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I started a booking thread way back but had to abruptly stop doing it as things came up. I’m starting again now, heres my roster, there will be one show up a week, enjoy, I hope! This is a new show that starts in January.

General Manager: Shane McMahon F

Chris Benoit (WWE Champion) F
Charlie Hass (US Champion)
Billy Kidman (WWE Tag Team Champion)
Paul London (WWE Tag Team Champion)
Kurt Angle
Eddie Guerrero
Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho
Shelton Benjamin
Shawn Michaels
Booker T (Injured)
Batista F
John Cena F
HHH (Injured)
The Rock
Undertaker H
Kane H
Rey Mysterio
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley H
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Miss Jackie
Torrie Wilson
Stacy Kiebler
Dawn Marie


First PPV is the Royal Rumble

WWE Phoenix 07/01/2005 Los Angeles Staples Center

Before the first ever edition of WWE Phoenix begins general manager Shane Mcmahon is shown backstage in his office.

Shane: To usher in a new era of pure, unrivalled sports entertainment, my show WWE Phoenix will bring, tonight to the LA fans and the millions watching at home the first four matches in a randomly drawn WWE No.1 contender tournament here tonight! Each match will also have a random stipulation drawn and announced by ring announcer Tony Chimel before each match begins! So sit back, kick out, you'll going to enjoy this.

The screen fades out, muisc hits, followed by pyro...

Jim Ross: Welcome to the first ever edition of WWE Phoenix, live from LA. Im sitting here with my co-commentator Tazz, and what an announcement Tazz, a No.1 contender tournament begins here tonight, each match with its own stipulation!

Tazz: JR, No.1 Contender tourmnament, Random Stipulations, This is what Phoenix is going to be all about my friend!

Match 1: WWE Tag Team Championships
Tajiri and Akio vs. Billy Kidman and Paul London (C)
The finish: As Paul London and Akio trade blows on the outside Kidman goes for a vertical suplex on Tajiri. As kidman stops Tajiri in the vertical position Tajiri reverses, into a tornado DDT, Kidman narrowly kicks out at 2. Tajiri heads up to the top rope only for London to pull his leg and for Tajiri to lose balance and crash and burn on the top turnbuckle. Kidman recovers and superplexes Tajiri from the top rope. On contact with the ring mat Kidman rolls out to confront Akio as London heads to the top rope hitting his signature Shooting Star Press for the three count and victory!
Winners: Still Champions...Billy Kidman and Paul London

Commercial break...

Backstage with interviewer Josh Matthews is none other than Chris Jericho.

Josh: So then Chris, tonight the quarter finals of this randomly drawn No.1 Contender tournament take place, Can you confirm, or deny your participation?

Chris: Josh, Chris Jericho is not only competing in this tournament, that starts tonight but Chris Jericho is going to win this tournament, and do you know why Josh, because..............Phoenix Is Jericho. Crowd pops

And Josh it does'nt matter who Y2J, the ayotaoalah or rock and rollah faces tonight, it does'nt matter what stipulation is announced for the match, because Chris Jericho is going to win this tournament, win the WWE title, beat whatever jackasses the GM wants to put in front of me and go to Wrestlemania as the WWE champion. Crowd cheers

Match 2: No.1 Contender Tournament Quarter Final 1
Steel Cage (Escape only)
Christian vs. Eddie Guerrero
The steel cage descends from the rafters of the Staples Centre as the crowd goes wild.
The finish: Firm fan favourite Guerrero proceeds to hit the three amigos, with Christain flat out he asks the referee to open the door. As the fans cheer though he goes back proceeding to the top rope. As he flies of looking for the Frog splash Christain gets his knees up and Guerrero crashes to the mat in pain. Christain unwisely proceeds to the top of the cage. Guerrero quickly follows and the two stand on the top rope trading right hands. Eventually Christian swipes Guerreros leg and he falls, straddling the top rope screaming in pain. Christain picks him up slowly and places him in the impaler position on the middle of the top rope using the cage wall as balance. Him and guerrero fly of the top rope, Christain hitting a devastating impaler from the top rope. Christain slowly crawls out, and the heel picks up the victory, the crowd seem quiet, still stunned by the top rope impaler.
Winner: And advancing Christian

Commercial Break

Promo plugging the Royal Rumble

HBK is shown walking towards the ring with a purpose.

Match 3: No.1 Contender Tournament Quarter Final 2
No Holds Barred
Shawn Michaels vs. Edge
The Finish: Edge more accustomed with this hardcore like atmosphere has dominated Michaels for much of the match but as he goes for the spear Michaels moves out of the way. Edge stops but HBK hits him with a back drop. HBK goes up for the custom elbow drop. Edge somehow moves out of the way and Michaels back plummets to the canvas. Edge once again prepares for a spear. Somehow HBK jumps over the oncoming Edge whose shoulder crashes into a steel chair pushed between ring ropes in the ring post area, he turns around straight into sweet chin music. 1,2,3.
Winner: And advancing HBK
Don't try this at home video

The crowd cheers as Chris Benoit's theme hits and he approaches the ring. He is passed a microphone and has something to say.

Benoit: 9 months, since Wrestlemania 20 this beautiful WWE championship has sat prodly around my waist. 20 years of my life were devoted to that day, that night, that moment. And now a new year begins, two new shows, both with amazing rosters with some of the best wrestlers ever assembled. Well I'm out here to let everyone in the back know, every man in this tournament know and any man in the wrestling business know that I'm ready. To defend this belt at Wrestlemania will be the greatest honour yet and over the next three months its gonna be my quest to make sure when the ring announcer announces at Wrestlemania the WWE Champion, the name he reads is Chris Benoit. (Crowd pops)

Suddenly The Rock’s theme hits and out struts the Rock.

The Rock: Finally The Rock has come back to Los Angeles. You know Chris Benoit, you come out here, you run your mouth about how you’ve been champion for nine months well the Rock says son, step into the ring with the great one and it won’t be nine months you’ll talking about, it’ll be the three seconds The Rock takes to beat your candy ass and take that WWE championship. (Crowd pops)

The Countdown suddenly begins, 5,4,3,2,1 as Y2J Chris Jericho approaches the ring.

Jericho: Does LA know why the king of the world has come out here? I think it does. It’s because there are two ass clowns standing in Y2J’s ring talking about things that are never and Y2J means never happen. The Rock winning the title, Benoit holding the title until Wrestlemania, No guys that just ain’t gonna happen.

Shane: Hey guys, up here.

Shane Mcmahon is shown in his office on the titantron.

Shane: Guys when I said this was going to be the wrestling show ever I was.nt lying, that’s why I announced that the first four quarter finals in my No.1 contender tournament would take place tonight. Now gents I find talk rather cheap that’s why I just finished drawing the quarter final brackets and their stipulations. And tonight in the main event, the last quarter final its going to be Y2J, Chris Jericho versus….The Rock in a 15 minute time limit match. If a decision is not reached in that time frame both of you will both be out of the tournament.

Startled faces from Y2J and The Rock are shown in the ring as the camera fades out…

Match 4: No.1 Contender Tournament Quarter Final 3
Submission Match
Kurt Angle vs. Rey Mysterio
The Finish: In undoubtedly the match of night, this battle climaxes after fifteen minutes. Rey continuously applies the arm bar until Kurt establishes a vertical base with Rey still grabbing his arm. Rey shifts into a sleeper hold from behind on Kurt. Kurt begins punching Rey until the grip is loosened allowing Kurt to snapmare Rey of his shoulder to the canvas. Kurt goes for the ankle lock but Rey rolls through, Kurt chases after Rey straight into a drop leg toe hold sending kurt onto the second rope, Rey successfully hits the 619 and waits for Kurt to stand up. Kurt reaches his feet quite a way away from Rey but he still attempts a west coast pop. Kurt though simultaneously on Rey’s body contact with himself flapjacks Rey onto the adjacent set of ring ropes. Rey’s impact on the ropes sends him sprawling to the middle of the ring where Kurt applies the ankle lock for two minutes and the submission victory.
Winner: And advancing Kurt Angle

Commercial break

The ever arrogant Charlie Hass is shown backstage alongside Miss Jackie.

Hass: What the hell does Shane think hes doing Jackie, not even putting the current US Champion who has reigned for now for three entire months on the card?

Jackie: Don’t worry baby, theres always next week..

Hass: You damn right theres next week, that’s why to make sure I’m on the card I’m offering an open contract next week, to any guy in the back, who thinks he can come and beat me…

Carlito Caribbean Cool walks past eating an apple..

Cool: Open Contract, next week, now dats cool. Charlie Hass whining backstage, Dude, That’s not cool

Carlito walks off.

We cut to ringside with JR and Tazz, announcing a few things about next weeks show…

JR: Tazz next week live from Seattle we’ve got the Tournament semi fianls, plus Hass’s open contract and just announced I’m hearing by Shane Mcmahon is John Cena vs. Batista in both man’s Phoenix debut.

Tazz: You damn straight JR, next week from Seattle its gonna be a rocketbuster.

Match 5: No.1 Contender Tournament Quarter Final 4
15 Minute Time Limit
The Rock vs. Chris Jericho
The Finish: As the fourteen minute mark approaches and no man shows any sign of letting up, The Rock goes for a DDT which is reversed into the walls of Jericho. Suddenly Kane’s music hits and the big red monster approaches the ring. The beast pulls the ref from the ring to the outside where he hits him with a tombstone piledriver onto the floor! With The Rock tapping but no ref Y2J screams at Kane “You son of a bitch what the hell are you doing?”. Y2J turns around staright into the rock bottom but when the Rock peers outside he realizes the carnage. As the fifteen minute mark is made Kane stands laughing at a shocked Y2J and Rock who have both been eliminated from the tournament.
Winners: N/A Time expired

End of show

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Ok lets get started on this:
Realism: The show seemed real. the idea of inaugration of a new show looks good. 8.5/10

Length: The length of matches were way too short. You only showed the finishing moments. Give a full description of the matches 4/10

Bookings: Bookings were great. 5 matches in a show looks decent 8/10

Entertainment: As I said promos and backstage segments look great but put a bit more effort in writing out your matches and your show might become a success. 4/10

Grammar/spelling: No gramatical mistakes but a few spelling mistakes were visible like Benoit saying "this beautiful WWE championship has sat PRODLY around my waist." 6/10

Colors/fonts: Fonts are ok put colors to make your show attractive. 7/10

Total: 65/100 Decent you can do better with your shows Good Luck

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Realism:The characters seem real in nearly all of the show except for a few exceptions. 8/10

Length:You should write the matches out in full. 3/10

Quality / Entertainment: The promos were good but you need to work on writing your matches out in full. 5/10

Spelling / Grammar:There was a few mistakes but nothing major. 8/10

Matches / Booking: The matches were good with good storylines. But the matches need to be written out in full to give the full eeffect. 7/10

Total: 31x2= 62/100

A good first show.

Things to work on.

Could of done with more colour.
The matches should be written out in full.
Use more promos in your shows.
Develop your rivalries more.

Keep up the good work.

If you have time read WWE Anarchy. This is my thread.

I will be a regular reader.

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Don't go with all the comments on Length so far. Length was excellent!

Realism: Some points need to be worked upon. 9/10

Length: Excellent Length, another promo could've done the trick. 9/10

Quality / Entertainment: The promos were good, very good. 8/10

Spelling / Grammar: Ver minor but passable mistakes. 9/10

Matches / Booking: Excellent matches. Don't worry about all the length comments. I'm sure that you'll type out full in PPVs. 9/10

Total: 88/100.
I immensely enjoyed your style. You've got great potential.

As I said before, just passover all these stupid length comments, your length was almost perfect but another promo could've done the trick. Keep up the good work, can't wait for your next show!

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WWE Phoenix 14/01/05 Seattle Safeco Field
A Video package airs showing the highlights from the quarter finals of the randomly drawn No.1 contender tournament.

Package fades out, music hits, pyro hits...

JR: Live from the red hot Safeco Fields in Seattle we bring you only the second ever edition of WWE: Phoenix. Tazz, tonight there is so much planned for the card, do you think the show could possibly live up to last week?

Tazz: JR , tonight two of the hottest superstars right now in John Cena and Batista debut against each other, we know for defiante that the prestigious US Title will be defended and then we have at least one semi final match in the No.1 contender tournament which will have one randomly drawn stipulation!

JR: Yes Tazz, we would have two yet the status of the second semi final is unknown following The Rock and Y2J's elimination at the hands of that monster Kane!

Charlie Hass's music hits and the US Champion approaches the ring with valet Miss Jackie.

Hass: Last week, on the first ever edition of WWE Phoenix, the most talented, gifted, and best looking superstar did not even compete. And just in case you dumb asses in Seattle did'nt know who that was, It's me! (Crowd gives heat)

Now last week as you wil know I offered an opened contract to face me, the US Champion to any wrestler in the back stupid enough to think they can beat me. Now then, whoever considers themselves worthy enough to grace the ring with Charlie Hass get your ass out here...

Now Dat's Cool hits, the crowd pops and Carlito Caribbean Cool makes his way to the ring...

US Championship

Carlito Cool vs. Charlie Hass (c)

The finish: Charlie Hass hits two straight vertical suplexes. Hass follows this by irish whipping his opponent into the corner. Hass straddles Cool atop the top rope and hits him with a superplex! Somehow Cool kicks out at two. Hass applies the Hass of Pain but Cool somehow grabs the rope out of desperation. Hass angered by things going against him pulls Cool up from the canvas and puts him in a DDT position, Cool reverses into a northern light suplex with pin combination though. As the ref counts Miss Jackie places Hass's free foot onto the rope, the ref makes the three count but does'nt ask for the bell upon noticing Hass's foot on the ropes. Carlito knowing of Jackies inteference goes outside and grabs an apple from the ring announcement table! He corners Miss Jackie in the corner of the security railings around the ring. About to spit in the face of Hass's valet Hass resorts to desperate measures, hitting a low blow on the outside for the DQ. Hass drags Carlito's body into the ring and begins a beatdown. Miss Jackie slaps Cool to some major heat from the crowd, when none other than Shelton Benjamin intervenes, disposing Hass from the ring and helping Cool up to great crowd approval.

Winner: By DQ Carlito Caribbean Cool

Commercial Break

We return backstage where Josh Matthews stands by with Shelton Benjamin.

Josh: Shelton, tonight was the first glimpse Phoenix fans got of yourself, How comes this first glimpse was seeing you helping out Carlito from your old tag team partner Charlie Hass?

Shelton: Josh, For three months all wrestling fans around the globe have had to sit behind their television screens watching Charlie proclaim he's this and he's that. Well Josh you don't see me walking about proclaiming myself one of the most successful intercontinental champions of all time do you?

Josh: Well no, you don't..

Shelton: Exactly Josh, But we're all on a new show with select, carefully chosen titles and if truth be known Josh since the Intercontinental title was retired in accordance with the beginning of this new show, I've been hungry, no dying for that feel of gold around my waist. If it were'nt for Carlito getting to the ring first I would of been out there, like Carlito excepting Hass's open contract, except I would of done something different, I would of won the gold! So Charlie son, we may go back some way, but if the truth be known, I'm coming, not for you son, but for that US title.

My Time Is Now hits and John Cena approaches the ring to rapturous crowd approval.

Batista's theme hits and he approaches the ring as well.

John Cena vs. Batista

The Finish: Cena hits a vertical suplex and goes for the five knuckle shuffle. Batista moves out of the way, pops of the canvas and slams Cena with a spinebuster. Batista signals for the Batista bomb, which he promptly hits for the three count.

Winner: Batista

Commercial Break

No.1 Contender Semi Final 1

First Blood!

Christain vs. HBK

Tazz: First Blood JR, Off the chain..

JR: Only On Phoenix my friend, only on phoenix...

The Finish: Christian hits a reverse neckbreaker on HBK. Christain begins to pose like HBK and sits on the top rope just like HBK mocking him. Christian stands up though an attempts a HBK like elbow drop, but HBK scouts the move, quickly moving out of the way. HBK rolls out and grabs a chair to great fan delight. He swings at Christian who ducks, as HBK rolls around Christain eye rakes HBK, and positions him for the impaler above the chair. Christain hits the move, sending Michaels face first onto the chair! The referee checks and there is no blood, Christain throws a baby like tantrum wondering what to do next. He rolls out of the ring and pulls out a ladder, to more fan excitement. As a groggy HBK revives himself using the ropes to help him up Christain waits, holding the ladder with both hands, he charges at Michaels and runs staright into sweet chin music! The camera replay shows HBK hit Christain on the face, straight between two ladder struts. HBK sets the ladder up and proceeds to the top and hits Christain with his custom elbow drop. HBK eyes the chair in the ring and picks it up. Suddenly Edge appears through the crowd, chair in hand and smashes Shawn over the back. Passing Christain the other chair they hit a conchairto! Edge lifts HBK and pushes him straight into another chair shot from Christain. The ref checks and HBK is now a bloddy mess. Edge and Christain shockingly embrace, over the mangled body of HBK!

Winner: Christain

Commercial Break

JR and Tazz consider what just happened moments ago…

Here Comes The Money hits and Shane McMahon approaches the ring…

Shane: Well, well, well Seattle what do you think of the show? I’ve come out here quickly to make a few short and sharp announcements. The first two announcements I am here to make concern the upcoming 3 hour Pay per view extravaganza the Royal Rumble. Now I’m here to say that the Royal rumble will be headlined by a 15-man traditional royal rumble with the winner going on to face our WWE Champion at Wrestlemania. Secondly a triple threat match for the US Championship will kick of the pay per view. It will feature Charlie Hass defending against Shelton Benjamin and Carlito Caribbean Cool. Now onto an announcement that concerns my No.1 contender tournament. Now the winner of this tournament is scheduled to face the WWE Champion at the Royal Rumble but due to Kane’s actions from…

Pyro hits and Kane makes his way to the ring…

Kane: Shane McMahon, last week you held a No.1 contender tournament without even thinking to enter me in the festivities. Now Daddys given you your own roster, your own show, your independence, you think you can begin disrespecting people, disrespecting me, disrespecting Kane!

Shane: When I decided who was going to enter that tournament, I considered every wrestler on my roster, I had some tough decisions to make, and you can trust me Kane when I say that your not the only wrestler pissed at me, for not putting them in the tournament.

Kane: But I’m the only wrestler with the balls to do something about it, and that’s why Shane, I will happily accept an offer from you, to face Kurt Angle later tonight in the second semi-final of your tournament.

Shane: Kane, theres going to be no such offer, you think you can come down here and bully me into putting you into a tournament semi final, without even winning a quarter final. Who do you think you are? But Kane, tonight you can go backstage, sit back and chill out as you watch as last weeks quarter final between The Rock and Chris Jericho is replayed here tonight in Seattle. Because Kane, I’m in charge around here.

Kane: Shane, you think you can continue disrespecting Kane, well, you’re wrong, and I’m gonna make sure that this new show of yours fails, miserably, and you burn in hell.

Kane proceeds to leave the ring…

Don’t try this at home video

No.1 Contender For WWE Tag Team Titles

Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio vs. Tajiri & Akio

The finish: In a show stealing bout lasting a surprising fifteen minutes this match culminated when Rey Mysterio, who had been stuck in the ring with Tajiri for about five minutes finally finding an opportunity to tag out. Guerrero came in the ring clearing house, delivering clotheslines to Tajiri and Akio. Guerrero then irish whipped Tajiri onto the ropes and dropkicked him on Tajiris return from the ropes. Tajiri rolled out in pain. Guerrero scouted an oncoming Akio, delivering a drop leg toe hold sending Akio onto the second rope. Mysterio delivered the 619 while Guerrero headed to the top rope, he then delivered the frog splash for the victory. Billy Kidman and Paul London were shown backstage observing the action on a monitor.

Winners: Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio

Commercial Break

Kurt Angle is shown backstage with Josh Matthews.

Josh: Kurt due to a quarter final rematch tonight, you have an unexpected night of,

your thoughts?

Kurt: Josh, it does’nt matter when I’m wrestling, it does’nt matter who I’m wrestling, it does’nt matter however many I got to wrestle, the only thing that matter is me, Kurt Angle. You see Josh, Shane does’nt need some tournament to know that I’m gonna be the next No.1 contender, to me this thing is about three warm up matches before I beat Benoit at the Rumble and go onto the main event at Wrestlemania.

Josh: OK then Kurt, later tonight The Rock and Chris Jericho battle in a re-run of last week’s main event, any preference concerning who you would rather face?

Kurt: Josh, is that your name sorry, I always forget, like I said it does’nt matter if I face some rockstar wannabe, or a movie star wannabe next week, the outcomes gonna be the same, an Angle victory, and you can put whatever money you have, not a lot by the clothes you wearing Josh on it.

The trademark Dudleyz pyro hits followed by JBLs music hits and the white limo pulls up, and out steps JBL, and the Dudleyz! The three make their way to the ring.

JBL: Wow, this city really is a dump! Never mind though, I would of liked to have introduced my brand new Co-Secretaries of defence for my reformed cabinet somewhere important, like New York, but here will have to do unfortunately. Well without further ado, here they are standing next to me, one of the most successful tag team alive today, D-Von, Bubba Ray, The Dudleyz, My new Co-Secretaries of Defence! And next week the search will begin for my new chief of staff so if there is anyone in the back who thinks they have the right to grace the same ring as me let me know!

Chris Benoits music hits and the WWE Champion makes his way out…

JBL: What the hell do you think you’re doing, Im presenting my new Secretaries of defence and you stroll out here and interrupt me!

Benoit: I’m the WWE Champion.

JBL: You would’nt be if you had faced JBL one on one before!

Benoit: OK then, Me, You, One on one, right here, right now, WWE Title!

JBL: That’s an offer I’d be happy to take you up on, but not tonight, I’m not mentally prepared. How about you face on of my Co-Secretaries instead, D-Von my friend, tonights your lucky night!

Royal Rumble Promo

WWE Championship

Chris Benoit vs. D-Von Dudley

The Finish: JBL distracts the referee as Bubba Ray jumps in and hits a full nelson slam. He holds Benoit’s legs up as D-Von hits a flying headbut. Bubba quickly leaves the ring. D-Von gets a long two count. D-Von picks Benoit up and irish whips him into the corner. He runs toward him, Benoit moves, countering into a german suplex. Benoit holds on and hits another two german suplexes. He also gets a long two count. Benoit disillusioned goes up top, about to hit a flying headbut but Bubba Ray distracts the referee, while JBL pulls on Benoit’s leg, causing him to fall and straddle the top rope. D-Von goes up top and hits a superplex. D-Von gets another long two count! D-Von, disheartened tells Bubba Ray to get the WWE Title, which he does from the timekeeper’s booth. Bubba slides it in, D-Von picks it up, swings for benoit who ducks, twists and hits another german suplex with a bridge for a three count! Following the match JBL’s new cabinet engaged in a beatdown of Benoit, culminating in JBL hitting benoit with the WWE Title!

Winner: Chris Benoit

Commercial Break

Commotion is shown backstage in the Diva’s lockeroom and Shane is shown speeding to the scene.

Shane: What’s going on Torrie? Whats all the sreaming? You and Stacy have got a double photoshoot to do right now for this month’s Phoenix magazine.

Torrie: It’s Stacy, shes gone!

Shane: Gone where, she knows shes got a photoshoot.

Torrie: She was taken Shane.

Shane: Taken by who for God’s sake?

Torrie: Kane!

Camera fades out…

No.1 Contender Quarter Final 4

15 Minute Time Limit

The Rock vs. Chris Jericho

The Finish: Jericho baseball slides The Rock from inside the ring. Y2J stomps The Rock and rolls back in. He goes for a springboard cross body as The Rock reaches his feet but The Rock moves, causing Y2J to crash and burn. He gets Y2J and places him back in the ring. He irish whips Jericho and hits him with a clothesline on Y2Js return from the ropes. Jericho pops up, Rock punches him down and so on until Y2J goes for a punch, Rock stops hits him with a trademark Rock slap, and again, and again until Y2J is a beaten man in the corner. As Y2J reaches his feet, Rock charges at him, Y2J moves, and smashes The Rock over the back with a clothesline of sorts. As Y2J pulls the Rock up, Rock recovers swiping the legs of Jericho and placing him in a sharpshooter. As it seems Y2J is about to tap Jericho uses all his strength to reach a rope. As The Rock drags Y2J back to the centre of the ring Y2J cathches The Rock in a small package, Rock kicking out at two. The two pop up, Y2J charges at The Rock straight into a samoan drop! The Rock waits for Y2J to reach his feet and he hits a sharpshooter and goes for the people’s elbow. As The Rock runs over Y2J during the move Y2J grabs his feet pulls him down and counters with the walls of Jericho! Rock screams in pain but reaches the ropes. Y2J incensed goes to the top rope and hits a groggy Rock with a missile drop kick. Rock kicks out at two. Y2J, annoyed at The Rock’s refusal to stay down puts him on the top rope and steadies for a superplex. Both men balance precariously on the top rope with Y2J trying to elevate The Rock’s body over his own and onto the canvas. Suddenly The Rock springs to life, places his arm under the shoulder of Y2J and hits a top rope Rock-bottom in one of the true great moments of sporting entertainment! The Rock, basically with his arm already over Y2J gets the three count at 14:20!

Winner The Rock

End of show

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Realism: Show was real except Kane did not seem in character. He should be having some good monster-type dialouges!!! 8/10

Length: Again length comes into factor! I know fire-wolf told you that the length was great but somehow I don't feel the same way!! You can put the matches in paragraphs. Like 3 lines as the start. 4-5 lines as mid-match notes and 3-4 lines as the finish!!! 6/10

Bookings: The show was great with adequate promos and backstage segments. 9/10

Entertainment: The show was entertaining specially the main event!! Work on your length but this time I'll give you 9/10 for entertainment

Spellings/grammar: No mistakes that I can recall!! 10/10

Overall= 84/100

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WWE Royal Rumble 31/01/05
(Card As It Stands)

WWE Championship
Chris Benoit (c) vs. No.1 Contender Tournament Winner TBA

WWE US Championship
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Hass (c) w/Miss Jackie vs. Carlito Cool

Royal Rumble
Traditional 15 Man Over The Top Rope Battle Royale
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