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I watched Night Of Champions in its entirety last night on Sky Sports and my first thought was that the PPV was nowhere near as good as the previous two PPV's that WWE had done in Money In The Bank and SummerSlam. My second thought was that maybe WWE had overbooked the matches with an attempt at having more matches and less time per match whereas at Money In The Bank and SummerSlam they went with less matches and more time per match.

At Money In The Bank there were six matches but two of those in Kelly Kelly/Brie Bella and Big Show/Mark Henry barely last ten minutes between them so more emphasis was put on to four matches in the two Money In The Bank Ladder matches, Randy Orton/Christian and John Cena/CM Punk and the result was the best PPV of the year. At SummerSlam there were eventually seven matches but the reality was that only two of those matches really mattered in Randy Orton/Christian and John Cena/CM Punk which were both given around twenty five minutes whilst everything else was simply filler and the result was the second best PPV of the year.

Now at Night Of Champions there were seven matches on the card which was the same as SummerSlam and only one more than Money In The Bank but this time WWE attempted to put to much into every match leading up to the PPV. In the last few weeks we have seen WWE push CM Punk/Triple H, John Cena/Alberto Del Rio, Randy Orton/Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger and Air Boom/Awesome Truth whilst Cody Rhodes/Ted DiBiase, Christian/Sheamus and Sin Cara/Hunico/Bryan Danielson have all had time invested into building those up as well no doubt for Hell In A Cell in a couple of weeks.

I understand that WWE creative are paid very well to come up with storylines for feuds and matches but it has become apparent that they struggle when trying to book too many feuds at the same time and the best results for feuds and PPV's this year have come when going with the belief that less is more. Of course i would love to see four or five great feuds on each brand which would make become more interested in watching both Raw and SmackDown but if having just one great feud on each brand with a good filler on each as well means much better quality in PPV's then i would be happier to see that happen instead.
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