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Alright im new to this so please reply to my shows, im only writing Raws and for joint ppvs i will just post what really happened on Smackdown in brief form. Roster is the same, I will post my first report tommorow................................

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WWE Summerslam results

(Same as real just to get you up to speed, no diva search so no Diva dodgeball)

Event: SummerSlam 2004
Date: August 15, 2004
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Arena: Air Canada Centre

Sunday Night Heat Match
Rob Van Dam pinned Renee Dupree

Six-Man Tag Team Match
The Dudley Boyz (Spike, Buh-Buh Ray, and D-Von Dudley) defeated Rey Misterio, Billy Kidman, and Paul London (8:06) when Spike Dudley pinned Billy Kidman

Till Death Do Us Part Match
Kane pinned Matt Hardy (6:05) in a "Till Death Do Us Part" match

United States Title Match (Best of Five Series Match, Match #1)
John Cena pinned Booker T. (6:20) in a "Best of Five Series" match

Intercontinental Title Match (Triple Threat Match)
Edge defeated Chris Jericho and Batista (8:16) in a "Triple Threat" match to retain the title

Kurt Angle defeated Eddie Guerrero (13:36) via submission

Triple H pinned Eugene Dinsmore (14:07)

WWE Title Match
John Bradshaw Leyfield defeated The Undertaker (17:38) by Disqualification to retain the title

World Heavyweight Title Match
Randy Orton pinned Chris Benoit (20:09) to win the title

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Raw Report for August( After Summerslam)

Week #1-

Raw opens up with Randy Orton in the ring, he brags about being world heavyweight champion, Chris Benoit comes out and says he has a rematch clause and that match is tonight, Edge comes out and says hes already beaten Randy Orton for a title once and it would be great to do it again, Vince Mcmahon makes an appearance and says that tonight it will be Edge vs Chris Benoit and the winner will face Randy Orton next week for the title. Orton pouts in the ring about the decision and Edge and Chris Benoit are pleased.

Rhyno d. Rob Conway with the gore

Backstage Kane announces that Matt Hardy has challenged him to a rematch next week on Raw with the same stipulations(winner marries Lita) and that he excepts, he says he will prove that nothing can stop him from marrying his fiancee and then laughs.

Kane d. 2 jobbers in a handicapped match with the double chokeslam

HHH says that he supports Randy Orton and says to make evolution proud now that hes champion, all of the members of Evolution head toward the ring

Randy Orton, HHH and Batista d. Chris Jericho, Eugene and William Regal when Batista pinned Regal with the Batista bomb.

Tajiri d. Sylvain Grenier with a roll-up

Chris Benoit is shown getting ready for his match

Edge and Chris Benoit ended in a no contest when Orton came out and beat up both with a chair, Vince Mcmahon comes out and says since that happened, next week it will be a triple threat for World Heavyweight title!


Week #2-

Matt Hardy d. Kane, Kane had Matt in position for the chokeslam but then looked at Lita who was crying and threw Matt down, Hardy looked surprised as Kane got out of the ring and got counted out! Lita and Matt were happy but still confused by this anyway.

Backstage Eric Bischoff told Evolution that tonight, it would be HHH vs Chris Jericho for the number 1 contendership to the World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven! Bischoff said that match was next, and Evolution left pleased................

Chris Jericho d. HHH when Batista accidentally hit HHH with a chair and Jericho dropkicked Batista, then nailed the lionsault on HHH.
HHH was mad backstage after his loss but Randy Orton said that after he beats Benoit and Edge tonight, that at Unforgiven he was going to avenge him because he considered Chris Jericho a “Legendary never was”

Rhyno and Tajiri d. La Resistance and Coach in a handicapped match to earn a shot at the tag team titles at Unforgiven in 2 weeks

Edge cut an interview backstage saying now was his time to shine, he said tonight he walks out of Raw as the champion.

Eugene d. Batista by dq when Batista got counted out because of a william Regal brass knucks’ shot to the head

Chris Benoit said that hes only been without the world title for 2 weeks now and he already misses it and tonight hes happy because he’ll get it back

Randy Orton d. Chris Benoit and Edge to retain the world heavyweight championship after was tripped by HHH while attempting the spear and he was rolled up as Orton held the ropes

After the match Evolution come in the ring and raise each other hands as Benoit is on the outside and Orton gives Edge an RKO, Orton hugs HHH but then backs off HHH looks at him weird and Orton gives him an RKO! Evolution beat down HHH, Batista grabs a chair and Orton grabs a sledgehammer and shoves it into HHH’s throat. Batista then beats down HHH with a chair mercilessly to end the show................................

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nice storylines, but you need to write the backstage segments instead of just saying what happened, also maybe if you write the matches in more detail and add adverts and stuff like that, altogether pretty impressive for your first show(s)

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No this isnt my show, im just getting to December before I start writing full matches, ive already looked over very popular threads here, and these are just reports until I catch up to what maonth t is now then the real shows begin, ill post Unforgiven also but just finishes and full promos

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k, well keep them in mind for when you do write the shows properly. BTW can ya check out my WWE?

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Week #1- (September)
Chris Jerichos highlight reel guest is Randy Orton, they talk about how he traitored HHH and how Jericho has a title shot at Unforgiven, Orton says that he doesnt need HHH anymore and thats why they beat him down because he was just getting in the way. Jericho says to hold on to that championship title tight because its gonna be his soon, they fight until Flair and Batista come out and beat down Jericho, during this JR makes a note that HHH should be out for a while now due to multiple injuries.

Edge d. Ric Flair with a spear

Backstage Orton says that at Unforgiven Jerichos fate will be the same as HHH’s was last week and he will still be champion afterward.

Rhyno and Tajiri d. Rosey and The Hurricane

Backstage Eric Bischoff told Batista that if he took out Eugene tonight, he would get a Intercontinental title match next week

Eugene d. Batista after Regal nailed Batista with brass knucks’ allowing Eugene to cover

A vignette aired saying that HBK returns.....................in two weeks

Batista was mad backstage and Eric Bischoff said that at Unforgiven it would be Batista and Ric Flair vs Eugene and William Regal in a steel cage! Edge came in and before he could talk Chris Benoit followed and they yelled at Bischoff about how they were screwed and Bischoff said that at Unforgiven it would be Chris Benoit vs Edge for Intercontinental title, they looked at each other confused. He also said that in tonights main event it would be Benoit vs Randy Orton in a non title match.

Trish Stratus retained the womens title against Victoria after hitting the chick kick and due to interference from Tyson Tomko

Chris Benoit d. Randy Orton by dq after Evolution came in, Chris Jericho and Edge followed which culminated in Jericho locking in the walls of Jericho and Orton tapping to end the show


Week# 2-

Kane vs Edge for the intercontinental championship- Edge wins by dq when Kane nails him with a chair shot to the head, afterward Matt Hardy comes out and asks Kane straight up why he let him win two weeks back, Kane says nothing and just lifts his arms in the air bringing them down hard as the pyro goes off and Hardy doesnt flinch, he just stares at Kane as Kane leaves the ring not looking back.

Backstage Eric Bischoff tells Rhyno and Tajiri beat La Resistance here tonight, they will get a Tag Team Championship shot at Unforgiven

Shelton Benjamin returns and defeats Tyson Tomko with the superkick

Randy Orton is in the back, he says his loss tonight was minor and tonight he will choose a one man to join Evolution, he says he wont reveal that wrestler until Unforgiven, he says that if Chris Jericho backs off from the match right now that he too can join Evolution but he knows that Jericho is too dumb to do that.

Victoria and Nidia d. Molly Holly and Trish Stratus

Rhyno and Tajiri d. La’ Resistance to earn a title shot at Unforgiven

Eric Bischoff is in his office with Ric Flair he says that next week it will be Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho in the main event, Ric Flair says Jericho wont even make it to Unforgiven, he also says that at Unforgiven Batista and he are gonna teach Regal and that special ed. Eugene, a lesson and thats that you don’t cross Evolution, wooooooooooooooooooo!

Coach interviews Chris Jericho, Jericho says his time to become champion is upon us and that Randy Orton will shut, the, hell, up!

Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton and Batista, Jericho goes over clean with a lionsault he pins Randy Orton, after the match Flair and Batista help Orton up and Jericho smiles as he walks to the back.



Eric Bischoff comes out and says he wants to know right now whats going on with Kane, Kane comes out and says that hes sick of being held back by everyone including Bischoff he says Lita would hold him back, he says that he just heard that the baby is Matts, he congratulates them and tells Lita and Hardy to stay out of his way because hes got one thing on his mind and thats the world heavyweight championship! He says that Randy Orton and Chris Jericho better be careful because the winner of that match at Armageddon has Kane coming after them. Matt Hardy comes out and says he wants a match against Kane, no Lita, just them one on one. Kane says he gave him what he wanted but if he really wants to go to hell then Kane will take him there, in an Inferno Match! Matt Hardy surprisingly excepts and Eric Bischoff confirms the match!

Rob Conway and Sylvain Grenier d. Rhyno in a handicapped match when Conway hits Rhyno with the flag.

Chris Jericho has a final highlight reel before his match Sunday, his guest is Vince Mcmahon, he asks him to make a stipulation Sunday, he says that he wants all of Evolution banned from ringside Sunday Vince agrees, and Jericho shakes his hand drawing Randy Orton to come out, he says that at Unforgiven hes gonna win no matter what the stipulation. Jericho and Orton stare each other down, smiling at each other.

Ric Flair d. Eugene by submission with the figure four leg lock after Batista interfered

Edge and Chris Benoit d. the returning Gangrel and Viscera when Benoit made Viscera tap with the crossface, afterward Benoit and Edge get in each others face as there is tension going into their match Sunday

Backstage Lita begs Matt not to fight Kane, Matt says he has to do it for pride, he walks out frustrated.

Maven d. Tyson Tomko with a roll up!

Vince Mcmahon is backstage and Orton walks up to him, he says he knows Vince doesnt like him as champion but he doesnt care because hes gonna dedicate his win to Mcmahon, or more like spit it in his face, Vince says that Orton just earned himself the main event slot tonight with the same stipulations as the Unforgiven Match, only this match is against Kane, no evolution but that not the only thing theres nothing of because theres no dq and falls count anywhere!

Kane d. Randy Orton with the chokeslam through a table on the outside with a chair under it, bringing Orton down hard on the chair!

Jericho comes out afterwards and poses with Ortons belt as Kane just leaves.

Unforgiven Card

Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton- World Heavyweight Championship

Edge vs Chris Benoit- Intercontinental Championship

Kane vs Matt Hardy- Inferno Match

Tajiri and Rhyno vs La' Resistance- Tag Team Championship

Eugene and William Regal vs Ric Flair and Batista- Steel Cage Match

*Just added*
Trish Stratus vs Nidia vs Molly Holly vs Victoria- Fatal Four Way for the Womens Championship

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cant wait for unforgiven, nice storylines building up there

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WWE Unforgiven


Champions will Rise and Fall
Men will win and Lose
Chris Jericho: Randy Orton needs to Shut.........The................Hell...........Up!!
Randy Orton: Jericho, regardless of any stipulation I will prove once again why im World Heavyweight Champion!
Tonight only one thing is certain...........................
All is, Unforgiven!!

And now Raw and Stacker 2 YJ Stinger present “WWE Unforgiven”

Pyro goes off and JR and King welcome us to Unforgiven

JR: Welcome everyone to Unforgiven! Tonight Randy Ortons World Heavyweight Championship on the line when he takes on Y2J Chris Jericho!

King: Randy Orton is gonna prove why hes champion JR, hes gonna prove that Jerichos the one that needs to shut the hell up!

JR: Well, we’ll see because that plus much more later tonight, but right now lets kick things off with a Womens Championship Fatal Four Way!

King: Yes! Unforgivens great already!

Womens Championship
Fatal Four Way
Trish Stratus vs Victoria vs Nidia vs Molly Holly

The Finish: Nidia and Molly Holly brawl on the outside, Molly throws Nidia into rail and gets back in the ring as Trish and Molly surround Victoria, they beat her down, Trish picks her up and tells Molly to go for a clothesline but Victoria ducks and she nails Trish accidentaly! Victoria gives Molly a kick to the gut and sets her up for the widows peak, she nails it! Trish comes after her but Victoria ducks her chick kick attempt and rolls her up 1.................................2...............................3!

Winner and New Womens Champion: Victoria

JR: Unforgiven has just started and already we have a new Womens Champion!

King: Victoria regained the womens title JR! Wow, that was great but poor Trish...................

JR: Yeah well poor Trish got what she deserved.

King: How can you say that JR, thats terrible, Trish was such a great champion!

Matt Hardy is seen walking backstage, he stops when he sees Eric Bischoff talking to Coach.

Matt: Eric, we need to talk

Eric: What do you need Matt?

Matt: Its about tonights match........

Eric: Matt, if your thinking of backing out then im sorry the match is already signed and everything

Matt: No, thats not what I want, I want..........I want Lita banned from ringside.

Eric: OH,um sure, ok, tonight Lita is banned from ringside

Matt: (Has a cold stare) Thanks

He starts to walk off but Bischoff stops him

Eric: Good luck

Matt says nothing, he just walks off, Eric Bischoff and Coach laugh and keep talking

Back to ringside.................

JR: Wow, surprisingly Matt Hardy wants Lita banned from ringside

King: Matt Hardys an idiot JR

JR: I don’t know whats going through his head!...................Well anyways up next a steel cage match, William Regal and Eugene vs Batista and Ric Flair! And to win this both men must escape the cage or pin both members of the other team!

Steel Cage Match
Batista and Ric Flair vs William Regal and Eugene

The Finish:William Regal slams Ric Flairs head into the steel, he picks him up into a fire mans carry after that and spins him around as Batista and Eugene are already on the outside of the cage,Regal gives him a somoan drop. He tells the referee to open the door and starts to get out but Flair crawls over and grabs his leg, Regal kicks at Flair until he lets go, just as hes about to get out of the cage, Eugene cheers him on but then gives him a cold stare and slams the door into his face! Regal falls down hard as Flair climbs past him slowly and drops down winning the match as Batista helps him up. Eugene smiles coldly at Regal and raises Flair and Batistas hands!

Winners: Batista and Ric Flair

JR: What the hell! What is Eugene doing!?

King: I was wrong JR, he does have a brain! Yay Eugene!!

JR: He just traitored his mentor! I don’t know whats going through his head!

King: Hes back on Evolutions good side!

JR: This is terrible!

Eugene walks up the ramp straight, unlike usual with a mean smile on his face.

Backstage Randy Orton Todd Grisham

Todd: Randy, tonight you will go head to head with Chris.............

Orton: Let me stop you right there Todd, because you forgot to say go head to head and beat Chris Jericho, because you see, look at our records, im the youngest worlds champion in history, what is he? Hes........

Jericho walks over

Orton: What the hell do you want

Jericho: Ill tell you what I’ve done jackass, im the first ever undisputed champion! I held that title for four long months and you are an ass clown that just keeps getting lucky, well tonight your luck has run out and you are gonna shut, the, hell, up!!

He walks off

Orton: Whatever, once again someone has to interupt me to get air time, but thats ok because tonight Im the World Champion, and its gonna be that way for a long time to come! Im out of here..............

Back to ringside

JR: Wow, big words from Orton and Jericho, that title match still to come but right now Edge defends the Intercontinental title Chris Benoit

King: Two friends are enemys tonight, I like it!

JR: Well this is promising to be a great match up..................

Intercontinental Championship Match
Edge vs Chris Benoit
Single, one fall to a finish

The Finish: Edge pins Benoit after a spear out of nowhere, 1.........................2................kickout! Edge cant believe it, Benoit kicks out, He picks him up for the edgeucuation but Benoit counters him into the crossface! Edge is in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go, he fights and fights but in the end flips Benoit over into a pinning position! The referee counts 1............................................2..............................3!

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion: Edge

JR: What a match! Edge retains after a hard fought battle, wow, that was great!

King: Benoit lost!? Wow, how did that happen??

JR: Anything can happen in the WWE! Well up next Rhyno and Tajiri take on Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway for the Tag Team Championship of the world.

Tag Team Championship
Rhyno and Tajiri vs La’ Resistance( Sylvain Grenier and Rob Conway)
Tag Team match

The Finish: Conway goes for the flag and gets in the ring, Rhyno turns around and Conway swings at him but Rhyno ducks, Rhyno nails a gore out of nowhere! Conway is down as Rhyno gets the pin 1.....................2..................Grenier pulls Rhyno out of the ring Tajiri gets in the ring and signals for a kick to the head as Conway starts to move , Conway gets to his knees but ducks the kick to the head, he goes for a quick clothesline but but Tajiri ducks it! Rob turns around and Tajiri sprays the mist into his face! He turns around not seeing anything as Rhyno is back in the ring in position for a gore! He nails it and covers as the referee counts 1.................................2............................3!

Winners and new Tag Team Champions: Rhyno and Tajiri

JR: After two months of chasing La Resistance for the titles, Rhyno and Tajiri have become Worlds Tag Team Champions!

King: Wow, that was ok JR, but La Resistance were robbed

JR: La Resistance got what was coming to them for a long time now!

King: What ever

JR: Yeah whatever is right because you and I both know whos right on that one,

Backstage Kane is in a dark room

Kane: You know, I gave Matt Hardy a chance to have everything he wanted, I gave him Lita, I lost a match to him on PURPOSE! But that wasnt enough, Hardy had to be selfish, he was greedy he said he wanted to test his pride, well tonight his pride will burn up along with the rest of his worthless body. Tonight, Matt Hardy has become a promblem, and I will get rid of it. Matt Hardy will go to................................Hellllllllllll.....................

JR: Wow, harsh words from Kane, but up next will that come true because its Matt Hardy vs Kane in the most career threatening match in WWE, an inferno match....................

Clips of the Matt Hardy- Kane- Lita rivalry

Kane vs Matt Hardy
Inferno Match

The Finish: As the flames continue to occasionaly rise, Kane continues to beat down Hardy, he tries to push him into the flames but Hardy grabs Kane trying to hold on, Kane gives Hardy an uppercut knocking him down , Hardy gets up and Kane grabs him by the throat giving him a chokeslam, Kane goes to the top rope and drops down to the outside he gets something from under the ring, it’s a gas can! He pours all over the outside, he grabs something else, it’s a lighter, he lights the gas all over the outside with Matt Hardy trapped in the ring as he walks away, Hardy gets up and dives over the top rope onto Kane! Kane and Hardy fall as Hardy gets up with fire engulfing the outside of the ring now too, Kane is up now too and grabs Hardy by the throat, to chokeslam on the outside into the fire until..................................... Jeff Hardy comes through the crowd! He nails Kane from behind, Matt and Jeff push Kane into the fire!

Winner: Matt Hardy

JR: The Hardys are reunited and Kane is burning, what a match!

King: Oh man that idiot Jeff Hardys back!

JR: Someone needs to put out this fire ! Kane is burning alive!

King: Wow, the match is over and its still brutal!

EMTs put out the fire as we cut to backstage!

Eric Bischoff is backstage with Shelton Benjamin

Bischoff: Shelton I know your upset about not having a match tonight but.......................

Shelton: Upset!? I’ve had one of the most impressive rookie years in WWE history, and im not even on Sunday Night Heat

Bischoff: Listen, ill make a match for tommorow night, it will be Shelton Benjamin vs Edge for the intercontinental championship!

Shelton: Now thats more like it, im outta here

Bischoff just calls someone on his cell phone

Back to ringside

JR: Wow, huge intercontinental title match for tommorow night! But look at this, the EMTs have put out the fire but theres no sign of Kane!

King: Whered he go?!

JR: I don’t know, hopefully we’ll get more on this soon but right now, its Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho for The World Heavyweight Championship!

Chris Jericho and Randy Ortons rivalry is shown in a clip

World Heavyweight Championship
Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton
Single one fall to a finish

The Finish: Jericho continues to dominate Randy Orton after a ddt out of nowhere earlier in the match, Jericho grabs Ortons legs and tries to put him in the walls of Jericho but Orton powers out, flipping Jericho in the process! Jericho quickly gets up but Orton does too, Orton gives Jericho a hard chop, Orton suplexes Jericho hard. Orton signals for the RKO as Jericho gets up, Jericho turns around and Orton goes for it but Jericho pushes him away countering! Jericho goes for a kick but Orton catches his leg, Jericho nails an enzuguri! He looks around and goes for the lionsault but Orton gets his knees up and Jericho clenches his ribs, he slowly gets and Randy Orton follows, Randy Orton follows up with an RKO out of nowhere! He covers Jericho 1............................................2...............................3!!

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion:
Randy Orton

JR: Wow, what a match, Randy Orton retains but what an effort from Jericho!

King: Orton retains, woo hoo!

JR: Well this has been JR and the King saying goodnight from Unforgiven..................................

(End of Show)

Would you all please reply to my show.................................................

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Please reply to inspire me to keep writing

Week# 4-

Raw kicks off with The Hardys w/ Lita vs The returning Christian and Tyson Tomko, Jeff nails the swanton on Christian for the 1....................2.................3! As they celebrate Kanes pyro goes off and the titan tron says that he returns next week.

Randy Orton and HHH have a party in the ring complete with hot girls and a cake, Bischoff comes out and announces that tonights main event will be a battle Royal for the number 1 contendership to Randy Ortons title at Raws first interactive PPV, Taboo Tuesday

Rhyno and Tajiri d. La Resistance to retain the World Tag Team Championship

Backstage Eric Bischoff says that hes going back out to the ring and calling out Eugene to find out what happened last night

Bischoff calls out Eugene saying he wants to welcome his nephew, Nick Dinsmore to Raw! Nick comes out cleaned up with his hair cut short and in a nice suit, Bischoff says he can be proud of the real Nick Dinsmore, William Regal comes out and challenges Nick to a match on Raw next week, Nick excepts but wants Regal to meet his new friends, Evolution attack Regal from behind and Eugene and Bischoff embrace as the crowd boos

Edge d. Shelton Benjamin to retain the Intercontinental title, Shelton is visibly frustrated

Vince Mcmahon finds Randy Orton backstage and tells him he has a rematch with Chris Jericho right now and to go out to the ring, Orton cant believe it

Randy Orton d. Chris Jericho when Maven interfered joining Evolution , Jericho had the walls of Jericho locked in as the referee was down, Orton tapped and Maven came in and dropkicked Jericho allowing Orton to put him in a roll up

HHH returned and won a battle royal to earn a shot at Randy Ortons title at Taboo Tuesday, Orton came out to the entrance stage and showed off his title as HHH pointed to him to end tonight’s Monday Night Raw

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niec unforgiven and Raws

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Keep up writing your shows, they are pretty good for just being reports! I have a feeling that somebody may be kicked out of Evolution because of all the new members. Maybe even Orton!
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