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im going to start a btb! i am going to use the current rosters with the exception of those stupid worthless divas like michelle mccoool and joy giovanni and all of them!

and all the champions are the same as of today!

here is the first RAW

Monday January 3, 2005 Chicago, IL

Raw's theme song plays-

J.R.- Tonight will be a big night! As we have a Huge Tag Team main event!
Evolution members Triple H and Ric Flair will team up to take on Randy Orton and Batista.

King- That's a preview of this Sunday too, b/c Batista will face Flair at New Year's Revolution.

J.R.- And the main event, Triple h will defend the World- Heavyweight Title against Randy Orton in a Last Man Standing Match!

"Time To Play The Game" plays over the speakers

Lillian Garcia- "Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the World Heavyweight Champion,Triple H

Triple H- This Sunday at New Year's revolution, Randy Orton will learn something, He will learn that he and Batista should have never left Evolution.
Randy Orton will find out that I am a very mean person.

Ric Flair- Thats right champ! Also, this Sunday Batista you will be saying "I Give Up" but guess what I wont! I will not stop holding that Figure 4 Leg Lock on you until your ankle is shattered into pieces!

Triple H- "Orton, I will be the Last Man Standing"


Match #1
#1 Contender's- Triple Threat- Winner faces Trish for the title at NYR

Lita vs Molly Holly vs Victoria

Match Finish- Lita hits the Twist of Fate and heads up top for the Litasault but out of nowhere Trish pushes her off then top rope and the ref rings the bell!

Winner- No Contest

"I'm Back" plays over the speakers

Bischoff- Trish, you think you can get away with this? Well this Sunday you will defend your title in a Fatal 4 Way against all three of these women!

(Trish's smile goes to a frown)


Interview w/ Edge

Todd Grisham- Edge, how do you feel about this Sunday's #1 Contender's Triple Threat Match against HBK and Benoit?

Edge- How do I feel? I am really mad that I am not in the main event this Sunday! But instead i get stuck with 2 dipsticks! One who is toothless and the other thinks he's sexy! Well, all I can say is I GUARANTEE I WILL WIN THIS SUNDAY!


Match #2
#1 Contender's for Tag Team Titles

La' Resistance vs The Hurricane and Rosey

Match Finish- The Hurricane goes for the Hurri-Slam but somehow Conway gets out of it and the ref wasnt looking when Grenier snuck in and hit Hurricane with the bell. 1....2...3...

Winners and # 1 Contender's- La' Resistance

J.R.- That's not fair!

King- Oh,shut up J.R.

---Commercial Break---

Jericho- Eric, we need to talk. I want to face Hassan this Sunday at NYR! I want to make him shut the heck up!

( Kane walks in)

Kane- Bischoff, this Sunday, I deserve to face Snitsky ONE LAST TIME in a Puerto Rico Street Fight since the pay per view is in Puerto Rico!

Bischoff- O.K. both matches will happen this Sunday and also Benjamin will defend his Intercontinental Title against Christian, But for tonight I have ordered a 6 Man Tag Match. And, It's next!

---Commercial Break---

Match #3
6 Man Tag Match
Chris Jericho, Kane, and Shelton Benjamin vs Muhammad Hassan, Gene Snitsky,and Christian

Match Finish- Jericho hits Lionsault on Hassan and Kane chokeslams Hassan for the Victory!

Winners- Chris Jericho, Kane, and Shelton Benjamin

---Commercial Break---

J.R. and the King plug NYR!

Match #4
Edge vs Shawn Michaels

Match Finish- Edge goes for Spear and misses but HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music and goes for cover but Edge kicks out and he locks in the Edgecution for the win!

Winner- Edge via submission

(Edge grabs microphone)

Edge- HBK and Benoit, this Sunday, neither one of you will win and face the winner of the Last Man Standing Match at the Rumble because it will be me!

---Commercial break---

Match #5
Triple H and Ric Flair vs Randy Orton and Batista

Match Finish- Triple H hits the pedigree but out of nowhere comes Edge and he spears Orton and then locks in the Edgecution on Batista. Triple H then hits the Pedigree on Orton for the win

Winners- Triple H and Ric Flair

Sunday Night Heat Tapings

1)Chris Masters def Val Venis
2)Tajiri def Simon Dean via DQ
3)Maven def Steven Richards
4)Chris Benoit def Tyson Tomko via submission
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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

Pretty good show man, didn't really like some of the promo's because they where way too short, like Jericho goes into the GM's office and says one line and that was that? I would have made sure that Jericho said the reasons why he wants to face Hassan like "For weeks on end this Muslim sympathsizing bastard has been running around claiming that he represents all Muslims? Enough is enou and I want to face his ass this Sunday at New Years Revolution! I want to show him what being in The North is all about, I want to make him SHUT THE HELL UP!" Something like that? See what I mean?

Also some of the commentary didn't really go either. LIke iks JR said that Grenier cheated, King wouldn't tell him to shut up, he'd say something like the ref can't call what he doesn't see.

Overall mark...5/10. Don't take it personally, it's your first show and you can improve if you keep at it. Good luck to you and I will keep reading this.

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way

thanks, i know i didnt do very good b/c i was kinda tired and i really didnt feel like doing one long rAw

Smackdown Preview!

January 6, 2005 Orlando, FL

WWE. com has reported that tonight on SD! we will have a #1 Contender's Match with Kurt Angle facing The Big Show!

Also, in Crusierweight action, Funaki will take on Akio. And Chavo Guerrero will face Nunzio!

And 2 titles will be on the line tonight as Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio defend against The Basham Brothers and Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree in a Triple Threat Elimination Match! Plus Cena will get his rematch against Orlando Jordan after being screwed out of the title by the Bashams!

Plus that and all more! Tune in the this week to SD!

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Re: wwe capt charisma' way!!!

Smackdown Thursday January 6, 2005

Smackdown's theme plays and we are welcomed to Smackdown!

Tazz- What a night it will be. We've got Kurt Angle going one on one with The Big Show and the winner will face JBL for the title at the Royal Rumble.

Cole- But, that's not all, 2 big cruiserweight matches, Funaki facing Akio, and Chavo Guerrero against Nunzio!

"MacMillitant" plays over the speakers

Long- Holla,playas welcome to Smackdown! As you heard Tazz and Cole announce 3 big matches, I will announce 2 other matches! Coming Up after the Commercial will be a Triple Threat Tag Team Elimination Match! Eddie and Rey will defend the titles against Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree and The Basham Brothers plus Orlando Jordan's first title defense is against... John Cena!!!! Now Holla,Holla,Holla!!!!!!!!!!


Match #1
WWE Tag Team Titles- Triple Threat Elimination Match

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree vs The Basham Brothers

Match Finish- Suzuki and Dupree were eliminated after the Bashams pulled the old switcharoo and they hit an awesome Spinning DDT on Dupree for the pinfall, Then Eddie Dropkicked Doug into the ropes and Eddie went and beat up Danny while Rey delivered the 619 and Eddie climbed to the top and hit a frogsplash for the pin.

(Teddy Long's Office)

JBL- Teddy, are you out of your mind? You are going to make me defend the title at the Royal Rumble against either a freakin ogre or a guy who everybody says he sucks!

Teddy- You are right about that. But JBL, if you dont want to defend in a Triple Threat you better get to steppin!

Match #2
Chavo Guerrero vs Nunzio

Match Finish- Chavo goes for the Gory Bomb but somehow Nunzio reverses it into an inside cradle..one,two,th.. Chavo kicks out, the ref wasnt looking and Chavo hit a lowblow and then pinned Nunzio for the win.

Winner- Chavo Guerrero

(Interview with Kurt Angle)

Matthews- Kurt, you have known about your match tonight only for 2 days. So how have you prepared for it.

Angle- How have I prepared for it? Well, it's hard to prepare for some dumb fat person named the Big Slow!(Angle laughs after he says that) It's gonna be hard to hit an Angle Slam b/c he's so freakin fat if I tried to pick him up he would fall on top of me! So therefore I am going to use the Angle Lock the WHOLE MATCH! And oh, yeah Show, I dont suck you do.


A video hyping Ultimo Dragon's return plays.

Match #3
Akio vs Funaki

Match Finish- Akio goes for the Akio time but Funaki rolls away then climbs to the top rope and hits his spinning bulldog for the win

Winner- Funaki

Tazz- I Have just been informed that next week we will have all of our Royal Rumble competitors for SD! announced when they compete in their matches.

Cole- Sounds great, but up next, JBL is going to deliver a speech.


JBL's music plays. he comes down w/ the Basham Brothers.

JBL- Teddy Long has lost his mind. He is making me defemd my title at the Royal Rumble. Who does he think I am? Superman? Well, anyways...

"Well,It's the Big Show" plays over the speakers

JBL- Well well well, if it isnt Big Slow.HAHA!!! Well Slow why the heck are you interrupting me in my speech

Big Show- Oh shut the hell up!

Danny Basham- You cant tell him that.

Kurt Angle's music plays over the speakers

Angle- Hold on, Slow since you are out here let's have our match Right Now!

Match #4
#1 Contender's- Kurt Angle vs The Big Show

Match Finish- Show hits the chokeslam and goes for pin but Angle kicks out somehow, a couple of minutes later thanks to luther reigns, Angle makes Big Show tap out to the Angle Lock

Winner- Kurt Angle via submission


Tazz- Well, we know it's gonna be JBL defending his title against Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble plus all 15 SD! competitors in the Royal Rumble will be announced next week

Cole- And Mr. Long has said we will be told of another match for the Royal Rumble next week also.

Tazz- and now it's time for the main event

Match #5
U.S. Title
Orlando Jordan vs John Cena

Match Finish- Cena goes for FU but Danny Basham hits Cena in the back of the head with the belt.

Winner- John Cena via DQ

Velocity taping results

1)Paul London and Funaki def Spike Dudley and Billy kidman
2)Mark Jindrak def Scotty 2 Hotty
3)Hardcore Holly def Luther Reigns

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

Pretty ok show. You really need to work on your promos a bit more. They are way too short and your JBL, Big Show and Kurt Angle don't sound like the real JBL, Big Show and Kurt Angle. I would advise you to use Bold and Italics and not make everything look plain.


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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

You need to step up on your promos mate

Angle- How have I prepared for it? Well, it's hard to prepare for some dumb fat person named the Big Slow!(Angle laughs after he says that) It's gonna be hard to hit an Angle Slam b/c he's so freakin fat if I tried to pick him up he would fall on top of me! So therefore I am going to use the Angle Lock the WHOLE MATCH! And oh, yeah Show, I dont suck you do.

Angle sounds like a 6 year old blabbing his mouth

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

New Year's Revolution Sunday January 9, 2005 San Juan, Puerto Rico

We are welcomed to the show by King and J.R.

J.R.- What a night it will be. We've got Batista going one on one with Ric Flair, a Puerto Rico Street Fight with Kane and Snitsky, and your main event is the Last Man Standing Match between Triple H and Randy Orton for the World- Heavyweight Title!

King- But thats not all as also Captain Charisma will try to secure the Intercontinental title from Shelton Benjamin and a huge #1 Contender's Triple Threat beteween Edge, Benoit, and HBK

La' Resistance's musci plays over the speakers and make thier way to the ring

Tajiri's music then plays over the speakers and Regal and Tajiri make their way to the ring

Match #1
World Tag Team Championship

William Regal and Tajiri (c's) vs La' Resistance

Match Finish- Conway brought one of the belts into the ring and was going to smack Tajiri with it but Tajiri ducked and then spit the green mist in the eys of Conway. He then hit the Buzzsaw kick for the win

Winners- (And still World Tag Team Champions) William Regal and Tajiri

(Interview with Lita)

Todd Grisham- Lita, after breaking your neck severely 2 years ago, you have been determined to win back the women's title. But Trish Stratus has said that you will not win her title tonight.

Lita- Yes, Todd you are right. And when I came back Trish Stratus was helping me recover but whenever I was pregnant, what does she do? She laugs her ass off at me! Well tonight she will pay for all the times she laughed at me!

(Trish walks right by)

Trish- What was that Lita, Did you say I'm gonna pay for everything I've done to you. I might have been laughing at you for being pregnant,but from what I've heard Kane has done a WHOLE LOT more to you than laughing at you!

(Trish walks off with a smile)

Lita- UGH!! See Todd, thats what I mean! She is nothing but a *****.But I'll put an end to all the laughter tonight.

A video plays of the #1 Contender's Triple Threat this past Monday in which Trish interferd causing this Fatal 4 Way

Match #2
Women's Title- Fatal 4 Way- Trish Stratus vs Lita vs Molly Holly vs Victoria

Match Finish- Molly and Victoria are fighting outside the ring when Lita hits a Litasault on Trish but Trish rolls it up into and inside cradle for the win.

Winner- (and still Women's champion- Trish Stratus)

King-Wooo! What a match! I saw a LOT of puppies in that match. And boy do I LOVE PUPPIES!

J.R.- Well, while King has fun thinking about puppies, let's bring you back to what started this next match.

A video plays of Muhammad Hassan making his debut and also critcizing Y2J.

Match #3
Muhammad Hassan vs Chris Jericho

(Before the match)

Hassan- Well, thank god were not in the U.S.A. tonight! But my god, were in an even worse place, Puerto Rico. As if Americans dont judge Daivari and I as were different. You people do the same thing.

Daivari- Speaks Arabic

Y2J's music plays

Y2J- Would you please shut the hell up? First thing they hate you, Second thing they cant understnad any freakin thing Daivari is saying and three, I'm going to kick your ass

Match Finish- Hassan hits his little facecrusher move then locks in the Camel Clutch and Jericho is forced to tap out.

Winner-Muhammad Hassan via submission

J.R.- Gosh, why did Hassan have to win?

King- I dont know, but I am sure getting sick and tired of his bullcrap.

J.R.- Who isnt?

King- Well, I've got to go ask Bischoff something.

J.R.- King, where are you going?

(King leaves the announcer's table)

J.R.- Well, ladies and gentlemen, what a night it has been so far. Regal and Tajiri retained their titles and so did Trish but what a huge upset just happened. Hassan made Jericho tap out. Well, coming up next , i think this match is gonna be one hell of a Slobberknocker.

A video plays of the Snitsky-Kane feud.

Match #4
Puerto Rico Street Fight- Kane vs Gene Snitsky

Match Finish- Snitsky goes to hit Kane with a chair but Kane ducks, the chair hits the top rope and bounce back and hits Snitsky in the face with it, then Kane picks up the chair and DDT's Snitsky onto it. When Snitsky gets up, Kane chokeslams Snitsky for the win.

Winner- Kane

J.R.- What a match

(King returns from Bischoff's Office)

J.R.- King, why did you go to Bischoff's office

King- Well, as I told you before I left,I was getting sick and tired of Hassan. So I asked Bischoff and he said yes to my idea.

J.R.- So what was your idea?

King- Tomorrow night on RAW, I will be facing Muhammad Hassan in a Street Fight!

J.R.- Are you sure you made a smart decision?

King- Yes, J.R. Im sure.

Match #5
Intercontinental Title- Shelton Benjamin vs Christian

Match Finish- Tomko knocks out the ref with a big boot so then Christian goes to get a chair but a new ref comed out when Christian hits Benjamin with the chair and Christian didnt see the ref. So whenever the ref gets down to the ring. He disqualifies christian

Winner- Shelton Benjamin (and still Intercontinental Champion) via DQ

King- Why did Captain Charisma get disqualified? He didnt know there was another ref coming.

J.R.- Oh, sure he didnt.

King- Well, anyways here is a match I've been looking forward to for a long time.

A video plays of the history between HBK, Benoit, and Edge.

Match #6
#1 Contender's Triple Threat- Edge vs Chris Benoit vs Shawn Michaels

Before the match-

Edge- People have been wondering all week why I speared Batista. Well it's simple. I was looking to make an impact,and I sure have b/c I have officially joined Evolution along with HHH and Flair.

J.R.- What an announcment

King- You are right J.R., I have always been a fan of Edge, but now that hes with Evolution, I am going to be his bigges fan.

Edge- Well, so much for that right now. Benoit and HBK get your asses out here right now

Match Finish- Edge goes for spear on Benoit but accidentaly runs into the pole and Benoit delivers 3 German Suplexes to HBK and the diving headbutt followed byt the Crippler Crossface for the victory

Winner and the new #1 Contender- Chris Benoit

A video plays for the Royal Rumble

J.R.- Up next is a match I thought I would never see, Batista vs Flair.

King- You've got that right. I thought I would never see the day Evolution expoded.

Match #7
Batista vs Ric Flair

Match Finish- Edge runs down to the ring, tries to spear Batista again pbut accidentaly spears Flair. Edge gets a Batista Bomb for his troubles and so does Flair and the cover,1...2...3

Winner- Batista

J.R.- What a match that was but up next is a match that has higher stakes.

King- Yes, and it is for the World Heavyweight Title, HHH vs Orton and there can only be one man standing.

(Bischoff's office)

Stacy Keibler- Eric, Randy asked me to request that everybody be banned form ringside

Bischoff- Well go find Randy and tell him that that will be the rule. And also tell him if they fight backstage that anybody can and will have permission to do anything they like to.

Match #8
World Heavyweight Title- Last Man Standing Match- HHH vs Randy Orton

Match Finish-0rton hits an RKO on the concrete but HHH gets up after an 8 Count. But then HHH pedigrees Orton on top of the Spanish Announcer's Table and Orton cannot get up for the 10 count

Winner-(and still World Heavyweight Champion) Triple H

End of the show

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

Pardon me but what was that?

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

people please leave comments

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

i couldnt remember the name of it?

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

You could off just wrote "Facebuster" Little Facebuster Move Thingy makes you sound like a 4 year old "Hey Mark I saw this really yucky uh yucky LIL THINGY!!~~!~"

Also avoid using words like b/c

As it makes your shows look more organized also Pay Per Views are when bookers GO ALL OUT but you just stuck to one liners read great shows like Bad Blood from ROG and also go further back to the pages and read TNA New Guys On The Block for some good ideas of long matches and use Spellcheck while your at it:)

(Thats the sort of feedback you want right Matt(A-Dust)?:)

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

Monday January 10, 2005 Atlanta, Ga

Raw's theme song plays and we are welcomed to the show.

J.R.- Well, ladies and gentlemen, apparently Mr. Bischoff has something important to say as he is in the ring right now.

Bischoff- Ladies and Gentlemen, as you witnessed last week on Raw. Edge speared Batista. He then told us his reason why he speared Batista was because he joined Evolution

(Crowd Boos)

Bischoff- Well, Edge since you want a piece of Batista so bad. Tonight, it will be one on one, Edge vs Batista. But thats definently not all. Randy Orton will face Christian plus Chris Benoit will go one on one with Ric Flair...inside a 15 foot high steel cage!!

(Crowd Applauds)


Match #1
Lita vs Molly Holly

Match Finish- Lita hits the Twist of Fate and goes for the oin, but out of nowhere Trish appears and hits Lita across the head with her belt.

Winner- Lita via DQ

Lita- Trish, you *****. I am getting tired of you. So why dont we put an end to this at the Royal Rumble. It will be you against me for the Women's Title in a No Disqualification Match.

Trish- No, I am not going to put my pretty face at risk, because you want my title. So Lita, the answer is NO!

A Fight breaks out.

I'm back blares over the speakers.

Bischoff- Lita and Trish, you two stop this right now. Lita, I was listening to what you had to say and I agree that you do recieve a shot at the title. So therefore at the Royal Rumble, it will be Trish defending her title against Lita in a No Disqualification Match.


Bischoff's Office

(Maven walks in)

Maven- Eric, I was thinking about our next PPV, which is the Royal Rumble, and I thought, what would the Rumble be without Maven. Nothing!! So therefore, I deserve to not only be in the Rumble but enter at #30. So what do you say?

Bischoff- Maven why don't you go ahead and make your way to ringside. Because you will have a chance to be in the Royal Rumble. If you can beat your opponnent.

Maven- Eric, who is my opponent?

Bischoff- You'll see!!

(Bischoff has a smile on his face)


Match #2
Maven vs ???

Maven makes his way to the ring.

Then all of a sudden Matt Hardy's music plays.

J.R.- King, can you believe Matt Hardy is back after being chokeslamed through that table by Kane?

King- No, I can not!

Match Finish- Maven goes for top rope bulldog but Hardy reverses it then hits an explosive Twist of Fate for the win..
Winner- Matt Hardy Version 1

Hardy- It feels good to be back plus I am now in the Rumble. So therefore I will enter the Rumble and win it. But I have another thing on my mind. I have been watching RAW lately with Kane and Snitsky's feud and I thought about it and I aske Bischoff and he said yes to this. Next week, it will be a Triple Threat No Disqualification Everyone Banned from Ringside match, between Kane, Snitsky, and Matt Hardy, Version One--ahhh!

Match #3
Edge vs Batista

Match Finish- Edge htis the spear but thats not enough and he attempts to lock in the Edgecator but Batista kicks him in the jaw, then hits an Batista Bomb for the win

Winner- Batista


Interview with Benoit

Grisham- We have just been informed by Mr. Bischoff that you're title shot will be at the Royal Rumble as you go one on one with Triple H. How do you feel about this?

Benoit- Well, Todd, certainly i'm happy that I get a shot at the title. But Triple H is probably gonna have to cheat to beat me and he'll end up getting either Edge or Flair to attack me.

Grisham- Well, what do you think of tonight's cage match.

Benoit- I'm certainly ready for this so I can send a message to Triple H, and tell him that I am Damn For Real.

Match #4
Randy Orton vs Christian

Match Finish- Christian hits the Unprettier but Tomko jumps in and Big Boots Orton in front of the ref's face, so Christian is disqualified

Winner- Randy Orton via DQ

Christian- Tyson, why the hell did you do that?

Tomko- You looked like you were needing help in there so I just ran in and gave him the Big Boot.

Christian- Okay, but for now on dont ever do it unless I tell you I need help.

Tomko- Hey listen, Christian, If I want to help you I will, so you can shut the hell up!


J.R.- What a surprise that was between christian and Tomko.

King- Yeah, you are right J.R. but anyways the Royal Rumble comed to you live Sunday January 30, 2005 live from the Save Mart Center in Fresno, California.

J.R.- Lita will be looking for revenge as she takes on Trish Stratus in a No Disqualification Match for the Women's Title.

King- Plus, Triple H will be defending his title against Chris Benoit.

J.R.- But the question is, Will any member of Evolution try to intefere in this match and cost Benoit the title

King- Plus, the 30 Man Royal Rumble. Currently, Raw has one superstar in it, and his name is Matt Hardy Version 1.

J.R.- Yes, King you are right as Hardy qualified earlier in the night by defeating Maven.

Match #5
Steel Cage Match
Chris Benoit vs Ric Flair

Match Finish- Benoit hits 3 German Suplexes on the worn down Flair then climbs to the top of the cage and delivers a Suicide Headbutt. He then covers Flair for the victory

Winner- Chris Benoit

J.R.- Did you see that move by Benoit?

King- Yes, I did J.R. That was an unbelievable move.

J.R.- Don't forget to tune in next week as we have a Triple Threat No Disqualification Everyone Banned From Ringside Match between Matt Hardy, Kane and Snitsky.

King- Plus we will have a couple of Royal Rumble Qualifying Matches.

Sunday Night Heat Taping Results

1)Tyson Tomko def Rhyno
2)William Regal and Tajiri def The Hurricane and Rosey
3)*Intercontinental- Shelton Benjamin def Muhammad Hassan

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

Smackdown Preview Thursday January 13, 2005

Smackdown will be coming to you from Anaheim, California this Thursday.
Teddy Long has announced that all 15 competitors for the Royal Rumble will be announced tonight.

Plus what will JBL have to say about his upcoming match against Kurt Angle for the WWE Title at the Royal Rumble.

And in Cruiserweight action, Paul London teams up with Funaki to take on Akio and Spike Dudley.

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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!


-Not typing names out in full.
-No bold, italics and underlining.
-If it's no disqualification, then anybody can interfere, so I'm not sure how it really works, as no one can get disqualified.
-The length of the show.
-Lack of promos/interviews

-Good to see Eric having Maven qualify instead of entering them in.
-Good to see Matt Hardy back.
-Tension between Tyson Tomko and Christian.

The show was good but there was barely any interviews and backstage promos, not to mention that I thought the show was way to short for Raw.


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Re: wwe capt charisma's way!!!

i think it was ok. i can tell u this i could write a better match in my sleep with my hands tied behind my back. srry 2 say. i think u have potential, just try and make some more interviews that would make it alot better 2 know wat is going on behind the scenes.... overall it was an average show(s) i think at the end of the day i would not remember this match after reading some of the others. all i can say is keep it up and do better next time + a few more fine details. i give u a 5/10 keep it up!! §

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

{b} {i have been trying to get smackdown up but every time I do it deletes it for some reason, so I dont know if im going to continue doing this thread or not b/c im not getting any feedback} {b/}

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

January 13, 2005
Anahiem, California

A Video plays highlighting the Big Show vs Angle match last week.

*We are the welcomed to SD!*

Tazz- What a night we are going to have as JBL will be adressing the crowd concerning his title match against Kurt Angle.

Cole- Plus, he will be in tag team action as JBL teams up with Orlando Jordan to face The Big Show and John Cena.

*MacMillitant plays*

Long- Holla, Holla, Holla. As promised I would announce the 15 Royal Rumble competitors. And I will announce 3 of them right now. The Big Show, Hardcore Holly, and Charlie Haas.

Long- Now Holla Back Playas.

Tazz- What an announcement concerning the Royal Rumble by Teddy Long.

Cole- Yes it sure was but up next the WWE Tag Team Titles are on the line in a Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match.


*Viva La Raza plays*

Cole- Here come the tag champions, Guerrero and Mysterio

Tazz- Cole, do you know who else is in this match?

Cole- No,I dont, why?

Tazz- Because I thought you knew this stuff.

*The Basham Brothers music plays*

Tazz- There is my pick to win the titles.

Cole- How in the hell do you pick one team to win when you dont even know who else is in the match?

Tazz- Because, Cole, Im just good like that.

Cole- Sure Tazz whatever you say.

*Reigns and Jindrak's music hits*

Cole- If you would have waited you could have picked them.

Tazz- I'm confident that the Bashams will win the titles.

*Turn the Tables hits*

Cole- Oh my God! We havent seen the Dudley Boyz since November.

Tazz- Am i seeing things?

Cole- No thats really the Dudley Boyz.

Match #1
*WWE Tag Team- Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match- Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio vs Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak vs The Basham Brothers vs The Dudley Boyz

Match Finish- Reigns and Jindrak were eliminated when rey hit a 619 on Jindrak and Eddie hit a frogsplash on Reigns. Rey then pinned Jindrak to eliminate Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak. Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio were eliminated whenever the Dudley Boyz hit a Double 3D and pinned both of them.

Whenever the ref wasnt looking the Bashams brought in a table and hit a 3D on Bubba Ray Dudley and then Danny Basham clotheslined D-Von, whever Doug pinned Bubba for the win

Winner's-(and the new WWE Tag Team Champions)- The Basham Brothers

Bubba Ray Dudley- Where do you think ya'll two are going?

Danny Basham- To celebrate with the Cabinet

Doug Basham- Because we've got all the gold.

D- Von- We'll ya'll can go celebrate tonight but at the Royal Rumble you wont be celebrating whenever we win those titles.

Basham Brothers- What are you 2 talking about?

Bubba Ray- We recieved permission from GM Long that we can recieve our title shots at the Royal Rumble and he let us make the match type.

D-Von- And it's going to be....

The Dudley Boyz- A TABLES MATCH!!!!

(Crowd pops real loud)


Interview w/ Nunzio

Josh Matthews- So, Nunzio what do you think your odds are of making the final cut for the Royal Rumble?

Nunzio- I feel they are pretty good.

Nunzio- I dont know ab....

(Chavo Guerrero walks by)

Chavo Guerrero Nunzio, where are your 2 friends, Palumbo and Stamboli.

Chavo Guerrero- Oh yeah, they were fired!

Nunzio- Haha, very funny,Chavo.

(Chavo Guerrero walks off)

Nunzio- I'll show him what it feels like when you mess with the FBI.

Match #2
*Cruiserweight- Chavo Guerrero vs Nunzio

Match Beginning- Nunzio is making his way down to the ring whenever Chavo attacks from behind him with a steel chair. He then hits the Gory Boma ob the concrete.

Winner- No Contest

Cole- There was no reason for that

Tazz- Yes there was, Cole, he's a Guerrero, he lies, cheats, and steals.

Cole- Oh, dont remind me.


*Teddy Long is shown on the JumboTron*

Long- The next 3 competitors for the Royal Rumble are... Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak, and Orlando Jordan.

Long- Holla back.

Match #3
Funaki and Paul London vs Akio and Spike Dudley

Match Finish- London is going for the London Calling when Akio jumps up and hits an amazing enziguri while London is in mid air. Spike then hits the Dudley Dog on Funaki and pins him

Winners- Akio and Spike Dudley


Long- Now I have been reviewing all the Crusierweight matches we have had recently on Smackdown and Velocity and I thought well we will have a match at the Royal Rumble. It will be an 8 Man Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament. The winner will then face the champ at No Way Out.

Long- Here are the competitors, Funaki, Akio, Shannon Moore, Spike Dudley, Billy Kidman, Paul London, Nunzio, and the returning...Ultimo Dragon!

Tazz- What an announcemnet by GM Long.

Cole- The Royal Rumble will be coming to you live on Sunday January 30, 2005 from Fresno, California.

Tazz- And it is a Raw and Smackdown production.

Cole- At the Rumble, JBL will defend his title against Kurt Angle. This rivalry goes back all the way to when Kurt Angle was GM.

Tazz- Plus, The WWE Tag Team Titles will be on the line as The Basham Brothers defend against The Dudley Boyz in a Tables Match.

Cole- And just announced by GM Teddy Long, we will be having an 8 Man Cruiserweight Chaos Tournament.

Tazz- And the winner will face Chavo Guerrero for the title at No Way Out.

Cole- And for more on the Raw side we'll turn over to J.R. and The King.

*J.R and The King are shown.*

King- At the Royal Rumble, it will be Trish defending her title against Lita in a No Disqualification Match.

J.R.- That rivalry brews all the way back to when Lita came back from her broken neck.

King- And, Chris Benoit will challenge Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title at ther Rumble also.

*They turn it back over to Tazz and Cole*

Cole- And the main event, one of the most anticipated events of all year, as Raw superstars face Smackdown Superstars, The Royal Rumble.

tazz- You got that right Cole, 30 Men, 2 Shows, 1 Winner and Shot to become the WWE Champion or World Heavyweight champion.

Cole- And boy I cannot wait till the Rumble.


*Longhorns plays over the speakers*

JBL- What a pathetic town yall call this. I've seen cleaner trash cans. (Crowd boos), Well concerning the Royal Rumble, Kurt, at one time you and I were friends. Heck, if it wasnt for you I wouldnt be champion today.

JBL- And also...

*Medal plays*

Kurt Angle- I'm the reason you're the champ?

JBL- You got that right.

Angle- I was simply doing my job as GM. I didnt reall want you to be our champion.

JBL- Sure Kurt, you knew with me as champ, the ratings would skyrocket.

Angle- Actually, with you as champ the went down. (Crowd chants "You got told")

JBL- SHUT UP, every one of you.

(Angle jumps him from behind, the brawl and JBL is taken to the back as Angle has a match)

Angle- Now, I know what you are thinkinh. I'm going to beat some no name tonight.

Angle- We''ll quite frankly I will because for now on I will be facing former WWE stars as they make there one night return

Angle- My first opponent i...

*Bangin It*

Grand Master Sexay runs out.

Match #4
Kurt Angle Open Invitational- Kurt Angle vs Grandmaster Sexay

Match Finish- GMS goes for Hip Hop Drop but Luther Reigns pushes him off the turnbuckle straight into an Angle Lock, GMS has no choice but to tap.

Winner- Kurt Angle via submission

Long- The final 9 competitors for the Rumble are... Scotty 2 Hotty, Kenzo Suzuki, Rene Dupree, Booker T, Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio, Undertaker, Heidenreich, and....John Cena!!
Match #5
Handicap Match- Undertaker vs Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree

Dupree goes for Dupree Bomb but Taker reverses it and then double chokeslams both Dupree and Suzuki and pins both of them

Winner- The Undertaker

Interview with JBL

Matthews- JBL, it looks like Kurt Angle is pumped up for the Royal Rumble. What are your thoughts?

JBL- What are my thoughts? Josh, I have been champion for almost 7 months. Do you think I am concernded about some idoit who gets told he sucks every week.

Josh- Well do you think his proteges will try to cause you the title?

JBL- What kind of gay questions are these? Duh, obviouslly they will try to interfere but the Bashams and Orlando Jordan will not let that happen.

Orlando Jordan- Now, Josh why dont you go back to sucking your moms **** and watch JBL and I defeat The Big Show and John Cena


Match #6
JBL and Orlando Jordan vs The Big Show and John Cena

Match Finish- JBl goes for powerbomb but Big Show clotheslines JBL causing him to fall and Big Show then chokeslams Jordan for the win, after wars Cena F-U's both JBL and Jordan, and then the Bashams come out and Big Show double chokeslams them.

Cole- What a night on Smackdown, Tazz.

Tazz- Man, youre right Cole

Cole- We'll see you next week.

Velocity Taping Results

Hardcore Holly def Scotty 2 Hotty
Ultimo Dragon def Charlie Haas
No DQ Match- Booker T def Heidenreich

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

RAW Preview for Monday January 17, 2005

Raw will be coming to you live this Monday from Toronto, Canada.

What will Chris Benoit have to say about his upcoming match against Triple H at the Royal Rumble. And will he be in condition after that epic cage match, for his match against Kane?

Also, will the tension between Christian and Tyson Tomko come to a halt as they will have a shot to become World Tag Team Champions against William Regal and Tajiri.

Also, Matt Hardy told us last week that we would have a Triple Threat No Disqualification Match between him, Kane, and Snitsky.

Tune in for this and more, this Monday for Monday Night RAW

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Re: WWE Capt Charisma's way!!!

A Video hyping the Royal Rumble is shown to the fans.

Then Raw's opening music video plays.

J.R.- What a night we have for you as the main event is Chris Benoit facing Evolution's Edge.

King- Plus, Matt Hardy made his return last week and he said that tonight will be a Triple Threat No Disqualification Match between him, Kane, and Gene Snitsky!

J.R.- But up next, the Tag Team Titles are on the line.

*Regal's music hits*

King- The question for this match is if Christian and Tyson Tomko can stay on the same page?

J.R.- I'm not sure King, but we'll find out soon.

*Just Close Your Eyes hits*

King- J.R., look Christian is saluting to all of his peeps.

J.R.- I dont see one peep in this whole building

King- (points to a fan) Look, there's one.

Match #1
*World Tag Team- William Regal and Tajiri vs Christian and Tyson Tomko

Match Finish- Christian is working on Tajiri and then hits the Unprettier but Tomko comes in with a chair swings for Tajiri and misses but hits Christian. Regal then cleans Tomko's clock with the Power of the Punch. Tajiri hits the Buzzsaw kick on Christian for the win.

Winners- William Regal and Tajiri

Christian- Tyson, why the hell did you do that?

Tomko- If you remember, last week I said if you need help I was gonna help you.

Christian- I didnt need help. You costed us the titles.

Tomko- I didnt cost us anything. You costed us the titles.

Christian- How in the hell did I do that? I was beating the **** out of Tajiri.

Tomko- You were being too ****y.

Christian- Do you want to see some ****iness.

(Christian grabs the chair and goes to hit Tomko but it hits the ropes and bounces back and hits himself in the face with it)

Tomko- The problem has been solved.


King- I can not believe what is going on between Tyson Tomko and Christian right now.

J.R.- I quite frankly can't either.

King- Tyson laid Christian out with that chair

J.R.- Tyson didnt do that, christian did it himself.

(Bischoff's Office)

MaVen- I was cheated out of a spot in the Royal Rumble last week.

Bischoff- And you're point is??

MaVen- Well, I deserve another chance to be in it.

Bischoff- O.K., i''l give you another chance if you can beat....

MaVen- Well who?

Bischoff- Oh, you''ll see!

Match #2
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match- MaVen vs ???

Maven is standing in the ring waiting to see who his opponent is.

All of a sudden Batista's music hits.

Match Finish- MaVen never got a move in. Batista dominates and hits a backbreaking Batista Bomb for the win.

Winner- Batista

King- That is not fair.

J.R.- What is not fair?

King- MaVen gets cheated out of the Royal Rumble 2 weeks in a row, First Matt Hardy, now Batista.

J.R.- Bischoff, did give him a fair chance.


Interview w/ Eugene

Todd Grisham- Now Eugene, you have been injured for a while. When are you going to come back.

Eugene- (stuttering) I,I,I, dont know Todd, maybe at WrestleMania, so I can win the biggest match of my career.

Grisham- Eugene, is Regal been helping you in your preparation to come back?

Eugene- Yeah, and so is my mommy.

Grisham- that's great, thanks Eugene

J.R.- He's such a sweet Kid.

King- How is he sweet, he licked my face with that bad breath of his.

J.R.- He likes you I guess.


*Benoit's music hits*

Chris Benoit- At the Royal Rumble, I will prove that I do deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion again. Triple H, I have made you tap out on the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania. And I'm not afraid to do it at the Royal Rumble, but...

*Time to play the Game*

Triple H- Benoit, who do you think you are? There is no way you will make me tap out again. I'm a freakin 10 time World Heavyweight Champion, and thats because I'm that Damn good!

Benoit-Wow, a 10 time champion. Every time youve been champion, you cheated to win.

Triple H- Yeah, and your point is?

Benoit- My point is that when I won I didnt cheat, I made you tap out in the middle of the ring.

Triple H- Well.....

(Edge comes behind Benoit and spears him.)

Triple H- Good job, Edge.

Edge- You're welcome champ.


Match #3
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match- Chris Jericho vs Rosey

Match Finish- Rosey hits the Swinging Powerbomb and pins Jericho but he gets a 2 count. So Jericho nails the enziguri, then slaps on the Walls of Jericho for the win

Winner- Chris Jericho via submission

Interview w/ Trish Stratus

Grisham- Trish, you will be defending your Women's title against Lita at the Royal Rumble in a No Disqualification Match. Do you think you'll come out looking the same as you do right now?

Trish- Will I come out looking like this? Hopefully, but with a lunatic like Lita anythink could happen so I'm not sure.

Grisham- What are Lita's odds of coming out how she looks right now.

Trish- they are not very good as I will beat the Holy hell out of that ugly ass *****.

Grisham- Strong words from Trish and tune in to the Royal Rumble on Janauary 30, 2005 to see the outcome of this match.


(Bischoff's Office)

Christain- Next week, will you give me a Royal Rumble Qualifying match?

Bischoff- Sure and guess who it's against?

Christian- I dont know, William Regal?, Tajiri?

Bischoff- No, even better, KANE!

(Christian walks off scared)

Match #4
Triple Threat No Disqualification Match- Kane vs Gene Snitsky vs Matt Hardy

Match Finish- Snitsky puts a steel chair around Kane's throat, Snitsky goes to jump but Matt pushes him off the turnbuckle. Matt then picks Kane up and delivers an Twist of Fate for the win.

Winner- Matt Hardy Version 1

King- How did Matt Hardy pull it off?

J.R.- I dont know King but lets talk about Chris Benoit vs Triple H for the World Heavyweight Title at the Royal Rumble.

King- HHH will win.

J.R.- Well, Benoit has been on a roll recently defeating both Edge and Shawn Michaels at New Years Revolution, plus defeating Ric Flair in a Cage Match.

King- But it doesnt matterr because HHH is the game and he will retain.

J.R.- Yeah, well HHH has never beaten Chris Benoit

King- Oh, dont worry he will beat him at the Royal Rumble.


A video hyping next week's RAW is shown.

(HHH is shown talking to Edge)

HHH- Edge, your job tonight is to seriously injure Benoit for me.

Edge- Got ya' champ.

HHH- And if you do injure him, Mr Bischoff has a surprise for you.

Edge- What would that be?

HHH- An spot in the Royal Rumble.

Edge- Is it number 30?

HHH- No due to SD! having that this year but if you win you will be number 29!

Edge- That great too, thanks champ!

Match #5
Royal Rumble Qualifying Match- Chris Masters vs Steven Richards

Match Finish- Masters locks on the Full Nelson and Richards has no choice but to tap out.

Winner- Chris "The Masterpiece" Masters

J.R.- What a debut by Chris Masters

King- And what an even better debut he could make at the Royal Rumble

J.R.- We have been informed that next week, Eric Bischoff has a huge announcement concerning the Royal Rumble itself.

King- Plus, in a Royal Rumble Qualifying Match, Captain Charisma faces Kane.


(Bischoff's office)

Bischoff- As King and J.R. told you that next week, I have a major announcement concerning the Royal Rumble.

Bischoff- But also, your two main events next week are going to be Shawn Michaels one on one with The Nature Boy Ric Flair and also Edge will team up with HHH to face Randy Orton and Chris Benoit.

Match #6
Randy Orton vs Ric Flair

Match Finish- Orton goes for the RKo but somehow Flair reverses it and hits a backbreaker. He then locks in the figure 4 leg lock, but Orton wont give up. He then climbs over to the ropes and grabs th bottom rope but then he gets up and all of a sudden BOOM, Orton hits the RKO, 1...2....3...

Winner-Randy Orton


Interview w/Edge

Grisham- Edge, your match with Benoit is next.

Edge- Wow, Todd you actually got something right for the first time in your ****ing life.

Grisham- Edge, if you win and enter at #29, do you think you can win the Rumble?

Edge- Hell, I could win the Rumblew at number 1 and having been in there for 87 years but the only reason I would lose is if I get screwed out of it again.

Grisham- Edge, next week you are teaming up with HHH to face Orton and Benoit. Your thoughts?

Edge- My thoughts are that I will beat those two pansy asses . Now if you would move you are going to see greatness

Match #7
Edge vs Chris Benoit

Match Finish- Benoit hits 3 German Suplexes, then clims to go for Diving Headbutt but Edge rolls out of the way whenever Benoit jumps. Edge then spears Benoit and locks in the Edgecator for the win.

Winner- Edge via submission

J.R.- What an amazing night it was. Edge defeated Benoit, Matt Hardy overcame the odds, and Orton RKO'd his way to victory.

King- But most importantly, Edge won!

J.R.- Well, tune in next week as HHH will team up with Edge to face Randy Orton and Chris Benoit, plus Shawn Michaels vs Ric Flair.

King- And Captain Charisma will face and beat Kane, then enter the Royal Rumble.

J.R.- Sure King whatever you say.

Sunday Night Heat Taping Results

1)Simon Dean def The Hurricane
2)Muhammad Hassan def Val Venis
3)Shawn Michaels def Viscera (didnt have anything for HBk to do so I put him on Sunday Night Heat, but dont worry that will probably be the only time)
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