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It had always been my dream to be in such a prestigious position.

My name is Ronald Alden. Everyone that knows me, even my new coworkers at the World Wrestling Entertainment HQ, just call me ‘Ron’. I have been writing stories, screenplays, and stage plays for over 10 years… and now, I’ve been given the opportunity to put my years of experience towards my dream occupation; a creative writer and producer of the largest sports entertainment franchise in the world. Everyone is anxious to see what I can do… what kind of ratings I can bring, what kind of show I can produce. With the resources I’ve been given, and the pure passion behind every word I write, I am sure that I won’t disappoint.

Ever since I saw my first wrestling match on TV, I’d fallen in love with the sport. Even moreso, I’d fallen in love with the entertainment. I’d always wanted to be the one to make people feel that same emotion I felt that night… but not just for a night. I wanted people to feel that rush EVERY night. Whether they were in the stands or in the comfort of their own homes… I wanted people to bask in the adrenaline of every single moment. I wanted to create a world where people could escape and lose themselves amidst colorful characters, high-octane performances, and priceless production quality. The pyro, the lights, the commentary, the action… It had captured my imagination, but I knew that I could capture so much more in others if I only had the chance.

Years later, the ball is finally in my court. I look at this blank production template I’ve been given… all of this talent at my disposal, a seemingly endless supply of funds and fans. With this massive amount of power and responsibility that I’ve been given, I can’t let the company down. I can’t let the fans down. And after all this anticipation… I can’t let myself down. This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for. I have to pick up this pen, take this company by the reigns, and begin my long-awaited quest… to capture the imaginations, hearts and minds of the billions of people just like me… people with a passion for sports entertainment.


After a very brief slump, World Wrestling Entertainment is back on the rise! Sustaining reasonable ratings, fan loyalty at an all time high, and merchandise sales through the roof, the WWE franchise is way beyond just being 'well off'. However, Vince McMahon is a businessman... a smart one, at that, and is never content with the state of his multi-billion dollar franchise -- always looking for possible ways to expand and better the company as a whole. Subsequently, he's always looking to keep his programming fresh and exciting for old audiences and new audiences alike. Going into an explosive summer of returns and 'drama-as-usual', the WWE Chairman made a huge behind-the-scenes decision of completely restructuring his creative, writing, and production teams.

The most significant change to be mentioned is the addition of a new lead creative writer and producer -- a man by the name of Ronald Alden, well known for his work both in the television and movie industry. Alden also has a storied background in live productions as well. Sources say Alden was the first to express interest in working with the company, and McMahon made a huge leap of faith by bringing him on board. Alden certainly has to be feeling the pressure, as it's not everyday a new writer is directly promoted to the lead of the creative team and given control over World Wrestling Entertainment's flagship brand, Monday Night Raw. Staff members and superstars alike have their doubts in the 26 year old's abilities to change or better anything within the program, however, nobody doubts or questions the boss' decisions in business. Needless to say, all eyes will be on this young man as we move forward with a summer of (what's expected to be) a continuing rise in the popularity of sports entertainment.

Alden, McMahon, and the rest of the team have been hard at work together preparing for the next edition of Monday Night RAW, which is said to be episode one of a dramatic change in landscape for the program and for the company. We've been told that McMahon offered Alden the opportunity to create a 'wish list' of things he wanted to optimize his ability to provide quality work. Surprisingly, instead of an over-the-top salary or a penthouse office, Alden reportedly only requested Mr. McMahon's faith, and a handful of superstars to be brought back on board with the WWE. McMahon obliged, and instantly re-negotiated the reinstatement of Gregory Helms, Rikishi, and Shelton Benjamin. We are also told that long-term performance contracts for John Morrison, WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Triple H, The Undertake, and Brock Lesnar have been negotiated as well. Rumors report that there are at least four other superstars that are still being re-negotiated, but only time will tell, as WWE will have to extract those superstars from rival promotion Total Nonstop Action.

It's obvious that Mr. McMahon has placed alot of his trust in this young man to do good things for the company, so we should all do the same as well. Then again, it's hard to doubt someone with pure passion like Mr. Alden has shown in the early goings.

General Manager
John Bradshaw Layfield
Commentary Team
Jim Ross & Michael Cole & Jerry Lawler


Alberto Del Rio
Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Evan Bourne
The Hurricane
Jack Swagger
Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
John Cena
John Morrison
The Miz
Mr. S
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Simon Dean
Triple H
Tyson Kidd
The Undertaker
Yoshi Tatsu
Zack Ryder

WWE Champion CM Punk

7/30/12 - CM Punk def. Edge @ RAW
World Heavyweight Champion The Undertaker
8/6/12 - Randy Orton def. Alberto Del Rio (c) & Chris Jericho @ RAW
8/19/12 - The Undertaker def. Alberto Del Rio & Randy Orton (c) @ Summerslam 2012

Intercontinental Champion Kane
8/13/12 - Kane def. Christian (c) @ RAW
United States Champion Dolph Ziggler
World Tag Team Champions Santino Marella & Yoshi Tatsu
Cruiserweight Champion The Hurricane
8/19/12 - The Hurricane def. SIN @ Summerslam 2012


Jimmy Uso & Jey Uso; The Uso's *
Santino Marella & Yoshi Tatsu; OrienTalian Exchange *
Simon Dean, John Morrison & David Otunga; The Fit Club *
Brodus Clay & Rikishi **
Evan Bourne & Rey Mysterio **
Alberto Del Rio & Ricardo Rodriguez **


7/30/12 ▪ Monday Night RAW; #1 "Inauguration of Imagination"
8/6/12 ▪ Mondy Night RAW; #2 "Rise of the Contenders"
8/13/12 ▪ Monday Night RAW; #3 "Swinging Into Summerslam"
8/19/12 ▪ WWE SUMMERSLAM 2012; "It's A PUNK Party!"


7/25/12Wade & Justin Released, Major Angle Scrapped, PG-13 RAW?
7/27/12Kozlov Released, Cruiserweight Division Rumors, Kennedy Declines Contract
7/28/12It's A PUNK Party! (SummerSlam Poster Revealed)
8/18/12More Roster Changes, Cyber Sunday to Return!


Feels good to be back... that's all I'm sayin'. Not keeping up with actual WWE happenings here in China, unfortunately... just living in my own world, so let me be. Haha. Hope you guys enjoy my return thread!
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Introducing Ronald Alden & The 'Period of Passion'

Reported On August 27, 2012
Author: Jack Gross

This afternoon I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with the WWE's new lead creative writer and producer, Ronald Alden. He seemed pretty down to earth from the get-go, and I was anxious to learn more about him and his plans for the immediate future of the red brand. The highlights from the interview are below;

First of all, thank you for joining me this afternoon and congratulations on your tremendous success as a writer for World Wrestling Entertainment. I can personally say that I've enjoyed every episode of RAW since your 'new era' began.

WWE Creative Lead said:
No worries, Jack. It's always good to get out of the office for a while and get some fresh air -- even if it's only to be in someone else's office, haha.
Speaking of your new era, this is the only one that everyone talks about... but don't have a name for. Instead of letting the IWC make one up for you, how about you be the first to give your era a name?

WWE Creative Lead said:
Ha... well, if I had to give the era a name based on how I feel about it; I would call it... the "Period of Passion"...
Period of Passion it is! Sounds and looks promising so far. So on to the few questions I have for you this afternoon. First off; word on the internet is that you've become Vince's right hand man as far as producing and creating goes. What's it like working with the grumpy old man?

WWE Creative Lead said:
Alright, let's set things straight here... working with Vince and the WWE as a whole have both been nothing short of a dream come true. I know the rumors about Vince's attitude, and I knew them from day one when I put in my application. However, having such a prestigious position with the company has allowed me to work literally side by side with the chairman, and I don't regret it one bit. Sure, Vince gets a tad hotheaded sometimes, but that's only because he has an extremely low tolerance for foolishness. He's a businessman, simple as that. He's also an avid believer in the old expression "time is money". And frankly, in an industry like this, it absolutely is. Mr. McMahon is always open to new ideas to expand the company, reach out to different demographics, and most importantly; to make HIS shows the best they can be. It's the entire staff and roster's job to help him do that. Knowing this, if everybody is working together to accomplish this ultimate goal... Vince is always happy.
Who's idea was it to bring back Cyber Sunday?

WWE Creative Lead said:
Don't take this as me patting myself on the back, but it was my pitch that brought the Pay Per View back to the show schedule. Like I said before, Vince always wants to make his shows the best they can be. The only REAL way to do that is by giving the WWE fans what they want, and nobody knows what the fans want quite like the fans themselves do. I proposed this to Vince, and we talked a bit about the weight this Pay Per View would have, and he was all for it. Boston is in for a grand show -- as are all the people that will be watching across the world.
The 2012 Cyber Sunday event has been tagged "YOU control the Universe." Which brings me to my next question; Is the Universe legitimately in control?

WWE Creative Lead said:
I understand and fully accept my responsibility as the lead creative writer for Monday Night RAW, however the difference between me and the writers of the past is that I actually thrive on the ideal of giving the WWE Universe what they want. With that said, Vince and I agreed that Cyber Sunday was the best way to go. In saying that, I'll go on record and acknowledge the fact that there's always been speculation whether or not these Taboo Tuesday and Cyber Sunday events were actually fan-influenced. The answer is yes, but creative always had the last say. This Cyber Sunday, however, will be completely up to the WWE Universe. I'm taking my hands off of this one entirely, and the results of the polls will legitimately determine the future of World Wrestling Entertainment from September 23rd and on.
Can we expect any surprises or special appearances during the event?

WWE Creative Lead said:
If you recall, General Manager Layfield had a "special guest" at Summerslam. Believe it or not, that contract signing was probably the only legitimate one to ever take place on screen. I've worked with John, who is the manager of Talent Relations, and Vince to re-aquire a handful of superstars, most of which coming back from Orlando, if you know what I mean. Luckily, I jumped on board and requested these guys just as their deals in Orlanda were up. So you could say we lucked out -- and I'm not ashamed to say it. If all goes according to plan, our 'main attraction' signee will make his debut at Cyber Sunday, so you have that to look forward to if nothing else.
We've heard alot about your successes with the WWE since working with them, but have any of your ideas been turned down?

WWE Creative Lead said:
Of course! At least three a week, in fact. The most noteable of which; I intended for the Triple H/Brock Lesnar program to go all the way to Cyber Sunday, but Mr. McMahon was adamant about discontinuing it before. Obviously, I had to make some changes to the upcoming RAW events, but it wasn't an issue. That's one thing Vince always says he likes about me -- my versatility. If I have a good idea and Vince let's me run with it, I'm golden. If he has suggestions for it, I can work them in without destroying the idea. Most importantly, if he tells me to scratch something, I take it as a challenge to go back to the drawing board and create something even better.
Do you have any examples of current angles that are revised rejected pitches?

WWE Creative Lead said:
The "Mr. S" angle, for sure. This entire thing came from me wanting to re-hash Kane's 'masked monster' gimmick. However, Vince wanted Kane to stay face because he's currently -- as he usually is -- very over with the fans. But you know Vince, he's always open to the idea of having a monstrous superstar dominate for a few weeks... so Vince gave me another 5 slots for my "Wish List." [If you don't know what my wish list is, it's my 'dream' list of superstars I would want to be contracted to the RAW roster to optimize my angles, etc.] I had to have gone through a dozen names to decide who I wanted to take on the role of the masked monster; I considered Sting, I considered Kevin Nash, I considered trying to find Nathan Jones... but I decided against all of them for who I got. The grand thing about it is the fact that NOBODY would guess if they didn't already know. This guy's had quite a bit of time off, and was very anxious to get back in the mix. He's done a great job with the Mr. S gimmick so far, too.
That's definitely been one of the highlights of the RAW progamming lately, I must say. I would've never guessed that wasn't a primary booking choice. I can't wait until the reveal -- if you ever do it. Well, that's all the questions I have for now... is there anything else you'd like to say to the WWE Universe?

WWE Creative Lead said:
Well, I would like everyone that's a part of it -- especially the fans -- to know that the Period of Passion isn't just about me getting the opportunity of my dreams... it's about reviving pure interest in our product, and moreso, it's about YOU. Thank you for watching, and I look forward to providing many more years of entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

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JAM's Review​
That bit that started your PPV was pretty good, liked everything about it. The opening contest of the night I thought wouldn't be the right choice but later on it was really good despite it not being in full. I like the Hurricane character a lot since it just seems to fun to write for. But him and SIN actually put on a good opener for the fans at Summerslam. You've got commentary down to a tee as well but I just think that maybe Jim Ross would take the lead on this one, either he's the lead commentator and don't have him on the announce table at all imo. The segment between Bourne, Mysterio, and Hurricane was real good too. I like that there's this comraderie with the crusierweights and would love to see them in the ring for the Crusierweight Title. Big fan of the division!

That match with Mr. S and Mysterio was pretty good as well. That three-powerbomb combo can be a deadly finisher and works perfect. I wonder when you'll reveal who this man is since he seems to be a giant. You say that he's a former member of RAW from what I've read in the news that you posted after but I still have no guess as to who it may be. I think you should keep this going a little longer before revealing it. Lovin' this angle dude. And who could this mystery guest be tonight?

Definitely match of the night here. You've got two great athletes in Benjamin and Ziggler here and they put on a helluva show. I wish this one was atleast written in full so we could see exactly how the match would've been like here. But anyway, the aftermath was great to really get a heel reaction from the fans on Ziggler. But one thing, he's back to the midcard? I was so ready for him to be in the main event. But ohwell, we'll see how things go from here on out. That video package for Cyber Sunday was great! Haha loved that bit where you had a lot of superstars come and invade a regular person's home, brilliant!

Can't say it was the most entertaining match but it was certainly different to read. Having Simon Dean back is just hilarious and the fact that The Fit Club beat giants such as Show, Brodus, and Rikishi is just funny to me. Hilarious match and I think the right team won which means the feud is continuing. Can't say I don't like it. The exchange between the three men who meet for the WWE Title later tonight was good. It makes me think that this Punk is the same Punk we have in real life, one who demands respect. Main event should be a good one.

Undertaker, wooooo! I'm hoping that you have him feud with Orton for a little while as I'd love to see what you can do with that feud. Just please don't have Del Rio be the one feuding with 'Taker because you'll just hurt 'Taker's legacy imo. But anyway, if you do have Del Rio, maybe it could finally be the rub that puts Del Rio over. But nonetheless, good win for 'Taker, now let's see how long he sticks around. Hmm, this thing with the special guest is getting interesting, wonder who it could be.

Another good match here in the main event. I thought that you'd use the same thing that WWE did when Punk retained his title in Summerslam in real life. Good to see that you actually had Punk win after his own finishing move, great rub here. But this feud will probably continue for a bit longer which I don't mind at all. Oh man, who could this surprise signing be?! A really good cliffhanger to a really good Summerslam.

Overall, was a good pay-per-view man. The matches were well written despite it being in recaps, they still did a good job of telling the story of the match. You've got some great angles with this surprise signing and the Mr. S saga. Now that your first pay-per-view is over, I'm sure it'll be easier for people to get into your shows now that there is a basis somewhere. Well, all I can say is goodjob man! Onto the next show (Y)
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"Cyber Sunday Poster Revealed"

Reported On July 27, 2012
Author: Gunter Young

Earlier this evening WWE.Com posted the following image in the Pay Per View section, which has been redesigned to accomodate the upcoming Cyber Sunday event:

Obviously The Undertaker is the poster superstar for the event, and he's depicted holding the Cyber Sunday logo that has a vague image of former World Champion Randy Orton in it. This leads us to believe that Undertaker and Orton will not only feud for the championship, but will also have a set match that fans can vote on at the Cyber Sunday event. Either way, it's a pretty epic fucking poster. No matches have been announced for the event yet, but we expect things will get rolling with this Monday night's RAW program.
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8/27/2012 SHOW RESULTS

KingRo™ Presents;
Edition #4:

“Summerslam Hangover”

COLE Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to MONDAY NIGHT RAW! We are just days removed from the biggest part of the summer, Summerslam, and tonight’s event has been appropriately tagged: “The Summerslam Hangover”.

LAWLER We’re broadcasting live tonight from Milwaukee, Illinois and these fans are ready for some WWE action! I’m Jerry Lawler accompanied by my broadcast partners Michael Cole and Jim Ross… and let me just say, I think I’m as excited as these fans tonight!

ROSS I’m still trying to get my voice back from trying to talk over the fans last Sunday in LA, King… and tonight might not help much!

COLE Maybe you should just stop talking, JR?

ROSS And let Jerry be the only bearable voice on commentary? I couldn’t do that.

LAWLER Alright guys, settle down. Like I said before, these Milwaukee fans are ready for some WWE action tonight… and I hear we’re going to get it going with some words from the former #1 contender for the WWE Championship, Brock Lesnar…

“Next Big Thing” hits in the arena, and the Milwaukee fans’ excitement is quickly overcome by a roar of disapproval. The camera cuts to a few Lesnar signs in the audience before switching to the stage where Brock Lesnar walks out – tonight accompanied by Paul Heyman! As if the boos weren’t loud enough already, they get even louder at the sight of the parasitic Heyman who currently bares a devilish grin, clapping victoriously for his massive client. The two start down the ramp and Lesnar does not appear very happy to be in Illinois at all. In fact, he looks quite upset. Finally the two are at ringside, and Lesnar leaps up onto the apron before climbing through the ropes. Paul Heyman follows up the ring steps, and heads straight for the opposing corner to grab a microphone. Lesnar’s music fades, and we hear a slew of
“Heyman Sucks!” chants ringing throughout the arena. Soon though, the fans hush down and Paul begins to speak.

HEYMAN Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the man who has single handedly brought LEGITIMACY back to World Wrestling Entertainment… the man who is hands-down the most destructive, devastating, and decorated superstar in this business… the man that will SOON be WWE Champion… my client, Brock Lesnar!

The fans boo again as Heyman hands the microphone off to Brock. Lesnar takes a look around and waits for the audience to silence themselves before he speaks.

LESNAR Summerslam… Summerslam was suppo—

Before Brock can even finish his sentence, the cheer-inspiring guitar stroke of “The Game” hits and the fans explode with excitement. Heyman becomes wide-eyed, but Lesnar looks even MORE pissed than before. The camera cuts to the HD entranceway, where Triple H first walks out with an intense stare, but then he yanks his shirt over his head and charges to the ring! The fans pop even louder, Brock Lesnar drops the microphone and Heyman scurries out of the ring. Lesnar stands in a ready stance, and it’s VERY MUCH SO about to go down. Hunter slides into the ring and dives through Lesnar, taking him down before unloading with right hands to Lesnar’s forehead! The two trade rights and lefts in the center of the ring, rolling around the canvas just swinging away. Lesnar gains upper hand of the tussle and hammers away at Triple H with a series of fist and elbows. Moments later, we see a few more people slide into the ring – it’s JBL’s security team. The fans boo as the officers struggle to yank the two away from each other, screaming “Let Them Fight! Let Them Fight!” all the while. A voice is then heard over the sound system – that of the RAW general manager, John Bradshaw Layfield, who comes storming from backstage and halfway down the ramp.

GM LAYFIELD God damnit, that’s ENOUGH! I’ve had it to HERE with the BOTH of you two!

Finally, security has managed to break the two enraged superstars up. The officers turn both of them towards Layfield on the ramp – both of which struggling to break free to no avail.

GM LAYFIELD I’ve given both of you COUNTLESS opportunities to settle this rivalry of yours but you two STILL aren’t satisfied, are you? I given you both chance after chance to show some professionalism and self control, but you’re just taking my leniency and kindness for granted – and I REFUSE to allow you to do it anymore. I warned you both three weeks ago on RAW that if you couldn’t control yourselves, then I would have to take extreme measures to ensure that MY brand maintains the ORDER that I expect out of it. I didn’t think it would come down to this, but as of this moment and until further notice, you both are stripped of your number one contender status and will move to the bottom of the ladder!

Both Triple H and Lesnar seem infuriated at this punishment, and struggle a bit more with the security guards. Even the fans aren’t so sure about this one, but they quickly hush to allow the General Manager to continue.

GM LAYFIELD That is, if you’re still employed after tonight… which brings me to the second half of my punishment. In tonight’s main event, it will be Triple H versus Brock Lesnar ONE FINAL TIME in a no disqualification match!

The fans pop huge for this announcement, and both Lesnar and Hunter have sadistic smiles spread across their faces. It’s clear that both superstars have just been given exactly what they wanted.

GM LAYFIELD But in order to assure these fans that my show will no longer be interrupted by your lack of control; I’ve added an extra stipulation… the loser of tonight’s No Disqualification match will be immediately DISMISSED from the RAW roster! That’s right boys, it’s a good ‘ol fashioned LOSER LEAVES RAW match! Now, I would wish you two luck tonight, but frankly I don’t give a damn which way it goes… as long as ORDER is restored to my show. So I would advise you to cooperate with your escorts, get back to your locker rooms, and STAY there until your match tonight.

There’s a mixed but primarily positive reaction to the announcement of the extra stipulation for the main event match, and the two superstars’ respective groups of officers start moving them towards the ring. JBL turns to head back through the curtain, but stops in his tracks and turns to face the two again.

GM LAYFIELD Oh, and one more thing… consider this, a curfew. If either of you leaves your dressing room BEFORE it’s time for your match tonight, you BOTH are fired! Now get the hell out of my ring!

“Longhorn” plays in the arena, and JBL hands the microphone off to one of the technical crewmembers nearby on the ramp. Triple H and Lesnar are then escorted out of the ring, over the barricade, and out of the ringside area on opposite sides of the arena.

LAWLER Wow, talking about laying down the law!

ROSS No kidding, King. But John is right, he’s been very lenient to Triple H and Brock Lesnar over the past few weeks, but it’s hard to control two massive superstars who can’t even control themselves.

COLE You’re right, JR. And if they can’t be professional, they don’t need to be here. Just think… to put things into perspective; tonight will be either Triple H or Brock Lesnar’s LAST night on RAW.

LAWLER Or, it might be both of their last night if they screw this final ‘chance’ up!

****** COMMERCIAL BREAK ******

We are back live in Milwaukee, and the all-to-intimidating piano theme hits in the arena. It’s very dark and mysterious – the only thing more mysterious is the man that walks out to it.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and will crown a new number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship! On the way to the ring first, from parts unknown… MR. S!

It’s not long until the towering masked man has walked out on to the stage, his blue eyes seemingly burning through the camera in front of him. He sneers, and starts the walk down the ramp. His strides are long and determined – but even more mysterious as the man doesn’t even blink. His eyes remain forward, ignoring the roar of boos coming from the audience. When he gets to the rin, he climbs directly up to the apron, and steps over the top rope – a task seemingly nothing at all to the massive monster. Now in the ring, Mr. S walks to the center and stares directly forward. Partially because of the mask and partially because of the man’s intensity, no expression can be read from his eyes, mouth, or body. It’s almost intimidating. Soon, “Only One Can Judge” hits in the arena, to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, from Marietta, Georgia… CODY RHODES!

Rhodes walks out onto the stage slowly with his head down, staring at the ramp the entire way. When he gets to ringside, he looks up to the ring and takes a deep breath. His focus is written all over his face here, and he slides into the ring. He removes his outer robe, and tosses it to a ringside tech on the outside before the bell rings.


As soon as the bell rang, a focused and determined Rhodes would make the same mistake many superstars have made against this massive superstar in the past by charging in attempting to take him down with strikes. Needless to say, the size and power difference definitely came into play as the strikes barely phased the monster and each time Rhodes would go to attack, Mr. S would simply shove him down to the mat. The frustration in Rhodes began to build, but it did more harm than good for the young superstar. We join this match a mere five minutes into the contest where Mr. S has control of the match after a clothesline that’s nearly beheaded Rhodes.

S stalks his downed opponent, his burning blue eyes never once blinking or becoming any less intense. Cody struggles to stand to his feet. When he finally makes it to a vertical base, he finds himself staring at the sternum of the massive masked man, but fails to be intimidated. The heart of Rhodes is shown as he holds his ground, but then the stupidity of Rhodes is shown when he reaches up and slaps Mr S in the face! The audience replies with a loud “Ohhhh” and even a bit of a cheer as this is the ONLY offense from Rhodes that appears to have any effect! S stumbles backwards a few steps holding his jaw from the powerful slap, but quickly turns back to Rhodes with wide eyes and breathing heavily. The masked man lunges in to attack but Cody quickly rolls out of the way, ends up behind S, and kicks him in the back of the leg! The man’s right leg buckles under him, and it looks like Cody is starting to fire up! The crowd actually begins to cheer for Rhodes here – reluctantly preferring him over the large masked monster. Another hard kick from Rhodes, this time to S’s chest, has the man teetering but not down just yet! Cody wastes no time here, bounding off the ropes and then going for a dropkick but no!! Mr. S swats Rhodes’ legs away and stands to his feet! Cody scrambles up to his feet as well, and charges at Mr. S again only to be met by his massive boot! Rhodes goes down hard, and Mr. S drops a hard knee right onto his skull!

The damage has clearly been done, but S isn’t done yet --- he drops two more knees down on Cody’s head, and now Rhodes isn’t even selling anymore. In fact, Cody doesn’t appear to be moving at all. Mr. S lifts a practically unconscious Rhodes to his feet, and shoves his head between his legs. We saw this at Summerslam, and it looks like it’s about to happen again for Rhodes. The masked monster raises Rhodes up and slams him down with a hard powerbomb! Rhodes is now certainly unconscious, but S keeps Rhodes’ legs locked and raises him up again – another powerbomb! Still with legs locked, Mr. S raises and drops Cody with a third powerbomb, this time releasing him. The referee stands aside, almost afraid to reprimand the giant and Mr. S raises his right hand in the air while stepping on top of Rhodes’ chest for a cover.

One… Two… Three!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner and the new number one contender for the Intercontinental Championship, MR. S!!


The closing bell rings, and Mr. S’s dark piano theme hits in the arena. Milwaukee has almost been hushed to a silence – the usual reaction to S’s brutal assaults, but he doesn’t care. He just shakes his head and walks away.

COLE Well, folks… if I may quote an old-school song here; “another one bites the dust.”

LAWLER That guy is unstoppable!

ROSS This masked man Mr. S has picked up yet another victory here tonight, this time claiming number one contendership for the Intercontinental Championship. So the match is set; next week he will go on to face the Big Red Machine KANE for the championship right here on RAW.

LAWLER Now THAT is a match that I gotta see!

COLE It will be a battle of the masked monsters, guys! And as impressive as Mr. S has been up until this point, I think it goes without saying that his opponent for next week is NO Cody Rhodes.

LAWLER That’s for sure. I think Mr. S might finally meet his match next week when he faces Kane – who just might be the only superstar as large, violent, and vicious as Mr. S himself.

ROSS I certainly look forward to seeing that match go down, King… and speaking of Kane, he’ll be in action later on tonight along with his brother The Undertaker in a tag team match against Christian and former Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton!

A match graphic shows on screen advertising the primary main event for the night, and before the commentators can make any more notes on the match, we are taken backstage. Here, Dolph Ziggler sits alone in the locker room with his United States Championship draped over his shoulder. He cracks a small grin, acknowledging the camera, and then wipes it away.

ZIGGLER All week I’ve been getting tweets, touts, and emails from all over with everybody asking the same thing… everybody wants to know WHY I did what I did to Shelton Benjamin at Summerslam. Frankly, the answer is simple: I DID IT BECAUSE I WANTED TO.

Dolph pauses, and adjusts the championship’s position on his shoulder.

ZIGGLER You see, people keep saying that we put on the match of the night at Summerslam… well guess what? You’re wrong. I … put on the match of the night at Summerslam. Shelton on the other hand, just strolled in, tried to steal my spotlight, and he FAILED. I don’t know who the hell he thought he was naming HIMSELF the number one contender to my United States Championship, but Benji needed to be humbled, and it just so happened that I was the first to oblige.

From the ringside area, we can hear a small amount of boos. Ziggler chuckles, and continues to speak.

ZIGGLER And after I brought him down a few pegs, you people actually expected me to be a good sport and shake his hand? Ha! You’re all just as naïve as him. Besides, sportsmanship is for ‘good guys’, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed this or not but…

Dolph leans forward, staring intently into the camera.


He leans back into his seat, smiling.

ZIGGLER I’m not a good guy, I’m an extraordinary guy! And good guys like Benjamin have no place in the ring with me. He didn’t deserve that ladder match at Summerslam, nor does he deserve this rematch tonight. But you know what? I’m gonna give it to him. I’m gonna give it to him to prove a point. Shelton is just a normal guy with extraordinary moments. I on the other hand, am an extraordinary guy with an extraordinary life. And I have to spend my extraordinary life putting NORMAL guys like Benjamin in their place, so be it.

Ziggler removes the championship from his shoulder, and looks at it. We can almost see the champion’s pride in his eyes. He then stands to his feet, seemingly preparing to leave the scene but before he does, he delivers one final remark.

ZIGGLER Call me whatever you want… arrogant, cocky, a show off... either way, tonight won’t just be another five star Dolph Ziggler match… tonight will be the dawn of a new era. Tonight… you’ll all witness the birth… of the Era of Extraordinary.

At this, Dolph smiles brightly, winks at the camera, and walks out of frame. We hear the locker room door close and then we are taken back to the ringside area. Much to the audience’s dismay, the theme of “The Fit Club” comes on.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! On the way to the ring first, being accompanied by his manager Simon Dean… DAVID OTUNGA!

Otunga and Dean simultaneously appear on the set riding segways and wearing matching purple gear in their own respective styles. They zoom down the ramp ignoring the boos from the WWE fans, and park their segways at ringside before bounding up onto the apron and climbing into the ring. Suddenly, “La Vittoria E Mia” hits, and the Italian feel overcomes the arena.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, from Calabria, Italy… he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions… SANTINO MARELLA!

And here comes the Italian Stallion! Marching out onto the stage confidently and playing his invisible trombone, Marella arrives to a relatively decent pop for a mid-card superstar. He parades valiantly down the ramp, enjoying the presence of the fans in the arena while he makes his way to the ring. At ringside, he slides in and walks directly to his corner as the match begins.


For Marella, it seemed as if this match was all about embarrassing David Otunga – all of his offense being very upbeat and playful. Surprisingly enough, Marella would maintain control of the match in the early goings, until one of his playful celebrations lasted a bit too long, allowing David to capture the upper hand. We join this match about seven minutes into the match, where Otunga has the tag champion locked tight in a headlock. The fans are trying to will Santino back into the game with claps and cheers, but Otunga has the lock in much too tight, and Marella is slowly starting to fade. Simon is on the outside cheering his fellow ‘Fit Club’ member on, much to the audience’s dismay.

The referee steps in after losing response from Marella and raises his right arm in the air. The arm limply falls back to the mat. “ONE!!” David smiles and wrenches the headlock even tighter as the referee raises Santino’s arm again. Once again, the arm falls back to the mat. “TWO!!” For the final time, the referee raises Santino’s arm, but this time… it only falls halfway before becoming erect – there’s still life left in the Italian Stallion! The fans cheer as Otunga’s eyes widen, now struggling to keep his opponent grounded.

Marella fights and fights, until he’s finally on his feet! He shoots David off the ropes, but Otunga returns with a clothesline – that Santino splits under!! The two meet again in the center of the ring but this time Marella capitalizes with a HUGE hip toss that sends Otunga flying through the air! Santino Marella is in control now and the fans are cheering him on and hyping him up. He looks out into the audience, reaches inside his singlet… and pulls out the green sleeve! The audience pops a bit more as Marella secures the sleeve over his arm, positions it in the fashion of a defensive snake, and waits patiently for Otunga to stand to his feet. David starts to stir, but behind Marella, Simon Dean has leaped up onto the apron trying to get the referee’s attention! Santino hears the commotion, and has NONE of it – before you know it, SIMON GETS HIT WITH THE COBRA! The audience erupts as Simon crashes down to the floor clutching at his throat, but before Santino can celebrate he finds himself rolled up in a schoolboy pin from Otunga!

One… Two… Three!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen here’s you winner… David Otunga!


Otunga’s theme hits in the arena, but is nearly drowned out by the boos from the Milwaukee fans. David scrambles out of the ring, clearly trying to separate himself from Santino Marella who is now up on his knees in total disbelief. Otunga walks around the ring to pick up his partner Simon Dean, and assists him to the ramp. David smiles brightly pointing to his head, yelling “I’m too smart!” to Marella in the ring. Simon on the other hand, raises an arm in the air as well, proud of his assist but still holding tight to his throat.

COLE What a win for David Otunga here!

LAWLER Are you kidding me? Otunga just stole that match and you know it!

COLE He didn’t steal anything! A win is a win, and David Otunga picks up another one for “The Fit Club” here tonight – this time at the hands of one-half the tag team champions.

ROSS Otunga’s partner Simon Dean just couldn’t help but to get involved in this match, and he got what he deserved for it! Nonetheless, the distraction allowed David Otunga just enough time to regroup and pick up the win.

COLE And that’s all that matters at the end of the day.

We take another look at Simon Dean and David Otunga celebrating at the top of the ramp, and then head to a commercial break.

****** COMMERCIAL BREAK ******

We're back live in Milwaukee, and Justin Roberts stands in the middle of the ring.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a Summerslam rematch, and is for the WWE United States Championship!

“Ain’t No Stoppin’” hits in the arena, and sparkling gold pyro blasts from the staging of the HD entranceway.

JUSTIN ROBERTS On the way to the ring first; the challenger. From Orangeburg, South Carolina…. SHELTON BENJAMIN!!

Benjamin strides out onto the stage smiling brightly, obviously ready for his big rematch. However, something is different about his walk tonight—he appears to be very tense, which could only mean he’s still quite beat up from his Ladder Match at Summerslam. Nonetheless, he maintains his large smile, slapping hands with fans on the way down to the ring. When he gets to the ring, he gingerly leaps up onto the apron and climbs into the ring. Benjamin gets up on the middle rope and raises his arms to a big pop from the fans… but his feel-good moment is soon cut off by the sound of “Perfection”.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, from Hollywood, Florida… he is the current United States Champion… DOLPH ZIGGLER!!

The camera cuts to the entranceway again, and out jogs Dolph Ziggler. He stops for a moment at the top of the ramp and runs his hands through his hair arrogantly before making his way down the ramp. With his championship wrapped tightly around his waist, he jogs up the ring steps and steps into the ring with a cocky grin. Ziggler also appears a bit sore here, but he continues his pompous entrance without hesitation. Soon, his music silences and he hands his Championship off to the referee, who raises it high and then calls for the opening bell.

United States Championship

Once again these two athletic superstars meet, and once again they put on a fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping contest that has the fans on the edge of their seats. Shelton and Dolph are both obviously still feeling the effects of their ladder match at Summerslam, but spare no opportunity to outdo the other in offense. Eight minutes into this contest and it’s still anybody’s game. Dolph has control at the moment, however, after a quick thinking counter into a clothesline. Shelton is quick to his feet though, and Dolph bounds off the ropes taking Benjamin right back to the canvas with a swinging neck breaker! Ziggler goes for a quick cover:

One… Two… No!!

Benjamin kicks out at the count of two, and Ziggler appears the slightest bit surprised. He looks to the referee for confirmation but goes right back on the assault with a few forearms to Shelton’s head. Shelton curls up in an attempt to block some of the strikes, and it’s not long before the referee forces him to break it up. Ziggler complies, but goes right back for Benjamin and lifts him to his feet. A quick set up, and Dolph takes him right back down with a textbook suplex! Taking advantage of his control, Ziggler drops an elbow across Shelton’s sternum, driving the wind out of the Gold Standard! After two more elbows in quick succession, Dolph leaps into the air for one final elbow but this time Benjamin moves out of the way!! Ziggler’s elbow hits the canvas hard and the ‘extraordinary’ superstar lets out an agonized yelp, clutching it tightly. Shelton catches his breath and stands to his feet before going to Ziggler, who pops up and jabs Benjamin in the gut. Thrown off, but only temporarily, Shelton returns the favor with a forearm to Ziggler’s back. The Gold Standard lifts Dolph to his feet but Ziggler once again counters, this time with a boot to the gut! With Benjamin slumped over, Dolph leaps into the air for the fame-asser, but no!! Another counter, this time from Benjamin, who quickly rises up and catches Ziggler’s leg!! Dolph’s eyes widen, and Benjamin smile before kicking Ziggler’s teeth in with a beautiful spinning heel kick! Its Benjamin going over Dolph for a pin now;

One… Two… NO!!

Ziggler powers his shoulder off the canvas still holding on to his jaw from the devastating kick, and Benjamin picks him up to his feet. A quick whip to the ropes, and Dolph his the corner hard. Shelton runs in after him and leaps up, planting his feet onto Ziggler’s thighs; he’s going for a leapfrog! Unfortunately for Benjamin, Dolph shoves Benjamin back down to his feet and goes for a clothesline that gets countered into a do-si-do! Ziggler finds himself BACK in the corner and this time Shelton wastes no time leaping up, this time looking out into the audience and raising his right hand high in a balled fist. The fans cheer and count along as the Gold Standard rains down on Dolph’s forehead with right hands. “One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! TEN!” All ten fists find their marks, and Benjamin leaps down from the ropes, leaving a groggy Ziggler in the corner.

Shelton Benjamin charges into the corner and flies through the air for the Stinger Splash, but NO!! Dolph moves out of the way JUST in time and ZIG ZAG!! Ziggler hits the Zig Zag!! The arena is overrun by the roar of boos and jeers, and both superstars are down. However, even through the exhaustion and pain, Dolph manages to craws over Benjamin for the cover…

One… Two… Three!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen your winner and STILL United States Champion… DOLPH ZIGGLER!


COLE STILL CHAMPION! Dolph Ziggler is still the United States Champion!!!

ROSS Indeed he is, Michael… another outstanding contest between these two superstars here tonight, and once again, Dolph Ziggler picks up the win.

LAWLER You gotta wonder what this does for Benjamin’s confidence, losing two championship matches in a row to the same guy.

ROSS I wouldn’t count on the Gold Standard having any less confidence than before, King. Both of these young men are extremely talented. EVENLY so, I would say, and this match could have gone either way. It just so happens that tonight, for the second time in a row, the win goes to THAT man, Dolph Ziggler.

COLE And whether you want to admit it or not, our reigning United States Champion is INDEED… EXTRAORDINARY! Haha!

LAWLER Oh please…

Shelton Benjamin is now sitting in the upright position in the corner, holding on to the back of his neck. He looks up the ramp at Ziggler and smirks. The camera cuts to Ziggler who returns the smile, yelling “Close but no cigar, Benji. I’M STILL CHAMPION BABY!” Dolph raises the US Championship in the air, and the camera cuts backstage to the interview grounds where we see Josh Matthews standing.

MATTHEWS Ladies and gentlemen, I’m your backstage correspondent John Matthews and I’m standing live with the current WWE Champion, CM PUNK!

The camera zooms out and we can hear the massive pop from the fans in Milwaukee. CM Punk stands next to Matthews smiling confidently and with the WWE Championship wrapped around his waist. Punk gives the belt a rub, and then turns his attention to Josh.

MATTHEWS Punk, last Sunday night at Summerslam you overcame what many thought would surely be the end of your championship reign when you defeated not one, but TWO of the most respected superstars in the WWE. How do you feel after completing this outstanding accomplishment?

Josh moves the microphone over to Punk’s mouth. Punk simply smiles and responds with a smug tone.

PUNK Y’known, as much as I want to say I accomplished something at Summerslam by beating those two… I didn’t. I didn’t accomplish anything… I fulfilled. I fulfilled my own personal prophecy. Four weeks ago I said that I would become WWE Champion, and I did. Three weeks ago on RAW I said that I would still be WWE Champion after Summerslam, and I am. Triple H and Brock Lesnar both made a big mistake by underestimating me, and they paid for it. Even if they WEREN’T at each other’s throats all night, I would’ve STILL walked out WWE Champion… why? Because of the one fact that I’ve been stressing all along; I am… the BEST… in the WORLD.

MATTHEWS And your thoughts on the ‘Loser Leaves RAW’ main event later on tonight between your two former contenders?

PUNK Whichever way it goes, good riddance. The way I see it, I warned them both from the get-go and they didn’t listen. Maybe it’s just me, but they both lack respect for authority, they lack respect for the rest of the guys in the locker room, and they lack respect for the WWE Universe. You can argue with me all you want, but fact is – if it wasn’t true, they wouldn’t be in the situation they’re in now.

MATTHEWS I see. Well, I don’t know if you heard or not, but it’s been rumored that tonight, General Manager Layfield will reveal a new set of contenders for your WWE Championship on WWE.Com. Is there anybody in particular you would want to face?

PUNK Of course I heard, Josh. I hear everything that involves this championship. And as far as Layfield’s announcement goes, he can bring whoever he wants up to the plate… but he’d better have a long list ready because one by one, they’ll all be taking a nice… long… nap.

Punk smiles and takes another look at his WWE Championship before walking off. The camera zooms in on Josh Matthews’ face before fading out to a commercial.

****** COMMERCIAL BREAK ******

As soon as we come back from commercial, “Close Your Eyes” hits in the arena, and the fans stand to their feet.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match and is scheduled for one fall! On the way to the ring first… CHRISTIAN!

Christian walks from behind the curtain staring out into the packed arena. He smiles brightly, and then starts the walk to the ring. Along the way, he shakes hands with many of the fans in the front row smiling and pointing out to the crowd’s many “Captain Charisma” signs. He makes it to the immediate ringside area, and “Voices” hits which pops the crowd even louder!

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his partner: from St. Louis, Missouri… RANDY ORTON!!

The lights dim down to a red and orange hue, and out walks the former World Champion: The Viper, Randy Orton! Randy walks down the ramp with a very focused expression. He walks up the ring steps and climbs into the ring in his own world – a world where as his theme song says, the voices in his head never stop talking. He walks to the nearest corner, climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and raises his arms in the air, staring out into the audience absorbing all of their support. When he gets down, he walks to the center of the ring and a bell tolls…

JUSTIN ROBERTS And introducing their opponents… Kane, The Undertaker … THE BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION!

The entire arena is now blacklighted -- the eerie purple hue with the occasional flash of white sets the tone, and a low fog spreads over the entranceway. The sound of "Graveyard Symphony" makes everyone stand to their feet, and through the thick fog walks none other than the Deadman himself, The Undertaker! Close behind him is his brother Kane, which cues a few fireballs to shoot from the stage as well. The Brothers pause at the top of the stage, staring down to the ring with blank faces -- their vintage intensity. They soon begins the slow and intimidating walk to the ring with the fans shouting behind him. Undertaker gets to the steps, and walks up them slowly before raising his arms to bring the lights back on in the arena. Kane on the other hand, enters over the top rope. Undertaker steps into the ring and removes the hood of his ring coat -- the thunder and lightning in the background adding extra atmosphere to the entrance and inspiring more cheers. A few seconds later, the music fades out.


With these four fan favorites in the ring, the arena was ELECTRIC – the Milwaukee crowd couldn’t pick a side to cheer for, so they just cheered everyone! Christian and Kane would start off the match for their respective teams and battle it out. Usually, the two would put on a solid wrestling match, but tonight, something was different about Kane… he seemed more intense… more powerful. The announcers would proceed to pass this as Kane feeding off of the power from the presence of his brother The Undertaker. We join this match about ten minutes into the contest, where a great deal of tags between both teams finds Kane in the ring with Randy Orton now.

The Big Red Machine currently has the Viper backed into a corner throwing multiple rights and lefts, before backing up and charging for a clothesline… but instead he runs into Orton’s boot! Kane stumbles back holding tight to his jaw, and Orton runs up to him and executes his signature backbreaker! He goes for a cover on Kane, but the Monster kicks out before the referee can even get into position to make a count. Orton appears just the slightest bit frantic here, but wastes no time in stomping away at Kane, circling his body and attacking each one of his limbs. Kane tries to cover up, but each one of the stomps find their mark, and Orton appears to be firing up a bit. Soon, he decides that he wants to end the match early, and he lays himself out on the canvas, pounding the mat intently… it’s time for the RKO! Kane begins to stir for a moment, and eventually makes it to his feet. Randy approaches Kane very quick, but not quickly enough as Kane simply shoves Orton into the corner and charges in after him, connecting with a thunderous clothesline! Orton’s body folds to the canvas, and Kane drags him out of the corner to pin him.

One… Two… NO!

Randy kicks out, and the match will continue. Kane stands to his feet and in another show of rather solid teamwork, tags in The Undertaker. Randy uses the turnbuckles to help him back to his feet, but doesn’t realize that he’s in a very bad position – in between Undertaker and Taker’s lethal hands. Taker rushes into the corner, delivering blow after blow to Orton’s head, chest, and stomach… each shot driving more and more wind out of the Viper. Orton tries his best to block, but Undertaker’s strikes are too quick and too strong… each one connects, which renders Randy helpless. Taker lets down his guard, and takes a few steps back before charging back in and smashing Orton in the corner with a huge body splash! The Viper stumbles lazily out of the corner, and The Undertaker grabs a hold of the Viper’s right arm. He looks out to the audience, and the audience responds with a huge pop – they know it’s time for some vintage Undertaker here. The Deadman climbs up the corner to the top turnbuckle, and carefully balances himself along the top rope. He leaps off to hit the Old School, but NO!! Orton counters with a huge vertical dropkick on the Deadman, and both men are down! Randy is the first up, and heads to the corner to tag in his partner Christian. Christian comes in with a full head of steam, and stalks Undertaker who slowly stands up… when he does, Christian hooks his arms and BOOM! Killswitch on the Undertaker!!! Christian immediately goes for the cover on the Deadman…

One… Two… NO!

The Undertaker kicks out with great force, and Christian can’t believe it! He stands up to confirm with the referee, but doesn’t see that Undertaker is now sitting in the upright position!! The crowd pops for the classic Undertaker gesture, and get even louder as Kane steps into the ring as well… Christian looks to be in big trouble here, but here comes Randy Orton!!! Orton goes for the RKO on Kane but no!! Kane shoves Orton forward and he ends up right in the hands of the Undertaker!! Orton’s eyes widen as he pleads with the Undertaker for a brief moment but before he knows it, he’s upside down and dropped on top of his head – Tombstone Piledriver!! Christian runs into the ring to break up Taker’s pin attempt, but he gets caught in the grasp of the Big Red Machine, and takes a hard chokeslam right next to Orton! Both Brothers cover their opponents for the pin and the audience counts along with the referee…

One… Two… Three!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, here are you winners; Undertaker… Kane… The BROTHERS OF DESTRUCTION!!


“Graveyard Symphony” hits again in the arena, and the fans pop huge again for the Brothers. They stand to their feet and shake hands in a rather brotherly show of respect for each other. The referee reappears on screen, this time holding Kane & Takers’ respective championships, which both superstars take and hold high above their heads.

LAWLER Thanks for coming, fellas!

ROSS The team of former champions put up a great fight here tonight, but they couldn’t take down the team of current champions… Kane and Undertaker.

We then cut backstage once again, this time with a split screen view. On either side, Brock Lesnar and Triple H exit their dressing rooms and are immediately joined by their security escorts. It looks like they’re headed to the ring.

ROSS Well, ladies and gentlemen… here they come!

COLE We’re going to take a quick commercial break, and when we return… our main event of the evening: Triple H versus Brock Lesnar in a Loser Leaves RAW match!

ROSS You’re looking at two of the most vicious superstars in the WWE, ladies and gentlemen… and tonight will be one of their last nights!

LAWLER Who will it be? We’ll find out… NEXT!


We are back live for the final time in Milwaukee, and the ring bell sounds. The arena is nearly silent, but the silence soon breaks first with Michael Cole on commentary, then with the ring announcer Justin Roberts.

COLE Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday night RAW. We’ve had an amazing post-Summerslam night so far, but now… it’s time for the main event.

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is a no disqualification match scheduled for one fall! By the order of our General Manager John Bradshaw Layfield, at the conclusion of this match, the superstar that is defeated will be dismissed from the RAW roster!

Immediately, “Next Big Thing” hits in the arena, and is responded too by a massively negative reaction from the WWE fans. The camera cuts to the RAW HD entranceway, where Brock Lesnar walks out onto the stage accompanied by six of the officers from JBL’s security team. Brock looks back at the security, and shakes his head before staring the walk to the ring. Lesnar is geared up in MMA attire, and is carrying a look that can only be described as intimidatingly intense.

JUSTIN ROBERTS On the way to the ring first, from Minneapolis, Minnesota… BROCK LESNAR!

Walking down the ramp Lesnar stops a few times to stare down a few fans screaming at him, even going so far to tell a few of them to “Shut up” right to their faces. When he gets to the ring, he leaps up onto the apron cueing a pyro blast from all four corners, and he steps in slowly. He paces back and forth in a corner, staring at the entranceway awaiting the entrance of his rival… and it’s not long before he comes. “The Game” hits, and the famous opening guitar stroke alone sends the audience into a flurry of cheers. The arena lights dim a bit, and Triple H walks out onto the stage dead center and into a light fog.

JUSTIN ROBERTS And his opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut… “The Game”, TRIPLE H!

The camera zooms on him, and we see that his eyes are locked on Lesnar intently. When the lights come back up, it’s revealed that Triple H is also being accompanied by a team of security guards. Hunter starts walking down the ramp, and Lesnar’s security team assumes position, building a wall in the center of the ring. Triple H makes his way sternly to ringside, and walks up the stairs to the ring… climbing in but never once taking his eyes off of Lesnar. Now Triple H’s escorts join Lesnar’s, and the wall stretches in between the two. That, however, does not stop the burning stare exchange between the two. Hunter’s music fades out, and “Tri-ple-H! Tri-ple-H!” chants arise. The referee confirms that both men are ready, and the security escorts scurry out of the ring as the opening bell rings.

Loser Leaves Raw

Violent. Vicious. An all out brawl. Those are the best ways to describe this final meeting between Triple H and Brock Lesnar – who have been waiting for this one on one opportunity for far too long it seems. What we’ve seen so far during this meeting could not even be considered a wrestling match so much as a collision of two rabid animals with a mean streak. We join the contest ten minutes in, and Brock Lesnar has temporarily gained the upper hand after a huge German Suplex to the Game.

Lesnar climbs out of the ring and heads to the timekeeper who scrambles out of the way, allowing Lesnar to pick up his chair. The fans start to cheer, and the announcers remind us that this IS a no disqualification match – and that whatever Lesnar does with the chair is perfectly legal. Brock tosses the steel chair over the top rope into the ring and slides in with an intense stare locked on Triple H. Lesnar picks the chair up, folds it, and stalks Triple H, anxiously waiting for him to stand up. Eventually he does, and Lesnar rears back for a chair shot but NO!!! Triple H ducks out of the way!! The momentum from missing the potentially huge blow sends the chair flying out of Brock’s hands, rattling rather noisily on the canvas. Brock loses sight of Triple H for just ONE SECOND… which proves to be more than enough to capitalize. Triple H whips Brock Lesnar to the ropes. When he returns, SPINEBUSTER ONTO THE CHAIR! Triple H immediately covers Lesnar, and the referee falls in to make the count.

One… Two… No!

Lesnar kicks out much to the fans’ dismay, and Triple H rolls him off the chair before picking it up again. Brock crawls over to the ropes, using them to aide his struggle to get to his feet, and when he turns around he gets nailed right in the stomach! Lesnar lets out a loud cry of agony, and a satisfied Cerebral Assassin tosses the chair out of the ring. Triple H hooks Lesnar’s arms setting up for the Pedigree, but Lesnar manages to wiggle free and ends up lifting The Game up. Before the announcers even have time to make note of the counter, Lesnar takes Hunter down with an F-5!! Lesnar hooks HHH’s leg in hopes of putting the match away.

One… Two… NO!!

The Game kicks out and the match will continue! Lesnar glares at the referee for confirmation and yells “fuck” before mounting Hunter and wailing away with more right hands. Triple H tries to cover himself up, but the F-5 from Lesnar has clearly done some damage, as most of the blocks fail. Triple H realizes he’s in a bad situation though, and powers out of the predicament. Brock stumbles away, which gives Triple H JUST enough time to crawl to the ropes. Lesnar charges him, but the veteran Triple H reaches up and pulls down the top rope sending Brock Lesnar barreling out of the ring! Lesnar shows a bit of ring awareness as well, grabbing on to the middle rope and landing on the apron, but now he finds himself face-to-face with Triple H. Hunter grabs him by the shoulders, and hauls Lesnar back into the ring over the top! Brock hits the canvas hard but immediately rolls up and is whipped into the corner. Hunter follows close behind, and connects with a thunderous clothesline! Triple H charges into the corner for another clothesline but this time Lesnar moves out of the way and Hunter hits the turnbuckles hard. Using this as his open opportunity, Brock turns Triple H around and hoists him up… the fans start to boo, but it doesn’t matter because HHH is soon twirling through the air. LESNAR HITS THE F-5 AGAIN!! Brock roars victoriously and covers Triple H for the win.

One… Two… THRE-NOOOO!!

Triple H powers his shoulder off the canvas and the crowd goes wild! Even Brock can’t believe the epic amounts of resilience being shown by The Game here as he begins to yell at the, referee. The referee insists that it was only a two-count, but that’s not the answer Brock was looking for. Lesnar grabs the referee by his shirt, shouting “It was three! Say it was three!” The referee refuses to change his decision, and an estranged Lesnar shoves him to the ground violently. The referee scurries backwards to escape Brock’s reach, but the animal’s target is locked, and the referee is left helpless. Brock gets closer and closer, but the referee crawls himself into a corner – nowhere to go from here. The frightened official closes his eyes bracing for impact, but before Lesnar can do anything he looks back to check on Triple H who has made it to his feet! Lesnar mumbles a few inaudible obscenities to himself, and then goes for Triple H who plants him with a spine buster out of nowhere!! The audience erupts, and Triple H appears to have gotten a second win from SOMEWHERE as he fires up. Through the pain that MUST be shooting through Lesnar’s spine, he stands to his feet and gets booted in the gut by the Cerebral Assassin. With Brock slumped over, Triple H hooks his arms up and leaps off the mat…

PEDIGREE!! The fans go nuts as Brock’s face slams into the canvas, and the announcers sell the obvious – it’s surely over for Lesnar at this point. Triple H remains kneeled down, and looks at Lesnar with a disdainful glare. He then lays on the mat and rolls out of the ring – could he be leaving? No, of course not. Hunter draws his hair back and takes a deep breath. He looks a tad more relaxed now, but still very intent as he does just what the crowd wanted – he lifts the ring apron. The fans pop as Triple H pulls a sledgehammer from under the ring and stares at it, almost as if connecting with it on an emotional level. Hunter slides into the ring with the hammer in hand, and turns his attention to Brock Lesnar. Jerry Lawler makes a note that it’s probably best for Lesnar to stay down, while Michael Cole suggests that this is “too far”. Triple H clutches the sledgehammer tight and yells for Brock to get up. You can see the intensity in The Game’s eyes – tonight, he wants to legitimately end this rivalry AND his rival. Lesnar finally gets to his feet and Triple H exclaims “It’s OVER” before stepping in and swinging the sledgehammer, but NOOO!!! Lesnar ducks out of the way and hoists The Game up onto his shoulders!! Triple H is caught off guard here and drops the hammer, but before he can counter, F-5!! F-5!! A THIRD F-5 FROM LESNAR!! This time, all hope is lost for The Game and a few Lesnar fans can be heard counting amidst all the heat in the arena.

One… Two… THREE!

JUSTIN ROBERTS Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner… BROCK LESNAR!


LAWLER Oh my God, he did it!! Brock Lesnar just beat Triple H!!!

ROSS Which unfortunately means that this brutal contest will be Triple H’s last!!

COLE The King of Kings has just been dethroned!

Brock’s theme hits in the arena, and he stands to his feet – clearly well beyond exhausted from the hellacious match. However, Lesnar isn’t done just yet. He takes another look at his fallen opponent, and then glances over at the sledgehammer. He picks it up, and the audience gets even louder with their boos than before. Brock stares at the hammer for a moment, and says “It’s over, Hunter.” Just then, the only thing that can be heard over the boos is the voice of General Manager Layfield who has appeared at the top of the ramp accompanied by his security team.

GM LAYFIELD You do it and your career is over, Lesnar.

Lesnar grins menacingly, but considers John’s words and drops the hammer. Layfield’s frustration with this entire situation shows all over his face here, and his voice is very stern.


Brock reluctantly obliges, and climbs out of the ring slowly. The camera cuts to Triple H who has crawled over to the corner, sitting in the upright position. He looks disappointed, because he knows this will indeed be his final time in a RAW ring.

GM LAYFIELD As for you Triple H… Your competitive nature has always gotten the best of you. When something gets personal with you, you don’t know how to control yourself… you become reckless, careless, and disobedient to authority. And while the same goes for Brock Lesnar, as I said earlier tonight… this was your last chance. It’s going to pain me to do this as a business man, and I KNOW I’m going to get hell from the Board of Directors… but I laid down the stipulation so I have to go through with it. Security…

The security team now leaves John’s side, and head to the ring. They all climb into the ring, very cautious, but aide Triple H to his feet. Hunter cooperates, partially because of the emotional grief he’s feeling, and partially because he simply doesn’t have the energy to resist. The camera cuts to Layfield, who takes a deep breath, and delivers the line that nobody wanted to hear.


The audience erupts with boos, and security clears a path for Triple H to go. However, he doesn’t leave. Instead, he calls for a microphone.

TRIPLE H Y’know… if you told me earlier tonight that tonight would be my last night on the RAW roster, I woulda Pedigree’d your ass right where you stood and told you to SUCK IT. But here I am.,, leaving the RAW ring for the final time… and I gotta say, it hurts. My entire career… blood, sweat, and tears… GALLONS of it… left right here in this ring.

The fans cheer Triple H here, obviously because they appreciate all that Hunter has done for the red brand. The Game looks around the arena nostalgically, and then turns his attention to the General Manager.

TRIPLE H John, you’re right… my competitive nature does get the best of me… but that’s how I was trained… that’s how I LIVE. I’ve made mistakes, I’ve lost matches before, I’ve been the good guy and the bad guy, and I’ve fought just about every damn person there is to fight. The years that made up my career have been physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting… but I don’t regret a SINGLE second of it.

Another pop here.

TRIPLE H I wanted this fight, and I lost… that’s the way it happened and that won’t change. So John, I’ll go now… but mark my words:

Triple H walks to the ropes closest to the ramp, and extends his index finger to JBL with a very stern expression.

TRIPLE H This is NOT the last you’ll hear from the King of Kings.

At this, Triple H drops the microphone, and “The Game” hits in the arena … for the very final time. The fans begin to cheer “Tri-ple-H!! Tri-ple-H!!” and Hunter looks very somber… almost brought to tears by this amazing show of respect and appreciation from the WWE fans.

LAWLER I… I’m still in shock.

ROSS I think we all are, King. Some heartfelt words from the Cerebral Assassin here, and an even more heartfelt show of appreciation from the WWE fans here tonight.

COLE Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, this is the final time we will see Triple H here on Monday Night RAW…

LAWLER It can’t be!

ROSS I’m afraid there’s no other option, King.

COLE Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us tonight… we hope you’ve enjoyed the program this evening, it’s always a pleasure to have you. See you next Monday, folks!

There’s one more shot of Triple H at the top of the ramp, and he grins through the emotional struggle he MUST be going through at the moment. The grin is obviously one of nostalgia, and our last image of Triple H is him saluting the WWE fans. We then fade to the WWE Logo, and the show has come to a close.


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This is my first time actually reviewing one of your shows and I must say that, after weeks of skimming through, this is one interesting piece right here. So here goes nothing.

What a way to kick off RAW. A good 'ol pull apart brawl, and, JBL making him presence felt as GM (ps what a brilliant idea to have JBL run things on RAW, he's great and you portray as is). The Main Event will be most interesting and is a HUGE one for a RAW show.

This Mr. S is a very intriguing superstar if I may say so myself. There aren't any actual traits I could compare him to with the current giants of the wrestling biz. Rhodes was just another victim here tonight, and, we'll get Mr. S's first real test against Kane next week, for a title no less. It doesn't look too good for Kane mind you.

Excellent promo by Ziggler, finally he gets to shine!! The Era of Extraordinary sounds cool to me!

The Fit Club what I enjoy most out of all the new characters you have brought in in this BTB. I just can't get enoug of Simon Dean I guess. It was an okay match, and, in the end, Otunga wins via a distraction which is neither good nor bad for the continuation of all of this.

Thus far, I'm really liking the three men team of Cole, JR & King.

MOTN thus far between Ziggler & Benjamin. I never really liked the "Gold Standard" gimmick because I don't Benjamin can carry a singles run alone, but, there's no denying just how good he is in the ring. And this was no difference. Your typical rematch after a grueling Ladder Match at SummerSlam and so begins the Era of Extraordinary. I really liked the end spot. Nicely done.

Great Punk interview, I guess that the contenders will be options for Cyber Sunday? I am really putting the emphasis on the pural of contender you used because that means surprise contenders and potential dream matches. YAY!

The Main Event was tremendously built up to. I was a bit dissapointed with the actual lack of involvment of the actual No DQ rule. We saw the chair and the sledgehammer but not outside action for such a big match and no announcer's desk spot (even though cliche) was definitely something that was missing. I'm very shocked that Brock won, but, I guess that HHH is not the young lion he once was. His farewell speech so to speak was great, although I'm sure or maybe we'll see the Game one last time on RAW next week with a surprise farewell adress with the pressure JBL will get from the Board of Directors.

OVERALL = 8/10. It's always hard sometimes to book the show following a Pay-Per-View because you sometimes need to continue the feuds and even though the audience is always waiting for something big and new, it's not always delivered. But just with the main event, that element of surprise and shock was delivered. Every match on the card was booked as it should and I really enjoyed everything from top to bottom, you really did justice to RAW 2012 but, by adding your booking flair to it.
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RAW Review

- I really love the fact that Lesnar's and Triple H's hatred for each other is tearing RAW apart. JBL also being impartial is also really interesting..

- Mr. S is such a good angle and just a great monster. I love the fact that he doesn't give a damn if you're heel or face, he's just a machine that destroys everything in sight..

- I really enjoyed Ziggler's cockiness in his interview. The fact that he takes credit for the match at SS being a classic is just one of the reasons you just wanna hate this guy. My favorite part was when Ziggler called Shelton "a normal guy with extraordinary moments", such a great and somewhat true insult. The "Era of Extraordinary" gimmick is INFINITELY better than the "Show-Off" gimmick..

- Simon Dean and Otunga are MONEY! I've always loved Simon Dean and I see this team sort of like those infomercials where you see a celebrity like Chuck Norris promoting his "revolutionary new" workout system..

- Ziggler/Shelton was pretty good. I liked that both men sold injuries from the previous night's ladder match. Ziggler winning, while predictable" was the right way to go..

- Pretty good tag match, although I was a bit surprised that BOD dominated. I wonder if this means they're reuniting or perhaps it will have something to do with Kane/Mr. S next week, hmmmm.

- Trips/Lesnar didn't feel quite as epic as it could have been, but as is it was fine. I did really like that Trips going for the sledgehammer bit him in the ass and cost him the match.

- I really liked Layfield in the end remaining impartial and stopping Lesnar and I LOVED that Lesnar still wanted to hurt Triple H after the match, instead of a cheesy thing like a handshake or a hug. Triple H's promo afterward was also very well done..

Only one con on the show..

- Lesnar/HHH with the loser leaving happening on RAW seemed rather anti-climatic. I would've liked to see a build-up around Lesnar/Trips not being able to hurt each other for more than one night and lead up to a PPV match. My guess is you having something else big planned for Brock..

Good show with some quality matches, though it seemed a tad bit short. Keep it up..
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KingRo™ Presents;

▪ EDITION #5: ▪
“Universe Without A King”

Days are dark in the WWE Universe, with monsters and arrogant heels running the show. Now that the King of Kings has been dethroned, will someone be able to rise to power and bring light back to the Universe? RAW will be broadcasting live from Ottawa, Ontario on this night… and they will be the first WWE fans to experience the potential rise of a new power!

» UNIVERSE without a KING » Last Monday Night on RAW bickering rivals Brock Lesnar and Triple H faced off in a no disqualification match in which the loser would be forced to leave RAW. Much to the WWE Universe’s dismay, it would be the King of Kings Triple H who would take the fall, and be dismissed by General Manager Layfield. This Monday, the WWE Universe proceeds without a “king” and Brock Lesnar has left to run ramped throughout the show. Who is next is Lesnar’s path of destruction? And can he be stopped?

» a MONSTROUS battle » The masked man known as “Mr. S” has been an absolutely dominant force on RAW for a month now, destroying countless superstars and going undefeated since his debut. However, Monday night he just may meet his biggest challenge as he takes on the Big Red Machine Kane for the Intercontinental Championship. This will surely be a battle of the Goliaths, but with the Intercontinental Title on the line, will Kane fall victim to the monstrous Mr. S’s path of destruction? Or will Kane finally feed the masked man a taste of defeat?

» PHENOM versus VIPER » Randy Orton will cash in on his rematch clause Monday Night on RAW, setting the main event for the evening; The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship! Will the Deadman retain? Or will the Viper reclaim his precious title?

» ALSO on RAW »
▪ “ The Fit Club” in action for Tag Team Gold!
▪ Cruiserweight Champion The Hurricane in action!
▪ JBL announces new contenders for CM Punk’s WWE Championship.

The Hurricane vs. Dolph Ziggler
David Otunga & John Morrison vs. The OrienTalian Exchange ©
Mr. S vs. Kane ©
The Undertaker © vs. Randy Orton​
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JAM's Review​
Some pretty big stuff that went down at the beginning of the show. Already you could lose one or both of your big stars on RAW. I'm thinking HHH gets the boot tonight but he's never really gone is he? The rivalry between Brock and HHH has been good thus far but I do think it needs to come to a head soon so that one of them could go for the title to put over Punk even more. Also, I'm lovin' JBL as a GM, you've got his character down to a tee. Maybe we'll see him in the ring in the near future?

This Mr. S character has been really interesting. I think that maybe you'll reveal his identity soon with Kane as his opponent. Those two will surely put on quite a match of strength against each other. And it seemed like Cody is turning face? Don't know if that may be, but I'd like to see it actually. Don't know if it'd work but it's worth a shot. Ziggler was very interesting here, Mr. Extraordinary huh? I can dig this new gimmick but I think that maybe “The Showoff” may be a better gimmick for him but we'll see how it goes. The Fit Club gets another win here, oh Simon Dean. That's all I'll say about it.

Another Ziggler vs. Benjamin match is a real treat, would've loved to see this in person. Not sure what happens next since I don't think you'd wanna give Benjamin another shot. Maybe it becomes a triple threat with someone? No idea what Dolph will be up to next. As for the Punk promo, that was really good imo. You did well in portraying Punk as a dominant champion here belittling Brock and HHH which makes Punk look strong. You've got him down well as well, much like your other characters. So good job with that!

Hmm, don't you think 'Taker and Kane teaming up would be advertised more? Plus, it was a pretty big-time match against former world champions in Orton and Christian. I just think that it could've been advertised more since these guys are pretty big names. Plus, having 'Taker on RAW is a rarity, and it would mean more if his presence was hyped, I guess. But overall, this match was really good, probably match of the night for me.

The main event was truly something to see. Both men gave it their all and I think you did have enough spots since the stipulation was DQ, didn't think it needed any other. Involving the sledgehammer was a good touch you had on the match as well. HHH's promo at the end I wasn't sure of. He just went through a battle with Brock so I don't know if he had it in him to say what he said. But I agree that this isn't the end for HHH, he'll be back for sure.

Overall, you advanced things very nicely. It'll be interesting to see what happens now that the Brock/HHH saga is seemingly over. I still don't quite understand why Smackdown isn't being written? Is WWE now only a one show company? But anyway, I like reading your full shows, you got the dialogues down and the matches are well written. Good job with this episode, will be reading the next one! (Y)
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