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Back-story: When Triple H became the C.O.O of the WWE, he has made changes and some are good for the company and some bad ones but one knows it takes a man to run a business. One thing he has planned is to change the future of WWE NXT. Triple H announce that WWE NXT will return to television and this season will be like no other. Not only new pros and new rookies but it will be based on wrestling and nothing else. No more stupid challenges and no more stupid pointless stunts, just plain good old fashion wrestling. Let's see who will be the next breakout star !

Pros & Rookies:

Pro: Sheamus / Rookie: Sik
Pro: Drew McIntyre / Rookie: Captain Corpose
Pro: Heath Slater / Rookie: Nyrstorm
Pro: Santino Morella / Rookie: Gangreen
Pro: Evan Bourne / Rookie: Barry Wild
Pro: John Cena / Rookie: Sean "The Blade" O'Riley

Announce Team:
Michael Cole and Todd Grisham

Matt Striker

Stats on NXT Rookies

Name: Sik Weight: 210 lbs. From: Savannah, Georgia Finisher: Common Cold Hold (Full Nelson Bulldog)

Name: Captain Corpose Weight: 215 lbs. From Parts Unknown Finisher: Shinning Wizard

Name: Nyrstorm Weight: 210 lbs. From: Calgary Alberta, Canada Finisher: Canadian Facebreaker (Reverse STO)

Name: Gangreen Weight: 210 lbs. From: Green Bay Wisconsin Finisher: Green Bay Sludge (Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam)

Name: Barry Wild Weight: 320 lbs. From: Chicago Illinois Finisher: The Wild Side (Reverse Fireman's Carry Slam)

Name: Sean "The Blade" O'Riley weight: 240 lbs. From: San Diego, California Finisher: Sling Blade (Spinning Neckbreaker)​

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WWE NXT Episode #1: The Era Has Begun​

[The area erupts as the fireworks lights up the sold out arena. The camera pans to the packed arena and goes to our announce team; Michael Cole and Todd Grisham.]

Michael Cole: We welcome you to a new era in sports entertainment; We welcome you to WWE NXT and what a way to kick off this season. The C.O.O of the WWE, Triple H hs not only put WWE NXT back on the air but has said that this time around, it's just about wrestling.

Todd Grishman: For once, I agree with you. I can't wait to see what the rookies have on their mind and to see how the pros will guide them into WWE stardom. We go to the ring with the host of NXT..Matt Striker.

[Camera cuts to the ring and we see Matt Striker in the ring.]

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen; This..IS NXT !!! I am so excited to know that this time around, we will not have contest nor stupid challenges to see who can be a breakout star. This time around, we will see the rookies actually wrestle their hearts out for you...THE WWE UNIVERSE !!!! Without further adue, let me introduce the NXT pros and their rookies !!

[Sheamus' music hits and out comes the Celtic Warrior to a outstanding ovation.]

Sheamus: How are ya ?!?! My name is Sheamus, I am the only superstar to date that has won the WWE Championship within months of my debut. I have beaten the likes of John Cena, Randy Orton, Kane, you name them, I beat them. So, it makes sense that I'm a pro in NXT. My rookie has known a thing or two about his mark in where ever he goes. He is considered a tag team and hardcore master. His wrestling skills are unmatched and his attitude is one to be considered one of the most nastiest ones ever known. I bring to you...my rookie...The Man They Call...SIK !!!!

[Sik walks out and looks around at the sold out arena and blows a snot rocket to the ground as Sheamus looks on with a awkward look on his face. They make their way down the ramp as Drew McIntyre makes his way out to the stage.]

Drew McIntyre: This..this is an insult..a complete insult !! I deserve to win championships, headline pay-per-views, to be the poster boy of WWE. Yet, I'm here..I'm here being a babysitter for a..a.."rookie". They canceled WWE Superstars so no more of me losing to Primo or Zack Ryder, and I haven't been on RAW since god knows how long. Plus, to top it all off, my rookie claims to be a superhero...A SUPERHERO !?!?!? The guy can't barely speak English yet Spanish, this is a huge joke..a huge...*sighs* Here's Captain Corpose..

[Captain Corpose runs out and poses in a superhero like way. He pretends to fly down the ring like Freakazoid as McIntyre walks down with his head held down. As they walk down, Heath Slater comes out and starts doing a very very awkward dance.]

Heath Slater: Come now, come now, I know what yall are a saying. Why is Heath Slater..The Southern Rock Band Man...being a pro for NXT ? Because, I deserve to be one, I deserve to be on T.V. more than the next guy. I be rocking the city to east of Liberty...WWOOOO !!!! Now, my rookie is a veru hard working young man and he's foreign too...I think his from a country called Canada...or something like that. He has all the wrestling knowledge like Bert Hart and mic skills like The Rock...I think or is it...eh who knows..I give you Nyrstorm !!!!

[Nyrstorm comes out in a black leather jacket and sunglasses like Bert Hart. He shakes Heath Slater's hand and they walk down the ramp as Santino Morella's music plays as he enters.]

Santino Morella: COBRAS !!!! UNITE !!!! I love thata reaction, and I love all of you !!! My rookie hs a bit of..of..a..oddball....LIKEA MEE !!!! Please, help me welcome...Green Gang !!!

[Gangreen walks out, wearing a green hood and looks around. Santino holds out his hand and he shakes Gangreen's hand. Gangreen jumps and acts scared, as they try to talk, the next pro comes out; Evan Bourne.

Evan Bourne: Wow, what a jammed packed arena we have here. It's a honor to be a pro on this season of NXT and the pro I got is one of the most hard hitting men I saw in a while. This man is a hard hitter, he has cat-like wrestling skills and a killer finisher that can knock the biggest man out. Ladies and Gentlemen, Barry Wild !

[Barry Wild makes his way out and walks right pass Evan Bourne. Evan walks behind him and into the ring.]

Michael Cole: Well, we got 5 out of 6 rookies. But, where is the last pro and the last rookie ?

[John Cena music hits and the arena lights up with excitement. John Cena comes out with his newly won WWE Championship. He pumps up the fans and looks around.]

John Cena: Alright...alright..alright..I know what you thinking..Your thinking; "Looks like Triple H has got Cena de-pushed !"

[WWE Universe lights up and some people cheer and some people boos]

Cena: Truth is, I wanted to be a pro for NXT. I have enough experience to be one and I can't wait to teach this young hot new star. My rookie has been a world champion in every company and can go toe to toe with anyone and anything. Please, Help me welcome, my rookie...Sean "The Blade" O'Riley !!!!

[Sean "The Blade" O'Riley comes out and hugs Cena and they walk down to the ring. All of the rookies and the pros are all in the ring and we cut to Matt Striker.]

Matt Striker: Alright, now normally, we will do this 15 second mic skill test but not in this season. we will instead, have our first rookie match up. We have chosen that Sik will go one on one with Gangreen. it will happen next..right here..ON NXT !!!

[Commercial Break]

Match #1: Sik vs. Gangreen

The bell rings and here we go with the first rookie match. Sik and Gangreen locks up and Gangreen locks in a armbar. Sik counters and kicks his mid section, he wobbles off to the middle of the ring and is meet with a dropkick by Sik. Gangreen gets back up and lock up again, Sik gets the upper hand and headlocks him. He tries to pushes him off but Sik tightens the hold and with a few fancy footwork, he trips him up and ground him with a pin for a one count. Gangreen gets right back up and stares at Sik, they go to lock up but Sik gets the kick in the mid section again and body slams him. He runs off the ropes and hits a swift knee drop and springboards himself off the other ropes and does a moonsault for the pin but Gangreen kicks out at 2. Sik locks a chin hold and grounds Gangreen, He starts to get the WWE Universe behind him but Sik releases the hold and snapmares him to the ground into another chin lock. Gangreen tries to find the ropes but no dice, he is in the middle of the ring. He fights back up and elbow after elbow till he releases the hold, Gangreen throws punch after punch till he is on his wobble legs. He runs to the ropes and hits him with a forearm smash, and runs another round and hits him with a running cross body. Sik gets back up and is meet with big boot to the head and goes for a pin but gets a 2 count. Gangreen goes to the top and removes his hood revealing a green wrestling mask on. He throws the hood to Sik and hits a missile dropkick. He pumps up the arena and signals the end, he picks up Sik for the Green Bay Sludge but wiggles out and pushes him to the turnbuckle. He hits chest first and holds his chest, Sik runs off the ropes and hits him with a running STO but Gangreen counters and goes for a German Suplex but Sik lands on his feet and kicks the back of Gangreen's leg and hits his finisher; The Common Cold Hold and plants him in the mat. He rolls him over and pins him and that's the match, Sik Wins !!!

Winner: Sik

[Matt Striker comes up to Sik and Sheamus with a mic]

Matt Striker: Sik..Sik..I got to ask you; you looked amazing in the ring. What is your plan on how to win NXT ?

Sik: I don't need a plan, I don't need you asking me if I have one, and I totally don't need a pro to win NXT.

[Sheamus takes the mic]

Sheamus: You betta watch your tone. You see, even though your new, your not that new to get your head kicked in.

Matt Striker; Alright, what a way to kick off NXT. Coming up next, we got tag team match with pros and rookies. We got Evan Bourne and Barry Wild to face Heath Slater and Nyrstorm.

[Commercial Break]

Match #2: Evan Bourne & Barry Wild vs. Heath Slater and Nyrstorm

Evan Bourne starts off with Heath Slater as the bell rings. They lock up and Slater throws Bourne across the ring and starts doing his trademark silly dance. They lock up again and Bourne catches Slater in a hammerlock. Slater tries to fight out of it but is kicked in the leg, while on one knee, Bourne backs up and runs at him with a snap hurricania. Bourne plays to the fans but gets tagged out by Barry Wild. He comes in and clothesline Slater so hard, having Slater flip backwards. He picks him up and sidewalk slams him in the middle of the ring. Wild goes off the rope and hits a headbutt to the stomach, pins him and Nyrstorm kicks it out. Wild looks as Nyrstorm goes back on the apron and plays to the arena. Wild picks up Slater's lifeless body and makes Slater tag him in and whips Nyrstorm over the top rope. He grounds him down and starts delivering punches after punches, he gets him up whips him to his corner. He runs at Nyrstorm but he side steps him and Bourne tags himself in. He springboards himself into the ring and hits a spinning wheel kick on Nyrstorm. He picks him up but Nyrstorm jawbreaks his head and side steps him to run off the ropes and clothesline him to the ground. Nyrstorm grounds him and puts an armbar/Half Boston Crab combination and pulls back as much he can. He releases the hold and elbows his knee so he can't pull of any high flying kicks. Nyrstorm grabs Bourne's arm and single arms DDTs it. He tags Slater in and he elbow drops his singled out knee and puts on a Half Boston Crab on him. Bourne makes it to the ropes to break it and Slater goes to pull him over to his corner but gets small packages by Bourne but gets a two count. Slater quickly tags in Nyrstorm and kicks him in the knee, he whips him to the ropes and does a single knee backbreaker into a neckbreaker. He goes for the pin but kicks out, he grabs Bourne's hurting leg but gets pushed to the ropes and gets monkey flips into the turnbuckle. He goes for a tag to Barry Wild and makes the tag. He runs in and clothesline after clothesline Nyrstorm till he doesn't get up. He goes to Slater and whips him into the ring, he whips him into the ropes and hits an high ankle spinebuster. He clotheslines Slater out and Nyrstorm attacks him from behind and snap DDT Wild's head to the matt. While still wobbling, Nyrstorm runs to the top rope and goes for a cross bosy. Wild catches him mid air and puts him on his shoulder and hits his finisher; The Wild Side. Bourne yells at Wild to tag him in so he can preform Air Bourne but he pins Nyrstorm and wins the match.

Winner: Evan Bourne & Barry Wild

[we go to the back and see Drew McIntyre with Captain Corpose.]

Drew McIntyre: Look, I don't like you...I even hate you..you understand me..But, since your my rookie, you have to do exactly what I say. I have a match with Sean "The Blade" O'Riley, I want you to make sure that I win that match. If I don't, I will future shock you so far that you will be seeing Doc Brown and Marty McFly in the stone age, you understand me ? Let's go.

Match #3: Drew McIntyre w/ Captain Corpose vs. Sean "The Blade" O'Riley w/ John Cena

McIntyre and O'Riley stare each other down and they back up from each other. The bell rings and McIntyre wastes no time and starts wailing on O'Riley. He slams him down with a body slam and elbow drops him in the chest. O'Riley tries to get up and is meet with a running big boot to the side of his head by McIntyre. He grabs O'Riley and helps him up but knocks him down with a straight right hand. Goes for a pin and it's a 2 count, McIntyre looks at the ref and starts auguring with the ref. O'Riley finds an opening and dropkicks him in the face, he grabs him to get up but he gets hit with a knee in the stomach. McIntyre grabs his head and slams it into the turnbuckle, he does it for a few more times and faces him to him. He backs up while yelling "WELCOME TO THE WWE, ROOKIE" and runs at him for a corner clothesline but O'Riley side steps him and rolls to the other corner. McIntyre steps to the side and is meet with a atomic drop and then a European Uppercut. While trying to get the fans pumped, Captain Corpose comes on the apron and tries to distract the ref. O'Riley grabs Corpose and goes to punch but side steps while McIntyre hits into Corpose. O'Riley picks up McIntyre but he elbows him in the face and puts him down. McIntyre picks up O'Riley and Suplex him to the mat, grabs him and picks him up to hit a Reverse Alabama Slam. He covers him for a pin but he kicks out at 2 and a half. He picks him up and locks both arms for the future Shock DDT but he counters it and back drops him. He runs at him and spins him around to a face-crusher face plant. He calls for the end and picks him up and hits his finisher; The Sling Blade. he covers him and gets the win.

Winner: Sean "The Blade" O'Riley

[O'Riley celebrates and goes to the corner to celebrate with the WWE Universe. McIntyre looks on and yells at Captain Corpose. John Cena comes out and gets in the ring to celebrate with O'Riley. McIntyre looks on and attack Cena and Corpose attacks O'Riley. McIntyre hits his Future Shock DDT on Cena and Corpose hits his Shinning Wizard on O'Riley. McIntyre and Corpose starts kicking their bodies and leaves through ringside.]

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WWE NXT Episode #2: Welcome To Hell​

[The show opens up with Drew McIntyre and Captain Corpose. McIntyre paces back and forth while Corpose looks around and is mumbling to himself.]

Drew McIntyre: Corpose...Corpose..LOOK AT ME, YOU IDIOT !!! Now, what happened last week was not just beyond disgusting..but it was your fault !!! I asked you to help me out in my match with John Cena's rookie; Sean "The Blade" O'Riley and you didn't. And, that..that makes me very very unhappy....and you know what's going to happen tonight...Tonight, I arrange for you to have your first match here on NXT. You will be facing...hmmm, you know what, It'll be a surprise..Let's go !

[WWE NXT Intro plays and cue the fireworks. We pan over the jam packed arena and go to ringside with Cole and Grisham.]

Michael Cole: Welcome to WWE NXT, Michael Cole and Todd Grisham here and what a show we had last week.

Todd Grisham: Yeah, what a show it was. John Cena's rookie; Sean "The Blade" O'Riley did win against Drew McIntyre but at the end of the night, Drew McIntyre got the last word when it came to Cena and O'Riley.

[Drew McIntyre's music hits and out comes Captain Corpose walks slowly to the ring and Drew McIntyre comes out right behind him and pushes him to walk faster to the ring. They enter the ring and McIntyre grabs a mic.]

Drew McIntyre: Well, like I said, I have you booked in a match tonight but who..oh who who should I pick to face my amazing rookie ? Oh, I know just the man..Ladies and Gentlemen.....Mason Ryan !!!

Match #1: Mason Ryan vs. Captain Corpose

Bell rings and we are under way, Ryan moves to the center of the ring but Corpose shakes his head no way. The ref tells Corpose he has to wrestle but he shakes his head no, Ryan grabs Corpose and clotheslines his head off. Corpose tries to crawl away but Ryan grabs his right leg and drags him to the center and elbow drops him in the back again and again. Corpose tries to crawl out of the ring but Ryan picks him up and clotheslines him out of the ring and lands head first. Corpose makes his way up but Drew McIntyre grabs Corpose and throws him into the ring. Ryan picks Corpose up and does a back breaker and then a sidewalk slam, goes for a pin but kicks out at 2. Ryan picks up Corpose's body but Corpose throws a punch to Ryan's mid section over and over. Ryan moves away and Corpose goes off the ropes and does a clothesline but Ryan doesn't goes down. He goes off the ropes again and does another clothesline but he still doesn't go down. Corpose looks at Ryan and stomps on his foot and Ryan stumbles around and holds his foot; as he stumbles away; Corpose hits a single leg dropkick. McIntyre looks on in amazement as Corpose goes up to the top rope. Corpose waits for Ryan to get back up but McIntyre goes to the apron to try to distract Corpose but he goes off the top rope and hits a front dropkick to McIntyre. McIntyre flies off the apron and Corpose gets hit from behind by Ryan. Ryan Irish whips Corpose to the ropes but Corpose holds on to Ryan's right arm and falls back to middle kick the corner of his arm. Ryan holds his arm and tries to clothesline him but Corpose counters and hits a DDT. He calls for the Shinning Wizard but as he backs up to hit it; McIntyre grabs his leg and trips him. As Corpose tries to regain his balance, Ryan hits the big boot and Corpose goes down. Ryan grabs Corpose's head and drags him up on his feet, he gets him in a pumphandle set-up and pumphandle slams Corpose to the mat. He picks Corpose up again and pumphandle slams him once again and goes for the pin and gets the pinfall win.

Winner: Mason Ryan

[Mason Ryan's hand is raised and looks at the fallen body of Captain Corpose. Drew McIntyre grabs a mic and enters the ring. As Mason leaves, McIntyre bends down to talk to Corpose.]

Drew McIntyre: Corpose, do you actually think I was going to let you win ? If I can't win a match, no rookie of mine will. And, for you, for that little flying dropkick you did...

[Drew McIntyre picks him and double hook his arms and hits him with an Future Shock DDT. McIntyre picks him up and again and hits him with another Future Shock DDT. As he tries to pick him up again, John Cena comes out and tries to get McIntyre but he escapes. Cena helps Corpose up and calls for McIntyre to get in the ring. McIntyre shakes his head and walks to the back.

Match #2: Nyrstorm w/ Heath Slater vs. Santino Morrella w/ Gangreen

Nyrstorm locks up with Santino, as he locks up he whips Santino's head to the mat and backs up. Santino gets up and claps, they lock up again and Santino whips Nyrstorm's head to the mat. Nyrstorm looks at Santino as he gets back up and goes to Santino but he side steps him and runs to the corner turnbuckle. Santino arm drags Nyrstorm but when he goes to the second arm drag, Nyrstorm counters and headlocks Santino and leg sweeps him, driving his head to the mat. Nyrstorm grabs Santino's right leg and leg DDTs to the mat and does it a second time. Nyrstorm grabs the pin pointed leg and single Boston Crabs it and wenches back to apply pain the the leg. Santino tries to crawl to the bottom rope but Nyrstorm breaks the hold and elbow drops his right leg. Nyrstorm picks Santino up and does a snap suplexs him but still has the suplex hold as he rolls him back up. Nyrstorm picks Santino up going for another suplex but whips him back and does a hangman's neckbreaker; goes for the pin but gets a two count. Nyrstorm picks up Santino and does a backbreaker to him and holds the hold as he applies a backbreaking submission. Santino tries to get the WWE Universe behind him, he fights out of the hold. Santino tries to hulk up but Nyrstorm stops that as he does a high dropkick. He covers Santino and gets a two count, he tries to pick him up but Santino small packages Nyrstorm but gets a two counts, Nyrstorm gets right back up but Santino side steps him and school boys Nyrstorm him but gets another two count. Santino waits for him to get Nyrstorm up and atomic drops Nyrstorm and double chops Nyrstorm down to the ground. He motions to the WWE Universe for The Cobra; that moment, Heath Slater comes up and tries to distract Santino but he gets The Cobra and he goes down. Santino turns around and goes for The Cobra on Nyrstorm but he dodges the Cobra and locks in and hits; "The Canadian Facebreaker" and goes for a pin and gets the win.

Winner: Nyrstorm w/ Heath Slater

Nyrstorm wins the match and celebrates with Heath Slater. As Slater tries to teach Nyrstorm how to do his trademark dance, Gangreen comes in the ring and attacks Nyrstorm. Nyrstorm and Gangreen goes at it but Nyrstorm hits a low blow and Heath Slater does Sweetness on Gangreen. Then, Sean "The Blade" O'Riley comes out and goes after Heath Slater and Nyrstorm but Sik comes out from ringside and goes after all rookies in the ring. Barry Wild comes walking out and goes into the ring and clean house. But then, Captain Corpose comes slowly out, holding his head and side and goes slowly in the ring. Matt Striker comes out with a mic.

Matt Striker: Wait a minute, guys..hold on hold...I just got word from Triple H via text. It says that all of the rookies will now compete in a 6 Man Mini Royal Rumble. The first two rookies to start will be Sik and Barry Wild. All the other rookies will be at ringside and will come in as told by the WWE officals. So, let's get this match under way..RIGHT NOW !!!

Match #3: 6 Man Mini Royal Rumble; Sik vs. Barry Wild vs. Nyrstorm vs. Gangreen vs. Captain Corpose vs. Sean "The Blade" O'Riley

The bell rings and Sik wastes no time and hammers on Barry and kicks and punches him into the corner. He backs up and tries to clothesline Barry but he catches him in mid air and slams him to the mat. He runs at Sik and leg drops him and mounts Sik as he throws punches after punches. Sik escapes and crawls to the ropes; Barry turns around and goes after Sik but Sik hits a low dropkick to get Barry on one knee. He throws a punch and a low dropkick again to knock Barry down to the ground. He goes and tries to pick up Barry but his weight plays a factor, Sik goes off the corner turnbuckle and hits a springboard body splash. As he taunts to the WWE Universe, the clock counts down to the next rookie to enter.

Next Rookie: Gangreen

Gangreen enters and goes after Barry Wild as he knows to take out the bigger man so he can have a better shot to win. He and Sik tries to pick him up but Barry powers out and clothesline Sik and t-bone suplexs Gangreen. Barry Wild grabs Gangreen and body slams him into a elbow drop and goes to throw Gangreen out but Sik kicks Wild in the gut. Wild goes after Sik and big boots him down to the ground. Gangreen grabs Wild and sucker punch him in the face and goes off the ropes for a clothesline but Wild reverses it and lands a neckbreaker. As the sold out arena counts down for the next rookie, Wild counters a kick by Sik and suplexs him out to the ringside floor, and tasking Gangreen out of the match.

New Rookie: Nyrstorm; Eliminated Rookie: Sik

Nyrstorm goes in and dropkicks Gangreen and poses to the WWE Universe but gets hit by Wild by a forearm smash. Wild goes to Nyrstorm but he crawls away and offering his hand to work together to get Gangreen out. Wild looks at him and pulls him up and they both walk over to Gangreen and start kicking him into the corner. Nyrstorm pulls Gangreen up and foot DDT's his right leg and holds him down as Wild lays the kicks to his mid section. As Nyrstorm tries to foot DDT him again, Gangreen rolls through and sneaks away, as Wild goes after him, the buzzer rings and in come another rookie.

New Rookie: Captain Corpose

Corpose slowly runs in and start attacking Barry Wild. Nyrstorm comes to take out Corpose but he kicks him in the breadbasket and face crushes him to the mat. Gangreen calls Corpose over and they both whip Wild to the ropes and duck under Wild counter clothesline and both do a springboard back elbow to Wild, knocking him down. As they play to the arena of NXT fans, Nyrstorm tries to break them down, but gets back dropped for his trouble. As they go after Wild again, The countdown is almost done and in comes the last rookie, Sean "The Blade" O'Riley.

New Rookie: Sean "The Blade" O'Riley

O'Riley runs in and clothesline Nyrstorm as he was getting up. O'Riley goes to the boots to Nyrstorm as Gangreen and Corpose tries to take Wild out. Wild elbows Gangreen and Corpose and european uppercutts Corpose and headbutts Gangreen. He goes to where O'Riley and Nyrstorm are trading blows but Wild double axe handles O'Riley and as Nyrstorm was clapping for Wild, Wild back elbows him to the corner and goes after O'Riley. As, he head to O'Riley, he counters the punch and he fights out of his attack and kicks him in the gut. As he goes off the ropes, he hits a knee lift and off the ropes again and clothesline Wild goes down. O'Riley throws a dropkick to Nyrstorm but he still stands. As, he looks around, Gangreen, Corpse, and O'Riley does a dropkick times 3 and Nyrstorm goes over the rope and is out.

Eliminated Rookie: Nyrstorm

Gangreen goes after Wild but he big boots Gangreen and as he wobbles near the ropes, Wild clotheslines Gangreen over the top rope and he too is out.

Eliminated Rookie: Gangreen

O'Riley tries to hit Wild, but he counters it and hits a headbutt for good measure. Corpose dropkicks him in the right knee and Wild goes down to one knee. He goes off the ropes and hits his Shinning Wizard to Wild, as O'Riley tries to go after Corpose as well, He counters the forearm smash and hits a hammerlock back suplex. Corpose poses but Drew McIntyre clotheslines him down and hits his Future Shock DDT on Corpose and hurries out of the ring with a smile on his face. Wild regains his vision and grabs the lifeless body of Captain Corpose and Military Press Slams him out of the ring.

Eliminated Rookie: Captain Corpose

We are down to two men; Sean "The Blade" O'Riley and Barry Wild. They trade punches and Wild gets the better of the punches, as he goes for a knock out blow, O'Riley grabs his right hand and pulls him down into a crossface. As, he wenches on the hold, Wild taps out but this is not a regular match. He lets goes and tries to pick up Wild; as he is Wild grabs him in a firemen's carry hold and does his finisher, The Wild Side on O'Riley. With both men down, the sold out arena chants "This Is Awesome !!!"
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