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WWE Raw Storylines Chapter 1

Raw opens live from Minneapolis, Minnesota where WWE owner Vince McMahon is in the ring.

Vince says that although Eric Bischoff is Raw General Manager, he had his own Main Event for Raw that night. Vince tells everyone that he believes Raw Main Events hadn't had enough excitement in them recently so he wanted to give the fans a night to remember.

Eric Bischoff's music hits and out comes "The Bisch".

Bischoff says that he's worried with what Vince just said because when it comes to Mr McMahon, no one can know if Vince means to help Raw immensely or destroy it immensely. Vince replies by saying that Bischoff is only one who can ruin Raw. Bischoff doesn't understand. Vince explains that Bischoff hasn't done anything huge in his WWE Raw General Manager career except for making The Elimination Chamber. Vince says Bischoff could break Raw down by not giving the fans enough excitement and entertainment. Bischoff argues saying that he has made a whole new era for Raw, making it even better than before. Vince replies by saying that if Bischoff wants to make Raw better than before, then Bischoff has to announce, right now, a great Main Event for Raw that evening. Bischoff thinks for a bit, and then says it will be a Fatal Four-Way Cage Match with Chris Jericho, Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Triple H (World Heavy. Champion) with the World Heavyweight Title on the line! Vince says he likes the idea, and tells Bischoff that the match, which sounded like the mini Elimination Chamber, would take place that evening but says what the fans want and need is a good one on one match, but with a little spice to it. The WWE owner says he would delay his Main Event to the coming week. Vince says that next weeks’ show would truly show who the current best Raw superstar is. Later on in that evening, in two Main Event qualifying matches, Kane would take on Batista and Rob Van Dam would face Scott Steiner. The winners would match up, and the finalist would take on Triple H the following week in 2 out of 3 Falls Match for the World Heavyweight Championship! Vince continued to announce that the first fall would be a Singles Match to show pride, the second fall would be a No DQ Match to show dominance and the third fall, if needed, would be a Hell in a Cell Match to show undisputed power! Fans go ballistic when hearing “Hell in a Cell”. Bischoff looks stunned, complains to Vince and worries the 2 out of 3 Falls Match could bring an injury to one of the best Raw superstars. Vince calmly replies by saying that there could be only one best Raw superstar, and the WWE owner advised the participants to be careful and to train hard, for it very well be the biggest Raw Main Events of their career!
Vince tells Bischoff and the fans that the Main Event was only one improvement for Raw. The WWE owner says he can’t help it but no matter how much Bischoff tries to please him, he would always feel anger and pain when he heard the name “Eric Bischoff” because Bischoff nearly destroyed the WWE at one time when he was the top man in WCW. Vince says he hates having to feel angry and painful, so he decides that the following week, before the Main Event, it would be Eric Bischoff and a superstar of his choice vs. Vince McMahon and a partner of his choice! This time, Bischoff looks more scared and worried than he did before Mr McMahon announced the 2 out of 3 Falls Match! Vince says Eric should pick his partner by the end of that evening, or Vince would choose for him!
As Vince walks triumphantly up the ramp, he announces a final stipulation for his match: if Eric’s team lost, then Bischoff would be fired; however, if Vince’s team lost, then he would have to give Eric Bischoff ultimate control of the Raw franchise where Vince McMahon couldn’t interfere! After hearing this, for the first time in the evening, Bischoff smiles!

After a break, 3 Matches: Bradshaw def. Test; The Hurricane def. Randy Orton; The Dudleyz def. Lance Storm and Chief Morley (No.1 Contender to the World Tag Team Championships)

Backstage, Triple H is furious that he has to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against 3 other men in a Cage Match that night and then the coming week in a 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Ric Flair tells Triple H not to worry, and that he believed The Game would still be World Heavyweight Champion in 2 weeks time. Vince walks in, and tells Triple H and Flair that they should be getting ready. Flair asks what Vince means. Mr McMahon then says it will be Triple H and Ric Flair defending the World Tag Team Championships against The Dudley Boyz that evening! The Cerebral Assassin goes mad, throwing props all over his dressing room! Vince explains that firstly he promised the fans a more exciting Raw and secondly it was their duty to defend the titles. Flair says he’ll do anything for the WWE owner, but Vince refuses and says that they can either defend the World Tag Team belts or they can be stripped of them. Vince wishes them luck and leaves.

Raw vs. Smackdown Match: Los Guerreros, Rey Mysterio and Rhyno (Smackdown) def. 3 Minute-Warning, Rico and Batista (Raw)

After this match, 3 Minute-Warning, Rico and Batista are attacking the Smackdown team when Rikishi’s music hits and out comes the 400-pound Samoan. Rikishi helps the Smackdown side, and after Los Guerreros, Rey Mysterio, Rhyno and Rikishi clear the ring, Rikishi hands out shades for everyone and the Smackdown team dances together to Rikishi’s music!

Backstage, Eric Bischoff is trying to convince Chief Morley to be his tag team partner. Morley says he sorry, but he suffered two 3D’s from the Dudleys and didn’t think he would be able to wrestle for a while. Eric understands and leaves to find a partner.

We come back from a commercial to Eric Bischoff outside Goldberg’s room. Goldberg opens the door, and tells Bischoff he won’t help him before the Raw GM can even ask the former WCW Champion! Bischoff then heads for Scott Steiner’s locker room and asks Big Poppa Pump to be his partner the coming week. Steiner refuses and shuts the door in Bischoff’s face! As he heads back to his office, Eric Bischoff walks into World Tag Team Champions Triple H and Ric Flair. Trips says he has an offer for Bischoff; if Bischoff assisted them some way in their title defence that night, then Ric Flair would be the Raw GM’s partner the coming week. Bischoff thanks them, but says he has to refuse because if he interfered it could cost him his job. The Game replies by saying that they understand, but when Bischoff couldn’t find a partner, he shouldn’t expect anything from them. Bischoff then suddenly smiles, and runs to his office! Flair then wonders why Bischoff suddenly ran off.

Eric Bischoff is seen making a phone call to someone and orders them to come to the arena right then that evening!

Rob Van Dam is hanging out backstage when his partner Kane shows up. Van Dam says that even though they were great friends and partners, if Kane won his match the coming week he would have to face RVD where Van Dam would beat The Big Red Machine. Kane replies by saying that even though RVD was his partner and was a gifted superstar, nothing on Raw could stop the fire taking over once more. Kane then explains that it had been years since Kane had ruled WWE. Kane said it has been bothering him lately that other superstars on Raw believe themselves to be better than Kane. The Big Red Machine says that he would show the world that the monster inside him was still alive and was ready to unleash hell all over again. They wish each other good luck and Rob Van Dam leaves for his match against Christian.

Match: Rob Van Dam def. Christian by DQ when Christian hits RVD with a steel chair.

Afterwards Christian is about to hit RVD again when Kane comes out. The Big Red Machine goes crazy, giving Christian a Chokeslam and then even giving him a Tombstone Piledriver onto the steel chair! Batista and Randy Orton then come out to attack Kane, but like Kane said, the monster inside was ready to unleash hell all over again, and Kane gives both men a Chokeslam each!

Match: The Dudley Boyz def. Triple H and Ric Flair for the World Tag Team Championships after Triple H abandoned the match, leaving Ric Flair to take The Dudleyz on alone.

After the match, The Dudleyz get ready to put Flair through a table when The Game comes back out with a sledgehammer! The Game knocks both The Dudleyz out, and even gives each Dudley a Pedigree! The Game then tries to lift Flair’s hand but Flair gets him off and takes the mic. Flair says that Triple H calls Ric Flair his manager, but makes all the deals himself and Triple H acts as if they’re a tag team but then abandons their match. Flair demands an explanation. Triple H says that he needed to save his energy for that evening’s Main Event and that he thought Flair could hold himself seeing as he’s a former multi-time World Champion. Ric Flair doesn’t believe The Game, and says that since Triple H abandoned their match, then he would abandon their partnership. Triple H claims he doesn’t need Flair anyway, and gives The Nature Boy a Pedigree!
Triple H then tells the Raw superstars to bring it on, because he was the World Heavyweight Champion, and he was ready. With that, Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho come to the ring respectively for the Fatal Four-Way Cage Match with the World Heavyweight Championship on the line!

MAIN EVENT: Triple H def. Booker T, Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

After this match, Chris Jericho challenges Shawn Michaels to a Wrestlemania rematch at Unforgiven, which HBK accepts.

Vince comes to ring and asks Bischoff to introduce his partner for the following week. Eric Bischoff is seen in his office, facing the camera and smiling. Bischoff says that he had come to a big decision. Bischoff says the phone call that he made that night was to a very, very special person. The Raw GM then asks the world to welcome… The cameras come off Bischoff and focus on… The Rock! Rock says it was great to be back on Raw, and although he had to sacrifice making a new movie to be there, he and Bischoff had come to an arrangement. Rock says Eric Bischoff believes him to be the top Raw superstar, which is why the winner of next week’s 2 out of 3 Falls Match would defend the World Heavyweight Championship against The Rock at Unforgiven! Rock then says as for Vince and his partner, whoever he was, would get their ass whooped the following week on Raw!

As Vince is still in the ring, the WWE owner smiles and tells Rock that he was the chairman of WWE, so he didn’t have to pick a Raw superstar. In fact, Vince says his partner would be a Smackdown superstar who Rock always fell short to. Vince then asks Eric Bischoff and The Rock to welcome to Minneapolis, the hometown favourite, Brock Lesnar! The arena erupts as the Smackdown superstar walks out to the ring. Brock gets on the microphone and asks Rock if all that comes out of his mouth is trash. Rock and Bischoff complain Brock isn’t allowed to be on Raw. Vince thinks for a moment, and then smiles at Lesnar. Vince then announces that as from that night, Brock Lesnar was a free agent and could go on both Raw and Smackdown! If Brock wanted to in the future, he could also sign an exclusive contact with whichever show he wanted!
Rock says it didn’t matter if Brock was on both shows, it didn’t matter if Vince was the WWE owner, he would still whoop both their candy asses the coming week on Raw! Brock responds by saying that Bischoff and Rock would feel the pain the coming week on Raw!

WWE Raw Storylines Chapter 2

NOTE: I wrote these storylines a while ago so that’s why the returns are a little late…

Raw opens live from Houston, Texas.

J.R. and Jerry “The King” Lawler start off the show by hyping up the Main Event which would be a 2 out of 3 Falls Match, with the first fall a Singles Match, the second fall would be a No DQ Match, and the third fall, if needed, would be a Hell in a Cell Match. To get the Main Event was a different matter however, as the four superstars trying to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship; Kane, Batista, Rob Van Dam and Scott Steiner, would have to win two qualifying matches (semi-final and final) to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H.

Eric Bischoff comes out and tells the fans that night would be the last of it’s kind. Bischoff explains that Vince McMahon had given him the opportunity of a lifetime by making a match which pitted himself and Brock Lesnar against the team of Eric Bischoff and The Rock. The Raw GM says that he would finally beat Mr McMahon inside the ring once and for all.

Suddenly, Chris Jericho’s music comes on and “The Living Legend” comes out to the ring.

Y2J congratulates Bischoff, saying that he’s happy for the Raw GM. Jericho says that he admires Bischoff as a GM, and says he is glad that he’s working for him. Bischoff thanks Y2J, but questions his motives. Jericho just replies by saying that when you are helped/complemented by someone, you should help them in return. Bischoff tells Jericho to tell him what he wants. Y2J says he simply wants another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Bischoff says he was sorry, but he couldn’t help Y2J. Y2J then says that if the Raw GM wouldn’t help then…

Shawn Michaels’ music hits and out comes HBK.

HBK says that the previous week on Raw, Y2J challenged him to a rematch at Unforgiven. HBK says he just wants to make sure Jericho is definite in saying he wants to go one on one with Shawn Michaels in the ring. Y2J says he was damn sure that Shawn Michaels would get an ass kicking at Unforgiven, however that night, it would be Bischoff who would get an ass kicking! With that, Y2J knocks HBK out of the ring and then locks Eric Bischoff in the Walls of Jericho!

Match: Bradshaw def. D-Von in a match to earn a spot in the 8 Man Battle-Royal that would take place at Unforgiven with a “mystery prize” on the line.

Bischoff announces that as a punishment, Chris Jericho would face 3-Minute Warning in a Handicap Match. Vince McMahon walks up next to Bischoff. The Raw GM smiles, and says that Vince would lose his “baby”, Raw, to Eric Bischoff that night. Vince tells Bischoff not to count on it, and suddenly Brock Lesnar attacks Bischoff from behind! Vince and Lesnar leave before The Rock arrives at the scene and calls for help.

2 Matches: Kane def. Batista and Rob Van Dam def. Scott Steiner

Kane and RVD agree before their match that if one of them goes on to become World Heavyweight Champion, they would still stick together.

Before the next 2 Tag Team Matches, Eric Bischoff explains that the two teams who win their matches would allow another 4 men to enter the 8 Man Battle-Royal.

2 Matches: Randy Orton & Test def. Maven and Al Snow and Christian & Lance Storm def. Rico and The Hurricane.

Backstage, Batista and Randy Orton are assuring Triple H that if anything went wrong in his match that night then they would be there for him. Triple H thanks them but says that he was The Game, he was the World Heavyweight Champion and he was the man who would tear apart his opponent that night in the Main Event. Orton and Batista wish him luck and say that they are confident he would walk out of Raw that night World Heavyweight Champion.

Match: Kane def. Rob Van Dam to become the man who would face Triple H in the 2 out of 3 Falls Main Event that evening for the World Heavyweight Championship!

After the match, RVD and Kane shake hands and The Big Red Machine declares that the Raw fans would have a new World Heavyweight Champion!

Backstage, Brock Lesnar is walking to Vince McMahon’s office when he is attacked by The Rock. After Rock runs off, Vince comes out of his office and sees Lesnar lying unconscious on the floor. The WWE owner shouts for help. Vince looks very worried as Lesnar is loaded on to the ambulance.

After the commercial, Eric Bischoff does a raffle in his office to determine the last 3 superstars to enter the 8 Man Battle-Royal. The raffle picks Rob Van Dam, Booker T and Buh Buh Ray Dudley.

Eric Bischoff and The Rock come out to the ring for their match. Bischoff calls Vince out and says he wants the WWE owner to be out of Raw as soon as possible.

Vince McMahon’s music hits and out comes the WWE owner.

Vince says that because of The Rock’s attack on Brock Lesnar earlier on that evening, Lesnar would not be able to compete that evening. However, Mr McMahon says that he has found a new partner for himself. Vince says that also, he was installing a Special Referee to the match! McMahon firstly wants to introduce his partner…

Goldberg is here in WWE!!!

Bischoff and Rock are absolutely shocked to see the former WCW Champion head down the ramp and into the ring next to Vince McMahon. Goldberg then takes the mic and says that he would like to introduce the Special Referee for that evening’s match…

The glass breaks and Stone Cold Steve Austin is back on WWE Raw!

Bischoff and Rock look really shocked and worried now as Austin gets in the ring. Stone Cold calls for the bell, and the match begins!

Match: Vince McMahon and Goldberg def. Eric Bischoff and The Rock when Mr McMahon pins Eric Bischoff after the Raw GM gets a Jackhammer from Goldberg.

Vince then gets in Bischoff’s bloody face (Goldberg busted him open), fires him, and appoints Stone Cold the new WWE Ra w General Manager! Stone Cold then stuns The Rock, Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon, Goldberg and Stone Cold hold up their hands and toast with a round of Steveweisers!

Finally, after the commercial, Kane and the World Heavyweight Champion Triple H head to the ring for the much anticipated 2 out of 3 Falls Match. Before the match, Triple H challenges Kane to put his job on the line. Kane says he’ll only agree if Trips puts his on the line as well. Triple H accepts, and the much-anticipated 2 out of 3 Falls Main Event Match is underway!

2 out of 3 Falls Match:

First Fall: Triple H

Second Fall: Kane

*During the third fall, The Game and Kane are fighting on top of the Hell in a Cell when Mick Foley makes a shock appearance. Foley gets the World Heavyweight Championship belt, climbs up onto the Hell in a Cell, smashes Triple H in the face with it and tells Kane to Chokeslam Triple H all the way to hell! Kane then grabs Triple H and gives a him Chokeslam which sends The Game through the Cell!!! Kane then jumps down into the ring and pins Triple H 1-2-3 for the World Heavyweight Championship and to end Triple H’s Raw career!

After the match, Kane climbs back onto the top of the Cell. Rob Van Dam comes out and climbs up too. Mick Foley then hands Kane the World Heavyweight Championship belt, then RVD, Mick Foley and the new World Heavyweight Champion Kane lift their hands in the air as Raw goes off the air!

WWE Raw Storylines Chapter 3

Raw opens live from Tampa, Florida.

Raw starts with Mick Foley heading to the ring.

Foley says that one week had passed and all people asked him was, “Why Foley, why?” Foley says that now it was time to tell the truth. He says that when Kane agreed to put his job on the line the previous week, he said he couldn’t witness seeing another man getting thrown out of WWE Raw by The Game, Triple H. Foley says as soon as the bell sounded the beginning of the first fall, he sped to the arena. Foley says that what he did the week before was for the people and for himself. Before Foley can continue…

Raw GM Stone Cold Steve Austin’s music hits and out comes the Texas Rattlesnake, holding a contract in his hand.

Austin says that he’s happy to see Foley in the ring. The former WWE commissioner tells Stone Cold that he was not staying in WWE. Austin says he doesn’t wanna see Foley leave WWE again, and offers him a job as his assistant. Foley rejects, saying whenever he gets a job in WWE, he gets fired. As Foley turns to walk out of the ring, Stone Cold offers him a job as Co-Raw General Manager! Foley worries about Vince McMahon. Austin tells him not to worry, and says if McMahon does anything, he would have to answer to Stone Cold…

Vince McMahon’s music hits and out comes the WWE owner.

Vince says that he had no objection to Foley and Stone Cold working together, however, if they could not give the fans what they wanted, they would both have to leave for the better. Austin then says he wants the three of them to celebrate with (of course) a Stone Cold Beer Bash. Foley says that he doesn’t trust Vince. Stone Cold then suggests Mick Foley sign the contract that he brought to the ring, an ironclad contract that stated that Foley couldn’t be fired or suspended! Vince looks unwilling, but still agrees and Foley, Austin and McMahon celebrate by drinking beer! Suddenly, Foley locks Vince in the Mandible Claw and signs Austin’s ironclad contract!

Match: Test def. Bradshaw, Randy Orton and The Hurricane in a Fatal Four Way.

In the parking lot, Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon arrives at the arena.

Mick Foley then heads to the Dudleyz locker room and lets himself in. Foley tells the Dudleyz that they’d be defending the World Tag Team Championship against a mystery team that night. The World Tag Team Champions ask who the team was, but Foley tells them it would be a surprise. After the Co-Raw GM leaves the World Tag Team Champions wonder who their opponents were.

2 Matches: Maven & Al Snow def. Christian and Lance Storm by DQ when Christian and Lance Storm used a con-chair to on Al Snow and then used it on Maven, and Scott Steiner def. Rico.

Backstage, Lilian Garcia is trying to get an interview with Stephanie McMahon. The Smackdown GM says she knew she wasn’t supposed to be there that night, but she had an important announcement to make that couldn’t wait for Thursday night.

In the parking lot, World Heavyweight Champion Kane arrives at the arena. Moments later, RVD arrives and heads for the ring for his Triple Threat match with Chris Jericho and The Rock.

Before the match officially starts, Stone Cold comes out and tells everyone that The Rock was not at the arena that evening so as a result, Rock was no longer No.1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship and Rock was not competing in the Triple Threat match. Austin then sends out Booker T to replace The Rock and says the match would name the No. 1 Contender to Kane’s World Heavyweight Championship at Unforgiven.

Match: RVD def. Chris Jericho and Booker T to become the No. 1 Contender. After the match, Mick Foley and Austin decide that Y2J would replace RVD in the 8-Man Battle Royal at Unforgiven.

Goldberg’s music hits and the former WCW Champion heads for the ring. Goldberg says that it was great to be back in the wrestling industry, and declares an open challenge to the Raw locker room.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and out comes The Pain.

Brock welcomes Goldberg to WWE, saying that Raw would be that much better with him. Lesnar says he would accept Goldberg’s challenge, however, only if Goldberg was ready. Goldberg tells Lesnar he was ready and says he wants to ask Lesnar one question. Lesnar accepts, and Goldberg asks Brock who was next. Lesnar answers “Goldberg”, and gets Speared for it!

After a break, the Dudleyz head to the ring for their match. The Dudleyz tell their opponents to come out, and say they would still be World Tag Team Champions by the end of the evening. The Dudleyz wait for a moment…

The music hits and out comes Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels and Scott Steiner!

Match: Kevin Nash & HBK def. The Dudley Boyz for the World Tag Team Championship

After the match, Stephanie McMahon comes out and stands at the top of the ramp. Steph says she was very surprised with the return of the . However, she had a surprise of her own. The Smackdown Gm then wants to introduce the newest wrestlers of Smackdown…

Triple H, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn, D Generation-X!

Trips takes the mic and issues a challenge to the for a match at Unforgiven! Kevin Nash accepts so the two top most controversial factions in wrestling history will finally clash at Unforgiven! DX then run into the ring and the 6 men get into a brawl!

After the commercial, Kane heads towards the ring for his World Heavyweight Championship match against Batista in a Table match.

Table Match: Kane def. Batista to retain the World Heavyweight Championship after giving Batista and Randy Orton a double Chokeslam through two separate tables!

RVD then comes out and holds Kane’s arm up. Suddenly, Kane grabs RVD by the throat and gives him a Chokeslam! As he is walking up the ramp, Kane stops, turns round, runs back to the ring and gives RVD a Tombstone Piledriver! Kane holds up the World Heavyweight Championship as Raw goes off the air!

Next Week: Chapter 4 + Unforgiven Matches/Results!

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Are there actually any matches in that sea of words? Because I couldn't finhd any without reading every single word. You need to clean it up a lot before you continue.

I'd give it a C- seeing as how you put some effort into it.

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Kingpin2003 said in post #3 :
Adam, if u took the time to read it all you would see it is packed of matches.
Ture it is, but how long are your matches? About one or two lines long, and that is my point. I'm not saying the shows aren't good quality, it's just your layout needs to be worked on.
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