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Since our thread was deleted we are starting this over from stage one

Unforgiven results
-Cena pulled off a great win against Angle to retain
-Flair made Carlito submit to win the IC title
-Hurricane and Rosey were able to retain title
-Trish and Ashley were able to beat Torrie and Victoria
-Matt pulled off a stunning and brutal win in the cage match against Edge
-Show beat Snitsky by count out when Snitsky left the ring and took Lilian with him. Show did not pursue Snitsky because he was scared he would hurt lilian
-Benjamin defeated Kerwin
-HBK was able to pull off the win against Masters with some Sweet Chin Music

RAW Monday September 19th

The pyros for Monday Night Raw open the show the crowd can feel the electricity in the air.

JR: Tonight we have big matches and big news for everyone out there!

King: We also have Trish versus Torrie in a Bra and panties match!

Coach: That will be so hot for summer!

JR: Its fall

Coach: It don’t matter when those two are in the ring at the same time

JR: Did that make sense?

King: Did to me

JR: Anyways, in this ring you will get to see the rematch of all rematches when John Cena puts his WWE Championship title on the line against the vicious Kurt Angle!

King: That’s right JR! Eric Bishoff even has a plan to get Cena to lose the WWE Championship even if by someway that Cena can beat Angle twice in 24 hours.

Coach: Cena will finally lose his title

“I’m Back”- Eric Bishoff

Bishoff strides through the arena with a big smile on his face with one mic in hand. Behind Eric we see Angle following with Tomko close behind. We find all three men in the ring as Eric begins to speak.

Eric: Tonight…tonight will either be the fall of Cena or the start of the end for Cena. Cena will either lose his title to Kurt Angle tonight or at the next PPV…What can I say. At the next PPV Cena will defend his title against…

Kurt (interrupts): If Cena is the WWE Champion after tonight Mr. Bishoff and that’s a big if. Look what he has to go through! The Olympic Champion and The Problem Solver

Eric: Let me correct myself. At the next PPV the WWE Champion after tonight will have to face the winner of the second ever Gold Rush Tournament! This Gold Rush will be a little different this time…it will feature the best of RAW’s top 24 athletes. There will be 3 blocks to the tournament and the winners of those blocks will face each other. So that means that this Gold Rush Tournament will end with a Triple Threat Match! I may want to add that the loser of tonight’s WWE Championship match will also be in the tournament. Also the loser will have to fight the first two rounds back to back. So unlike everyone else…Cena, I mean the loser will have no breaks between each match.

Kurt: I promise you that the loser will infact be John Cena!

Tomko: And if there is a problem I will handle it!

Eric: Please put up the tournament board! The highlighted match will be our first match for the night!


Block One:

Benjamin vs. Edge- RVD vs. Tomko- Show vs. Snitsky- HBK vs. Masters

Block Two:

Hurricane vs. Cade- HHH vs. Eugene- Rosey vs. Murdock- Carlito vs. Flair

Block Three:

White vs. Matt- Venis vs. Dupree- Conway vs. Tajiri- Visera vs. (Loser)

Eric: That’s right RVD and HHH will return during the tournament and unless you are blind…HHH is returning to RAW right now to finally finish the job with Eugene!

“Time to Play The Game”- HHH

The music hits as the crowd starts to boo. HHH makes his usually long entrance longer taking time to circle the ring a few times. Once inside the ring HHH and Angle stare the other down.

Coach: There were a lot of egos in that ring

JR: HHH and Angle have a lot of history together. Neither man is willing to trust the other.

King: Like two venomous snakes waiting for the other to turn so he can strike.

Eric gets Tomko to help get Angle out of the ring with no confrontation with the music still going.

JR: I wonder where HHH has been this whole time?

King: That’s a good question…why don’t you go ask him

JR: Seeing how focused HHH is right now…I feel sorry for who ever goes in that ring

Coach: That guy being Eugene. This is going to be great!

“Eugene’s Music”- Eugene

Eugene comes running down the aisle and stops running at the stairs. Staring HHH in the eyes Eugene remembers his feud with The Game

JR: Can’t blame Eugene for being scared

Coach: Yeah you can! Get in there!

Gold Rush Tournament Block Two

HHH versus Eugene

A well-balanced battle between the two and neither man has gotten a big advantage yet. Eugene doing the usual and HHH using his head. Soon Eugene goes for a Stunner on HHH but the Game pushes him into the ref before Eugene could finish the move. Eugene checks on the ref and HHH hits him from behind. Setting Eugene into the Pedigree, HHH drops Eugene down onto the mat with force. The Game pins Eugene as the ref finally comes to 1…2…3!

The Winner and Advancing in the Gold Rush Tournament: HHH

Backstage we see John Cena entering the building. Todd Grisham goes in for an interview

Todd: John. Have you heard of what Mr. Bishoff has announced tonight!

Cena: I know I’m facing Angle again tonight

Todd: I was talking about the tournament he announced at the start of the show

Cena: Tournament?

Todd: Yeah…The Gold Rush tournament. Also there is a stipulation for the loser tonight in your match for the tournament.

Cena: Stipulation?

Todd: Yeah. The loser of your match tonight must face Visera in the first round and then immediately face the winner of the Conway/Tajiri match right after.

Cena: Visera? Conway? Tajiri? What the hells have you been smoking Todd! I gotta go.

Todd: Also there are two men returning to RAW…RVD and…

Cena: RVD is on the way! That makes sense Todd. Can’t wait to see Van Dam work his way through the Gold Bush Tournament.

Todd: Gold Bush? That is not the name of the tournament

Cena: With Eric we’re lucky it isn’t the Gold Wang Tournament

Cena laughs and looks for a high five from Todd. Todd goes for the high five and misses.

Cena: Too slow Todd. LOL

Cena starts to leave

Todd: Also HHH has returned to Raw and has just advanced in the tournament

Cena stops and starts to go back to Todd

Cena: HHH? What does that mean? Hunt Horses to Hump?

Todd: You never heard of HHH?

Cena: I’m just joking! (Whispers to Todd) he’s the guy with the big nose right?

Todd: Uh…I guess…

Cena: Don’t worry. When I came to Raw I knew I would face that Horse Humper some time. Tonight I worry about Angle, later I will worry for the horses he will try to hump later

Cena casually leaves

Todd: I guess he isn’t worried about HHH at all but I don’t think HHH will let this slide. Back to JR and King.

Back to the arena

King: Cena better check his ego at the door before he thinks about winning a match against HHH ever

JR: That is a sure thing. HHH is called the Cerebral Assassin for a good reason.

“Japanese Music”- Tajiri

Tajiri’s music starts to play as he runs to the ring and slides in

Coach: Here comes Tajiri. I can’t wait to see Conway take him out of the tournament right off the bat.

“The Con Way” Rob Conway

Conway takes his time coming to the ring; posing and trash talking Tajiri.

Gold Rush Tournament Block Three

Tajiri versus Conway

A surprisingly fast paced match with both men countering every move with their own counter. Later in the match Tajiri makes an attempt with a kick to the head but Conway countered with a Spine Buster but Conway could not get the 3 count. As Conway picks Tajiri up for a suplex, Tajiri squirms out of the move in midair and lands on his feet. A confused Conway turns around to get a Death Kick from Tajiri right to the side of his head. Tajiri goes for the pin 1…2…3.

The Winner and Advancing in the Gold Rush Tournament: Tajiri

The screen switches to backstage with Trish changing into her gear. Soon Ashley walks in.

Trish: Congrats on the win Ashley

Ashley: You too! Thank you so much for the help

Trish: You are welcome

Ashley: Guess what Trish!

Trish: What is it?

Ashley: Next week there is going to be a certain number one contender’s match

Trish: Really?

Ashley: Yeah. It’s going to be Lita, Victoria, and I in a triple threat match. The winner faces you at the next PPV!

Trish: Wow! Are you nervous? You will be facing two former champions

Ashley: Don’t worry I will be in that ring facing you for your title

Trish: Good Luck! But I have to get ready for my match

Ashley: It’s B and P? How prepared do you have to be?

We flash back to the ring as the World Tag Team Champion Hurricane is entering the ring to face Lance Cade in another Gold Rush match

Gold Rush Tournament Block Two

Hurricane w/Rosey versus Cade w/Murdoch

An okay match with Hurricane hitting some high spots taking out Cade, but Cade would retaliate with a big move of his own or dodging the move. Casual interference by Murdoch but Rosey quickly comes to the rescue of his partner in justice. At the end of the match Murdoch distracts Rosey so Cade could then low blow him. Then Murdoch would hit a big close line from there. With no Rosey to protect Hurricane from Murdoch, the match turns sour for the hero. The ref finds a fallen Rosey off to the side and checks up on him. Behind the ref’s back in unison Cade low blows Hurricane and then immediately following that Murdoch lands a hellacious close line on him. Cade goes for a cocky pin just standing on Hurricane 1…2…3

The Winner and Advancing in the Gold Rush Tournament: Lance Cade

JR: I can’t believe it!

Coach: Cade and Murdoch got some retribution from the loss last night.

King: Up next is the Bra ad Panties match! Puppies!

Suddenly Eric appears on the screen

Eric: Sorry King but I have an announcement to make before Trish and Torrie come out. Since we just witnessed a rematch in sorts from Unforgiven, I am going to make next week special. Next week will feature not just feature Lita, Victoria, and Ashley fighting it out to become the Number One Contenders Match for Trish’s Women’s Title. That night will also feature rematches from Unforgiven that will take place in the Gold Rush Tournament. That means thanks to the Gold Rush Tournament, in one single night you will see: Rosey vs. Murdoch, Masters vs. HBK, Carlito vs. Flair, and Show versus Snitsky. Hopefully from that Lilian will be here next week.

Eric disappears from the screen

JR: For the fans that did not watch Unforgiven last night, what happened during the Show/Snitsky match, Snitsky ran off in the middle of the match and took Lilian with him. That is all the information we are allowed to release at the moment. Next week we will be able to interview Show and Snitsky and get their thoughts on this event.

Coach: Forget the dramatics and let’s get back to the king’s favourite thing in the world…

King: Puppies!

Bra and Panties

Trish versus Torrie

An even match with Trish making Torrie look like she can actually wrestle, and in the end they are tied with Trish showing her bra and Torrie her panties. Soon Trish rolls up Torrie and takes her shirt off for the win.

The Winner: Trish

After the match Lita and Victoria rush the ring and attack Trish. Soon Ashley comes to Trish’s aid and saves the day by cleaning house. Both blondes stand in the ring triumphed while Lita and Victoria head backstage.

JR: Will you two stop drooling we have a job to do

King: This is our job

Coach: I love my job

“My Time Is Here”-John Cena

The music starts to play as Cena comes out to a roaring crowd. Cena pumps himself up running around the ring showing off his title. Cena then grabs a mic and enters the ring

Cena: Yo, yo ,yo! THE CHAMP IS HERE! Kurt I said all I need to say to you except for this…last night when you had me in set up for your German Suplex I think I felt something in my lower back do you think it was…

“Medal”- Kurt Angle

As the song starts it interrupts Cena and Kurt comes running out. The match starts immediately as Tomko runs down to the ring late.

WWE Championship

John Cena © versus Kurt angle w/Tomko

A great rematch from their last match just 24 hours ago, Cena uses his strength, charisma, and fans to push him through the match while Kurt uses skill, submissions, and Tomko to push back at Cena. The match seems to be dead even until Tomko is caught ripping Cena by the ref. Tomko is sent away by the ref. As Angle hugs Cena from behind and tries to lift him off the ground for a German Suplex, Cena escapes and runs to the outside. Cena brings a mic to his mouth and says

Cena: I now I felt something that time! Right here in my lower back. Is there something you…

Cena is interrupted as a raged Angle charges from inside the ring to do a flying dive between the ropes landing right on the champ. Later in the match both men are down on the ground. As both push to stand, Angle finds some kinda extra energy in him to run up to Cena and attempt an Angle Slam. Cena counters with an elbow to the midsection. The champ picks up the Olympian and hits the FU! 1…2…3!

The Winner and still WWE Champion: John Cena

The fans go crazy over the classic match. Cena stands over Angle and calls for someone in the back. Suddenly Visera comes out and enters the ring. As Angle stands up he is standing right in front of Visera. Kurt turns to run in the other direction but runs into Cena. Cena picks up Kurt for an FU and nails it. John’s music starts up again as Visera and he cheer and hype up the fans.

JR: Kurt must not like the fact that he lost

Coach: Now he will have to face Visera and Tajiri back to back to continue in the Gold Rush Tournament

King: This is not good for Kurt

JR: Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Join us next week where the tournament will continue

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I'm going to update this post, regularly, so all readers will know about SD!'s roster and PPV's. Consider it my SD! homepage.


*Animal (Tag)
*Batista (WHC)
Booker T
*Chris Benoit (US)
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
*Hedinreich (Tag)
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Ken Kennedy
*Nunzio (Cruiserweight)
Orlando Jordan
Paul Burchill
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Ron Killings
Simon Dean
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
William Regal

For our new readers, here is a review of my first Smackdown! (I will be starting this BTB off with actually my second ever show. Last weeks show (which was lost by the crash) followed the first ever Friday Night SD! which is the same in our BTB as it was on TV):

It seems buisness has picked up on the second ever edition of Friday Night Smackdown! for new Tag Team Champions, Ron "K-Kwik" Killings and Konnan. The two made their Smackdown! debut this past week, and were able to pick up the win against LOD, thanks to an interference by MNM.

The Kru weren't the only big names to return to the WWE. Rikishi joined Scotty 2 Hotty in a defense against the Dirty Brits: William Regal and Paul Burchil.

Booker T made a big impression on newcomer, Ken Kennedy, joining Chris Benoit in a suprise attack. Booker told the young competitor to stop spreading trouble, mainly through Booker's wife, Sharmell.

Eddie Guerrero will have a lot to explain, come Friday after losing it in his match against Batista. Eddie attacked The Animal, after Batista made comments regarding Guerrero's recent sadistic actions against Rey Mysterio, in an interview with Funaki.

Randy Orton gained a big victory over The Undertaker, making him 2-1 over the Deadman. However, it didn't seem to be enough, as after the match Orton went about setting the ring ablaze, in a ring of fire. When the smoke cleared The Phenom was nowhere in sight.

Upcoming PPV's

SD! presents No Mercy!

Currently scheduled matches:
*Eddie Guerrero vs Batista (Barbed Wire Cage Match for the World Heavyweight Championship)
*Rikishi vs Scotty 2 Hotty​

Sign of the week

"Mr.Kennedy Sucks...Sucks."

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Smackdown! September 23, 2005

(The show opens with the WWE logo sequence, followed by the SD! theme. Then we open on the arena, absolutely a buzz.)

Cole: Ladies and gentleman, welcome to another great edition of Friday Night Smackdown! This is your ring announcer Micheal Cole, joined once again by Tazz. And what a show we have for your tonight, Tazz.

Tazz: Your not kidding, Cole! All I can say is, let's get it started! I'm ready to go!

Cole: Yes, but first, let's take you back to last week's SD!

(A video package is shown, highlighting Batista and Eddie)

("It's the Mack millitant!" hits, and Teddy Long makes his stride to the ring.)

Long: Ladies and gentlemen, after that package I have great news for all you fans. Because right here, after the henious actions of Eddie Guerrero last week, I, Theodore Long as GM of Smackdown, hereby suspend Eddie Guer-

Palmer: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! What do you think you're doing?

(Palmer comes from the back to huge boos, as he walks down to ringside.)

Palmer: Now, Teddy, I feel the same way you do. Guerrero's actions were inexcusable. It was disgusting! Disgraceful! However...it also drew the biggest ratings of the show. And whether these people want to admit it or not, they love Eddie Guerrero!

(BOOS! through the arena)

Palmer: So I think we owe Eddie, atleast an explanation. So here he is, Eddie Guerrero!

Long: What?! Now hold on-

("Briiiinggg! Can you feel the Heat?" hits as Eddie comes out to huge boos. He has a sadistic smile on his face, as he makes his way to the ring, and takes the mic.)

Long: This is my show, damn it! I won't have this man in my ring! I-

Eddie: Whoa, esse. Calm down, Mr. GM. You got to be a little more on the cool side. Can't I simply explain myself? Huh, holmes? Come on, esse. It'll be alright.

Long: I won't calm down!

Palmer: Yes you will! Now let Mr. Guerrero talk, or you won't have a show! You dig, playa?

(Long looks pissed as he backs down.)

Eddie: Thankyou, Mr. Palmer. Now, I think I owe all these fans an explanation. A reason for my actions.

(Guerrero pauses as Eddie Sux chants start. Eddie begins to get heated.)

Eddie: Hey. Now hold on. I came out here to explain myself. If you people want to get disrespectful, then you're going to make me mad. I said hold on...Odala! Shut Up!!! I attacked Batista and Sylvain because of what I've become! The man you people made me! The bad guy! The loser! You see, I've lost it all. That's right. Everything...ha. I'm nothing now. You see, for the last few months the Eddie you knew was destroyed. I lost it when I became obsessed with the man I couldn't beat. Rey Mysterio. In the process of trying to beat Rey, I lost my family. I turned my back on the ones who loved me. They no longer were at my side. And when I got that much coveted win two weeks ago, I realized that it meant nothing. I wasn't happy. I was angry. Angry that I couldn't see what I was doing. Angry at you idiotas! You gringos! Because all you care about is seeing winners! Champions! And that's what I was trying to be! For what?! And then Batista...Dave Batista says that I'm a bully? Batista, you represent eveything I loathe. You're the champ! These people cheer you, because you're a winner. And they boo me, because I'm not! So if you want to call me out, then let's go. Because I WILL DESTROY YOU, HOLMES!!!!!!!!

Palmer: Wow. I feel for you Eddie. That's why Mr. Long and I have decided to give you a title shot at No Mercy.

Long: What?! Hold on!!! This will not stand!!

Palmer: I beg to differ, Teddy. This man deserves a shot after the hell he's
been through. It will be a story of struggle. The little guy against the man! Against society. Against Batis-

(Batista's Theme hits. The crowd goes nuts as Batista makes his way to the ring. Pyro explodes behind The Animal, but he seems in no mood to strut around.)

Batista: Mr. Palmer. I think this match. This title shot...is a great idea. But...but, I think you need one little thing to top it off. You see after Eddie was DQ'ed last week, I think we need to make this a special match...a no DQ match. How's that sound?

Long: What?!

Palmer: Well, Eddie. What do you say?

Eddie: I say, why stop there? Let's make it a cage match!

Long: No! No way!

Batista: Fine by me. But if you're into upping the ante, then why don't we make it a barbed wire cage match?

Long: Batista! What do you think-

Batista: Teddy, trust me. I want to make this maggot pay... The Animal Way.

Palmer: So it's set! Batista vs. Guerrero at No Mercy...in a barbed wire cage match!

(Batista smiles and stands right in Eddie's face. The two have a stare down as we cut to commercial.)

(We're back as we see Orton stepping out of a limo, only to be stopped by Josh Matthews.)

Josh: Randy, how are you doing after last weeks strange occurance with the Undertaker?

Orton: How am I doing? What kind of question is that, Josh? It sounds like you're implying that I should be the scarred party. It's the Undertaker who should be reconsidering getting in the path of the Legend Killer. I won the match!

Josh: Yes, you did. But the disappearance of The Phenom after you tried to set him on fire was a bit erie.

Orton: Erie? It just proves the Deadman's been laid to rest. Courtesy of Randy Orton!

Josh: Well, where is Cowboy Bob tonight?

Orton: Taking a much deserved rest.

Josh: His absense isn't due to fear?

Orton: Fear?!

(Orton looks pissed as he begins to walk away. The camera focuses on his stern expression. But then suddenly he turns to give Matthews the RKO, however...he reaches his arm up to the deadman! Orton falls to the floor in fear and shock and begins to yell. He backs away quickly in shock as he jumps back in his limo yelling "Drive! Drive!" as the limo screaches back out of the parking lot. The Undertaker just stares at the limo, not moving, as his eyes roll back into his head.)

Tazz: Holy cow, Cole! It's the deadman! He came out of nowhere!

Cole: Yeah, and it seems like the mind games continue between these two.

Match: Booker T vs. Ken Kennedy
Table Match

Chimmel: The following is a table match! Introducing first at a weight of-

("Mrrrrrr....Kennneedyyy!...Kennneeedyyy!" hits as he makes his way to the ring.)

Kennedy: Chimmel, please! Shut the heeeeellllllllll upppppppp! That's what these people want. They hate you! You sicken them! You sicken me! Look at me!

(Kennedy pretends to vomit.)

Kennedy: You see that? You make me sick! You fat piece of want-to-be-Kennedy-so-you-announce-but-you-suck-at-it! You can't even make a table match sound exciting. Try again!

Chimmel: The following is a table match! Introducing first at a weight of-

Kennedy: No! Again!

Chimmel: The following is a table match! Introducing first at a weight of-

Kennedy: No! Again!

Chimmel: The following is a table match! Introducing first at a weight of-

(Kennedy slaps Chimmel to the mat. "Can You Dig It, Sucka?" hits as Booker runs to the ring.)

The two put on a decent match as neither man goes for a table in the early goings. Booker dominates with Kennedy getting the occasional big move. As the two head to the outside things pick up, with Kennedy nailing big baracade shots and steel stair whips on Booker. Finally, Booker gets sent back inside with Kennedy following with a table. Kennedy sets the table up, when Booker climbs to his feet, hitting a low blow kick on Kennedy. He goes for a suplex through the table, but can't get Kennedy up. Kennedy reverses the hold into a suplex of his own, which looks to lead to a gutbuster until Booker slides behind Kennedy, grabbing him in a german suplex hold, then twisting Kennedy around to execute the move. Kennedy escapes the hold with elbows, then grabs Booker in a Book End. Booker elbows his way out, then goes for his own Book End. Kennedy elbows out again, then goes for a clothesline which Booker reverses into an inverted atomic drop. Then he goes to the ropes for a Booker T Special, but Kennedy picks him up for his own atomic drop. Booker grabs his lower section in pain as Kennedy picks him up in what looks to be a on the ground lambo leap. Kennedy goes to the corner, and climbs with Booker on his shoulders. He goes for it...but Booker reverses it into a tornado DDT through the table!

Winner: Booker T

Cole: What a match! Wow! An impressive win for Booker T!

Tazz: Your darn right, Cole! Wow, just doesn't describe it!

Cole: We're going to commercial, but when we come back, we will have The Peep Show! This week's guests are.
the new WWE Tag Team Champions, The Kru!

(Commercial )

(Booker enters his locker room, happy. Sharmel doesn't look the same way.)

Booker: Baby, did you just see that match? I kicked Kennedy's stuttering ass! Yeah!

Sharmel: Booker.

Booker: What's up?

Sharmel: You know when I told you about how Kennedy approached me in the hall?

Booker: Ofcourse. Didn't you see that match? That was for you!

Sharmel: Well I didn't tell you that just so you could take out Kennedy. I wanted you to think about what he said.

Booker: Which would be?

Sharmel: Well, if Chris is such a good friend, then why hasn't he offered you a title shot?

Booker: What? Oh come on, Sharmel! Chris and I are friends! If I asked him for a match he would give it to me! Just like he helped me last week!

Sharmel: Then why don't you?

Booker: What?

Sharmel: Ask him for a match! Come on, for me.

Booker: Oh come on, Shar-

Sharmel: Book. Book. Come on. For me.

Booker: ...fine. For you.

Sharmel: Thankyou baby.

Booker: Yeah, I know. Who's big daddy?

Sharmel: He, he, he. You, baby.

Booker: Now I can dig that.

(We come back to a quiet arena. Suddenly we hear "Christian! Christian!" ala Christian's old entrance music. Then the arena goes pitch black...until BOOM!, a huge golden pyro explosion rocks the arena. Then Open Your Eyes plays as Christian makes his regular entrance.)

Cole: What an entrance!

(Christian enters the ring with the Peep Show set.)

Christian: Gentlemen! Boys! Girls! and...Ladies. This is the Peep Show! And I'm the Captain of the Charismatic Coalition, Christian! We have a real treat for you this week that tops the crap on Raw's interview show...what is it? Carlito's Cabana Boys? No, I'm not a Buckwheat wannabe. I don't have to remind myself that I am indeed cool. And I'm not wearing purple booty shorts! And that...That's COOL! So let's get down to it! Allow me to introduce my guests this week, the new WWE Tag Team Champions, The Kru!

(A remixed version of Beware hits, to avoid copyright laws. It starts out, "These boys flexing that bad jam!" and the new Champions make their way to the ring, dancing and all.)

Christian: Well, let me be the first to congradulate you! Welcome to the premium show in sports entertainment, SD! And-

Konnan: Whoa! Let me cut you off, holmes. We got to do this right! Odala! Aribe la raza!

Killings: Yo, we doing it big, swift, and oh so fresh! Taking SD! by storm, and making the ladies swoon! You wanna be us, but you can't, because I am the Suntan Superman! And he is The K-Diggity!

Konnan: Yo, yo! Let me speak on this! Where you people at?! Because things just picked up for the brand new WWE Tag Team Division! We revolutionizing just because we rowdy, rowdy! And bout it, bout it!

Killings: So you either with us, digging the new! Or you obviously Can't Handle The Truth!

Christian: What in the hell did you two just say? This is the Peep show, not 106th and Park! You dig, my hommies? Now I invited you on my show for one reason. And it wasn't to catch up on my battle raps. I invited you here to step up to the facts: you may be impressive in the ring...but you didn't earn your titles. We all know how things went down. MNM cost LOD the match. So what do you have to say about that? Huh?

Killings: It's a shame. But regardless of what those two teams are going through we would have captured the titles either way.

Konnan: Believe that.

Christian: I have to disagree. So tonight I've arranged a little something for our viewers. A chance to prove yourselves. Because that's how we roll! And it starts...now!

(Mexicools Theme hits, as the three Mexicools make their way to the ring. The run in to attack The Kru as Chimmel makes an announcement.)

Chimmel: The following is a Crash The Peep Show Match! The object of the match is to defeat your opponents via pin fall or submission. All objects on the set are legal weapons!

Match: The Kru vs. The Mexicools
Crash The Peep Show Match

The match starts off early, favoring the Mexicools as The Kru try to get their bearings. It appears the match is Tornado Tag style as noone goes to the ring apron. The Mexicools use the furniture as a way of launching themselves at their opponents, while The Kru uses set pieces as weapons. It's a short, but good match, with both teams giving a good performance. The end comes when Killings knocks Super Crazy out the ring with a clothesline, catches Psicosis coming off the turnbuckle with a powerslam, and kicks him out, while Konnan reverses a hurricanrana into a facebuster on Juventud. Then as the Juice stands up, hunched over, Killings runs over and hits a modified Axe Kick (he uses his left leg instead of his right making the move look like a head scicors takedown). Killings goes for the pin. 1!...2!...3!​

Winners: The Kru

(Christian rolls back in the ring, and stands eye to eye with Killings-but smiles and shakes his hand. He grabs a mike.)

Christian: Hey, Mexicraps! Meet the new Champs! And stay out of Peep territory!

Cole: Well, it seems Christian approves of the new champions after all.

Tazz: Why wouldn't he? They taught those Mexicools to stop invading the coolest show in the WWE!

(We cut to the back as we see S2H and Rikishi making their way to the ring.)

Cole: It's 2 Cool vs. The Dirty Brits. Next!


Match: The Dirty Brits vs. 2 Cool

Things get underway quick as Scotty explodes on both members of the Dirty Brits. He looks impressive until Regal distracts the ref and Burchil employs dirty tactics. For most of the match Burchil and Regal decimate Scotty with Rikishi looking anxious to get in. Finally, Scotty reverses a leg takedown into an enzugiri, and looks to be able to make the tag...until Rikishi pulls his hand back to massive boos. The Dirty Brits go on to win the match with Burchil employing an armbar, making Scotty tap.

Winners: The Dirty Brits

(Rikishi gets a mike at ringside.)

Rikishi: Scotty. You think I came back to help you? You?! You did nothing but drag me down. I'm main event status! You're a dancing punk, jobber! I am The Ass of The Islands! And I will Sit On Your Fame!

(Rikishi gets back in the ring and hits a staggering Scotty with a Super Kick. Then he hits a big Ass Bomb. He leaves the ring with a smile on his face.)

Cole: That's sick! Rikishi just turned on his best friend! Damn him! Damn him!

(We cut to the back to see JBL preparing for his match. Jordan comes in.)

Jordan: This is it! The Wrestling God lays his wrath down on Chris Benoit! Yes! It's a good thing I've been softening him up for you, huh big guy?

JBL: Softening him up? Is that what you call it? Ha, ha. Please Orlando, I need to concentrate. Stop cracking jokes.

Jordan: What?

JBL: You heard me. You haven't lasted 30 seconds in the ring with him yet! Hell, Ken Kennedy had a longer match with him last week.

Jordan: What are you saying?

JBL: You suck! You're awful! My grandma would last longer in there than you! You are the definition of the Minute Man! Wait, no...The Half-A-Minute-Man! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Jordan: Let's see you do better.

JBL: What the hell did you just say?

Jordan: You heard m-

(JBL slaps Jordan)

JBL: You watch your damn mouth. Who in the hell do you think you are? You will be respectful in the prescence of greatness, you piece of crap. Rest assured, Chris Benoit will bow at my feet. For I am who I say I that I am. But you have seem to forgotten that. You remember that before me you were mid-carding Velocity! I made you who you are! Me! John Bradshaw Layfield! The only reason you've ever even touched a title is because I let you!

Jordan: ...

JBL: Tonight Theodore Long will see that I deserve that title shot. You just make sure you're watching my back. You got that?

Jordan: I'll be watching your back.

JBL: Good. Now bow in reverence.

Jordan: What?

(He slaps Jordan to the ground.)

JBL: I said, BOW! Good.

(He leaves Jordan humiliated on the ground.)


Match: Chris Benoit vs. JBL

(Longhorn hits. A huge reaction echoes through the arena as the limo drives out to a chorus of boos. JBL steps out, without the usual jolly luster of usual entrances to the ring, but looking determined none the less for his huge match tonight. He gets in the ring, bounces off a couple sides of the ring, and takes off his hat when Benoit’s music hits. The biggest pop off the night counters the reception of JBL quite nicely, as the fans respect the match their about to see. Benoit steps in the ring, and things get underway.)

Bradshaw and the Rabid Wolverine circle each other a bit before either man takes initiative. Cole and Tazz are both quick to point out that this match won’t end in under a minute, but Benoit makes the first attack regardless. He comes at JBL with a nice forearm to the head in typical Benoit fashion. JBL stumbles back against the ropes, giving Benoit the chance to whip the 300 pounder to the other side of the ring. Benoit bends down for a back body, but is instead hit with a big swinging neckbreaker, with JBL quickly sitting up. Layfield is on the offensive, kicking the fallen US Champ, as Chris rolls to the ropes to break up the aggression. JBL won’t let up, however, and instead uses the ropes for leverage to choke Benoit. The ref starts the count. 1...2…3…4.. JBL lets up. In the early goings of this match it’s easy to see JBL has no cocky aura about him, unlike other ring encounters. Bradshaw gives Benoit enough breathing space to allow the Champ to make his way to the corner, but the Texan from NYC isn’t sleeping at the wheel for too long. He goes to work, pounding Benoit in the head. Again the ref goes for a count, and this time JBL breaks up the assault quicker. He goes back to the corner, but BAM! Benoit gets in a big clothesline. Benoit is now kicking the fallen challenger, in a quite aggressive manner. He rolls JBL to his back and applies a leg lock, which JBL struggles to get out of for several moments. Benoit finally lets up, and goes for a different approach, picking up JBL for another whip. He bends down for another back body, and when JBL stops in mid-run to drop an elbow to the back of Benoit he wises up, standing up to avoid the attack, and letting JBL fall to the mat. JBL isn’t down long as he quickly rises and runs to the ropes, while Benoit does the same. JBL ducks a Benoit clothesline. Benoit ducks a JBL clothesline. Then both connect with clotheslines. The ref starts a knockout count, but both men are up before 5. JBL swings a lazy arm that Benoit ducks easily to lock in a big german suplex. He holds on for another. And he goes for a third, but JBL has gotten the ropes. Benoit backs up and delivers a chop block, dropping JBL to one knee, but that’s all Benoit needs. He hits the third german suplex. The fans are rallying behind the Rabid Wolverine, as Benoit locks in another leg lock. This time JBL goes for a more desperate approach, hitting multiple shots to Benoit’s head, but it seems futile, as the Rabid Wolverine keeps it clenched in. He holds on for a good minute with JBL just slapping the ring in pain. Benoit even gets up on several occasions, still holding the leg, to deliver elbows to the knee, and reapply the hold. We even go to a

(Commercial break)

When we return Benoit is still holding the hold! Tazz and Cole are in shock as JBL screams in pain. Benoit gets up for another one of those elbows, but JBL delivers a couple big boots to the head with his good foot, finally knocking off Benoit to the ground. JBL pulls himself to his feet with the ropes, as he can’t seem to stand on his own. He’s in the corner when Benoit stands up, setting himself up for a big shoulder block…or so we think. JBL leaps out the way as Benoit delivers a shoulder block to pure steel. It sounds like the air is sucked out of the arena. Bradshaw tries to work himself to his feet, but it seems futile. Finally, he does it, and works his way to the corner where Benoit is lying, and starts to stomping, but every kick is done with intense effort. He picks up Benoit, and tries to whip Chris to the other corner; Benoit reverses it, and remarkably, Layfield can’t even make it to the other side of the ring. His knee gives way half way across the squared circle. Benoit walks over to Bradshaw, clutching his own injury, but is able to pick up the Texan anyway. He hits a huge back body suplex, stands up, and delivers the cut throat symbol. He climbs up top, and JBL isn’t putting up any of a fight, as the Rabid Wolverine sets flight. HUGE head but that cracks open both men, and leaves the two convulsing in the middle of the ring. Benoit can’t capitalize, and it appears that he knocked himself out. Orlando Jordan’s music hits. For the second time in this match, boos have accompanied an athlete to the ring. The two men in the ring begin to stir, with JBL getting to his feet (if gingerly) first, and able to give Benoit a couple hard rights to his bleeding head. Benoit starts becoming more aware with every hit, and is able to catch one of JBL’s hands, converting the momentum into a crossface! The crowd goes wild! JBL fights, and fights, and fights. The New York Cowboy begins working his way to his knees, then to one knee…but Benoit gets up with JBL, converts the crossface into a flipping armbar, then back into a crossface! JBL screams in pain, but can’t seem to make it to the ropes. He stays in the crossface for the whole amount of time that Jordan’s matches have been lasting, brought to our attention by Cole and Tazz. Finally, it seems that JBL has passed out, as the ref goes to lift the arms. 1…2…No! Life in JBL! He stirs, then out of nowhere, stands up, lifting Benoit into a fireman’s carry, and dropping back to the ring in a somoan drop-esque move. Now our attention is shifted back to Jordan at ring side, who seems to be enjoying the match. JBL and Benoit are down as the ref is reaching 7 in the KO count, but Layfield has managed to pull himself up, and now signals for the Clothesline From Hell. Benoit is standing up slowly, unaware of the danger, and now turning to a running JBL…but Bradshaw is injured enough in the legs to be a second off his normal speed, as Benoit converts the move into a northern lights suplex and bridge for the pin.1!...2!...kickout by Layfield. Tazz and Cole are blown away by this match so far, as we see Benoit go for another leg lock. JBL can’t seem to take these submission moves from the Rabid Wolverine, but has no choice in the manner. However, he sustains another lock that Benoit gives up after a rope break. Now Benoit is waiting for JBL to stand, mockingly signaling for his own Clothesline From Hell. Layfield does stand, does turn, but ducks the shot that ends up taking out the official. Benoit is shocked at his actions, and turns just in time to get nailed by JBL’s Clothesline From Hell. JBL makes the cover, getting the obvious win, but there’s no ref. As he crawls over to the official Benoit stands, groggy, but standing, and Jordan climbs in the ring. The crowd boos, realizing Benoit’s fate, but as Benoit turns around Jordan walks right past him, and up to JBL. Jordan grabs a hand full of Layfield’s hair, turns the Texan around, and BAM! Nails the reverse STO. The crowd goes crazy, loving Jordan’s actions, but Benoit is just shocked. However, Benoit still goes up top to finish off the job. The ref comes to just as Benoit hits the flying head but! This time Benoit makes the cover. 1!...2!...”Holy Sh*t!” chants. Noone can believe it, but JBL just kicked out of a reverse STO and a Benoit head but. Benoit is just staring at Layfield, mouth ajar. He picks up Bradshaw, to hit something, but out of nowhere JBL throws him to the corner. He goes to Chris, hits a couple big shots to the head, sets the US Champ up top, and follows him up. It appears that JBL is planning on hitting a super fall away slam on Benoit, but Benoit has other plans. Benoit strikes Layfield a couple times. Bradshaw returns the favor. Bradshaw, Benoit, Bradshaw, Benoit, Bradshaw, Benoit, Benoit, Benoit! Benoit has the upper hand as he’s trying to push JBL to the ring below, but JBL has a tight grip on the ropes. Finally Benoit lets up, for enough time for Layfield to get in a major shot to the head. Here comes the fall away…Benoit’s set up…but Benoit has reversed it, swinging around to JBL’s side, holding him in a DDT type headlock. Now Benoit’s on the outside ring apron, holding JBL, whose on the top turnbuckle in a suplex type lockup…and then he does it. Benoit suplexes JBL to the outside. “This Match Rules!” chants start as both men lie lifeless on the floor. The ref starts the count. 1!...2!...3!...4!...5!...6!...Benoit stirs…7!...Benoit is able to roll inside the ring…8!...9!...and back out to break up the count. Cole is astounded, pointing out that he doesn’t think Benoit realized he had the match won. Benoit lifts up JBL on the outside, then whips the big athlete towards the steps, but JBL reverses it, sending Benoit’s shoulder into some more steel. Benoit screams in pain. JBL is back on the ground, cradling his knee in his own share of pain. The ref is nearing 6 as JBL pulls himself up, and back into the ring. He just lies in the ring on his back until the count of nine, when Benoit gets back in himself. Tazz points out that this match is definitely number 1 contender worthy for JBL, who is now back on his feet. As the match progresses it seems that JBL is getting along better with the injured knee, notes Cole. Indeed it does as JBL signals for another Clothesline. Benoit gets up, and as JBL is coming, grabs the arm of the Texan for another crossface, but Layfield is not going down. He has locked his arms so Benoit can’t get the submission in, and the two men struggle in the middle of the ring, until JBL gets in a cheap low blow kick. With Benoit hunched over Bradshaw sets him up for the JBL Bomb. He gets Benoit up on his shoulders…but Benoit has grabbed the ropes behind JBL. Layfield struggles with Benoit in the air, before sending him over his head, and outside the ring to the floor. Benoit looks to be in bad shape on the outside, lying motionless, but JBL follows him out anyway and throws him back in. But before he can get in himself Jordan walks up behind JBL with what looks like a pipe in his possession. The ref is tending to Benoit with his back turned as WHAP! a big shot to the rib cage of JBL is administered for the second interference in this match. The crowd goes wild again as Jordan rolls his former boss back in the ring. Benoit is back up, but has to stay at the ropes for too long to recuperate. Bradshaw is back on his feet. It looks like things are repeating themselves as Bradshaw signals for yet another Clothesline From Hell. He’s in no condition to hit one, though as he comes at Benoit…and is locked into the crippler crossface in the middle of the ring. Both men are bloody and battered as we look into JBL’s intense eyes as he taps out.

Winner: Chris Benoit

(Benoit celebrates as he leaves the ring. JBL stays on the ground for a little while, until he sees Jordan on the ramp, looking down at him. Their eyes lock as the show closes)

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Anyone know what's up with Hereos? His Raw is very late, and I can't get in touch with him.

Anyway, here's some news from W-E:

-In major news, it seems Smackdown! is in negotiations with UPN to break away from the network. It appears the talks of a departure from the station is felt to be beneficial by both parties, and may be occuring sooner rather than later. It was already announced that Smackdown! would begin live televised shows, and this may reflect intentions to move to a new network.

-Talks continue between WWE and a number of superstars, on the status of coming to Smackdown! As reported earlier, Rikishi and the Kru may not be the only Superstars to make big appearances.

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Sorry I had a review ready but forgot to post it.

Very good first SD!. I like the match between Kennedy and Booker T I like how Kennedy asssaulted Chimel. Nice Orton/Taker promo as well. I just didn't like the capalazation for the main event but that was still a very good match. It was very entertaining and a very good win for Chris Benoit with the Crossface.

Ovral it was a very good show.
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