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Alright, I am going to post a BTB and try to get it done every week. Anyways here is the idea. I am only going to do RAW and not SmackDown. That means I could do trades and such. Anyways roster:

WWE Champion: Kurt Angle
World Tag Team Champions: Murdock and Cade
Intercontinental Champion: Carlito Cool.
Womans Champion: Trish Stratus.

John Cena
Ric Flair..
Shawn Michaels.
Matt Hardy.
The Big Show.
Shelton Benjamin
Eugene Dinsmore
The Hurricane.
Val Venis.
Matt Striker
Kurt Angle.
Edge w/Lita.
Carlito Cool
Chris Masters
Gene Snitsky
Rob Conway
Lance Cade.
Trevor Murdoch
Rene Dupree
Kerwin White.
Antonio Thomas
Romeo Roselli
Tyson Tomko
Johnny Parisi.
The Super Heros.
Tajiri & Eugene.
The Heart Throbs.
Cade & Murdoch.
Trish Stratus
Lillian Garcia
Maria Kanellis
Ashley Massaro
Torrie Wilson
Candice Michelle
Rob Van Dam.
Triple H..
Chris Jericho.


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Sorry about the double post, you see I forgot something but here it is.


* Cade & Murdock def. The SuperHeros
Cade gets the pin fall after Murdock nails Hurricane with the title.

* Carlito Cool def. Ric Flair -IC Title-
Carlito was about to win as Triple H returns and takes out Carlito

* Shawn Michaels def. Chris Masters
Michaels wins with Sweet Chin Music

* The Big Show def. Gene Snitsky
Quick match with Show nailing a chokeslam.

* Matt Hardy def. Edge w/Lita -Steel Cage-
Edge was about to exit the cage as Kane comes through the crowd and slams the door on Edge's head. Hardy is then drug out of the ring.

* Victoria & Torrie def. Trish & Ashley
Trish is about to get the pin fall as Ashley attacks her from behind. Trish is pinned by Victoria.

* Kurt Angle def. John Cena -WWE Title-
Angle wins a clean match with the Angle Slam




Chris Masters and Gene Snitsky vs. Shawn Michaels and Big Show
Big Announcement from Vince McMahon
Ashley vs. Trish in a non-title match
Kurt Angle vs. an opponent of his choosing for the WWE Title
Carlito and Kane vs. Edge and Triple H

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RAW kicks off as Vince McMahon’s music hits. The crowd is mixed as Vince has that usual smug.

Vince: Tonight, I have a big announcement and one rather short one. Now it is time for the big announcement. Tonight, five men will step into that ring. Now, after this match is complete only one man will have his job! It will be an elimination match. In this match, you will see Johnny Parisi, Matt Striker, Eugene, Matt Hardy, and The Big Show! Now as for that rather short one, I would like to see Eric Bishoff.

Eric Bishoff comes to the ring as Vince looks angry.

Vince: You see Eric, this is my company and those are my superstars. Now, I don’t need you running around slapping them. That is why, tonight, it will be Eric Bishoff vs. John Cena in a no DQ. Ohh and if you lose Eric, your fired!!!

Eric: You can’t do that, who would GM?

Suddenly Austin’s music hits as Stone Cold comes to the ring.

Vince: He would!!!

Eric looks angry as Austin is smiling. Eric looks away as we head to commercial break.

We return to Ashley already in the ring. Trish makes her entrance as she slides into the ring. Ashley starts to stop as the ref calls for the bell.

Trish vs. Ashley
Non-Title Contest

Ashley picks up Trish and rams her into the corner. Ashley starts to hit chops as she starts to taunt the crowd who boos her. Trish grabs Ashley and throws her into the turn buckle. Trish whips Ashley into the ropes. Trish nails a kick to the gut and goes for a bull dog. Ashley pushes Trish right into the ref. The ref falls out of the ring. Suddenly Victoria runs down to the ring and starts to fight with Trish. Ashley distracts the ref as Victoria hits the Widow’s Peak. Ashley enters the ring and gets the three count.

Winner: Ashley

Backstage we see Kurt Angle and Eric Bishoff.

Eric: Can you believe this?

Kurt: It’s disappointing.

Eric: You see that is where I got a plan; you are going to be at ringside.

Kurt: Yeah that is true, but what’s the plan.

Eric: You see we will…..

Austin: Hey Eric, you think this thing holds a 6 pack of cold ones?

Eric looks up to see Austin looking at the mini bar.

Eric: We will talk later Kurt.

Commercial Break.

We return to have Kurt Angle in the ring. Suddenly, Shelton Benjamin’s music hit as we learn this is for the WWE Championship!

WWE Championship
Shelton Benjamin vs. Kurt Angle©

A back and forth match. Half way through Angle has control of the match and continues with it till about the end. Angle hits a German Suplex and sets up for a Angle Slam. Benjamin gets up to get nailed with the Angle Slam. Angle does his taunt as he walks right into a spear from Edge! The ref calls for the bell as Edge exits the ring and picks up his briefcase and climbs back in. Angle starts to get up as Edge hits him across the back with it. The ref pulls Edge off as it goes to a commercial break.

Winner: Kurt Angle by DQ

We return to Edge backstage with Lita. Suddenly Eric Bishoff walks up.

Eric: What the hell do you think you were doing?

Edge: It don’t matter what happened out there. All that matters is inside this briefcase. You see, after tonight, it will be nice to see a new face here and a old face gone.

Eric: What is that suppose to mean?

Edge: Well, Mr. McMahon said he would grant me one wish within reason if I did him a favor. The favor is done. The wish, I am the Special Enforcer for the Eric Bishoff vs. John Cena match. Believe me Eric, your not leaving here with that GM spot.

We return to the ring as Chris Masters and Gene Snitsky come to the ring. Shawn Michaels and Big Show soon follow.

Chris Masters and Gene Snitsky vs. Shawn Michaels and Big Show

The match starts off as Snitsky and Michaels starts off. A match in favor of Michaels and Big Show. Near the end, Michaels and Big Show are winning as Masters is hit with a choke slam. Show gets the pin fall as the crowd erupts and we head to commercial break.

Winner: Shawn Michaels and Big Show

Commercial Break

We return to Edge warming up as it cuts back to the ring and Triple H makes his return. Edge soon follows as momentarily, Carlito comes out. He waits as Kane joins him to enter the ring.

Carlito and Kane vs. Edge and Triple H

The match goes back and forth as Carlito has control near the end. Carlito goes for a clothesline as Triple H ducks and he nails the ref. Edge and Kane enter the ring as all four men start to brawl. Triple H clotheslines Kane out of the ring as Edge hits Carlito with a spear. Edge goes for the pin as the ref is knocked out. Edge stands up and walks over to ref. Suddenly Kurt Angle runs through the crowd and hits an Angle Slam. Angle puts Carlito on top of Edge and wakes up the ref. 1-2-3!

Winner: Carlito and Kane

Commercial Break

We return to Big Show, Matt Hardy, Johnny Parisi, Matt Striker, and Eugene make their entrances. The ref calls for the bell as all men circle each other. Before the bell is rung though, Vince McMahon brings out Snitsky, a hurting Edge, Cade, Murdock, and Tajiri.

Vince: These are well so to say, lumber jacks.

Winner Keeps His Job
Big Show vs. Matt Hardy vs. Johnny Parisi vs. Matt Striker vs. Eugene

The match starts out with everybody attacking Big Show. Vince taps on Edge’s shoulder and turns around acting like he is showing Edge something. Suddenly Snitsky rushes into the ring as they all start to beat on Big Show. Eugene hits Big Show a People’s Elbow. Hardy goes for the cover as Big Show is eliminated. Vince turns around and yells at Snitsky to get out of there. Hardy and Striker faces off as Eugene and Parisi fight. After an few good moves, Eugene eliminates Parisi. Eugene starts to help Hardy eliminate Striker. After he is eliminated, they fight for their jobs. Eugene is winning as he nails a Stunner! Suddenly Stone Cold’s music hits as he comes down to the ring. Eugene starts to get happy as Austin slides into the ring. Austin grabs a microphone and walks over to Eugene.

Austin: What the hell did you just do?

Eugene: Your Stone Cold, I did the Stunner.

Austin: You stupid son of a bitch, that is my move!

Suddenly Austin hits a Stunner on Eugene. Austin climbs out of the ring as Hardy pins Eugene and eliminates him.

Winner: Matt Hardy

We take the last commercial break as we return, Eric Bishoff makes his way to the ring with Kurt Angle. Edge’s music hits as Edge comes to the ring with his briefcase. Edge shows it off to Angle as the ref holds Angle back. Suddenly John Cena’s music hits as he comes out.

Eric Bishoff’s Job On The Line
Eric Bishoff vs. John Cena

Bishoff runs outside the ring and hides behind Angle. The crowd laughs as Cena starts to taunt. Bishoff says something to Angle as Angle enters the ring and starts to fight with Cena. Cena starts to battle back as Edge runs into the ring and starts to break the fight up. Angle and Edge starts to fight as Cena starts to help Edge. Cena clotheslines Angle out of the ring as Edge follows him. Cena stands in the ring and does a taunt as Bishoff rushes in and nails him with a chair. Cena falls to one knee as Bishoff hits him again. Bishoff starts to taunt. Bishoff turns around to get hit by a spear from Edge! Angle lays outside the ring as Edge picks up Bishoff and throws him out of the ring. Suddenly Edge low blow Cena as he starts to get up. Edge then runs against the ropes and hits a spear on Cena. Bishoff slowly climbs into the ring as Angle follows him. Bishoff smiles as Angle suddenly hits a Angle Slam. Edge smiles as both men start to attack both men. Suddenly Evolution’s music hits and out comes Triple H. Triple H throws Edge out and starts to fight against Angle. Edge runs back into the ring and low blow Triple H. They both double team Triple H. Suddenly Kane’s music hits. Edge stops and turns around as Kane starts to nail rights on both men. Kane nails Angle with a chokeslam and Triple H hits Edge with a pedigree. Cena gets up a little bit and sees Bishoff on the ground. Cena goes for the pin as Kane grabs him. Cena looks confused as Triple H hits a pedigree on Bishoff. Cena gets the pin and the three!

Winner: John Cena

After the match, Triple H and Kane raise their hands in triumph. Cena smiles as he tries to shake their hand as both men laugh. Cena looks confused as Triple H kicks him in the gut and hits a pedigree. Flair comes down to the ring and sets in a Figure Four Lock. Cena cries out in pain as Triple H gets a microphone.

Triple H: Welcome to the new Evolution. The Legend, The Cerebral Assassin, and The Big Red Machine!

RAW goes off the air with Cena in the Figure Four lock and Triple H doing is patent taunt. Kane stands in the corner and does his arm taunt as we see the WWE symbol and the next show comes on the air.
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