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Alright, I'm going to another BTB thread, hopefully, this time, they are better and I stay with it. I am just going to be writing RAW. Right now I have no plans of writing or bringing back Smackdown.

Here is my current roster and Heels/faces. I'm just going to use the same roster as from WWE.

RAW Male Roster

TRAIN (injured)
AL SNOW (trainer)
BATISTA (heel)
EDGE (face)
EUGENE (face)
JIM ROSS (face)
KANE (heel)
MARK HENRY (injured)
MATT HARDY (injured)
MAVEN (face)
RHYNO (face)
RIC FLAIR (heel)
RODNEY MACK (injured)
ROSEY (face)
TAJIRI (face)
TEST (injured)
THE ROCK (face)
TRIPLE H (heel)
VAL VENIS (face)

RAW Female Roster

GAIL KIM (heel)
IVORY (face)
JAZZ (heel)
LITA (face)
NIDIA (face)

Here are the champions

RAW Titles
World Heavyweight
: Triple H
Intercontinental: Chris Jericho
Tag Team: La Resistance
Women’s: Trish Stratus

Here are the Unforgiven results. Also my PPV's I do wright, but this one I'm not, there just the ones from wwe.com. They just have a few things changed.

Unforgiven results

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Triple H
Winner: Triple H

World Tag Team Championship:
La Resistance vs. Tajiri & Rhyno
Winner: La Resistance

Shawn Michaels vs. Kane
Winner: Kane

Benoit & Regal vs. Evolution (Batista & Ric Flair)
Winner: Evolution

Women’s Championship:
Trish vs. Victoria
Winner: Trish

Intercontinental Championship:
Chris Jericho vs. Christian
Winner: Chris Jericho
Also, Eric Bischoff got fired from RAW GM by Mr. McMahon.


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thats the way he wants it, i can wait for your show to start man its gonna be great also if you do want to bring in smackdown and you dont want to write it than i would be more than happy to be your partner and write smackdown for you well get back to me and ill see you later


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Just so everyone knows, I didn't forget about this thread. It's just that I will be going by the RAW schedule(meaning the shows will be posted every Monday). Also, I'll probably have preveiws toward the end of the week.

Preview for Monday night RAW

Mr. McMahon will be on RAW to present the new RAW General Manager.

The Hurricane will take on Maven.

The main event will be Chris Benoit and William Regal vs. Batista and Ric Flair in the Unforgiven rematch.

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The RAW theme hit’s the PA system and the pyro goes off, as the cameras go wild in the crowed looking at the fans with there signs up in the air. Soon followed by Mr. McMahon’s music.

J.R- And here comes the boss of WWE RAW

King- Look at that great man walk to the ring

Vince walks up the steps and over the second rope.

Mr. McMahon- Tonight…here on RAW, the general manager will be…me. That’s right, me. I haven’t decided who I want to have run RAW yet. Next week though, I will have decision made.

The camera fades…


The camera fades back in, with Chris Benoit and William Regal talking.

Chris- Regal, WE have to take out Evolution tonight. WE have to work as a team. We can’t let them kick our asses again like they did last night at Unforgiven.

Regal- Don’t worry, I got your back. Why don’t we just go ask Mr. McMahon if we can change it to a falls count anywhere?

Chris- Good idea, I’ll go see if I can get McMahon to do that.

We cut to a video promoting next week that Matt Hardy will return.


Women’s Championship match: Nidia vs. Trish Stratus

Nidia’s music plays and she comes out from the back to get a big ovation. She walks down the ramp form side to side clapping the crowd hands. The lights go out and the beginning of Trish’s song starts. She walks out slowly with the title on her shoulder. Nidia and Trish are about to get I on when all of a sudden Vince’s music plays. He comes out and stands on the ramp with a microphone in his hand.

Mr. McMahon- Hello ladies. I want to spice the match up a little bit. So, I decided that this next match is going to be Nidia, Trish AND….Lita.

Lita’s music plays and she goes running past McMahon and slides into the ring.

Nidia goes running at Lita but Lita started throwing lefts and rights. After about the sixth one, Nidia falls down. Lita runs after Trish. They both run in and out sliding through the bottom ropes until Trish turns around and nails Lita with a hard punch to the jaw. Trish then looks up at the crowd and has the mean smile on her face. Trish walked on the to get in the ring only to get a drop kick to the face by Nidia, which quickly covers her. Nidia locks in a arm bar on Trish. She has a good grip and has it locked on for a couple minutes. Trish was about to tap but Lita got in on time to do a elbow drop to stop Trish from tapping. Nidia and Lita then exchange words at each other. While that is happening, Trish gets the women’s title and gets in the ring with it. Right in front of the refs face, she hits Nidia in forehead. The ref sees it and calls for the bell.
Winner: Nidia by disqualification.


We come back with Benoit knocking on Mr. McMahon’s office.

Vince- What do you want, Benoit?

Benoit- Vince, I came in here to talk about mine and Regal’s match later tonight

Vince- Yes...

Benoit- We were wondering if we could make it a falls count anywhere. And you’re the man that can make it happen.

Vince- If I do make this match, not only will put a better match, but you better win.

King- You hear that J.R?

J.R- Well, yes I did King. Well, if you are just joining us. We have a huge match set for tonight. We have William Regal and Chris Benoit teaming up again and taking Evolution, and fans, it won’t just be a normal match. It is going to be a Falls count anywhere.

We fade to Lita and Nidia arguing.

Lita- Nidia, me and you were suppose to work as a team, not fight.

Nidia- ME, I didn’t put a hand on you until you did.
As Lita walks away, she yells, telling her that she wants her next week in the ring.


We come back seeing Mr. McMahon’s face on the screen.
Vince- Hearing Lita yell out saying she wants Nidia next gave me an idea. Next week…on RAW, it will be Lita vs. Nidia, the winner will face the women’s champion on taboo Tuesday.

Singles match-The Hurricane vs. Maven

Camera fades to the ring while hearing The Hurricane’s music. Hurricane walks down the ramp looking side to side at the crowd. At the end of the ramp way, hurricane goes right and gives a young kid a plastic Hurricane mask. He then gets in the ring and waits for Maven. Maven’s music plays and he comes out jumping up and cheering. He gets in the ring and waits for the bell to ring.

Maven and Hurricane walk around in circle, both having their eyes locked on one another. Maven makes the first move by trying to punch him but hurricane ducks.. Maven tries again but this time getting a back drop. Maven sits up holding his back. Hurricane gets the crowd going. Hurricane goes up to Maven and tries to grab his head but when he bends over Maven took two fingers and poked Hurricane in the eyes. Maven gets on his two feet and drop kicks him but is blocked. Hurricane gets on top and starts to punch away. He quickly gets up and runs toward the ropes, off the ropes and running at Maven, he does a leg drop on his throat. Maven hurries and gets out of the ring. Hurricane follows and grabs Maven. He turns him around and gave Maven a chop to the chest. Hurricane took his arm and whipped him into the steps. He rolled him in the ring and went for a pin. He could only get a 1½, he tried again, this time he held tighter but it only got him a 2. Hurricane went to the top rope. Maven got up and Hurricane jumped and landed on his shoulders, he did a nice pinning hurricarana. It only got him a 2. Maven gets up and is on one knee. Hurricane is also up and kicks Maven in the back of the head. He goes for a pin, but Maven quickly rolls him up for a pin. He has his feet on the second rope. He gets the 3 by cheating.
Winner: Maven by cheating

The crowd boos as Maven leaves. Hurricane has his arms on the second rope and is looking up the ramp at Maven. Maven turns around and smiles.


Edge is walking down a hall and out steps Christian.

Christian- Ah, look at who it is, It’s my good old brother, Edge. So you came to Raw. You think you can hang with the big boys, Edge. You know what, lets see…how about next week…lets see if you have gotten better while you were injured. Lets find out, next week on Raw, who is the better brother?

Edge- You’re challenging me? Well, you’re on. But lets not just make this a normal 1 on 1 match, lets make this a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Christian- Fine by me?

Edge turned around and was about to walk away but Christian put his on Edge’s shoulder and turned him around .

Christian- Oh, and another thing. I’ll try and have the match as fast as I can so you don’t hurt to bad.


We come back and hear Christian’s music start to play.

J.R- What else does the creepy little bastard have to say?

Tyson Tomko comes out with a microphone in hand. He gets in the ring.

Tyson- Cut the music…I said cut the damn music. Tonight I’m looking for a fight. Now anyone from the back, get your ass out here, NOW.

Edge’s music plays and he comes out on stage.

Edge- I accept it. Christian, I hope your watching this from the back. Because, what I do tonight, is what I’m going to do next week to you.

Edge drops the mic and run toward the ring.

Singles match- Edge vs. Tyson Tomko
Edge slides right in but Tyson goes up and starts stomping on his back. Edge grabs his legs and trips him. He gets the top and starts to choke him. He wouldn’t let go. The ref was counting, on the fourth number Edge finally let go. Edge went in the corner and waited until Tyson got up to do a spear. Tyson got up and Edge went running. Right when Edge got to him Tyson put his foot up and gave him a big boot. Tomko dragged Edge to the corner and stood him up. Tyson went in the other corner and started to run and was about to give him the splash but Edge moved. While the ref wasn’t looking, he gave him a low blow. Tyson fell to the ground. Edge quickly went for a pin but only got a two. Edge took control of the match for about 7 minutes. After Edge a nice spinning heal kick, he sat up and got in position to do the spear. He hit it, he went for the pin but Christian came from the crowd and broke the pin up. The ref rang for the bell but Tyson and Christian continued to beat him. Tyson locked in a submission move. Christian went to get a chair. He was about to use it but refs came in and took it away.
Winner: Edge by disqualification


Triple H walks in with the World title on his shoulder. He meets up with the rest of Evolution in the locker room.

Triple H- Ah, it feels great to have this back in my hands. I proved that I was the best yet again

Vince walks in Evolution's locker room.

Mr. McMahon- Triple H, congratulations on winning the world heavyweight title at Unforgiven.

Triple H- Thanks Vince, that means a lot.

Mr. McMahon- But just because you won the title, doesn’t mean you are off.

Triple H- Whaa….WHAT?

Mr. McMahon- Wait, let me finish. Tonight you will wrestle, but you can pick ANYONE from the RAW roster.

Triple H smiles as the cameras go to Jim Ross and King.

J.R- And if you haven’t heard already, up next is Triple H vs. a mystery opponent. But, next week we got two huge matches. We got Edge facing his brother Christian in a 2 out of 3 falls count match. We also have Lita vs. Nidia and winner will face the women’s champion at Taboo Tuesday.

King- Don’t forget J.R, we are going to find out the new Raw general manager.

Triple H’s music plays and he comes out through the curtain. He does his ring entrance then gets in the ring as the camera fades to a commercial.


We come back with Triple H on the Screen holding a microphone.

Triple H- Earlier tonight, Vince said I could face anyone I wanted on the roster. Well, during the brake, I thought about it. And tonight, I’m going to face…Tajiri.

Tajiri’s music plays and he comes out with that mysterious look.

Singles match-Triple H vs. Tajiri
Triple H ties up with and he whips him across the ring. Tajiri runs at Triple H only to get a knee to the face. Triple H goes for a pin but Tajiri kicked out himself. Triple H had a angry look and started to spit. He grabbed Tajiri by the hair and was about to do the pedigree but Tajiri pushed him out of the way and spit the mist into Triple H’s eyes. Triple H quickly got up and kicked Tajiri in the gut and ran toward the ropes. Triple H did a clothesline but Tajiri ducked and Triple H hit the ref. Randy came running down and did the RKO on Triple H. Randy left and Tajiri got the ref up. Tajiri went to cover Triple H, the ref did a slow three count.
Winner: Tajiri by pin fall


We come back with J.R and King’s face and the screen.

J.R- Are you ready, King. Up next is the Unforgiven rematch with Chris Benoit and William Regal vs. Evolution.

King- This is going to be great. Remember J.R, this is a falls count anywhere. They could come here and use this table if they wanted to.

Tag Team match-Chris Benoit and William Regal vs. Evolution (Batista and Ric Flair)

William Regal’s music plays and he comes down to the ring. Chris Benoit’s music soon hit’s the PA system. He comes out and gets a huge pop from the crowd. Evolution waste no time and come running down in the ring.
Batista goes right after Benoit. He starts to punch with both hands followed by clothesline that almost knocked his head off. Well that was happening, Regal was outside with Ric. Regal took Ric’s head and smashed it into the ring post. Ric turned around only to get a backdrop. Batista came to the outside and punched him right on his spine. Benoit falls on his knees, holding his back. Batista holds his hands up in pride in what he just did. While he tried to get over with the crowd, Regal gets a chair from under the ring. He gets behind Batista and hit’s the chair right over Batista head. Right when that happened, Ric is up and trips William., he gets the figure-four leglock locked in. He was about to tap but Benoit came out of nowhere and elbowed Flair in the heading causing him to break up the hold. Flair got up with an angry look on his face. Benoit was in the ring looking at Flair. He yelled “Come on, I’m not afraid of you”. Ric walked in the ring. Benoit wasn’t afraid and walked right to Flair, both were nose to nose. They both started talking trash to each other until Benoit threw the first punch. But Flair threw one right back. Both went back and forth throwing punches. Flair got Bonoit in the corner. He started to give chest chops. He gave about five chops, Benoit quickly turned it around and gave Flair five good chops. Both continued to hit and punch each other all the way up the ramp and through the curtain. William and Batista were left. Batista got up and went to William, he put him in the ring. He also got the chair and threw it over the top rope and in the ring. He set it flat on the ground and gave William the power bomb on it. He went for the pin and got the three. The camera went to Flair and Benoit who were still fighting. Refs and officials came and broke it up saying the match was over and to calm down. Flair walked away and started heading to the ring to meet up with Batista.
Winner: Evolution

We see Flair come out and head toward Batista. Batista cheers as Flair puts the figure-four leglock on William. The camera fades as we hear J.R say “where in Benoit.”, “he is going to break his leg.”

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Raw Preview
Vince will be with us again this week and we find out who the new Raw General is.​
Chris Benoit and William will tag up again as they face Rhyno and Tajiri.​
In other action, Nidia and Lita will battle it out and the winner gets a shot at the Women's title at Taboo Tuesday.​
After being out of action for 2 months, Matt Hardy finally returns to Monday night raw. What will he have to say.​
This week on Raw, it will be brother vs. brother. Which is the better of the two.​
All this and more to come.​

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So, is anyone going to read the shows I post or not?

Also, the show will be posted tomorrow, on Monday, and I made a website about my btb, like JarMac did, I liked his site so I decided to make one. I'll post the site when I post the show tomorrow because I still have some things to fix on it.

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The Raw theme music starts with the video being played. Soon after the video the video is done, the pyro goes off and the cameras goes through the crowd looking at the peoples signs.

Vince McMahon’s music starts to play, he comes out to the ring with a nic in hand.

Vince- Ladies and gentlemen, last week…in this very ring, I said I was going to tell you the new GM. And over the week, I thought about it. I didn't know who I wanted but I came to a conclusion and this is what will happen. These 3 people I have in mind…Stephanie McMahon, Eric Bischoff…yes, I am going to give him a second chance. And….and the third person will be Paul Heyman. Now, instead of making them actually wrestle, they are going to have to find someone to wrestle for them…the deadline for this will October 25th, the Monday before Taboo Tuesday.

Vince leaves as we go to William Regal and Chris Benoit’s locker room

Regal- Where were you last week, why didn’t you help me out when Evolution was kicking my ass…Where were you, Benoit. This is the second time we lost to them.

Benoit- You want to know where I was. I was to busy taking care of Ric Flair for you. It’s not my fault you can’t handle Batista.

Regal- Well, how about we forget about what happen last week and focus on the match we have next.

Both look at each other.

J.R- Well, you heard it, it will be Chris Benoit and William Regal vs. Tajiri and Rhyno…next.


Tajiri and Rhyno make their way to the ring. Soon after Chris Benoit’s music plays, he comes out and waits at the end of the ramp for William to come out. Regal comes and meets up with Benoit.

Tag team-William Regal and Chris Benoit vs. Tajiri and Rhyno
Benoit and Rhyno are the ones to start it up. Both look at each other and move around. Both tie up, Rhyno whips Benoit into the ropes…shoulder block. Down falls Benoit. Chris slides to the corner and uses the ropes to help himself back up. Chris runs at Rhyno again but another shoulder block, Chris gets up and slaps his chest and does some arm stretching. Chris runs at Rhyno, he does a clothesline but Benoit ducks and goes off the ropes and does a shoulder to Rhyno. Rhyno quickly gets up walks toward Benoit. Benoit tags William in. William ties up with Rhyno and gets a headlock locked in. He has it in and about 2 minutes later, Rhyno falls on one knee. The ref lifts one hand up…1, he does it again…2, the ref is about to do it for the third time but Rhyno keeps it up and shakes his arm, getting the crowd pumped up. Rhyno takes his elbow and slams it into Regal’s side. He does it again, Regal lets go and Rhyno lets go and runs for Tajiri, he tags him in, Tajiri gets in and right away spits in Regal’s face, Tajiri gets a submission in but Benoit breaks it up. Rhyno tries to get in but the ref stops him. Regal and Benoit do a blind tag. Right when Regal gets out, he leaves, Benoit has his arms on the tops ropes yelling at Regal to get back and saying where you going. Tajiri and Rhyno tag. Rhyno sets up for the gore. Benoit turns around and gets planted with the gore…1...2...3.
Winner: Rhyno and Tajiri

King- Were did William go? He just got up and left. He must still be mad from last week when he lost the match.

J.R-Well, that’s what I would think. Maybe we can get a word with him after the commercial break


J.R- We couldn’t find William yet but we will hopefully by the end of the night get a word on why he did that.

King- I told you, he wanted revenge from last week.

J.R- Well, on to another thing, Matt Hardy is returning here, tonight. And he will be going 1 on 1 with Steven Richards.

Matt Hardy’s music starts to play, as the returning Matt comes out. Matt gets a huge ovation.

Matt- Matt Hardy… Version 1 has arrived

J.R- And what is Matt doing out here, I thought he was schedule for later.

King- He probably got too excited and couldn’t wait.

Matt- And I know later tonight, I’m facing Steven Richards but I want a change of planes. My opponent tonight will be…Kane. Yes, Kane. There is one reason, and one reason only. See, 2 weeks ago, at Unforgiven, Kane took on the HBK, Shawn Michaels. And you want to know won, Kane. So, tonight, I’m going to do something Shawn can’t and that is, win a first match back in the WWE.

The crowd goes wild as they boo Matt Hardy.

J.R- Do you really think Matt is going to beat Kane.

King- Well, Matt did say that.

J.R- Well, anyways, up next Lita will face Nidia and the winner will face Trish at Taboo Tuesday.

Nidia vs. Lita

Lita’s music plays as she makes her way down the ramp and up the stairs. She gets ready as she waits for Nidia. Nidia comes out and waste no time getting over with the crowd, she gets in the ring immediately goes after Lita.
Nidia jumps on top of Lita making Lita fall to the ground. Nidia grabes her hair and starts to pound her head on the ring. While she is doing that, she is yelling that title is mine, mine, you can’t have it. Lita pushes her off and both get up. Lita yells lets go bitch. Nidia runs towards Lita, Lita gives her a forearm to the head, Nidia gets up and both tie up. Lita takes Nidia to the corner. Lita lifts Nidia up and sets her on the top turnbuckle, she gives a hurricanrana. Lita goes for a pin, 1...2...Nidia lifts the shoulder up. Lita goes off the ropes and Nidia hit’s a nice drop toe hold. She locks a leg lock on Lita. She quickly gets to the ropes. After the ref counted to 4 Nidia finally lets go but gets up and does a elbow drop right on Lita’s back. She does it again. This time Lita holds her back and rolls around in pain. A couple minutes later, Lita gets up but Nidia is right behind and gives Lita a bulldog. She goes for a pin, She gets a 3 but with holding the tights.
Winner: Nidia by pinfall

Trish comes out with the title on her left shoulder. Trish gets in the ring and congratulates Nidia. Soon after she takes the belt and hits her over the head.

J.R- Why Trish, you think you’re tough. I hope at Taboo Tuesday, Nidia beats the living shi….

King- Now, now J.R, calm down. Maybe Nidia should of just lost that match, the she wouldn’t of had to get hit with the belt.

J.R- Yeah King, she is just going to lose the match. Well, anyways, up next, it will be brother vs. brother, Edge will take on his younger brother Christian.


Christian comes down to the ring while his music is playing. He is with Tyson Tomko. Christian goes to the outside and grabs a microphone and goes in the ring with it.

Christian- Cut the music, captain Charisma has an announcement, so listen up. Tonight, it will not be me facing my brother. It will be a tag team match, me and Tomko vs. you and who ever you can find. An it looks like our match is up next, so you got about a minute to find one.

J.R- So this singles match has just turned into a tag team match.

King- Yea, but who is Edge going to pick. Find out next.


We come back with Edge’s music playing, he comes out with a mic in hand. He talk as he walks down the ramp.

Edge- You want to know who I got, well, lets just say you 2 have fought in the past. He is the current Intercontinental champion…Chris Jericho

The countdown begins followed by his pyro display. Chris comes out and the crowd goes wild.
Jericho and Tomko start out. Jericho yells out some words. Tomko just stand there getting pumped up. Jericho and Tyson tie up. Jericho gives Tyson a elbow to the head. Jericho lands a nice suplex. Jericho does an early pin by putting one foot on Tyson. He doesn’t even get a 1 count. Tyson gets up only to get a heal kick to the head. Tyson gets up only to get a dropkick but Tomko blocks it. He gets Jericho in a bear hug. Chris starts to pound on Tomko’s back. Tyson tags Christian. Both do a double suplex on Chris Jericho. Chris crawls to Edge but Christian slides him back in the middle of the ring. Come on, I thought you could beat me any day, yells Christian. Christian runs to the ropes and dropkicks Jericho in the face. Jericho starts bleeding from the lip. Christian sits next to Jericho, talking to him, Christian slapped Jericho in the face. Jericho finally makes it to his feet and starts to go crazy on Christian, throwing lefts and rights. Jericho heads towards the ropes but gets a knee in the back by Tyson. Edge gets in and holds Christian, Jericho gets up and runs to Christian to hit him but Christian ducks and Edge gets nailed in the head, Edge rolls out. Christian hits he un-prettier on Jericho, 1...2...3. The match is over.
Winner: Christian by pinfall

Edge gets a chair from the outside and gets in the ring. He helps Jericho up and both tag teams look at each other. Edge turns around hits Jericho over the head with the steal chair. Edge, Christian and Tyson all holds each others hands and raise them together.

J.R- Why? Why would you do this and go on your brothers side? Why would you go this low?

King- Edge made the right decision and joining his side. Up next, we have the returning Matt Hardy taking on Kane.

Singles- Matt Hardy vs. Kane

Matt Hardy’s music starts to play on the PA system, he comes out gets right to the ring, no clapping the crowds hands. Kane’s pyro goes off and his music plays, he walks to the ring and does his in ring pyro.
Matt gets in the ring and forearms Kane in the back, Kane turned around and punched Matt in the head, causing him to fall to the ground. Kane picks him and lifts him up in the air, he drops his head on the turnbuckle. Matt turned around to get a clothesline. While Matt is on the ground Kane lifts his arm waiting for Matt to get up so he can give him a choke slam. Matt finally gets up, Kane slams his hand in his throat, Matt kicks Kane in the lower area causing Kane to fall to his knees. While Kane is on his knees, Matt starts to punch Kane in the head. Matt gets out of the ring and gets a chair, he was about to use it but the ref took it away. HBK came running down the ramp and got in the ring, he aimed to do the sweet chin music on Matt but Matt ducked and Kane got hit by it while getting up. Matt took Shawn by the hair and threw him under the second ropes to the outside. Matt dragged Kane the turnbuckle, he went on the second rope and did his leg drop, he went for the pin and got the 3.
Winner: Matt Hardy by pin fall.

Shawn walked back up the ramp looking at Matt. Matt looked back yelling at Shawn saying look at who won his return match.

King- WOW, did you see that match, Matt did great in that match. I knew he would win it.

J.R- Well, he wouldn’t of won if HBK didn’t come out, at least that’s my opinion.


Triple H’s music starts and he comes down the ramp holding his world title. Triple H grabs a microphone.

Triple H- Ah… I see everyone here is happy to see me, the game. But I’m not here to tell you how horrible this city is. I didn’t come out here to tell you how much Randy Orton sucks. Hell, I’m not even out here to tell you how lucky Tajiri got last week. I came out here because, it has been 2 weeks and I still have no idea who I am facing at Taboo Tuesday. I want to find out, and I want to find out NOW.

Vince’s music plays and he comes out with mic in hand.

Vince- I have an idea. Next week, on Raw, it will be a 6 man elimination match and the winner will face you at Taboo Tuesday. But Triple H, I can’t tell you who the opponents are yet but I will tell you at the beginning of Raw. But, you have the night off, as you and Batista will face Rhyno and Tajiri.

Triple H- Why are you making us face him, he isn’t even in out league. He doesn’t deserve to be wrestling with the game. Last week, he got lucky, next week, he won’t be lucky. Next week, after I’m through with him, he’s never going to want to step back in the ring.

Vince- And one more thing, Ric Flair and everyone else backstage is banned from ringside.

J.R- Did you hear that, next week it will be Batista and Triple H from Evolution taking on Tajiri and Rhyno.

King- Not only that, we will also find out why William left his partner in the ring to fight for himself.

J.R- King, tonight we found out that Edge is back with his brother, Christian. Hopefully, we will find out why he turned his back and went with the CLB.

King- We will also have the 6 man elimination match to determine who Triple H will be facing at Taboo Tuesday. We have the opponents announced at the beginning of Raw.

J.R- All this and more next week on Raw.

The Camera fades out.

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both shows were great and you set your next RAW show up greatly every week. I also like the fueds that you set up. P.S. Great to see E and C back together!

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Well, I know it's Monday but I am not done writting the show, I kind of been busy with things which is why there is no preview. I do have some of it but I like to post it as one whole show, not parts. It may be up later but not sure.
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