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It's funny, for me to remember the event I would think of what my favorite wrestler was doing at the time and figure things out. I remember Edge beating Batista in a steel cage, great fun match, Edge beats Batista 2 PPVs in a row.
@lmao Cena was feuding with Khali. I DESPISED Cena then, he beat Edge in TLC in his hometown and went on some superman streak where it was literally the same everytime: win win win, lose before the PPV, win at the PPV. Every, fucking, time. i'll give him credit now in retrospect, that was probably Khali's best match ever/
I remember Melina and Candice pudding match..the start of Candice's push.
I think it was also around that time that super Bobby was taking over, he was beating everyone and buried the entire ECW Roster, he was winning 3 on 1 matches, VINCE MCMAHON took the title from him fpalm

It was an alright PPV, from 2007, I think I have to chose the Rumble as PPV of the year. Umaga/Cena, and great Rumble with greatest last 2.
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