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F*ck all that other sh*t, Lee v. Balor v. Gargano next week.

Then Cole v. Lee/Balor/Gargano on July 8th. Nothing but bangers in the upcoming weeks.

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Kind of a so-so episode this week for NXT (same as AEW) but some cool things did happen here:

*The opening tag match was decent if not a little over booked at the end. First off, Indus Sher bumping off a flying Tyler Breeze was hilarious. Plus the ending was kind of botched. Could have been better all around.

*I am completely here for Dream and Lumis teaming together and the story of them coming together.

*Didn't see much of Priest vs. Dain. Dain really has no role in NXT now. Priest is a face now and guy they clearly see something in but Dain is just a big guy who loses all the time now. I would have rather they got someone else in there for Priest just to squash.

*Didn't see much of Aliyah vs. Xia though I saw Robert Stone puked causing Aliyah to win apparently. Yeah, I can do without this.

*Hey, some cool vignettes. Thatcher training his own guys in his vicious submission style is cool. And fuck I love the TUE segment. I laughed my ass off when Roddy ran away from the car and Cole yelled at him.

*The Cole/Lee/Balor/Gargano promo was good stuff. I'm not typically a fan of the cliche pile a bunch of guys in the ring for a promo skit but it worked here because everyone had something to say. Cole reiterated how great he is, Lee says he wants to be a Double Champ, Gargano still wants Lee, and Balor wants Lee too. And they felt unique in how they talked and acted. And that sets up 2 big matches in the future. Loved this.

*Barely saw Kai vs. Carter but I like they're keeping Kai strong. Kai will make for a first good opponent for Io when it eventually happens.

*Poor Leon Ruff, can't buy a win (or offense), lol. Very much looking forward to Kross vs. Reed next week.

*Santos looked great in his promo and fuck that move he did to Drake through the table was such a cool thing to make him feel like a big deal.

*The Women's Tag main event was great. All the women brought and Sasha especially worked great with 2 women she's probably never worked with before. She was bumping all over for them and she and Bayley made Shotzi and Tegan look really good in defeat.

I don't know where the stuff with Io leads, but damn I'm intrigued.

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Damian Priest is someone that I can imagine Vince loving in the future. That guy has made me a fan over time.

Lumis wanting to pair with Dream, i'm all for that.

I liked that they swerved us some with the Killer Kross/Adam Cole thing. Cole has to worry about whoever wins that triple threat match for the NA Championship first. I hope that Keith Lee retains.

Santos, i'm more intrigued in him now than I was when he was Fantasma. I like where they are going with him. That move on Drake through the table looked brutal. Wilde looks like he got a major tan during his time away to match skin tones with the others.

I like Bronson Reed. He is doomed against Killer Kross of course, but I like him. To me he is a lot more fresh than Killian Dain.

Robert Stone in his current depressed situation is great. I still don't get why he hasn't tried to grab Santana or other women but whatever.

Undisputed Era therapy session made me laugh a little. Roderick Strong still sucks with acting though. That was a little cringe when he was on the couch.

I get what they are doing with the Timothy Thatcher training other guys thing, but before this I saw him as a guy that was an unpredictable dangerous loner. Clearly that is not where they are going with him now with how much he talks, which isn't bad.

The Womens tag team Championship match was alright. I'm just done with current Bayley.

Good episode.

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I am extremely curious to see what they're going to do with Robert Stone next.

I don't know who Killian pissed off but they've been using him as a jobber for while now.

Xia Li is a waste of space. She's been training for years and she still sucks. She even managed to botch someone else's roll up.

Wayyyyyy too much Undisputed Era this week. They're not even funny when they try to be goofy. Poor Roddy deserves so much better.
You know your champion is ridiculously small when someone like Balor makes him look like a fan that jumped the barricade.

Raquel must have taken some fashion advice from Ripley. Those high pants just don't work on her. Happy Kai got the win anyway.

I wish Otis wrestled like Bronson Reed.

El Hijo del Fantasma and his goons are so much more interesting than those giant Indian dudes. That could be a formidable stable. I hope they don't screw this up. Fantasma is pure talent and his English is great.

Tegan and Shotzi as a team makes as much sense as Alexa and Nikki. I hate those random pairings. This is why this female tag division sucks and shouldn't exist.

alexa = greatest of all time!
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- Cole 2 Belts coming soon. i dig it.

- bloody hell aliyah sucks she messed up a schoolgirl finish and had to pin her twice.

- tag match was great up until finish

- io vs sasha dream match soon?
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Decent enough show, nothing too spectacular, but an easy watch, and sets things up for the coming weeks.

I like all 4 of the main event girls, particularly the champs and Tegan, so it was cool to see them all interacting, and Sasha was fantastic. Shame the reult was even more predictable (following Raw), but I did enjoy it for what it was.
I'm starting to come round to Priest now, and good stuff with him and Grimes throughout, Grime hovvering around in the background at the start, and then their interaction at the end, and it makes next weeks match seem like a pretty big deal, one that could have been lower down a Takeover card. Not sure how that match will go either.
Escobar was class, and a definite improvement on his El Hijo role.
I enjoyed the whole UE stuff, which isn't always the case for me, and the Cole-Lee-Gargano-Balor segment felt important and should result in a couple of high profile and enjoyable matches, which is needed to keep momentum when it's so long until the next PPV.

I wasn't too crazy on the men's tag titles matches, or the teams involved, and I'm not too keen on Indus Sher either, so the whole segment and whatever follows is like filler to me.
Admittedly they didn't take up too much time, but Xia and Aliyah on TV seems a bit of a waste of time, although I suppose it gets Robert Stone a bit of air time, which is OK.

I was going to complain and say how it's another week with nothing for Io, but I really enjoyed her cameo at the end, and like others, I am intrigued to find out what the reason was, whether it was just to show she is the top woman on the brand, or if it does actually lead to something (potentially brilliant).
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