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Hello I am jenno. I am doing a story on BBW Forums and I thought I would do a min one here. I'll have three matches per show apart from PPVs. They will be full. Hope you enjoy. Will start on tommorows RAW.

Vengeance Results
HHH def Benoit
Orton def Edge
Kane def Hardy
Jericho def Batista
La resistance def Eugene and Flair
Molly def Victoria


We are live and the crowd is hyped up for the fall out from Vengeance. Evolution's music plays but only HHH and Flair come down to the ring.

HHH: Well it is time. Time for Evolution to evolve again. We have only one belt. My win was brilliant. orton and Batista failed they are kicked out. They already know the bad news. They don't know who they are getting replaced by though do they. I will let Flair introduce Batista replacement.
Flair: Thank you Hunter. I failed in my match because of the retarded Eugene. Who also turned on HHH. It just shows how great this man is. He is coming up to the ammount of times I have one the world belt. Give him 3 or 4 more years and he will be my equal. I am very proud. Now lets get down to business. Please welcome the replacement for Batista, A-TRAIN!

A-Train's music plays and out comes the big gorilla. he gets in the ring and is given the mic.

A-Train: It is a great honour to be told you are Evolution material and I think that I will become one of the brightest stars of tommorow because of what I will learn from this group.

He gives the mic to HHH.

HHH: A-Train, thank you. Now can you please welcome a man who abandoned his partner and defected over just to be in this team. Please welcome.... Charlie Hass!!!!

Hass' music plays and he comes down to the ring. He gets on the mic.

Hass: Boy does it feel good to be in Evolution. hell it feels good to be on RAW. As my first act as a member of Evolution I challenge Randy Orton to a match at Summerslam. I'll be waiting for your answer. Shitty Boy. In fact you should be called Randy 'The Shit' Orton. Hahahahaha!!
HHH: Great speech. I am glad to have you on board.

He shake Hass' hand.

HHH: Now one other member who has joined is an old friend of mine. We have pathced things up and are now ready to be friends again. we never got that chance after Bad Blood. Please welcome the newest meber of Evolution... Shawn Michaels.

HBK's music plays and out comes the Heartbreak Kid.

HBK: I am back. Oh I am back. Now since I've not had the chance to do this yet I challenge Kane to a match. He better accept or I will make him.
HHH: Thank you Shawn it is great to have my old bud back. Play our music.

There music plays and they go up the ramp and backstage.



Chris Jericho Vs Randy Orton

Y2J's music plays and he comes down to the ring. Orton comes down to new musicwhich sounds very grungy and you can hardly make out the lyrics and he has new lighting and he has fireworkds and smoke and lightning going of everywhere possible and he then gets int the ring.

Start: Orton and Jericho lock up and Orton over powers Jericho and suplexs him. orton taunts Jericho as Y2J is on the floor. Jericho grabs his leg and puls Orton falt on his back and stomps away at him. he gives him one big stomp for good messure and then goes to climb the trunbuckle
Middle: Does a moonsault of the top rope and connects. He pins but only gets two. He flings orton into the turnbuckle and then gost to punch him. orton counters and then gives him a ddt. Orton slowly gets up and climbs up to the top rope. he goes for an elbo drop but he misses. Jericho the locks in the Walls of Jericho.
End: orton is trying to reach the ropes but he can't make it. He screams in pain. Jericho lets go stomps on him and then gives him a rib breaker. He then locks back in the walls and Orton submits.

Winner by Submission- Chris Jericho

Aftermath: jericho tants a bit and then leaves the ring and goes back stage. he is attacked by the returning Christian on the way up the ramp.


We are in Bischoff's office. Eric is on the phone

Eric: They both resigned a contract. Wow. they've not chosen between RAW and Shitdown! yet. Until they decide they appear on both shows and do matches for both. They'll be here tonight. One will be wrestling. Great. I'll tell someone they've got a match of a lifetime. That it could boost there career.

He hangs the phone up. HHH walks in.

HHH: Hey Bischoff I think i should choose who I defend this bloody belt against.
Eric: Fine choose.
HHH: Okay then hows this. HHH Vs Chris Jericho in a Ladder Match.
Eric: I'm not sure. Is Y2J World Title Material.
HHH: Of course he is. he was the first Undisputed Champion. What about the money. Y2J's title run return. Just think of the money.
Eric: Okay then fine. Now I got you a match tonight. Main Event. It's against someone who is definetly World Title material. Your defending your belt tonight. He wins he faces Jericho in a ladder match.
HHH: Sure. Who is it.

Eric whispers in HHH's ear.

HHH: What. He's back. I can't believe it.
Eric: Oh one more thing. Your crew are banned from ringside and if you get disqualified you lose the belt as well. Got to be a fair win HHH.
HHH: I'll still kick his ass.



Eugene vs Batista

Match: Eugene locks up and surprisingly over powers Batista. Batista is confused and cloks up again and is still overpowered. he gets out the ring gets a chair samcks the ref with it. Hits Eugene with it. Another ref comes down and disqualifies him. Batista attacks the ref and is eventualy taken away by security. Eugene is declared winner.

Winner by D.Q- Eugene

Aftermath: Eric comes out and goes face to face with the restrained Batista.

Eric: Well done. You destroyed him. You got yourself an IC title shot next week.

Eugene staggers up.

EugenE is give a mic and then it is turned the right way round for him.

Eugene: Uncle eric is a meany. Eugene hates him. Eugeen beat going beat him at Sumerslammy. Me win. Me GM thingy. Uncle win. Eugeen leave Uncle alone for ever.
Eric: Eugene. I will find a translator and then I will give you your answer to whatever it was you just said.

Parking Lot

A car is seen pulling up and we only see the guys feet. he walks into a corrisdow and the camera spans away to reveal that the person is what we think is The Rock since we can only see his back. The crowd go wild. The camera zooms in and he turns around and gives the camera the People's Eyebrow. They go wild again.



We are in the locker room and The Rock walks in. They all cheer.

Rock: Finally... The Rock has come back to the WWE full time. Hey Coach been taking your vitamins.
Coach: Shut..
Rock: Thought you weren't you jabroni.

He walks over to Rosey.

rock: Hey tubba what's your name.
Rosey: I'm ro..
Rock: It doesn't matter what your name is. Na I'm only messing with you. What is your name.
Rosey. my name is Rosey sir.
Rock: Nice to meet you Rosey. You don't need to use any of that sir shit around me. I don't like it okay.
Rosey: Okay.
Rock: cool. Hey you look like that gimp the Hirricane.
Rosey: I'm a S.H.I.T
Rock:Your a shit. God. You need to stop listening to hurricane. i think hes on the whacky tobacky or somethin. Rock takes of his top and his trousers(pants) to reveal his wrestling attire he makes his way to the ring


World Heavyweight Title Match
HHH VS The Rock

HHH's music plays and he makes his way to the ring. The Rock's plays and he coems down tot he rign and taunts for 10 minutes straight.

Start: They lock up and Rock is over powerd but he slips out of it and starts doing the slap/punches and he knocks HHH into the turnbuckle. he punches him a bit and then suplexs him halfway up. He stomps him for a bit and then flings him into the ropes. HHH comes back and recieves the People's Back Breaker.Rock then goes for a People's Elbow and he connects. He pins but only gets two.
Middle: The Rock stomps on hima dn then lifts him up. He goes to suplex HHH but HHH counters and gives him a DDT. Both men are down on the ground. The ref bgins to count 1...2....3....4....5....6....7....8..9 The Rock slowly gets up and the ref stops.
End: The rock sits HHH up on the turnbuckles facing the crowd. He cimbs up the outside and he sets HHH up for a Rock Bottom of the top rope. H eoges for it and it connects. He goes to pina nd he gets the three count.

Winner and new champion by pinfall- The Rock

Aftermath: The Rock celebrates and then the entire RAW locker room comes down and the give The Rock a king's chair for getting HHH's title 24 hours after the game won it. The show goes of air and it ends with the on the mic

The Rock: If you smellllllllllll... what The Rock is cookin!!!!

Please post your thoughts on this and please give me good and bad views.
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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling

Thanks. I'm surprised about how quick a response I got.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling

Thanks. I've decide to just do RAW and PV's that concern RAW. Smackdown will influence bit it won't be shown. Your left a bit in the dark kinda. But the parts you need to know will be mentioned on RAW.I will write the Smackdown PPV matches during joint PPVs. Here's the next RAW


It kicks off with the first match of the night.

Kane Vs Hurricane and Tajiri

Kane's music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Tajir and Hurricane's msuic are mixed and they are accompanied by Rosey.

J.R: Strange music. Maybe this is some sort of new faction.

Start: Kane goes to cothesline both men but only catches Tajiri with it. Hurricane ducked under. Kane turns around and sees Hurricane. Hurricane gets down on his hands and knees and begs. Kane gets that sadistic smile on his face. Tajiri then hits him with a jumpin buzzsaw kick from behind to send the monster flat on his face. Tajiri and Hurricane hi five. and then hurrican pins but is sent half way across the ring when Kane kicks out on two.
Middle: tajire gives Kane some martial arts kicks and punches to Kane's stomach but to no avail. He grabs Tajiri and sets him up for the chokeslam but is hit from behind with a dropkick of the top rope to the back of the head by Hurricane. kane falls on his hands and knees and isas he gets up Tajiri sprays the mist in his face.
End: He quickly stands up so Tajiri can't hit him but he is temporarily blind so he can't see. Tajir buzzsaw kicks his chest. He turns around still blind and is then grabbed by the Hurrican who deals him the Eye of the Hurricane. Tajiri pins him for the victory.

Winners by pinfall- Tajiri and The Hurricane.

They're weird messed up music plys through the arena as they head backstage.


Locker Room

Tajiri and Hurricane enter the locker room. Everyone cheers when they enter. Everyone congratulates them and then they meet The Rock.

Rock: Hurricane. You must have been smoking some strange shit to beat Kane. And you litle buzzsaw fly guy. You jumping up int he air kicking an dpunchinglike supaman. You trying to copy hurricurry here. He's the unrealistic fly away super shit. oh wait thats tubby. He's the S.H.I.T. Nah I'm messen with yous.

rock walks on past and out of the room.


Eric Bischoff's music plays and the GM of RAW makes his way down to the ring. He gets on the mic.

Eric: right. Firstly glad to see you all nhere. You can stop booing me cause if it wasn't for me there wouldn't be a RAW. I have signed the mystery guy. I'll tell you who he is now. He is Stone Cold Steve Austin. he will face HHH tongiht in the ring. Also Eugene. I accept your challenge, you little retarded son of a bitch. Also I have good news for Charlie Hass. I booked your match at Summerslam. I sprinkled something in there though. for you see Orton ther is someone who hates you but he also hates you Hass. his name is Shelton Benjamin. You guys will be facing of against each other in a Triple Threat match.Winner gets a shot at the world title. at the next PPV. Unforgiven. Now I've got something else to sort out. It involves Shitedown. You see it is shit. RAW isn't which is why I am picking a superstar from RAW to wrestle a superstar from Smackdown. if my guy wins. No more smackdown RAW will be on twice a week. But if the by a miracle win they get on twice a week. This will all be decided at Summerslam. That will be when the match is. The superstar I have chosen is HHH. I don't know who Angle has chosen but I can tell you one thing and that is he will be absolutely shi..

A gong is heard everything goes blue. Mist fills the arena. The Undertaker's music plays.The mist clears slightly and The Undertaker is in the ring staring at bischoff. he stares at him for a while. Eric then stupidly tries to punch him. Taker blocks it and gives Bischoff a tombsone piledriver. H ethen does the restin peice thing as his music plays. He tsands there staring at bischoff and then slowl walks up the ramp. HHH rushes out and attacks Taker. He gets him on the ground and continues to stomp away. He walks back grining and then Taker sits up. HHH's grin turns to a face of scared and shock. he goes to attack Taker again but receives a tombstone on the hard ramp floor.


Match 2

Edge Vs A-Train

Start: Edge locks up and is over powered. A-Train tosses Edge around the ring like a rag doll. Edge is flung into the ropes and on the way back spears A-Train. he pins but can only get a two. he is pissed of at this so he goes up tot he top rope and waits for A-Train to get up. A-Train staggers up and receives a top rope dropkick to the face.
End: edge pins but only gets two. Edge lifts him up and is about to irishwhip him into the ropes. A-Train counters and gives Edge the Trainwreck fro the victory.

Winner by Pinfall- A-Train

Aftermath: A-Train gets on the mic.

A-Train: Listen up and listen good. Batista I got my self a match against you at Summerslam. No Holds Barred. You may thing I'm a big hairy monkey. But this monkey train is gonna take you to train station you never been to before.

Backstage: Both Eric and HHH are been taken away on stretchers. Coach runs up to Bischoff.

Coach: Sir what about the show.
Eric: Your in charge for the rest of the night. Find a replacement for Hunter to face Austin tonight. Huury
Coach: I will. I will.


Backstage: Coach is seen talking to maven backstage.

Coach: Go tell him to get ready now. Run as fast as you can. Hurry.


Stone Cold Steve Austin's music plays through out the arena and the Texas Rattlesnake makes his way to the arena. He taunts a lot as he was told to stall for a bit of time.

Coach's music plays and out come Coach. he stands on his left hand side of the stage.

Coach: Sorry about the unorganisation of everything. Coach the player has been busy with his chicks and at the same time finding a replacement. It is my honour to announce Stone Colde Steve Austin's opponent tonight. Please welcome to the ring.... MICK FOLEY!!!

Foley's music plays and out comes the hardcore legend himself.

Coach: I made this match a hardcore so go nuts.

Hardcore Match
Steve Austin Vs Mick Foley

Start: Foley doesn't go to lock up but instead gets out the ring and finds a mic. he walks up the ramp.

Mick: Lets take this thing backstage now.

Austin gets out the ring and follows Foley. Both men duke it out on the stage. Both seeming very even. Foley grabs a metal pole lying on the ground and smack Austin across the face with it. He finds a trunk(chest) and smashes Austins head off it. He shoves him in it locks it. he gets a bat a smashes the trunk making dents in it. He then opens it and drags Austin out.
Middle: H epunches Austin a few times but Steve reverses and DDTs him. he locks in a sleeper hold. Mick's falls down. the ref lifts it up two times nothing hapens. On the third it shoots up and and Foley gets out and quickly locks in Mr Socko.
End: Austin escapes it. and then smashes Foley's head against a bit of scaffolding or something that looks like that. he gives Mick a stunner and claims victory by pinfall

Winner by pinfall Steve Austin

Aftermath: Austin smashes open a fridge and drinks a whole case of beers. He then lifts Foley up and shakes hands. they share a drink and then Foley recieves a stunner. the show goes off air.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling

Thanks. Since I've got enough for a Summerslam Card here it is. Expect one more match for Smackdown

GM of RAW Spot on the line
Eugene Vs Big Show RAW Match

Smackdown World Title
JBL Vs Eddie Guerrerro Vs John Cena Vs Rob Van Dam Smackdown Match

Raw World Title
Ladder Match
The Rock Vs Chris Jericho RAW Match

A-train vs Batista Raw Match

No.1 contendor Mini Royal Rumble
Randy Orton Vs Charlie Hass Vs Shelton Benjamin Raw Match

Represnting Brand Feud Match
HHH(RAW) Vs The Undertaker(Smackdown) Both Brand Match

Smackdown GM Spot on the line
Kurt Angle Vs Luther Reigns Smackdown Match

Vacant U.S Title on the line
Mordecai Vs Rey Mysterio Smackdown Match

Hulk Hogan Vs Booker T Smackdown Match

Stone Cold Steve Austin Vs Opponent of his choosing RAW Match

Tag titles on the line
TLC Match
Japaflight Vs La Resistance(accompanied by Rene Dupree) RAW Match

Bubba Ray Dudley vs D-von Dudley Smackdown Match

Kane Vs Jeff Hardy(Returning) RAW Match

Cruiserweight Title Match
No Holds Barred
Rey Mysterio Vs Jamie Noble Smackdown Match

Brock Lesnar Vs Edge First Ever PAIN PPV Match.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling


Match 1

Tag Titles on the line
Tornadoe Elimiantion
La Resistance Vs Japaflight(Hurricane and Tajiri)

Start: Conway stupidly goes to clothesline both men and suffers the same fate as Kaneas the same stradegy is used. he is eliminated because of this and it is now all up to Grenier.
middle: Grenier is overpowered by the teamwork of Japaflight and is in trouble. everything is lookin hopeless as Hurricane dropkicks Grenier to tajiri who locks in the tarantula. Suddenly rene Dupree's music plays and he comes out help his former team mate. Hurrice leaps over the ropes and lands on Dupree making sure he can't help. He has to keep Dupree busy and stop him interfering in the match.
end: Hurricane is now eliminated through countout but is till stallign Dupree, the invader from Smackdown. It is now one on one between Tajiri and Grenier. tajiri has just DDTed him and is waiting for him to get up. he sprays mist in Grenier's face, then the buzzsawkick anf pins him for the victory.

Aftermath: Japaflight are celebrating in the ring with the belts. They are then interupted.

eric bischoff's music plays.

eric comes down with a neckbrace on.

Eric: Security. Get rene Dupree out of here. he does not belong on my show. Now while you deal with him I must tell the crowd something. I can't wrestle Eugene because of my neck. My new superstar can. Yes this guy can definetly do the job. his anme is the Big Show. i signed him. thats right. he makes his return at Summerslam. now that is sorted. I must send out a warning. Any Smackdown superstars that are here tonight leave now. Cause if we find you, you'll walk out with a bit more than a shiner. Just so that you have been warned.



Everyone is celebrating with Japaflight. suddenly the lights go out and mist fills the lockerroom. everyone is silent. The mist clears and the Undertaker is seen coking the life out of Al Snow. Everyone leaves him alone because they are scared. Suddenly HHH barges in and takes it to Taker. he smacks the dead man across the face with a chair and then gives him the pedigree on to the chair. taker is lying ther in a bloody mess. His face is all red. Everyone leaves the locker room. we stay in and Taker jsut sits up and the blood starts to drip off his face on to his attire.

Match 2

A video airs of edge saying he will take out each evolution memebr one by one

Batista vs Edge

Match: Edge nad batista run at each toher to lock up. Edge then changes into a spear and spears Batista for the pin.

Winner by pinfall-Edge

Edge cuts a promo.

Edge: I am feeling this crowd. I am loving you guys. In fact we've got more reason to celebrate. I am in the ladder match at Summerslam. I have managed to get a title shot. How cool is that

The crowd cheer.

edge: the best part is that I will win. i will become the new wold champi...

vince's msuic plays and the owner of the company makes his way to the ring.

vince: Edge, your not in that match. you misheard. I'm sorry You are in the No.1 contendor match which is now a mini Royal Rumble. I'm sorry I got your hopes up. You win this though and you are the No.1 Contendor.
edge: This is whack I hate this.
vince: I'm sorry it's the way it is.

edge walks towards the ropes looking dissapointed. He quickly turns around and spears Vince.

edge: Listen Vince. I should be in the title match but I'll do your stupid rumble thing with those amateurs. I'll win and then I'll becoem champ.


We are show a few moments ago clip fo edge spearing Vince

Backstage- Bischoff's office

Bischoff is sitting in his chair. Suddenly Vince barges in clutching his stomach.

Vince: Bischoff... you need to train edge. we need to teach him a lesson.
Eric: I'll use kane.
Vince: Thats all you do Bischoff. all you can do is think up ways to get Kane to beat the shit out of people. He doesn't work anymore. You need to be resourceful. Heres an idea. I'm gonna speak to edge right now. The camera zooms in on Vince. Vince talks to the camera.

vince: Listen edge. During your match at Summerslam you can be eliminated by any means be it over the ropes or be it pin. everyone eslse can only be beaten via over ropes. I will also be on hand to give weapons to those people. This is a lesson for you Edge. Don't cross the boss.


Non Title Match
The Rock Vs Shawn Michaels

Start: Both lock up and they are ready to go. HBK is using his speed to his advantage while The Rock uses his strength to his. The Rock slaps away at michaels and then kicks HBk's legs making him trip up. HBK falls flat on his face. The Rock stomps on him for a while and then goes for a russian leg swep. HBK counters with a reverse suplex.
Middle: Both men are down on the ground, flat on their faces. the ref begins to count 1.....2.......3......4.....5.....6.....7.... HBK staggers up and kicks the ribs of The Rock. He lifts The Rock up and goes for a rib breaker. He does the move with ease and then climbs up to the top rope. he tanunts and then goes for an elbow drop of the top rope. The crowd goes wild as he flies through the air.
End: HBK is about to lande when The Rock moves out the way. The rock sees his oppurtunity and lifts HBK up. he sets him up for The Rock Bottom and he lands it. he pins for the victory.

Winner by pinfall- The Rock

Aftermath: The rock celebrates in the ring. Suddenly evolution's music plays and the entire group comes out they beat on The Rock. This brings out Orton and Batista who beat on the rest of Evolution. Suddenly a gong is heard and the lights go out. everyone freezes and out comes The Undertaker. He makes his way to the ring and then the lights go on. HHH attacks taker as the rest of Evolution are occupied with Rock, Orton and Batista. Foley comes out to even the field and then the entire RAW roster come out and they are followed by the invading Smackdown roster and it turns into a huge blood bath as the show goes off air.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling

This is the final RAW before Summerslam. Expect all hell to break loose from the start.

This is the final RAW before Summerslam.


the show kicks off with Vince Mcmahon coming down to the ring. there is no one in the crowd.

Vince: I'm still a bit pissed off at Edge so I found a way to soften him up before Summerslam. Lower it.

Suddenly a Hell in a Cell, cell is lowered down.

vince: Time for Edge to feel pain. In this ring tonight there will be only one match. A Royal Rumble from Hell. 20 superstars competing in this match. Winner will be awarded with a new belt. One that is greater than the title The Rock holds. It is a belt for both brands. ten RAW superstars. ten Smackdown Superstars. same as a Roral Rumble only you fight on top of the cell. If you fall through the cell you are eliminated. You fall off you are eliminated. The belt they are fighting for is the Pain Belt. They are fighting for the chance to become the Champion of Pain. here is the list of the competitors.

The list is shown on the Titantron.


Chris Benoit
The Rock
Big Show
Chris jericho
Tyson Tomko
Shawn Michaels
Bret 'Hitman' Hart(Returned)


Kurt Angle
The Undertaker
Eddie Guererro
Booker T
Hulk Hogan
Bubba Ray Dudley
John Cena
Brock Lesnar(Returned)

Vince: The best bit is though. Is that no superstars are here tonight apart from me. Because I am using tonight to tell you about the event. We'll be in this same location tommorow on Tuesday for the match. Enj....

The lights go out everything turns blue. Mist fills the ring. The Undertaker is standing in the Hell in a Cell ring. vince is luckily on the stage.

Vince: You aren't supposed to be here.

Suddenly HHH comes out from underneath the ring and smaks Taker over the head with a chair. He continues to ebat on the deadman until the show goes off air.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling

As you know Vince has set a match up that will change the face of the WWE tonight. It will be the only show this week. No Smackdown! No RAW. It is called PAIN. It is the new WWE show. It will have a GM. The GM of the show will be decided at Summerslam. A new belt is on the line tonight. Champion of PAIN Belt. It will be the new world title. A No.1 contendor for the belt will be decided next week. Lets start the show. I'm gonna post this elimination at a time because they are gonna be quite long.


A new video show casing some of RAW and Smackdown!'s superstars airs. It is accompanied by heavy rock music and at the end of the video there is a clip of Vince laughing in an evil way and that is all that.

The cell is lowered. Kurt Angle and HHH are on top. The match starts.

1st Eliminee: Kurt and HHH. walk towards each other and go nose to nose.

Kurt: Lets do this.

Kurt punches HHH and then starts to continue the asssault on the game. HHH is looking bad right now. He is about to be punched of the edge when he deals Kurt a menacing right hand. Kurt falls down to the hard wire mesh and is then picked up by HHH who has him on his shoulder. He chucks him off the edge but Kurt hangs on. HHH does not notice. he walks to the other side of the cell. Kurt climbs up. HHH notices and runs at Kurt. He is about to hit him when Kurt trips him up. He luckily grabs on half way down the cell and slowly climbs up as Kurt stalks his area.

Suddenly the rabid wolverine's music plays and out comes Chris Benoit. Him and Kurt lock up. They both look pretty even in this and then HHH sneaks up from behind and shoulder barges Kurt who goes flying into Benoit both men go off the edge. They both hold on though.

HHH: Shit.

Both men are duking it out as the climb back up. HHH is resting. Benoit punches Kurt and Kurt falls off but grabs on further down. Benoit gets abck up and him and HHH. stare each other down. Kurt then comes up from behind and lays out Benoit.

Suddenly a gong sounds and out comes The Deadman, The Undertaker. Taker slowly walks to the ring and begins his climb. mist is filling up from the ring and is heading up to the top of the cell. The entire cell area is clouded. No one can see what is happening. We hear some punching and kicking and then a scream as someone falls to the ground

??????????: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

We hear a fud and someone has fallen off the cell. The mist clears and it is none other than Chris Benoit. His leg is twisted and bloOd is coming from the back of his head(like when Kurt fell). HHH and Kurt are on the top lying flat on their faces. Taker is standing staring down at Benoit. He walks over in the direction of HHH.

2nd Eliminee: Taker is now right above the Game. he lifts him up by his throat and drags him to the side of the cage. he lifts him up and prepares for a chokeslam of the top of the cage. He is about to when Kurt comes from behind and hits Taker. Undertaker drops HHH on the cell and turns to face angle.

He keeps walking towards Kurt. Kurt keeps walking backwards. Kurt gets to the edge of the cell and is now trapped. Taker is about to attack him. Suddenly The Rock's music plays and Taker goes to wait for the great one. Rock climbs up and before Taker can land a punch. The Rock is taking it to the deadman. he keeps on bringing it. HHH is now staggering to his feet.

Kurt is standing just watching the fight against Taker and Rock. HHH then comes to attack Kurt. Kurt is now beaten by the Game and is totally crushed. Kurt is trying to fight back but he can't. HHH is overpowering the oylimpic hero. HHH goes for a pedigree near the edge. Kurt flips him over the edge in a counter. HHH grabs on 3/4 down.

Taker is now in full control. He is giving The Rock the beating of his life. The cell is shaking. A wall comes off. The cell starts to tilt and is completely unstable. HHH and Kurt stop fighting and watch in terror. The Rock is scared as well. and tries to get Taker off the edge but can't manage. Builders are now coming in to repair the cell while the men fight. JBL's music plays and he comes out. He climbs up but the cell is too wobly and he falls off.

3rd Eliminee: The cage is wobbling all over the place as the builders fix the cage. Rock, Kurt, HHH are all lying on the floor of the cell holding on to the cell. Taker is jsut standing there. The wall is repaired now. Everyone gets up and Taker clothelines Rock down and then goes to give Kurt a big boot. he goes to give HHH the tombstone but HHH reverses into a pedigree. HHH stands there tall and mighty. He then lifts up Kurt and scoopslams him.

Music plays and Big Show comes down to the cell and begins to climb.

HHH: Fuck.

Big Show is about to get up to the top but HHH stomps on his head. Show hits HHH to the side and he walks towards Taker. He gives Taker a side slam and a full body press drop. A dent is made in the cell. He steps on a bit near the dent. He stomps on it and it becomes very loose. One more stomp will open up the cell. He stomps and Taker moves out the way. He quickly grabs Big Show and some how Last Rides him through the hole in the cell and on to the mat. He goes through the center of the ring. Big Show is eliminated.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling

4th Eliminee: HHH sees Taker and runs after him and goes to hit him in. taker turns around and flips him over the hole. rock then gets up and eyes taker up. TTaker turns around and Rock sets him up for The Rock Bottom. He manages to land it. Angle gets up and goes after the Rock. He side slams him and kicks him and gives him a fireman carry. He then punches lifts up Rock Rock counters and gets round the back of him. Kurt then counters and gets round the back. Kurt then gives the Rock multiple german suplexes.

Angle stands high and mighty as everyone is down on the ground. Suddenly HHH comes up from behind and lays out Kurt. Music plays and eddie Guerrero makes his way to the ring in the low rider. He comes out with a joint in his mouth. Security immediatley rush out and haul him away.

Eddie: Hey momes its a fake prop see. I was seeing what reaction I got homes. let me go.
Security: Sorry sir. We thought it was real.

eddie then walks down to the ring and climbs up. HHH just takes it to Eddie and Eddie is getting the hell beaten out of him. Taker is now up and hits HHH away and stares down the man who cost him a title shot at Summerslam. Eddie then dukes it out with Taker and gets the shit beaten out of him. Eddie is in desperate need of help. Rock helps him up and they shake hands.

J.R: It looks like Eddie and Rock have formed an alliance.
King: Wheres the softcore porn. I was promised softcore porn.
Tazz: King. They were just doing that to get you down here. Trish ain't gonna pose nude for you.

Suddenly trish's music plays and she comes and stands on Kin's table and strips down until she is buck naked.

King: Wrong. Trish sits on King's lap for the rest of the show. King feels her boobs occasionly.

On top of the cell Taker is dominating again. Kurt is now bleeding from his forehead,nose, lip, arm and leg. He is walking around with no sense of direction. HHH for some reason has pity on Angle.

Angle: Get me off of here safely. Help me please.

HHH lifts Kurt up on his shoulders and is about to climb down to drop him off. Suddenly Eddie hits Kurt off of HHH's shoulders luckily Kurt does not go off.

HHH: You fucking bastard. You wouldn't be here withour Kurt.
eddie: Whoa. HHH ain't all mean any more.
HHH: Actually I'm faking.

HHH kicks Eddie in the soft bits and then chucks Angle off the edge. Angle grabs on but the falls unconcscious and falls to the ground.

5th Eliminee: Taker is now down and The Rock is down. HHH is in charge. Music then plays and Edge makes his way down to the ring. He climbs up and takes it to the game proving he is a world title contendor. HHH is now bleedign from his forehead. rock is coming up and is then speared by Edge. Taker gets up and also receives a spear.

Vince's music plays and out comes an irrate boss.

Vince: edge. Prepare to go to hell and back.

Vince climbs up to the top of the cell adn trys to attack Edge but ends up receiving an Edgeucution. edge then tosses him off the edge.

Edge: Vince, you ain't gonna beat me you double-crossing son of a bitch. I am better than you. You can't beat me so don't bother trying to make me lose. You can't.

Suddenly HHH runs after Edge but is tripped up and lands on Vince and is eliminated.

6th Eliminee: edge is now clearing house he is spearing both Taker and Rock and is stopping them getting up. Booker T's music plays and out comes the bookman. booker goes to attack Edge but receives a spear instead. Edge is now lifting The Rock up and is chucking him off the edge to eliminate the great one.

7th eliminee: taker is standing behind Edge he goes to tombstone him but aEdge somehow reverses it and then gets behing taker to give him a dropkick to the back of the head to send Taker of the cell and on to the ground.
8th eliminee: Booker is up he goes hit Edge from behind but Edge moves out the way by accident and then decides to german suplesx booker off to elimiate him.

?????: The cell falls apart due to the bad construction from the drunk builders. A ref comes down and pulls Edge from the rubble. Edge is okay.

ref: Since we can't continue edge is the winner.

The ref picks the belt up and gives it to Edge.

Winner- By default Edge.

Ref: This match is now banned because it is too unsafe. Edge now has to face one challenger. The first person who steps out that curtain now will challenege Edge.

Bret Hart's music plays and out comes the Hitman.

Bret: Listen edge. I don't know you well but I want that belt so I've got nothing against you. This will be nice and friednly.

vicne gets up from the rubble:

Vince: Unfortunatly that won't happen because as of now I fire both you bastards. Edge has to win his match at Summerslam or he is gone. Bret I hate your fucking guts. You are gone.

Bret: I'm gonna kick your ass.

Bret runs at Vince and lays it into him. Vinc eis now bloody and beaten as the show goes off air Bret and Edge hug.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling


A video airs hyping up the Taker Vs HHH match. It shows Bischoff talking about how he wants full control. Angle is shown accepting the challenge. Bishoff is shown in the ring on the RAW Taker appeared. Taker is shown coming down to attack Bischoff. It then shows Taker destroying Triple H on the same RAW. The part where HHH laid out Taker on the night before the very first PAIN show is seen. The Summerslam theme plays and the PPV's pyros explode and we are here for Summerslam. J.R and King are here and so are Cole and Tazz.

Match 1

Cruiserweight Title Match
No Holds Barred
Jamie Noble Vs Rey Mysterio(c)

Start: Jamie Noble runs at Mysterio but Rey just jumps over him both turn around and Noble receives a dropkick to the face. Mysterio lifts Noble up and whips him into a ringpost. He runs at him drop kick to backward flips up, backward flips again adn then runs in with to Noble as he goes to attempt a bronco buster. Noble dodges and Mysterio goes flying into the ring post, soft bits first.
Middle: Mysterio is now in pain and Noble is in control of the match. Noble is kicking and punching and dropkicking and is pulling out all the stops but he can't pin Mysterio. noble goes for a Tiger Bombe but Mysterio reverses and ends up flinging Noble to the ropes for the 619. Mysterio goes for it but Noble gets out the way in time and gets out the ring. He rumages under the ring anf finds a steel chair.
End: Noble is back in the ring and he instantly smacks Rey aMysterio over the head with the chair. He keeps on attacking him with the chair poundung away. e pins him and Mysterio gives in because of his more important match tonight.

Aftermath: Noble celebrates his win and as he walks back up the ramp, Nunzio appears. They stare at each other. Noble goes to hug him but ends up receivign a beating from his cousin.


Backstage: We are in Vince's office. Angle and Bischoff are there too. Vince walks in.

Vince: Ah thanks for waiting. Glad to see you are all happy. I have to add a new match tot he card and it involves superstars from both brands. You see edge is the PAIN champion now, unfotunatly. That means we have two betlts which mean nothing. we need to unify them tonight. It'll go liek this. The winner of the two title matches will have to fight each other tonight. Do you understand. I thought you should know. Now Bret Hart is gone. Brock isn't and Borck is a moster which I unleashed. I want him to destroy Edge in a match tonight. edge has no use for the No 1. Contendor Spot so he is no longer in that match.
Angle: I understand.
Bischoff: Sounds like a great idea.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling

Match 2

Brock lesnar Vs Edge

Match: Lesnar and edge both run at each other preparing to grapple. edge using the same stratedgy as he used agaisnt Batista turns into a spear and gets the one,two,three.

Aftermath: Edge celebrates but is jumped by Lesnar. Lesnar destroys Edge and then lifts up the PAIN Belt and then drops it on the ground. Vince comes out and raises Lesnars hand. Lesnar and Vince are jumped by jericho and Benoit and then the two run down tot he ring and celebrate with Edge. edge is given a mic.

edge: You see Vince you can't beat me. No matter how sneaky you get I am unstoppable. We are unstoppable we are taking out the trash. You see tommorow night on PAIN we are gonna finish off Evolution once and for all. We are gonna beat them in an 8 man tag elimination match. Now can our final member please come donw to the ring. Music plays and out comes Mick Foley.
foley: Yeah. We are gonna beat Evolution and I am gonna blled and bleed until and I destroy them i am not gonna rest until they are gone. I am not going to fight any one else until I destroy Evolution. do you want to know why because we are De-Evolution.


Match 3
Kane Vs Jeff Hardy(Returning Tongiht)

Music plays and the Big Red Machine makes his way tot he ring.

Team Xtreme's music plays and out comes Jeff accompanied by Matt and Lita.

Match: Kane instantly over powers Hardy ad he goes to work on the ribs of jeff. Suddenly Matt pulls Kanes leg and forces the big red machine to fall flat on his face. Kane gets out the ring and follows Matt to the back in a infuriated rage. The ref counts 1.....2.....3....4....5....6....7....8....9...10. kane is counted out.

winner by countout-Jeff Hardy

aftermath: jeff jumps up to the ring post and celebrates. Kane comes down to the ring and makes the fire come out the post. Jeff is severly injured and is quickly rushed to a hospital. Kane sadisticly laughs as Lita sobs.

Lita: Kane. Kane. Matt is the father. We had a DNA test. i'm sorry. i didn't want to hurt your feelings or Matt's. Kane i think it is nice that you like me. But we can just be friends. Me and Matt are engaged now. At the wedding, Matt is deciding to let by gones be by gones and have you as the best man. Not Jeff. We want you to be happy.
Kane: Happy. happy that I will never have a son why should I be happy.

He grabs Lita by the throat and chokeslams her. he does not givew a shit about the baby now.

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Re: Mini WWE-Jenno Styling


Match 4

Bubba Ray Dudley Vs D-Von Dudley

Start: D-Von and Bubba lock up and both seem even until D-Von is overpowered by Bubba. Bubba goes to work on what appears to be an injured knee of D-Von. D-Von is clutching the knee in pain. Bubba then goes and does an elbow drop of the top rope on to the injured knee.
Middle: D-Von is looking bad and is in need of a break from Bubba's punishment. Unfortunatly that isn't happening. Buba is suplex ing rib breaking and side slaming and body press dropping D-Von at every oppurtunity it is being very one sided.

J.R: If Bubba destroys D-Von he could quite easily get an IC Title Shot.
King: I love you Trish.

D-Von has finally got in a move. a ddt. Unfortuantly his leg is more damaged than ever. D-Von is finding it impossible to walk. Bubba has it in the bag.

End: Bubba is tossing D-Von around the ring like a rag doll. Bubba has just suplexed D-Von of the top rope and is now getting ready for the Bubba Bomb. He landsit an dwins by pinfall.

Winner by pinfall-Bubba Ray Dudley

Aftermath: Bubba gets a chair out and smacks it over the injured leg of D-Von. He continues his assualt and then leaves the ring.


Grisham: Y2J how do you feel about your match tonight against The Rock.
Y2J: Listen up. When I win tonight I will face the smackdown champ. This will earn me a shot against Edge. Me and edge are in the same group and are gonna kick evolution's ass. But edge and I will have a good match and one of us will be champ.
Grisham: Now you and rock haven't spoken at all.
Y2J: I know but I hate his guts and I will beat him.


Match 5
World Tag Titles
TLC Match
La Resistance Vs Japaflight(c)

Start: Tajiri and Hurricane are runing around the ring kicking running away kicking running away. They are too fast for La resistance and are taking them down kick by kick. they are gettign tired and are starting to slow down so they give each member of La Resistance a spinning wheel kick. They have grounded La Resistance and are being extremely resourceful. Neither Conway or Greneir can find a weak spot in Japaflight's stratedgy.
Middle: Grenier is getting a ladder in the ring. He begins to climb whiole Conway keeps Hurrican busy. tajiri climbs up the other side. Both men get to the top. Tajiri sprays mist in greniers face and then somehow manouvers his legs roud to give grenier a Buzzsaw kick sending him flying off the ladder. tajiri climbs to the top and moonsaults of the ladder on to Grenier.
end: Hurricane is in trouble as Conway is taking it to Helms. Conway is dealing him some nasty moves. Conway gets a table in. He puts a chair on the table. He lifts hurricane on to the table and calls for Grenier to elbow drop of the ladder on to Hurricane's head. Grenier does so and smashes Hurricane s head into the chair and the table. While La Resistance have been dealing with Hurricane Tajiri has been climbing the ladder. Tajiri grabs the belt and claims victory for Japaflight.

Winners and still champions- Japaflight

Aftermath: tajiri drops the belt on the ground and jumps of the ladder grabbign Grenier and conway's heads and smashing them into a table set up by Hurricane.

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