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WWE Raw 10/11/14 Liverpool Echo Arena

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Alright guys,

As I'm sure your all aware now, the Raw and Smackdown tapings are being filmed in Liverpool this November, with tickets due to go on sale Friday 30th May at 9am...

My question to you guys is, im looking to go all out this time and get as close as possible to the ring... How much did floor seats cost for the last 2 tapings in Manchester and London, anyone know? And what is the best way to book the tickets as soon as they go on sale, anybody got any tips?

Cheers, Nidge...

PS... To all you guys at the O2 tonight and tomorrow, have a cracking time and don't let the English fans down, Manchester was rocking in November...

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The one I went to in Birmingham a couple of years ago the floor seats ranged from £100 to £120 IIRC, I did look at them but they sold fast I ended up in the tier seats near the front costing around £80
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