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WWE Raw: Return of the Legends

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Raw opens up with Evolution making their way down to the squared-circle for HHH to sign the contract for the world title match against Bret Hart which will be at Survivor Series.

HHH: “You know all this talk about Bret Hart beating me at Survivor Series is a load of crap. All you fans can wish and dream about it but it’s not gonna happen. You know why? Because when it’s all said and done I will be the one who’s hand will be raised as the world champion when I pin Bret one, two, three right in the middle of this ring. If you think for one minute that that’s not gonna happen you need to get your head examined and go back to school to learn.” Now”…. Bret’s music hits and makes his way out on the stage accompanied by none other than his brother Owen Hart.
Bret: “HHH you make me laugh. All this crap you’re talking how you’re gonna beat be and be the world champion. Well I have other ideas. If you think you can beat me one, two, three then why don’t we have a stipulation regarding our match at Survivor Series? I think maybe an iron man match or a cage match or even a hell in the cell match. Now wait I have a better idea. How about a submission match?”
HHH: “I see where you’re going with this so give me a little time to think this over and I’ll get back to ya ok?” He gets the contract and rips it up causing Bret to look dismayed. “Bret you think I’m stupid enough to get in the ring and have a submission match with? (Laugh) You know what, you’re on!! At Survivor Series I am going to put you in a submission so intense you won’t be able to walk again!” Confrontation ends with Bret and HHH staring coldly at each other as a commercial ensues.

Commercial break

Match One: Dudley Boyz Vs. Edge and Christian

Both men lock up. Dvon sends Christian to the ropes then knocks him to the ground. Dvon tosses out Christian. Christian goes back in but gets tossed out again. Christian gets the advantage and does a lot of ground punches and stomps. Dvon comes back with a slam then a top rope leg drop. Dvon hits another slam then a standing leg drop for 2. Dvon hits a spinebuster. Dvon tags in Bubba as he goes to work on the inner thigh of Christian and does that for about 3 minutes. Bubba lets go of the hold and whips Christian into the corner and does a running clothesline but misses hitting the turnbuckle. Both men are down as Christian crawls to the corner where Edge is waiting. Christian tags in Edge as Edge explodes into the ring and does a couple clotheslines on Bubba and Dvon then gives them a double flapjack. Edge then sits in the corner waiting for Bubba to get up but as the ref is distracted Spike runs through the crowd and trips Edge as he went for the spear on Bubba. Spike hides and the Dudleys give Edge the 3D as Christian is knocked from the apron by Dvon. Bubba covers Edge for three.

Winners: Dudley Boyz

In the back: Trish and Stacy are talking. In comes Lita who asks Stacy to leave then wishes her good luck. Lita says she wants Trish to be at her best tonight when they go against Jazz and Molly Holly. The segment ends with Trish looking at Lita with a foul look on her face.

Commercial break

Match Two: Owen Hart Vs. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton hits a few dropkicks that eventually knock Owen to the outside. Shelton tries a suicide dive but Owen side steps him. Owen begins to stomp on Shelton. Owen sends Shelton to the corner. Owen gives Shelton a few right hands and does a monkey flip as Shelton flies across the ring. Owen then picks up Shelton whips him into the ropes and gives him a flying clothesline. Owen goes to the top rope and does a missile dropkick to Shelton. Owen picks up Shelton and Shelton bursts with a few right hands and a whip to the ropes. Owen counters a clothesline and gives Shelton a German suplex. Owen then sets up Shelton for the sharpshooter. Shelton holds on for a while screaming in pain but not long enough as he taps out.

Winner: Owen Hart by submission

Booker T was shown backstage as Eric Bischoff approached him. They
shook hands before Eric let Booker know its “Eric Bischoff”. Booker T
told Bischoff that he beat Goldust last week, and he’ll beat that chump again.
Eric said since both men were so evenly matched, Booker would have to
defend his IC title in a table match and that match would take place
at Unforgiven. Of course, Booker T wasn’t happy about this.

Match Three: Rhyno Vs. William Regal

Both wrestlers start off with a lock up as Rhyno uses his strength to get the better of Regal. Knee to the gut by Rhyno and he shoves Regal into the corner and pounds away as the ref counts to three for the break. As Regal comes out of the corner a thunderous clothesline and a suplex meet him. Rhyno then picks Regal up and gives him a few body shot and whips him to the ropes then does a spinebuster vintage Arn Anderson style. Pin for Rhyno who gets a two count. Rhyno then goes to the top as Regal gets up and knocks Rhyno off balance. Regal then takes full advantage and does a suplerplex off the top rope for a two count. Regal then gets fired up and gives Rhyno a few rights and lefts then a few knees to the cranium. Tajiri comes down to the ring and distracts the ref, as Regal is about to finish off Rhyno. Regal then gets distracted and turns round to be hit by the Gore. Pin by Rhyno one, two, three.

Winner: Rhyno

Commercial break

Match Four: Evolution (Randy Orton, Batista and Edge) Vs. Chris Benoit, HBK and Eugene (Pre-match build up to Survivor Series)

Edge and HBK start off. Edge starts working over HBK with some stomps. Randy is in who gets arm dragged twice. Eugene is in. Eugene then cleans out Edge and Orton with a few clotheslines and back tosses. In comes big Batista. Batista hits a double underhook suplex for 2. Edge is in who stomps away on Eugene. Eugene shoves off Edge who tags in HBK. HBK takes out Edge then flapjacks Batista. Edge hits a neckbreaker then all hell breaks loose. In all the chaos HBK rolls up Edge for 3. (A quick match I know but it was supposed to be like that because of the feud that will happen at Survivor Series)

Winners: Chris Benoit, HBK and Eugene

Match Five: Kane (ic champ) Vs. Chris Jericho

Both men go at each other; Y2J mounts the first big offence with a flying clothesline on the outside as Kane walks down the ramp. Kane finally rolls into the ring and Y2J hammers him with kicks to the chest. Jericho then goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for two. Kane sits up and looks angry. Kane tosses Y2J to the corner and mounts with punches to the body and head. Then a big thrust to the throat causing Y2J to fall to the canvas as Kane stomps away. Y2J tries to get up, but Kane puts him in a chokehold and works Y2J back down to the canvas. As Kane gets ready to finish off Y2J, Jericho dodges and nails the inziguri and quickly rolls Kane up to take the two count. Y2J then sets up Kane for the Lionsult but Kane counters by getting his knees up. Kane then sits up and signals for the Chokeslam. Then suddenly the lights go and nothing seems to be happening. The lights turn on and Kane is lying on the canvas with a chair next to him and the ref and Jericho look at him in shock. Jericho then goes and pins Kane for the three count.

Winner: Chris Jericho New Intercontinental Champion

Commercial break

Match Six: Kurt Angle Vs. Ric Flair (No DQ match)

Both wrestlers come out to a sea of boos, as the match gets under way with both wrestlers locking up in the middle of the ring. Angle gets the advantage and pushes Flair into the corner and gives him a few chops and whooo! The crowd enjoyed it and joined in as Flair’s eyes went wild. They lock up again and this time Angle takes Flair down to the mat and gives him a few slaps to the head. Angle then whips Flair into the ropes and gives him a hip toss. Flair gets up immediately and Angle then hits a scoop slam and tries for the Angle lock but Flair gets to the ropes. Thumb to the eye by Flair and a few chops to knock Angle down and then a few stomps to the chest. Flair then goes to the top rope only to be caught by Angle who does a body-to-body suplex off the top. Angle then hits a clothesline and a counter of a German suplex as Flair tried for a quick jab. Angle then pulls down the straps and is about to go for the Angle lock when HHH comes out to distract the ref. Out of the crowd comes Batista who waits for Angle to turn around. As he does Batista comes charging in but Angle counters with a drop toehold into the lower extremities of Ric Flair. Angle then gives Batista the Angle Slam and HHH tries to interfere but is knocked off the ring apron. Angle then turns round to be met by a chair shot from Flair who then puts Angle in the Figure Four Leg Lock. Angle is out cold so the ref rings for the bell.

Winner: Ric Flair by submission
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Yo, that was one hell of a great show!!! Big up to you :)

The show could have benefited with more Italics and Underline but I hate to be a misery guts so just take the comment how you want to.

Also more Backstage segments.

I hope that you carry on the Thread because I see great potential. Good Work 10/10

BTW: Congrats on 1000 posts!

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Nice, I liked the way the matches were quite short, long matches are usually a bit borin.......

Nice work, though i would add some more backstage segments, as TheGreatOne said..
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