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Fireworks go off as the arena has the raw setup with smackdowns fist. Tonight the broadcast teams are mixed up. J.R will be with Tazz and Jerry Lawler will be with Micheal Cole. The Raw Lockeroom and Smackdown locker room are shown seperated packed with its roster! Tonight it will be the best of 9 matches to determine which brand is better. Tonights mainevent is a 4 vs. 4 gauntlet match...JBL's music hits as were ready for action.

Commentators: Jim Ross and Tazz
Opening Match: Orlando Jordan & The Bashem Brothers vs. William Regal, Tajiri and Val Venis.
Crowd was into the Raw Team. OJ got some pretty big heat. Ending came whenTajiri gave the mist to Doug Bashem. Tajiri was distracted by Orlando and the Bashem's made a switch. Tajiri unaware of the switch was rolled up by Danny but the pinfall was ended when Val hit the money shot. Tajiri covered Danny Bashem for the win.
Winners: William Regal/Tajiri/Val Venis
Match Length:7:00
Show Length: 10:00
ScoreRaw-1 ; Smackdown-0

The Raw lockeroom cheers as Bradshaw appears angry. Eric Bishoff is shown backstage laughing pointing out what just happened to Shelton Benjamin. He tells Shelton hes up next and wishes him luck. Shelton says he doesn't need luck.

Teddy Long walks in the smackdown lockeroom and tells Charlie Hass its time. The smackdown lockeroom cheers as Charlie Hass stands up and heads to the door.

Tale of the Tape is shown compairing Benjamin and Hass.

Commentators: Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
Match 2: Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Hass
Both superstars shake hands and hug before they fight. The match started out on the mat but picked up within a few minutes. Shelton Benjamin was going for his T-Bone but Charlie Hass reversed it into a T-bone of his own. Shelton Benjamin was able to kick out though and after some more wrestling was able to show Charlie how its done.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin
Match Length:10:30
Show Length: 26:00
ScoreRaw-2 ; Smackdown-0

The smackdown lockeroom is booing. Teddy Long shakes his hand. There is a knock on the door and The Coach walks in. The Coach asks Teddy who he has chosen to wrestle Chris Masters next. Teddy Long tells Coach not to worry about it and that he'll find out soon.

Chris Masters gets interveiwed by Maria. Masters says hes not representing raw...but rather representing himself.

Commentators: Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
Match 3: Chris Masters vs. ?????
Chris Masters does his pose and comes down to the ring waiting to see who Smackdown has selected. The music of Funaki hits as Chris Masters laughs in the ring. Funaki gets into the ring. Chris Masters picks up the microphone and asks Funaki if he is kidding. Funaki says he's not and says that a smackdown star can break out of his master lock. Chris Masters dares Funaki to try and break it. Funaki sits in the chair when all of a sudden Akebono comes down the ramp. Akebono gets on the mic and says while he may not be on the roster he has no problem representing Smackdown. Chris Masters hits Funaki with the mic and begins pounding on Akebono. The Bell Rings and the match ends when Akebono places Masters in a bear hug. Chris Masters is forced to submit.
Winner: Akebono
Segment/Match Length:6:00
Show Length: 38:00
ScoreRaw-2 ; Smackdown-1

Teddy Long and smackdown are shown clapping. Teddy thanks the Big Show for getting Akebono to fly in for the night.

Eric Bishoff is backstage pacing. The Raw superstars all seemed confused. Batista tells Eric not to worry.

Commentators: Jim Ross and Tazz
Match 4: Muhammad Hassan and Davari vs. Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley.
U.S.A and We Want Tables chants throughout the entire match. The ending came when the Dudleys hit the "wuz up" on Davari and were setting up him for the 3d. However Hassan came in from behind and nailed Bubba with the ring bell. Hassan/Davari were dq'ed! After the match however they were about to place both the Dudleyz through tables when Spike Dudley came in for the save. Spike hit the dudley dog on Davari through a table and Bubba/D-von gave the 3D to Hassan through the table. The 3 Dudleyz raised eachothers hands.
Winners: Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley
Match Length:8:00
Show Length: 54:00
ScoreRaw-2 ; Smackdown-2

Carlito is backstage saying its not Cool how the dudleyz had to win by DQ. Chris Jericho approaches him and the 2 get in a fight about who's show is cooler! The 2 star eachother down as they meet in action next!

Commentators: Jim Ross and Tazz
Match 5: Carlito Caribean Cool vs. Chris Jericho
Match was good. Carlito applied to Walls of Jericho twice. Chris Jericho botched a spot when going for the lion sault by tripping and landing on his head. Carlito covered the accident by playing to the crowd. Jericho was able to get back on his feet and continue the match. In the end though Carlito was able to use the ropes to gain the win. After the match Carlito brags about how Carlito's Cabana will be much better than the highlight reel ever was. He than spits on Jericho and leaves the ring to big heat.
Winner: Carlito Caribean Cool
Match Length:14:00
Show Length: 1 Hour; 10:00
ScoreRaw-2 ; Smackdown-3

The fans go nuts when they see Shawn Michaels vs. Eddie Guerrero on the titon tron. An Ultimate dream match can happen in the 8-man gauntlet tonight. Eddie Guerrero gets interveiwed. Rey Mysterio walks by. He wishes Eddie good luck in his match. Rey asks Eddie if he wishes him luck tonight. Eddie doesn't answer.

Gene Snitsky is shown backstage. He comes across Vicsera and asks him about Trish. Gene than gives Viscera a box on condoms and says if something goes wrong it cant be your fault. Viscera smiles and scratches his crotch.

Commentators: Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
Match 6:Kane vs. Luther Reigns.
The Pyro hits and Kane makes his way down the ramp. Before he can get in the ring however Luther Reigns attacks him from behind. The two brawl outside the ring for about 5 minutes before they even get into the ring. The ending came when Kane first gave Luther Reigns a chokeslam from the ring to the outside. Kane than gave Luther another chokeslam to the mat and slid into the ring. The ref counted out Luther Reigns. Kane wins! Heidenreich comes down ramp. He gets in the ring and hands Kane a piece of paper. Heidenreich tells Kane to read it as he wrote it just for him and leaves through the crowd. Kane's pyro goes off and he burns the poem and shakes his head.
Winner: Kane by countout
Brawl/Match Length:9:00
Show Length: 1 Hour; 29:00
ScoreRaw-3 ; Smackdown-3

Raw's Team Gauntlet:Batista, Chris Beniot, Shawn Michaels and Edge are shown talking. Chris Beniot and Edge seem to be getting along.

Triple H is interveiwed and he says upset that he is not apart of the gauntlet! Eric Bishoff calms him down by saying they need an easy raw win so he placed him outside of the gauntlet! Eric tells Triple H to murder Rey Mysterio!

Commentators: Jim Ross and Tazz
Match 7: Triple H vs. Rey Mysterio
Awesome match. Rey got little offense in but came back strong hitting all of his main moves on Triple H. Ric Flair came down to ring side but Rey gave him the 619 as he tried to enter the ring. Triple H gave rey a low blow follwed by a pedigree! Rey got his foot on the bottom rope. Ending came with a huge upset when rey hit the west coast pop and got Triple H's shoulders down for the 3!!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio
Brawl/Match Length:16:00
Show Length: 1 Hour; 50:00
ScoreRaw-3 ; Smackdown-4

John Bradshaw Layfield, Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero are shown from smackdown's gauntlet. Booker T walks in late and says hes not happy with the way his team acts. But he promisses to help them win.

John Cena cuts a rap backstage. He claims that Smackdown will be the victorious brand as soon as he defeats Christian! John Cena says that since Christian has his problem solver with him... hes got his own problem solver! The Big Show! The Big Show does John Cena's You cant see me phrase.

Raw stars are shown pumping up Christian. If Christian doesn't win than the main event is pointless.

Commentators: Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole
Match 8: Christian /w Tyson Tomko vs. John Cena /w The Big Show
Awesome match! Big Show/Tomko went at it in the very begining and brawled to the back. During the match alot of people turned on Cena and were chanting for Christian. John Cena hit the FU and it was a close one...Christian kicked out at 2 and 3/4. Christian faught back and hit the Imprediter for the win. Fans when nuts as were chanting his name. Christian stood up shocked by the action. He got on the microphone and said The Chain Gang just got burried by the Peep Train! Christian leaves the ring.
Winner: Christian
Brawl/Match Length:15:00
Show Length: 2 Hours; 10:00
ScoreRaw-4 ; Smackdown-4

The Raw Diva's are backstage talking about how they think Raw will win. Smackdown Diva's over hear.... CAT FIGHT. The Ladies brawl backstage for a few minutes untill they head out to the ring. The King out of his seat. He says he knows the ladies aren't prepared but asks the crowd if they'd like to see a Diva Bra and Pannies showdown. The crowd cheers. The King asks the girls to nominate 3 girls from each show. Raw" Christy, Stacey and Candice. Smackdown: Torrie, Joy and Miss Jackie. The crowd votes for the smackdown divas to win. All girls hug in the end. Dawn and Victoria get pissed that they weren't picked and beat up all the girls. MnM come down to the ring with melina. Melina claims to be the hottest thing on smackdown. MnM than beat up Dawn and Victoria! The King trys to get involved but they hit him with their finisher. MnM leave the ring with Melina on their shoulders.

Raw Gauntlet Team and Smackdown Gauntlet Team are shown heading to the ring. The way this match works is one man will start from each team! When one is pinned he heads to the back and a new man from that team enters. The team that pins the 4 other superstars will be victorious!

Commentators:Jim Ross, Tazz and Michael Cole.
Main Event; The Gauntlet: Batista/Beniot/Edge/HBK vs. JBL/Angle/Guerrero/Booker T
All 8 man have their own respective entrants. We soon find out that its Chris Beniot and Kurt Angle starting the match. The two do their classic moves and matches within 15 minutes. Edge gets fet up with Chris Beniot and grabs his leg. Chris Beniot and Edge go at it on the outside of the ring. Batista trys to seperate the two. Chris Beniot slides back in the ring and was immeditately planted with an angle slam. Chris Beniot is eliminated first. Shawn Michaels enters the ring and its a rematch fron wrestlemania 21. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle go for about 12 minutes. Shawn Michaels finds himself in the ankle lock but unlike mani he is able to recover and nail a sweet chin music to Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is eliminated 2nd. Eddie slides in the ring. The fans chant for both men. Eddie/Hbk go for about 10 minutes. Shawn Michaels gets planted with a frog splash. Shawn Michaels is eliminated 3rd. Edge slides in the ring next. Eddie/Edge wrestle for 8 minutes. The match is quicker because Chris Beniot came back down and grabbed Edge's leg. Eddie rolled him up and used the ropes. Edge is eliminated 4th. Beniot and Eddie smiled at eachother. Edge attack Beniot again and the two brawled to the back. The Raw lockeroom is shown and they seem worried as Batista needs to beat 3 men. Batista seemed confident and got in the ring with Eddie. Eddie had several close spots of cheating but after a short 5 minutes Batista nails Eddie with the Batista Bomb and eliminates him. Eddie Guerrero eliminated 5th. Booker T gets in the ring next. Booker T has a chop fest agasint Batista. Batista basically squashes Booker T in the early going. Booker however is able to hit a nasty bookend. Booker T couldn't get the 3 but the monster was weakened by the move. Booker T had the advantage from there on out untill another Batista Bomb around the 10 minute mark. Booker T 6th eliminated. Batista taunts for John Bradshaw Layfield to get in the ring. He does not budge. Booker T than hits Batista with a sissors kick. The crowd boo's as Bradshaw gets in the ring and makes the cover. Batista kicks out. JBL has the upperhand. The two fight outside of the ring. Batista is still hurt. JBL gives Batista a clothesline from hell. He slides in the ring and waits for the ref to count him out. He doesn't. Batista slowly gets back and got in the ring. After more beatings. The two ended up by the announcers table. Bradshaw seemed to go for what seemed a tombstone but Batista countered and gave him the Batista bomb through the announcers table. JBL was busted open. These 2 wrestled longer than any other combination. The match ended when Bradshaw hit the ref with a big boot. From out of nowhere The Undertaker appeared inthe ring. Bradshaw smiled and held Batista up. But The Undertaker chokeslamed Bradshaw.. turning his back on smackdown. Batista hit his finisher as the ref counted the three at the 18 minute mark.
Winner: Batista
Total Gauntlet Match Length: 1 hour 13 minutes
Show Length: 3 Hours; 40:00
ScoreRaw-5 ; Smackdown-4

The Raw stars all came down to the ring to celibrate. All of a sudden the smackdown lockeroom charged down and we have a huge brawl going on in the ring. STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN's music hits and he runs down the ramp to help his brand. The ring clears out as Bradshaw, Batista and Austin remain. Stone Cold gives Bradshaw the stunner. Stone Cold and Batista drink a beer to end the night as the brawling continues outside the ring.


Okay now i know it wasn't very detailed but it still took me over an hour to wirte....the question isn't what grade it gets

but rather would you buy this event and be happy at the end of it?

Questions to answer
1)What Gauntlet match would you want to see the most?
2)What match would you lookforward to besides the gauntlet?
3)If one match was cut out what would it be?
4)Was the diva segment needed?
5)Was the ppv length... too long or too short?
6)if you read the results...would you buy it if you saw it was on dvd for $19.99?

thank you

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Don't doubl post ever again! Anyway, short matches and it looked like you weren't even trying. Haas vs. Benjamin really hurt your show as it was just short. 4/10 cause you need a lot of work to do.

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I am not an *******. That's very mature. I will not argue with you and will not cuss with you because I don't want to get warned. All I said was just for him not to double post like that again or he'll get warned. I'm trying to help him and his show was average. Well, I guess I'll give it 6/10 instead since I actuall understood the Main Event. Average but it's good. Jeri-tron5000, unless you want a warning point, I suggest you remove that "word".

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Sure I'll read it. Don't mind Mr Wrestlemania's words. He just said it so you could improve. I mean even he received comments like this at the start of his show. He's a nice guy and will appreciate your work if you use colors and fonts. I'll be reading your show. When will you be posting your shows? On fixed days or whenever u want?
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