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WWE RAW(everyone please read and respond)

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RAW Is War

Live from Memphis, Tennessee

Commentators J. R and Jerry the king lawler.

The pyro hits the arena as everyone in attendance pops out of their seats. 15, 234 cheer as “Glass Shatters” hits. Out from the entrance way comes Stone Cold as he walks down to the ring with a couple of beers in his hands. Once he goes through the bottom ropes he taunts the crowd. He drinks down one beer and leaves the other one at the side of the ring. He then grabs the mic from the announcer. Everyone chants Austin…Austin as finally stone cold speaks.

Steve-First in foremost I have to get something of my chest. Eric Bishoff, you wanna play games with me, then fine. You think you can run around here thinking you own this place then you have another think coming. That’s what I have to say about that. As for the main event at Unforgiving, it hasn’t been determined yet, but as far as I know, it will in about….

Austin checks his watch

Steve-2 seconds….

Crowd pops up

Steve- Cause at Unforgivin it will be Triple H the reigning World Champion vs THE Rock

Crowd burst with excitement but as triple his music plays, all those cheers came into boos. Along with Ric Flair, triple h made his mark down the ring, staring right at stone cold. As soon of usually spiting out his water, he just came right into the ring. He just grabs the mic right out of Austin’s hands as he begins to speak.

Triple H- Austin….you know damn well that the rock will not show up tonight, hes in hollywood his movies.-Crowd boos- Its kind of sad that im facing an opponent and you know he wont show up tonight, or in time for unforgiving on that matter. Just give up Austin, you tried all you could to make me give up my title, but it wont happen anytime soon.-crowd boos- Austin- O really triple h, is that so. Well guess what, I just got a phone call from the rock right here on raw-crowd cheers-And hes coming to Memphis TONIGHT.

Crowd pops automatically as triple h looks shocked. He droppes his belt as ric flair holds him back from fighting Austin.

“I’m back…and better than ever” Eric Bishoff comes out as everyone boos. He already has the mic in his hand as he comes down into the ring. He then steps foot inside and looks at both men.

Eric- Guys,Guys,cant we all just get along? Austin, I’ve got one word to say to you. The rock is not medically cleared to even step foot in this building and if he does, security guards in the back are here to take him back to outside grounds.-Crowd boos as eric bishoff leaves the ring and heads to the back. Triple h grins as stone cold is the one now in shock.-

Commercial break

Christian vs. Booker t

Christian comes down the ring with an envy of boos coming from the crowd. Booker t comes up next with lots of cheers. The match starts of as booker gives Christian the clothline. Booker gives Christian a chokehold but Christian moves and reaches the ropes. Christian then gets up and automatically works on bookers leg. He gives booker various submission holds but booker never gives up. Christian then goes outside and grabs the chair, but the ref didn’t allow it. Christian just pushed him out of the way and begins the assault on the already injured leg of booker t. Booker t’s leg has been battered and bruised as paramedics come out to stop the violence. Everyone boos as Christian just smiles at what he did. He would then leave the arena with his belt, as people started to boo. As booker t gets up, people clap him on and cheer as booker seemed alright.


Kurt angle is seen walking down the hallway as his cell phone rings. He picks it up as a mysterious voice is heard from the caller. It sounds like Brock lesnar, but Kurt thought he wouldn’t be here today because “important business” has to be settled.

Rob Van Dam vs chris Jericho

This match started outside as RVD gets the early advantage. Chris Jericho retaliates with a right hand and then when they finally got in the ring the real match starts. RVD strikes with a couple of punch/kick combinations. Then goes for some nice chops. Jericho goes outside to catch a breath of air, but rvd goes to the op rope and does a cross body all the way to the floor. Chris Jericho is hurt, but surprisingly got up first and ran. RVD catches up to him but Chris would duck without any hesitation. Chris Jericho eyerakes RVD and rolls him back into the ring. Chris begins his assault by stomping on the foot of RVD. Then goes for the cover but falls short of the three. Rvd slowly gets up and gives Jericho a roundhouse kick out of nowhere. Rob goes up o the top rope without trying to pin and connects with the five star frog splash. When he goes for the cover though evolution comes down to the ring. They cheapshot the ref and ric flair uses the sledgehammer to hit rvd in the abdomen. The ref slowly gets up and finds rvd being covered. 1…2…3. Chris Jericho wins but cheats to do so. Is Jericho teaming with evolution?

Commercial break

The camera shows the security guards guarding the back door to the arena. Triple h comes up with ric flair and randy Orton and grins at all of them.

Triple h- Boys, have fun guarding the door, cause I don’t ever want to see the rock as long as I live, my match is coming up shortly, so make sure you guys do your job right. We paid you to do it. If he does come in here, kick his ass first, then kick his ass out. Through him back to ole goody goody Hollywood. Triple h walks up and evolution follows. The camera fades to black….


Kane vs kurt angle. The match starts out as Kane gives Kurt angle an illegal choke on the ropes. Kurt managed to break out and continues to punch Kane. That didn’t seem to effect Kane at all as he gave angle an uppercut that sent him flying, angle gets up as Kane begin to toy with angle. Kane slappes him foolishly but kane then tries for a chokeslam. Reversal, anklelock to Kane and only 5 minutes passes by in the match. Kane goes over and kicked angle with his leg. Angle gets right back up and tries again, but at that point, the lights dim. Brock lesnar comes out as everyone in the arena boos. He goes down into the ring and has a steel chair in hand. He hits angle with it, but Kane sits back up and HITS BROCK WITH A CHOKESLAM!! He then tries to light lesnar on fire but the lights dim out again. Smoke fills the entrance way as the crowd probably gives the loudest pop of the night. The Undertaker is here, deadman style. Kane stares as undertaker comes into the ring. The two then go nose to nose as undertaker gives Kane a tombstone piledriver out of nowhere.


The guards are standing at their post as a masked figure comes into the scene. They look at him with curiousness. The masked man runs as the fat overweight guards run as well, eating their Twinkies while doing so. Everyone in the arena laughs as the masked man turns around. The rock type punches to all of them. The camera then cuts to triple h’s dressing room, as he is staring in awe. He then takes his belt nd leaves the locker room, as he looks for the masked man…………

“IF YOU SMELLLL…..WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKIN” It’s the return of the rock, as he takes of his mask while walking down to the ring. He slides through the bottom ropes as everyone chants his name.

Rock- The great one is back in the wwe, and I’m here to stay. Triple h, even though before I called you an ugly hermaphrodite, it still doesn’t put the tension between us. You see, we have a lot of history facing each other. It goes from having ironman matches to being in the Armageddon hell in the cell. I am back, and your reign as champion for over a year is finally over. Hell, you win all the time. When I went to Wall mart I saw this board game called Triple H monopoly…the game were you job to triple h. You can probably job to people like Kevin nash or Goldberg, but this is THE MOST ELECTRAFIEN MAN IN SPRORTS ENTERTAINMENT TODAY!!!!!

“Time to play the game” triple h comes out and charges right to the rock. He swings the belt at him but the rock ducks and gives triple h the rock bottom. He then signals for the most electrifying move in sports entertainment today. He connects with the peoples elbow and then poses with the belt. Unforgiving. Him and triple H? Tensions will fly as we continue next week.

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