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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

Smackdown Preview for Thursday January 20, 2005

JBL and The Basham Brothers will be facing Kurt Angle, Luther Reigns, and Mark Jindrak in the main event. Will JBL and Angle face off against each other 10 days before there big match.

Also, as we prepare for the Crusierweight Chaos Tournament at the Royal Rumble, we will have a Fatal 4 Way with Paul London, Chavo Guerrero, Spike Dudley, and Shannon Moore.

Plus, the United States title will be on the line as Orlando Jordan will be facing Booker T in what promises to be an amazing match

All this and more on this week's Smackdown!

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

hey everybody, everytime i typed up smackdown it woulde delete it and it was getting really annoying so i will post the results and what else happened!
Match Results:

1)*Cruiserweight- Fatal 4 Way- Chavo Guerrero def Spike Dudley, Paul London, and Shannon Moore. Dudley and Moore were fighting outside the ring and London hit a Flying Plancha over the top rope, London then went into the ring and accidentaly ran into the Gory Bomb.

2)The Dudley's are backstage and they demand there tag team title shots happen tonight, butTedy Long says since they want competiton they can face former champions Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio, he then said it was next.

3)Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs The Dudley Boyz was a no contest after The Bashams and Orlando Jordan attacked all 4 of them.
4) Interview w/ Kurt Angle. Kurt stated that he was prepared for the match of his life. Tedy Long then walks by and states that if JBL loses the title by DQ, countout, or interference at the Royal Rumble he will be stripped of the title, and if Kurt Angle loses by DQ, countout, or interference, he will never recieve a title shot as long as he is GM!

5)Tazz and Cole go over the card for the Royal Rumble

6)Undertaker def Rene Dupree, this was due to Dupree hitting Taker with a steel chair at the beginning of the show. Taker hits the Tombstone for the win.

7)Interview w/ John Cena, Cena is attacked from behind by Orlando Jordan during the interview.

8)*U.S.- Orlando Jordan def Booker T after his new finishing move, the Tiger Bomb is hit.

9)Video package shown of the Royal Rumble history

10)Teddy Long gives a pep talk to the people from SD! competing in the Royal Rumble

11)John Cena def The Big Show after an F-U

12) Kurt Angle and his proteges def JBL and The Bashams via DQ after JBL smacks Angle across the head with a sledgehammer.

Sorrt about it messing up, but next week Smackdown will be back to regular length

Velocity Taping Results

1)Kenzo Suzuki def Scotty 2 Hotty
2)Heidenreich def Charlie Haas
3)Funaki and Nunzio def Billy Kidman and Akio

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

Raw Preview for Monday January 24, 2005

RAW will be coming to you live from Phoenix, Arizona as the Road to the Royal Rumble will continue.

GM Eric Bischoff has a announcement concerning Raw's Royal Rumble competitors. What will it be and how will it effect RAW?

Plus last week, Bischoff announced that Shawn Michaels will go one on one with Ric Flair and Edge and Triple H will team up to face Randy Orton and Chris Benoit.

And will the tension continue between Christian and Tyson Tomko as Christian will be in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match against Kane.

Tune in for this and more, this Monday on RAW!

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

i would appreciate it if you left comments

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

RAW's opening video plays and we are welcomed to the show.

J.R.- What a night we've got for you as Shawn Michaels will face Ric Flair.

King- But J.R., wait thats not all our main event, Edge and Triple H will team up to take on the dangerous duo of Randy Orton and Chris Benoit.

J.R.- And King, your favorite superstar will be in action.

King- That's right as Christian will face Kane in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match.

J.R.- Will the tension between Christian and Tyson Tomko come to a halt as Christian looks for a spot in the Rumble?

"I'm Back" plays over the speakers

Bischoff- Ladies and Gentlemen, we are only 6 days away from the Royal Rumble.

Bischoff- And we only have 5 competitors announced from Raw for the Royal Rumble.

Bischoff- So.....

"Glass Shatters" plays over the speakers.

J.R.- It Can't be.

King- It is, It's Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Stone Cold-If you are glad Stone Cold is back give me a Hell Yeah.

Fans- Hell Yeah!!!!!

Stone Cold- Stone Cold, here is here for a reason, (WHAT?) I'm here to be your new G.M.(WHAT?) Mr. McMahon (WHAT?) Said that (WHAT?) If I wanted to (WHAT?) Come back (WHAT?) That I Could be (WHAT?) the GM (WHAT?) of RAW (WHAT?)

Bischoff- You cant be the GM.(WHAT?)

Stone Cold- And why not (WHAT?)

Bishcoff- Because I am (WHAT?)

Stone Cold- Oh (WHAT?) You are arnet yo(WHAT?)

Stone Cold- Well(WHAT?) You wont be for too long(WHAT?)

Bischoff- What are you talking about?

Stone Cold- This is what i'm talking about (WHAT?)

Stone Cold then stuns Bischoff.

King- J.R., I cannot belive it, Stone Cold is back and he's our new General Manger.

J.R.- What a way to kick of RAW

King- You got that right.

J.R.- But what about Raw's 10 other Royal Rumble competitors?

King- I guess we'l, have to wait to find out.


Match #1
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match- Kane vs Christian

Match Finish- Christian hits the Unprettier and Tomko comes in setting up for the Big Boot on Kane whenever Kane ducks and Tomko hits Christian. Kane then chokelams Tomko,and Tombstones Christian for thw win.

Winner- Kane

King- Well, J.R. Kane has qualified for the Royal Rumble.

J.R.- So that means only 9 spots are open for RAW.

King- Yeah but what about Christian and Tomko. What's going to happen?

J.R.- I really dont know.

King- Hopefully Christian will forgive Tomko.

J.R.- Tomko has cost Christian two titles and a spot in the Rumble.

King- Oh well that means he wont forgive him.


(SCSA's office)

Christian- Now Stone Cold, I know you and I have our differences. And I really dont like you but....(WHAT?)

SCSA- But what? (WHAT?)

Christian- I need a favor from you (WHAT?)

SCSA- Why should I give you a favor whenever you were protesting against me as Gm in 2003? (WHAT?)

Christian- Well that was then (WHAT?)

SCSA- Ok (WHAT?) What's the favor(WHAT?)

Christian- I need a match against Tyson Tomko this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. (WHAT?)

SCSA- What? (WHAT?)

Christian- I need to face Tyson Tomko. (WHAT?)

SCSA- O.K. (WHAT?) So this Sunday (WHAT?) You will face (WHAT?) Tyson Tomko (WHAT?) at the Royal Rumble (WHAT?)

Christian- Thanks (WHAT?)

J.R.- What an announcement by GM Stone Cold

King- Christian and Tyson Tomko will try to settle their differences this Sunday at the Royal Rumble and also...

MaVen's music hits...

Match #2
Maven vs Batista

Match Finish- MaVen comes to the ring complaining about not being in the Royal Rumble. He issies an challenge to any competitor backstage.

*Batista's music hits*

Match Finish- Batista nails Maven with a Spinebuster followed by the Batista Bomb for the win.

Winner- Batista


*Trish's music hits*

King- OH!! Puppies J.R.

J.R.- Yes King you are right.

King- Does Trish look hotter than ever?

J.R.- King she is hot but she also is a jezabell.

Trish- Lita, you know that at times we have been friends and at other times we were enemies but lets take a look at when we were enemies

*A video is shown of Trish mainly dominating Lita in past matches*

Trish- Now Lita, if I'm correct most of those matches shown saw me getting the 1....2....3.

Trish- But Lita, this Sunday you can add the match between me and you to that video as I will ein.

Trish- Lita, I will show no remorse, It's a No Disqualification Match, anything goes..

Trish- And one other thing Lita, this Sundya .....

*Lita's music hits*

Lita- Trish, I hate to hurt your feeling but about this Sunday, there is No way in hell you will win.

Lita- Trish, the only reason you are still champ is because I have been injured and there is no other real competiton here.

Trish- Oh yeah, I'm the only competiton RAW has and look, i'm the champ.

Lita- Well, Trish count the days until I wi the Championship.

Lita- But let's give this a little twist.

*Lita then hits the Twist of Fate on Trish*

Lita- The Twist..... is The Twist of Fate!

King- What will be Lita's fate after Trish kicks her butt at the Royal Rumble and retains her title.

J.R.- I seriously doubt that will happen because Lita is on the top of her game.

King- And also, announced earlier tonight,Christian will face Tyson Tomko one on one.

J.R.- And for the World Heavyweight Championship, Triple H will put his title on the line against Chris Benoit.

King- Will Triple H succumb to the Crippler Crossface or will Benoit watch Triple H pedigree his way to victory.

J.R.- And the main event. The Royal Rumble match.

King- As the theme says... 30 Men, 2 Shows, 1 ring and 1 shot to headline WrestleMania XXI.

King- And for more on the Smackdown side we send you to Michael Cole and Tazz.

*Michael Cole and Tazz are shown on the JumboTron*

Tazz- What a night Smackdown is going to have at the Royal Rumble as we will open up with the Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament.

Cole- Thats right 8 men will fight for the #1 Contendership for the Cruiserweight title.

Tazz- And after making there return the Dudley Boyz will face the champions, The Basham Brothers for the WWE Tag Tean titles in an Tables Match.

Cole- And the Smackdown main event, JBL will be defending his own WWE title against Kurt Angle.

Tazz- Now back to you guys.

J.R.- Coming up next, the Intercontinental title will be on the line as Shelton Benjamin defends against Simon Dean.


Match #3
*Intercontinental- Shelton Benjamin vs Simon Dean

Winner- Benjamin goes for the Stinger Splash but he hits the ref on accident. Dean then nails Benjamin across the head with his gym bag. He then pulls out the Weight Belt and tries to whip Benjamin but Benjamin grabs it and nails Simon across the face with it. The ref did'nt see so Benjamin jumps up and hits the T-Bone Suplex for the win.

Winner- Shelton Benjamin


*Glass Shatters plays over the speakers*

SCSA- I have decided (WHAT?) Who the final 9 (WHAT?) competitors (WHAT?) for the Royal Rumble (WHAT?) will be(WHAT?)

SCSA- They are as follows (WHAT?) Gene Snitsky (WHAT?) William Regal (WHAT?) Rhyno (WHAT?) Muhammad Hassan (WHAT?) Ric Flair (WHAT?) Tajiri(WHAT?) Shelton Benjamin (WHAT?) Randy Orton (WHAT?) and Shawn Michaels (WHAT?)

J.R.- What an announcement by our G.M. concerning the Royal Rumble.

King- And it just got bigger with the 9 other additions from RAW

Match #4
Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair

Match Finish- Michaels goes for the Sweet Chin Music but Flair ducks he then kneechops HBK and locks on the Figure 4 Leg Lock and HBk is forced to tap out.

Winner- Ric Flair


Match #5
Triple H and Edge vs Chris Benoit and Randy Orton

Match Finish- Benoit has the Crippler Crossface locked on Triple H but Edge brings a chair into the ring and hits Benoit with it, soon all of RAW's competitors come out here to brawl and then.....

*SCSA's Glass Shatters plays*

J.R.- Stone Cold is riding that 4 wheeler down to the ring.

King- He spun out. and left tire marks back here.

SCSA then stuns everyone in the ring and the show comes to an end with Stone Cold standing on the middle of the ring drinking beer and celebrating due to him being the only one standing.

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

Negatives and suggestions

- use spell check, there's just a few mistakes.

- Use colour, it will attract more readers.

- Write your matches in full, it makes it better to read instead of just the finish.

- I did'nt like how Stone Cold just came back and got the GM job. There was no story just "Vince said I could have the GM job." I hope you follow this story on, instead of Austin just coming back and stunning Bischoff.

- I think you should leave the (What?) chants out. It's annoying that they still do it now on the WWE. It just interupts the flow of the writing and really started to piss me off.


- Christian making a match at the Rumble against Tomko. It's about time Christian ditched the shit bastard.

- Benoit vs HHH should be a good match and the Smackdown card for the rumble looks okay.

Overall it was an okay show. Just work on the negatives and it will improve. 5/10

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

Smackdown Preview for Thursday January 27, 2005

With The Royal Rumble only 3 days away, how will JBL and Kurt Angle be preparing for the WWE title match?

Plus, in 6 man Cruiserweight action, Funaki, Paul London, and Shannon Moore will team up to take on Akio, Billy Kidman, and Spike Dudley.

For this and more, tune into Smackdown this Thursday

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

Sorry Everybody, but I'm going to have to do higlights for Smackdown! again.
I had the whole show typed and I went to go get some water and when I came back my cp froze up. I had everything typed. I had a great match too.
But I'm not really happy so here are the results and important events.

1)Teddy Long opened up the show announcing that later tonight there would be a #30 Entrant Royal Rumble Battle Royal.

2) D-Von Dudley def Danny Basham after he hit the Saving Grace.

3)There was an Interview with The Dudley Boyz asking them about there match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble.

4)Bubba Ray Dudley def Doug Basham via DQ after Doug DDT'd Bubba onto a stel chair

5)There was a segment between JBL and Kurt Angle in a Contract Signing for their match this Sunday.

6)Akio, Spike Dudley, and Billy Kidman def Funaki, Paul London, and Shannon Moore after Akio hit the Akio time on Paul London.

7)Teddy Long then announced that there would be a Cruiserweight Gauntlet next week on Smackdown after watching the Cruiserweight Match earlier in the night.

8) #30 Royal Rumble Entrant Battle Royal

Winenr- The Undertaker

Order of Elimination

1)Kenzo Suzuki by Mark Jindrak
2)Charlie Haas by Eddie Guerrero
3)Scotty 2 Hotty by Rey Mysterio
4)Mark Jindrak by Luther Reigns
5)Luther Reigns by Undertaker
6)Rene Dupree by Eddie Guerrero
7)Hardcore Holly by Heidenreich
8)Heidenreich by Booker T
9)Booker T by Eddie Guerrero
10)The Big Show by The Undertaker
11)Orlando Jordan by John Cena
12)John Cena by Rey Mysterio
13)Rey Mysterio by The Undertaker
14)Eddie Guerrero by The Undertaker

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

The Royal Rumble Sunday January 30, 2005 Fresno, California

World Heavyweight Championship
Triple H vs Chris Benoit

Women's Championship
No Disqualification Match
Lita vs Trish Stratus

Christian vs Tyson Tomko

WWE Championship
Kurt Angle vs JBL

If JBL loses by DQ, Countout, or Interference he will lose the title
If Angle loses by DQ, Countout, or Interference he will never recieve another WWE title shot as long as Teddy Long is GM

WWE Tag Team Championships
Tables Match
The Basham Brothers vs The Dudley Boyz

Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament

Round 1 Matches

Funaki vs Spike Dudley
Paul London vs Akio
Billy Kidman vs Shannon Moore
Nunzio vs Ultimo Dragon

The Royal Rumble Match

RAW- Chris Jericho, Gene Snitsky, Chris Masters, William Regal, Rhyno, Muhammad Hassan, Ric Flair, Tajiri, Batista, Kane, Shelton Benjamin, Randy Orton, Matt Hardy, Shawn Michaels, and Edge

Smackdown!- Luther Reigns, Heidenreich, Mark Jindrak, Hardcore Holly, Charlie Haas, Booker T, Kenzo Suzuki, Scotty 2 Hotty, Eddie Guerrero, Rene Dupree, The Big Show, John Cena, Orlando Jordan, Rey Mysterio, Undertaker

Don't Forget to Put Your Predictions :lmao

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

The Royal Rumble

A video is shown higlighting past Royal Rumbles.

A video is then shown of the rivalries between Christian/Tomko, Lita/Trish, Benoit/HHH, and Angle/JBL.

Narrator- And now, WWE Raw and Smackdown proudly presents, The Royal Rumble.

*Build a Bridge by Limp Bizkit hits*

J.R.- Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Royal Rumble.

King- What a night it's going to be.

J.R.- I can not truly wait.

King- we've got HHH vs Benoit, Lita vs Trish, and Tomko vs Christian.

J.R.- And for Smackdown's card, let's send it to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Cole- Raw has a pretty good card, but Tazz do you think we can top it?

Tazz- Of Course we can Cole, we've got the Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament.

Cole- Dont forget about the tables match for the Tag Team Titles.

Tazz- Oh I wont but certainly, the reason why most fans are in the seats right now, JBL will defend his WWE title against Kurt Angle.

*You Can Run hits*

Tony Chimel- The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Semifinal Match in the Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament... Introducing first weighing in at 195 lbs, Billy Kidman.

*Nunzio's music hits*

Chimel- And his opponent weighing in at 175 lbs, Nunzio.

Match #1
Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament Semifinal- Billy Kidman vs Nunzio

Kidman and Nunzio start off with Kidman taking Nunzio down with an Armbar takedown. Nunzio then punches Kidman in the jaw. Kidman is trying to recover and Nunzio comes up from behind him and kneechops him. Kidman falls to the ground. Nunzio then whips Kidman into the ropes and Nunzio runs at him but Kidman ducks and Nunzio goes flying over the top rope. Kidman then decides to go for a Suicide Plancha over the top rope. he jumps and he succesfully lands on Nunzio. The ref starts to count...one..two...three...four...five....six....seven. Nunzio makes his waty back into the ring. Kidman cheapshots Nunzio whenever Nunzio was getting up. Kidman irish whips Nunzio into the ringpost.He goes for an Stinger Splash but Nunzio moves and the rollup.. one....two..th. Kidman kicks out. Nunzio the kicks Kidman in the gut and Irish Whips him into the ropes and whenever Kidman is coming back Nunzio nails him with an Dropkick. Nunzio then gets ready for the Sicillian Slice, but Kidman punches Nunzio in the gut. Nunzio is laying by the ropes whenver Kidman picks him up and hits the BK Bomb. The cover...one....two...th... Nunzio somehow kicks out. Kidman is frustrated and tries to go for another BK Bomb but Nunzio reverses it into an cradle...one...two..thr. Kidman kicks out. Nunzio then climbs to the middle rope and once again goes for the Sicillian Slice. He has him and he jumps butKidman ducks and is met with a dropkick. Kidman drags Nunzio over to the corner and signals for the Shooting Star Prees. Kidman nails it and the cover..one...two...three

Winner- Billy Kidman

Tazz- What a way to kick off the Royal Rumble.

Cole- That's how you do it Smackdown style.

Tazz- Cole, I cannot wait for the other Cruiserweight Chaos Matches.

Cole- Aren't you glad Cruiserweights are on Smackdown?

Tazz- Yes I am, and dont forget they are exclusive to Smackdown!

J.R.- What a match that was between Billy Kidman and Nunzio.

King- I'm getting sick of Cole and Tazz always bragging about them having the Cruiserweights.

King- Well since they brag so much, I will to. RAW is the exclusive home of HOT women such as Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler. Now top that Smackdown!

J.R.- King calm down, we've got a match to call.

*Boy Hits Car hits*

Lillian Garcia- The following contest is a No Disqualification Match and it is for the WWE Women's Championship. Introducing first the challenger, from Sanford, North Carolina, Lita!!!

*Keys to the City hits*

Garcia- Introducing the WWE Women's Champion from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Trish Stratus.

Match #2
*Women's- No Disqualification Match- Trish Stratus vs Lita

Trish tries to finish it early with a Chick Kick but Lita ducks and Lita hits a DDT on Trish. Lita irsh whips Trish into the ropes and she then hits the Lou Thesz Press on Trish. Lita throws Trish over the top rope and looks for a weapon. Trish got up and slammed Lita's face onto the ring post. Trish then goes and grabs her belt and attempts to wack Lita across the head with it but instead she hits the post with it and she turns around into a dropkick from Lita. Lita then grabs a chair from underneath the ring. She then smacks Trish with it and then grabs a microphone.

Lita- Trish, how does it feel to be in pain.

Lita- Huh, what was that Trish, what did you say?

Lita- You want more, ok!

Lita then smacks Trish across the head with the microphone busting open Trish's head. Lita then goes for a Twist of Fate but Trish pushes her off and then Lita turns around into the Chick Kick, the cover one....two..thr.. Lita kicks out. Trish then looks underneath the ring and finds a Ladder. Trish then grabs it and goes to hit Lita with it but Lita ducks and trips Trish, whose face hits the ladder when it falls. Lita then throws a lifeless Trish onto the Spanish Announcer's table. Lita sets up the Ladder and climbs to the top.

J.R.- For God's sake Lita, dont risk yourself.

King- She's going to do it anyways.

J.R.- NO! Lita. NO!

Lita then attempts a Swanton off the Ladder onto Trish who is laying on the table. The cover, one...two..thr.

J.R.- Oh MY GOD! How did Trish kick out of that?

King- I really dont know that J.R.

J.R.- What an amazing move by Lita and Trish still kicks out.

King- I guess Trish is remembering it's not only for the title but for the pride and respect.

Lita is frustrated that Trish kicked out after that Swanton. Lita then goes for a Twist of Fate but Trish reverses it into an DDT, the cover. one...two...thr.. Lita kicks out. Trish once again goes for the Chick Kick but she misses and she lands on her ankle. The ref calls for paramedics, and Lita looks concerned but Trish then jumps up fine and succesfully Chick Kicks Lita for the win.

Winner- Trish Stratus

J.R.- What a match King, but for God's sake Trish had to cheat to win.

King- A win's a win, so either way Trish stilll has the title.

J.R.- Lita had it won, but Trish had to pull that trick on her.

King- I have no idea what you are talking about J.R.

J.R.- Oh dont play stupid, King.

Cole- Well, coming up next is another Cruiserweight Chaos Semifinal.

Tazz- And if it's anything like Kidman vs Nunzio, we are in for a treat.

Cole- That is right Tazz.

*Shannon Moore's music hits*

Chimmel- The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Cruiserweight Chaos Semifinal Match. Introducing first from Cameron, North Carolina weighing in at 175 lbs, Shannon Moore!!!

*Ultimo Dragon's music hits*

Chimmel- And his opponent from Nagoya, Japan weighing in at 180 lbs, Ultimo Dragon!!!
Match #3
Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament Semifinal- Ultimo Dragon vs Shannon Moore

The two start off the match with a handshake. Moore then twists Dragon's arm but Dragon does a backflip and lands safely, he then kneechops Moore.
Moore then dropkicks Dragon into the turnbuckle. Moore goes running at Dragon but Dragon ducks and Moore runs into the post. Dragon then kicks Moore right in the jaw, the cover, one...two..thr...kick out by Moore. Dragon then picks up Moore and tries to hit an Enziguri but somehow Moore reverses it and he pushes Dragon off to the side. Moore then hits an Head Scissors on Dragon, Moore picks him up and irish whips Dragon into the ropes, then hits an Spinning Heel kick. the cover, one....two..thr, Dragon kicks out. Dragon then hits an series of kicks and then grabs Moore and drags him to the side of the ring. Moore gets up and is met by the Asai Moonsault, one...two...three.

Winner- Ultimo Dragon

Tazz- Ultimo Dragon has made his return and will face Billy Kidman later tonight.

Cole- Great to see Ultimo Dragon back and he starts off his return with a win.

Tazz- Not only a win but he advanced into the quarterfinals.

Cole- He will face Billy Kidman later tonight.

Tazz- But up next, we have another Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament semifinal.

Cole- And it will be Funaki vs Spike Dudley.

*Funaki's music hits*

Chimmel- The following contest is another Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament Semifinal and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first from Japanm weighing in at 180 lbs., Funaki!

Chimmel- And his opponent from New York, New York weighing in at 150 lbs, Spike Dudley.

Match #4
Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament Semifinal Match- Funaki vs Spike Dudley

Funaki and Spike start off with Funaki kicking Spike in the gut. Funaki then throws some punches in on Spike. Funaki goes for a Leg Scissors Takedown but Spike reverses it and he pushes Funaki off of him to buy some time. Spike then cheap shots Funaki when the ref wasnt looking. Funaki is down and Spike climbs to the top rope to deliver the stomp, He goes for it but Funaki rolls away and Spike lands and he twisted his ankle. Whenever Spike starts to limp over to Funaki he is met by back to back standing dropkicks. Funaki then picks him up and hits a Bodyslam. Funaki goes for the Tornado DDT but Spike pushes him off, and Funaki goes flying over the top rope. one.....two....three....four....five....six......seven.. Funaki comes in, Spike then starts to stomp on him and Spike sets up for the Dudley Dog but Funaki pushes him away and whenever Spike turns around, Funaki enziguri's Spike and then brings SPike to the corner for the Torndao DDT, Funaki hits it ,a nd the cover...one....two...thr.. Spike kicks out somehow. Funaki is frustrated and Spike takes advantage of Funaki not paying attention and he Dudley Dog's Funaki, the cover...one....two...thre.... Funaki kicks out right before the ref's hand was going to hit the mat. Spike is arguing with the ref, and Funaki goes for a cradle, one....two..thr, but Spike reverses it into another cradle, Spike has his hands on the ropes, one...two...three..

Winner- Spike Dudley

Cole- Spike stole another match.

Tazz- How did he steal it?

Cole- He had his hands on the ropes.

Tazz- I sure didnt see it, and i guess the ref didnt either.

Cole- Well obviously the ref didnt see it.

Tazz- Well we've got one more Cruiserweight Chaos Semifinal and then we'll send it over to RAW.

*Paul London's music hits*

Chimmel- The following contest is another Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament Semifinal Match. Introducing first, from Austin, Texas, weighing in at 205 lbs.
Paul London!!!

*Akio's music hits*

Chimmel- And his opponent from Japan weighing in at 205 lbs., Akio!

Match #5
Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament Semifinal- Paul London vs Akio

The match starts off with Akio irish whiping London into the ropes, Akio tries to Drop Kick London but he holds onto the ropes. London then hits a Catapult Headscissors Takedown. Akio gets up and is greeted by a Dropkick. London then clotheslines Akio over the top rope. London then goes for a Over the Top Rope Plancha but Akio moves and London lands hard. The ref starts to count.one....two...three....four...five...six...seven...eight...nin..London gets back into the ring. Akio then climbs to the top rope for a Moonsault and he goes for it but London ducks and he hits the ref. London then picks up Akio, and Billy Kidman is running down the ramp with a steel chair. London doesnt know until he gets in the ring. Kidman goes to hit London with it but London ducks and it hits Akio, London then Superkick's the chair in Kidman's face. London then grabs kidman and Akio, while the ref is coming to his senses and he hits a double Shooting Star Press on both Kidman and Akio. London then covers Akio, one...two...three

Winner- Paul London

Cole- That was a great first round of Cruiserweight matches.

Tazz- I certainly cannot disagree Cole.

Cole- London showed heart, tonight, and that's why he will move on to face Spike Dudley later tonight.

Tazz- And also, Billy Kidman will face off with Ultimo Dragon.

Cole- Let's send it over to J.R. and King.

J.R.- Thank you guys.

King- That was some pretty good matches they put on but we can top that.

J.R.- We sure can King and here's why.

*A Video is shown of Christian/Tyson Tomko*

*Just Close Your Eyes*

Garcia- the following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 235 lbs. ,Christian.

*Tomko's music hits*

Garcia- And his opponent weighing in at 285 lbs, Tyson Tomko.

Match #6
Christian vs Tyson Tomko

The two former friends stare at each other thinking that for the first time they will wrestle against each other. Eventually Christian comes to his senses knowing that Tomko betrayed him and Christian slaps Tomko in the face. Tomko then turns around and kicks Christian in the gut. Tomko goes for the Big Boot early but Christian ducks and he low blows Tomko. The ref wasnt looking. Christian picked up Tomko and irish whiped him into the ropes, Christian goes to clothesline Tomko but Tomko punches Christian in the jaw. Tomko then picks up Christian and hits a Scoop Slam.the cover, one...two..thr, Christian kicks out. Tomko sets up for a Powerbomb but Christian reverses it it into a rollup, one...two..thr.. Tomko kicks out. Christian runs outside the ring. Tomko comes out and Christian spears Tomko. Christian starts to punch Tomko repeatedly. Christian attempts to throw Tomko into the steps but Tomko reverses it and Christian goes flying into the steel steps. Tomko picks Christian up and slams him down on the steps. Tomko throws Christian into the ring. the cover, one...two..thre.. Christian kicks out. Tomko id mad and decides to go for the powerbomb, he hits, the cover, one...two..thre.. Christian kicks out again. Tomko then sets up for the Big Boot and he goes for it but Christian ducks and he ends up reversing it into the Unprettier, the cover, one...two..three.

Winner- Christian

King- All of the peeps are going crazy.

J.R.- I dont see one damn peep in this whole building.

King- There's a sign that says peep.

J.R.- It sure is, too bad it's in Christian's handwriting.

King- Oh be quiet J.R.

J.R.- Let's send it back to Tazz and Cole.

Tazz- We have been informed that Teddy Long requested that the next match be a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match. There will be no more tournament matches.

Cole- Either way, the Cruiserweights will blow the roof off.

*You Can Run*

Chimmel- The following contest is a Fatal 4 Way Cruiserweight Elimination Match. Introducing first weighing in at 195 lbs from Allentown, Pennsylvania, Billy Kidman.

*Ultimo Dragon's music hits*

Chimmel-from Nagoya, Japan weighing in at 180 lbs, Ultimo Dragon!!!

*Spike Dudley's music hits*

Chimmel- From New York, New York weighing in at 150 lbs, Spike Dudley.

*London's music hits*

Chimmel- And finally, from Austin, Texas weighing in at 205 lbs, Paul London.

Match #7
#1 Contender's Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match- Billy Kidman vs Paul London vs Ultimo Dragon vs Spike Dudley

The way the match works it 2 people will be in the ring and for another peron to come in you must tag them in.Dudley and Dragon start off the match. Dragon starts off with an armbar. Dudley tries to reverse it but he cant. Dragon then picks up Dudley and hits a backbreaker. Dudley tries to get up but he cant. Dragon then picks up Dudley and hits Dudley with a Five Kick Combo. Dragon tags in London. London climbs to the top rope and delivers a dropkick, the cover, one...two..th, Dudley kicks out. Dudley gets up eventually and kicks London in the gut. Dudley then runs and tags in Kidman. London runs at Kidman and clotheslines Kidman down. Kidman gets up but is met by a dropkick. London tries to tag Dudley in but Spike refuses to come in so London slaps him. Dudley eventually comes in. Kidman hits a Headscissors Takedown on Dudley, Dudley gets mad and stomps around the ring. Kidman then drop kicks Dudley. Kidman drags Dudley to the corner and tags in Dragon. Dragon jumps over the top rope and lands a Plancha on Dudley, the cover, one...two..thr.... Dudley kicks out. Dudley gets up and is met by a Jumping Spin Kick, Dragon then climbs the turnmbuckle and he attempts the Asai Moonsault but he misses and Dudley rolls him up...one...two...thr... Dragon kicks out. Dudley goes over and tags in Kidman. Kidman comes running in and clotheslines Dragon. He irish whips Dragon into the corner. Dragon comes running back and is hit by the BK Bomb, Kidman drags Draon to the corner and he signals for the Shooting Star Press. He attempts it and he lands it, the cover, one...two...three

Ultimo Dragon is Eliminated

London comes in but Kidman is tired so he tags in Dudley. Dudley comes running at London but he is hit by the Drop Toe Hold. London then dropkicks Dudley. Dudley gets up and is greeted by an Enziguri. London goes for a Shooting Star Press but Kidman runs over and pushes him off the turnbuckle and London falls all the way to the outside. London gets back in at an 8 count. Dudley then stomps on London and he goes for the Dudley Dog but London reverses it into an cradle, the cover, one...two..three...

Spike Dudley is eliminated

It has come down to two former tag team partners. Paul London and Billy Kidman. London offers to shake hands but Kidman kicks London in the gut, Kidman then irsh whips London into the ring post. He goes to clothesline London but London ducks and then runs across the ring to set up for the Stinger Splash, he jumps and Kidman ducks but London lands on the top rope he turns around and hits an Hurricanrana on Kidman. the cover, one...two..thr, Kidman kicks out. London then attenpts to do the BK Bomb but Kidman pushes London to the side before London could do it. Kidman then hits a Spinning Heel Kick on London and he drags London to the middle of the ring. Kidman is atttempting an Ultimate Shooting Star Press. Kidman goes for it but he lands short and he is holding his neck. London then grabs Kidman and drags him to the turnbuckle and sets up for the 450 splash, he attempts it and he lands it, the cover, 1....2...3...

Winner- Paul London

Cole- Paul London has overcome the odds.

Tazz- He sure has Cole.

Cole- Nobody picked London to win this thing but maybe they should have.

Tazz- I dont disagree, what a night it has been so far.

Cole- But up next, the WWE Tag Team titles are on the line in a Tables Match.

Match #8
*WWE Tag Team- Tables Match- The Basham Brothers vs The Dudley Boyz

The rules are the first person to succesfully put one of their opponents through a table wins. Bubba clotheslines Danny and he is ready to get it over with but Danny is not. The Basham's double clothesline The Dudley Boyz. Danny picks D-Von up and throws him over the top rope. The Basham's then hit the Ball and gag and set up a table. D-Von comes back in and tries to hit the Saving Grace on Danny but Danny reverses it into and bacbody drop. Bubba then Bubba Cutters Danny. Doug comes running at bubba but Bubba ducks and Doug goes flying over the top rope. Bubba then picks up Danny and he Super Powerbombs Danny through the table for the win.

Winners-(and New WWE Tag Team Champions)- The Dudley Boyz

Cole- The Dudley Boyz are new Tag Team Champions.

Tazz- For the 19th time.

Cole- You are certainyl right Tazz.

Tazz- We'll send it back to J.R. and King.

King- You know what time it is?

J.R.- Time for Raw's main event.

King- Not only that but it's Time to Play the Game

J.R.- Sure!

Match #9
*World- Heavyweight- Triple H vs Chris Benoit

Before the match Triple H attacked Benoit continuosly. Triple H decided to hurry up and win so he took his belt and smacked Benoit across the head to be disqualified.

*Glass Shatters*

Stone Cold- Triple H, you wait there. You are not getting off that easy. Since you got yourself DQ'd we will restart the match and it's no DQ.

Triple H is furious, Benoit sneaks up behind HHH and pins him, one...two..thr..Triple H kicks out. Triple H takes his belt and wont stop beating Benoit across the head with it. Benoit eventuallt gets up all bloody and he starts to kick Triple H in the gut but Triple h pushes Benoit off. Triple H goes to get a chair but Benoit blocks it and Benoit dropkicks it into the face of Triple H. Benoit goes for the cover...one..two. Triple H kicks out immediately. Triple H attempts the Pedigree but Benoit backdrops Triple H. Benoit then irish whips Triple H into the ropes and he backdrops Triple H again, Benoit climbs to the top rope for the Diving Headbutt but Triple H rolls away. and Benoit doesnt jump but Triple H stands up and is met by a Dropkick. Benoit attempts the 3 German Suplexes but he can only get 2 before Triple H reverses it. Triple H then low blows Benoit and pedigrees Benoit, the cover...1....2....3...

Winner- Triple H

J.R.- Triple H cheated to win, he low blowed Benoit

King- It's not cheating if you dont get caught.

Tazz- And it's time for the WWE Championship Match.

Cole- What a match it should be.

*Medal hits*

Chimmel- The following contest is scheduled for one fall introuducing first from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania weighing in at 225 lbs, Kurt Angle

*Longhorn's hits*

Chimmel- And his opponent, the WWE Champion weighing in at 295 lbs from New York, New York, John Bradshaw Layfield.

(JBL doesnt come out)

Chimmel- His opponent ,JBL

(JBL still doesnt come out)

*MacMillitant hits*

Long- JBL, You better get your butt out here right now.

Long- You've got 10 seconds or I will vacate your title.

Long- I didnt want to, but now the WWE title is vacant.

*JBL is shown on the JumboTron knocked out and lying on the ground*

Match #10
*WWE Championship- JBL vs Kurt Angle

Winner- No Contest- Title Vacated

Tazz- What a surprise that is, the WWE title has been vacated b/c JBL was knocked out.

Cole- I wonder who did that.

Taz- I really dont know.

Cole- You know what time it is?

Tazz- Royal Rumble time!!!!!

Garcia- The following contest is the Royal Rumble. Here are the rules. Whenever the match starts the two people who drew #1 and #2 will make there way to the ring. Every 90 seconds a superstar will make his way to the ring. You are eliminated when both feet touch the floor. The last person standing will be the Royal Rumble Winner.

*Break the Walls Down*

Garcia- Introducing first representing Raw, Chris Jericho!!!

*Luther Reign's music hits*

Garcia- Representing SD!, Luther Reigns!

Match #11
The Royal Rumble

Reigns and Jericho start off. Reigns runs at Jericho and Jericho hits the Drop Toe Hold on Reigns. Reigns then kicks Jericho in the gut and Jericho is irish whiped over the ropes, Reigns thinks he eliminated Jericho but Jericho skins the cat. Jericho comes in and hits an Enziguri on Reigns. He then whips Reigns into the corner
10....9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... *It Wasn't My Fault*

Gene Snitsky makes his way to the ring. Him and Reigns double team Jericho. Snitsky and Reigns try to throw Jericho over but Jericho stops them from doing that by kicking them both in the gut. Jericho dropkicks Reigns and Reigns is almost eliminated but Snitsky helps him back in.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0 *Masterpiece hits*

Chris Masters comes down to the ring. Masters attacks Snitsky. He attempts to put the Full Nelson on Snitsky but Snitsky reverses it into a Pumphandle Slam. Snitsky then throws Masters over the ropes

*Chris Masters is Eliminated*

Snitsky goes over to Jericho and tries top kick him but he accidently kicks Reigns. Reigns goes flying over the top rope.

*Luther Reigns is Eliminated*

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..0, *Dangerous Politics Hits*

Heidenreich looks at Snitsky, and says lets do this, they both double team Jericho. Heidenreich irish whips Jericho into the ropes and he goes to clothesline him but Jericho ducks and runs right into a powerslam by Snitsky.
Jericho tries to get up but he cant.

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0, *Regal's music hits*

Regal runs down to help Jericho, but Snitsky attacks Regal, Regal pulls out a pair of brass knucks and tries to hit Snitsky but he accidentaly hits Jericho. Snitsky then takes Regal and throws him over the top rope.

*William Regal is Eliminated*

Snitsky and Heidenreich go back to double teaming Jericho

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1..0 *Jindrak's music hits*

Mark Jindrak runs out and starts to punch Heidenreich but Snitsky comes behind him and attacks him. Jericho sneaks up behind Snitsky and he almost has him eliminated but Heidenreich runs to clothesline Jericho but he accidentaly clotheslines Snitsky over.

*Gene Snitsky is Eliminated*

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1..*Hardcore Holly's music hits*

Holly comes out and attacks Heidenreich. Jericho is working on Jindrak. Holly tries to Alabama Slam Heidenreich but Heidenreich reverses it.

10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3...2..1.. *Rhyno's music hits*

Rhyno runs out and Gores Heidenreich, he then gores Hardcore Holly, He goes to Gore Jindrak but Jindrak moves and Rhyno runs into the pole.
Heidenreich then taked Rhyno and Sidewalk Slams him. He tries to throw him over but he cant. Jindrak punches Holly with his left hook knocking out Holly.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0* Hassan's music hits*

Everybody stops fighting and decides they will all eliminate Hassan right now. Rhyno gores Hassan, Heidenreich Sidewalk Slams him, Jindrak gave him his left hook and Holly Alabama Slamed him. Jericho then takes Hassan and throws him over the top rope

*Muhammad Hassan is Eliminated*

10...9...8...7...6..5..4...3..2..1..0*Charlie Haas music hits*

Haas comes out and him and Holly start to wreak havoc in the ring. Holly and Haas work on Heidenreich but they both cant get him out. Haas then T-Bone Suplexes Jindrak.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...0 *Can You Dig It, Sucka!!!!

Booker T comes in and cleans house eliminating Charlie Haas, Hardcore Holly and Heidenreich by clotheslining them all over.

*Hardcore Holly is Eliminated*
*Charlie Haas is Eliminated*
*Heidenreich is Eliminated*

But he gets Gored by Rhyno. Rhyno then attempts to throw Booker over but he cant.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Ric Flair's music hits*

The Nature Boy makes his way to the ring letting his presence be known. But once he steps into the ring he is met by an Axe Kick from Booker T. Jericho clotheslines Rhyno over the top rope.

*Rhyno is eliminated*

Flair and Booker T start a battle chop and Booker eventually wins.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Tajiri's music hits*

Tajiri comes out and wants a piece of Ric Flair so Booker T lets Tajiri have Ric Flair while Booker gets Jericho. Booker T then hits a Scissors Kick on Mark Jindrak and throws him over.

*Mark Jindrak is Eliminated*

Tajiri is getting some kicks in on Flair. Tajiri tries to hit a Stinger Splash but Flair ducks and Tajiri goes flying out of the ring.

*Tajiri is Eliminated*

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Suzuki's music hits*

Kenzo Suzuki comes and declares that everyone listen to him sing Born in the USA. Booker T wont listen as he Bookens's Suzuki. Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho on Suzuki. Booker T goes back to Flair.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Bangin It hits*

Scotty 2 Hotty makes his way to the ring. Scotty then tells Jericho to unlock the Walls of Jericho and let him do the worm, he does it and he tries to throw Suzuki out but Suzuki holds onto the ropes. Flair then kneechops Booker in the corner and tries to lock in the Figure 4 Leg Lock but Booker pushes him away.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Viva La Raza*

Eddie goes after Flair trying to throw Flair out but Flair just wont go out Booker T then Axe kicks Eddie

Eddie Guerrero comes out and goes after Kenzo Suzuki. Eddie hits the 3 Amigos and climbs to the top turnbuckle for a Frogslash. He hits it and then he throws Kenzo Suzuki over the ropes

*Kenzo Suzuki is Eliminated*

Eddie goes after Flair trying to throw Flair out but Flair just wont go out Booker T then Axe kicks Eddie

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Batista's music hits*

Batista makes his way to the ring. Batista powerbombs evrybody in the ring but only throws out Ric Flair. Batista proceed to throw out Booker T but he wont go out.

*Ric Flair is Eliminated*

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Rene Dupree's music hits*

Dupree goes after Booker T, Dupree hits the Dupree Bomb and he tries to throw Booker out but he wont go, Batista then throws Scotty 2 Hotty over the ropes eliminating him.

*Scotty 2 Hotty is Eliminated*

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Kane's music hits*

Kane and Batista stare each other down. Kane and Batista hook up in the middle of the ring. Eddie Guerrero then 3 Amigos Dupree.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Well, Well it's the Big Show!!!*

The Big Show comes out and double chokeslams Batista and kane, adn then Chokeslams everybody. He throws out Rene Dupree by chokeslamming him over the top rope.

*Rene Dupree is Eliminated*

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Shelton Benjamin comes out and Stinger Splashes Kane in the corner but The Big Show chokeslams him right after the Stinger Splash. Batista gets up and Powerbombs Booker T.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*It's my time*

John Cena comes out and attacks the Big Show punching him and he eventually F-U's The Big Show over the top rope. Cena irish whips Booker T to the ropes and clotheslines Booker over the ropes

*The Big Show is Eliminated*
*Booker T is Eliminated*

Kane walks over to Jericho and attempts to chokeslam him but Jericho hols onto the ropes.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Burn in the Light hits*

Orton comes out and tries to RKO Kane but Kane blocks it and he chokeslams Orton. Jericho then headscissors Kane over the top rope.

*Kane is Eliminated*

Benjamin comes running at Eddie Guerrero but Guerrero ducks and Benjamin flies over the ropes but holds on. Guerrero turns around right into an F-U from Cena.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Orlando Jordan's music hits*

Jordan comes out there and starts to punch Batista. Batista powerbombs Jordan and easily throws him over the top rope.

*Orlando Jordan is Eliminated*

Orton irish whips Cena into the ropes. Cena comes running back into an RKO! Orton then tries to clothesline Benjamin over the top rope but he cant.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Who's That Jumpin Out the Sky hits*

Mysterio comes in and hits an 619 on Benjamin easily disposing of Benjamin.

*Shelton Benjamin is Eliminated*

Eddie then hits the 3 Amigos on Chris Jericho, he goes to climb the turnbuckle but Jericho gets up and rolls away. Jericho walks straight into Batista for a Powerbomb and he gets thrown over

*Chris Jericho is Eliminated*

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Live for the Moment hits*

Matt Hardy comes out and hits a Twist of Fate on Eddie Guerrero. Mysterio irish whips him into the ropes. Mysterio hits a Spinning Heel Kick

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*I'm Just a Sexy Boy Hits*

HBK comes out and Orton tries to RKO him but HBK blocks it. He throws Orton into the ring post. Orton comes running at him but he recieves some Sweet Chin Music. Cena then runs at HBK but he gets Sweet Chin Music too.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*Metalingus hits*

Edge comes out ready to spear HBK but HBK moves and Edge instead spears John Cena. Edge turns around into Sweet Chin Music and Batista comes over to Edge and hits the Batista Bomb. Batista clotheslines Randy Orton over the top rope.

*Randy Orton is Eliminated*

Eddie Guerrero then dropkicks Hardy to try to get him to go over but he wont.

10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...*The Gong's*

Undertaker is #30 and he maked his way to the ring.Hardy comes running at 'Taker challenging him to bring it on. Taker chokeslams Hardy and throws him over.

*Matt Hardy is Eliminated*

Edge goes to spear John Cena but he runs into the pole. Batista clotheslines Eddie Guerrero over the top rope but he want looking and Batista was F-U'd over the top rope by Cena

*Eddie Guerrero is Eliminated*
*Batista is Eliminated*

Edge runs at HBK and he spears him. Edge then throws HBk over the top rope.

*Shawn Michaels is Eliminated*

Cena goes to F-U Undertaker but Taker reverses it and irish whips Cena to the ropes. Taker then chokeslams Cena over the top rope.

*John Cena is Eliminated*

Taker was looking at Cena an Mysterio dropkicks Taker over the top rope.

*Undertaker is Eliminated*

Edge comes running at Mysterio but he runs right into the ropes and is set up for the 619. Rey hits it and he throws Edge over to win the Royal Rumble.

*Edge is Eliminated*

Winner- Rey Mysterio

Cole- By God, Rey Mysterio has overcome the odds

Tazz- He has been told he was too little.

Cole- That he couldnt win the big one.

Tazz- And he is going on to WrestleMania XXI.

Cole- But next month we will find out who his opponent is whenever we have the match for the vacant title at No Way Out.

Tazz- Good Night, everybody

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

1. Although your matches are getting better they lack psychology like Lita wouldnt be able to get up straight after a Swanton from a ladder.

2.Lita is from Raleigh, North Carolina not Sanford

It was nice to see Ultimo returning but what the fuck happened to the rest?

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

Raw Preview for Monday January 31, 2005

Straight off the Royal Rumble, the Road to WrestleMania will begin tonight. Which stars will try their best to earn a spot on the WrestleMania stage?

With a New Gm, Stone Cold Steve Austin. What will behold in the future of Monday Night RAW?

What will Tyson Tomko have to say about losing to Christian this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble?

Lita showed her best effort to win the Women's Championship. GM Stone Cold announced that Lita will get another shot at the title tonight.

So Many questions to be answered, to see these questions answered tune into Monday Night RAW.

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Raw Monday January 31, 2005 San Antonio, TX

A video package is shown of the events at the Royal Rumble.

J.R.- Welcome to Monday Night Raw.

King- We are 24 hours removed from the Royal Rumble and GM Stone Cold has announced that tonight will be the Night of Champions.

J.R.- All 4 champions will defend their titles tonight.

King- Firstly the Women's title will be on the line as Trish Stratus will defend against Lita in a rematch from last night.

J.R- Plus the Tag Team titles will be defended as William Regal and Tajiri defend against La' Resistance

King- And for the Intercontinental title, Shelton Benjamin will defend against Matt Hardy Version 1.

J.R.- And the main event tonight, Triple H defending the World Heavyweight title against...... an unkown opponent.

*Time to Play the Game hits*

Triple H- I stand here the World Heavyweight champion after defeating Chris Benoit last night.

Triple H- Everybody said that I would definently lose to Benoit.

Triple H- But look at me now, i've still got the gold.

Triple H- So....

*Break the Walls Down*

Jericho- Nobody wants to listen to you blab your mouth so Would You Please Shut the Hell UP?

Triple H- Jericho, I will talk if I want to because I am the Game and I am that damn good!

Jericho- Oh yeah, Triple H, if you think you are so DAMN GOOD, why dont you defend your title here tonight against me.

Triple H- Hell No!!!

Jericho- But champ, if you are that damn good, why cant you defend against me?

Triple H- Because I am tired after last night.

*Glass Shatters hits*

Stone Cold- As GM of Raw, I will unleash hell to all the fans and I have decided to make two announcements.

Stone Cold- After listening to you 2 *******s run your mouths, you two will indeed face each other for the title later tonight.

Stone Cold- And next week, we will have a 20 man Battle Royal for the rights to face the champion at WrestleMania.

J.R.- What an announcement by Stone Cold.

King- Next week there will be an 20 man Battle Royal for the title.

J.R.- And I cannot wait to see who wins that Battle Royal and faces the Champion at WrestleMania.


Match #1
*World Tag Team- William Regal and Tajiri vs La' Resistance

Match Finish- La' Resistance dominated most of the match until Tajiri made the hot tag to Regal. Regal then came in and cleaned house and Tajiri hit the Buzzsaw kick on Conway (legal man) and Tajiri threw Grenier over the top rope, the cover by Regal, one....two...three

Winners- William Regal and Tajiri
Match Length- 11 minutes and 34 seconds

J.R.- What a way to start off Night of Champions.

King- La' Resistance almost had it won.

King- Regal and Tajiri had to cheat to win.

J.R.- How did they cheat?

King- You didn't notice the blind tag?

J.R.- What are you talking about?

King- Tajiri blind tagged in Regal.

J.R.- I sure didnt see it.


Interview w/ Jericho

Grisham- Jericho, later tonight you will face HHH for the title. How have you felt about the idea of if you win you will headline WrestleMania again.

Jericho- Obviouslly I'm happy and I'm ready to headline WrestleMania again.

Grisham- Do you think Triple H will have any tricks up his sleeves?

Jericho- Of course he will, he has Ric Flair at ringside to help him and he has many other options that I will exploit.

Grisham- And Jericho, I want to congratulate you on your performance last night at the Royal Rumble.

Jericho- Thanks Todd, I tried my best but I just couldnt pull it out.

*Keys to the City hits*

Match #2
*Women's- Trish Stratus vs Lita

Match Finish- Trish was going for the chick kick but Lita ducked. Lita then irish whipped Trish into the ropes and Lita hit a dropkick. Lita then sets up for the Twist of Fate but Trish pushes her away and hits the Chick Kick for the win.

Winner- Trish Stratus
Match Length- 6 minutes 14 seconds


*Just Close Your Eyes hits*

Christian- With Tyson Tomko turning his back on me. I will be looking around Raw for a new tag partner.

Christian- Each week, I wil be evaluating matches to see if anybody is worthy of being my tag partner.

Christian- And if you really want to be my tag partner you will show your best.

Christian- Because with Captain Charisma on your side, we would be dominant!

Christian- So if yoiu want to be lead to the top come....

*Tomko's music hits*

Tomko- Christian, what the hell are you talking about?

Tomko- Who would want to team with you.

Christian- Definantly not you, because you turned your back on me and then I beat your ass at the Royal Rumble.

Tomko- Yeah I dont want to team up with you, but whenever you won yesterday that was because you cheated.

Christian- How did I cheat?

Tomko- Let's look at the footage wont we.

*A Video shows Christian pining Tomko with Christian's hand on the ropes.

Tomko- Now if i'm correct you had your hands on the rope.

Christian- I sure didnt see it.

Tomko- You cheated you *******.

Christian- Are you accusing me?

Tomko- You are damn right i'm accusing you.

Christian- Well Tomko, when you accuse people you get payback.

*Edge runs in and spears Tomko. Edge and Christian both beat the hell out of Tomko until....*

*Whatever hits*

*Benoit comes down and stops all the madness by beating both Edge and Christian up.*


J.R.- Welcome back to Raw, everybody.

King- Stone Cold has set up a tag match between Tomko/Benoit and Edge/Christian.

Match #3
Tyson Tomko and Chris Benoit vs Edge and Christian

Match Finish- Edge goes for the spear but he runs into the pole, he comes running back at Tomko but is met by the big boot. The cover, one...two...thr.. Edge kicked out. Tomko then tags in Benoit. Benoit hits the 3 German Suplexes and he hits the Diving Headbutt. He locks in the Crippler Crossface but somehow Edge rolls it into a pin. the cover...one....two...three

Winners- Edge and Christian
Match Length- 12 minutes and 4 seconds


*Stone Cold's Office*

Tomko- Stone Cold, next week I want Christian.

Stone Cold- Oh yeah.

Tomko- He has not shut the hell up since he beat me last night at the Royal Rumble.

Stone Cold- Your point is?

Tomko- Not only do I want him next week, I want him in a Steel Cage Match.

Stone Cold- Let me think about it.......

Stone Cold- If you want Tyson Tomko versus Christian inside a Steel Cage next week, Give me a Hell Yeah!

*The fans all scream Hell Yeah!!!*

Stone Cold- Okay next week live from Tokyo, Japan, it will be Tyson Tomko versus Christian inside a Steel Cage Match.

*Ain't No Stoppin Me Now!! hits*

Match #4
*Intercontinental- Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy

Match Finish- Benjamin irish whips Hardy into the corner. He goes for the Stinger Splash but Hardy ducks. Hardy counters with a Twist of Fate and the cover...one...two...three.

Winner- (and New Intercontinental Champion)- Matt Hardy
Match Length- 9 minutes and 46 seconds

J.R.- We have a new champion.

King- I cannot believe it, Matt Hardy has won the Intercontinental title.

J.R.- Well, what a night it has been so far and up next the World title is on the line.

King- Triple H will battle it out with Jericho.


Match #5
*World Heavyweight- Triple H vs Chris Jericho

Match Finish- Jericho hits the bulldog on Triple H and Jericho tries the Lionsault but Triple H sticks his feet up. HHH irish whips Jericho into the ropes and hits a flying knee. Triple H then hits the Pedigree for the win.

Winner- Triple H
Match Length- 16 minutes and 32 seconds

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i will be gone for the weekend so i will probably not have smackdown up until sunday. i will be coming up with ideas for the next 3 smackdowns until No Way Out and dont forget to keep on checking out wwe one of a kind

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*A video highlighting the Royal Rumble is shown*

*Rise UP hits*

Cole- What a night it was at the Royal Rumble.

Tazz- You are right Cole, the WWE title was vacated and GM Teddy Long will have an announcement concerning that later.

Cole- And Rey Mysterio overcame the odds and won the Royal Rumble.

Tazz- Certainly right Cole, and we have new WWE Tag Team Champions in the Dudley Boyz.

Cole- But concerning tonight. We will have a #1 Contender's match between Booker T and Heidenreich for the United States title.

Tazz- The winner will face Orlando Jordan for the title at No Way Out.

*Who's that Jumping Out the Sky hits*

Mysterio- People have said I am too little. They've said I'll never be great. But I proved them wrong. I proved them that it doesnt matter the size of the competitor, it matters is the size of the heart.

Mysterio- I overcame 29 other people and i eliminated Edge to win.

Mysterio- So, I will be going to WrestleMania to face the WWE Champion. But the one problem is is that the title is vacant.

Mysterio- So Teddy Long, if you could come out here, and explain the situation of the WWE title.

*Longhorn hits*

JBL- Little Man, I will explain the situation to you, I was screwed out of the title when I was attacked backstage.

Mysterio- Oh, well who attacked you?

JBL- I'm absolutly positive it was that thug John Cena.

Mysterio- How could have Cena attacked you? He was with me when we were warming up.

JBL- That's what you want me to think.

*Viva La Raza hits*

Guerrero- Hold on ese, did you say that you lost the title because you were attacked and you cant prove it.

Mysterio- You are damn right Eddie, thats what he said.

Guerrero- Well ese, I lost the title to you when you cheated. You had to use the Guerrero motto, Lie, Cheat, and Steal. And you beat me at my own game...but only because Kurt Angle reshowed the match ending to the ref.

*Medal hits*

Angle- You are damn right, I showed that film to him Eddie, because I hate you and I hate you as champion.

Guerrero- Oh really ese, thats why, well why dont we settle this here right now.

JBL- Hold on you to your pants, Guerrero, first thing I did not cheat to win the WWE title and as I said awhile ago, I am positive Cena attacked me.

Mysterio- Do you have any film to prove it?

JBL- No, I dont you midget but I will go to Teddy Long and I will get him to handover the WWE title to me.

*Well It's the Big Show hits*

Big Show- Now hold on all of you. What makes you think any of ya'll should be the champion.

JBL- Well first thing, we dont have a huge ass like you do.

Angle- Big Show, I am the only Olypmpic Champion in WWE history. What awards do you hold other than throwing me off an balcony?

*My time is now*

Cena- Hold up, I've got a rap for all of you.

JBL, you think you can win the title because you have class,
Hell, if you think that, I'm definintly going to kick your ass
Angle, you've got the crowds screaming You Suck,
Just because you've beaten me numerous times you consider that luck.
Guerrero, you like to win when you cheat
Hell, Guerrero, it wont be very hard to get beat
Show, you can run because you are so slow
I heard that the other night you got ****ed by a guy named Joe
And Mysterio, you aint got nothing on me
You know why, Because YOU CAN'T SEE ME!!!!!

*MacMillitant hits*

Long- I was in the back thinking of ways to solve this problem and I came up with a brilliant idea. A match Smackdown has never had on PPV. So.... at No Way Out the vacant WWE Championship will be put on the line in....................................an Elimination Chamber Match!!!

Long- All 6 of you will be in it and good luck. Oh yeah tonight Eddie Guerrero will go one on one with JBL!


Cole- What an announcement, the WWE title will be on the line in an Elimination Chamber Match.

Tazz- 6 men, John Cena, Kurt Angle, JBL, The Big Show, Eddie Guerrero, and Rey Mysterio will enter.

Cole- And there lives will never be the same after.

Tazz- There literally is No Way Out!

*Can You Dig It Sucka!!!!*

Match #1
#1 Contender's- Booker T vs Heidenreich

Match Finish- Heidenreich irish whips Booker T into the corner and then he goes for the Sidewalk Slam and he hits it the cover...1...2...Booker kicks out. Booker gets up and he pushes Heidenreich off and he hits an Axe Kick on Heidenrieich, the cover..1..2...Heidenreich kicks out. Booker T kicks Heidenreich in the gut and goes for the Scissor Kick but Heidenreich moves and he clotheslines Booker T. Heidenreich then tries an Powerbomb but Booker T rolls it up into an cradle, the cover 1..2..3...

Winner- Booker T
Time- 11 minutes and 7 seconds

Tazz- Booker T will face Orlando Jordan at No Way Out.

Cole- But what is Orlando Jordan doing now.

*Jordan goes to the ring and attacks Booker T*

Cole- That was uncalled for. Why did Jordan attack Booker?

Tazz- I really dont know Cole.


Interview w/ Booker T

Matthews- Booker, you will now face Orlando Jordan for the U.S. title at No Way Out. After what he did to you recently what is your plans for revenge?

Booker- My plans for revenge are to whip his ass around Pittsburgh and win that U.S. title.

Matthews- You are a former U.S. champion. What are your odds of wiining?

Booker- Like you said I am a former U.S. champion, which gives me a advantage and I have the experience but you never know.

Matthews- Booker finally, we have been informed that next week you will face The Basham Brothers in a Handicap Match. Your thoughts?

Booker- Tell me you did not just say that? A Handicap Match? Well it just The Bashams so i'll whip their ass easily.

Matthews- Thank you Booker.

Match #2
Paul London vs Spike Dudley

Match Finish- London hits the 450 splash but Spike kicks out. Spike pushes London off but London hits an Enziguri for the win.

Winner- Paul London
Time- 7 minutes and 56 seconds


Cole- Welcome back to Smackdown and dont forget No Way Out comes to you live Sunday February 20th from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Tazz- And Chavo Guerrero will be defending the Cruiserweight title against Paul London.

Cole- London earned that shot by defeating 7 other men to win the Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament at the Royal Rumble.

Tazz- London overcame the odds and he will get his shot at No Way Out.

Cole- Plus Booker T will get his shot at the United States championship when he faces Orlando Jordan

Tazz- Booker earned his shot by defeating Heidenreich earlier in the night.

Cole- And the main event for the vacant WWE title, it will be an Elimination Chamber Match featuring JBL, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, John Cena, The Big Show, and Rey Mysterio, the winner of the Royal Rumble.

Tazz- And all of this started at the Royal Rumble.

*A Video is shown of the WWE title match at the Royal Rumble and Rey Mystrio winning the Royal Rumble*

Cole- And dont forget the official theme song for No Way Out is Out the Cage by Marz.

Tazz- And coming up next the Dudley Boyz defend their WWE tag team titles against Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak.


Match #3
*WWE Tag Team- The Dudley Boyz vs Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak

Match Finish- Jindrak hits the left punch but The Bashams come in and start beating on both The Dudley's and Reigns and Jindrak.

Winners- No Contest
Length- 13 minutes and 23 seconds

*MacMillitant hits*

Long- Holla, Holla, Holla, Now playas what are you doing out here ruing my match?

Danny Basham- We want a rematch for the titles.

Long- That doesnt give you any reason to come out here and interfere.

Long- Well you will get your rematch at No Way Out and it will be a Triple Threat Match for the titles between The Dudley Boyz, The Basham Brothers, and Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak.

Cole- What an announcment concerning NO Way Out.

Tazz- I cannot wait we've got the Elimination Chamber, U.S. title, Cruiserweight title, and The Triple Threat WWE Tag Title match.

Cole- What a stacked lineup.

Tazz- You are right Tazz


Long- Next week, i will have an announcement concerning the Rest of the No Way Out card plus Kurt Angle will face The Big Show and John Cena will face Rey Mysterio.

Long- Also, next week, we will have an Triple Threat match between Bubba Ray Dudley, Mark Jindrak, and Doug Basham.

*Medal hits*

Match #4
Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio

Match Finish- Rey Mysterio hits the 619 but Angle kicks out after the pinfall, Angle then Angle Slams Mysterio and Angle tries to lock in the Ankle Lock but Mysterio reverses it into a cradle, one.,..two...three

Winner- Rey Mysterio
Length- 17 minutes and 35 seconds


Match #5
JBL vs Eddie Guerrero

Match Finish- Halfway throught the match all the competitors in the Elimination Chamber come down and fight.

Winners- No Contest

Cole- What a night it was Tazz, and I am ready for No Way Out

Tazz- You know i definently am, and dont forget No Way Out comes to you live Sunday February 20, 2005 live from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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good work. The rumble was excellent, so was raw and smackdown. 9/10 on the Rumble. The only thing I suggest is for you to use a little bit more color. Other than that, keep up the good work.

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Raw Preview for February 7, 2005

Raw will be coming to you live from Wichita, Kansas this week. General Manager Stone Cold Steve Austin has an announcement concerning WrestleMania to make.

Plus Christian will start looking for a new tag partner for the next couple of months. Can the person that takes over Tyson Tomko's spot lead Christian to the top?

Plus, this week, Matt Hardy will defend the Intercontinental title against Shelton Benjamin in a rematch. Will Benjamin be able to win back the Intercontinental title.

And finally, last week, Stone Cold announced the Raw main event for WrestleMania will be a Fatal 4 Way. Tonight one of the contender's will be announced in a 20 man battle royal.
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