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Aftermath of WMXX

It all starts on the raw after WMXX. It’s Kinda like the real Raw after Mania but trust me as we go along it will be a way better WWE and way different.

[pic]http://www.skyperfectv.co.jp/sport/kakutou/wwe/img/stars/stars_logo_raw.gif[/pic] after WMXX 3/15/04

Highlights are shown of WMXX and the biggest pop is for Benoit making HHH tap out.
Raw pyros go off and the Raw music. JR and Jerry Lawler are commenting on how last night was one of the greatest Wrestlemanias of all time.

HHH’s music blasts throughout the arena and he makes his way down to the ring without evolution. He says how Chris Benoit is a one hit wonder and he doesn’t deserve the title. HHH calls Eric Bischoff out. Eric comes down the ramp and in the ring. HHH asks Eric for a rematch and Bischoff gladly accepts and tells him that he will get his rematch one on one with Chris Benoit. HBK’s music hits and he stands at the top of the ramp. He tells Eric that he is the one who deserves the rematch not HHH because HBK didn’t tap out. Eric tells Shawn to bad HHH asked first. And HHH laughs in the ring while telling HBK he is a has been. Austin’s music hits and he nearly runs over HBK as he comes out. He walks into the ring and tells Eric that if HBK doesn’t get a title shot as well as HHH it will be against his law. Austin then says at Backlash Chris Benoit will face HBK and HHH in another triple threat match for the world heavyweight title. HHH is very pissed while Michaels is smiling at the top of the ramp. Austin’s music hits and he drinks some cold refreshing Miller Lite.


Match 1 9:15-9:23
Matt Hardy V1 vs Chris Jericho

Outcome-As Jericho makes his way to the ring he has a very serious face. Not his usually cocky face. It is a normal match fought match with y2j hitting the lionsault at the end and goes for the cover. He sees Christian and Trish making out at the top of the ramp and he gets distracted and hardy rolls him up.

Winner: Matt Hardy V1

Jericho then proceeds to chase Trish as Christain has already left to the backstage area. Trish runs to the back and y2j follows her. As he goes through the curtain he gets drilled with a chair by Christian. As Jericho lays lifeless on the ground Trish spits in his face and Christian and Trish walk away.


Match 2 9:30-9:38
Randy Orton vs Hurricane w/Rosey

Outcome- Orton hits the RKO after a hard fought match by Hurricane.

Winner- Randy Orton

After the match Hurricane and Rosey leave. Out comes Foley running into the ring. He starts beating up on Orton but Evolution(Flair & Batista) come out and start beating up on Foley. Outcomes HBK and Benoit to clear them out of the ring. Foley and HBK leave the ring while Chris Benoit is celebrating his title win last night at Wrestlemania. His music hits and the crowd gives him a standing Ovation. This last for about 6 min.


The camera shows La Resistance back stage with Fifi and Sylvan Genier. They are talking about how happy they are about having him back and also there newest member of La resistance Fifi.

In Bischoff’s Office HHH is shown screaming at Eric saying that if he doesn’t win at Backlsh he is going to SD. Jericho walks in, after HHH storms out of the office and they both give each other a quick stare. I gotta get my hands on Christian, Y2J says to Eric. Eric then says ok next week live on Raw it will be Chris Jericho vs. Christian in the main event. Jericho then says no no no that slut Trish will interfere, make it a steel cage match. Steel cage match it is just leave im really busy, Eric says..(croud makes a pop when they here the match will be a steel cage match)


Match 3 9:46-9:51
Molly Holly vs. Ivory

Outcome- Molly is wearing a wig and Ivory yanks it off. Molly runs to the back in embarrassment.

Winner- Ivory via countout


Vince’s music hits and the croud gets on their feet. He enters the ring and grabs a mic. He thanks the fans once again for all the years and memories. He tells the fans that a new WWE is beginning. Vince says, What I mean is that the roster split is over.(croud goes nuts) To add onto that a new brand separate from Raw and Smackdown will be created. This new brand will be… the ECW brand.(croud goes insane) Live next week on Raw we will have a draft lottery which determines what WWE superstars will wrestle on the Friday Night ECW show. Vince thanks the fans again and leaves.

J.R and The King are blown away by this announcement.


In the locker room Evolution is pissed that they might get split up next week. Flair then enters the room and says hey don’t worry about that, because tonight Batista and I have a
World Tag Team Title shot against Booker T and RVD who stole are titles from us a month ago.

Kane’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring and grabs a mic. He explains to the fans that he is not scared of Undertaker or Paul Bearer and that he will destroy Undertaker in a rematch because Undertaker’s win at Wrestlemania was a fluke.

Match 4 10:20-10:24
Kane vs. Steven Richards

Outcome- Stevie Night Heat gets destroyed in a 4 min. match by Kane.



Match 5 10:30-10:42
Dudleys vs. La Resitance w/ Rob Conway and Fifi

Outcome- Dudleys hit the 3-D on Rene but the cover by Bubba is broken up by Rob Conway. The Ref kicks him to the back. La Resistance holds on to win the match with a mock 3-D on D-von.

Winners- La Resistance


Match 6 10:45-11:01
Batista and Ric Flair vs. RVD and Booker T World Tag Team Title Match

Outcome- Booker T goes for the scissors kick on Flair and connects. RVD jumps off the ropes for the 5 star Frog Splash but Batista pulls Flair out of the Ring while RVD lands on the mat. Batista Enters the Ring and puts a sit down powerbomb on Booker T. He then throws RVD out of the ring. Flair crawls back into the ring and puts the figure four leg lock on Booker T and he taps out.

Winners- Ric Flair and Batista

All of Evolution enters the ring.

JR says, By God BY God tonight we witnessed the crownig of the new World Tag Team Champions and a blockbuster announcement that the brand split is over and ECW is returning. The draft will happen next week will Evolution be split up?

WWE Logo flashes

Raw and Smackdown-BadBlood(a little help from crippler890)
ECW-dynamo27(a little help from TheRock261)

Raw will be posted weekly on monday. Smackdown will be posted weekly on Thursday. ECW will weekly be posted on Friday. So check in on those days!

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SHOW 2 Preview

[pic]http://www.tpww.net/images/smackdownnew.jpg[/pic] Preview for 3/18/04

[pic]http://www.wrestlemania.com/wm_xx_results/images/04.jpg[/pic] How will the 7 foot 500 pound monster react to John Cena's upset at Wrestlemania XX?

[pic]http://www.wrestlemania.com/wm_xx_results/images/42.jpg[/pic] Will Kurt Angle seek revenge on Eddie Guerrero?

[pic]http://www.wrestlemania.com/wm_xx_results/images/30.jpg[/pic] Now that they have retained their titles what is in store for Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty?

How will the Smackdown locker room react to Vince's major announcement?

Find out tomorrow only on

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[pic]http://www.fujitv.co.jp/wwe/img/smackdown_logo_l.gif[/pic] 3/18/04

Vince’s major announcement from raw is played. The Smackdown music hits and the pyros go off.

Tazz and Cole talk, Welcome to Smackdown and we cant wait to get things started tonight.

Eddies music hits and he receives a huge pop from the fans. He walks down the isle with no low-rider. Eddie enters the ring and grabs a mic. He tells everybody how he is the true WWE champion and angle is just a wannabe (crowd goes nuts). Eddie also addresses the draft next week on raw and he says he is excited to face talent he has never faced before.

Angle’s music hits and he walks out with a mic. He stays at the beginning of the isle. Angle yells at Eddie for cheating at WMXX and that Eddie couldn’t win a match if he didn’t cheat. Eddies face all of a sudden becomes serious. He yells, You son of a bitch Angle get your ass in this ring right now, lets go(crowd goes insane). No, No, Eddie I won’t step into that ring until MY title is on the line. Paul Heyman shows up on the big screen. Ok Eddie, Kurt you want each other so bad, tonight in that very ring it will be Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero for the WWE title(crowd goes nuts). It puts a smile on both competitors as the picture fades to a commercial.


Tazz and Cole- If you are just joining us, tonight live on Smackdown Eddie Guerrero will defend his title against Kurt Angle in a rematch of WMXX. This will be one for the ages folks.

Match 1 8:16-8:25
Scotty 2 Hotty w/Rikishi vs Danny Basham w/Doug Basham and Shaniqua.

Outcome- Scotty goes for a clothesline but Danny ducks and Scotty takes out the ref. Scotty then drop kicks danny out of the ring. Doug and Shaniqua enter the ring and start beating up on Scotty. Rikishi then enters and starts beating up doug. Shaniqua leaves the ring and grabs a chair. She then re-enters the ring and she hammers the Big Kish with the chair. Doug makes it to his feet, Shaniqua and him start beating up on Scotty again. All of a sudden the crowd starts cheering. Grand Masta Sexay has entered the ring and knocks both Doug and Shaniqua out of the ring. He leaps over the top ropes onto a weary Doug Basham. Danny then enters the ring and he gets drilled with a chair by Scotty. The ref slowly comes back to life and Scotty covers Danny. 1…2…3

Winner- Scotty 2 Hotty

As the Bashams and Shaniqua leave the ring Too Cool is now fully reunited and they dance in the ring.


Heyman is shown in his office talking on a cell phone. Vince enters and Heyman hangs up. Vince says, Paul congratulations! Paul then says, Why Mr. Mcmahon? You are the first GM of the ECW brand !, Vince replies. Paul is so ecstatic and is hopping around like a little kid in his office after Vince leaves.

Chavo JR and SR are shown in the locker room boasting and bragging to the likes of Funaki and Paul London that Chavo managed to step out of Wrestlemania still the cruiserweight champion. London takes it upon himself to stand up against Chavo. He tells Chavo that he only wishes he could be as talented as his Uncle. London then says that he wants a match with Chavo for the cruiserweight title. That comment gets to Chavo and he says he didn’t come to wrestle tonight but next week on smackdown he would gladly show him that he has more talent than Eddie.

Camera then pans out to the womens locker room were Torrie and Sable are argueing. Torrie is saying that at WMXX if it wasn’t for her they would have lost at Mania. Sable is arguing the if it wasn’t for her they would have lost at Mania. Torrie then slams the door and leaves the room.

Match 2 8:35-8:40
Big Show vs. Nunzio w/Chuck Palumbo

Outcome- Big Show is furious about his loss at WMXX and he takes his anger out on Nunzio. He squashes Nunzio in a quick match.

Winner- Big Show

After the match Cena’s music hits and the crowd goes insane. Cena stays at the beginning of the isle by the stage. He has his U.S title around his waist and has a mic. John raps about how fat Big Show is and how un-athletic he is.
Big Shows gets very angry and he gets out of the ring while staring at Cena who is still at the beginning of the isle.
Show then runs after Cena and they meet in the middle of the isle. They start punching each other and shortly Big Show gains the upper hand. He throws Cena into the steel barricade and tosses him around the isle. 30 refs and agents come from the back to try and stop Big Show. But before they get him under control Big Show does a devastating chokeslam to Cena on the isle.


Match 3 8:50-9:01
A-Train vs. Billy Gunn

Outcome- Billy Gunn hits A-Train with the Fameasser but he kicks out. A-Train bicycle kicks Billy and he is down on the ground. A-Train goes to the top ropes but Billy Gunn kicks the rope and forces A-Train to fall on his groind on the top rope. Billy then gives him a hellaciuos DDT of the second rope.

Winner-Billy Gunn


When the commercial is over Tazz and Cole are talking about the draft and them possibly getting split up. They are saying how excited they are to see the Raw talent that they haven’t seen in awhile. Tazz also says he is very excited about the ECW brand.

Match 4 9:09-9:21
Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon vs. WGTT

Outcome- Rey and Ultimo dictated the match as they worked greatly together as a team. Ultimo hit his special on Haas and the legal man Rey Mysterio leaped from the top rope and landed a corckscrew on Haas. Rey pinned him for the 3 count.

Winners- Rey Mysterio and Ultimo Dragon


Match 5 9:30-9:58
Eddie Guerrero vs. Kurt Angle WWE Title Match

This time Eddie enters the ring in one of his many luxurios and flashy low-riders.

Outcome- A great rematch from WMXX if not a better match. There is a lot of high flying action and technical wrestling. Not as much holds like the Wrestlemania match. There is no foul play by Angle or Eddie during the whole match. Angle gets Eddie in the ankle lock but Eddie makes it to the ropes. When Eddie gets up he immediately gets angle slammed by Kurt. Kurt covers 1…2… Eddie kicks out of a near fall. Eddie and Angle both get to their feet and Eddie dropkicks Angle through the ropes that are facing towards the isle. Eddie vertical suplexes Kurt on the hood of his low-rider that is parked only about 10 feet from the ring. Eddie then enters the ring to break up the ref’s count. He proceeds to climb to the top rope, the whole crowd is on their feet waiting to see if Eddie will try to 5-star frog splah the lifeless Angle that is laying on the hood of Eddies low-rider. The Eddie chants start and he jumps off the top turn buckle to the outside and lands a perfect 5-star frog splash on Kurt. They both roll off the vehicle and the crowd is chanting HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT, HOLY SHIT… They both are down on the floor. The ref’s count is up to 5 and Eddie starts to move. He is crawling towards the ring and gets in the ring at the deep nine count. Angle is still on the ground and Eddie Wins by countout.

Winner- Eddie Guerrero-via countout

Tazz, Cole- What a way to end the roster split here on Smackdown with one of the greatest wrestlemania rematches we have seen in WWE history! and possibly one of the greatest smackdown matches of all time! Eddie retains his title! I cant believe this what a match!Monday the draft lottery for ECW! Don’t miss it folks!

WWE Logo flashes

Raw and Smackdown-BadBlood(a little help from crippler890)
ECW-Dynamo27(a little help from TheRock261)

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Looks good, I don't really like the pictures being inserted in the shows, the SD! logo looks good. But hey, that's just my opinion. Keep up the good work.

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7.5/10 good show but pictures meh

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SHOW 3 Preview
[pic]http://anonymouse.ws/cgi-bin/anon-www.cgi/http://www.skyperfectv.co.jp/sport/kakutou/wwe/img/stars/stars_logo_raw.gif[/pic] preview for 3/22/04

Which WWE superstars will be drafted to the new ECW brand?

Plus the huge main event with
[pic]http://raw.wwe.com/superstars/christian/images/christian3.jpg[/pic] vs. [pic]http://raw.wwe.com/superstars/jericho_c/images/jericho.jpg[/pic] in a Steel Cage!

Also how will evolution deal with HBK, Mick Foley, and Chris Benoit?

Find out only on

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[pic]http://www.skyperfectv.co.jp/sport/kakutou/wwe/img/stars/stars_logo_raw.gif[/pic] 3/22/04

The Raw music hits as well as the pyros. The crowd is going insane because they know tonight is the draft they have all been waiting for, also the huge main event that is scheduled for tonight. JR and Jerry Lawler are also excited about the draft tonight and the huge steel cage match between Y2J and Christian. The steel cage is hanging from the ceiling.

Vince’s music hits and he walks down to the ring and receives a huge pop. He grabs a mic. “Tonight is the end of the Raw and Smackdown brand split! Also tonight will be the beginning of the ECW draft! Tonight 5 superstars will be picked randomly out of a box and whatever superstars are chosen they must immediately wrestle their last match ever in the WWE. Then on Thursday for Smackdown, 5 more superstars will be picked and they will each wrestle there last match in the WWE. The men they will face will be chosen out of the box immediately after that person is chosen. Directly after Smackdown goes off the air on Thursday 20 more superstars will be randomly selected to join the ECW brand. Also on Thursday the new GM of Smackdown will be announced. So without further a due I would like you all to focus your attention to the big screen (on the screen is all the WWE superstars in one giant room, no Undertaker obviously) The superstars can not hear us but they will be informed by Mr. Paul Heyman when they are picked.(heyman enters the room. He is holding a box of ECW t-shirts; the superstars know it is time for the first pick.) I will now choose the first superstar for the new ECW brand. (Vince signals to Lilian Garcia and she enters the ring. Lillian hands a black box that has a red text ECW written on each side and is wrapped in barb wire. Vince puts his hand in the box and pulls out a little paper) The first superstar to be drafted to ECW is… Rosey! (a little pop from the crowd. In the room backstage Paul notifies Rosey and he his bummed to leave Hurricane. He grabs an ECW shirt and leaves the room.) His opponent tonight will be… (Vince puts his hand back in the box to pull out Rosey’s opponent.) Well what a coincidence… The Hurricane!”

JR- BY GOD Rosey has to leave WWE by facing his own tag team partner and super hero mentor. This match when we return!

Commercial (during the commercial Vince takes a seat next to Lilian)

Match 1
Rosey vs. Hurricane 9:07-9:15

Rosey is already in the ring after the commercial. Hurricane’s music hits and he enters the ring. Rosey doesn’t have his ECW shirt on, he has his S.H.I.T costume on.

Outcome- At the beginning of the match both competitors shake hands. They start circling each other and the match begins with a lock up. Rosey pushes The Hurricane across the ring. Rosey then picks him up and throws him into the turnbuckle. Rosey runs as fast as he can at the Hurricane and connects, knocking Hurricane on his stomach. Rosey starts stomping on Hurricane who is lifeless on the ground. Hurricane stumbles to his feet and starts fighting back at Rosey. He starts punching him and tries a clothesline but he still cant get the big man down. Hurricane finally dropkicks Rosey to get him down. While Rosey is on the ground Hurricane gives Rosey a leg drop, and an elbow drop to the chest. He pulls Rosey to his feet and grabs his neck to go for the chokeslam. Rosey elbows Hurricane in the head and attacks him with a deadly clothesline knocking Hurricane inside out. Rosey then gives a leg drop of his own to Hurricane and goes for the cover 1…2… but The Hurricane kicks out. Rosey goes for the cover again but the same result happens with the Hurricane kicking out. Both men are on their feet now hammering away at each other when Hurricane somehow lifts up the 400 pounder and scoop slams him. Rosey is on the ground so Hurricane goes to the top rope. Rosey makes his way to his feet so the Hurricane goes for a cross body. Rosey catches him and hits that swinging rock bottom type of move he does and covers Hurricane. 1…2…3 Rosey wins the match and poses as a super hero. He helps The Hurricane up and they hug in the middle of the ring. The Hurricane grabs a mic and announces to the crowd that Rosey will never become a super hero because he is going to ECW and he won’t have The Hurricane to train him. This pisses off Rosey and he picks up the hurricane and body slams him into the mat with 400 pounds landing on Hurricane. Rosey rips off his S.H.I.T shirt revealing his ECW shirt and he throws the S.H.I.T shirt on The Hurricane. He also throws his little purple glasses on The Hurricane. Rosey then leaves the ring leaving the Hurricane there.


Commercial (Vince enters the ring)

Vince is in the ring and he has the ECW box. He puts his hand into the box to pull out the next ECW superstar. “The second superstar to join the ECW brand is… a former ECW star actually… Rhyno! (Rhyno is notified by Paul Heyman in the back and he is very excited. He grabs an ECW t-shirt) Tonight his opponent will be… (Vince grabs another paper out of the box) Sakoda!”

Vince leaves the ring and sits back down by Lillian, and Rhyno’s music hits. He walks down to the ring in his ECW shirt. After Rhyno enters the ring Sakoda’s music hits and he walks down to the ring with Akio.

Match 2
Sakoda w/Akio vs. Rhyno 9:22-9:29

Outcome- A decent match with Sakoda pretty much getting destroyed the whole match. At the end of the match Rhyno sets up for the gore when Akio grabs his foot and Sakoda rolls him up for the pin. Sakoda and Akio leave the ring celebrating while Rhyno is very pissed off in the ring.

Winner- Sakoda

In the back the superstars are shown breaking up a fight between Mick Foley and Randy Orton. Foley is thrown out of the room while yelling and screaming at Orton. After Foley is thrown out Benoit and HBK get into a fight with evolution and they are hammering each other. Finally it is broken up and HBK and Benoit leave the room.


Backstage Foley is being interviewed by Terri Runnels. She asks Foley about Randy Orton, he says that he wants Randy in a match at Backlash without Evolution in his corner. Foley says the only reason why the Rock N’ Sock Connection was beat at Wrestlemania was because they were out numbered. He says he wants to teach the little big mouthed bitch Randy Orton a lesson at Backlash so it will be his kind of match… a hardcore match. (big pop from crowd)

The superstars are shown backstage because another fight has erupted, this time between Chris Jericho and Christian who have a steel cage match later in the night in the main event. This is just a verbal fight because they are at opposite sides of the room, both superstars are eventually calmed down and take a seat.

Vince is back in the ring with the ECW box. He pulls out another piece of paper from the box and Vince says, “The third superstar drafted to ECW is… Matt Hardy! (pretty nice pop from the crowd. Backstage Hardy is happy about joining the ECW brand. He grabs a shirt and runs out of the room in excitement.) His opponent will be…(Vince reaches into the box to pull out Hardy’s opponent) Chavo Guerrero.” (Vince leaves the ring and goes back and sits next to Lillian.)

Match 3
Matt Hardy vs. Chavo Guerrero 9:36-9:45

Matt Hardy’s music hits and he enters the ring in his ECW t-shirt. Then Chavo’s music hits and he is accompanied down to the ring by his dad.

Outcome- Matt Hardy and Chavo lock up. A very good match is fought by both comoetitors. Hardy suplexes Chavo off the top rope and Chavo lands on his arm. Chavo is rolling around the ring in a lot of pain. The ref goes over to help Chavo when Chavo Sr. low blows Matt Hardy. Hardy falls to the ground and Chavo rolls him up 1…2… Hardy gets his foot on the rope. Outcomes Paul London and he attacks Chavo Sr. He drop kicks him into the ring post. This distracts Chavo Jr. who is still holding his arm and hardy gives him the side effect for the 1…2…3

Winner- Matt Hardy

After the match Hardy leaves the ring. Paul London leaves right after Hardy and stares down Chavo as he lies in the ring holding his arm. Chavo Sr. rushes into the ring to help his son.


After the commercial Cena is backstage but not in the big room were all the other superstars are. He does a little rap about Big Show and says he wants him in a match on Smackdown. He says he wants Big Show in a good old fashion street fight and Cena says he will even put his U.S title on the line.

Big Show is shown in the room were the superstars are and he has a huge smile on his face because he gets another shot at the U.S title.

Vince re-enters the ring with the box, “Now for the fourth pick… (he puts his hand in the box and pulls out a name) Wow… Kurt Angle! ( Backstage Kurt is notified and he leaves the room with shock. He isn’t mad or happy he is just confused. Heyman hands him and ECW shirt)

JR- “O my God Kurt Angle is going to ECW.”
King- “This in unbelievable!.”

Vince then reaches his hand in the box to find Kurt’s opponent for the night. “Kurt Angle’s opponent for his final match in the WWE is… The Heart Break Kid Shawn Michaels!” (crowd goes insane!)

JR- What a match this is gonna be! This is main event material! It will be live when we return!

Commercial (Vince sits down)

Kurt Angle's music hits and he walks down to the ring and he is being showered with You Suck, You Suck, You Suck… chants.

HBK’s music hits and the crowd goes nuts. He enters the ring and they both stare at each other for a few seconds.

Match 4
Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels 10:01- 10:29

Outcome- HBK and Kurt Angle have a grueling battle in quite a long match. Both competitors won’t quit. There are many near falls with one of them being HBK kicking out of the angle slam and one of them with Kurt kicking out of HBK’s elbow drop from the top rope. Kurt gets HBK in the ankle lock. HBK is struggling to get to the ropes and struggling with himself to not tap. HBK finally makes it to the ropes and Angle falls down in exhaustion. Both men are on the ground. HBK gets up and makes it into the corner and stomps his foot for sweet chin music. Angle gets up and HBK goes for it but Angle ducks and hits another angle slam on HBK. Angle goes for the cover 1…2…3!

Winner- Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle slowly gets to his feet and throws his hands up in victory. He rolls out of the ring and walks to the back. HHH, Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton enter the ring and start destroying HBK. Soon after out come Chris Benoit and Mick Foley. They start beating up on Evolution but that is short lived because they are out numbered. Foley gets hit with an RKO while Benoit is about to be pedigreed. All of a sudden too cool runs down to help out and Rikishi super kicks HHH who was about to pedigree Benoit. They start destroying the tag champs. Evolution quickly clears the ring and walks backstage while staring down all the men in the ring. All of them are on their feet now and want a piece of Evolution. They are screaming for them to get back in the ring but they just keep walking away.

JR- What a battle we just saw between HBK and Kurt Angle!
King- Why in the hell was Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, and GrandMaster Sexay out there?
JR- We still have one more person to be chosen for ECW and the steel cage match between Y2J and Christian! Don’t go away!


Vince is in the ring after the commercial and comments on that amazing match between Kurt and Shawn. He has the ECW box and puts his hand in to pull out the final name of the night. “The fifth and the final person to be drafted to ECW tonight is… another former ECW star Lance Storm! (Backstage Lance is extremely happy about him being picked to go to ECW. Vince reaches in the box to find Lance’s opponent for his final match in the WWE) And his opponent will be… Kane! (Vince goes backstage)

Match 5
Lance Storm vs. Kane 10:33-10:38

Lance’s music hits and he walks down to the ring with fear on his face. He enters the ring and waits for the fires of Kane to explode. Surely they do and Kane enters the ring.

Outcome- Kane totally demolishes Lance storm in a solid 5 minutes. Lance had no chance in this match with the furious evil monster against him.

Winner- Kane

After the match the lights go out for about 10 seconds and the Undertaker’s gong goes off. Kane is mesmerized in the ring. All of a sudden the lights turn on but there is no sign of the Undertaker. But there is a coffin next to the ring and Kane notices it. The lights then dim greatly and it has a purplish glow. It is so dim that it is barely visible. Lighting and Thunder crash and another gong goes off. The Undertaker shows up with Paul Bearer at the top of the ramp! The crowd goes ballistic. Paul Bearer says to Kane, “At Backlash the Deadman will finish what he started at Wrestlemania, and it won’t be the last time you see that casket!” Undertaker’s eyes roll up so you can only see the white part of his eyeballs. The lights go out again for about 10 seconds. When the lights are turned on Paul Bearer, The Undertaker, and the casket are all out of sight.

JR- O MY GOD I think at Backlash Undertaker wants Kane in a casket match! What a night! The main event up next!

Commercial (steel cage is being lowered)

The steel cage is all the way down and Christian’s music hits. He walks down to the ring with his lovely girlfriend Trish Stratus. Y2J’s music hits and he also makes his way to the ring.

Match 6
Chris Jericho vs. Christian-Steel Cage Match 10:43-11:09

Outcome- Y2J pulls on the steel cage and is ready to get started. The match starts and it is full of great moves and technicality. Christian throws Y2J into the steel and he makes his way out of the cage. He climbs to the top but Jericho grabs his leg and yanks him down, Christian lands hard. Y2J scoop slams Christian in the middle of the ring and hits him with the lionsault. Y2J crawls over to the door and the ref opens it for him his head is out the door when Trish Stratus slams the door on Y2J’s head. Christian then gives an un-prettier to Jericho in the middle of the ring. Christian falls down in exhaustion. Trish opens the door and throws a chair to Christian. Y2J gets up and dropkicks the chair in the face of Christian. Both superstars are down. Jericho gets up first and starts to climb the cage. He makes it to the top but Christian grabs his lag. Y2J sits on the top to try and kick off Christian but he is un-successful. Christian makes it all the way to the top and Y2J stands up. They are punching away at each other on the top of the cage. Y2J goes to drastic measures and does a dangerous bulldog of the top of the steel cage down to the mat on Christian (the crowd is going insane! So is JR). Both superstars are down again. Y2J starts to stir and he crawls over to the door again he gats half way out when Trish runs over and slams the door on him again. Christian is now up and delivers another un-prettier to Jericho. Jericho is out. Christian climbs the cage and has made it to the top and is show boating to the fans and Trish. Out of nowhere Edge runs down the ramp and climbs the cage with Christian’s back turned (crowd is totally nuts and so is JR!). Christian turns around and Edge delivers a spear to Christian off the top of the cage. They both land on the mat and are out of it. Y2J stirs and puts Christian into the walls of Jericho. All of a sudden Christian wakes up when he feels the pain of Y2J’s finisher. Christian taps out! And the ref calls for the bell!

Winner- Chris Jericho

JR- By GOD what a night! We witnessed Kurt Angle vs. HBK, Y2J vs. Christian in a steel cage match! Also the return of Edge! We saw five superstars go to ECW; more superstars will go to ECW on Smackdown, Evolution survived the night without any of their members being chosen to go to ECW but will they survive Smackdown?! I can’t believe what has happened tonight! What a night! Good night folks!

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Raw and Smackdown- BadBlood(a little help form crippler890)
ECW- dynamo27(a little help from therock261)

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SHOW 4 Preview

[pic]http://www.tpww.net/images/smackdownnew.jpg[/pic] Preview 3/25/04

Now with Rosey, Rhyno, Matt Hardy, Kurt Angle, and Lance Storm drafted to ECW which 5 superstars will be drafted on Smackdown?
[pic]http://raw.wwe.com/superstars/rosey/images/rosey1.jpg[/pic] [pic]http://raw.wwe.com/superstars/rhyno/images/rhyno_l.jpg[/pic] [pic]http://raw.wwe.com/superstars/hardy_m/images/matt.jpg[/pic] [pic]http://smackdown.wwe.com/superstars/angle_k/images/kurt1.jpg[/pic] [pic]http://raw.wwe.com/superstars/storm_l/images/storm1.jpg[/pic]

Last week on Smackdown Paul London challenged Chavo Guerrero for his cruiserweight title, but Chavo suffered a pulled muscle in his elbow on Raw will Paul still get a shot at cruiserweight gold?

Now with the roster split officialy over you will be able to see all your favorite Raw superstars live on Smackdown!

Don't forget the huge wrestlemania re-match between John Cena and Big Show but this time in a street fight!

Evolution survived Raw without getting any of their members drafted to ECW will they have the same luck on Smackdown?

Also the new GM of smackdown will be crowned on Smackdown! Who will it be?

Find out only on
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