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WWE Ranks the top 25 Summerslam matches of all time (leaves out arguably best one)

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Not a great list but figured I'd post it here.

25. Brain Busters/Hart Foundation - 1989
24. Test/Shane - 1999
23. Mankind/Austin/HHH - 1999
22. Virgil/DiBiase - 1991
21. Blayze/Nanako - 1994
20. Cena/Batista - 2008
19. Austin/Owen - 1997
18. Warrior/Rude - 1989
17. Taker/Mankind - 1996
16. Warrior/Savage - 1992
15. Hart Foundation/Demolition - 1990
14. Taker/Austin - 1998
13. Elimination Chamber - 2003 :)lmao)
12. Hart/Taker - 1997
11. Mysterio/Guerrero - 2005
10. Rock/Lesnar - 2002
9. HBK/Razor - 1995
8. Punk/Cena - 2011
7. Edge/Taker - 2008
6. Rock/HHH - 1998
5. TLC I - 2000
4. Bret/Owen - 1994
3. HBK/HHH - 2002
2. Hart/Perfect - 1991
1. Hart/Bulldog - 1992
Matches I felt should have made it or gotten mention:

Angle/Austin - 2001 WHAT THE FUCK
Lesnar/Angle - 2003 WHAT THE FUCK
Punk/Hardy - TLC 2009 WHAT THE FUCK
MVP/Hardy - 2008
Foley/Flair - 2006
Mysterio/Angle - 2002
Benoit/Orton - 2004 ;/
Benoit/Tajiri/Rhyno/Guerrero - 2003 :/
Benoit/RVD - 2002 :/
Benoit/Jericho - 2000 :/
Mankind/HHH - 1997
Legacy/DX - 2009
Mysterio/Ziggler - 2009
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Re: WWE Ranks the top 25 Summerslam matches of all time (leaves out arguably best one

25. Brain Busters/Hart Foundation - 1989 = Personally, I was never a fan of this match. It looks great on paper, but I tried to watch it and it just kind of dragged to me. I would have much rather seen a match like Rey Vs. Angle from 2002 make the list. Or if we want to go tag matches, I thought Bulldogs Vs. Rougeaus from 88 was much better and the Powers/Bucks main event from 88 was much bigger and more memorable.

24. Test/Shane - 1999 = Yeah I would have this on there. It was surprisingly great and the way Shane should have always been booked.

23. Mankind/Austin/HHH - 1999 = Eh, I liked Rock/Angle/HHH from 2000 much better. Ventura being involved gave it a huge spark, and it was good, but never one of my favorites.

22. Virgil/DiBiase - 1991 = Yes absolutely. Great Wrestling drama and DiBiase at his finest.

21. Blayze/Nanako - 1994 = Eh, good match, but I wouldn't have this on there.

20. Cena/Batista - 2008 = I'd probably have towards the bottom of the list, but yeah. I'd have it on there.

19. Austin/Owen - 1997 = One of the most memorable matches of Austin's career, but for bad reasons. It is a great match with an unfortunate finish.

18. Warrior/Rude - 1989 = Great IC Title match to conclude a great feud. Thumbs up for me, though maybe a tad too high.

17. Taker/Mankind - 1996 = Eh. I don't feel like this match aged very well. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen before, but didn't really hold up in future years once the business had pushed the boundaries so much.

16. Warrior/Savage - 1992 = A little too high, but sure, I'll go with that one.

15. Hart Foundation/Demolition - 1990 = I'd have this in my top ten. Fucking awesome tag team match.

14. Taker/Austin - 1998 = Austin wasn't in the best of shape for this one, but it had all the hype and atmosphere of a Wrestlemania main event and that gave it a huge umph.

13. Elimination Chamber - 2003 = You know what, if it wasn't for the shit ass stupid ending, I'd say yes, because it was one of the few times they captured Goldberg's awesomeness. But when it ended the way it did, they fucked that to hell. What reason was there to have an injured Triple H that couldn't bump win?

12. Hart/Taker - 1997 = Absolutely. One of my favorites. I'd probably have it a bit higher.

11. Mysterio/Guerrero - 2005 = Maybe a bit too high, but still a very good ladder match.

10. Rock/Lesnar - 2002 = Again, maybe a smidge too high, but still a huge moment and an exciting main event.

9. HBK/Razor - 1995 = Yep. Slightly botched finish aside, it is still an excellent Ladder Match. I loved how when the 2nd Ladder came into play, they talked about whether or not that should be legal. I miss shit like that.

8. Punk/Cena - 2011 = WAY too high, if it belongs on the list at all. It was nowhere near what their Money in the Bank match was and is largely forgettable to me. Good match? Sure, but I wouldn't have it on this list. Where is the Hardy/Punk TLC from 2009??? Now THAT should be in the Top Ten!

7. Edge/Taker - 2008 = Yes, absolutely. One of the better HIACs.

6. Rock/HHH - 1998 = Very good and different Ladder Match. Maybe too high for me, but still very good and belongs on the list.

5. TLC I - 2000 = These type of matches usually don't get ranked too high for me because they are largely just carwrecks, but it absolutely belongs on here for sure.

4. Bret/Owen - 1994 = Awesome fucking Cage match. Ranked about right for me.

3. HBK/HHH - 2002 = Another huge favorite of mine and a great return for HBK.

2. Hart/Perfect - 1991 = Excellent wrestling classic and absolutely belongs this high.

1. Hart/Bulldog - 1992 = Not kidding, this might be my favorite match of all time. To me, this captured what wrestling would be like if it were a shoot. Even the family drama aspect of it felt entirely rule and not like a scripted angle. It felt like a real sporting contest taking place with great action and a little bit of everything thrown in.

So yeah, the list is a tad questionable in places, so here would be mine:

25) Angle Vs. Mysterio from 2002 = Great opener and exciting match.

24) Mega Powers Vs. Mega Bucks from 1988 = The 1st SSlam Main Event and a very star studded and exciting one.

23) Test Vs. Shane in a Streetfight from 1999

22) Bret Vs. Lawler from 1993 = Not a technical wrestling affair, but a wild & exciting series of events.

21) Warrior Vs. Rude for the IC Title from 1989

20) Rock Vs. Brock for WWE Title from 2002

19) Savage Vs. Warrior for WWF Title from 1992

18) E/C Vs. Hardys Vs. Dudleys in TLC for Tag Titles from 2000

17) Rock Vs. HHH Vs. Angle for WWF Title from 2000 = A wild & chaotic match that was just pure insanity from bell to bell (well even before the bell really).

16) Mankind Vs. HHH in a Cage from 1997 = A bit of a forgotten gem between two guys waiting to break out into main event stardom.

15) DiBiase Vs. Virgil for Million Dollar Title from 1991

14) Eddie Vs. Rey in a Ladder Match from 2005

13) Austin Vs. Taker for WWF Title from 1998

12) Austin Vs. Angle for WWF Title from 2001 = I want to forget that the Invasion angle ever happened, but if there was a silver lining, it was the matches these two were having.

11) Rock Vs. HHH in a Ladder Match for IC Title from 1998

10) Hogan Vs. HBK from 2005 = I have a heavy bias towards this one because I was there live and it was an amazing experience. Sure there was political BS from Hogan and sure Shawn oversold almost as a form of pouting, but the energy was great, the match was exciting, and it was a lot of fun to see these two clash in the ring.

9) Edge Vs. Taker in HIAC from 2008

8) Harts Vs. Demolition for Tag Titles from 1990

7) Taker Vs. Bret w/Shawn as Guest Ref for WWF Title from 1997

6) Shawn Vs. Razor in a Ladder Match for IC Title from 1995

5) Punk Vs. Hardy in TLC for World Title from 2009 = Seriously, how is this not on there? An awesome feud with an awesome payoff and a fantastic match. It was my pick for MOTY from 2009, no joke.

4) Bret Vs. Owen in a Cage for WWF Title from 1994

3) HBK Vs. HHH in a Streetfight from 2002

2) Hart Vs. Perfect for the IC Title from 1991

1) Hart Vs. Bulldog for the IC Title from 1992

Well, I guess we agreed on the top four at least, ha ha.
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