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WWE pay Dirt Sheets?

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Just a route i feel WWE could go down one day. As they start to embrace the Internet through social media and wwe.com, do think dirt sheets could ever sell out to Vince and start publishing content that WWE wants them to, so that Internet fans are non the wiser?
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I thought about this the other day with the whole Lesnar story, but I don't think WWE has the time or care to invest in websites to keep 10% of the audience worked. They're still gonna discuss ratings, who sucks, have darlings and hate the product no matter what WWE do.
Having someone that works for the company buy out one or start a prominent one would actually be pretty smart. Keep the same format most of them, throw in a couple of insider reports that actually wind up being true to build some rep and most importantly, never reveal that they're affiliated with WWE.
This already happens, indirectly, except they don't pay anything. WWE officials sometimes feed information they want people to think directly to certain dirtsheets.
it is possible, anything is possible. But WWE generally tend to hate things that aren't their creations. And if they went through the effort to even bother starting a "dirtsheet" then a lot of the stories would be extremely pro-WWE even if they pretend that the "dirt-sheet" isnt affiliated with the WWE. Oh and 2 other things
- I don't think Vince or the WWE hierarchy gives a shit about working a small perecntage of their overall fanbase.
- We already have enough dirtsheets, and I dont think we need another.
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