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a Cynic BTB

Author’s note: Welcome to “WWE: Our Sacred Scars.” This is my first ever BTB here on WF. I’ve been following a number of threads here for some time, and the terrific writing I’ve seen really motivated me to put that journalism degree to good use and get involved.

All feedback is, of course, highly appreciated. I will make a strong effort moving forward to review everyone’s work. Though when it comes to both posting reviews and posting my own material, I ask that you respect my rather rigorous work schedule.

Below this post you will find the central hub to this thread. It will be your main source for roster breakdowns, title history, pay-per-view schedules, and all the goings-on inside the thread. Under that will be the thread’s backstory, which sets the stage for the beginning of “Our Sacred Scars” on the March 29, 2010 edition of Monday Night Raw.


This thread operates in somewhat of a parallel universe from the WWE as we know it. For my own amusement, we’ll call it the “Cynicverse.”

In the Cynicverse, this thread begins at Royal Rumble 2010, with the evening’s card and company roster completely identical to its real life counterpart. However, it’s on that night that the Cynicverse separates from reality and diverges onto its own path in history.

The thread’s backstory continues through WrestleMania XXVI, with the thread itself beginning the night after that momentous pay-per-view extravaganza.


Again, welcome, and please enjoy.


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John Cena

The Miz

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne




Prestige levels:

Legend = Iconic figure who has risen above any status designation
Main eventer = Pay-per-view headliner who is a frequent championship contender
Upper carder = Fringe championship contender who works programs of both main event and midcard prominence
Midcarder = Frequent on-air performer who works programs in the middle of the card
Lower carder = Infrequent on-air performer who often works opening and midcard matches
Jobber = Puts over other talent

*Notes on “achievements” section:
- Only championships won in WWF/WWE and NWA/WCW are listed
- All individual reigns in WWF/WWE as WWF Champion, Undisputed WWF/WWE Champion, WWE Champion, and World Heavyweight Champion are listed collectively under “WWE World Heavyweight Champion”
- All individual reigns in WWF/WWE as WWF Tag Team Champion, WWE Tag Team Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and Unified Tag Team Champion are listed collectively under “WWE World Tag Team Champion”
- WWE’s ECW Championship is not considered a world championship, but rather an intermediary level championship equivalent to WWE’s Intercontinental Championship
- WWE’s United States Championship and WCW’s United States Championship are considered separate titles with differing lineages

Prestige: Legend
Alignment: Face
Status: Inactive - sabbatical
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x7), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x6), WCW World Tag Team Champion (x1), WWE Hardcore Champion (x1), 2007 Royal Rumble winner, 18-0 at WrestleMania
Height: 6’11”
Weight: 299 lbs
Billed from: Death Valley
Signature maneuver(s): Tombstone Piledriver
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Phenom,” “The Deadman”
Entrance theme: “Graveyard Symphony”

Prestige: Legend
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x4), WWE Intercontinental Champion (x3), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x5), WWE European Champion (x1), 1995 & 1996 Royal Rumble winner
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 225 lbs
Billed from: San Antonio, Texas
Signature maneuver(s): Sweet Chin Music
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Heartbreak Kid,” “The Showstopper”
Entrance theme: “Sexy Boy”

Prestige: Legend
Alignment: Face
Status: Inactive - sabbatical
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x13), WWE Intercontinental Champion (x5), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x2), WWE European Champion (x2), 2002 Royal Rumble winner, 1997 King of the Ring
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 255 lbs
Billed from: Greenwich, Connecticut
Signature maneuver(s): Pedigree
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Game,” “The King of Kings,” “The Cerebral Assassin”
Entrance theme: “The Game”

Prestige: Main eventer
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x9), WWE United States Champion (x3), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x2), 2008 & 2010 Royal Rumble winner
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 240 lbs
Billed from: West Newbury, Massachusetts
Signature maneuver(s): Attitude Adjustment, STF
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “My Time is Now”

Prestige: Main eventer
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x4), WCW World Heavyweight Champion (x2), WWE Intercontinental Champion (x9), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x5), WWE European Champion (x1), WWE Hardcore Champion (x1), WCW Cruiserweight Champion (x4), WCW Television Champion (x1), first unified WWE/WCW World Heavyweight Champion
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 226 lbs
Billed from: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Signature maneuver(s): Walls of Jericho, Codebreaker, Lionsault
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Best in the World”
Entrance theme: “Break the Walls Down”

Prestige: Main eventer
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x7), WWE Intercontinental Champion (x1), ECW Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1), 2009 Royal Rumble winner
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 245 lbs
Billed from: St. Louis, Missouri
Signature maneuver(s): RKO, Punt
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Viper”
Entrance theme: “Voices”

Prestige: Main eventer
Alignment: Tweener
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x9), WWE Intercontinental Champion (x5) WWE World Tag Team Champion (x13), WCW United States Champion (x1), 2001 King of the Ring, 2005 & 2007 Mr. Money in the Bank
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 241 lbs
Billed from: Toronto, Ontario
Signature maneuver(s): Spear
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Rated R Superstar”
Entrance theme: “Metalingus”

Prestige: Upper carder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x3), WWE Intercontinental Champion (x1), ECW Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1), 2008 & 2009 Mr. Money in the Bank
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 225 lbs
Billed from: Chicago, Illinois
Signature maneuver(s): Go To Sleep (GTS), Anaconda Vice
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Straight Edge Savior,” “The Second City Saint”
Entrance theme: “This Fire Burns”

Prestige: Upper carder
Alignment: Tweener
Status: Inactive – injury
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x1)
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 272 lbs
Billed from: Dublin, Ireland
Signature maneuver(s): Brogue Kick, High Cross
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Celtic Warrior”
Entrance theme: “Written in My Face”

Prestige: Upper carder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x3), ECW Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x9), WWE European Champion (x1), WWE Hardcore Champion (x1), WWE Light Heavyweight Champion (x1), 2010 Mr. Money in the Bank
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 227 lbs
Billed from: Toronto, Ontario
Signature maneuver(s): Killswitch
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “Captain Charisma,” “The Instant Classic”
Entrance theme: “Just Close Your Eyes”

Prestige: Upper carder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x1), WWE United States Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 231 lbs
Billed from: Cleveland, Ohio
Signature maneuver(s): Skull Crushing Finale
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Awesome One”
Entrance theme: “I Came to Play”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x2), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x4), WWE European Champion (x4), WWE Hardcore Champion (x4), WCW Television Champion (x4), 2008 King of the Ring
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 240 lbs
Billed from: Blackpool, England
Signature maneuver(s): Regal Stretch, Knee Trembler
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “Promenade”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Tag Team Champion (x3)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 223 lbs
Billed from: Marietta, Georgia
Signature maneuver(s): Cross Rhodes
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “A New Day”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x1), WWE United States Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x2)
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 221 lbs
Billed from: Kumasi, Ghana
Signature maneuver(s): Trouble in Paradise
Associates: Evan Bourne
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “S.O.S.”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Tweener
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 214 lbs
Billed from: Long Island, New York
Signature maneuver(s): Zack Attack
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Long Island Loudmouth”
Entrance theme: “Radio”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Heavyweight Champion (x1), WWE Intercontinental Champion (x2), ECW Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x9), WCW World Tag Team Champion (x1), WWE Hardcore Champion (x1)
Height: 7’0”
Weight: 323 lbs
Billed from: Parts Unknown
Signature maneuver(s): Chokeslam From Hell
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Big Red Machine”
Entrance theme: “Man on Fire”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x4), ECW Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x4)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 223 lbs
Billed from: Los Angeles, California
Signature maneuver(s): Starship Pain
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Shaman of Sexy”
Entrance theme: “Ain’t No Make Believe”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Tweener
Status: Active
Achievements: n/a
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 250 lbs
Billed from: Calgary, Alberta
Signature maneuver(s): Running Powerslam
Associates: Tyson Kidd, Natalya Neidhart
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “New Foundation”

Alignment: Tweener
Status: Active
Achievements: n/a
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 195 lbs
Billed from: Calgary, Alberta
Signature maneuver(s): Sharpshooter
Associates: David Hart Smith, Natalya Neidhart
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “New Foundation”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x1)
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 250 lbs
Billed from: Ayr, Scotland
Signature maneuver(s): Future Shock
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Chosen One”
Entrance theme: “Broken Dreams”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Tag Team Champion (x2), WWE European Champion (x1), WWE Cruiserweight Champion (x2), WCW Cruiserweight Champion (x1), WWE Hardcore Champion (x1), WCW Hardcore Champion (x1)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 191 lbs
Billed from: Smithfield, North Carolina
Signature maneuver(s): Shining Wizard
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “Stand Back”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: ECW Champion (x1)
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 260 lbs
Billed from: Perry, Oklahoma
Signature maneuver(s): Gutwrench Powerbomb
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The All-American American”
Entrance theme: “On Your Knees”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: ECW Champion (x1), WWE European Champion (x1)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 392 lbs
Billed from: Silsby, Texas
Signature maneuver(s): World’s Strongest Slam
Associates: Montel Vontavious Porter
Aliases: “The World’s Strongest Man”
Entrance theme: “Some Bodies Gonna Get it”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE United States Champion (x2), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 259 lbs
Billed from: Miami, Florida
Signature maneuver(s): Playmaker, Drive-By Kick
Associates: Mark Henry
Aliases: “MVP”
Entrance theme: “I’m Comin’”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x3), WWE United States Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x2)
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 248 lbs
Billed from: Orangeburg, South Carolina
Signature maneuver(s): Paydirt, T-Bone Suplex
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Gold Standard”
Entrance theme: “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me”

Prestige: Midcarder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 183 lbs
Billed from: St. Louis, Missouri
Signature maneuver(s): Air Bourne
Associates: Kofi Kingston
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “Born to Win”

Prestige: Lower carder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 221 lbs
Billed from: Hollywood, Florida
Signature maneuver(s): Zig-Zag
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “I Am Perfection”

Prestige: Lower carder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: ECW Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x2), WCW World Tag Team Champion (x1), WWE Cruiserweight Champion (x4), WCW Cruiserweight Champion (x2)
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 215 lbs
Billed from: El Paso, Texas
Signature maneuver(s): Frog Splash
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “Chavito Ardiente”

Prestige: Lower carder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Hardcore Champion (x2)
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 235 lbs
Billed from: Charlotte, North Carolina
Signature maneuver(s): Lie Detector
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “What’s Up”

Prestige: Lower carder
Alignment: Tweener
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x1), WWE United States Champion (x1), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 231 lbs
Billed from: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Signature maneuver(s): Backstabber
Associates: Primo Colon
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “Cool”

Prestige: Lower carder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 218 lbs
Billed from: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Signature maneuver(s): Backstabber
Associates: Carlito Colon
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “Cool”

Prestige: Lower carder
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: n/a
Height: 6’7”
Weight: 290 lbs
Billed from: Brooklyn, New York
Signature maneuver(s): STO
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “Bringin’ Da Hood T U”

Prestige: Lower carder
Alignment: Heel
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE World Tag Team Champion (x2)
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 235 lbs
Billed from: West Palm Beach, Florida
Signature maneuver(s): Dream Street
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “Priceless”

Prestige: Jobber
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x3), WCW United States Champion (x2), WWE World Tag Team Champion (x1), WCW World Tag Team Champion (x2), WWE Hardcore Champion (x9)
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 238 lbs
Billed from: Hollywood, California
Signature maneuver(s): Curtain Call, Shattered Dreams
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Bizarre One”
Entrance theme: “Gold-Lust”

Prestige: Jobber
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x2)
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 227 lbs
Billed from: Calabria, Italy
Signature maneuver(s): The Cobra
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Milan Miracle”
Entrance theme: “La Vittoria e Mia”

Prestige: Jobber
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE Intercontinental Champion (x1), WWE European Champion (x4)
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 268 lbs
Billed from: Chicago, Illinois
Signature maneuver(s): Lo Down
Associates: n/a
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “The Real Deal”

Prestige: Jobber
Alignment: Face
Status: Active
Achievements: WWE United States Champion (x1), WCW Television Champion (x1)
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 232 lbs
Billed from: Belfast, Northern Ireland
Signature maneuver(s): Celtic Cross
Associates: n/a
Aliases: “The Belfast Brawler”
Entrance theme: “Lambeg”


Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne
The Hart Dynasty – David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd w/Natalya Neidhart
Montel Vontavious Porter & Mark Henry
The Colons – Carlito Colon & Primo Colon


Role: WWE Chairman
Alignment: Tweener
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “No Chance in Hell”

Role: Valet to The Hart Dynasty
Alignment: Tweener
Aliases: n/a
Entrance theme: “New Foundation”


Role: play-by-play analyst
Aliases: “Good Ol’ J.R.”

Role: color analyst
Aliases: “The King”

Role: backstage reporter
Aliases: n/a

Role: ring announcer
Aliases: n/a


(starting March 29, 2010)

John Cena
March 28, 2010 – Present
WrestleMania XXVI – Glendale, Arizona
d. Batista by submission to unify WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship

The Miz
March 28, 2010 – Present
WrestleMania XXVI – Glendale, Arizona
d. John Morrison by pinfall to unify WWE Intercontinental Championship and WWE United States Championship

Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne
February 1, 2010 – Present
Monday Night Raw – Nashville, Tennessee
d. Triple H & Shawn Michaels by pinfall



April 25, 2010
Kemper Arena – Kansas City, Missouri

May 30, 2010
The Rose Garden – Portland, Oregon

June 27, 2010
Bradley Center – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

July 25, 2010
American Airlines Center – Dallas, Texas

August 29, 2010
Wembley Arena – London, England

September 26, 2010
Key Arena – Seattle, Washington

October 31, 2010
United Center – Chicago, Illinois

November 28, 2010
Pepsi Center – Denver, Colorado

December 26, 2010
Philips Arena – Atlanta, Georgia


The One Who Knocks
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Entering the Royal Rumble PPV, Shawn Michaels had been progressing closer and closer to madness, consumed by his obsession of a WrestleMania rematch against the World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker. Michaels knew the only way he’d get his match with The Deadman was to win the Rumble so he could challenge for the World Title at WrestleMania. Michaels’ growing obsession began to agitate his best friend and Co-Unified Tag Team Champion, Triple H, who continued to support Michaels despite his feelings that The Showstopper was taking things too far.


To the shock of many – none more than himself – Michaels failed to win The Rumble. Despite being one of the final four alongside Batista, Triple H, and John Cena, Michaels was eliminated by Batista…after HBK eliminated Triple H with a surprise superkick that sent The Game over the top rope. Triple H’s shock that he was eliminated by his best friend was upstaged only by Michaels’ shock over his own elimination, which caused him to superkick both Cena and Batista before exiting.

The Rumble itself ended on a note of immense controversy. It was a nostalgic scene: John Cena and Batista, the preeminent WWE stars of the current era, staring each other down with WrestleMania glory hanging in the balance. It was the same sight as that of the Rumble six years prior, when Batista eliminated Cena in a similarly controversial ending. Both men won their first world titles months later at WrestleMania XXI, ushering in a new generation.

There is nothing a paying fan wants to see less than a tie…but that’s what happened. After a brutally grueling five minute exchange, Cena and Batista eliminated each other simultaneously. Following much debate, the officials declared the match a draw. It marked the second time in Rumble history that two men were declared victorious, the first since Bret Hart and Lex Luger ended the match deadlocked 15 years earlier.

Prior to the Rumble match, upstart WWE Champion Sheamus put his title on the line against the cold and calculating Viper, Randy Orton. While Orton’s initial plan called for his Legacy protégés – Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. – to aid him, Sheamus took out both youngsters in the midst of the match after the referee had been incapacitated. The distraction, however, allowed Orton to strike with his patented RKO, leading to the pinfall victory that secured Orton’s seventh world championship. After the match, while Legacy celebrated with him, Orton turned on Rhodes and DiBiase, beating them both senseless as he screamed that he didn’t need their help. Sheamus attempted to attack Orton after the match, only to be taken down again. Then, in a fit of blind rage, Orton punted Sheamus in the head. The ex-champion has not been seen since.

2010 ROYAL RUMBLE results:

ECW Championship:
Christian © d. Ezekiel Jackson w/William Regal by pinfall to retain the title

WWE United States Championship:
The Miz © d. Montel Vontavious Porter by pinfall to retain the title

WWE Women’s Championship:
Mickie James d. Michelle McCool © by pinfall to win the title

World Heavyweight Championship:
Undertaker © d. Rey Mysterio by pinfall to retain the title

WWE Championship:
Randy Orton d. Sheamus © by pinfall to win the title

2010 Royal Rumble match:
John Cena and Batista were declared co-winners after being eliminated simultaneously​


The night after the Rumble produced one of the biggest announcements in WWE history. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon announced that, immediately following WrestleMania, the WWE roster would merge into one and that Raw would stand alone as the company’s only program. This was done, McMahon said, to “trim the fat” and “encourage elite competition.”

In reality, slumping television ratings had already prompted SyFy to pull the plug on WWE’s ECW brand, which was set to go off the air two weeks before the company’s February pay-per-view, No Way Out. SmackDown, meanwhile, found itself caught in a disastrous circle, as its equally disappointing ratings were due largely to the brand’s inability find a permanent and prominent cable home. These constant issues prompted WWE for years to treat Raw as the “A-show,” leading to SmackDown’s roster becoming watered down and lacking star power, which only compounded the problems the brand already had. Rather than continuing to invest in SmackDown as a stand-alone brand, the decision was made to do away with it, leaving Raw as WWE’s lone television program for the first time in over a decade. The final SmackDown was scheduled to air the Friday before WrestleMania.

Aside from the roster merger, arguably the most significant fallout from this decision was the inevitability of a WrestleMania main event to crown an undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It was determined that the undisputed champion would be determined in much the same way as it was in 2001: a one night, four man tournament. As fate would have it, there were two world titles, and two #1 contenders following the controversial finish at the Rumble. Batista won a coin toss which allowed him the right to choose which champion he would face at WrestleMania, with Cena facing the other. The winners of the two title matches would compete in the one-on-one main event to determine the undisputed, unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Meanwhile, the champions for the event would be set following the two Elimination Chamber title matches at No Way Out.

Several title changes occurred in the weeks leading up to No Way Out. The first such incident took place the night after the Royal Rumble, when DX lost the Unified Tag Team Titles to Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. DX lost when a momentary lapse by the continuously sulking HBK allowed Kingston to roll up The Showstopper for the three count. After the match, Michaels and Triple H engaged in a heated argument, which concluded with Michaels yet again superkicking The Game. Afterward, Michaels declared DX dead.

On the final edition of ECW on SyFy, ECW Champion Christian and WWE Champion Orton faced each other in a historic title-for-title match. Orton was victorious, reunifying the WWE and ECW Titles, as the ECW Title had originally split from the WWE Title when Rob Van Dam brought the championship to the new ECW brand in 2006.

The Raw match participants for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match were confirmed as being Orton, Michaels, Triple H, Rhodes, DiBiase, and Kingston.

On the SmackDown side, Undertaker was set to defend his World Heavyweight Championship inside “Satan’s structure” against CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, the relocated Christian, and a surprise qualifier– the returning Edge.


No Way Out proved a memorable night. Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre lost his title to John Morrison, setting up the “The Shaman of Sexy” to participate in a title unification match at WrestleMania XXVI against his tag team partner turned rival: the United States Champion, The Miz.

Raw’s Elimination Chamber boiled over with raw emotion and intensity. In an unexpected twist, the two former DX comrades were the first two men eliminated. Triple H was eliminated by Rhodes on a fluke rollup after an HBK distraction; incensed, Triple H Pedigreed Michaels before exiting the chamber, leaving The Showstopper to be pinned by Kingston. The former members of Legacy were the final three in the match. While Rhodes and DiBiase had worked well to that point in the match, the two of them ironically began arguing over whom would pin Orton – despite the fact one of them eliminating The Viper would leave the two of them alone to compete for the championship, regardless of who did it. Rhodes ultimately pulled a fast one on DiBiase, pinning him after Cross Rhodes. Like Triple H before him, DiBiase was not ready to leave. Rhodes struck Orton with a surprise Cross Rhodes and appeared to have the victory before DiBiase broke up the pinfall and left his former teammate lying after Dream Street. Orton scored on a stalking RKO of Rhodes to retain his title en route to WrestleMania XXVI.

While SmackDown’s main event was less focused on personal issues, the ending was no less dramatic. The match saw Undertaker and the narcissistic Chris Jericho as the final two men. When Undertaker appeared to have Jericho ready for the Tombstone, an unexpected interloper arrived – and a large one at that. The 7-foot-tall, 500 pound Big Show ripped the steel door of the chamber off its hinges and assaulted the Deadman, leaving the champion knocked out following a devastating chokeslam. Ever the opportunist, Jericho covered Undertaker for the pinfall and the championship.

2010 NO WAY OUT results:

WWE Intercontinental Championship:
John Morrison d. Drew McIntyre © by pinfall to win the title

WWE Championship – Elimination Chamber match:
Randy Orton © d. Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase Jr., and Kofi Kingston to retain the title

Order of elimination:
1. Triple H (by Rhodes)
2. Michaels (by Kingston)
3. Kingston (by Orton)
4. DiBiase (by Rhodes)
5. Rhodes (by Orton)

Match to determine #1 contenders to Unified Tag Team Championship:
Montel Vontavious Porter & Mark Henry d. The Hart Dynasty (David Hart Smith & Tyson Kidd) by pinfall to become #1 contenders

Open challenge – non-title match:
The Miz (United States Champion) d. Zack Ryder by pinfall

World Heavyweight Championship – Elimination Chamber match:
Chris Jericho d. Undertaker ©, Rey Mysterio, Edge, Christian, and CM Punk to win the title

Order of elimination:
1. Mysterio (by Punk)
2. Edge (by Christian)
3. Christian (by Punk)
4. Punk (by Undertaker)
5. Undertaker (by Jericho)


The weeks leading up WrestleMania XXVI were marked by tension and intrigue as the superstars prepared for the impending roster merger and title unifications. The buildup was exacerbated by the simmering personal issues that were about to explode.

Infuriated by each other’s recent actions, Triple H and Shawn Michaels agreed to face each other at WrestleMania. The Game vowed to “knock some sense” into HBK following the events that caused Michaels to end DX. The Showstopper, meanwhile, expressed anger at Triple H’s “lack of support” during HBK’s drive to challenge Undertaker’s WrestleMania victory streak, and remarked that defeating Triple H at WrestleMania would firmly establish HBK as the better half of D-Generation X.

Legacy’s implosion was complete following the events of No Way Out, as Rhodes and DiBiase both cost each other a shot at taking the WWE Championship from their former mentor. Their personal squabble became even more personal when the young stars’ legendary fathers – “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes and “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase – interjected themselves into the situation, each claiming that not only was their son better, but that they were better than the other. When the elder DiBiase brought his former tax consultant and tag team partner, I.R.S., into the fold, the Rhodes men appeared to be on the losing side of the family feud. However, the battle lines were evened when the black sheep of the Rhodes family, Goldust, joined the fray, setting up a 6-man tag team match at WrestleMania.

After costing Undertaker the World Title at No Way Out, Big Show explained his actions plainly: he did not want to be remembered solely as the world’s largest athlete. He saw one last chance to make an everlasting impact on the industry, and that was ending The Streak. Undertaker accepted Big Show’s challenge and vowed to make the 500 pound behemoth “rest in peace.”

When faced with the decision on which champion he wanted to face at WrestleMania, Batista did not hesitate in selecting Orton – the WWE Champion and Batista’s former Evolution teammate. Batista remarked that he had been waiting six years to show Orton how much more dominate he was than the Viper, and that he would do so by taking Orton’s WWE Title before becoming Undisputed Champion. The egotistical challenger, soaking in his spotlight, verbally ran down Orton repeatedly in the weeks leading up to the pay-per-view…but would not engage the Viper in physicality. Orton’s only words for Batista were, “one way or another, it’s going to end.”

On the other side of the title situation, Jericho was incredibly pleased with the manner in which he stole the World Title from Undertaker at No Way Out. The self-proclaimed “Best in the World” used the weeks leading up to WrestleMania as an opportunity to remind WWE fans that he had become the first undisputed champion nine years prior and would do so again at WrestleMania. This time, however, it would taste even sweeter; not just because of the venue, but because he would do so by finally vanquishing one of his oldest nemeses, John Cena – the man Jericho felt represented all the “hypocrites” and “parasites” in the audience he loathed with such conviction. Cena, meanwhile, was convinced that his heart and effort would prevail in light of Jericho’s overconfidence.


WrestleMania is truly the “Showcase of the Immortals.” And as WrestleMania XXVI emanated from the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona March 28th, immortality was truly at stake.

The event was a testament to the unparalleled athleticism, toughness, and desire of the WWE superstars. WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross – or “Good Ol’ J.R.” as he is affectionately known by fans – returned to ringside to join his old broadcast colleague, Jerry “The King” Lawler, to call the historic night.

In the opening bout, the energetic duo of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne successfully defended their Tag Team Titles against the versatile team of Mark Henry and MVP. The champs pulled off the victory after isolating MVP and finishing The World’s Strongest Man with Bourne’s patented Shooting Star Press. The popular competitors shared handshakes after the match.

There were no handshakes in the second bout, as the Rhodes family faced off against the DiBiase family. The Dream’s clan picked up the win when Cody pinned Ted Jr., much to the Million Dollar Man’s angst – compounded by the bionic elbow he had already received from The Dream. The Rhodes celebrated with Dusty girating, Goldust being – well, Goldust – and Cody merely soaking in the joy of having bested his former Legacy teammate.

Things quickly got serious, as it was time to begin sorting out the undisputed championship situation. First up was Chris Jericho defending the World Heavyweight Championship against Royal Rumble co-winner John Cena (who got to have his match first as compensation for having lost the earlier coin toss to Batista). Though Jericho did indeed back up his claim of being best in the world with a stellar performance, the artist formerly known as Y2J made one major tactical error. When attempting a Lionsault, Cena sprang to his feet and caught Jericho midair in a phenomenal display of physical strength. Cena finished off Jericho with the Attitude Adjustment and pinned him to win the World Title and advance to the main event.

The match both Randy Orton and Batista had been waiting six years for was finally at hand. With two firmly established heels facing off, the crowd was clearly dumbfounded about how to react, though they appeared to favor the less boisterous Orton. Batista could have cared less. The match ended when Batista reversed an RKO into a wicked spinebuster, then flattened the Viper with the Batista Bomb. Three seconds later, Batista was WWE Champion, setting up one of the most epic and unpredictable WrestleMania main events of all time: Cena vs. Batista, for all the gold.

In the night’s first title unification match, Mickie James defeated Melina to merge the company’s respective women’s titles. As Melina sobbed uncontrollably in the ring following her defeat, Mickie celebrated with the fans.

Next up was the match fans wait all year for: Money in the Bank, now again featuring the original lineup of six competitors. This year’ s cast was especially star studded, featuring four former world champions, one hungry youngster, and one veteran hanging on to lifelong visions of grandeur. That veteran was the one who prevailed. The match came down to a classic moment, as Christian and Edge battled each other on top of the ladder. Christian won the fight, knocking his former tag team partner off the ladder and retrieving the briefcase to earn both the win and a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match.

Speaking of old tag team partners, two more were competing for the right to unify the Intercontinental and United States Titles. Much to the dismay of the thousands in attendance who wanted to see his mouth shut for good, The Miz left the building with plenty to brag about, pinning John Morrison with the Skull Crushing Finale to become the undisputed Intercontinental Champion in his first WrestleMania appearance.

In the annals of professional wrestling, there are very few things one would concede could instantaneously ascend someone to legendary status. Many would agree that ending The Undertaker’s legendary WrestleMania undefeated streak would do that. That was the reason Big Show goaded the Deadman into a WrestleMania encounter. Despite putting up a fight expected of the world’s largest athlete, Undertaker demonstrated his own amazing feat of strength. Big Show foolishly attempted to climb the top rope, only to be caught and hoisted onto the shoulders of the Undertaker, who quickly dropped Big Show on his head with the Tombstone Pildedriver. The Phenom covered for the three count and assurance of an 18-0 record at WrestleMania. As Undertaker paid homage to his victory, the mysterious druids dragged Big Show into a casket and took him away from the ring.

The near 20 year friendship of Shawn Michaels and Triple H was ready to come to a head. For two men who had fought against each other as much as they had fought alongside each other, the complicated emotions of such a lengthy and deep relationship had manifested in one final encounter to resolve the long standing issues between them. After 20 minutes of physicality and both men kicking out of each other’s finishing maneuvers, Michaels scored with a second Sweet Chin Music to pin The Game. Though he did not defeat The Undertaker at WrestleMania like he had wanted to, he had earned a victory he claimed would be even sweeter – proving he was the better half of DX. After the match, the two had a brief stare down. Triple H extended his hand to Michaels, who accepted it. The two hugged and buried the hatchet, much to the raucous delight of the crowd.

Finally, the time had come for the main event. Cena vs. Batista. Two men entered, but only one man could call himself the best wrestler in the world.

The ending was truly one for the ages.


With both men worn down from their previous encounters, their movements are becoming increasingly sluggish. Their backs turned to one another, both men suddenly spin around and…


Both men clothesline each other simultaneously.

Ross: Oh!...good Lord, what impact! Stereo clotheslines!

Lawler: Man! They’re out, J.R.!

Ross: These two men…these two great superstars…these two great champions…they want so badly to be the champion. They don’t just want it…they need it. Cena needs it for his pride! Batista needs it for his ego! There can only be one man who stands tall as champion at the Showcase of the Immortals!

Lawler: Nobody’s standing up right now, J.R.! I don’t know how either man can go on anymore. They’re both so exhausted.

The referee’s count is at 5 as the crowd begins to count along.


Lawler: Wait, we can’t have a double countout…can we?! In an undisputed title match?!


Ross: I sure as hell hope not!


Lawler: Well, SOMEBODY’S gotta get up!


Ross: We’re at 9!

Then, just as the referee has his hand on the tip of the 10 count, both men stagger back to their feet.​

Ross: They’re up! Cena and Batista are both up! My God, how much more punishment can they take?!

As both men groggily stare each other down, Cena connects with a weak right hand. Batista responds in kind.

Cena hits again.

The crowd reacts, ”YAY!”

Batista hits again.








Batista connects with three straight stiff shots, and now has Cena on the ropes.​

Ross: Batista starting to take control! The Animal may have more left in the tank than Cena!

Batista goes for a fourth right, but Cena ducks and connects with a body blow. Cena goes to shoot Batista off the ropes, but is reversed, and…


Ross: Ohhhhhhh my! What impact! The spine on the pine!

Lawler: Oh man, this is it J.R.! Cena’s FINISHED! Batista’s gonna win!

Ross: Batista has taken control of this matchup with a devastating spinebuster! We’ve seen it so many times! And we know what comes next!

With Cena now flat on his back, Batista – though winded – begins demonstrating a renewed sense of arrogance. A wry smile appears on The Animal's face as he realizes he has the match in hand.

Batista turns toward the crowd and yells, “IT’S…MY…SPOTLIGHT!”​

Lawler: Did you hear what he said, J.R.?

Ross: I heard him.

Lawler: He says it’s his spotlight! And it’s gonna be all his in just a few seconds!

Batista is now standing over Cena’s motionless, battered body. Smiling, he looks down at his carnage. Slowly, mockingly, Batista brings his right hand into the air…and gives a thumbs up.​

Lawler: Uh-oh! Look at Batista!

Ross: Batista’s got a smile on his face, and it’s easy to see why. The end is in clear sight for John Cena.

His smile now turning into a look of both anger and disgust, Batista turns his hand to the thumbs down. After taking one last look up at the crowd, he looks down again. Batista goes to pick up Cena by the head. As he begins to lift him up…​

Ross: OH, WAIT!

Batista’s expression suddenly turns to one of shock, as Cena springs to his knees, reaches his legs out, catches The Animal in a drop toe hold and lands Batista flat on his stomach!


Cena steps over the toe hold, brings his hands to Batista’s face…

And locks in the STF as the crowd goes insane!



With the crowd in a frenzy, an almost miraculously reinvigorated Cena has his hands clasped firmly across Batista’s face as he wrenches back with tremendous force. Cena is screaming from the amount of effort being exerted, as Batista screams in pain.​




Cena is now wrenching back on Batista’s neck, contorting both his head and knee in a visibly painful way. Batista lifts his right hand in the air…​


In one final act of selfishness in the moment, Batista, with his hand in the air…gives a thumbs up.

And then taps.​


The bell rings as Cena releases the hold, the crowd in a state of euphoria.​


Finkel: Here is your winner…and…UNDISPUTED…WWE…Woooooooooooooorld Heavyweight Champion…JOOOOOOOOOOOHNNNNNNN….CEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEENA!

Exhausted, Cena is not even able to stand. Instead, he sits upright on his knees as referee Mike Chioda presents him with both the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship. Cena raises both belts in the air as Chioda raises his left hand to the cheers of the crowd.​

Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, we have a unified, undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Champion! And there is no man walking this earth more capable, more willing, and more deserving to hold that distinction than JOHN CENA! We’ve seen it time…and time…and time again…but this time…on this night…on this grand stage…against perhaps his greatest opponent…and with his greatest stakes on the line…John Cena ONCE AGAIN rose to the occasion. His credo – hustle, loyalty, respect – it’s NOT a DAMN CATCH PHRASE, it’s the way he lives his life, and it’s the way he performs in that ring! And THAT, ladies and gentlemen, is why John Cena is the best in the business! THAT is why, ladies and gentlemen, John Cena is the man that carries the torch, not just for the WWE, but for this industry! THAT is why, ladies and gentlemen, John Cena is the heavyweight champion of this world!

Now on his feet, Cena gingerly climbs to the second turnbuckle and raises the title belts in the air, reveling in the deafening ovation as WrestleMania 26 goes off the air.​


WWE Unified Tag Team Championship:
Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne © d. Montel Vontavious Porter & Mark Henry by pinfall to retain the titles

6-man tag team family warfare:
Cody Rhodes, Dusty Rhodes, and Goldust d. Ted DiBiase Jr.., Ted DiBiase Sr., and I.R.S. by pinfall when Cody pinned Ted Jr.

World Heavyweight Championship:
John Cena d. Chris Jericho © by pinfall to win the title

WWE Championship:
Batista d. Randy Orton © by pinfall to win the title

Undisputed WWE Women’s Championship:
Mickie James (Women’s Champion) d. Melina (Divas Champion) by pinfall to unify the titles

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Christian d. CM Punk, Edge, Kane, Drew McIntyre, and Rey Mysterio to earn a WWE World Heavyweight Championship match at any time and place through WrestleMania 27

Undisputed WWE Intercontinental Championship:
The Miz (United States Champion) d. John Morrison (Intercontinental Champion) by pinfall to unify the titles

The Streak:
Undertaker d. Big Show by pinfall to go 18-0 at WrestleMania

DX Collides:
Shawn Michaels d. Triple H by pinfall

Undisputed WWE World Heavyweight Championship:
John Cena (World Heavyweight Champion) d. Batista (WWE Champion) by submission to unify the titles


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Interesting WrestleMania results. If for one, am all for combining the Championships, as I think there should only be 3-4 Championships in the entire company. Giving Cena the Undisputed Championship was expected. Shocked to see that you gave Christian the MITB, since there was some big names in that match, but it's a start I suppose. Good luck with this.

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From The Wrestling Observer newsletter:

As WWE puts WrestleMania in the rear view mirror and prepares to move forward with a new era tonight on Raw, there’s plenty of news items to report.


While nothing has been confirmed, there have been whispers in the past 48 hours or so that WWE is bringing in at least one major star. Speculation has run rampant as to who the company may or may not be conversing with. Multiple sources have said they are convinced it’s a former champion in the company, with Hulk Hogan rather surprisingly being the most common guess. In any event, one source remarked that “if they’re bringing somebody in, they’re going to be on Raw tonight, because they want this show to go off with a bang.” Stay tuned.


On the other end of the spectrum, three major stars are confirmed to be finished with WWE as of last night.

- As was rumored, Batista is indeed leaving the WWE, and last night was his final match. While many on the outside debated the validity of the rumors that The Animal was preparing to walk away from wrestling, Batista and the WWE were apparently on the same page for some time regarding his impending departure. The company used his notice to its advantage by putting over new undisputed champion John Cena extremely strong at WrestleMania, having Cena unify the company’s two world titles by making Batista submit in the main event.

While all sources almost unanimously agree last night was his last match, it remains unclear to many whether it was his last appearance. Most figure WrestleMania was the last we’ve seen of Batista, at least for quite a while.

- On the flip side of Batista’s somewhat expected retirement is the highly unexpected departure of Rey Mysterio.

Our sources have confirmed that Mysterio and the WWE are indeed done as of last night. Mysterio is still under contract with the company for several more months, but apparently both sides have agreed to part ways.

Company talent, though caught off guard by the timing of the decision, aren’t particularly surprised to see Mysterio leave, according to sources. From Mysterio’s perspective, nagging injuries have taken a heavy toll on the veteran. From the company’s perspective, despite Mysterio still being a draw, creative was said to not have much of anything planned for the popular Mexican star, and likely would have used him to put over other talent until his contract expired – an idea Mysterio allegedly was not fond of.

- Returning to expected news, rumblings that WrestleMania was Big Show’s sendoff have proven to be on the money, as both WWE and Show himself have confirmed he is done with the company. Big Show said he is leaving on very good terms and that the door remains open to return in some capacity in the future, though the world’s largest athlete said he has no plans to wrestle again, a remark he’s reneged on in the past.


In addition to those departures, WWE released a number of roster members after WrestleMania. None of the cuts were particularly surprising given that the company’s condensing three brands into one was destined to leave some talent out in the cold:

- Matt Hardy is the most significant name to be released. Hardy was given his notice after a decade in WWE, where he was best known for the revolutionary ladder matches he had as half of the Hardy Boyz with his brother, Jeff.

- Other notable talent released include The Great Khali, Yoshi Tatsu, and Ezekiel Jackson.


If one goes to WWE’s website, they’ll notice that not only does the company not list its newly unified Women’s Championship among the other titles, but none of the divas are even listed on the roster page with the exception of Natalya Neidhart, who is listed as valet to The Hart Dynasty.

Due to a variety of factors – namely the rather brutal trifecta of lack of viewer interest, lack of creative interest, and lack of talent – WWE has reportedly all but decided to totally pull the plug on its women’s division. Last night’s unification match between Mickie James and Melina was apparently just to give closure to the championship.

While WWE has not actually released any of its divas from their contracts yet, sources say the pink slips could start flying as soon as creative analyses its plans for the women. Odds are, any divas that aren’t considered to have futures as valets will likely be cut. The only “safe” diva, according to one source, is Maryse Ouelette, who will probably be worked onto a television role sooner rather than later; even James could end up being a casualty, according to the source.

It’s unknown if the company plans to acknowledge the state of the division on air or whether they’re just going to let it die silently, much as it did with the cruiserweight division.

There are a lot of questions to be answered moving forward. We’re likely to start getting some answers tonight on Raw, 9 p.m. eastern, 8 p.m. central on USA.

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preview for March 29, 2010

"WWE: Our Sacred Scars" | a Cynic BTB

With arguably the most historic night in wrestling history in the books, the superstars of the WWE are revved up as they head into the Motor City for Monday Night Raw on the heels of WrestleMania!

Last night at WrestleMania XXVI, John Cena overcame the odds by defeating two of the greatest superstars in WWE history – Chris Jericho and Batista – in two separate matches to become the unified, undisputed, WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight’s show kicks off with the official presentation of the championship belt to the new king of the mountain by WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. What will the new champion have to say as he begins his remarkable ninth title reign? And will anyone have anything to say about it?

CM Punk has long said that his straight edge lifestyle makes him better than everyone, and has never passed up an opportunity to remind WWE fans of that. Now, Punk returns to Raw to once again deliver his straight edge sermon – literally. Tonight the Second City Saint debuts his new talk show segment, “Praise Punk!” His first guest on his new platform to convert the lost sheep of his flock to the Church of Punk is none other than Mr. Money in the Bank himself, Christian! Captain Charisma comes off arguably the biggest win of his career last night at WrestleMania, when he bested five other great superstars – including Punk – to win the briefcase that guarantees him a WWE World Title match. Will Christian see the straight edge light, or is Punk in for a blasphemous encounter?

In addition, Shawn Michaels will address WWE fans following his emotional WrestleMania victory over Triple H. What’s on the Heartbreak Kid’s mind after his draining match with The Game? And what does their apparent reconciliation after the match mean for the future of DX?

It might be chilly outside, but Detroit’s Palace of Auburn Hills will be red hot when Raw rolls in to town tonight at 9 p.m. eastern, 8 p.m. central on USA!


Author's note: Show will likely be posted by Sunday night. Check it out. All feedback is appreciated.

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This looks very promising like a lot of your results. Drop me a PM when you get your first show up. You spent a lot of time on the backstory and planning this out definitely looking forward to it.

Really like the idea of unifying all the belts and a history on all the stars.

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Raw looks to be an explosive show, i'll try my best not to miss it and to read it, can't make any promises though.

Best of luck with the thread.

FYI; your pics aren't working.

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Really? They show up on my computer. Is anyone else not seeing my pics?

EDIT: God damn it, no one can see my pictures. I swear they're good, too. :lmao OK, it's on my to-do list. In the meantime, enjoy the glory of text!

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While there were a few heel vs. heel matches that I'm never a fan of, I have to say that the backstory was a phenomenal read. I loved all of the detail you put into both it and the rosters. A different sort of idea here than usual, but I really like the simplicity you've allowed yourself in having only one show, meaning you should be able to move through things quicker than the average booker who has a WWE BTB. Your champions and everything all seem to be good too, and there was a little mark out moment when I read that Starrcade was being used as the December PPV.

Things are looking very good. I'm now looking forward to your first show.

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Hmmm. Not sure I agree with all of the releases and prestiges being realistic. Finlay as a jobber? Rey Mysterio, the companies top draw, and the man who dosen't have to have anything planned with creative, and the man who wins the hearts of children everywhere..gone? It's still a good idea, manipulating the WWE Universe into your personal prefrences, and I look forward to your show.

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OK guys, I think my pic problem has been solved. Thanks to BkB for the help there.

The show should be up within the next 48 hours or so. I hope you guys enjoy it.

Oh, and Bob, your point on Mysterio is well taken. I just hate him and wanted to get rid of him, frankly. So that's my explanation. :lmao

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Monday, March 29, 2010
The Palace of Auburn Hills | Detroit, Michigan


The following program is rated TV-14 DLV for suggestive dialogue, adult language, and simulated violence. Viewer discretion is advised.


World Wrestling Entertainment. For over 50 years, the standard bearer in sports-entertainment.



We walk alone
In the unknown
We live to win another victory
Our sacred scars
Show who we are
It's time to face it

We are one
We are one
We are one
We will stand together
Number one
Number one
The chosen ones
We are one
We are one
We will fight forever
We are one and we won't die young


The pyro concludes, the lights brighten, and the camera pans out across the sold out crowd. The “WWE HD” symbol flashes across the screen, as well as a graphic indicating that we’re emanating live from the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, Michigan.

Quickly, the camera focuses on the ring, where Vince McMahon is standing at center ring. The canvas is covered in a posh red rug, with the glistening WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt sitting in its center, protected by an elegant glass case. The crowd’s buzz begins to quiet as McMahon starts to speak.

McMahon: Hello, everyone, and welcome to Monday Night Raw!

Big pop.

McMahon: Let’s not waste any time! Last night at WrestleMania 26, the WWE crowned its new unified, undisputed champion!

Big pop. Chants of “CE-NA! CE-NA! CE-NA!” begin to break out. McMahon talks over the chants.

McMahon: And a monumental occasion such as this calls for a ceremony of the highest order, so that I may present this..

McMahon point his hand toward the glass case.

McMahon: …WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt…

Another pop for the belt, which is the old World Heavyweight Championship belt, with John Cena’s name etched onto the nameplate.

McMahon: …to its rightful owner…

Crowd now cheering louder.

McMahon: Ladies…and gentlemen…

Growing louder.

McMahon: I give to you…THE..WWE…Heavyweight Champion of the Woooooooorld…

Pop is growing huge.



The crowd erupts in a frenzy as the new champion, John Cena, explodes from out behind the curtain. Cena, wearing his blue and orange merchandise – along with an enormous smile – high fives the fans on his way down to the ring.

Ross: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m Jim Ross, happy to be reunited with my longtime broadcast colleague, Jerry “The King” Lawler! And what a way to start a new era of WWE Raw with THE world’s champion, John Cena!

Lawler: Yeah, he is the champ, J.R., but I’ll be the first to say it: I am not convinced.

Cena’s now made his way into the ring under the bottom rope. Cena acknowledges the fans to a tremendous ovation as McMahon applauds in the background.

Ross: Not convinced?! How the hell can you not be convinced, King? He beat Chris Jericho AND Batista last night at WrestleMania!

Lawler: Flukes can happen, J.R. Cena did win two matches against two of the best ever last night, but let’s wait and see him DEFEND the title before we anoint him the undisputed king of the universe.

Ross: I don’t think anyone’s saying Cena’s the “king of the universe,” but I do KNOW everyone’s saying he’s the WWE Champion…because HE IS!

Cena and McMahon are standing side by side as Cena’s music fades. The crowd is still cheering loudly, with chants of “CE-NA!” filling the air.

McMahon: Mr. Cena…

The pop is so loud McMahon has to struggle to talk over it.

McMahon: Mr. Cena…allow me, Vincent Kennedy McMahon!...on behalf of all the WWE superstars…and on behalf of all the WWE fans…

Major pop.

McMahon: To officially declare you the WWE World Heavyweight Champion…

Growing pop. Cena is ecstatic.

McMahon: By presenting you with this…

McMahon gestures toward the belt.

McMahon: The official WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt!

Another big pop as the camera zooms on the belt, its golden radiance almost blinding.

Ross: And that’s what it’s all about, folks! The belt that signifies the very best in the world…and right now…that’s John Cena.

Cena smiles and points toward some of the fans in the crowd. McMahon walks over toward the stand and removes the glass cover. He picks up the championship belt with as much care as if he’s handling an infant, and carries it over to Cena.

McMahon: Mr. Cena…last night at perhaps the most historically significant WrestleMania of all time…you defeated two all-time greats in Chris Jericho and Batista…

Heat for both men.

McMahon: In one night no less…to unify WWE’s two world titles…and firmly establish yourself as THE undisputed champion of the WWE.

Another big pop.

McMahon: Mr. Cena…with that in mind…it is my distinct pleasure as the chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment to present you with this championship belt…


McMahon: And officially declare you the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Major, sustained pop.

McMahon: Mr. Cena, you know as well as anyone that when you carry this belt, you’re not just carrying a championship…you’re carrying the torch for the WWE. When you carry this belt, you represent this entire company…and the entire wrestling industry…to the millions of fans across the world who watch, admire, emulate, and look up to the great superstars of the WWE. If there’s one man capable of carrying that torch…and doing so with respect…dignity…and class…I know it’s you. So, Mr. Cena…congratulations.

McMahon hands the belt to Cena, who holds it in his hands and stares at it for a moment. Another pop starts.

McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen…let’s hear it…for the WWE World Heavyweight Champion…JOOOOOOOOOOOOHNNNNNN CEEEEEEEENAAAA!

Cena, with both hands, swiftly hoists the title belt in the air to the adulation of the crowd. McMahon and Cena shake hands. McMahon hands Cena the microphone and exits the ring. Cena turns his attention out to the crowd, which has erupted in more chants of “CE-NA!” and is showing Cena great respect for his title victory.

Ross: What a moment, ladies and gentlemen, here on Monday Night Raw! John Cena has been officially presented the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt! And now we’ll hear the inaugural address from the champion!

Cena rests the large championship belt on his shoulder as he raises the microphone to his mouth. Cena speaks slowly and softly.

Cena: The champ…

Cena smiles.

Cena: …is here.

Huge pop. Cena starts moving around the ring and speaks in his traditionally outspoken tone.

Cena: I want to thank Mr. McMahon for this…way…way…way too elaborate ceremony…


Cena: And most of all, I want to thank you…

Cena points out to the crowd, instigating yet another big pop.

Cena: I want to thank you, the WWE fans…who always believed in me…who always stood by my side..and who always knew that with hard work and dedication, we can…

Cena slowly starts to raise the belt in the air.

Cena: Make…our…dreams…come…true.

Big pop.

Cena: Last night at WrestleMania, it was the hardest night of my career. I’ve never earned anything quite as much as I earned this WWE World Title. In one night I had to go through Chris Jericho…


Cena: …and Batista.

More heat.

Ross: Whom Cena made tap out, might I add.

Cena: Two of the best of all time…they gave me everything they had…I gave them everything I had…but at the end of the night…The Animal…was tapping…


Cena: And Jericho…as for you…well…you might say you’re the best in the world at what you do…but this….

Cena holds the belt up toward the center camera.

Cena: This…says...I AM.

Big pop.

Cena: Mr. McMahon was right. This isn’t just a championship. This is a torch. It’s the torch that represents everyone in that locker room…everyone in this crowd…everyone watching on television…everyone everywhere around the world who dreams of standing in this ring right now living the moment that I am living…that’s what it represents. In other words, it represents the ultimate dream. I’ve fought my whole life to live that dream. And I don’t plan on waking up any time soon.


Cena: But if there’s anyone out there…who thinks they have what it takes to wake John Cena up from this dream…you WANT SOME…

The crowd starts to chant along.


Cena raises the belt in the air and faces the entrance ramp, to the cheers of the crowd.

Ross: We know John Cena’s going to be a fighting champion, and it looks like he’s looking for a fight right now!

There’s a pause. Until…



Major heat as The Miz saunters out from behind the curtain. The Miz is looking quite dapper, sporting a black vest, tie, and his newly won Intercontinental Championship on his shoulder.

Ross: Well King, it looks like the new undisputed Intercontinental Champion is coming to get him some of John Cena!

Lawler: I love it, J.R.! I’ve heard just about enough of Cena’s gloating suck-up fest. The Miz will put him in his place.

Miz continues down the ramp. Predictably, he also carries a microphone, which he brings into the ring with him and stands face to face with Cena.

Miz: Really…Cena? Really?

Heat. Cena looks none too thrilled to see The Miz, who squints at the WWE Champion with his typically arrogant facial expression.

Miz: You say you carry the torch for the WWE? That you carry the torch for this industry?


Miz: Most of all, you’re gonna stand in this ring and claim to represent anyone who’s ever dreamed of being WWE Champion? Well I can tell you right now that that’s an absolute falsehood, Cena. Because me…I’m one of those people. And you DON’T represent me.


Miz: Am I supposed to be impressed, Cena? Hah? Am I? What, because you beat Chris Jericho, a guy who only won the World Title because that stupid ape Big Show had a beef with The Undertaker? Or what, because you made Batista tap out? Batista, a guy so committed to being a champion that he walked out of the company after WrestleMania last night?

Heat, mostly for Batista.

Miz: No, Cena, I’m not impressed with you. You know who I am impressed with? Myself.


Ross: Wow. Big surprise.

Lawler: I’m impressed!

Miz: Last night at WrestleMania I…once AGAIN…beat my former tag team partner John Morrison…to become undisputed Intercontinental Champion.

Miz raises the Intercontinental Title belt from his shoulder into the air before lowering it again.

Miz: Proving without a shadow of a doubt that ‘A’…I am better than him…and ‘B’…that I am the next major star in the WWE.


Miz: On top of that, Cena…with my win last night…I now have a 1-0 record at WrestleMania. That’s right, Cena. I’m undefeated at WrestleMania…just like The Undertaker. And you know what? I’m better than The Undertaker.

Major heat. Cena actually looks amused.

Ross: Is he out of his mind?

Miz turns toward the crowd, appearing angered by its reaction.


More heat.

Lawler: You’ve gotta admire his confidence, J.R.

Ross: Maybe so, but we’ve barely been on the air 10 minutes and Miz is already writing checks he can’t cash.

Miz calms down and turns back to Cena.

Miz: You think you represent me, Cena? Ever since I was a little kid I dreamed of being WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I’ve worked my ass off from day one…through all the doubts people had of me…through all the hate of the people who wanted me fail…I never stopped believing that someday I could stand in this ring face to face with you, John Cena, and tell you that I can beat you.


Miz: I not only can beat you, Cena…I can do it…TONIGHT.

HUGE pop. Cena looks reflective.

Lawler: Whaaaat?

Ross: Now things are getting interesting!

Miz: What? C’mon Cena…you said if I wanted some…to come…get…some.

Cena stares intently at Miz.

Cena: You want the champ?

Cena pauses. The crowd waits in a hush for his response.

Cena: Miz…you’re on.

Another HUGE pop.

Lawler: Oh my God!

Ross: There you have it, folks! Cena has accepted Miz’s challenge!

Cena now stands nose to nose with The Miz, both men looking tremendously intense.

Cena: Miz…when this night’s over…if you don’t respect me now…you will.

Pop. Miz is now furious. He gets even closer to Cena’s face.

Miz: No…no…no…Cena…when this night’s over…YOU are gonna know…that I’M THE MIZ…and I’MMMMMMMMMM…

The crowd chants along as Miz is practically touching Cena’s face with his.



Cena and Miz continue their intense staredown as Miz’s music plays over the cheers of the live audience.

Ross: What a way to kick off Raw, as John Cena – the WWE Champion – has accepted the challenge of the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, to face off later tonight! What a match it’s going to be!

Lawler: I can’t believe this!

Ross: Take a deep seat, folks! It’s post-WrestleMania Raw…the start of a new era…and who the hell knows what’s gonna happen tonight!



The crowd lets out some good sized heat as we return from the break, the anticipation for the first match of the night running strong. Emerging from behind the curtain his Americana-themed wrestling singlet is Jack Swagger, who is pounding at his chest and jumping around while motioning toward the crowd.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your opening contest of the evening. It is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. Introducing first…from Perry, Oklahoma…weighing in at 260 pounds…the All-American American…JACK…SWAGGER!

Ross: It’s time to kick things off with our first match of the evening, and it should be a darn good one. We know Swagger’s the “All-American American,” but he’s going to be facing another bona fide All-American in Shelton Benjamin momentarily.

Swagger enters the ring and spins around, soaking in the boos of the crowd.


The crowd pops and reacts slightly more favorably – but not much so – for Shelton Benjamin, as the golden haired, golden trunks clad Gold Standards confidently makes his way down to the ring, sporting his silver jacket and black sunglasses on his head.

Chimel: And his opponent…from Orangeburg, South Carolina…weighing 248 pounds...The Gold Standard…SHELTON…BENJAMIN!

Lawler: I know you’re excited for this one, J.R.

Ross: I certainly am. I’m not sure you could ask for a better – or more intriguing – match to start the evening. Jack Swagger, the former ECW Champion, to face a former Intercontinental Champion in “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin. This should be very interesting.

Match #1

Match summary:

Swagger and Benjamin opened the match by exchanging some mat prowess reminiscent of their respective amateur collegiate backgrounds. The early minutes of the match consisted of the two trading variations of suplexes. J.R. made the observation that Swagger and Benjamin were so closely match in terms of amateur wrestling talent that the match itself was almost a wash.

Benjamin took the upper hand midway through the match, connecting with a Stinger Splash followed by a stiff superkick that earned a nearfall. Benjamin attempted to end the match with a T-Bone Suplex, but Swagger was able to break out of Shelton’s grasp and throw The Gold Standard out onto the floor.

Swagger followed Benjamin outside the ring, where the two brawled alongside the announce table. In the midst of their brawl, Swagger slapped Benjamin in the face, which he took exception to by tackling Swagger over the announce table, nearly taking out J.R. and King in the process. Swagger gained the upper hand during the melee. He then ripped Lawler’s headset off and choked Benjamin with the cord. As this was happening, the referee continued counting, and ultimately reached the 10-count to end the match in a draw.

Winner: NO CONTEST by countout @ 8:49​
Locker room personnel are running out to ringside to pry Swagger and Benjamin apart. They finally are able get the cord off from around Benjamin’s neck and break the two up.

Ross: Lord in heaven, what a match between Swagger and Benjamin. These two just tore straight into each other. Two phenomenal athletes with a lot to prove. It’s a shame they couldn’t settle it in the ring. I don’t know why Swagger felt like he had to do that to Shelton, but frankly Benjamin wasn’t much better for knocking Swagger up over our table here in the first place.

Swagger is making his way back up the ramp as Shelton is still over by the announce desk, trying to stand. Lawler has regained possession of his headset.

Lawler: I’ll say, J.R.! Totally uncalled for! How am I supposed to call the match without a headset?

Ross: Boy, I tell you what, King, this isn’t the end of this issue between Jack Swagger and Shelton Benjamin. Shelton’s going to want to get him some of Swagger after this.

The Raw theme starts to play as a graphic flashes on the screen of the Cena vs. Miz main event.

Ross: Well folks, still to come tonight, our main event of the evening…and what a main event it is! Less than 24 hours removed from a historic WrestleMania 26, the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion…John Cena…has accepted the challenge from the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz! That match is live…and it’s tonight!

The camera transitions to the face of Chris Jericho, prompting heat from the live crowd. Jericho is wearing his typical disgusted expression.

Jericho: How is it…

Jericho talks quietly and contemplatively.

Jericho: How is it…that anyone can think John Cena is worthy of being WWE Champion?

Mixed reaction as the crowd cheers the Cena reference while booing Jericho’s remark.

The camera very slowly starts to pan out, beginning to reveal Jericho’s grey pinstripe suit, accented by his white dress shirt and light blue tie.

Jericho continues speaking in the same manner.

Jericho: John Cena beating me at WrestleMania…


Jericho: It was (softly) a fluke.


Jericho: It was a (even softer) total…total…fluke.

The camera continues panning out, now revealing that Jericho is standing in front of a locker, leaning with his back against it.

Jericho: I mean…I was the first undisputed champion. And I should’ve been undisputed champion again. I…just…don’t understand. How John Cena…can be so…smug…and assured…in his abilities…doesn’t he understand…everyone hates him?


Jericho: Everyone…especially…Chris Jericho. The sight…of Cena…with my championship…is nauseating. These penurious prevaricators may cheer for him, but me…the only time I’ll cheer for John Cena is when he loses that title…to me. I don’t care what it takes, or what I have to do….as long…as he’s…not…the champion. Cena thinks he’s better than me? Well he’s not. He thinks he can outsmart me? Well he can’t. Because I…

Jericho looks up and is now wearing his other trademark expression, of overbearing self-confidence.

Jericho: I….am the best…in the world…at what…I…do.


The camera continues to pan out. Suddenly, on the left side of the screen, the camera concludes panning out by revealing that Zack Ryder has been sitting in a chair next to the locker the entire time, intently staring at Jericho while wearing an enormous, comical smile, a sight which causes much of the crowd to burst into laughter.

Suddenly, Ryder leaps from his chair.

Ryder: You sure are, Chris! The BEST in the world! You ARE gonna be champ, and when that happens we’re gonna go out and get CRAZY CRUNK!

Ryder is now jumping up and down at this thought. The crowd laughs. Jericho, again wearing his disgusted expression, very slowly turns his head toward Ryder.

Jericho: Do…you…mind? I’m trying…to talk to myself.

Ryder keeps smiling moronically as the crowd laughs again.

Ryder: Haha! Don’t hate, brah! Hey –

Ryder slaps Jericho on the chest. Jericho reacts by slowly looking down at his chest, as if he can’t believe Ryder would do such a thing. Jericho adjusts his tie as Ryder continues.

Ryder: You know what you should do? Huh? Huh?

Jericho stares blankly at Ryder.

Ryder: You should be like…YO CENA!…then…

Ryder slaps his hands together.


The crowd laughs again. Ryder keeps smiling, as Jericho keeps staring blankly.

Jericho: Why…why are you even here? How did you even GET in here? This is MY locker room…

Ryder: Psh. We’re chillin. We’re brahs. Yo…you want a Zima?

Jericho looks a mix of annoyed and confused.

Jericho: Zima? They don’t even make that in North America anymo…wait…we’re…’brahs?’

Ryder leaps forward into Jericho’s face.


The crowd chants along.

Ryder: You KNOW IT!

More audience laughter. Jericho now looks supremely irritated.

Jericho: Why…woo….what? Why the hell are you here? What makes you think I want to talk to you?

Ryder: Chris…brah…I’m a total Jerichoholic. That’s why I’m so stoked that we can be on the same show. You’re…like…my all-time fave, brah. When you debuted in WWE by interrupting The Rock?

Pop for The Rock.

Ryder: When you beat him AND Stone Cold in one night to become undisputed champion? Those were, like, totally boss moments.

Ryder actually manages a small, self-assured smile out of Jericho.

Jericho: Yeah. I know. I was there.

Ryder: But when Cena beat you last night…just like he beat you at SummerSlam in 2005…and all those other times he beat you…that was…

The crowd pops for Jericho’s defeats. Jericho now displays a pronounced scowl. He gets into Ryder’s face and points a finger at him.

Jericho: How…dare you…invoke John Cena’s name in front of me? I…hate…John Cena.

Ryder: Yeah, but you were just…

Jericho: I SAID…I hate…John…Cena. He’s not better than me.

Ryder shakes his head and mouths “no.”

Jericho: You think I really care that you were a “Jerichoholic,” kid? Hah? I quit caring about “Jerichoholics” and all that other miscellaneous nonsense years ago, and I’ve never been better because of it. The day I realized that these parasites like the ones here tonight in Detroit…

Heat. Ryder looks sad.

Jericho: …were the one thing holding me back from true greatness, I propelled myself to an echelon of success I had never attained before. But the only thing that disgusts me more than these hypocrites, is the biggest hypocrite of all…the man who makes a living sucking up to these vagabonds…John…Cena. I…HATE…JOHN…CENA.

Ryder nods, growing somewhat fearful of Jericho’s increasingly angered state.

Jericho: I tell you what, Ryder. You want to make yourself useful to me? Go do me a favor. You go wander around this building until you find John Cena. And when you do, give him a message. You tell him this…

Jericho gets closer to Ryder’s face.

Jericho: You tell him…he may be on top right now…but when the time comes for Jericho and Cena to meet again for the WWE Championship…John Cena will never…

Jericho now speaks in soft, yet determined whisper.

Jericho: ever…beat me…again.

Ryder stares at Jericho.

Jericho: Can you do that, Ryder? Can you do that for me?

Ryder nods nervously.

Ryder: Yeah…yeah, brah…I can do that.

Jericho: Good. Now go away.

Ryder slowly backs out of the room as Jericho stares out into the distance.


As we return from the break, the camera moves backstage, where Shelton Benjamin is storming down the hallway.

Benjamin yells at the random individuals standing in the hallway.

Benjamin: WHERE IS HE?!

Benjamin walks from person to person.

Benjamin: Where’s SWAGGER?! Hah? Where is Swagger?!

A slightly frightened young woman points down the hallway. Shelton continues walking aggressively down the hall.

Lawler: Man, Shelton’s blowing a gasket here!

Ross: Shelton Benjamin is in hot pursuit of Jack Swagger after the heated end to their opening matchup, which resulted in a double countout. Swagger tried to choke Benjamin out with The King’s headset cord.


Benjamin is opening doors as he walks down the hallway. He turns left into one room – and ends up face to face with Jack Swagger.

Ross: Uh-oh.

Lawler: He found him!

Benjamin is just inches from Swagger’s face. The two are both supremely angry and hyped up, and appear that one could pounce on the other at any time.

Swagger speaks softly but strongly.

Swagger: You wanted me…you found me.

Benjamin tries, unsuccessfully, to compose himself before he responds.

Benjamin: Man, that stuff out there…that was CRAP, man. You don’t want to wrestle me. You know you can’t beat me.

Swagger: Oh, I can’t beat you?

Benjamin: Yeah, that’s right, you can’t beat me and you know it.

Swagger: Yeah?

Benjamin: Yeah.

Swagger: Oh…YEAH?!

Benjamin: YEAH!

Swagger: Well how about I…

As Swagger yells his response, Shelton’s eyes suddenly dart behind Swagger. Benjamin’s angered expression turns to one of shock as his eyes grow wide. His mouth is hanging open. Swagger is still just as mad, and appearing annoyed by Benjamin’s sudden indifference toward their altercation.

Swagger: Man, what the hell are you…

Swagger stops talking, and slowly turns his head around. Immediately, his expression turns the same as Benjamin’s.

The camera pans out…

And into the picture walks Kurt Angle.

The crowd erupts.

Ross: OH MY GOD!



Lawler: OH MY GOD!

Swagger and Benjamin are both still shocked. Angle, wearing athletic pants, a plain navy blue t-shirt, and – of course – his Olympic gold medals, is staring a hole through Swagger and Benjamin, looking legitimately angry with both of them. Angle approaches the two men, who actually begin to look scared as he moves closer. Angle ends up in the personal space of both men.

Angle: Pathetic.

The crowd pops as Angle starts to talk.

Angle: Absolutely pathetic. You…

Angle turns to Benjamin.

Angle: You’re an embarrassment.

The crowd pops. Benjamin is stunned.

Angle: And you…

Angle now turns to Swagger.

Angle: You’re a joke.

Another pop. Unlike Benjamin, Swagger, though still shocked by Angle’s mere presence, is offended.

Swagger: Now…

Angle: SHUT UP!

Swagger jumps back as Angle bursts out in anger, resulting in an even bigger crowd pop.

Angle: You shut your mouth when I’m talking to you.

He looks back and forth at both men.

Angle: BOTH of you.

Angle calms down, but maintains a stern tone of voice.

Angle: So this is it, huh? This is the cream of the crop? You two are pathetic. The two best wrestlers in this entire company, and…THIS is what you choose to do? THIS is who you choose to be? Whiny, bitchy little malcontents?

Swagger and Benjamin look slightly ashamed.

Angle: Good God, Shelton…

Angle looks at Benjamin.

Angle: You’re the best athlete in the history of this company. Maybe better than me, even. You were an All-American at the University of Minnesota. You’ve been in the WWE…what…SEVEN years? You should have been WWE Champion multiple times by now. And you’ve done…what…Shelton? Hah? What have you done?

Benjamin appears momentarily introspective.

Angle: What would go on the Shelton Benjamin DVD? Hah? All the ladder matches you’ve lost? Getting superkicked in midair by Shawn Michaels? Losing title match after title match? Getting scolded on national television by your FAT MOTHER?!

The crowd ‘oooos’ at Angle’s pointed insults.

Ross: Oh, man!

Angle: I thought I trained you better. I thought I trained you to be a champion. But you’re not…you’re a loser. How did you think you’d succeed in this business? Hah? By dying your hair? You look FREAKING STUPID. I don’t know what would go on your DVD, but I know what it would be called…Shelton Benajmin…LOSER.

The crowd ‘oooos’ again. Benjamin is embarrassed.

Angle: And you…

Angle turns back to Swagger, who looks fearful of Angle’s impending analysis of him.

Angle: You’re almost as sad a case as him. EVERYBODY knows you’re an All-American…because you tell everyone. I know you were an All-American at the University of Oklahoma. And you know what? I don’t care. You think I’m impressed you pinned some rednecks? I…

Angle holds up his medals.

Angle: I’ve got a FREAKIN GOLD MEDAL!

Swagger acknowledges the medals and looks down.

Angle: You were ECW Champion. You were making something of yourself…what happened? Now…now you’re just a bumbling doofus who pounds his chest like a retarded gorilla and competes in irrelevant opening card matches against LOSERS like HIM!

Angle points at Benjamin. Both men look shocked by Angle’s dressing down of them.

Lawler: Geez, Angle is letting them have it!

Angle looks back and forth at both men.

Angle: You two do know WrestleMania was last night…don’t you? As far as I’m concerned, you should’ve both been in the main event. And instead…you weren’t…even…on…the card.

Angle shakes his head.

Angle: Pathetic.

Benjamin and Swagger look sorrowful.

Angle: So here’s the deal. My being here tonight…my being here in the WWE….it’s not a coincidence. I’m here…for you two.

Swagger and Benjamin exchange surprised glances.

Angle: Because men like us…we’re a dying breed. REAL…

He looks at Benjamin.

Angle: …athletes. REAL…

He looks at Swagger.

Angle: …Americans.

Swagger and Benjamin show a sense of self-worth for the first time since Angle intervened.

Angle: I want to show you…what you’re capable of. I want to show you…how to be champions. The same way I became a champion. Intensity…integrity…

Angle points at his head as the crowd chants the final part.

Angle: Intelligence.

Angle smiles.

Angle: You two have a choice. And you have to make it…right here, right now. The way I see it, there’s three choices. Choice number one…I walk out of this room, and you two can resume your debate over which one of you is the bigger failure. Choice number two…you two can do something constructive for once and FIGHT ME right now for all the things I said about you.

Big pop.

Angle: Or…choice number three…you come with me. And I’ll show you how to be a champion.

Angle gets in both men’s faces.

Angle: It’s true. It’s…DAMN…true.

Swagger and Benjamin look at each other, then both look back at Angle and nod. Angle smiles. He turns around, and the three men exit the room together.

The camera takes us to ringside, where J.R. and The King are sitting in shock, engulfed by the crazed cheers of the crowd, which is fighting amongst itself with which Kurt Angle-themed chant to begin. Lawler struggles to talk about what he’s just seen.

Lawler: J.R….did we really just…was that…WHAAAT?!

J.R. throws his hands up in the air.

Ross: For anyone who’s ever doubted that anything can happen in the WWE…well…there you go. Yes, folks, that was not - at least, I think – was not mirage. THAT was Kurt Angle. The Olympic gold medalist, the former WWE Champion, one of the all-time greats in this industry…and it looks like he’s back in the WWE.

Lawler shakes his head.

Ross: The question now is, what is Kurt Angle’s business here tonight? More specifically, what is his interest in Jack Swagger and Shelton Benjamin? Boy…I tell you what…if I were Swagger and Benjamin, I’d listen to every word Kurt Angle has to say, whatever he’s telling them.

Lawler: This is unbelievable.

Ross: And we’re just getting started, folks.


Chavo Guerrero makes his way onto the stage to a mostly indifferent reaction as the bell sounds in preparation of the next match.

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit…introducing first…from El Paso, Texas…weighing in at 215 pounds….CHAVOOOOO…GUERRRRRRERRRO!

Ross: As excited as we are over what we’ve just seen, it’s time to get going here with our next bout, as the talented veteran Chavo Guerrero makes his way down to the ring.

Chavo exchanges words with some ringside fans as he makes his way into the ring, where he kneels on one knee and motions to the audience.


A smattering of boos for Dolph Ziggler as he steps out onto the stage. Wearing his usual black tights but with no vest, does his wipe-the-hair-then-flick-the-fingers routine.

Chimel: And his opponent…from Lakewood, Ohio…weighing 221 pounds…DOLPH…ZIGGLER!

Ross: No matter what you might think about his attitude, King, Dolph Ziggler brings tremendous talent and versatility to the squared circle. Formerly the all-time wins leader among amateur wrestlers at Kent State University, Ziggler’s one of the most decorated collegiate athletes in the history of the state of Ohio. On top of that, he’s a former law student at Arizona State University. Don’t let the offbeat name or the unique look fool you…Dolph Ziggler is a talented, intelligent young man, and there is not a damn thing stopping him from being a major star in this business, King.

King: I’m very impressed with Dolph Ziggler, J.R. But just like everyone else, he’s gonna have to step it up from now on. There’s no spots being handed out in the WWE…everyone has to earn everything, especially young, unproven guys like Ziggler.

Ross: You’re absolutely right, King. This could be a great starting point for Ziggler against an accomplished veteran like Chavo Guerrero.

Match #2

Match summary:

Though displaying his trademark arrogance prior to the match, after the bell rang Ziggler was all business, dominating a fairly one-sided matchup. Chavo’s efforts to keep up with the highly athletic Ziggler proved for naught, as Dolph was able to match him move-for-move, countering most all of Guerrero’s attempted suplexes. Ziggler kept Guerrero grounded for most of the match, and countered Chavo’s only successfully attempted aerial maneuver, as Ziggler caught Chavo with a dropkick when Guerrero came flying off the top rope.

In one final attempt at offense, Guerrero went to execute the Three Amigos on Ziggler. After hitting the first two sequences of the suplex, Ziggler blocked the third attempt, breaking Guerrero’s grapple and turning him around, catching him in the Sleeper. Guerrero fought to escape it, but Ziggler brought him to the map and grapevine him, lulling him out of consciousness, forcing the referee to ring the bell.

Winner: DOLPH ZIGGLER by submission @ 6:01​

Chimel: Here is your winner…DOLPH…ZIGGLER!

Ross: An impressive win for young Dolph Ziggler, who withstood a sturdy test from the veteran, Chavo Guerrero.

Lawler: J.R., it’s a testament to Ziggler’s ability that he’s able to turn such a basic maneuver such as a Sleeper into such a lethal finishing hold. It’s been years since anyone did what he’s done with that move.

Ross: Ziggler may be the total package, King. A champion amateur wrestler with a law background isn’t the kind of guy you find walking down the sidewalk every day. This young man has a hell of a future.

The camera cuts to the backstage interview area, where Josh Mathews is standing by with Evan Bourne, who is wearing a black tanktop along with his red tights, along with the WWE World Tag Team Championship belt situated around his waist.

Mathews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time…Evan Bourne!

The crowd pops for the always smiling Bourne.

Mathews: Now Evan, last night at WrestleMania you and your tag team championship partner Kofi Kingston successfully defended your titles against the very formidable duo of Mark Henry and MVP. What’s next for the champs?

Bourne: It was a great match, Josh…Mark and MVP are great competitors, and they’re great guys as well. It was a real honor to share the WrestleMania stage with them…and I know Kofi’d say the same thing if he were here, unfortunately he’s back at home resting up after he dinged his leg pretty bad last night.

Bourne looks into the camera.

Bourne: Get well, buddy!

The crowd pops.

Bourne: Anyway, Josh, as far as what’s next for the champs…what’s next for the champs is that we’re gonna do what we’ve done every night since we won these belts, and that’s go there and compete and give these fans a show. We want to –

Suddenly, Bourne is ambushed by Randy Orton, who comes out of nowhere to club Bourne from behind, sending Bourne flying backward into the interview set! Mathews can be heard accosting Orton while a woman screams in the background.


Orton starts pummeling Bourne, who is completely defenseless. Orton then picks up Bourne…

Ross: Oh no…not this!

And…BAM! Plants Bourne onto the concrete floor with a DDT. Big heat from the crowd.

Ross: What’s the meaning of this?!

Bourne is motionless. Orton is clad only in his wrestling tights. Without emotion, he stares down at Bourne. Orton then looks up at the camera, piercing the lens with his cold, blue eyes.

Orton: John Cena.

Orton speaks quietly, almost with a tone of indifference for the carnage he’s just created.

Orton: What you’ve seen…is what is in your future. You didn’t beat me last night. And until you do…you’re no champion.

Orton walks off the set. The camera focuses back on Bourne, who is still motionless, Mathews returns to the picture, checking on Bourne along with several other medical personnel.

Ross: What the hell is wrong with Randy Orton? What did Evan Bourne do to deserve that?

Lawler: He’s obviously sending a message to John Cena, J.R.!

Ross: I’d say the message is received. Just disgusting.



The crowd comes to its feet in acknowledgment of the arrival of “The Heartbreak Kid,” Shawn Michaels. Easily swayed to love him once more after burying the hatchet with Triple H at WrestleMania XXVI the night before, the audience is about 95% supportive of The Showstopper. Michaels, casually wearing a white button down shirt, blue jeans, cowboy boots and his classic HBK cowboy hat, says a prayer in the light of his pyro before entering the ring.

Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome…the Heartbreak Kid…SHAAAAWN…MICHAELS!

Ross: A tremendous ovation for the one and only Shawn Michaels, just 24 hours removed from defeating The Game at WrestleMania XXVI. HBK truly showed why he is “Mr. WrestleMania,” and I’m happy to say appeared to make amends with Triple H at the conclusion of their very competitive matchup.

Lawler: Yeah, that’s nice and all, but I doubt Shawn would’ve been hugging Hunter if Triple H had come out on top. Mr. Ego got just what he wanted when he beat Triple H.

Ross: Shawn Michaels is a complicated, emotional man, King, and he doesn’t hide it. It was inspiring to see two men with such pride be able to put that pride aside for the sake of a lifelong friendship.

Microphone in hand, a newly relaxed Shawn Michaels stands in the center of the ring, continuing to receive a warm reception from the live audience.

HBK: It’s important…for me…to say the things…that I need to say.

Speaking softly, Michaels already appears to be getting emotional.

HBK: These last few months…I know…I haven’t been the man you expect me to be. I haven’t been the man you want me to be. I haven’t been the man I expect or want me to be.

Michaels lowers the microphone momentarily to rub his face before speaking again.

HBK: My entire life has been built around the idea of me proving people wrong. When I started in this business, they told me I was too small. They told me, ‘a guy your size could never be WWE Champion.’ So I proved them wrong.

The crowd cheers.

HBK: In 1998 I hurt my back – in a match against The Undertaker, ironically enough – and they told me I could never wrestle again. I not only proved them wrong by wrestling again…I proved them wrong by wrestling again at an even higher level than I had before I got hurt.

Even louder cheers.

HBK: If you try to tell me…

Michaels’ emotional tone is now moving from remorseful to vengeful.

HBK: …that I can’t do something…I’m not gonna listen.

Michaels is now walking around the ring talking, appearing to have regained his lost swagger.

HBK: All my career, all I’ve ever heard is, ‘HBK…how can you…TOP…THAT?’ And all my career, I’ve answered…WATCH ME!


HBK: So when I lost last year at WrestleMania to The Undertaker…

Now getting more serious again.

HBK: …it got to me.

Michaels points to his heart.

HBK: Right here. I said I’d beat The Undertaker…and I failed. And I couldn’t deal with it. I can’t deal with failure. As the months dragged on and on, I couldn’t let it go. And you know…it’s hard to explain. It’s probably hard for you to understand. Heck, it’s kinda hard for me to understand. My wife Rebecca would say to me, ‘Shawn, you’ve lost matches before…’

Michaels looks straight into the camera.

HBK: Thanks for reminding me, sweetheart.

Michaels smiles as the crowd laughs.

HBK: She said, ‘Shawn, you’ve lost matches before. You’ve lost championships before. You’ve lost at WrestleMania before. You’ve lost championship matches AT WrestleMania before! So why is this ONE match such a BIG DEAL?”

He pauses.

HBK: It’s a big deal because I set a goal for myself and I failed. I didn’t meet the expectations I set for myself. I was angry at The Undertaker for not granting me a rematch…but he was right.

The crowd boos slightly. Michaels shrugs.

HBK: It’s true. He was right. He beat me. He had nothing left to prove. After asking, the only thing I could do was win the Rumble…and I failed at that, too.

The crowd applauds mildly as if to offer Michaels encouragement. He lowers the microphone, looks around, then starts talking again.

HBK: And then…THEN…things got bad.

Michaels rubs his face again as his tone returns to a somber state.

HBK: I let my own…selfish obsession with The Undertaker…get in the way of my friendship with Triple H.

The crowd cheers the reference to The Game.

HBK: Eliminating him from the Rumble was one thing…we both know it’s every man for himself. But the way I argued with him when he was just trying to help me…the way my lack of focus cost us the Tag Team Titles…and then…

Michaels again starts to get emotional. He continues talking, looking down at the mat.

HBK: …the way I was so…blinded…by my anger over my own failure…I lashed out at Hunter. He was an easy target. They say you always hurt those closest to you, and this was no exception. I turned on Hunter. It was my fault.

The crowd lightly applauds Michaels for taking responsibility for his actions.

Ross: It takes a big man to say that.

HBK: Now, even though I won at WrestleMania…

Pop for the victory.

HBK: …the truth is…I’d trade it in a heartbeat…

Michaels pauses.

HBK: I’d trade beating The Undertaker at WrestleMania…to undo the damage I did to my friendship with Triple H.

More applause.

HBK: Hunter and I have been friends for over 15 years. During that time we’ve had ups…we’ve had downs…we’ve bled together…and the good Lord knows we’ve made EACH OTHER bleed just as often. But at the end of the day, we were always…DX.

Big pop.

HBK: Last night at WrestleMania, Triple H lost. And he still shook my hand. He still hugged me. He still called me his friend. And though by looking at us you might have never guessed it, the fact of the matter is…Triple H is the better man….he is the better man.

Michaels nods as the crowd respectfully applauds.

HBK: Now!....

Michaels’ mood swings to being more upbeat in the traditional HBK style.

HBK: Since we’ve got all THAT out of the way…the question BEGS to be answered…what’s next for old HBK? Where does the Heartbreak Kid go from here? Where down the river does The Showstopper sail his vessel? Well, the only thing...


Michaels is stopped in his tracks. The crowd reacts with stun and wonder as the echo of classical orchestra fills the arena.

Lawler: What the…

Suddenly, looking sublime and distinguished, William Regal emerges from behind the curtain.

Ross: William Regal? What’s his business out here?

Regal: Shawn…

His left hand holding the microphone and his right hand behind his back, Regal continues walking down the ramp toward the ring, speaking as his music fades.

Regal: Shawn, those are some very inspiring words that you’ve shared with us this evening. I know I…

Regal motions out to the crowd.

Regal: …as well as all these fine people here tonight are generally moved by your introspective self-analysis…

Having ascended the steel ring steps, Regal steps through the ropes and walks toward Michaels, who is standing at center ring.

Regal: …and your dedication to your friend.

Michaels looks on at Regal with his eyebrows raised, waiting to hear the reason for Regal’s interruption.

Regal: Life lessons are very important. I know you’ve learned many. And I…I’ve learned my share as well, Shawn.

Michaels nods in agreement.

Regal: Shawn, you and I…this business…it’s our lives. It’s been both our lives for over two decades.

Light applause. Michaels again nods.

Regal: And while I would like to think I’ve had a career I can be proud of…you…well….no one can possibly match the career you’ve had.

The crowd pops. Michaels smiles, almost appearing embarrassed by Regal’s compliment.

HBK: Well thank you, William, I appreciate that. We’ve BOTH been blessed to have good, long careers. Not just doing what we love to do, but getting to do it…

Michaels points his hand out toward the audience.

HBK: …in front of all these fans.

Big pop. Regal smiles and nods.

Regal: Yes, yes. Indeed. You are very right, Shawn.

Regal begins pacing slowly in front of Michaels.

Regal: We’ve had good, long careers. But there comes a time when a man has to start looking toward…

Regal raises his hand forward.

Regal: …the future. After all, as much as we’d like to, we can’t wrestle forever.

Michaels makes a facial expression signifying he agrees.

Regal: Now, although I haven’t hung up my boots just yet, I have started to look toward the future. I’m not sure where you see your future, Shawn, but I see mine in the field of…talent development.

HBK: I can see you being very good at that.

Regal: Thank you…I agree. Now, I have ventured out in that manner before. Some of you might recall the last time you saw me in the WWE was the Royal Rumble pay-per-view. I had been training a gentleman by the name of Ezekiel Jackson to be a champion…efforts that, I’m sorrowful to say, were unsuccessful at that event.

The crowd reacts with a minor pop, to which Regal shows mild agitation.

Regal: The night after the Royal Rumble, Mr. McMahon announced that my brand…ECW…would be ending, and that soon a new era of WWE would begin. It was at that time that I decided to take a leave of absence from the WWE. And in that leave of absence, I set out to scout the world…not just for an athlete…not just for a wrestler…but a raw, natural diamond that I could cut, carve, and shape into a gem that would stand as the cornerstone for this company and this industry.

Regal smiles.

Regal: And I’ve found that man.

The crowd pops mildly.

Lawler: Really?

Ross: That’s high praise.

Regal: As I said, I sought initially to cover the globe in my pursuit of this next great champion. But then…

Regal stops in his tracks.

Regal: …I realized something…

He looks up at Michaels, now speaking directly to him.

Regal: I needn’t scour the earth…when the start point and end point were quite obviously the same point. I’m talking, of course Shawn, about…England.

The crowd boos sarcastically, as is customary when discussing any country besides America.

Regal: England. But not the gyms…not the dojos…no. I wasn’t going to waste my time trying to mold a champion out of a man who knew everything about athletic competition, but nothing about survival…

Regal is starting to get intense.

Regal: …nothing about pain – REAL pain…nothing about sacrifice – REAL sacrifice…

Regal is now creeping closer toward Michaels.

Regal: Like the sacrifice that I know of….that I’ve lived.

Both Michaels and the crowd are listening intently to Regal.

Regal: So I set out to find this great champion in the same place I came from: the streets…the alleys behind the filthiest, most-scum ridden pubs in the city. And that…that is where I found him.

Regal backs off Michaels and looks to both sides of the crowd as he speaks.

Regal: It was dark…well past midnight…one of those nights where one seems to lose the hour hand on their watch. I’d had a pint or two and decided to retire for the evening. I stepped outside the pub, and there, sitting on the ground beside the door was a young man. He was…an impressive sight. A large young man. Built strong. His face was determined, his posture that of a man in a constant state of readiness. His hands…

Regal looks down at his own hands.

Regal: His knuckles…

Regal’s eyes widens as he looks back up at Michaels.

Regal: They were bloodied. His eyes…his eyes were…focused. So focused, he didn’t even see me standing there….until I spoke. I said, ‘young man, what are you doing here on this door stoop?’ He looked up at me…with those eyes…with that expression of supreme self-confidence and said, ‘I’ve no where to spend the night.’ You see…this young man…he makes his daily wages by fighting. Not wrestling. Fighting. Hand-to-hand. Man-to-man. Where there’s a fight to be had…on those streets…in those pubs…in those back alleyways. He lives to fight. And he fights to live…just as I had years ago.

Michaels continues to stare on intently. Regal is in a state of quasi-euphoria – almost a trance – as he recites his experience and draws back to memories of his own past.

Regal: And this young man…he’d lost his fight for the evening. He had no money. No money for rent…no money for food. Any other man…certainly any American…

The crowd boos in anticipation of an anti-American slight.

Regal: They would’ve sat on the street corner and begged for enough change just to have a morsel of food for the night. But not this man. He lost. And he accepted it…which is not a strength of yours…is it, Shawn?

Heat. For the first time in several minutes Michaels expression changes, as he’s growing irritated with Regal. He finally interrupts.

HBK: This is a FINE story William, but may I please ask what the point is?

Regal snaps back.

Regal: If you had the dignity to shut your bloody mouth for the first time in 20 years, perhaps I could GET to the point.

More heat. Michaels, though agitated, backs off.

Regal: This young man asked for nothing. He knew it would be another night spent sleeping on a bench…or under an overhang out front the deli…or perhaps even right there on that stoop in front of the pub. And he knew that the next day, he would fight again.

Regal moves closer to Michaels.

Regal: And he would WIN.

Regal backs off and starts talking more softly.

Regal: I saw…much of myself in this young man. I both admired and pitied him. I reached into my pocket and remembered that I had wrapped a slice of bread in my napkin for later. I offered it to him. He looked at me with understanding…accepted it…and ate it. Feeling especially generous, I pulled out my wallet and offered him a few pounds...at least enough for a meal. I was not surprised when he declined to accept. Though what happened next did surprise me.

Regal now moves closer to Michaels so that they are standing nearly face to face.

Regal: This young man…stood up…and got close to my face…like this. This was the first time I could see his bruises…and the first time I could look into his eyes and see his true self. And that true self was revealed to me…it was revealed when he looked me in the eye…and he said…

Regal smiles from ear to ear.

Regal: Give me your wallet.

Michaels suddenly looks surprised. The crowd reacts that way as well.

Lawler: …What?

Ross: He tried to rob him?

Lawler: Why does Regal think it’s funny?

Regal continues smiling, and now wears an expression of contentment.

Regal: This young man…after I offered him food…after I offered him charity…the bloody bastard wanted to fight me and steal my money!

Regal actually laughs remembering this. Michaels looks almost disturbed.

Regal: Because you see, Shawn, he is not just an athlete…he’s a survivor. Like me. Although I am not a charitable man, I saw myself in him that night, which is why I reached out to him. I wondered…what was this young man’s character? Would he take my stale bread and pocket change, tuck his tail between his legs, and live to eat another man’s scraps? Like most men? No…no, he didn’t do that. He took the bread, yes…because a truly cunning man…a man who is not bogged down by things as silly as pride and conscience...does whatever he needs to do to survive. But survival was not enough. He wanted more…and he didn’t care how he got it. That is the mindset of a man who’s only known to fight…like me. And it was at this moment, Shawn, that for the first time in a great while I had hope for the future…hope that there are still men out there willing to put their own goals ahead of the standards for morality set by these insolent peasants.

Heat, as Regal waves his hand out toward the crowd.

Regal: This man is willing to do anything…and I do mean anything…not just to survive, but to succeed. If he was prepared to bludgeon and rob me…after I had shown him such benevolence…only for a pittance not even enough to cover an evening’s rent…what do you think he’s willing to do to become WWE Heavyweight Champion?

More boos as Michaels continues looking tense, yet curious.

Regal: It was there, Shawn, on the stoop of that pub, that I knew…that’s when I knew I’d found my man. A truly ruthless rogue. A man…just…like…me.

The crowd boos. Michaels is now squinting at Regal with a look of curiosity.

Lawler: Who the heck is Regal talking about?

Ross: You’ve got me. I wouldn’t want to meet him.

Regal: And now, Shawn…I would be very honored to be able to introduce him to you right now.

Regal steps backward toward the ring ropes and raises his arm out toward the ramp. Michaels now looks very on-guard.

Regal: Shawn…allow me to introduce to you…




Some of the crowd starts to gasp.

Ross: …oh…WAIT!

Regal, beaming in a sinister fashion, turns his arm from the ramp straight toward Michaels.

Regal: Say hello, Shawn.


Suddenly, Michaels turns around, and is swiftly leveled as he’s clotheslined by the 6’5”, 265 pound jet black-haired man who entered the ring behind HBK through the stands.

Lawler: Oh my God!

Michaels holds his face as he rolls around on the canvas. Barrett, wearing black dress pants, black dress shoes, and a striped, buttoned down black dress shirt with the first few buttons undone, looks down at Michaels blankly as Regal smiles on in the background.

Ross: My God, this young man…he came out of nowhere! What’s the meaning of this?!

Regal begins lightly but assertively giving instructions to Barrett.

Ross: What’s he gonna do now?

Barrett rips off his shirt, sending the buttons flying across the canvas. He picks up Michaels and places him horizontally on his shoulders.

Lawler: Uh-oh!

Ross: He’s got Shawn up!

Yelling, Barrett leans back…then leans forward and connects with The Wasteland, thrusting HBK onto the mat as Michaels’ spine and the back of his head hit the canvas with tremendous force.

Big time heat.

Ross: My goodness, this young man…this very impressive young man…Wade Barrett…just took out Shawn Michaels!

As the crowd boos louder, Barrett and Regal stand in the center of the ring over Michaels’ motionless body. Barrett, scowling, points his index fingers in the air, as Regal cheerfully applauds.




We return from the commercial break by viewing recap footage of Wade Barrett’s assault on Shawn Michaels, and then focus on J.R. and King at ringside.

Lawler: Now THAT is some kind of debut, J.R.!

Ross: Well…it is. What else can you say. Wade Barrett, the young Englishman apparently brought into the WWE by William Regal, assaulting Shawn Michaels and leaving the future of Hall of Famer lying in the ring. Like it or not, if anyone’s ever made a statement on their debut, Barrett may have just set the standard. And given the brief history of the man Regal regaled us with, I for one would not want to cross paths with Wade Barrett inside that ring…or outside of it.


The crowd reacts quietly at first due to confusion over this new entrance theme they hadn’t heard before, but then pops when Cody Rhodes makes his way onto the stage. Rhodes, wearing black and gold trunks, stands sideways on the stage before glancing forward toward the ring and gazing out into the crowd.

Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit…introducing first…from Marietta, Georgia…weighing in at 223 pounds…CODYYYYYY…RHODES!

Ross: A great ovation for the outstanding young superstar, Cody Rhodes! Last night at WrestleMania Rhodes joined his father, the legendary “American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, as well as his brother, Goldust, in defeating Team DiBiase. Cody had the pleasure of pinning his former Legacy mate, Ted DiBiase Jr., to get the win over Junior as well as the Million Dollar Man and I.R.S.

Lawler: Yeah, and I bet Cody’s real proud of himself. He thinks he’s so much better than Ted and Ted’s family – and I guess even Randy Orton now – that he went and got himself new theme music to boot. Let me tell you, J.R., Cody Rhodes hasn’t accomplished a thing yet. How many singles titles has he won?

Ross: None yet, King. “Yet” being the operative word. This kid’s got a Hall of Fame pedigree. You can’t blame him for wanting to separate himself from his past with Legacy, because he’s got everything it takes to make a name on his own. He’s intelligent, resilient, and he’s completely confident in his abilities, especially after last night. And he’s got a big test coming out right now.

Rhodes perches on the top rope and smiles out into the crowd, awaiting the arrival of his opponent.


The crowd gives a good pop to the ostentatiously decorated John Morrison, who poses on the stage to his Technicolor pyro.

Chimel: And his opponent…from Los Angeles, California…weighing in at 223 pounds…JOHN…MORRISON!

Ross: Cody Rhodes may be coming off a high last night at WrestleMania, but it’s quite another story for the self-proclaimed “Shaman of Sexy.” Morrison not only lost the Intercontinental Title, but he had to suffer the indignity of doing so against his despised former tag team partner, The Miz.

Lawler: Well J.R., Miz is just better than Morrison. You heard Miz. He said so himself. And really, what more proof does he need?

Ross: I’m not ready to declare Miz to be Morrison’s unquestioned superior, but Miz is right on the money when he says Morrison hasn’t beaten him…because, quite frankly, he hasn’t. But he’s got to move past that here tonight. Morrison’s crossing paths with a streaking Cody Rhodes, and if he can’t rebound with a win here tonight, things could start to snowball for Morrison.

Morrison gives his shades to a young fan in the front row before entering the ring for his match.

Match #3

Match summary:

The crowd was very involved in this match between two popular babyface competitors, who had ample time to show their stuff with the longest match of the evening. Rhodes, wrestling without kneepads as he always does, gave Morrison a bloody nose early on in the contest on a string of three consecutive kneedrops. This appeared to face Morrison, who was repeatedly wiping blood off his face through the duration of the match. The referee at one point even considers stopping the match due to Morrison’s perpetual blood loss, but Morrison protested, and the referee allowed the match to continue.

Rhodes controlled most of the offense throughout the match as Morrison was preoccupied nursing his agitating injury, while also clearly seeming a little woozy in the latter stages of the match. This showed when Morrison, after putting together a borderline fluke series of offense, got Rhodes positioned by the corner for Starship Pain. But when Morrison ascended the turnbuckle, he had to take a moment to compose himself and gain his balance, as the blood loss was making it harder to him to stand. This momentary lapse allowed Rhodes to roll out of the way of Starship Pain when Morrison attempted the maneuver. Rhodes stalked Morrison from behind and finished him with Cross Rhodes for the three count and the win.

Winner: CODY RHODES by pinfall @ 16:37​

Chimel: Here is your winner…CODYYYYYY…RHODES!

Ross: A fantastic matchup between two great young stars, as Cody Rhodes picks up the win!

Lawler: That bloody nose might not seem like a big deal, but it clearly cost Morrison, J.R. He was pretty woozy there by the end.

Ross: A tremendous effort nevertheless by the former Intercontinental Champion. He could’ve quit early on in the match but forged ahead in spite of the injury. That being said, let’s not neglect Cody Rhodes his due credit. It’s been a big 24 hours for that young man…last night he pinned his former Legacy teammate, Ted DiBiase, at WrestleMania. And he’s got another big win here tonight as Cody Rhodes continues to show us that he’s going to be one to keep an eye on moving forward.

The Raw theme plays as the graphic for CM Punk’s “Praise Punk!” flashes across the screen.

Ross: Well, folks…

Lawler: YES!

Ross: Coming up next…God help us all…CM Punk will debut his new talk show…Praise Punk.

Lawler: And don’t forget his special guest, J.R.!

Ross: Indeed, Punk will be joined by Mr. Money in the Bank, Christian! Punk and Christian, face to face…on the other side of the break.




We return to the arena, where CM Punk is standing in the ring as his entrance music plays over the loudspeaker. The ring is decorated for Punk’s debuting talk show. The mat is covered in a white rug, with Punk’s straight edge logo embroidered in black on its center. Suspended in the middle of the ring is a flat screen television monitor, which is labeled “SaviorVision.” Flanking the monitor and also placed in all corners of the ring facing toward the center of the ring are what appear to be cardboard stands which depict various images of CM Punk inside a stained glass window. Among the images are Punk holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt in the air; Punk giving his straight edge salute; and one particularly curious image of Punk pointing and laughing at a crying fat child.

Punk is standing in the center of the ring, which his hands together, holding the microphone between them. Wearing his wrestling tights, CM Punk t-shirt, and a face that has not been shaved in months, Punk waves his long black hair before beginning to speak. His eyes are wide – borderline psychotic looking – and his smile is broad.

As Punk starts to talk, his music stops playing and is instead replaced by the faint sound of an organ reciting Biblical hymns.

Punk: I’d like to welcome all of you…to this most glorious of occasions…the debut…of MY new talk show…PRAISE PUNK!

Mostly heat from the crowd, though Punk, as always, has his supporters.

Punk: May I begin by saying that this is a LONG overdue occurrence, for me to have such an open forum to spread my straight edge message to all of you…my loyal disciples.


Punk: You see, for the longest time…I made a mistake. Yes, even I am fallible…but I’m man enough to admit my errors. You see, I made a mistake when I put my trust…my faith…in people I thought had the resolve in their hearts to live my straight edge message. Gallows….Serena…they didn’t have what it takes. They…

Punk looks down.

Punk: …could not be saved.

He shakes his head and looks back up.

Punk: But fear not, my children. Though my hope was lost on them, I pray it is not to be lost on each and every one of you.


Punk: You see, I made an error…I made an error not just by choosing them…I made an error by limiting myself so intensely. I mean…why only share my message with such a select group? Why not…spread…the GLORY OF PUNK…to all my followers?

Punk waves his hand out over the crowd to more heat.

Punk: This…this is YOUR opportunity…right here…right now…in front of all the congregation of the First Church of Punk…

Punk raises his hand in the air and looks toward the heavens, as he speaks in a mildly sociopathic tone.

Punk: To give your LIFE OVER to CM PUNK! Give your LIFE OVER to STRAIGHT EDGE! Accept CM Punk as your savior, and you may…just may…be one of the fortunate ones to say that I…am better…than each…and every…one of you.

More heat.

Punk: Before we begin our sermon today, let us all take a moment to say hello to one another. Please…turn to the person next to you…show them your inner radiance…and say to them, “Punk be with you.”

Mostly heat, mixed with some laughter.

Punk steps outside the ring and walks up to some fans in the front row. Punk walks up to a skinny little blond-haired boy, looking to be about 9 years old, and reaches out to shake his hand.

Punk: Punk be with you…

He moves over to an older boy next to him, also blonde, maybe about 12 years old.

Punk: And with you…

Punk now moves over to the boys’ father…who is drinking a beer.

Punk: But you…

Punk looks angry and disappointed.

Punk: You clearly do not have the glory of straight edge shining through your heart. It’s undoubtedly your alcohol consumption that caused you to have such ugly, morally bankrupt children.

The father looks mad. The boys look hurt.

Lawler: Hahahaha!

Ross: Aww, c’mon, Punk. They’re just kids.

Lawler: They’re morally bankrupt, J.R.! They should be ashamed.

Punk moves back into the ring.

Punk: It’s an honor to be able to share this time with all of you, my followers, here today. Now, before I bring out my guest, to share with them the heartwarming message of straight edge…let us first open our hearts and prepare our minds…as we read a passage…from the Book…of Punk.

Lawler: …Whaat?

Punk walks over to ringside, where an attendant hands him a thick book bound in black leather. Punk stops to hold up the book for the audience to see. The cover of the book has what appears a hand drawn depiction of CM Punk holding his right hand in the air.

Ross: Oh, Lord…

Lawler: It’s the Book of Punk! Be quiet, J.R. You need to hear this.

Punk opens the book, clears his throat, and starts to read. The crowd begins booing loudly almost immediately.

Punk: From the Book of Punk…Chapter 11...verse 17…”Those who opens their hearts…to the glory of straight edge…will be rewarded…with the everlasting knowledge…of knowing…they are BETTER THAN EVERYON ELSE…


Punk: And those who don’t…they will wallow in misery and mediocrity…for ALL times…”

Punk looks up from his book at the crowd.

Punk: Just…like…everyone here tonight.

Heat. Punk lowers the book and looks up.

Punk: Punk, hear our prayer.

Heat, though replies of “Punk, hear our prayer” from the audience can be heard.

Punk: And now…it is my distinct pleasure to welcome my first guest ever to Praise Punk…he is a talented man…but a man who lacks the strength and conviction that I have to truly flourish through the power of straight edge…and TONIGHT…he will see the light. Ladies and gentlemen…please give a warm…Church of Punk welcome…to my guest…



A major pop as a casually dressed Christian emerges from behind the curtain. Christian looks out in the crowd, pointing at his Peeps as he carries with him the Money in the Bank briefcase he earned the previous night at WrestleMania.

Ross: A tremendous ovation for Mr. Money in the Bank, Captain Charisma himself, Christian! Last night at WrestleMania Christian won a tremendous Money in the Bank ladder match to earn a WWE Title shot at any time in the next 12 months, defeating five other outstanding superstars…among them, CM Punk.

Christian enters the ring and goes to shake Punk’s hand. Punk just smiles at him, his hands still clasped together around the microphone. Christian just shrugs and goes to pick up his own microphone.

Punk: Well, Christian, it’s a pleasure to have you here on Praise Punk.

Christian: Thanks for having me, Punk. And let me just say hey…to ALL MY PEEPS…here in Detroit!

Big pop.

Christian: And just so everyone knows…

Christian holds up the briefcase.

Christian: Mr. Money in the Bank…is in the house!

Another big pop.

Punk: Yes, yes, yes…congratulations on your victory last night at WrestleMania, Christian. It was a hard fought contest. But I fear your victory could have negative consequences for my congregation.

Christian looks confused.

Christian: Oh, yeah? Like what?

Punk: Through your victory at my expense last night…you’ve shown that there can indeed be fluke instances…where the power of straight edge fails to prevail…over the forces of evil. Particularly…evil…Canadians.

Mild boos. Christian laughs to himself.

Christian: Well, Punk, you can have it your way. At the end of the day there’s only one thing that matters.

Christian turns his attention from Punk, toward the crowd.

Christian: I hate to admit this, but…I thought my time might have passed. I thought opportunity…might have passed me by. Never…NEVER…in my career, did I get a one-on-one match for a world title. In February, on the last ECW, I finally got that chance…and I came up short.

Light boos.

Christian: A few weeks later, I got another shot inside the Elimination Chamber…and again…came up short.

More light boos.

Christian: Over a decade in this business, and I’ve had about three chances to win a world title in the WWE…two of which took places in the span of a couple weeks over the last couple months. With that rate of occurrence…obviously, the odds of another title match coming my way seemed a little grim. I had one last chance to have a shot at that dream…and all I had to do was climb a ladder…something I’ve done before at WrestleMania.


Christian: And lo and behold, I stand here today…with one more shot…to be the champion. And when that happens, it’s gonna be on my time. Wherever I want. Whenever I want. And this time…nobody’s gonna stop me from living my dream…because THAT’S…

The crowd starts to chant along.

Christian: …HOW…I…



Christian is cut off as the crowd erupts in a mixed reaction for Edge, who makes his way down to the ring in his street clothes, looking as disheveled and slightly off-kilter as Edge typically does.

Ross: Well folks, I do think business is about to pick up. Here comes Edge, another competitor in last night’s Money in the Bank ladder match. And we all know the history between the brothers, Edge and Christian.

Lawler: Yeah, but the recent history between Edge and Christian hasn’t been terribly rosy. After all, Christian knocked Edge off the ladder last night to win the briefcase.

Ross: Edge won the inaugural Money in the Bank match, and he’s cashed in twice to win world titles before, so he knows better than anyone the importance of that contract. The same can be said for CM Punk.

Lawler: This is like a who’s-who of Money in the Bank winners.

Edge steps into the ring and grabs a microphone. He is standing face-to-face with Christian in the center of the ring as Punk stands behind Christian, still smiling with his hands clasped around the microphone.

Punk: It seems the effervescent love of CM Punk has brought Edge to our program!

Punk walks up to Edge.

Punk: Edge, have you come to give your heart to straight edge?

Edge looks wearily at Punk, then turns to Christian.

Edge: What the hell made you want to come out here, exactly?

Punk is still smiling, though less so now. Christian shrugs.

Edge: I mean, this guy is clearly insane. Just…look at him. Look at all this…CRAP…in the ring.

Edge motions around the ring toward the various decorations. Punk yells in disagreement.

Edge: This loon thinks he’s a damn messiah.

Ross: It might be a cold day in hell, but Edge is making a lot of sense here.

Lawler: How can he say that?!

Punk now looks offended.

Punk: How dare you…how DARE you come out here onto my show…PRAISE PUNK!…and speak such blasphemy about CM Punk? Right in front of CM Punk no less! I have a right mind to…

Edge cuts Punk off.

Edge: Ba-ta-ta-ta-ta…please. For the love of God. Stop.

Punk complies.

Edge: I didn’t come out here to talk to you, Methuselah. I came…

Edge points at Christian.

Edge: To talk to you, Christian.

Pop. Christian nods and looks interested.

Edge: You see, Christian, it was interesting for me to sit backstage and listen to you talk about opportunities. Looking back at the fact our careers started at the same point, it’s sort of ironic that you’re the guy with no opportunities…and me…I’m the ultimate opportunist.

Christian nods in begrudging agreement.

Edge: Me…I’ve got 9 world titles. And you…you’ve got zero.

The crowd boos. Christian looks at Edge sternly.

Edge: And you know…two of those world titles…I won with Money in the Bank.

Edge points at the briefcase in Christian’s hand. Christian nods.

Edge: But you know…maybe the opportunities are starting to go your way. I mean, ever since I came back from my injury in February…it seems like our opportunities keep crossing paths. You pinned me in the Elimination Chamber at No Way Out…


Edge: And you knocked me off the ladder last night at WrestleMania to win Money in the Bank.

Bigger pop. Christian smiles. Edge is expressionless. Punk is standing behind Christian listening, though he appears still agitated with Edge. Suddenly, Punk bursts back between them.

Punk: What an interesting observation, Edge! It is indeed true that Christian’s recent success has come directly at your expense. So all my congregation can truly grasp the complexity of this matter, why don’t we all now stand back…and gaze upon…

Punk points at his TV monitor.

Punk: SaviorVision! Made possible from donations by people who agree that I am better than them. If you’ll take a moment, let’s review the footage, shall we?

A video plays recapping the events of No Way Out and WrestleMania, showing Christian’s successes while also reminiscing on Edge’s disappointed expressions after both instances.

Punk: Just look, ladies and gentlemen, at that amazing visual quality. Truly, the power of straight edge shines through this high definition television monitor. But ladies and gentlemen, the Church of Punk is a growing endeavor in need of donations. What the Church really needs, is a…foot massage…bubble bath. YES! Much like the apostles…washed the feet of their spiritual leader…you can wash MY feet…by donating any dollar amount you see fit…and by that, I mean a donation of no less than $19.95…by calling the Church of Punk hotline, at 1-800-CMPUNK-I. The ‘I’ stands for I AM BETTER THAN YOU!

Edge stops Punk.

Edge: DUDE…please…stop…now.

Pop for Edge as Punk stops his lecture and again retreats behind Christian. Edge starts again.

Edge: Christian, you and I have known each other our whole lives. You’re my brother. We grew up together. And we were the greatest tag team of all time.

Big pop. Edge pauses, allowing for some small “E&C” chants to break out. Christian smiles and nods.

Edge: So when it comes to you…and your opportunity…I’ve just got one thing to say.

Edge walks up to Christian. He extends his hand.

Edge: Take advantage o f it…


Edge: …and win the WWE Title.

Major pop. Christian smiles and shakes Edge’s hand. They embrace to a huge pop.

Ross: All right! How about that! What great respect shown by Edge to his brother!

Lawler: Aww, c’mon, Edge! I thought he was gonna pop him in the mouth!

Edge and Christian are happily talking amongst themselves at center ring as the crowd continues cheering. Punk walks up between the two of them, smiling radiantly.

Punk: What a glorious moment this is! Through the power of straight edge, I have brought these two lost brothers together! Let us now bow our heads and say a prayer of thanksgiving to CM Punk…

Heat, as Punk bows his head. Edge and Christian look at one another.

Punk: Our Punk…who art in straight edge…hallowed be thy name…by kingdom come…thy will be done…on Earth as it is everywhere besides Detroit, because this place sucks…

Major heat.

Punk: Give us this day our daily…


Suddenly, Edge and Christian pop Punk in the mouth at the same time, sending Punk flying backward!

Ross: Oh, what a shot! Edge and Christian have heard enough of Punk’s preaching!

Lawler: No! They can’t do that!

Punk backpedals out of the ring, landing in front of the security guardrail, looking shocked and mortified. Edge and Christian stand at center ring and exchange smiles. They shake hands once more. Edge raises Christian’s hand in the air, as Christian raises the briefcase, to the cheers of the crowd.


Ross: It looks like the sermon’s been cut short for the WWE’s resident messiah. He’ll have to go tell it on the mountain. In the mean time, Christian’s standing tall as Mr. Money in the Bank, and with Edge by his side, there’s no telling what the future could have in store for Captain Charisma.

Lawler: I can’t believe they’d do that to CM Punk, J.R.! What a travesty!



The vision of nightfall is accompanied by the sound of lightly falling raindrops. There is faint, rolling thunder, with flashes of lightning illuminating the sight of a dilapidated warehouse.

A soft, haunting melody begins playing. A child’s voice begins speaking.

When a man's heart is full of deceit…

It burns up…


And a dark shadow falls over his soul…

The sound of footsteps can be heard.

From the ashes of a once great man has risen a curse…

A wrong that must be righted…

The camera focuses on a puddle of water as the rain falls into it. A flash of lightning reveals a black boot walking through the puddle.

We look to the skies for a vindicator…

Someone to strike fear into the black heart of the same man who created him…

The rain now storming down forcefully, we can see the rear silhouette of the figure walking forward. The silhouette is carrying an object in his right hand.

The battle between good and evil has begun…

Against an army of shadows comes the dark warrior…

The camera focuses on the object. It’s a black baseball bat.

The purveyor of good…

With a voice of silence…

And a mission of justice…

The camera focuses in on the figure’s torso. The figure is dressed in all black, wearing a trenchcoat.


The camera moves upward…


And reveals…


His face covered in white and black paint, staring ahead thoughtfully as the rain pours down, is Sting.

A drumbeat picks up speed drastically over the haunting tune. The camera quickly begins to roll backward. As Sting’s full body is revealed, he points the baseball bat forward toward the camera, before it pulls so far away from him that he can’t be seen anymore. The screen fades to black.


We return to the arena, where the fans are going crazy with chants of “WE-WANT-STING!” The camera moves back to ringside, where J.R. and King are elated.

Lawler: Can you believe that J.R.?! STING! STING! STING IS COMING!

Ross: My God folks, just when you thought things couldn’t get any more remarkable…on a night where Kurt Angle returned to the WWE…the debuting Wade Barrett took out Shawn Michaels…and we’ve got the new WWE Champion and the new Intercontinental Champion facing off in the main event…now…STING is coming to the WWE!

Lawler: Unbelievable!

Ross: Let me tell you folks, on the off chance you aren’t familiar with Sting…you are in for a treat. Sting is not only one of the all-time greats in this business, he is arguably – well hell, there’s no argument in my mind – he IS the greatest wrestler of all time to have never stepped foot in a WWE ring. That is going to change very soon.

Lawler: You’ve gotta be thrilled, J.R., you’ve been a Sting fan for years!

Ross: I absolutely have been, King. Many years ago I worked in WCW and had the honor and privilege of calling Sting’s very first world championship victory when he defeated Hall of Famer “Nature Boy” Ric Flair at the Great American Bash on July 7, 1990. Twenty years later, there’s no debate: Sting is a legend in this business, and at long last, he’s coming to the WWE. Get ready, everyone. It’s gonna be SHOWTIME!


A fine pop as MVP and Mark Henry, clad in their matching red singlets, emerge onto the stage. MVP is bouncing around both of the stage pumping up the crowd while Henry focuses toward the ring.

Chimel: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit…introducing first…at a combined weight of 651 pounds…The World’s Strongest Man MARK HENRY…and…Montel Vontavious Porter…M….V….P!

MVP acknowledges the crowd to a great reaction. The camera focuses back in the ring, where The Colons await.

Chimel: And their opponents…in the ring…from San Juan, Puerto Rico…at a combined weight of 449 pounds…PRIMO and CARLITO…THE COLONS!

Carlito and Primo try to decide who’s going to start the match as MVP and Henry enter the ring.

Match #4

Match summary:

Despite efforts by The Colons to maintain a quick pace, those efforts were halted early on in the matchup by the powerful tandem of MVP & Henry, as they isolated Primo in their corner, never allowing him to tag in his brother.

MVP worked most of the match, hitting all his signatures maneuvers on the badly beaten Primo, much to Carlito’s chagrin. Occasionally tagouts served to give Henry ample opportunity to wear down Primo with splashes and bearhugs, softening him up for MVP’s more meticulous approach.

The conclusion came when MVP dropped Primo with the drive-by corner boot kick, then tagging in Henry to put him away with the World’s Strongest Slam, leaving Carlito looking depressed in the corner as the referee counted the pinall.

Winners: MONTEL VONTAVIOUS PORTER & MARK HENRY by pinfall @ 6:47​

Chimel: Here are your winners…MVP…and the World’s…Strongest Man…MARK…HENRY!

Ross: A convincing win here this evening for MVP and Henry. No doubt still disappointed they failed to win the tag team titles last night at WrestleMania, this is a positive first step toward becoming #1 contenders once again, King.

Lawler: Yeah, The Colons didn’t put up much of a fight. Poor Primo, I don’t know if he can walk out of here after the beating he just got.

Ross: An isolation clinic administered by MVP and Henry. Carlito was a total non-factor in this match. MVP and Henry slowed the pace down to their liking and executed their game plan to perfection. So the question now has…

Suddenly, the crowd pops as Jack Swagger and Shelton Benjamin come storming back down the ramp, entering the ring through the bottom rope and jumping MVP & Henry!

Ross: Wait, what the hell is this?! Swagger and Benjamin are back! What are they doing?!

Benjamin throws MVP out of the ring, The two then perform a double takedown on Henry and begin pummeling him.

As this is happening, the crowd totally erupts at the sight of Kurt Angle walking down the ramp.

Lawler: There he is, J.R.!

Ross: My God, what a sight to behold! He’s really here! Kurt Angle, live and in color, has returned to the WWE on Monday Night Raw!

The crowd breaks out into loud chants of “AN-GLE! AN-GLE!” Angle appears uninterested in the crowd’s reaction. He stands at the base of the ring, watching intently as Swagger and Benjamin continue their assault on Mark Henry.

Ross: Kurt Angle looking on as Swagger and Benjamin are decimating Mark Henry! What is the meaning of this assault?!

Lawler: Forget the meaning of this assault, J.R., WHAT THE HELL IS KURT ANGLE DOING HERE?!

Ross: I don’t know!

Henry now battered and motionless, Swagger and Benjamin stand staring down at him. The two men who had been so emotional and bickering earlier in the night are now the very symbol of seriousness and focus. Angle ascends the steps and enters the ring. He looks down at Henry, then looks back up at Swagger and Benjamin. Angle motions toward the ropes. The duo stands Henry up and throws him out of the ring.

Ross: And there goes Henry. Swagger and Benjamin throwing Henry out of the ring like he’s a piece of trash.

Lawler: Can you believe this, J.R.? Swagger and Benjamin were ready to kill each other an hour ago, now they’re totally simpatico!

Ross: All thanks to Kurt Angle, it appears.

Angle, now holding a microphone, stands at center ring, facing out. Swagger and Benjamin are at his sides. Their hands are folded behind their backs as they stand upright, expressionless.

Angle: In case you’ve forgotten…my name is Kurt Angle.

Huge pop. The crowd is so excited to see Angle, they don’t seem to care that two of their favorite babyfaces just got beaten down.

Angle: What stands in the ring before you is the greatest assembly of pure wrestling talent in the history of this industry.

Some heat, but mostly cheers, which intended or not were unavoidable given Angle’s shocking return.

Angle: These two men…Jack Swagger…and Shelton Benjamin…they represent the very best this country has to offer in terms of natural ability inside the ring. They are genetically predisposed to success. However…they have not found that success. Why? Simple: a lack of focus. But now…as you can see…they’ve found that focus. All thanks to Kurt Angle.

Major pop.

Angle: I am the only Olympic gold medalist in the history of professional wrestling. I am a multiple-time world champion…I have held every title there is that’s worth holding. For the last decade I have been the standard of excellence in this ring. I have been the standard of focus. I have been the standard set through my formula for achievement. Intensity…

The crowd chants along.

Angle: Integrity…and…

Angle points to his head.

Angle: Intelligence.


Angle: I am the only man in the history of this business to have all three I’s. But now…now I’m here…back again in the WWE…to pass my secrets of success along to the future of this industry. And the future of this industry stands in this ring before you. No more will these two men be held down by overconfidence…misplaced egos… or a lack of character. From now on they’re going to be one thing and one thing alone: winners. They will not fail. I know this because…they’re MY project…and I…never…fail.


Angle: For years they were the varsity stars. Swagger at the University of Oklahoma…Benjamin at the University of Minnesota…then they came to the WWE. And though they have attained some mild degree of success…they haven’t even tapped their raw, natural ability. Because they need someone to point them in the direction of absolute victory. They need a coach. And that’s where I come in. You see, I’ve had a great career…a legendary career. I’ve wrestled through broken necks to win gold medals and gold belts. I’ve got nothing left to prove in this ring…except that I have the talent to transcend myself and pass my knowledge along to the next generation. So…no more will these men be held down. Now…they have focus. Now…they have intensity…integrity…and intelligence. Now…they have…Kurt Angle. And now...this varsity…will have its vengeance. It’s true. It’s..DAMN…TRUE.


The crowd erupts with a huge, mostly positive reaction for Kurt Angle and his newly anointed Varsity Vengeance as they make their way out of the ring. Angle walks up the ramp, with Swagger and Benjamin following behind.

Ross: Well folks, anything can happen in the WWE, and clearly “anything” includes the absolutely stunning return of one of the all-time greats of this business, Kurt Angle. And now it appears Angle has taken Jack Swagger and Shelton Benjamin under his wing. I hesitate to think you could ask for a better mentor than Kurt Angle.

Lawler: This is amazing, J.R.! These two guys working together would be crazy enough, but with KURT ANGLE guiding them?! How can they lose?!

Ross: It’s going to be very interesting to watch, King. The rest of the WWE locker will undoubtedly take notice. And that is true.

The crowd cheers as John Cena is shown walking down the hallway toward the gorilla position for his main event matchup. Cena is loosening up as he walks, carrying the large, golden WWE Championship on his shoulder.

Ross: And there you see the WWE World Champion, John Cena, on his way to the ring for a big time post-WrestleMania matchup with the Intercontinental Champion, The Miz!

Suddenly, Cena stops in his tracks. He lets out a sigh. His eyes follow Zack Ryder onto the screen. Ryder is smiling boisterously at Cena.

Ryder: Yo…Cena.

Cena isn’t amused.

Cena: What do you want, Zack? I have a match.

Ryder: I came to deliver a message…from CHRIS…JERICHO.

Cena: Oh yeah, and what would that message be?

Ryder moves closer to Cena and speaks confidently, as if he were Jericho himself.

Ryder: Chris Jericho says that you might be on top right now…but the next time it’s Jericho vs. Cena…for that…

Ryder slaps the title belt.

Ryder: …WWE World Heavyweight Championship…you will never…

Ryder yells the next part.


Cena looks up and thinks about the remark for a moment.

Ryder: Woo….woo…woo…

Ryder points his finger right in Cena’s face.

Rydeer: You know it.

Cena sighs again and shakes his head.

Cena: That…ah…last part…that was you, not Jericho, I take it?

Ryder nods his head slightly, almost embarrassed.

Cena: Ah…OK…just checking. Well, alright. Thank you for delivering that message. I appreciate it. Say, since you’re here, do you think you could deliver a message from me to Jericho?

Ryder looks surprised.

Ryder: Oh…ah…psh, yeah, brah. You obviously didn’t hear…I’m Jericho’s ace wingman now. Whatever YOU got to say to HIM…goes through ME. Dig?

Cena looks annoyed.

Cena: Yeah…yeah…that’s cool. OK, well, the next time you see Jericho, can you tell him…


Ross: OH!

Lawler: WHAAAAT?!

Suddenly, Cena blasts Ryder in the face with a swift right haymaker, sending the stunned youngster flying backward onto the concrete floor of the hallway. Cena drops the title belt, picks up Ryder…

Lawler: What is Cena doing?!

And throws him face-first into a large metal equipment cabinet stationed in the hallway! Ryder lands with a thud on the ground, rolling onto his stomach with his hands covering his face.

Ross: John Cena just unleashed hell on Zack Ryder!

Lawler: Why did he do that?! Zack’s just the messenger!

Cena calmly walks over and picks up his title belt, then walks over to Ryder and kneels down. He speaks calmly.

Cena: Zack…you go tell Jericho…that as long as I’ve got this…

He holds the belt up.

Cena: I…am the best…in the world…at what I do.

Major pop, as Cena stands up and resumes walking toward the gorilla position. Ryder remains motionless on the ground.




The crowd rises in a harmony of major heat for the reigning Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, as he makes his way down to the ring. Clad in his blue and black trunks and with the title belt firmly around his waist, Miz looks out confidently into the crowd as he approaches the ring.

Chimel: The following contest is your Monday Night Raw MAIN EVENT of the evening! It is a non-title match scheduled for one fall with TV time remaining. Introducing first…from Cleveland, Ohio…weighing in at 231 pounds…he is the WWE Intercontinental Champion…THEEEE MIIIIZZZZZZZZZ!

Miz stands at center ring and raises his Intercontinental Title belt high over his heads with two hands, smugly staring out into the audience.

Ross: What an opportunity, ladies and gentlemen, for The Miz. Just 24 hours removed from unifying the Intercontinental and United States Titles, he steps into the ring with a man he’s been trying to beat seemingly his whole career, the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena.

Lawler: It’s a big opportunity for reasons greater than that, J.R. If Miz, as Intercontinental Champion, beats John Cena tonight, I think you have to consider him the #1 contender for the WWE Title.

Ross: You can definitely make that argument, King. No doubt about it. Love him or hate him – and frankly, most people hate him – The Miz has been on a sensational roll the past several months, and he’s officially red hot after winning at WrestleMania last night.

Lawler: Yeah, J.R. He’s 1-0 at WrestleMania…undefeated…just like The Undertaker!

Ross: Oh, please, let’s not start with that again.

Lawler: Why not?

Ross: Miz is a talented kid, King, but he’s seven levels of delusional to come out here and claim he can beat The Undertaker.

Lawler: Don’t say no til you see it with your own eyes, J.R.


Anyone in the crowd who wasn’t already standing is on their feet as the WWE Champion explodes from behind the curtain.

Chimel: And his opponent…from West Newbury, Massachusetts…weighing in at 240 pounds…he is the WWE Woooooooorld Heavyweighhhhhhhhhht Championnnnnnnn….JOOOOOOOOOHNNNNNNN….CEEEEEEENNNNNAAAA!

Ross: A huge ovation for the undisputed WWE Champion, John Cena! And it should come as a surprise to no one that the champ already has a number of superstars gunning for him.

Lawler: Yeah, J.R., I don’t know what the guys backstage are crazier over…wanting to be champion…or wanting to see anyone BUT Cena as champion!

Ross: I’d say that only covers a select few, King. Not everyone may like John Cena, but you better believe everyone respects the man’s ability and determination. In any event, we’ve already seen several messages sent tonight…from Miz challenging Cena to this match right here and now…to Randy Orton’s brutal assault on Evan Bourne…to Chris Jericho’s apparent messenger boy, Zack Ryder, eating concrete in the hallway for trying to intimidate Cena.

Lawler: Poor Ryder. Must’ve been the Zima.

Ross: I guess.

Match #5
Non-title match
THE MIZ (WWE Intercontinental Champion) vs. JOHN CENA (WWE World Heavyweight Champion)

Almost immediately after the bell rings, Miz begins trash talking Cena, who stares at Miz intensely without returning his end of the verbal exchange. The two men lock up, and Cena instantly takes Miz over with a headlock, prompting Miz to get back up and turn into a strong clothesline by the WWE Champion. This process repeats itself twice more, and Cena continues decking Miz with strong clotheslines, the last of which leaves Miz flat on his back and fighting to regain his vertical base.

Ross: John Cena coming out of the gate with tremendous intensity here!

Lawler: Notice how Cena didn’t return any of Miz’s trash talk! Cena’s all business right now.

Cena whips Miz into the ropes and catches him with a powerslam. Cena hooks the leg…




Ross: An early two-count for Cena, who’s wasting no time going to the heavy artillery, connecting on the big clotheslines and then following up with a strong powerslam.

Lawler: I think Miz might have been caught a little off guard by this early offense from Cena.

Ross: We’ve seen the serious side of John Cena tonight, particularly with how he handled that encounter with Zack Ryder. Normally Cena would’ve just laughed it off…instead he laughed Ryder’s face into the wall.

After several moments of a rear chinlock, Miz finds himself vertical again, connecting with several elbows into Cena’s gut, freeing himself from Cena’s clutches. Miz launches Cena into the ropes, but the champ ducks a clothesline, returning on the bounceback with an airborne shoulder block.

Ross: And Cena connects with the tackle!

Cena bounces off the ropes twice more with launching shoulder blocks. Cena leaps to his feet and yells at The Miz, “COME ON!” to the cheers of the crowd.

Ross: Cena showing great intensity!

Lawler: Man, Miz just can’t seem to get a foothold on this match!

Ross: The Miz is not lacking for effort, Cena’s just that damn good right now! The Intercontinental Champion has been on the defensive seemingly since the opening bell.

Miz, clearly hurting, gets back to his feet and walks right into a protoplex by Cena. Cena, dead serious, jumps to his feet and reaches his hand up in the air, looking out toward the crowd.

Ross: Could be Five Knuckle Shuffle time!

Cena bounces off the ropes and drops his fist into Miz’s face. As Miz works his way to his feet, Cena stands in the corner of the ring, hunched over in preparation of unleashing another offensive flurry on the Intercontinental Champion. Miz turns around and is picked up by Cena into the fireman’s carry…

Lawler: Oh no!

Ross: Here it comes! Attitude Adjustment!

Positioned on Cena’s soldiers, Miz begins squirming, and manages to fall behind Cena’s back. Miz quickly grabs a hold of Cena’s belt, and pulls him backward into a schoolboy rollup!

Ross: Oh, wait, Miz…pinning combination!




Ross: My goodness, Miz almost stole one from Cena!

Both men back on their feet, Miz now begins connecting with several straight shots. Miz whips Cena off the ropes. Cena ducks Miz’s clothesline, but Miz ducks Cena’s rebound clothesline, and successfully decks the WWE Champion with a clothesline on the return trip. Cena continues to hop back up but gets dropped by two more clotheslines by The Miz.

Ross: Miz now, for the first time in this match, starting to show some offense!

Lawler: Miz needed to slow down that onslaught from Cena, and he’s managed to do that.

Miz whips Cena into the turnbuckle, where he kicks away at him for several moments. Miz then jogs backward, and runs ahead full steam, connecting with Miz’s special running corner splash, landing horizontally on the second rope with his arm draped across Cena’s chest. Miz holds the position momentarily to look out into the crowd with a disgusted expression. Miz pushes Cena down onto the canvas and climbs the top rope.

Lawler: Oh yeah, J.R.! Here comes The Miz!

Ross: Miz able to generate some momentum as he scores with the corner splash. Now he’s headed upstairs.

Perched on the top rope, Miz waits for Cena to turn around…and connects with the missile dropkick! Miz covers…




Ross: Cena able to kick out! The WWE Champion has to be a little taken aback by this sudden outpouring from The Miz.

Lawler: What’s there to be taken aback by, J.R.? Miz is the Intercontinental Champion! He can go toe to toe with John Cena any night!

Ross: Well, that’s what Miz says, and you’d be hard pressed not to admit that he’s making a case for himself here tonight.

Miz bounces off the ropes and drops a pair of consecutive elbow drops. He goes for another cover…




Ross: And Cena again able to kick out. Once again ladies and gentlemen, you are watching Monday Night Raw, live from the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit, Michigan. This is our main event of the evening, as WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena accepted the challenge earlier tonight from Intercontinental Champion, The Miz, for this non-title main event contest.

Lawler: This is about more than titles for The Miz, J.R., if that’s even possible. He wants – no, he NEEDS – to prove he can beat John Cena.

Ross: He’s been trying for years. Tonight could be the night. Cena dominated the early going, but Miz has rebounded tremendously and now is in control. Ever since Cena failed to score with the Attitude Adjustment, Miz has had the upper hand.

Miz carries Cena into the corner and props him up on the top rope. Miz hits a few shots to the head, then begins to ascend the ropes as well.

Ross: Oh, no, what’s Miz thinking here…

Miz begins to position Cena for the superplex, but Cena starts to connect with a few shots of his own.

Ross: Cena fighting back here! It’s a dangerous battle up on that top rope!

Both men trade shots until Cena lands several in a row…sending Miz flying backward, as he lands flat on the mat.

Ross: And down goes The Miz!

With Miz hunched over, Cena stands upright on the top rope…and comes down on the back of Miz’s head with the leaping leg drop! Cena goes for the cover…




Lawler: Oh man, how’d Miz kick out of that?!

Ross: You’ve got me, King. Cena coming down with all of his weight on the back of The Miz’s head there.

Both men get back up. Cena begins flying off the ropes and connects with two more shoulder tackles.

Ross: And here comes Cena again with the offense! We’re right back where we started!

Miz gets back to his feet, and walks into the release fisherman suplex by Cena. Cena urgently gets back up and faces The Miz, preparing to score with a big offensive maneuver.

Ross: Cena scores with the fisherman’s suplex!

Lawler: Oh no! Miz!

Ross: And now it may be time for the champ to end this!

Cena waits, poised, as Miz turns around. Cena picks him up into the fireman’s carry…but Miz begins squirming again…

Ross: Cena! Is he gonna…wait…

Miz again fights out of the Attitude Adjustment! He lands behind Cena…and begins to hook him up for the Skull Crushing Finale!

Ross: Oh wait! Miz! Going for the….wait!

Just before Miz can drop Cena face-first into the mat, Cena elbows Miz in the face, hooks his feet on Miz’s ankle, takes him down with the drop toe hold…

Ross: CENA!

…and locks in the STF!

Ross: Cena’s got it! STF! STF is locked in!

Lawler: Oh no! Miz! Don’t tap out!

Ross: He’s got it locked in!

Cena is wrenching back on the STF as the crowd Is cheering wildly. Miz is clearly in excruciating pain. Miz acts as if he’s going to lift his hand in the air.

Suddenly, the crowd lets out a gasp, and many fans begin booing.

Ross: Hey wait!

Just as Miz is about to tap out, Randy Orton enters the ring and kicks Cena in the top of the head with the bottom of his boot. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: JOHN CENA by DQ @ 14:47​
Ross: Damn it! What the hell does Randy Orton think he’s doing out here?! Cena had the match won!

Orton begins pummeling away on Cena as the timekeeper rings the bell repeatedly. As this is happening, Miz rolls out of the ring and begins stumbling back up the ramp.

With Cena down in the corner, Orton slowly gets back up to his feet. Orton heartlessly gazes around at the crowd, then looks down at Cena, who is on all fours in the corner. Orton squints his eyes and tilts his head.

Lawler: Uh-oh…

Ross: Wait…no…don’t tell me…DAMN IT ORTON…don’t do it!

Orton slowly walks backward to the opposite corner, fixated on the fatigued Cena. His forehead pointed downward, Orton begins to make animalistic facial expressions.

Ross: Oh dear God! Don’t it! Someone stop him!

Lawler: Here is comes J.R.! Cena’s title reign’s gonna end right now!

Ross: Orton’s gonna punt Cena! Someone’s gotta stop Orton!

The crowd is in a panicked frenzy. Orton, grabbing the adjacent top ropes, is now hopping up and down. Orton slaps himself in the face once with both hands, then charges!

Ross: OH GOD NO!

Suddenly, the crowd begins to erupt in a surprised cheer. Orton is charging toward Cena, but as he reaches center ring, he stops, looks to his left…

And gets kicked in the face by Sheamus!


Lawler: WHAAAAT?!

Ross: My God we haven’t seen Sheamus since Orton punted HIM at the Royal Rumble!

The crowd cheering wildly – though somewhat confused as to how to react to the returning Irishman – Sheamus looks out into the crowd with a wild-eyed looked, pounds his chest, then turns around and begins viciously stomping Orton.

Ross: Sheamus is beating the hell out of Randy Orton! Sheamus has a major score to settle here! Orton took Sheamus’ WWE Title, then he tried to take his career when he punted him in the head and caused Sheamus to miss WrestleMania! The Celtic Warrior is out for revenge!

Frantically, Orton rolls out of the ring, but Sheamus chases him down onto the floor. Both men vertical, Sheamus and Orton trade blows as they make their way up behind the ramp heading toward the backstage area.

Ross: My God what a brawl between Sheamus and Orton! They’ll fight all over the building!

Back in the ring, Cena is on one knee, watching bewilderedly as Sheamus and Orton vanish into the distance.

Ross: I know Sheamus has no love for Cena, but Randy Orton might just have ended the champ’s career if not for the Irishman making his very unexpected return here tonight!

Lawler: This is crazy, J.R.!

Ross: And lost in all this is the fact that Cena wins his match against The Miz by disqualification.


Cena gets back on his feet as his music begins to play, to the cheers of the crowd.

Ross: Well it was an auspicious start to John Cena’s reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion here tonight, but if nothing else he’ll escape with his head still attached to his shoulders. You’ve just gotta…HEY WAIT!

From out of nowhere, Chris Jericho enters the ring behind Cena, turns him around, and drops him with the Codebreaker! Jericho, now wearing just his dress pants and a loosely buttoned dress shirt, scolds Cena, to major heat.

Lawler: Where did Jericho come from?!

Ross: Chris Jericho, that damn heathen, came out of nowhere and dropped the WWE Champion!

Jericho is screaming at Cena.


Jericho slaps Cena in the head.


Ross: Damn that Jericho!

Lawler: Is John Cena wearing a huge target on his back or what, J.R.?!


Ross: That’s the price of carrying the greatest prize in our industry. The whole damn world is gunning for John Cena. The only question is if Cena can weather the storm.

Jericho is staring down angrily at Cena as the crowd continues to boo.

Ross: We’re out of time, folks. For Jerry “The King” Lawler, I’m Jim Ross, bidding you farewell from Detroit. Damn it, Jericho.

With Cena still motionless, Jericho, smirking, stares up at the center camera as the screen fades to black.

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