tonight's gonna be an explosive night with two huge matches already announced."

King: "That's right because tonight we have legend versus legend as HBK Shawn Michaels takes on The Nature Boy Ric Flair!"

J.R.: "That's not all. Chris Benoit finally looks to get revenge on William Regal!"

"No Chance In Hell" begins to play and the boss struts his way down to the ring. He pauses until everybody comes to a hush silence.

Vince: "Thanks for the applause however, you might want to hold onto those until after my major announcement. Does everybody remember the good old days...the days of Mr. Perfect (The crowd cheers.)...the days of The Texas Tornado! (The crowd cheers a little louder.)...the days...of Andre The Giant! (The crowd cheers very loud.)...the days...of...The Immortal...Hulk Hogan! (The crowd erupts and a Hogan chant starts.)...well...these greats competed at the Survivor Series in the past. They competed with the old tradition. Well, tonight...I plan on bringing that tradition back. As a matter of fact, I believe it was the year 1990...the Soul Survivor Match at the Survivor Series...I enjoyed the concept. It brought the top athletes in our business and separated the boys from men! Then, the men are put in a match to determine who the top star in our business is today. Now, 2004...the Sould Survivor Match at the Survivor Series! We will have 2, 8-man elimination tag matches from each brand and an inter-promotional Raw Vs. SmackDown Showdown! Thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of the show."

Vince McMahon exits the ring now to a huge applause from the crowd.

***Commercial Break***

Tyson Tomko Vs. Steven Richards

A back and forth brawl between the powerhouse and the quick and extreme Steven Richards. Richards always fails to knock Tomko down until a missile dropkick from the top rope.


Steven now goes for the Stevie Kick but Tomko dodges it and nails a powerbomb. The Problem Solver goes for the cover...one...two...three!

Winner: Tyson Tomko

Cameras go to Kane who is outside of a hospital.

Kane: "Lita...I warned you. I said that if you'd interfere in my matches...you'd pay the consequences. When I saw so...you will go to that ring and suffer...you're gonna sit there and watch something that's all...your...fault!"

Kane begins laughing in an evil fashion as cameras go to commercials.

Non-Title Tag Team Match: La Resistance Vs. Superhero Duo

A great tag team match with Rosey and Hurricane really showing off their talents.


Rosey and Hurricane are down from a double closeline. The ten count reaches up to seven when Hurricane and Grenier are tagged in. Hurricane cleans house as the referee is having a word with Rosey. Grenier mounts to the apron which distracts the Hurricane, allowing Robert Conway to come from behind and nail Hurricane with the flag pole. Grenier goes for the cover as Conway battles Rosey on the outside...one...two...three!

Winners: La Resistance

Cameras go backstage where Christian is having a word with Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus.

Christian: Did I not tell you guys? You two are going to get revenge on those two. First...Tyson over here beats the snot out of Steven Richards. And of course next week, Trish will retain her title against Victoria. And now that my brother Edge is going to take care of that pathetic Y2J...I think I'm going to go out there and issue an open challenge for my Intercontinental Title!"

Christian makes his way down the halls as Raw takes another commercial break.

Christian is in the ring.

Christian: "Although nobody is really worthy of facing me...who shall accept my challenge and take me on..."

Some music is heard and it's the returning Shelton Benjamin! He makes his way down to the ring and immediately takes down the Intercontinental Champion with a closeline.

Intercontinental Championship Match: Christian (c) Vs. Shelton Benjamin

A good back and forth technical wrestling match. Christian goes up top and Shelton knocks him off balance.


Shelton Benjamin climbs up top with Christian but gets knocked off by right hands. Christian gets back up and goes for an axe-handle smash but Shelton counters with a boot to the mid-section then delivers a fisherman suplex with a hook of the leg...one...two...three!

Winner: NEW Intercontinental Champion...Shelton Benjamin!

Cameras go to Kane who is now in the hospital wandering the halls.

Kane: "Lita...it's time...get in the ring now...(laughing)...I'll be waiting!"


Back from the commercial, Raw looks at the SmackDown Rebound! It involves clips of John Cena defeating Booker T to tie up their Series (2-2)! It also includes The Undertaker stalking JBL out of the arena. Heidenreich goes to beat up Micheal Cole but the Big Show interrupts and issues a challenge to Heidenreich. It also displays Paul London and Billy Kidman winning back the tag team titles when Paul London uses the Shooting Star Press on Rene Dupree.

Back from the SmackDown Rebound we see Chris Jericho walking into the arena. Out from behind comes Edge and smashes Y2J with a steel chair. Edge grabs another chair and places it under the head of his foe and nails the one man conchairto then runs off leaving Jericho bloody and unconscious.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Lita has a microphone.

Lita: "Alright Kane...you wanted me here...now what do you want?"

Cameras go to Kane who is standing beside a hospital bed that is occupied but has a blanket covering the patient. He removes the blanket to reveal Matt Hardy who is currently out cold.

Kane: "Don't worry...he's in a coma. But, I want you to witness the end to the love of your life."

Kane grabs a surgical knife and gets ready to stab Matt Hardy.

Lita: "Stop! Kane...don't!"

Kane: "Give me one good reason not to!"

Lita: "Because...because...you...b,b,because you love me! And if you hurt Matt...I'll make sure you never see this baby or me ever again!"

Kane pauses then places the surgical knife back on the tray it was on.

Kane: "You're right...I do love you...and I want to see my baby. But...please...stop interfering in my matches."

Lita: "...Alright...that's simple enough. I'll stop interfering in your matches as long as you don't hurt Matt...or me...or else!"

Kane walks out of the hospital room's door.

King: "Now Lita is using a threat with the words 'or else'!"

J.R.: "That's true King. Ladies and gentlemen...HBK...The Nature Boy...up next!"

***Commercial Break***

Shawn Michaels Vs. Ric Flair

A shorter than expected match with Ric Flair dominating most of the match thanks to Batista's outside interference. Shawn hits his patented elbow drop on Flair.

FINISH: Batista gets up on the ring apron and is taken down with a superkick. HBK goes for another one but Flair grabs the leg and sets up for a figure four. HBK counters with a small package...one...two...three!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

As Shawn celebrates in the ring, cameras go backstage to Triple H who barges into Eric Bischoff's office.

HHH: "Eric."

Eric: "What is it?"

HHH: "I have a great idea concerning Vince's announcement. At Survivor Series...Evolution...versus...Randy Orton and any three guys. What do you think?"

Eric: "...I love it! That sounds great."

HHH: "Yeah...let's just hope there's something left of Orton after I'm done with him next week and take the title back."

The Raw General Manager and The Game laugh as cameras cut to a commercial break.

William Regal Vs. Chris Benoit

For an unknown reason, Chris Benoit doesn't show up.


William Regal grabs a microphone.

Regal: "Well, it looks as if the Rabid Wolverine is nothing more than a cowardly canine!"

Randy Orton comes from out of the crowd and delivers an RKO to Regal.

Winner: William Regal by forfeit.

Batista pulls William Regal out of the ring and stares down Orton as cameras cut to the final commercial break of the night.

Randy Orton Vs. Batista

Orton dominates most of the match due to the fact that Batista was superkicked earlier. Triple H comes down to the ring.


Orton hits Batista with a crossbody block from the top rope then HHH throws a sledgehammer in the ring. Orton talks to HHH now and challenges him to get in the ring. The Game steps up to the apron and the referee orders him to get down. Batista grabs the sledgehammer and nails Orton in the head and goes for the cover after disposing of the weapon. HHH backs down from the apron which makes the referee make the count...one...two...three!

Winner: Batista

Triple H celebrates in the ring with Evolution with the World Heavyweight Championship to end the show.

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I'm going to post Raw every Monday and Friday now to progress the storylines quicker.


A video package is shown of the Randy Orton and Triple H feud ending with Triple H holding the World Championship then goes to the Raw intro video and the explosive pyrotechnic display.

J.R.: "Welcome veryone to Monday Night Raw! Tonight's gonna be a huge night with two huge Unforgiven rematches with titles on the line!"

King: "That's right, for the Women's Championship, Trish Stratus defends against Victoria."

J.R.: "And the main event...Triple H takes on Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

King: "And look who's in the ring..."

Cameras go to ringside where Eric Bischoff is standing with a microphone.

Eric: "Tonight...Randy Orton and Triple H will be facing each other in the main event...for the World Heavyweight Championship. Now...if anybody decides to interfere in this match...I will have no other alternative but to suspend them indefinetly. If aybody sets one foot on that ramp, in the ring, or even stands in the crowd...they will be suspended on the spot! Now..."

Christian's music plays and for the former Intercontinental Champion makes his way down to the ring.

Christian: "Excuse for the interruption Mr. Bischoff...but last week I was screwed out of my Intercontinental Title! The match wasn't even official, I had no time to prepare for Shelton Benjamin's return and I didn't even say that my title would be on the line when I issued the challenge."

Eric: "I was just about to talk about that actually...all your statements are true so I've decided to strip Shelton Benjmain from the title and give it back to you. The match last week...never happened."

Shelton Benjamin makes his way down to the ring with the Intercontinental Championship.

Shelton: "Christian...quit crying. I beat you fair and square and you can't even admit it. But I'll tell you what...since I'm no longer the champion, how's about giving me a rematch for the title...right here...right now!"

Chris Benoit's music plays and the Rabid Wolverine makes his way to the ring with cuts and bruises on his face.

Eric: "Well...look who decided to show up for work today! Say...where were you last week...you had a match...and you just decided to go for a cruise? Take a coffe break? What was it?"

Benoit: "Look Eric...I was assaulted last week courtesy of William Regal with Evolution. Just take a look at my face! But I'm not here to complain...I don't care what these two think...I want William Regal in a match right here...right now!"

William Regal comes down to the ring now.

Regal: "Chris Benoit...you know bloody well you can't beat me. That's why you didn't show up last week. This rematch proposal is an atrocity...I've already beaten you by forfeit."

Benoit: "You've never beaten me and never will be me one on one...let's see you prove me wrong!"

Benoit stares down Regal.

Eric: "I've got an idea...how's about Chris Benoit...and Shelton Benjamin...against Christian and William Regal right now! Ring the bell...let's get this thing started!"

King: "What?"

J.R.: "We'll get to this tag team match...but we've got to take our first commercial break."


Tag Team Match:
William Regal/Christian Vs. Chris Benoit/Shelton Benjamin​

A good solid tag team match to get the fans hyped up for Raw. Every time Chris Benoit gets in the ring, William Regal tags in Christian and every time Shelton Benjamin during the match. A double closeline occurs between Benjamin and Christian and they eventually make the tag to both their tag team partners.


Benoit stares down Regal and backs him up into a corner. Benoit unleashes brutal knife-edge chops then whips him to the buckle. The Englishman comes back and is taken down witha backbody drop. Regal gets up and goes for a right hand but Benoit dodges it and hits three consecutive German Suplexes! Benoit climbs up top and delivers a diving headbutt to his opponent! Benoit goes for the cover...one...two...three!

Winners: Chris Benoit and Shelton Benjamin

Backstage, we see Eric Bischoff in his office.

Eric: "That's right...next week, Shelton Benjamin will take on Chrisitan for the Intercontinental Championship and Chris Benoit against William Regal!"

Kane barges into the office.

Kane: "You wanted to talk to me?"

Eric: "Yes...you see...at the Survivor Series...there's an inter-promotional match. I'm looking for a captain with strong leadership skills and who is dominant inside and outside of tha tring. So Kane...you've been choses as the captain of the Raw Team!"

Kane: "What's in it for me?"

Eric: "You can ask me for anything, for example...a title shot whenever you want."

Kane: "...Alright...I'll do it."

Kane and Eric Bischoff shake hands as cameras go to commercials.

Back from commercials, Randy Orton is being interviewed by Todd Grisham.

Todd: "I'm here with the World Heavyweight Champion who will defend his title tonight once again...against Triple H."

Orton: "That's right...the rematch from Unforgiven...where I will beat Triple H once again...1...2...3! I proved at Armageddon that the Rko is more dominant than HHH and tonight...I'm going to prove that the Game is washed up!"

Orton and Todd stare to the side. Shawn Michaels appears.

HBK: "Hello, hello, hello Mr. Orton! Congratulations on your win against Triple H and good luck for tonight."

Orton: "What do you want?"

HBK: "Well at the Survivor Series...Evolution issued a challenge to you and any three men. I've still got a score to settle with Evolution so I thought I'd sign myself up. What do you think?"

Orton: "Alright...sounds good. We're gonna finish off The Game once and for all!"

Orton and HBK high five each other as cameras go back to ringside for the next match.

Women's Championship Match:
Trish Stratus (c) Vs. Victoria​

Lots of back and forth action in this match. Victoria is whipped to the buckle and the Women's Champion attempts the ten punch.


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...Victoria counters by pulling Trish's pants down to her ankles, exposing her thong and rear end. The champion attempts to pull her pants up as the referee tries to help her. Victoria regains her composure and is taken out with a right hand by Tomko. Finally, Trish pulls her pants pack up and pins her opponent...one...two...three!

Winner: STILL Women's Champion...Trish Stratus!

Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko celebrate until they are chased out of the ring by Steven Richards with a steel chair.

Cameras go backstage to Chris Jericho who has bandages wrapped around his head. Edge bumps into him.

Edge: "There, now we're even. You put me out of action and cost me the Intercontinental Championship...and I've done the same to you."

Y2J: "Listen jackass...this thing between us has been going on for too long. So why don't we finish this when we're both medically cleared to compete...let's say ...Survivor Series? My team versus your team!"

Edge: "...you're on!"

Y2J: "Great...then Survivor Series will be a night that you will never...eeeeeever forget again!"

Edge: "That's cute...one question before you go...how's your head?"

Jericho slaps Edge and they stare each other down. Jericho walks away and Edge smiles as we take a look at the SmackDown Rebound.

Kurt Angle enters JBL'S limo with Luther Reigns. Highlights are then shows of Heidenreich versus the Big Show with Heidenreich winning and Big Show chokeslamming Paul Heyman. It then shows Eddie Guerrero coming out in the lowrider and issuing a challenge to Kurt Angle. It then shows JBL, Orlando Jordan, as the All-Americans and say they're on a mission to destroy the Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero and issue a challenge for the Survivor Series. Eddie Guerrero accepts and then the limo windows breaks. The four men look back and The Undertaker is standing on the top of the hood. Taker dives off the hood onto all four men and takes them out. Undertaker grabs the WWE Championship and says Rest In Peace before the segment comes to an end.

***Commercial Break***

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Randy Orton (c) Vs. Triple H​

A long back and forth technical wrestling match. It features counters to some of the memorable moments of their Unforgiven match and gets ugly when Randy Orton is catapulted into the official.


Triple H rolls to the outside and grabs a sledgehammer from under the ring apron and brings it inside the squared circle. The Game raises the sledgehammer to nail Orton but it's countered with a low blow. Randy Orton goes for the RKO but counters by shoving his opponent away. The official begins to stir as Orton runs to The Game and gets kicked in the mid-section. The Cerebral Assassin stalls a little but eventually hits the pedigree. Hunter goes for the cover...one...two...thre-kickout! Triple H can't believe it as he argues with the referee then attacks him. The Game picks up the sledgehammer and turns around to face Orton only to receive an RKO! Orton goes for the cover and another referee races to the ring for the count...one...two...three!

Winner: Still World Heavyweight Champion...Randy Orton!

Randy Orton celebrates with the title to end the show.

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great shows so far, suvior series sounds like it will be alot of work and stuff,

now i know u should post or promote your league on someone elses thread i understand, but my league is new and its kinda hrd to promtote your own league on your thread if no one really sees it, i have had liek 23 views and onlt 3 replys well one reply was my own, but yea my league is the american wrestling association, i have done raw and smackdown so far both were good shows, there on my thread on the same post, plus other stuff like a raw preview..
sorry i know its not cool to promote your league on someone else threads, i apologize and i was just doing it this one time, to get the word out


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I don't care about that advertisement. Just don't get carried away with it. Anyway, here's a preview for the next Raw!

The Aftermath!

Survivor Series is shaping up to be a huge night in the WWE. Randy Orton has chosen Shawn Michaels to help him with his battle against Evolution. Who else will he recruit? Also, will Chris Jericho and/or Edge announce their partners for the pay-per-view? Will Eric Bischoff announce any more Raw Superstars to represent his brand in the war against SmackDown? Also already announced...for the Intercontinental Championship, Christian will defend his title against Shelton Benjamin and Chris Benoit is looking for revenge as he takes on William Regal. Stay tuned for Raw this Monday as it is shaping up to be a wild night.

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To start off the show, clips of the Randy Orton Vs. Triple H match are shown. It is followed by the Raw intro video and explosive pyrotechnic display.

J.R.: “Welcome everyone to Monday Night Raw! Tonight we’re gonna feel the fallout of the Randy Orton and Triple H match last week.”

King: “Don’t forget about the matches either that were booked. We’re going to have Chris Benoit and William Regal facing each other finally!”

J.R.: “But that’s not all because the Intercontinental Championship will be on the line as Christian will defend the title against Shelton Benjamin!”

King: “I’ve been told that Edge will be in the corner of Christian and Chris Jericho’s going to even the odds by backing up Shelton Benjamin.”

Randy Orton’s music begins playing and he makes his way down to the ring in a business suit with the World Heavyweight Championship. The champion steps through the ropes and grabs a microphone.

Orton: “At Unforgiven...I proved that the three most dominant letters were no longer H...H...H...I proved that they were R...K...O! And last week...I proved that Triple H has become washed up! The time of The Rock...Stone Cold Steve Austin...Triple H....The Undertaker...that time has run out! This business has gone through a process of Evolution courtesy of Randy Orton! Not only am I the youngest World Champion in history...but I’m about to be the best World Champion in history!”

Randy Orton is cut off by Evolution’s music. All four members make their way to the beginning of the ramp. Ric Flair is sporting his purple wrestling outfit with an Evolution T-Shirt on. Batista is in his wrestling tights. William Regal is shirtless with black pants on and The Game is sporting a black outfit with a jacket over top.

HHH: “Very good speech Randy. But you see...this...evolution of the business doesn’t occur until I say so! You claim to have proven that I am washed up...well tonight...I say that we see who really is washed up. I’ve noticed that you recruited somebody for your Survivor Series team...well let’s see how well you two work together tonight. I say we put Batista and I against you and HBK! You were right about one thing...The Evolution has come...and it’s coming tonight to shut you up!”

Triple H, Ric Flair and Batista hold each other’s arms up and William Regal is practicing punching as his match is coming up next.


William Regal Vs. Chris Benoit​

Evenly matched technical wrestling match. William Regal has Ric Flair in his corner and proves to not be very worthy for interference because the referee keeps catching him. Benoit hits 3 German Suplexes then goes up top for a diving headbutt.


Flair stops the Rabid Wolverine’s momentum by shaking the ropes, causing him to lose his balance and land on the turnbuckle. The referee then begins yelling at Flair as Regal pulls out the brass knuckles and nails Benoit in the head then dragging him to the center of the ring. Regal goes for the cover as the referee turns around...one...two...three!

Winner: William Regal

Cameras go backstage to Eric Bischoff who is in his office talking to La Resistance.

Eric: “Last week...on SmackDown...I noticed that Theodore R. Long announced his team for SmackDown! It has their captain, The Big Show! Rey Mysterio! And the tag team champions, Paul London and Billy Kidman! I have somebody big who can match strength with the Big Show...now I’m looking for two people who work well together as a team and I thought...who better than the tag team champions La Resistance?”

Grenier: “Je ne sais pas si this is a good idea. I don’t know if we can trust...Kane!”

Eric: “Let me tell you something...you WILL get along with Kane! And you WILL represent Raw...because if you don’t...I’m sure I could find another suitable tag team to wear that gold!”

Conway: “Alright, alright. We’ll do it. But we also want a favor like you gave to Kane.”

Eric: “Whatever, that’s fine by me.”


Intercontinental Championship Match:

Christian with Edge(c) Vs. Shelton Benjamin with Chris Jericho

A good match with Shelton Benjamin taking the advantage most of the time. Both men crash down to the mat with a double closeline and Edge gets onto the apron.


Y2J sneaks up from behind and pulls Edge off then whips him into the steel steps. Jericho then pounces on Edge and nails him with several right hands which distracts the official. Shelton Benjamin is up first and picks up Christian only to be low blowed. Christian rolls up the challenger with a hook of the tights as the referee goes for the count...one...two...thre-kickout! Christian can’t believe that his opponent kicked out. Christian picks up Shelton Benjamin and is put in a waistlock from behind. Mr. Benjamin goes for a German Suplex but Christian blocks it by hooking his legs. Christian counters with the Unprettier and goes for the cover...one...two...three!

Winner: STILL Intercontinental Champion...Christian!

Y2J notices that Christian won and goes after him now, applying a Walls Of Jericho. Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus come down now to protect Christian but are stopped by Victoria and Steven Richards. All eight competitors go at it now in a huge brawl. Eric Bischoff comes down to the ring to try and stop all the carnage.

Eric: “Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! I will not lose control of my show...everybody will head to the back after this announcement! Tonight...Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus...you will take on Victoria and Steven Richards! At the Survivor Series...it will be Edge with Christian, Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus versus Chris Jericho with Shelton Benjamin, Steven Richards and Victoria...in the first ever inter-gender eight...person...elimination tag match!”

Cameras go backstage to Kane who is discussing something with Lita.

Kane: “I was given a favor...I wonder how I should use it...do you have any ideas...sweetheart?”

Lita: “I don’t know...it’s YOUR favor...and stop calling me sweetheart!”

Kane: “It could be... OUR...favor!”

Lita: “...I’m sure you’ll think of something...don’t worry.”


The SmackDown Rebound displays the results of No Mercy with Big Show defeating Kurt Angle thanks to Eddie Guerrero’s interference. John Cena and Booker T’s match results in a double countout. Paul London and Billy Kidman def. Dudley Boyz, JBL def. The Undertaker thanks to Heidenreich, Orlando Jordan, the returning Viscera and Gangrel’s interference. Eddie Guerrero def. Luther Reigns. It then shows SmackDown results. It shows Paul Heyman walking out of JBL’s limo with a smile on his face even though he’s in a neck brace courtesy of The Big Show. It then shows JBL celebrating his victory with Gangrel, Orlando Jordan and Viscera, Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns. Undertaker comes out and tries to fight off everybody. Eddie Guerrero comes to help and everybody gets out of the ring. Eddie asks for a high five from Taker and gets chokeslammed.

Intergender Tag Team Match:
Steven Richards/Victoria Vs. Tyson Tomko/Trish Stratus​

A decent tag team match with Tyson Tomko and Trish Stratus dominating the match. Trish Stratus hits Steven Richards with the Stratusfaction.


Trish goes for the cover...one...two...Victoria breaks up the count and starts a cat fight with Trish. Tomko walks in to closeline Steven Richards but gets tossed to the outside. Victoria sends Trish reeling with a huge slap then is taken down with a Stevie Kick. Richards goes for the cover...one...two...three!

Winners: Steven Richards and Victoria

Backstage, Randy Orton is getting ready for his match. The door opens and as Orton looks up, HBK comes right up to him, ready for action.​

HBK: “Hey Randy...tonight’s match is about gaining an advantage. We gotta one-up Evolution to get ready for Survivor Series. Not only that...but I’ve found us a third member.”

Orton: “Really? Who are you talking about?”

HBK looks behind him and Chris Benoit shows up.

Benoit: “I’m joining this team so I can get my hands on Ric Flair and William Regal. Now, Randy Oron...I won’t forget that you took my title away from me at Summerslam and Shawn...I won’t forget when you superkicked me to get into the main event at WrestleMania! But I understand that we need to be a team and I will be there for the tag when you need it.”

Orton: “That’s great, but look...we can talk about strategy later...Shawn and I have a match coming up.”

All three men high five each other as cameras go to Evolution’s locker room.

HHH: “Great...now they’ve got Chris Benoit. No matter who they recruit...they will not be as much of a tight unit as Evolution is. Heck, they won’t even be able to find a fourth member. Everybody else is afraid of Evolution...either that or they hate Randy Orton! Evolution will win tonight just like they will at Survivor Series! Because...we are that damn good!”


Batista/Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels/Randy Orton

A great main event match for Raw. Shawn and HHH go at it, bringing their rivalry back up to boiling point along with Randy Orton and Triple H. Whenever The Game gets in trouble he tags in Batista to mow the opponents down. A double closeline occurs in the center of the ring between Batista and HBK.


The referee’s ten count reaches eight before Randy Orton and Triple H are tagged into the ring. They exchange right hands as Ric Flair and William Regal race to the ring. Chris Benoit comes down and goes right after William Regal, bashing his head into the steel steps. HBK is knocked out of the ring by Batista and then the big man goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair. Ric Flair gets up to the apron and distracts the official as Randy Orton is taken down with a knee lift. Batista hurls the steel chair into the ring and The Game pedigrees Randy Orton onto the steel weapon. Triple H slides the chair out of the ring as the official turns around to return to the match. HHH goes for the cover...one...two...three!

Winners: Triple H and Batista

Evolution beat down Chris Benoit, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels to end the show.

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Another strong show Juvy. I voted in the poll for a Stipulated title match against a mystery opponent. My choice would be Orton vs Benoit, 2/3 Falls. Would be a classic match!!

Love the build up for Survivor Series, with the emphasis on Elimination Matches. Thats exactly what Survivor Series is all about.

Looking forward to more of this threead, keep it up!!

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Triple H along with Evolution got a huge advantage for Survivor Series and Randy Orton still hasen't chosen a fourth partner. Will we figure out this Monday? What will Chris Jericho and Edge get themselves into this week? Will any matches be announced for Taboo Tuesday? Join is for Raw this Monday.

(Since I missed this Friday because the Raw File I have is at school I will have two Raws up this Monday.) Plus...don't forget to make your choices for matches in my Taboo Tueday Thread!
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