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WWE Raw!!!!

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World Wrestling Entertainment
Monday Night Raw
The Fallout From Wrestle Mania XX

the Highlights from the Raw's portion of last night's Wrestle Mania Pay Per View aired...

World Tag Team Championship Match Result - Booker T and RVD retain championships

Trish assisting Christian in defeating Chris Jericho and then locking lips on their way to the back

the Coach's' promo with Mene Gene, the Brain, Moolah, and Mae Young

the Rock n' Sock's Promo and Evolutions victory over the Rock n' Sock Connection

The Divas' Playboy Evening Gown Match with Sable and Torrie defeating Stacey and Jackie

The Goldberg, Brock Lesner match with Stone Cold stunning both men

Victoria defeating Molly Holly and then Shaving her head bald

Paul Bearer and The Undertaker's return and victory over Kane

The World Heavyweight championship Match with Chris Benoit being victorious over HBK and Triple H. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit celebrating in the ring

The Raw theme starts, the pyro goes off and JR and the King welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw...

JR: Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw, only 24 hours after what is arguably the greatest Wrestle Mania of all time.
KING: I can't believe it, we have a brand new World Heavyweight Champion in Chris Benoit, 18 years in the making. And we saw Molly Holly get her hair shaved off... and we can't forget the PUPPIES from the playboy evening gown match...you can't get enough of that T&A...
JR: The Undertaker made his return to the WWE after a 4 month hiatus since being buried alive at Survivor Series.
KING: Can you believe what else we witness last night???that horrible Mae Young putting her hands all over Hall of Famer Bobby the Brain Heenan and the Fabulous Moolah with Mean Gene Oakerlund. Gross...But let's go to the ring for the World Championship presentation ceremony...

The old Wrestle Mania Theme Song (Linda McMahon's theme) starts playing as the Wrestle Mania XX symbol flashes around the ring. Linda McMahon comes out with a steal briefcase in her hand...She puts it on a podium and opens it up to reveal the newly polished World Heavyweight Championship. Eric Bischoff comes out to the ring when his theme starts to play. He's wearing a suit with open collar (the same as the night earlier). Eric grabs the microphone and starts to address the crowd...
Eric: Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to the Superior Brand in Sports Entertainment...Monday Night RAW!!!!! and thank you Linda McMahon for representing the WWE Board here tonight for the World Championship Title presentation. It gives me great honour to present to you the man who defeated two of the biggest names in Sports Entertainment today to live his eighteen year dream of holding the World Heavyweight Championship... From Edmonton Alberta Canada... CHRIS BENOIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His music hits and the Crippler comes out to the ring in his suit he stands on the stage for a moment and the fans chant "Benoit" then moves toward the ring shaking hands with the audience as he walks past them. Benoit takes his times walking up the stairs and into the ring... He shakes hands with both Eric Bischoff and Linda McMahon. Linda grabs the microphone...

Linda: On behalf of World Wrestling Entertainment, I would like to present to you, Chris Benoit, the Heavyweight Championship Of The World.

As Chris Benoit holds the championship in the air, and then puts it around his waist, the Nature Boy Ric Flair's music came on and the 16 time world champion walks out to the ring with his best friend Arn Anderson. The two of them walk into the ring and stare at the new World Champion. Ric Flair grabs Bischoff's microphone and addresses Chris Benoit.

Flair: Chris Benoit, the Heavyweight Wrestling Championship of the World, I would like to congratulate you on becoming being victorious last night at Wrestle Mania over Triple H and Shawn Michaels. If there is ever a man in this business who deserves that championship, it is you!

The Fans cheer and give "Horsemen" and "Wooooo" chants.

Flair: However, Benoit don't you think for a moment that you are clear from Triple H. The game will be after your championship and I suggest that you prepare for the next level of the game.
Benoit: I thank you for your advice Ric. I am ready for the next level of the game. I will take the game further than it has ever gone before...I made Triple H tap last night at Wrestle Mania.

Evolution's music hits and The other three members of Evolution come out to the ring...

Triple H: What the hell are you doing out here Flair? Are you turning your back on us?
Flair: Triple H, I am only out here to congratulate Chris Benoit on his successful match last night on the biggest stage of them all... that's the only reason why I am out here.
Triple H: I don't believe you Flair
Bischoff: Well let's find out where loyalties lie!!!! Right here tonight!
Benoit: What do you mean?
Bischoff: Right here tonight on Raw, we will see all four members of Evolution wrestle against Chris Benoit, The Rock, Mick Foley, and a fourth man of your choosing Benoit in the Main Event.
Flair: That works for me! Woooooo!
Linda: Tonight, I will have a very important announcement concerning RAW!!! but you will have to wait until later.

A black stretch limousine pulls up to the building but who is inside it, the door opens, and a pair of legs is shown getting out of the back.

Stone Cold drives around the locker room on his ATV...


Match 1:
Kane vs Tommy Dreamer
Dreamer attacks Kane with a kendo stick before the referee rings the bell, but the monster doesn't move from his spot. Dreamer keeps hitting him until Kane kicks him in the face, knocking the innovator of violence down to the ground. Kane picks Dreamer up and choke slams him to the outside of the ring. Kane follows Dreamer to the outside and scoops him up into his arms. Kane rams his opponent into the Turn Buckle post repeatedly before throwing him onto the ground. Kane picks up Tommy Dreamer again, this time by his throat and drags him up the ramp... This time Kane throws his opponent into the RAW set than tombstones Dreamer on the stage. If that wasn't enough Kane picks up Tommy Dreamer again and throws him off the RAW stage onto the concrete floor. Kane's pyro hits.
WINNER: No Contest

Kane grabs the microphone...

Kane: UNDERTAKER, I HATE YOU! But! (Smiles) I will never have to see you again because you're on Smackdown and I am on Raw!!!!! (laughs)

the lights go off and a purple spotlight flashes in the ring. Kane looks on in disbelief and grabs his mic again.


A dark shadow stands in the middle of the purple light in the ring... the lights come back on and it's Eric Bischoff who is in the ring...

Kane: What the hell are you up to???
Eric: Kane, let me tell you that the Undertaker is not on Smackdown...
Kane: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!
Eric: That's right...may you please welcome to RAW...THE UNDERTAKER!!!!!!!!!

The Undertaker comes out and starts fighting with Kane. The Undertaker choke slams Kane onto the steel stage and then gives him the Last Ride off the stage. The Undertaker's theme comes on and the Pheonom kneels and draws his power from Paul Bearer the Urn.

The person from the limousine walks into Linda McMahon's office.


Promo - Edge is coming back to WWE

Match 2:
Scott Steiner vs Val Venis
Steiner and Venis lock up in the middle of the ring. Steiner puts Venis in a headlock and Val throws Poppa Pump into the ropes and shoulder blocks him, sending Steiner to the ground. Venis bounces off the ropes and nails an elbow on his opponent. Venis pulls his opponent up and whips him into the corner. As Venis chances after him to close line Steiner, poppa pump counters and kicks Venis in the face. Steiner climbs the ropes and nails Val with a double axe handle. With Val Venis staggering Steiner takes advantage and kicks his opponent in the stomach only to DDT him on the mat. Lance Storm runs down to the ring and helps root for his tag partner Steiner gets distracted and goes outside to exchange blows with Storm, giving Venis the opportunity to get back to his feet. As Storm gets the advantage of Steiner on the outside, Test runs down to the ring area and attacks the Venis from Behind with a steel chair. Test then goes to the outside and kicks Storm in the head, Steiner goes back into the ring and pins Venis.
WINNER: Scott Steiner


Chris Benoit walks into the locker room to find the Heart Break Kid Shawn Michael.

Benoit: Shawn, I wanted to thank you for an excellent match last night at Wrestle Mania.
HBK: That Championship should be around my waist, but congratulations anyway.
Beniot: The reason why I am here is to ask you to be our forth team member tonight against Evolution. Think of how big tonight's main event will be? Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, The Rock, and Mick Foley against Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton!!!!!
HKB: Let's do it, of course I will be your partner tonight. We'll put an end to Evolution.
Benoit: Thank you...

Eric Bischoff walks into Linda McMahon's office to find the person from the limousine in the room.

Eric: Welcome back to Raw, the fans are going to be chanting your name once again.
Linda: Eric tonight I have a few special announcements concerning RAW and WWE. One announcement will be a favourite for you I am sure of it.
Eric: Is that so, well then I look forward to seeing you in the ring later tonight...


Promo - Sting is Coming to WWE soon!!!!

Match 3:
Christian (w. Trish) vs Rob Van Dam
RVD nails Christian with a series of kicks and chops, knocking him down on the mat. RVD goes up on the top turn buckle and drop kicks Christian. He gets back up and points at himself "R-V-D" as Christian rolls out of the ring onto the ground. Trish goes over and helps her boyfriend back up to his feet. As RVD climbs to the top and Summersaults off the top rope, Christian throws Trish in Van Dam's way, then attacks Van Dam as he tries to help the motionless diva. Christian throw Rob into the ring and knocks the referee onto the ground. Christian brings in a chair and goes to hit Van Dam. As he swing, Rob plant the Vandaminator on Christian. RVD goes back up to the top and lands a Five Star Frog Splash on his opponent. Chris Jericho comes out to try and help Trish, he picks her up and brings her to the locker room to get medical assistance. Referee Tim White comes out and counts the victory for RVD.
WINNER: Rob Van Dam

After the match, Chris Jericho comes back out and attacks Christian with a chair, making his former friend look like a bloody car reck. Jericho says to Christian "That's what you get you Son of a Bitch, for what you did to Trish". Jericho leaves Christian lying in a pool of blood and goes back to check on Trish.


Eric Bischoff meets with the Coach in his office.

Bischoff: Coach, I am not happy with your work on Raw as of late.
Coach: What do you mean Mr. Bischoff?
Bischoff: Well you haven't helped me very much with running Raw successfully, you have been very disappointing. To be honest I should fire you or send you over to Smackdown, maybe then you can help Paul Heyman ruin the fine WWE brand.
Coach: But, Mr. Bischoff I want to stay on Raw, what can I do to stay??? Name it and I will do it.
Bischoff: Well there is something you can do!
Coach: Ok!
Bischoff: As you know Edge is coming back to WWE, and Sting is set to come back to wrestling again! What I want you to do is to get both of those superstars signed to RAW! You do that and you'll stay on Raw, if you don't than I'll have you traded for Dawn Marie a much more attractive assistant if I say so myself.
Coach: alright then Mr. Bischoff
Eric: and you have three weeks for both men!


Linda McMahon's theme starts playing and the CEO of WWE walks down to the ring. McMahon asks Lillian for the microphone and addresses the audience.

Linda: As I informed you earlier, tonight I have a few very important announcements concerning the Fate of WWE and RAW. Let's start from the top! As you all know it was Vince McMahon who retired Hulk Hogan from professional wrestling, once he found out Hulk Hogan was Mr. America! However, that was a huge mistake on Vince's part; therefore as the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, I hereby reinstate Hulk Hogan, and would like to welcome Hogan to Monday Night Raw...

The Real American Music hits and Hulk Hogan comes out the ring with the Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart!!!!! The two of them come to the ring as the crowd irrupts in "Hogan" chants. Linda McMahon continues to make her address.

Linda: Many of you may think that Vince McMahon will come out and retire Hogan again, however, this leads to my next point. The WWE Board will be expanding on the Brand extensions because we feel that the best image for World Wrestling Entertainment is to be a company where wrestlers can come and feel welcomed until they wish to move on to the next company. However there is only one Wrestling company, the WWE, therefore we are granting the general managers the opportunity to run their brands more freely and as they see fit. Each general manager will be permitted to hire and release their own superstars, creative teams, announce teams, or referees. The World Wrestling Entertainment Board will only make suggestions and interfere with the direction of the brands, if they feel that Raw or Smackdown is being ran against the WWE code of conduct. Therefore I present to you, your General Manager, Eric Bischoff!!!!!!

Vince McMahon's music hits and the Chairman of the Board comes out to address the crowd.

Vince: Over my dead body, will I allow Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman the opportunity to completely run my company!!! MY CREATION!!!!!! WWE IS MINE!!!!
Linda: I am sorry Vince, however, that's the new image, the new direction that WWE is taking.

Eric Bischoff walks out to the ring and confronts Vince McMahon

Bischoff: Vince, I think I have worked hard enough to earn my position in WWE as the Raw general manager. Don't interfere.
Bischoff: Too bad Vince, I am running Raw now, completely.
Linda: Vince you can not fire Eric Bischoff!
Vince: STAY OUT OF THIS LINDA. Vince pushes Linda onto the ground and Eric Bischoff attacks McMahon, Vince and Eric start fighting with each other as Linda gets back up!
Linda: That's it, I have had enough of this...Vince, at Backlash we will end this once and for all
Hulk Hogan breaks Vince and Eric up so Linda can make her final announcement...
Linda: At Raw's Pay Per View, we will see Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon wrestle one on one with Hulk Hogan as the special referee. The winner will get complete control of RAW as the General Manager, the other will be band from WWE Raw for Life!


Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, Randy Orton vs Chris Benoit, Rock, Mick Foley, Shawn Michaels
The match starts with Randy Orton and Mick Foley exchanging rights. Orton kicks Foley in the stomach and clotheslines him out of the ring by Evolution. Batista and Triple H jump Foley while on the floor while Orton tags Flair in the ring. Flair grabs Foley and throws him back into the ring, where he continues to chop Foley in the chest, cornering him in the corner. Flair whips Foley across the ring and delivers a running clothesline on the Hardcore Legend. Flair tags Batista in the ring and the beast starts kicking Foley in the corner. Batista chokes Foley with his boot until the referee breaks the hold! As Batista argues with the referee, Foley gets back to his feet. Batista goes back to work on Foley but his hit with the mandible claw. Foley pushes Batista into the corner and tags the Rock in. The Rock goes to work on the largest member of Evolution, delivering a series of punches and kicks. Rocky than goes to work on Triple H, Flair, and Orton! Soon all hell breaks loose and all eight men are in the ring fighting. When the referee finally gets control in the match, The Rock tags Chris Benoit in the match, while Triple H is tagged in by Batista. The Current Champion and the Former Champion stare each other down, then start to exchange blows, Chris Benoit gets the better of The Game and whips him into the ropes to deliver an arm drag take down. When the game gets back up to his feet, Benoit surprises him with three German Suplexes. With the Game almost over, the Crippler goes for the sharpshooter. Out of nowhere a chair hits Benoit in the head, knocking the champion down. The Rock and Sock connection come into the ring, where Michaels hits both of them with the Chair. Evolution come into the ring and help to compasitate their opponents. HBK, delivers Sweet Chin to Chris Benoit. Triple H, pedigrees The Rock, while Batista and Randy Orton power bombs Mick Foley. The Nature Boy Ric Flair comes back into the ring with a Chair and attacks Triple H, Chris Jericho and Arn Anderson come out and help Ric Flair fight Evolution to the back.
WINNERS: Chris Benoit, Rock, Mick Foley via Disqualification

The show ends with Chris Jericho, the Nature Boy Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, and Chris Benoit standing in the ring!

Preview For the Next Raw!!!!!
The fallout from Wrestle Mania continues as the Love Triangle continues with Trish, Chris Jericho, and Christian. Molly Holly returns to the ring after losing her hair at Mania! Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon continue to fight for the future of WWE RAW! Will the Coach be successful as he goes on the search for Sting and Edge! Hulk Hogan makes his in ring return.
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Excellent stuff man. Seemed like a real RAW with the Coach ultimatum, somethin the WWE would do. I will be sure to read the next installment. Just one point, maybe you could have replaced Venis and Steiner match with a match people will have more interest in. Apart from that it was a highly enjoyable show. 8.5/10
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