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WWE Post 2008..

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I am a newbie to this forum and I am 100% positive this topic will have been covered numerous times, but as a newbie I want to get a few things off my chest which constantly bug me.

I am a massive Attitude fan. WWF was a fantastic company, and modern WWE seems a milion miles away from where WWF once was. Sure, they might be a more global franchise and a more all round profitable organisation, but to me its just another case of 2012 'selling out' which seems to happen in almost every industry.

The Attitude Era had lots of things that we dont see today. One of the main things is the sheer intensity which use to surround not just the WWF title, but all active titles at that time. Whoever was a champion back then, it seemed to be their life. The wrestler would eat sleep and breath th buisness while champion. Do almost anythin to remain champion.

The Tag Team division use to be immense. Tornado tag matches, TLC matches. Wrestlers literally putting not just their careers but their lives on the line. Sheer brutality to be the best partnership in Wrestling. Dudley Boyz, Hardy Boyz , New Age Outlawz , Edge & Christian.

And as for the WWF (WWE) title, what has happend to that these days. The intensity which use to surround the reigns of Stone Cold, The Rock, HHH and The Undertaker. Where almost every title defence at a ppv was at least a No DQ match, but more often something along the lines of a Hell in a Cell , Cage , First Blood or 3 Stages of Hell match. The Wrestlers again would put their lives on the line for that belt.

I could seriously go on and on , but I wont.

I just miss the key words I have mentioned, Intensity and Brutality.

Ok, I can accept the companys decision to go PG for financial reasons and the Linda thing, but the characters of the wrestlers are sooo phoney and fake, its horrible to see.
The Miz, what a absolute joke! Daniel Bryan, awful. Even Sheamus is a total pg fake.

I could go on and on , but m also guessing that most people on this forum are younger than me and fans of the PG era, which is fine by me.

My last opinion is that when they announced the company was going PG, I think they should have retired everything else which had already happend and start again. As in all new titles and a complete new beginning for the history. Comparing champions from back then to now is unfair, as todays champions dont have the authority to be as a great as Stone Cold or The Rock. So whenever I hear something like , Cody Rhodes is the greatest intercontinental champion ever, I immediately think no, Chris Jericho easily.

CM Punk one of the longest title regins in history, yes, because the challenge is so weak to how it use to be. He has poor rivalry after poor rivalry and poor match after poor match. Throw him in a First Blood with Austin, or Hell in a Cell with Undertaker, and its game over for Punk.

Rant Over, I could easily go on and on bt I wont lol
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My thoughts exactly.

But I watch it anyway because nothing else is on during Monday and Friday.
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