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Monday, June 6th, 2005
Anaheim, California - Arrowhead Pound


Raw’s theme song by Union Underground plays. When the video wraps up the camera heads inside The Arrowhead Pound in Anaheim, California. There we see a amazing display of pyrotechnics which really gets the crowd pumped up and excited. After the camera pans throughout the whole arena it heads over to the announcers table where we see the voices of Raw; Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler.

Jim Ross: Welcome everyone to the number one show on cable television! I’m Jim Ross along side Jerry “The King” Lawler, and we are live from the Arrowhead Pound in Anaheim, California! And boy, do we have a show lined up for you fans tonight!

Jerry Lawler: Oh, you can say that again J.R! Stone Cold has already announced a huge main event; its gonna be Christian versus Booker T! But it won’t be any ordinary kind of match, because the winner will become the number one contender for the Worlds Championship and face Chris Benoit at Bad Blood!

Jim Ross: Plus, Shelton Benjamin has a huge task up ahead when he has to face both Rhyno and The Coach in a handicap match! However, the weird part about this whole thing is - Shelton requested the match! It seems to me that Shelton is out for revenge for what Rhyno and Coach have done to him.

Jerry Lawler: Revenge or no revenge - asking for a handicap match is stupidity if you ask me, J.R. Especially if your up against a man as dangerous as Rhyno.

Jim Ross: Nonetheless, you can bet your bottom dollar that tonight’s how is gonna be a blockbuster night, so don‘t go anywhere!


Suddenly, “Time To Play The Game” blasts on the PA system! The crowd rises to their feet and await for the former-World Heavyweight Champion to walk out. Sure enough, Triple H and Ric Flair make their way out from the back curtain to a huge amount of heel heat. Triple H, however, is not dressed for combat. Rather, he has a very expensive black suit on with a blue tie - as for Naitch, he simply has on a black suit with no tie. Both men walk down the ramp and then enter the ring. Trips grabs a microphone from Lillian Garcia as his music fades. The crowd continues to boo which causes Triple H to wait for a while, but after 10 seconds pass by the boo’s aren’t as loud and Triple H begins.

Triple H: You know, it always amazes me how you people can boo me. I mean, do you people even know why your booing? No, you don’t. You only do it because your all sheep, you all do what your told, not one man or women in this arena has a mind of your own. And quite frankly, I don’t want you people to cheer for me because the fact of the matter is - you people don’t deserve to cheer me. (crowd boos)You people don’t even deserve to be in the presence of me, Triple H; The Game!

This causes the crowd to give out some huge heel heat, and even start up a “*******” chant. Hunter just smirks and whispers something in Flair’s ear, which causes The Nature Boy to laugh. Triple H then raises the microphone back up and continues with his promo.

Triple H: But you know what, I didn’t come out here to argue with you idiots. No, I came out here for a huge larger purpose. Because see, for the past few weeks I have been watching a certain superstar. This guy is special, and he is without a shadow of a doubt the WWE’s future. He’s bigger and better than Randy Orton, than John Cena, and anybody else who considers himself to be the future. This man, ladies and gentlemen, is Dave Batista!

The mere mention of Batista’s name causes the Anaheim crowd to explode with cheers. The pop is so loud that The Game is forced to stop his promo and wait for the crowd to die down a little. After about 10 seconds Triple H raises his microphone and continues.

Triple H: That’s right. So if its not to much trouble Dave, I want you to come out here right now so we can discuss business. As a matter a fact, Batista I am about to make you an offer that you can’t refuse. So come on out here man … (Batista’s music doesn’t hit) Come on Big Man, I know we’ve had our troubles in the past but I just wanna -

Suddenly, “Unleashed” hits! The fans rise to their feet and await the arrival of The Animal. Sure enough, after a few seconds Batista walks out to a huge ovation. Batista is sporting a white suit along with a very expensive looking pair of sunglasses. The Big Man walks up the steel stairs and then steps into the ring. Batista looks at The Game and then grabs a microphone as his music begins to fade …

Triple H: How you doin’ there Dave?

Batista doesn’t have a real expression on his face, he just stares at Triple H and then takes a step forward as if he’s about to fight. The Game however puts his hand up as it to say, “stop”.

Triple H: Wow, hold on their … Batista, I didn’t call you out here to fight man. As I said before, I came out here to give you an offer. An offer than I am positive you will take. Do you know how I know that? Because I know you’re a smart man, Dave. You’re a tough man, and I like that. Hell, you defeated Kane at Backlash in a Steel Chain Match - if that doesn’t prove your tough I don’t know what does. So lets go ahead and get right down to the reason I brought you out here. Batista; I want you to rejoin Evolution.

The arena fills up with boos and sneers as its pretty obvious that Southern California does not want to see Batista rejoin the evil Evolution. Triple H smiles and awaits for Batista to answer, but The Animal just looks around the arena as if he’s thinking about it. Finally, after a few moments Triple H starts talking again …

Triple H: Come on Dave, what are you thinking about? What I’m offering you here is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am giving you a chance to turn back the clock and join back with myself and Naitch. Remember when we were together? We were unstoppable! Nobody could touch us, we dominated Raw for two incredible years! Batista, it can all happen again. You’ll have all the girls, all the cars, you’ll have the life. And all you have to do is join forces with Ric Flair and The Game. Whatta say?

Once again, the Arrowhead Pound gives out major heat. After a few moments of Batista staring into the crowd he raises the microphone up and finally begins to speak …

Batista: Hunter, I have to say that I am very flattered. And you are right - this is the opportunity of a lifetime, and Evolution was unstoppable. However … (crowd cheers) As far as me rejoining Evolution, my answer is simple, HELL NO!

An amazing pop comes onto the Arrowhead Pound as Triple H and Ric Flair’s mouth drop down is disbelief. Before The Game can respond Batista continues …

Batista: You see Trips, while you may think that I need you, its actually you that needs me! For two years I saved your ass time and time again, and I’m sick and tired of doing it! I’m sick and tired of always doing your dirty work because you don’t have the guts to do it yourself. So Triple H, don’t take this personal, but there is absolutely no way in hell that I will ever rejoin Evolution!

Batista drops the microphone and smiles as his music begins to play. The crowd cheers and begins a “Batista!” chant as Triple H and Ric Flair are absolutely irate. Batista exit’s the ring and walks up the ramp, when he gets to the top Batista turns around and gives Triple H one last smile. The Game begins to shout at Batista, telling him that he’s making a huge mistake but The Animal won’t listen. When Batista walks to the back Naitch and The Game stand in the ring, still very pissed after what just happened. The crowd then starts up another “Batista!” chant which angers Triple H even more. Naitch and The Game then storm out of the ring and walk up the ramp looking very PO’d. Both men then walk to the back …


The camera cuts to the back. There we see Triple H and Ric Flair walking towards the parking lot, their limousine is right there waiting for them. The Game tells the driver, "Lets get the hell outta here". Ric Flair is about to open the door when suddenly Booker T walks up!

Booker T: (smling) Hold on there, where you two suckas goin' off to?

Triple H: Book, this is not the ---

Booker T: Hold on, man. Lemme tell you sumthin'! Tonight, while you and that old guy over there (points at Flair) are at your hotel room crying over Batista saying no, I'mma be making history. You know why? 'Cause tonight I have a match, and if I win I get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. You know what that means, it means that I'mma be the top man! So while you two are over at your hotel cryin' like little babies, make sure you turn on the television in time to watch Booker T beat Christian's punk ass! Now can you dig that?

Booker T gets right in Triple H's face ...


Booker T laughs and then walks off. Triple H angrily gets in the backseat of his limo - as does Flair, and they shut the door behind them. The limousine then drives away as Raw goes onto its first commercial break ...

------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------

When Raw returns “Ain’t No Stopin’ Me” blasts on the PA system! The crowd rise to their feet and await the number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Sure enough, seconds later Shelton Benjamin steps out from the back curtain. Benjamin has a huge smile on his face as he walks down the ramp giving the WWE fans that are in the front row high fives. Shelton walks up the steel steps and gets on the corner turnbuckle, there he does his taunt and then steps down. The energetic superstar gets in the middle of the ring and awaits his two opponents.

“Man-Beast” hits! The Arrowhead Pound fills up with boos as the Intercontinental Champion and Jonathan Coachman make their way out from the back. Rhyno has the IC Title in hand as The Coach seems to be giving him a pep talk as they walk down the ramp. Rhyno, however, doesn’t seem to be paying much attention because he doesn’t take his eyes off Shelton. Coach and Rhyno then enter the ring and begin to converse among each other. Rhyno hands the IC Title over to the referee and this non-title match begins!

Handicap Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. Rhyno and The Coach

The Coach gets on the ring apron, it appears that Rhyno and Shelton Benjamin will be kicking off the match. Shelton and Rhyno lock up in the center of the ring, Rhyno is obviously the stronger of the two and easily pushes Benjamin away. Shelton takes exception and smacks The Man-Beast right in the face! Rhyno holds his face in pain as Benjamin then begins to kick away on the IC Champion. After a few kicks Shelton grabs Rhyno by the arm and whips him to the ropes, when Rhyno returns Benjamin connects with a picture-perfect dropkick. Rhyno falls to the mat holding his chest in pain as Shelton the hooks the leg, 1-not even a two count. Benjamin stands up and picks Rhyno up by the hair, he then scoops him up for a scoop slam but Rhyno slides out of it. When Shelton turns around he is met with a clothesline! Benjamin holds his neck in pain as he lays on the floor. Rhyno begins to stomp away on the number one contender, as he then picks Shelton up and hits him with an overhead suplex. Benjamin yells out in agony, while Rhyno gets to his feet and hits an elbow drop. The Man Beast then picks up Shelton again and pushes him into the corner, there he gives him a few kicks to the gut. In the third kick Benjamin catches his foot, throws it down and hits Rhyno with a spinning heel kick! The IC Champ falls onto the floor holding his face in pain as Shelton doesn’t waist any time and brings Rhyno to his feet. Shelton begins to hit rights and lefts and then connects with a flapjack. Rhyno bounces face-first off the mat as Benjamin - just for the fun of it - runs over to Coach and cleans his clock with a right hand! Coach falls to the floor on the outside as Shelton laughs and turns his attention back to Rhyno, who is already on his feet. Shelton runs over and attempts a cross-body but The Man Beast catches him in mid-air and plants him with a backbreaker! Shelton yells out in agony as he grabs his back, Rhyno then gets on his knees and angrily hits Benjamin with hard right hands. After around five punches, Rhyno stands up and raises his arms. The crowd boos, Rhyno however doesn’t care. Rhyno brings Shelton to his feet and sends him off to the ropes. When Benjamin returns he is met with a back body drop! As Shelton lays on the floor grabbing his back, The Coach - surprisingly yells at Rhyno telling him to tag him in. Seeing as how Shelton is on the floor in pain, Rhyno agrees and tags in Jonathan Coach. The Coach eagerly runs into the ring and begins to stomp away on Benjamin. After many kicks Coach then gets ****y and smacks Shelton Benjamin in the back of the head. The smack makes a hard slapping noise which is hard throughout the Arrowhead Pound. The smack, however, seems to have enraged Shelton as he immediately gets on his feet and tackles Coach down! Benjamin hits Coach with all his might, but after only a few seconds Rhyno runs into the ring and boots Shelton right in the head! Shelton falls to the floor as Rhyno gets back on the apron, Coach takes this chance to tag The Man Beast back in. Rhyno enters the ring and by this time Benjamin is already on his feet. Both superstars begin to trade rights and lefts, Shelton gets the upper-hand hitting three punches in a row. After the fifth one Rhyno staggers backward into the ropes and is met with a huge clothesline over the top rope! The Man Beast lays on the floor outside as Shelton smiles and raises his arms in the center of the ring giving him a huge pop. Suddenly, The Coach runs in and runs at Shelton, but Benjamin sidesteps Coach and he goes chest first into the corner turnbuckle! Coach then stumbles back right into a germen suplex from Benjamin! Jonathan Coachman then rolls out of the ring holding his neck in pain, as Rhyno enters the ring. Shelton does not see Rhyno, and when he turns around The Man Beast connects with a flapjack of his own! Benjamin grabs his stomach in agony, as Rhyno stands up and goes over to the corner. He then yells at Shelton to get up, signaling for his Gore. When Benjamin finally does get to his feet Rhyno lunges at him attempting his Gore, but Shelton’s athleticism helps him here as he jumps over Rhyno! Rhyno goes shoulder first into the corner turnbuckle! Shelton then does a Oklahoma roll, 1--2--Rhyno kicks out! Benjamin pounds the mat in frustration, he then gets on his feet and awaits for Rhyno to get up. When The Man Beast finally gets to his feet and gets in the corner, Benjamin runs toward him and connects with the Stinger Splash! Rhyno then stumbles forward right into the T-Bone position! But before Shelton can capitalize on the situation Coach runs into the ring and dropkicks Shelton right in the back of the head! Both Shelton and Rhyno fall to the floor as Coach rolls out the ring. As Rhyno gets to his feet and falls backward into the ropes, Coach tags himself in! The crowd is in awe as Jonathan Coachman enters the ring. Coach begins to kick Shelton and even hit an elbow drop. Coach hooks the leg, 1--2--Shelton gets a shoulder up. Coach stands up and picks Shelton up as well, however Benjamin manages to push Coach away and hits him with a huge dropkick! Coach is on the floor holding his chest in agony, as Benjamin makes the pin-fall; 1--2--Rhyno breaks up the count! The Man Beast then brings Shelton to his feet and sends him off to the ropes, but Benjamin reverses the Irish whip and its Rhyno who goes to the ropes. When he returns Shelton connects with a body-slam! Shelton gets to his feet and turns his attention back to the legal man, Coach. The Coach is already on his feet and in the corner resting, Shelton sees this runs at him and connects with the second Stinger Splash on the night! Coach stumbles forward and Benjamin hits his signature move, the T-Bone Suplex! Benjamin is about to make the pin-fall but when he turns around he is met with a HUGE Gore! Rhyno ran at Shelton with so much strength and velocity that Benjamin seems knocked out from the impact. Rhyno grabs Coach’s arm and puts it over Shelton’s chest. Rhyno then rolls out the ring as the referee begins to count much to the fans chagrin. 1--2--3! The Coach and Rhyno pick up the victory!

Winners: Rhyno and The Coach

Rhyno takes Coach out of the ring and both exhausted men walk up the ramp, the referee runs over to them and hands Rhyno his Intercontinental Championship. Meanwhile, Shelton Benjamin is still holding his gut in the ring. As Rhyno and Coach get to the top of the ramp Shelton slowly sits up and takes one look at them, Benjamin has an enraged look on his face. It appears that Shelton Benjamin, not matter how hard he tries, cannot beat Rhyno …


Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore are shown arriving to the arena. Both men have the World Tag Team Championships on their shoulders as they walk down the parking lot with their bags in on hand. They then pass a table filled with coffee, donuts, and other goodies.

Matt Hardy: Shannon, remember when we were at the airport today and I held the elavator for you?

Shannon Moore: Yeah.

Matt Hardy: Its time to call in that favor. (Moore rolls his eyes) Get me a cup of joe. And remember; I like mine with two bags of sugar, and don't put a lot of milk in it. Got it?

Shannon Moore: Yeah, yeah yeah ...

Shannon walks over to the table while Matt Hardy leaves. Shannon puts two bags of sugar and then pours in the milk. After he finally makes the coffee just right he turns around and begins to walk trying to juggle his bag, the World Tag Team Title, and the coffee when he accidently bumps into ... Kane! The hot coffee splashes over The Big Red Machine's chest, as Shannon Moore's mouth drops in disbelief.

Shannon Moore: Oh, no. I'm real sorry Kane, I'll clean that right up for you.

Shannon grabs a paper towel and begins to wipe Kane's chest. The Monste, however, just keeps staring at little Shannon. After about 5 seconds of Shannon cleaning him Kane grabs him by the throat! Shannon struggles to breath as Kane grips his huge hand on Moore's neck.

Kane: Tonight ... me ... you .... I end your career!

Kane pushes Shannon off and then walks away. Shannon is on the floor grabbing his neck, with his eyes bulged out in shock ...

------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------

The scene opens backstage in Matt Hardy’s dressing room. There we see Matt putting his bag away in his locker when Shannon Moore busts in. Shannon has a cup of coffee in hand but nothing else - he also looks terrified, as if he had seen a ghost.

Matt Hardy: Finally, it took you long enough.

Hardy snatches the coffee out of Moore’s hand.

Shannon Moore: Matt, you won’t believe what just happened to me. (Matt sips his coffee as if he doesn’t care) I was getting your drink when I was challenged by Kane!

Matt Hardy: (spits out coffee) Oh my god! This coffee, did you put two bags of sugar like I asked?

Shannon Moore: What? … Matt, did you hear what I said?

Matt Hardy: Yeah, yeah, yeah … something about Citizen Cane. (Matt smells the coffee) I can’t believe you can’t even get a simple order of coffee right.

Shannon Moore: Matt, listen to me - I have a match with Kane … The Big Red Machine!

Matt Hardy: What? And why didn’t you yell me?

Shannon Moore: (sighs) What are we gonna do?

Matt Hardy: We ? I believe you have the match, if you want I’ll go out to support you.

Shannon Moore lets out another big sigh as he sits down on the couch and continues to think about his match with Kane …


Raw cuts to the back, there we see the sexy diva Christy Hemme walking down the hall. As she passes stagehands by she happily smiles and greets them. Suddenly, she passes by the WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Stratus immediately stops and begins to converse with Christy …

Trish Stratus: Christy! How you doing?

Christy Hemme: I’m good, and you?

Trish Stratus: Oh, I’m great … (Trish begins to look at the floor) Look Christy, as for what happened last week - I’m real sorry, it was an acc-

Christy Hemme: (cutting Trish off) Its okay, I know it was an accident. No biggies. I just don’t like the fact that Gail Kim is the number one contender.

Trish Stratus: You don’t have to worry about that, when we meet for my Women’s Title I’m gonna wipe the floor with her. As a matter a fact, I just talked to Austin and he just made a match for tonight; its gonna be me versus Gail Kim in a non-title match.

Christy Hemme: Cool … and if Victoria gets involved, don’t worry I’ll be sure to lend a helping hand.

Trish Stratus: Actually, that’s okay - I think I can handle them on my own. Actually, come to think of it I need to go get ready for my match, bye.

Trish Stratus walks away as Christy Hemme waves goodbye. Christy then shakes her head and continues to walk down the hall …


“Mattitude V.1” hits! Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore make their way out, Shannon seems very depressed and frightened while Hardy on the other hand doesn’t really seem to care. Matt pats Moore’s back and tells him good luck, as he then walks over and has a seat with J.R and The King. Shannon begins to walk down the ramp and then enters the ring, he doesn’t do any taunts - rather he just waits for Kane in the middle of the ring, looking very scared.

BOOM! The fire pyrotechnics blasts out of the Raw stage as “The Fire Still Burns” blasts on the PA system. Much to Shannon’s chagrin The Big Red Machine makes his way out from the back curtain. Kane has a very serious expression on his face, it looks like the monster is all business tonight. Meanwhile, J.R asks Matt why isn’t he at ringside and Matt responds by saying that Shannon can handle himself on his own. Kane enters the ring and does his taunt as he then stares into the eyes of his opponent, Shannon Moore.

Kane vs. Shannon Moore

The bell rings. Shannon Moore immediately rolls out the ring, Kane doesn’t follow him - rather he just stands in the middle of the ring leering at him. The referee tells Shannon to get back in the ring, but he refuses. Finally, after about 10 seconds Kane has enough and rolls out the ring in pursuit of Shannon Moore. Shannon runs around the ring with Kane hot on his trail, Moore then rolls into the ring quickly with Kane closely behind. As Kane is getting in the ring Shannon begins to stomp away on the Big Red Machine. Kane, however, catches one of Shannon’s legs and takes him down with a huge clothesline. The clothesline is so loud that it can be heard throughout the whole arena. As Shannon lays in the middle of the ring holding his neck, a sick smile comes upon Kane’s face. The Big Red Machine picks up Shannon by the head and then grabs him by the throat with one hand, Kane then easily tosses Shannon into the corner turnbuckle. Moore stands in the corner dazed as Kane begins to hit him with some stiff uppercuts. After three uppercuts Shannon Moore stumbles forward right into a sidewalk slam by Kane! As Moore grabs his back in pain The Big Red Machine drills him with a elbow-drop and then a leg-drop right in the back of the head. Kane then hooks the leg, 1--2--Shannon Moore kicks out. Kane angrily grabs Shannon’s hair and picks him up. Moore, however, valiantly begins to kick and punch as much as he can. Kane blocks most of the kicks and punches, but one or two got him good. The referee tries to get in between them which causes Kane to push the referee out of the way. This gives Moore the perfect opportunity to kick him where the sun don’t shine! Kane holds his genitals in agony as Shannon then runs toward the ropes and jumps o Kane with much velocity taking down the Big Red Machine with the Lou Thez Press. Shannon then stands up and gets on the top rope, there he begins to wait for The Big Red Machine to get on his feet. When he finally does Shannon jumps off attempting a flying cross-body, but Kane catches him in mid-air and hits him with a scoop slam. Shannon holds his back in agony as Kane then picks begins to stomp away. The Monster grabs Moore and brings him to his feet, he then connects with an overhead suplex. He hooks the leg, 1--2--Kane pulls Shannon’s head off the canvas - it appears that The Big Red Machine doesn’t want the match to end so easily. Kane stands up and Irish whips Shannon to the ropes, when Moore comes back he is met with a boot to the face! The Mattitute Follower falls to the mat with much impact. Kane then begins to stomp away with hard kicks. The Monster brings Shannon to his feet and tosses him out the ring, he rolls out as well. Kane grabs Shannon and tosses him shoulder first into the steel steps! The referee tells Kane to get back into the ring as Shannon yells out in pain holding his shoulder, but The Big Red Machine doesn’t care and continues his assault on Shannon Moore by picking him up and tossing him into the steel steps again. Finally, after a third warning by the referee Kane gets Moore back into the ring. The Big Red Machine is in full control as he raises his large arm to signal that he’s about to hit the Chokeslam. Shannon Moore begins to stir and slowly begins to get on his feet. Finally, with the use of the ropes Shannon gets on his feet. But he soon regrets it as Kane’s cold dead hands are locked around his neck. Moore yells out in fear as Kane easily lifts him up and slams him down! Shannon Moore lays in the middle of the ring not moving a muscle, as Kane begins to laugh. The Monster, however, isn’t done as he picks up Shannon by the throat and drills him with another powerful Chokeslam! Moore seems to be unconscious are the referee then tells Kane to just get the match over with, but The Big Red Machine doesn’t listen. Rather, he picks up Shannon and for the third time and grabs him by the throat - he then lifts him up and for the third time in the match he hits him with a earth-shattering Chokeslam! Finally, the referee has enough. And even though Shannon was never pinned he declares Kane the winner via KO.

Winner: Kane

Kane's music hits as Matt Hardy slowly walks down the ramp, he doesn't really seem to care that his tag partner and "friend" was just nearly killed. Hardy gets to ringside and pulls Shannon Moore out the ring. Shannon places his arm around Matt's head as both men walk up the ramp. An evil laugh comes upon Kane as Team Mattitude then retreat to the back. The Big Red Machine then grabs a microphone and begins to speak as his music fades ...

Kane: Everybody has been asking me - Why Kane? Why? Why did you do what you did to Shawn Michaels last week? (Kane laughs) I did it because I could ... I gave everybody a warning! I said that I would inflict as much pain as I was feeling to a unlucky soul, and I delivered on my promise.

The crowd begins to heavily boo as Kane continues ...

Kane: Shawn Michaels, people have been telling me that you're gonna return very soon. And that when you do you're gonna get your "revenge". Shawn ... I advice against it. Because if you do return then you're gonna make me do something that maybe even I will regret. (Kane looks right at the camera) Shawn Michaels ... Rest ... In ... Piece.

Kane drops the microphone and begins to laugh as he then does his famous taunt where the fire pyrotechnics shoot out from the corners. His music fades while J.R and The King begin to comment on what just happened ...

------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------

When we come back from the commercial break the camera opens backstage with backstage correspondent, Todd Grisham. Standing next to Todd is the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit with the Word Title resting comfortably on his shoulder. Todd Grisham has a microphone in hand as he then begins his interview with The Rapid Wolverine, Chris Benoit.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen I am currently standing beside the World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Benoit (crowd pop). Chris, tonight is a very big night for you - because even though you aren’t in action tonight you will find out who will be your next challenger for the World Title in Christian or Booker T. So I have to ask you; who do you believe will come out on top tonight, and also do you have a favorite in tonight’s match-up? Either way though, its gonna be one heck of a challenge at Bad Blood.

Chris Benoit: Todd, when I won the World Title at WrestleMania 21 I knew that retaining this championship was gonna be a challenge. Being World Champion means that every superstar in the company is gunning for you - but you know what? I love it. Yeah, Christian and Booker T are both amazing superstars, and even though I may have underestimated Christian in the past I still know that he is one hell of a wrestler. So as you said, no matter who wins tonight I am in for the fight of my life at Bad Blood. But you know what?

Benoit stops and takes the World Championship off his shoulder. Benoit stares at the World Title for a few moments and then puts the title back on his shoulder.

Chris Benoit: There is not a man on this planet that is gonna take away MY World Title! Christian or Booker T are gonna have to kill me to take this championship away from me. And as for your question of me “favoring” a certain superstar, no Todd, I don’t have any favorites. Because I could care less on who I make tap out at Bad Blood - Booker, Christian, it makes to difference to me. But if your talking about predictions, then I guess I would bet my money on Booker T. The guy’s been on a roll lately, and …

Suddenly, we hear a man yell “Whatta big surprise!” off screen. Moments later Captain Charisma steps onto the screen! Benoit and Christian face off with intensity in their eyes for a matter of moments. After a while of both superstars locking-eyes Christian begins to speak.

Christian: (repeating what he said earlier) Whatta big surprise! Chris Benoit thinks that I can’t win the big one. Lemme remind you of something Chris, last week I not only defeated you but I also beat Shawn Michaels … at the same time! Now, I know that a small majority people think that I can’t become World Champion, but I’mma prove them wrong, and it starts tonight. Because after I beat Booker T, I’mma go on to beat YOU at Bad Blood and reach my destiny!

Chris Benoit: Oh is that so?

Christian: You damn right it is. As a matter a fact, I asked Roddy Piper to stay home tonight. Because I wanna do this all by myself.

Chris Benoit: Christian, as I said earlier you are one hell of a wrestler. And I wouldn’t be surprised if tonight you beat Booker T and went on to Bad Blood. Hell, I can picture it now; its Bad Blood, the crowd is on its feet as me and you put on one hell of a match. You knock me down, pick me up, and then attempt to hit the Umprettier … (Christian is smiling) but then I reverse it and lock in the Crippler Crossface! (Christian’s eyes bulge out in shock) As you are screaming and trying to reach the ropes, I’mma pull back with all my strength and you’re gonna have no choice but to tap out!

Chris Benoit chuckles as he then walks away. Meanwhile, a furious Christian shakes his head in anger. Suddenly, Chris Jericho walks onto the screen. Jericho is laughing as well, probably because he just heard Benoit tell Christian off.

Chris Jericho: How you doin’ there Christian? (laughs) Feeling a little down?

Christian: (with a enraged look on his face) You know what Chris, I’m glad you stopped by, I’ve been looking for you.

Chris Jericho: Oh really? And why is that?

Christian: Well, I just wanted to tell you to have fun on SmackDown, because Piper and I decided YOU are the superstar that is gonna leave Raw and get traded to SmackDown! (Christian smiles) Gee Chris, thanks. You really cheered me up.

Christian walks away with a smirk as the camera does a close-up on Jericho, who seems very distraught.


The camera goes back to ringside, there “Rock n’ Roll” blasts on the PA system! The Anaheim crowd gets on their feet and await the arrival of the Women’s Champion. Sure enough, Trish Stratus steps out from the back with the Women’s Title strapped around her left shoulder. Trish walks down the ramp with a smile on her face waving to some of her fans and then entering the ring. Trish taunts in the ring by raising her arm up in the air. She then hands the Women’s Title over to the referee and awaits her opponent, who just happens to be the number one contender for the Women’s Championship.

Suddenly, Gail Kim’s music hits. The Arrowhead Pound showers The International Women with boos and sneers as she walks down the ramp. Gail Kim seems very determined and serious as usual, but she also seems to be in a good mood - and who can blame her? Just last week she became the number one contender for the Women’s Championship. Gail Kim enters the ring and raises her arm as she then takes off her sunglasses. Gail Kim and Trish Stratus face off in the middle of the ring, knowing that their match-up will be one hell of a women’s contest.

Trish Stratus vs. Gail Kim

The referee calls for the bell. Trish Stratus and Gail Kim begin to circle the ring, they then lock up. Trish gets the upper hand and gets Gail in a headlock. The International Women, however, backs up into the ropes and shoves Stratus away into the ropes. Trish bounces off the ropes and when she returns is met with a shoulder-block. Gail Kim then picks up Trish by the hair and pushes her into the corner, she the begins to kick Trish right in the gut time after time again. In the fourth kick Trish catches Kim’s kicks and knocks her down with a clothesline. As Stratus bends down to try and pick Kim back up Gail Kim counters when she pushes away Stratus with her legs. Trish falls down as Gail Kim gets up, Stratus also pops right back up. Stratus and Kim are facing off again just like they were at the beginning of the match. Both divas then begin to trade hard slaps to the face! Neither Trish or Gail back-down as both women hit each other with hard slaps, Gail Kim then knees Trish in the gut which stops the slap-fest. As Stratus holds her stomach in agony Gail Kim grabs her by the hair and slams her down the mat back-first! Trish yells out in pain as Gail Kim begins to stomp away on the Women’s Champion. Gail Kim then picks up Trish and scoops her up for a scoop slam, she hits it. Gail Kim hooks the leg, 1--Trish kicks out before a two count. Gail Kim doesn’t waist any time as she then locks in a sleeper hold. It appears that the number one contender is trying to ground Trish very early on in the match. Gail Kim squeezes with all her might, hoping to knock Trish out. Stratus, however, refuses to get KO’d as she begins to use all her power to get top her feet with Gail Kim still holding her sleeper in tight. Both divas are on their feet, Gail Kim continues to squeeze as Trish then elbows her in the ribs not once, not twice, but three times! Gail Kim finally lets go of the hold as Trish then hits her with a flapjack! Trish Stratus gets back on her feet and picks up Kim. Trish sends her off to the ropes, and when Gail Kim returns she is met with a flying cross body! Gail Kim holds her gut in pain as the Women’s Champion gets on her feet. Trish begins to walk toward Kim, but before she can get to her Gail Kim rolls out the ring much to the displeasure of the Anaheim crowd. Trish Stratus yells at the International Women, begging her to come back into the ring. But Gail Kim reminds outside, The King then points out that this is a smart move by Gail Kim because she is getting a much needed breather. Trish Stratus finally has enough and rolls out the ring, Gail Kim runs as Trish chases after her. Gail Kim rolls back into the ring, and when Trish begins to roll in Gail Kim takes this as an opening and begins to stomp away on Stratus! Gail Kim gets a few good kicks in before she finally stops and picks Trish up. Gail Kim kicks her square in the gut and hits her with a stiff DDT! Trish Stratus grabs her head in pain as Gail Kim then hooks the leg. 1--2-Stratus kicks out. Gail Kim stands up and locks in a leglock on the right leg of Trish. Stratus yells out in pain as Gail Kim leans back on the right leg of the valiant champion. The torque of Trish’s leg is horrible as Kim shows no remorse and pulls back even more. Trish Stratus begins to crawl to the ropes, using all her strength to pull herself closer and closer. Finally, after nearly one minute in the hold Trish reaches out and grabs the bottom rope! The crowd lets out a pop as Gail Kim takes advantage of the five count and then lets go of the hold. Gail Kim begins to taunt Trish Stratus by kicking her right in the head, a furious Trish refuses to give up as she then jumps on Gail Kim with a double leg takedown! The crowd explodes with cheers as Trish begins to hit Gail Kim with slap after slap and then begins to choke her. Trish has snapped! Trish Stratus stands up and begins to await for Gail Kim to get up as well. The International Women gets up off the mat and that’s when Trish Stratus hits her with a stiff Chick Kick! Gail Kim falls to the mat, it seems that she’s knocked out, but Trish Stratus can’t capitalize on it because she hit the kick with her hurt leg! Now, Trish is on the mat as well holding her right ankle in pain trying to crawl toward Gail. Finally, Stratus gets to her and makes the pin-fall. 1--2--Gail Kim kicks out! Trish Stratus pounds the ring in frustration as she then gets up, limping. As Stratus tries to pick up Gail Kim, Gail rakes her eyes! Trish Stratus staggers back holding her eyes in pain as Gail Kim then hits an overhead suplex! Trish Stratus lays there on the mat, as Gail Kim grins and walks over to the corner. Gail Kim gets on the second rope, it appears she’s about to attempt a high-risk move and all she’s doing now is awaiting for Trish to get on her feet. When Status finally gets up Gail Kim stands up, but before she can jump off Trish Stratus runs over to her and hit’s the Stratosphere! The Anaheim crowd didn’t see that coming as they explode with cheers. Meanwhile, Gail Kim grabs her back in agony as the Women’s Champion leans on the ropes grabbing her ankle. Trish Stratus then goes over and hooks the leg, 1--2--NO! Somehow Gail Kim kicked out at the last possible instant. Trish Stratus then picks up Gail Kim by the hair, and whips Gail Kim to the ropes. As Gail is coming back she attempts to try and take Trish down with a flying cross body but Stratus does her Matrix move in where she does a bridge and Gail Kim goes flying face-first into the canvas! Trish Stratus then yells at Gail Kim, begging her to get back of her feet. It appears that the Women’s Champion is about to attempt her finishing move, the Stratusfaction! However, before Gail Kim can get on her feet Victoria runs out from the back! Victoria runs down the ramp and gets on the ring apron, attempting to get in the ring. The referee, however, stops her. Stratus walks over and begins to talk trash to the former-Women’s Champion, meanwhile Gail Kim rolls out the ring and grabs the Women’s Championship! Gail rolls back in the ring and when Trish turns around Gail Kim smacks her right in the head with the championship belt! Stratus lays on the mat, unconscious as the referee is still trying to keep Victoria back. Gail Kim hooks Trish’s leg, and at this time Victoria gets off the ring apron. The referee sees the pin and runs over. 1--2--3! Gail Kim has stolen the victory! The number one contender, Gail Kim, has just beaten the champion in a non-title match.

Winner: Gail Kim

Victoria rolls into the ring and begins to stomp away on a hurt Trish Stratus. Gail Kim stands up and joins in on the assault as well. Trish yells out in pain as these two “jezebels” (as JR puts them) continue to destroy the Women’s Champion. Finally, Christy Hemme emerges from the back! Despite what Trish told her earlier in the night the flamboyant redhead rushes into the ring. Victoria sees her and is met with a Chick Kick right to the head! Gail Kim runs out the ring, not wanting to fight Christy Hemme. Victoria rolls out as well as Christy begins to check on Trish. When Trish Stratus finally gets to her feet both she and Christy face-off with Victoria and Gail Kim, who are on the ramp-way. This women’s division is getting more exciting and even more personal every week.


Backstage, the GM of RAW "Stone Cold" Steve Austin is shown coming to ringside. It appears that the Rattlesnake has something on his mind that he wants to share with the world as RAW then goes on a commercial break.

------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------

When RAW returns from its commercial break the Glass Shatters! The Anaheim crowd explodes with cheers as The Rattlesnake makes his way out from the back curtain. Steve Austin walks down the ramp with his usual grin. Stone Cold then enters the ring and does his famous taunt where he goes to all four corners of the ring and raises his arms. The Rattlesnake then grabs a microphone as his music fades out. Austin has to wait a few moments before he can start his promo due to the great response he’s gotten from the crowd.

Steve Austin: Now Stone Cold was backstage watchin’ this kick-ass edition of Raw with a beer in one hand and a hotdog in another, when I suddenly found out what superstar is going to be traded to SmackDown. That wrestler being - Chris Jericho. (the crowd boos as they want him to stay on Raw) Now, I know that that’s a huge blow to Raw because Jericho was one hell of a guy, but I ain’t gonna let it keep us down. Instead, I’mma start making Raw kick more ass than it already does!

Cheers emerge from the crowd as Steve Austin nods and continues.

Steve Austin: Firstly, I wanna talk about the upcoming Raw pay-per-view Bad Blood. I am gonna go ahead and guarantee that that night is gonna be amazing. Why? ‘Cause Stone Cold said so! (crowd cheers) See, I was backstage earlier when I saw Kane dismantle Shannon Moore and then warn HBK not to make his return. Well, I’m not sure if Shawn will return or not but if he does than I’mma go ahead and make the match; at Bad Blood - in Denver, Colorado - we’re gonna see The Big Red Machine Kane, battle the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels!

The crowd roars with cheers as J.R and The King begin to comment on this huge announcement by The Rattlesnake. Austin then raises the microphone back up and continues.

Steve Austin: But that ain’t all - hell, I just begun! (crowd cheers) Seeing as how Shelton Benjamin defeated Triple H last week I couldn’t think of a better place for Mr. Benjamin to get his rematch for the IC Title than at Bad Blood! (the crowd pops again) But to make the match a little fair I’mma go ahead and add a little stipulation - The Coach is gonna be barbed from ringside!

The Anaheim crowd starts an “Austin!” chant to show their appreciation for all these great matches that The Rattlesnake is announcing. Stone Cold then raises the microphone and is about to say something else when suddenly … “IF YAH SMELL! What The Rock Is Cooking!” the crowd explodes with cheers as The Most Electrifying Man In Sport Entertainment makes his way out from the back. The Rock, no doubt, gets the biggest ovation of the match as he makes his way down the ring. Rock is sporting an expensive looking pair of sunglasses and a shirt that says “Its Been To Long … Before I Kicked Some Ass”. The Rock enters the ring and does his corner taunt which makes the crowd’s reaction even louder. Rock then grabs a microphone and faces off with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both icons and both legends face off in the middle of the ring as Rock’s music finally fades. J.R and The King are astonished as are many of the WWE fans. Rock and Austin continue to face off as Rock then takes off his sunglasses. Rock then raises the mic and turns to the crowd.

The Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to ANAHEIM! (the Arrowhead Pound erupts with cheers) Well, well, well … if it isn’t The Rattlesnake himself, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin! Oh yeah! See Austin, The Rock was in the back watching as you walked out here and made some announcements, and I couldn’t think of a better time than to walk out here and address the crowd than right now. You know why? Because I know, you know, and these people know, that when me and you are in the ring at the same time … its electric. I mean, can you feel it? Can you feel the electricity in the air? Can you see the excitement in my eyes? Austin, me and you put on a show like none other, and I wanted to come out here and tell you face-to-face, man-on-man, that you are doing one hell of a job as GM of Raw!

The crowd claps and cheers to show respect. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin nods his head and then after a while he raises the microphone up in the air.

Steve Austin: Damn Rock, its good to see you. Hell, the last time I remember seeing you face-to-face was back at WrestleMania XIX. And if memory serves me correctly, I remember that you beat my ass that night. (mixed crowd reaction) I ain’t one to whine and complain - ‘cause on that night you were the better man … you wanted it more. However, like you said - there’s not two people in this world that can put on a show like me and you. So seeing as how you’re here … and I’m here … than I couldn’t think of a better thing to do than to …

Then, before Austin can continue, Muhammad Hassan’s music hits! Hassan and Daivari make their way out from the back into biggest heel heat of the night as JR begins to rant about Hassan always interrupting people. Muhammad stands on the top of the ramp and spits on the floor. Rock and Austin are shocked as they stare at the Arabian-American. Hassan and Daivari walk down the ramp and then enter the ring. The crowd continues to boo and hiss as Muhammad grabs a microphone. His music fades out as Rock and Austin still have puzzled looks on their faces.

Muhammad Hassan: Well, well, well … are my eyes deceiving me? Is “Stone Cold” Steve Austin facing off with The Rock? Something we thought we would never see again? Pfft … Please! (crowd boos) You two has-beens are doing what all American’s do; your wasting time! At this time I could be out here wrestling and continuing my winning streak, but no - instead, I am forced to be backstage and listen to you to old guys ramble on. I am the greatest talent Raw has to offer, yet I wasn’t even booked for a match last week, or tonight! And do you know who I blame in all of this? …. I blame YOU!

Muhammad Hassan points at Steve Austin. Daivari, who is standing behind Hassan, nods and agrees with everything his leader is saying. Austin just angrily stares at Hassan, as the Arabian-American continues …

Muhammad Hassan: Look at yourself Austin, you’re a typical American. Your drink beer, you have foul-language, and you have no respect for people that are smarter and better than you. Then again, I don’t blame you for being a typical American, hell - your like America yourself. Your past your prime, and your living on past glory! (crowd boos) Austin, ever since you took this job you have been making sure that my career is futile, but luckily you have failed! Why? Because I am smarter than you, and I am more talented. “Stone Cold” … what I am trying to tell you is; you are a disgrace to the General Manger’s position!

That’s when Daivari grabs the microphone from Hassan’s hands and begins to yell at Austin in a foreign tongue. Muhammad Hassan smiles and laughs as Stone Cold has enough and raises the microphone. However, before Austin can talk The Rock beats him to it.

The Rock: Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow … (holds up his hand as if to say “stop”) Before this continues any further let The Rock ask something; who in the blue hell are you?! (crowd cheers) Really, please, answer me. Do you have a name?

The Rock points at Hassan as the undefeated superstar is furious. Hassan has a very hot temper, but he doesn’t strike Rock. Hassan gets a-hold of himself and grabs the microphone from Daivari …

Muhammad Hassan: (laughing) Rock, Rock, Rock … do you actually think I’m that stupid? Do you think I’m like the uneducated fools that are back there (points backstage). Rock, your so predictable. Because as soon as I say my name, your gonna interrupt me and yell “It doesn’t matter what your name is”. My God Rock, your so pitiful.

The Rock: Oh is that so? Is that what you think The Rock is gonna say?

Muhammad Hassan: Ye--

The Rock: It doesn’t matter if you think that’s what The Rock was gonna say!

The Arrowhead Pound fills up with laughs and cheers as Muhammad gets even more furious than he was before. Muhammad Hassan raises the microphone to yell something to The Rock but before he can The People’s Champion continues.

The Rock: Nah, see The Rock knows who you are. Oh yeah. I’ve been watchin’ Raw, I know the kind of BS that you two sumbitches be saying every week, and to tell you the truth - I’ve had it! (crowd cheers) Week in and week out you two popcorn-farts have been saying what a bad country the good ole’ U.S. of A is, how “biased and impartial” this great country is. Well tonight I’mma put a stop to it. Do you know how? I’mma stop it when I kick both of your candy-asses, that’s how!

Before Hassan or Daivari can even respond The Rock smacks Hassan right in the face! Muhammad stumbles backward as Daivari then charges at The Great One. Rock, however, sees him coming and drills him with a Spinebuster! Muhammad Hassan and The Rock then begin to trade blows, Rock manages to duck one of Hassan’s swings and Muhammad gets setup in perfect position for The Rock Bottom! He hits it! The crowd explodes with cheers as The Rock then takes off his shirt and throws it into the crowd. Rock then runs to the ropes and hit’s a double People’s Elbow (on Daivari and Hassan)! The Rock gets on his feet as the crowd is cheering their heads off. Austin stares at Rock ,and laughs! Austin then calls for beers, and when he gets them he hands of them to The Rock. Austin and Rock then begin to drink beer as Austin’s music hits. Hassan and Daivari retreat to the back while Austin drinks beer in the corner, and Rock drinks beer in the opposite corner. Surely, this segment will go down in history as one great Raw moment!

------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------

RAW returns to the announcers position. J.R and The King are both still complicating over what just happened and then begin to recall what has happened in the night …

Jim Ross: What a hectic night its been so far. First we had Shelton Benjamin lose to Rhyno AGAIN, this time in a two-on-one handicap match with The Coach on Rhyno’s team. However, as said by Stone Cold at Bad Blood Shelton looks to finally get his revenge as he will meet Rhyno for the Intercontinental Championship, but this time The Coach will be banned from ringside!

Jerry Lawler: Whether The Coach is banned from ringside or not, I’m tellin’ you J.R; Shelton Benjamin cannot beat Rhyno! No matter how hard he tries, The Man Beast is always one step ahead of him. At Bad Blood, its gonna be no different, I can guarantee it.

Jim Ross: Well, I’m not sure about that, but we’ll find out at Bad Blood, won’t we? Speaking of Bad Blood also announced tonight by Stone Cold was Shawn Michaels versus The Big Red Machine, Kane!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t wait for that one, J.R! You heard what Kane said tonight after he completely destroyed Shannon Moore, he gave Shawn a fair warning; “don’t show up”. And if I were Shawn I could be taking that warning pretty seriously.

Jim Ross: Warning or not, I don’t think Shawn will back down. HBK’s tougher than a two-dollar steak, and while Kane might be bigger and stronger than Shawn, he doesn’t have a bigger heart.

Jerry Lawler: Oh please! To survive in this company you don’t need “heart”, J.R! At Bad Blood Kane is gonna put an end to Shawn Michaels for good, and as bad as that sounds I don’t think that there’s a man on the WWE roster than can stop him.

Jim Ross: And of course there’s the main event! Chris Benoit has proved to us that he’s the real deal, but come Bad Blood he has a damn tough challenge. It will either be Benoit versus Booker T, or Benoit versus Christian. Either way though its gonna be one hell of a match, and Benoit knows it. I am positive that Bad Blood will have an amazing main event.

Jerry Lawler: J.R, I can’t wait for Bad Blood when we see Christian reach his destiny and finally become World Heavyweight Champion! Its been seven years in the making, and at Bad Blood its gonna happen!

Jim Ross: I’m not sure about that seeing as Christian has to beat Booker T to advance …

Jerry Lawler: Oh please, do you actually think Booker has a chance of beating Captain Charisma?

Jim Ross: In any event, Bad Blood will be coming to you LIVE on Sunday, July 11th from The Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado. Make sure you call your cable company and order right away!

Jerry Lawler: Enough talk J.R, its main event time!

Jim Ross: You got that right, up next its …


Suddenly, "Mercy Drive" blasts on the PA system interrupting J.R and The King! The crowd jumps on their feet and begin to cheer as Randy Orton makes his way out from the back! J.R and The King begin to comment on the fact that Orton isn't scheduled for tonight, yet he is still making his way out. The Legend Killer walks up the steel steps and enters the ring, there he grabs a microphone as his music begins to fade ...

Randy Orton: (smiling) I know many of you are surprised to see me here ... but I came out here to let the WWE fans know that I am very glad to have stayed on Raw. Sure, I feel bad for Jericho and all but I wanted to stay on Raw for one reason - to make Triple H’s life a living hell! (the crowd cheers) Hunter, your probably watching me from some fancy hotel where your crying your eyes out about Batista not taking your offer. At least I hope you are, because I want you to listen to me: my number one objective currently isn’t to win the World Championship, it isn’t to kill off more legends. No. My number one objective is to make sure every second of your life sucks!

The Anaheim crowd cheers as Orton raises the microphone and continues

Randy Orton: Because when you decided to kick me out of Evolution, when you decided to steal my World Title, and when you decided to toss me out like yesterdays garbage I made a vow to myself. I made a vow that as long as I am breathing, as long as I am alive, you would never regain the World Championship. So Hunter, I just wanted to come out here and give you a warning about my plans, because the next time I see you … I’m going to kill you off and add you to my list of legends!

Orton’s music hits as he then drops the mic and rolls out the ring. Obviously, this wasn’t a long message, rather it was a large one. The Legend Killer walks up the ramp, and when he gets to the top he turns around and raises his arms to do his famous taunt one last time. When he turns around he is then met with a punch right in the face! The crowd is in shock as we see that it was Triple H who in-fact punched Orton.

J.R: (commentating) What the hell? I thought Triple H left the arena?!

The King: Well its pretty obvious that he returned! Ha-ha! This is great!

Randy Orton falls onto the ramp as Triple H then gets on his knees and begins to pound away on The Legend Killer. After around ten shots The Game stops, picks Orton up and begins to take him down to ringside. That’s when Ric Flair is seen in the ring, with a steel chair already in hand, it appears that The Nature Boy came from the crowd. Triple H tosses Orton back into the ring, as he then follows. Triple H is handed the steel chair by Naitch while Orton uses the ropes to get on his feet. When Orton turns around Triple H whacks him in the head with the steel chair! Randy Orton lays on the mat, he appears to be unconscious as Triple H then begins to hit Orton right in the chest with the top of the steel chair time after time again (shades of what Austin did to Rock at WMX7). Triple H then tosses the steel chair down and tells Flair to go retrieve something. Ric Flair does as he’s told as he rolls out the ring, and begins to search for something under the ring. Meanwhile in the ring we see that Randy Orton has been busted wide open! Blood rushes down from his head as Naitch finally finds what he’s looking for and pulls out a sledgehammer!

J.R: This assault is hideous! Somebody’s gotta stop this!

Ric Flair gets in the ring and hands Hunter the sledgehammer. The Nature Boy then picks up Orton and holds his arms back giving Trips a clean shot in the gut. Triple H smiles, swings the sledge and it hits Orton right in the stomach! Randy Orton falls to the mat grabbing his stomach in agony and yelling out as if he had been shot Triple H drops the sledgehammer down and raises his arms. The crowd gives out huge heel heat - even bigger than Hassan’s heat. Triple H then acts like if he’s gonna leave the ring, but as he’s exiting he stops and turns back around. Trips stares at a KO’d Orton and smiles. Triple H then walks over, and begins to pick up the bloodied and battered Orton. Orton looks at Triple H right in the fact as Triple H begins to laugh … Orton then spits in the face of The Game!!! The Arrowhead Pound explodes with one of the largest pops of the night as Triple H wipes the spit off his face. The Game then angrily kicks Orton in the gut, hooks both of his arms, and hits him with a stiff Pedigree! Randy Orton lays in the middle of the ring as Ric Flair hands The Game a microphone. Triple H sits down and leans on Orton’s KO’d body.

Triple H: Randy Orton … GAME OVER!

Triple H drops the mic and stands back up. The Game and Ric Flair then get out the ring as EMT’s and referee’s run out from the back and roll into the ring. The Emergency Medical Technicians check on Orton as Triple H and Ric Flair laugh their heads off from the top of the ramp. The King then says that Triple H outsmarted us all, he made us believe he left the arena - and then made his return and completely destroyed Randy Orton. As the EMT’s and officials check on Orton Raw goes on its final commercial break …

------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK------------------

“Just Close Your Eyes” by the Waterproof Blonds hits as soon as Raw comes back from the commercial break. J.R and The King say that Randy Orton has been taken to a medical facility as Captain Charisma makes his way out the back curtain. Christian walks down the ramp and the enters the ring, there he goes to the corner and does his trademark taunt. Christian then gets off the corner and begins to await for his opponent, the former-5 Time WCW Champion - Booker T.

“Can You Dig It?! Sucka!” the crowd cheers as Booker T walks out with a huge smile on his face. The Book Man makes his way down the ramp, and half-way down he stops and jumps into the air as the fire pyrotechnics shoot out from the ramp. Booker T continues to walk down the ramp and then walks up the steel steps into the ring. Booker T and Christian face off in the middle of the ring as the referee then calls for the bell and this number one contenders match for the World Championship begins ...

Number One Contenders Match For The World Heavyweight Championship
Christian vs. Booker T

Ding! Ding! Ding! Booker T and Christian begin to circle the ring, their about to lock up when Christian kicks The Book Man right in the gut. Booker T holds his stomach in pain as Christian hits him with some stiff shots to the head. Captain Charisma then whips Booker to the ropes, but when The Book Man returns he takes Christian down with a flying forearm! Christian bounces right back up into a flapjack! Christian holds his gut in pain as Booker T gets back on the attack by picking Christian up and shoving him into the corner turnbuckle. The Book Man hits Captain Charisma with a hard chop that can be hard throughout the whole Arrowhead Pound. Booker T then hits another chop, and then another! Booker grabs Christian’s hand and then sends him to the opposite corner, Christian’s back hits hard again the corner as he then staggers forward right into a one-harm takedown from Booker T. The Book Man begins to apply pressure to Captain Charisma’s arm, as Christian yells out in pain. Christian then manages to make Booker let go of the hold after three stiff kicks right to the head! Captain Charisma immediately rolls out the ring when the hold is let go much to the displeasure of the Anaheim crowd. Booker T tells Christian to get back into the ring, but he refuses. After about 10 seconds Booker gets tired of waiting and rolls out the ring in pursuit of Captain Charisma! Christian runs around the ring with The Book Man hot on his trail as he quickly rolls into the ring. As Booker T is rolling in as well Captain Charisma begins to stomp away! Christian then picks up Booker T and drives his head right into the corner turnbuckle. Captain Charisma begins to kick Booker right in the stomach, and after four kicks Christian brings Booker to the middle of the ring and plants him with a scoop slam. As The Book Man holds his back in agony Christian hits an elbow drop. The hook of the leg, 1--2--Booker T kicks out! Christian doesn’t waist a second as he locks in the sleeper hold. The Book Man tries to fight out of it by kicking and moving as much as he can, but Christian holds it in so tight that Booker begins to fade away. Finally, after around fifteen seconds Booker’s eyes close and it appears that The Book Man has been KO’d. The referee grabs Booker’s hand, picks it up, and drops it - it hit’s the floor. Once again, the referee does the same thing - and again, it hit’s the floor. As the referee picks up Booker’s hand again Christian squeezes even hard as he knows if Booker’s hand hit’s the floor one more time he will be crowned victor. The referee droops The Book Man’s hand … and it stays in the air! The crowd bursts out in cheers as Booker T begins to get on his feet with Christian still holding in that sleeper hold. The Book Man finally stands up - with Christian still squeezing - and elbows Christian right in the ribs! Christian still doesn’t let go as Booker hits another elbow to the ribs, and then another, and another! Finally, Christian lets go as Booker T takes Captain Charisma down with a huge Bicycle Kick! Christian holds his neck in agony as Booker starts to build momentum by getting on his knees and hitting Christian with some stiff shots to the head. The referee tells Book to stop, and he does so. Booker T then stands up and yells at Christian telling him to get up - it appears we’re about to see the Scissors Kick! Christian gets on his feet as The Book Man kicks him in the gut and attempts his finishing move, The Scissors Kick … but Christian moves! Booker T stumbles forward as Christian then grabs Booker by the back of the head and plans him with a backward DDT! The hook of the leg, 1--2--Booker T kicks out! Christian pounds the mat in frustration as he grabs Booker T by the hair and Irish whips him to the ropes. When Booker returns he is met with a huge dropkick! The Book Man holds his chest in pain as Captain Charisma picks him up. Christian then sets Booker up for the Umprettier! However, before Christian can hit it Booker T shoves him away. As Christian bounces off the ropes and returns he is hit with a huge back body drop! Christian yells out in agony as he holds his beck, meanwhile Booker T leans against the ropes trying to catch his breath. Christian begins to get on his feet - and when he does both superstars begin to trade rights and lefts. Booker T gets the upper-hand and hits more consecutive blows. The Book Man then Irish whips Christian to the ropes again, and when he returns Book Man connects with another flying forearm! Christian pops right up as Booker T then attempts a Bicycle Kick … but Christian ducks and the referee’s head is nearly taken off with the kick! Booker T can’t believe he inadvertently knocked out the referee as he begins to check on him. When Booker turns around Christian kicks him right between the legs! Booker falls to the floor yelling out in pain as Christian raises his arms proud of the low-blow he just delivered. Christian then rolls out the ring and goes over to the timekeepers position. There he grabs a steel chair and rolls back into the ring! Christian begins to wait for Booker to get back on his feet. Finally, when Booker gets up Christian swings the chair with all his might … but Booker ducks and hit’s the Book-End on Captain Charisma! The crowd erupts with cheers as Booker makes the pin - but there’s no referee! Booker T stands up, walks over to the referee, and tries to get him to come to. Suddenly, here comes Batista running down the ramp! Batista enters the ring and when Booker turns around The Animal hits him with a Spinebuster! The crowd is in shock as Batista picks up Booker T, kicks him in the gut, and drills him with the Batista-Bomb! Batista then walks over to Christian and places his arm over Booker’s chest. The Animal then rolls out the ring and begins to casually walk up the ramp with a huge grin on his face. The referee, unluckily for Booker T, begins to come to. The referee crawls over to the pin, and makes the count. 1--2--3! Christian, with the help of Batista, is the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Winner: Christian!

Christian begins to come to, and when he hears his music and sees that he's pinned Booker T he seems shocked. Captain Charisma gets on his feet and happidly begins to jump up and down in celebration. Christian then rolls out the ring and walks up the ramp holding his hands up high in the hair. Meanwhile, Batista stands at the top of the ramp and an eivl smile comes on his face. That's when J.R begins to ask the question, "Why Batista?!? Why!?!?"

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That was the greatest debut Show I have ever witnessed! I like the way you set the whole show out and both matches and promo's are amazing for a rookie such as yourself. Atleast I think your a rookie, You must have written before, I don't believe that was your first ever show. :) Every character was spot on especially The Rock and Muhamamd Hassan, that was a brilliant segment. I couldn't write a segment like that at my best. Christian winning was a good choice and I never expected Batista to decieve Booker T, nice job. The only thing I really don't like is how your using Benjamin, he would beat Rhyno just like that. Another thing I found weird was Moore taking Kane to a long match, normally Kane would put a CW down with a chokeslam in under a minute but what your doing isn't necissarily a bad thing. Some of the storylines seemed to have started a few weeks before and as far as I know this is the first show so I don't know what to thing there.

Overall an exellent debuting show and if you keep this up you could become a top writer here in Be The Booker. Well done! :agree:

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Great Show, Best Debut show that i have read in my short time doing BTB. Very impressively set out, easy to read and storylines were interesting!
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