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WWE offeres Womens MMA Awesome Kong, Cyborg Santos a contract

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Well back when she was a dominating champion who just completely belittled all of her opponents with RAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW power.

and yeah it was worth the really long headline and the delay to the copy pasta report


no lol sorry she's actually on the right
Our amigos at Tatame dropped an under-the-radar, single paragraph report on us yesterday afternoon alleging that current Strikeforce women’s middleweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Santos is currently in talks with – oh, God, no — World Wrestling Entertainment. The website cites the ever-present “sources close to the fighter” saying that Santos is negotiating with the professional wrestling company and indicated that she’s joined a seemingly growing chorus of fighters disgruntled that the Strikeforce isn’t giving them enough fights.

“Without fighting since June of 2010, Cyborg is getting tired of the lack of fights in the MMA organization,” the website writes. “This proposal would change her future in fighting – and get bigger paychecks.”

Tatame reports that both Mr. and Mrs. Cyborg attended a WWE event in California two weeks ago and the rasslin’ company offered her a contract on the spot. If true, this news means the world of pro wrestling is essentially planning to acquire one of MMA’s top up and coming stars, while trading us one of it’s biggest malcontents, since MMA Weekly reports Dave Bautista could debut for BAMMA in England in May. Yeah, just another enormous dude, another conspicuously overseas MMA appearance. Anyway, we digress, more on the Cyborg situation after the jump.

Santos – who’s won eight bouts in her current nine fight win streak by some form of stupefying knockout – hasn’t fought for Strikeforce since laying an ungodly beatdown on Jan Finney in June of last year. Reports at the time said Cyborg earned just $35,000 for that fight, including a $15,000 win bonus and $5,000 “championship bonus.” In light of that, we guess you can’t really blame her for seeking out additional sources of income. As Kimbo Slice likes to remind us, “A (Cyborg) gotta eat.” Finney, you’ll recall, made just $6,000 that night.

All in all, this will be kind of depressing news, not only for Strikeforce but women’s MMA in general if it proves true and means a full-time move away from real fighting for Cyborg. Whether or not WWE would be her long term home is unclear from the original story.

As a humorous aside though, we loved that the Tatame report refers to Santos as “Strikeforce champion and best pound for pound MMA fighter of the world.” We assume that made Dana White pick up his morning fruit tray and toss it at whoever he pays to let him throw things at them when something offends his delicate sensibilities.
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