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raw opens with a clip of the main event
world title/no dq-triple h(C) vs kane

1st-maven vs matt hardy V1.0
this match is short with matt hitting serveral power mover, matt score with the twist of fate for the win
winner-matt hardy V1.0 in 1:45

triple h (w/ric flair) comes to the ring, triple h goes on about his title match later on and how he will beat kane and will still be teh world heavyweight champion.
goldberg comes out and gets in triple h's face, goldberg tells triple h he whats his ermatch here tonight, triple h informs goldberg that wont happern as he haves kane tonight and attacks goldberg,goldberg attempts a come back but it is foiled by ortan and batista as evolution attacks goldberg in a 4-1 assault and leaves goldberg in a bloody mess

jr informs every one that the tag title are up next

(raw goes to a break)

2nd-world tagteam titles-flair/batista(C) vs steiner/test
this is a very good match with the action trading back and forth many times, test/steiner seemed to of had the titels won at 7:42, ortan had the ref distracted giving batista enough timeto it both test & steiner with a chair and placing flair onto test...1..2..kick out by test,steiner entres the ring and destroyes batista & flair with serveal power house moves,test then goes to hit flair with the boot,but misses and hits steiner, giving batista the chance to hit the sit down power bomb on test for the win
winners-and still world tagteam champions...ric flair & batista......evolution in 13:54

(raws goes to a 2nd break)

goldberg is shown in the back demanding eric bischoff to put him in the main event, eric says he won't do it,but steve austin shows up and tells eric and goldbeg to keep watching as he will be going to the ring to address the main event!

3rd-chris jericho(w/trish stratus) vs mark henry(w/theodore long)
this match was very good as m.heney dominated y2j for the best part of the match,until trish distracted m.henry long enough for y2j to gain control,as t.long tried to get involved m.henry grabbed a chair and wailed it over jericho's head and followed it up with a a power slam..1...2.kick out,m.henry went psycho and went after the ref,trish then slid a chair in to jericho who smacked it over m.henry's head causing a dq win for mark henry
winner-mark henry vdq in 6:21

jr went on about the main event and goldberg and austin

stonecold steve austin then came to teh ring and grabbed a mic and went on for a while about triple h nad goldberg from early and how triple h attacked goldberg and goldberg wanting a title shot tonight,austin then went on about kane having a title shot vs triple h,austin then said he has made up his mind and teh main event-world title-no dq match of triple h(C) vs kane was now a triple threat match with goldberg involved aswell! just as austin went to leave, a explosion hit and out came kane, kane hit the ring and went for the mic but to a hugh shock, kane attacked steve austin and finally hit a chokslam and left as jr kept screaming for someone to help scsa

(raw cuts to a 3rd break)

austin is shown in the back being put into an ambulance as raw shows the kane assault on scsa.

4th-intercontinental title-triple threat-no dq-elimination-randy ortan(C) vs rvd vs christian
ortan spents the first couple minutes watching rvd and christian going at it,until rvd went after ortan,now with ortan apart of the matchit was a lot better,1st elimination came when ortan hit rvd with a chair behind the ref's back at 9:56,chriastian dominated ortan and nearly won on serveral occassions,the finish came when the ref got bumbed and christian seemed to have ortan beat with the unprettier at 15:45,but batista came out and attacked christian,but christian clearned teh rign of batista and turnes around into the rko by ortan,the ref started to move and 1....2....3 and ortan retains ic title
winner-and still intercontinental champion...randy ortan at 17:04

(raw cuts to a 5th break)

triple h is shown in the back moaning to bischoff about goldberg being in the mainevent,bischoff tells triple h that the board have backed austins decision so he can't do nothing about it...triple h storms off in a rush!

5th-trish stratus vs jazz
this was a boring match really and pretty short, trish wins the match with teh stratusfaction
winner-trish stratus in 2:39

triple h &the rest of evolution is shown out side kane's room!

(raw cuts to its 6th & final break)

mainevent-world title-no dq-triple threat-triple h(C)(w/ric flair) vs kane vs goldberg
kane's music playes on 3 occassions before the camera shows kane's locker room door is blocked up be a fock lift.so the match startes with triple h vs goldberg,goldberg dominates triple h until batista,ortan & flair gets involved as jr goes on about how this is a muggin,triple h hits a pedigree at 8:46...1...2...kick out..now,triple h goes to work on goldberg as throws him around the ring! triple h hit's a 2nd pedigree at 13:00..1...2...kick out again by goldberg,triple h grabs a chair and hits goldberg serveral times with it..1...2..kick out,triple h throws a fit,triple h grabs his world title a wails goldberg in the head..1..2..kick out again..triple h then decides to get his sledgehammer and hits goldberg straight between the eyes as jr says that's gotta do it..1..2..kane's pyro hit's as kane comes down at 14:32,,evolution tries to cut kane off but he knocks them all down and entres the ring and goes for triple h...kane destroyes triple h and hits a chokeslam..1..2..batista pulls kane off triple h..kane attacks batista as ortan pulls triple h on to goldberg..as jr goes on about it being the finish of armagedon all over again..1..2..kickout..triple h hits a pedigree on goldberg..but kane destroyes evolution and hits a massive chokslam on triple h..1..2..goldberg breaks the count..kane then attacks goldberg and followers it though with a massive chokeslam on goldberg..1..2...3..kane wins
winner-and new world heavyweight champion kane at 21:49

kane takes the world title and leaves as raw comes to a close!


smackdown opens up with cole going on about the #1 contender match later on tonight!

1st-cruiserweight title-rey mysterio(C) vs jamie noble(w/nidia)
good match with going back and forth action between rey nad noble..noble gains the upper hand near the end of the match and hits the tigerbomb on rey..1...2...kick out, noble then throws nidia into the ring and into the ref & rey...noble then hits rey with the tigerbomb again and goes to pick up the ref but nidia gets up behind noble and removes her glasses and kicks noble betwen the legs..rey then hits teh 619 and followers it up with teh west coast pop for the 2 count
winner-and still cruierweigth champion rey mysterio at 8:45

(sd cuts to its 1st break)

noble is shown looking for nidia...but a sercurity guard tells him than nidia haves left..to which makes noble mad!

2nd-shannon moore vs a-train
this is just a squash match with a-trian winning with the train wreck to moore
winner-a-train in 2:03

a promo is shown of brock lesnar

john cena comes out and tells every one that he wll win the #1 contender ship match tonight and will beat lesnar for the wwe title...chris benoit comes out and tells cena that it will be him who will win and face lesnar for the title..just as cena/benoit are about to go at it security serperates them..paul heyma then comes out and tells tehm that if they touch each other they will be removed form the #1 contendership match

(sd cuts to its 2nd break)

3rd-united states title-bigshow(C) vs eddie guerrero
bigshow starts off on the offenseand throws eddie around in this match..edie gains control with a low blow anad hits serveral hit flying moves...bigshow knocks eddie over with a closeline and grabs a chair and hits eddie with it as the ref calls for a dq
winner eddie guerrero vdq in 6:43

paul heyman comes out and tell's the ref the match is no dq and calls for it to be restarted

unitedstates title-no dq
the ref restartes the match and bigshow throws eddie all over the place and goes for the showstopper but eddie counters and low blows bigshow again..eddie grabs the us title and hits bigshow with it,eddie places the title omto the bigshow and over up top nad hits the frog splash..1..2..chavo pulls eddie off bigshow..eddie clearns the ring of chavo buts bigshow grabs him and hits the showstopper for the win
winner-and still united states champion..the bigshow in 9:02

(sd cuts to a 3rd break)

4th-#1 contender ship for wwe title shot later on smackdown-fatal 4-way elimination-(guest ref/matt morgan)-chris benoit vs john cena vs kurt angle vs hardcore holly
cena and benoit goes at each other as hardcore and angle fight's each other, benoit hits cena and cena hits benoit and the match offical begins...it doesn't take long for lesnar to run in and whip out benoit and cena..with f-5's...angle covers cena 1..2..3
eliminated-john cena at 3:43 by kurt angle
hardcore then attacks angle hitting him with teh alabama slam in the progress..1..2..3
eliminated-kurt angle at 5:04 by hardcore holly
leaving it down to holly and benoit
(sd cuts to a 4th break)
tazz goes on about benoit dominated during the break and how fast it was for angle and cena to be eliminated
benoit hits a german suplex and goes up top and hits a diving head butt.1.........2........kick out...benoit goes after morgan about the low count...hardcore attacks benoit,,lesnar runs in again...but hardcore knocks him out the ring..benoit then hits a suplex for a 2 count...benoit goes for another headbutt but misses..hardcore hits the alabama slam..1.....2......3
winner-and #1 contender hardcore holly st 11:54

lesnar then gets in the ring and & matt morgan attacks hardcore holly and hits the f-5 and morgan hits a sit down power bomb

(sd goes to a 5th break)

paul heyman is shown in his office..heyman goes on about the wwe title match between lesnar and holly and then says it is now a falls count anywhere no dq match..to which lesnar appears and says he likes the match and laughs!

5th-tagteam title-bashams(C) vs s2h/rikishi
rikishi/s2h takes mainly total control though the whole match...until...danny switches with doug...inwhich case the bashams gain control....the bashams does for the --------ag on s2h but rikishi stops it and takes out the bashams...s2h tags in rikishi and rikishi pretty much destroyes the bashams and stinky faces doug...s2h hits teh bulldog on danny and goes for the worm...w...o...r...m..and the chop..1...2...3
winners-and new tagteam champions scotty 2 hotty and rikishi in 10:00

the bashams attacks s2h/rikishi..hitting the --------ag on both men and leaves

(sd goes to it's 6th and final break)

cole hypes the wwe title match adn goes on about heyman changing the rules of the match

main event-wwe championship-falls count anywhere-no dq-brock lesnar(C) vs hardcore holly
lesnar and holly goes nose to nose with each other...holly pounches on to lesnar with rights & lefts..lesnar knocks holly off and hits a closeline,lesnar grabs a char and nails holly in the head..1..2...kick out,lesnar picks hardcore up and hits a german suplex..followed by a belly to belly suplex then a over head suplex
....lesnar then grabs his title and hits hardcore with it..1...2...kick out..lesnar grabs holly and goes for the f-5 but hardcore counters into a small package for a 1 count..lesnar then spinebusters holly and hits him with 3 elbow drops..lesnar then hits another over head suplex..but this time sending hardcore over the top right to the outside..lesnar then sets hardcore up on the table and goes up the turnbuckle for a elbow...but holly moves sending lesnar though the table...cole tells hardcore to cover him..holly gets the pin..1..2..kick out by lesnar..oh so close says cole..bigshow shows up and attacks hardcore holly and puts lesnar on top..1..2..kick out..lesnar gets up and hits hardcore with a monitor and throws hardcore into the ring post then the barricade..lesnar is starting to build up control says tazz..lesnar takes hardcore to the backstage area and throws him into some box's 1..2..kick out...benoit and cena shows up and attacks the champ delievering a f-u and diving head butt off a ladder...hardcore gets the pin..1...2..kick out by lesnar ..hardcore returns lesnar to the ring and hits the alabama slam as the crowd goes mental....1....2...kick out..holly goes for a 2nd alabama slam but lesnar counters and hits a powerbomb as cole reminded everyone on holly's bad neck..1...2..kick out..lesnar then gets a chair and hits harcore 3 times in the back and gets rid of the chair
1....2..kick out...lesnar the tosses holly to the out side and pulls him up the ramp way to the edge of the stage..lenar then hits a spinebuster on holly and setsup the f-5...oh my god cries out cole..no don't do it...and f-5 right of the stage by lesnar...lesnar the gets off the stage and locks in the brock lock to holly..the ref checks holly's arm 3 times and calls for the bell
winner-and still wwe champion brock lesnar at 19:30

lesnar is shown standing over a prone hardcore holly with the wwe title as smackdown comes to an end!
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