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WWE Plans For a Bray Wyatt/Shield Turn

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In a recent report by F4WOnline, some light has been shed on Bray Wyatt’s future in WWE. The website is reporting that there are plans for Wyatt to turn babyface, but not until The Shield turn heel. WWE’s reasoning for this is to keep the two factions on opposite sides of the spectrum. However, in the report, it is noted that Roman Reigns will be an exception for The Shield, as he will not be turning heel. Instead, he will split from the group in order to undergo a monster push as a babyface.
I figured this was how it would go down. I knew for the Shield to have a heel turn, Reigns would have to break off. Will probably all unfold immediately following Extreme Rules.
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Yes. Turn Bray Wyatt face to protect John Cena. Then, when they get together, they can blow each other in the ring. Happy days are here again.
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