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Anyway, I think WWE should host their original "Rampage" events, in the UK. So, here are the matches :-

Steve Regal & Tajiri vs La Resistance (sp?)

- Steve Regal & Tajiri win

Edge vs Christian (Table Match)

- Christian wins

Undertaker vs Big Show (Hell in a Cell)

- Undertaker wins

*the next matches, the European Championship is not defunct anymore*

*whichever team wins this match, pulls double-duty in the main-event*

(RAW) HBK & Chris Jericho vs (SD!) Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero

- (RAW) Team wins (So, it will be, for the European Championship) :-

HBK vs Chris Jericho

- HBK wins (Wins European Title)

I know, crap, isn't it...^^
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