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WWE: No Way Out

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Hey, im back to BTB and i will try to bring you guys a new way of BTB writing. In this Thread the WWE Raw & Smackdown! rosters are exactly the same as they are now. The PPV's are as it is:

Jan - New Years Revolution - Raw
Jan - Royal Rumble - Both
Feb - Now Way Out - Smackdown!
Mar - No PPV
Apr - Wrestlemania - Both
May - Backlash - Raw
May - Judgement Day - Smackdown!
Jun - New PPV - Both
Jun - Vengance - Raw
Jul - No PPV
Aug - Summerslam - Both
Sep - Unforgiven - Smackdown!
Oct - No Mercy - Raw
Nov - Survivor Series - Both
Dec - Armageddon - Smackdown!

Seeing WM21 is only weeks away im guna start this baby the night after Backlash! I'll post all the details on whats happend...

Raw Side off things: The night After Wrestlemania 21 sparked the dawn of a new era, the night after Backlash sparked the new era. As HHH said at WM he would beat Batista, the rematch was just about the same.

Much more then two men's lives were changed after the night, tittles were changed and feud were finished, but what feud's will be made???

New Aliances were formed and old ones were broken, so what has Raw got installed for us... u'll just have to wait and see....

Smackdown! Rebounds: The Wrestlemania carnage that was left to Smackdown! was because of one man! John Cena! Cena silenced the critics after the beat JBL with the F-U to win the WWE Title, Cena winning the title only means one thing... someone else is ready to challenge the New Champ!! What has the Champ got instore for them???

And Cena wasn't the only one to have a great Wrestlemania, Eddie Guerrero & Rey Mysterio put on one of the greatest matches in Wrestlemania history when Eddie was victorious. This was definatly one of Smackdown!'s proud moments... what will Smackdown! GM Tedy Long have to say about Raw's recent PPV, stay tuned and you shall find out.....

Raw will be up, Mondays or Tuesdays
Smackdown will be Up, Thursdays or Fridays

Raw preview will be up soon. Any comments would be greatly appreciated!!!
Peace Out!
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Raw Preview:

After backlash HHH proved to everyone that Batista is just a mere stepping stone to make his career even more illustrious... but some questions have been brought up since his win, Who will be the next man to take up the challenge??? Tune in to find out...

And HHH wasn't the only one who certainly made quite a impact at backlash, as Muhammed Hassan captured the Intercontinental championship in a thrilling Last man Standing match with Shelton Benjamin to end his 6 month reign... is this a a new era for the new Intercontinental Champion????

All of these questions and more will be answered when Raw comes off an Explosive PPV, so tune into Raw 8/9 cst on Spike TV!!!

Raw will hopefully be posted monday night!!!

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Notes :

- The Champs:
Muhhammad Hassan - IC Champ
Regal & Tajiri - WTTC
Trish - Women's Champ

- The Shane Twins havent debuted yet, but there names are Mike & Todd and they both weigh around 305 lbs and are about 6''5. Kool!

Raw: Night After Backlash - May 2nd, 2005

Raw intro movie/music is played... followed by WWE logo flashing across screen.. Eric Bischoff flashes across also (boo's are heard). Camera moves to the arena where the pyro goes off and the show starts...

Jim Ross: Hello Everybody! Welcome to monday night RAW! Live from Seattle, Washington! im good ol' J.R, Jim Ross joined by the future Hall Of Famer, Jerry "The King" Lawler!!!

King: Thanks J.R! Woaw, after HHH's spectacular win over Batista last night at backlash! I wonder what's instore for HHH now that he's defeated the animal???

J.R: Your certainly right King! Who will be HHH's next opponent and when will this huga announcement be made???

- "Time To Play The Game!!!" hits, HHH appears from the certain, major boo's are heard...

King: Well J.R, I guess we're about to find out!

HHH: One Man! One Man! That's all it took to put the animal down.. not just once, but TWICE! Batista this, Batista that, 1-2-3, it was that goddam easy, But just imagine for one minute... Raw would be nothing if Batista was champ! So you better like it when I'm...

- "You Think You Know Me" plays, Edge appears on the ramp, crowd cheers!!!

HHH: What the hell do you want??? How dare you interupt me!!!

Edge: Geez, calm down Hunter! I came out here for a purpose, a purpose that the WWE fans don't seem to agree on me with! Caught up with me yet??? I want a goddam title shot!!! And don't you worry, i dont want it tonight... i want it NOW!!!!

HHH: You think it is tha easy to just come down and demand a title shot! And Right Now! You gotta be kididng me! Ok... I'll make a deal with you, if you can be the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair tonight, i'll give you a title shot at this "New PPV"!!! We got a deal???

- Edge walks down to the ring...

Edge: Well i guess thats a fair deal, but hunter one thing...

- Edge runs at HHH and spears him!!!!!!!


1st Match: Chris Benoit vs Chris Masters

- Huge Roars for Benoit. The two lock up, benoit gets masters into a headlock, the two go back and forth with headlock to headlock. Benoit lets go and the two staredown. Masters taunts Benoit. Benoit quickly gets to masters and starts the chops, 1-2-3-4-5 times, Masters grips in pain and then retaliats witha couple of double fisted sledges. 1...2... benoit kicks out. Masters picks up benoit and hits a couple of vertical suplexes followed by some combo punches, 1...2.. Benoit kicks out again. Masters picks up benoit, but benoit reverses and manages to hit the Trifecta of German Suplexes, 1...2.. Masters kicks out. As Masters is on the ground benoit signals the Diving headbutt, he goes up, dives... but Masters moves out of the way!!! The two get up, Masters runs at Benoit, attepting to hit a clothesline.. Benoit grabs the arm and throws down Masters, he manages to lock in the Crippler Crossface..... Masters taps out almost immediatly!!! Benoit WINS!!!

Winner: Benoit via submission in 8:32

J.R: Masters put up a hell of a fight, but the Rapid Wolverine was to good!!!!!


- Muhammed Hassan is in the back talking to Davari, he's saying that last night when he beat Shelton was no fluke. He explains to davari that he will be the most respected Arab-American in history!!! Shelton walks in, stares at Hassan... Shelton slaps him in the face, davari comes at him, but Shelton just ignores him and walks out. Hassan & Davari are furious!!!

2nd Match: La Resistance vs The Shane Twins - #1 Contenders spot for the World Tag Team Championships.

- La Resistance get the usual boo's. The match starts with Conway and Todd in the ring. the two lockup, Todd breaks and hits some chops to the chest, Todd throws Conway into the corner, he runs up and down the ring continuusly clotheslining him. 1...2... Conway kicks out! Todd tags Mike in, Conway manages to tag Sylvian in. Mike hits a modifed backbreaker on Grennier, while the action is going on in the ring, Conway is distracting the Ref. Whilst this is going on, Sylvian brings the Quebec flag in the ring. Tood goes and hits Conway, In the ring, Mike kciks Grennier in the gut and gets him into a modified chokeslam! 1-2-3, The Shane Twins WIN!!!

Winner: The Shane Twins win via pinfall in 11:15 to become #1 Contenders for the World tag Team Championship!!!

King: Wow J.R, this team is guna be great someday!!!

J.R: I think you'll be certainly right!


WWE Rewind: Footage is being shown of Basklash & HHH's win!!!

Hassan's Music hits, crowd gives major heat!!!

Hasan: Shelton, get your ass out here.. NOW!!!! I'm not gunna take this crap anymore!!!

"Ain't No Stopin Me" shelton appears....

Hassan: You come down here now and apologise for your actions earlier!!!

Benjamin: The only way that i am going to apologise is when i get my rematch!!!

Hassan: You want a rematch??? You got it!!!

3rd Match: (c) Muhhamed Hassan vs Shelton Benjamin - Rematch for the Intercontinental Championship.

- Benjamin runs at hassan, constantly giving him clotheslines, followed by some takedowns. benjamin hits a vertical suplex, 1...2.. Hassan kicks out, Hassan gets up and hits some backchops and uses some combo punches on Benjamin. Hassan throws Shelton into the corner, but shelton reverses and managed to get hassan into the turnbuckle and hits 10 punches.. while Hassan is in the corner he runs and hits the Stinger Splash, Hassan comes of the corner and Shelton attepts the T-Bone, Hassan reverses it and turns it into the Reverse Impaler. 1-2-3, Hassan Retains...

Winner: Muhammed Hassan via Pinfall in 9:51 to retain the Intercontinental Championship!!!

J.R: For once Hassan didnt cheat to win, this is gunna be a ride with Hassan Champ!!


4th Match: Chris Jericho vs Randy Orton

- The match gets a great crowd reaction. The two shake hands... the two lockup, back and forth with clotheslines & punches. Jericho hits some contineous backchops. Orton reverses and hits a reverse backbreaker. Jericho takes his time getting up. * Christian walks down to the ring??? * As Jericho is on the outside, Orton runs and jumps over the top rope (Holy S**T chants are heard). Both Men are on the outside, the ref starts the count, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, Christian gets a chair and heads towards Orton, 8.. He hits Orton over the head with a chair. The Ref rings the bell, Orton is out cold...

The Match was drawn in 4:39 when Christian Interfered

After the Match: Christian is walking up the ramp looking at an unconsious Orton.

J.R: What the hell was that for????


Commercial is shown of the WWE advertising for the upcoming Europe trip wherethey are doing live Shows!!!

King: Well J.R are you ready for the Mainevent, because it's now!!!

Main Event: Edge vs Ric Flair w/HHH

- Edge certainly gets the crowds reation. The two lockup, they let go. They simultaniously punch & slap, until edge gets the upper hand when he double fists Flair over the back of the head. Naitch does one of those classic dives to the ground... edge picks him up and attempts to give hima backbreaker, but when the Ref isnt looking, Flair lift the foot and hits a lowblow on Edge. Edge still standing, Flair runs to the side of the ring and back, attepting a clothesline, edge reverses and manages to hit the Edgeucution!!! He doesn't cover??? He walks to the other side, waits for Flair to get up, he runs and boom! Edge hits the spear!!!! 1-2-3, Edge is victorious!!!

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall in 13:47

J.R: Oh My God! Edge has just upset the naitch!!! He has a title shot at HHH!!!

"I'M Back" plays... Bischoff comes out...

Eric: (Claps) Well done Edge, very convincing!!! Now, there is a reason i came out here, Next Week on RAW, I am going to announce 2 very special things and Edge, one is concerning you!!!

Bischoff leaves with a smile on his face..

King: I wonder what the RAW GM has to say?

J.R: I also wonder King, to find out folks your guna have to watch Monday Night Raw! thank You Ladies & gentlemen for watching!!!

Show goes off air with Edge & HHH having a staredown...

Any comments would be greatly appreciated...

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Smackdown! Preview:

After John Cena won the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 21, The whole of Smackdown! has changed. But one thing hasnt, a new #1 contender must be crowned... Who will it be????

Kurt Angle was crowned a legend after he defeated the Showstopper at Wrestlemania, but what does the Olympic Gold Medalist have instore for Smackdown!'s new champion???? Tune in to find out....

And last week we were told that a major announcement would be made by GM Teddy Long this week!!! All will be told this week!!!

So tune into Smackdown! To see it all unfold, 8/9est on Upn

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WWE Champ - John Cena
U.S Champ - Orlando Jordan
Tag Champs - The Basham Brothers
Cruiserweight Champ - Paul London

Smackdown!: The Rebound – A video package of John Cena winning the title at Wrestlemania 21 and of his Cage match win against JBL last week on Smackdown!... The Smackdown! Video/Music package is played… this leads to the camera viewing the pyro inside the arena… and the show starts…

Michael Cole: Hello Everybody! Welcome to Smackdown! Like from Austin Texas!!! I’m Michael Cole, joined at ringside with Tazz!!!

Tazz: Thanks Cole! Wow Cole, I’m sure after that thrilling Cage match last week between John Cena & JBL, we are going to have a great show!!!

Cole: Your dam right, but there is a new question on everyone’s head… Who is going to be the new #1 contender??? Got any thoughts Tazz??

Tazz: Cole, I have no clue but I’m sure our Gm Teddy Long is going to tell us….

* Teddy Long’s music hits the arena, crowd cheers… *

Cole: Well Tazz, it sounds like we are about to find out now!!!

Long: Let me hear ya Holla Holla Holla!!! Now players, I’m sure after last week’s title match on Smackdown! Your wondering who the new #1 contender will be??? *Crowd Cheers* Well I have been hard at work..

* “Ding Ding Ding” JBL’s music hits, crowd frantically boo’s, JBL & Orlando Jordan appears in the Limo… *

Long: What do you two want now???

JBL: Wooo, wooo, wooo, Teddy. I just wanted to come out here to tell you and these worthless people *Crowd boo’s* that I demand a rematch!!! Now what do you think of that Player??? *JBL Laughs*

Long: Demand??? You can never demand anything from me, Player!! Now JBL I’m not guna give you a rematch, I guna do you one better!! *JBL Looks confused* Tonight on Smackdown! For the first time ever!!! We are going to have a 10 Man Elimination match for the #1 contenders spot and the winner will face John Cena at Judgement Day!!! Now what you think of that player???

JBL: Well I can deal with that, how hard can it be??

Long: It shouldn’t be that hard, cause one of your opponents is standing right next to you!

* Teddy Long’s music hits and he walks up the ramp and out to the back *

Cole: Oh My God Tazz!!! For the first time ever on Smackdown! We are going to have ourselves a 10-man Elimination match for the #1 Contenders spot!!! And we know two people that are going to be in it, JBL & Orlando Jordan!!! Folks be sure to tune in later tonight!!!


1st Match: Cruiserweight Title: © Paul London vs. Spike Dudley

- London gets a huge pop from the crowd. The match starts with the two locking up, eventually Spike gets the upper hand, he hits a couple of punches and hits a clothesline. He picks up London and manages to give him a couple of vertical Suplexs. 1…2… London kicks out. Spike picks up London and throws him into the turnbuckle, Spike goes up and hits a Frankenstiener. London is lying near the turnbuckle, Spike goes up and jumps on London’s stomach. Spike taunts then goes for the cover, 1…..2…. London kicks out again. Spike picks up London and goes to punch him, but London reverses and hits a dropsault. Both men are on the floor. The Ref starts the count 1…2….3….4….5…6… both men get up, London hits Spike with some punches, then hits a DDT. 1….2…. Spike just kicks out. London picks up Spike and throws him against the ropes and flips him. Spike gets up slowly.. London hits the Insuguri. Spike is planted right near the corner of the ring. London signals the end, he goes up…jumps and hits the 450 pin. 1…2….3!!! London retains the title!!!

Winner: Paul London wins via Pinfall after hitting the 450, he wins in 10:11.

Cole: Wow! That was an extraordinary Cruiserweight match!!!

* An add is shown of the upcoming Smackdown! PPV Judgement Day! *


* Backstage in the GM’s office: Josh Matthews walks in and asks Teddy Long who else is going to be in the 10 man elimination match. Long tells Josh that The Big show, Rob van dam, Rey Mysterio, Edie Guerrero, JBL, Orlando Jordan, Carlito Caribbean Cool, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker and a returning surprise superstar are in the big match!! *

Tazz: Jeez Cole, this is gunna be one great main event!!!

2nd Match: Kurt Angle invitational: Kurt Angle vs Tank Toland

Note: Tank is actually from OVW.

- Angle does the usual stuff, asks name and then starts beating them. Angle picks up Tank and starts harassing him by slapping him over the head, he gives Tank three German Suplexs. Pins, 1…2…. Angle picks up his head. Angle gets him in a headlock, after an amount of time, tank starts to fight back, he manages to flip Angle then hit a few <a style='text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 3px double;' href="http://www.serverlogic3.com/lm/rtl3.asp?si=22&k=clothes%20lines" onmouseover="window.status='clothes lines'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">clothes lines</a> on him. Angle gets up, Tank runs at him, Angle manages to doge behind him and hits the Angle Slam!!!! Kurt pulls down the straps, he locks in the Ankle lock, Toland taps out almost instantly!!!

Winner: Kurt Angle wins with the Ankle Lock in 2:52

* After the match, Kurt gets a Mic, he tells everyone that his win at Wrestlemania 21 over Shawn Michaels was just another warm-up match for him to become the WWE Champion for the forth time. He explains that his reign starts TONIGHT!!! *


* Raw Rebound: A video package is being shown of Edge challenging HHH then beating Ric Flair for the #1 Contenders spot. It also shows that Eric Bischoff has some very major announcements next week on RAW!!! *

3rd Match: #1 Contenders match: The Dudley Boys vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas

- The Dudley’s get the crowd going, D-Von starts against Holly. The two test strength, D-Von wins, he kicks Holly in the stomach and hits him with an uppercut. He gives holly a swinging neckbreaker. D-Von tags Bubba in, Bubba Chops Holly in the chest a couple of times, it gets followed by a couple of vertical Suplexs. 1…2… Holly kicks out. Holly manages to tag in Haas, Bubba charges at Hass, but Haas gives him some take downs.. he get bubba on the last charge into a German Suplex Pin, 1…2.. Bubba kicks out. Bubba gets up and throws him in the corner, Bubba runs at Haas, but just as Bubba goes to hit, Charlie moves… Bubba is moving back into the centre of the ring, Charlie goes to hit a DDT, Bubba reverse and hits the Bubba Bomb!!! 1…2… Holly comes and kicks Bubba, D-Von runs in and hits Holly outside the ring. Bubba tags in D-Von, the two throws Haas against the ropes he comes back and the two hit the 3-D on Charlie Haas, D-Von covers, 1…2….3!!! The Dudley’s are the new #1 Contenders!!

Tazz: It looks like the Dudleys will be back at the top soon after seeing that win!!!

Winner: The Dudley’s win after hitting the 3-D on Haas, they win in 14:26

* Camera moves backstage where we see Teddy Long staring straight at camera, it looks like he’s going to make an announcement. *

Long: In recent years, Smackdown! Has been a great show to provide you with excellent Pay Per View’s. But it is my unhappy duty as of right now, to tell all the WWE & Smackdown! Fans that the exclusive Smackdown! PPV “Judgement Day” has been cancelled due to seating & attendance problems. This just means that you Smackdown! Fans will have to wait till next month to see Smackdown! Superstars on PPV. For anyone who has any enquires, go to wwe.com or call your local cable provider. Thank You for your co-operation.

Cole: Oh My God Tazz!! I can’t believe what we have just heard!!

Tazz: Either can I Cole!! Anyways, John Cena is in action next!!!


* Cena’s new entrance is played!! Crowd goes nuts as the WWE Champ comes out!! *

4th match: Handicap Match: John Cena vs The Basham Brothers

- Cena gets a huge pop, Cena starts against Danny. The two lockup, Cena gets the upperhand. He throws him against the ropes, he flies back and Cena gives a shoulder bump. He picks up Danny, throws him into the corner, runs and clothes lines, Danny comes of the corner and Cena runs and hits a modified bulldog on him. 1….2… Danny kicks out, thanks to Doug. Doug gets tagged in, he runs at Cena, but Cena trips him. Cena picks him up and throws him in the turnbuckle, he gets up and hits 10 punches. As Doug comes of the corner, Cena goes for a backbreaker, Doug reverses and hits a neckbreaker. The two men are on the ground, the ref starts the count 1…2….3….4…5… They both get up, the two swap punches, Danny, throws Cena against the ropes and attempts to gim him a flapjack, Cena reverses and hits a spinebuster. He runs and hits the 5 Knuckle shuffle. Danny runs in, Cena picks him up for an F-U and hits an F-U onto Doug with Danny! He pins the two, 1…2….3, Cena wins!!!

Winner: John Cena via pinfall when he hit the F-U on the Bashams in 13:05

Cole: Cena wins it Easy!! Tune in folks, because up next is the 10 man Elimination match to see who will face Cena!!!


4th Match: 10 Man Elimination for the #1 Conteders spot for the WWE Championship: Big Show vs Rob van Dam vs Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guererro vs JBL vs Orlando Jordan vs Carlito Carribean Cool vs Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker vs ??????

* All the superstars are in the ring waiting for this mystery opponent, Jeff Hardy's Music plays??? hardy appears from the curtain!!!

Cole: You have got to be kidding me!!!!

Hardy: Anyone going to welcome me back???

- The match starts with everyone taking one person. JBL/Show, Kurt/Eddie, OJ/Rey, RVD/Jeff and Carlito/Taker. Shows dominant over JBL as he slaps his chest multiple times. Kurt and Eddie are locking up and staring at eachother constantly. Oj is testing out rey's strength, RVD and good ol' Jeff hardy are having a staredown, as for carlito... he's running to the ouside constantly in scarce. Carlito makes his way back in the ring, but gets caught by Taker. Taker grabs him and starts punching carlito, he picks him up for the Tombstone Piledriver. He hits it, 1...2...3!!
Taker looks around for his next victim, he stares at Jeff hardy, hardy runs at him, but only gets a tonne of chokeslam!!! Hardy lying in the center awaits, RVD goes up to the top rope, 5 Star Frog Splash!!! RVD goes for the cover.. 1...2....3!!
We go to JBL and the Big show, Show is absolutly belting JBL, Show throws him against the ropes. JBL bounces off the ropes, Show goes to pick him up, JBL dodges, comes back of the other ropes and hits The Big Show with the Clothesline From Hell!!!! JBL manages to get onto him for the pin, 1....2....3.

Cole: Sorry folks, we're guna have to take an add break!!!


- Back to the action, Angle & Eddie are going at it like savage dogs, Eddie hits the three amigos, Angle laying in the center of the ring, Eddie goes up for the Frog splash, Eddie jumps... Angle moves outta the way!!! Angle gets up first, he gets behind Eddie as he gets up... Angle Slam!!! 1....2....3!!!
Eddie Guerrero IS ELIMINATED!!!
Orlando is overpowering Rey, he calls over JBL, the two irish whip him against the ropes, rey comes back and counters witha double DDT!!! The two get up, Rey kicks them against the ropes, so they are in the 619 position, he goes to hit it on both of them... the two move!!! JBl gets up, runs against the ropes and hits Rey with a major Clothesline from hell!!! he goes for the pin! 1...2...3,
Rey Myesterio IS ELIMINATED!!!
It leaves, JBL, Angle, OJ, Taker & RVD. JBL & OJ pounce on RVD outta the ring, they start gang bashing Taker, he manages to throw Angle & OJ out of the ring!!! he heads towards JBL, JBL runs at Taker, attempting to hit the clothes line. Taker catches him into the Tombstone Piledriver!!! he pins, 1....2...3!!!
Angle & OJ are beating RVD on the outside, Taker goes out to get OJ, he hits Angle outta the way and goes after OJ. OJ runs into the ring with a chair, Taker follows. OJ runs at Taker with the cahir, but RVD comes in and trips him, he stumbles toward Taker. Taker grabs him by the neck and chokeslam's him!!!

Cole: This will be the last add break of the night, so stay tuned!!!


- Back in the ring, Taker & RVD are going at it, RVD kicks Taker in the head, whilst Taker is on the ground, RVD hits the Rolling Thunder, he goes for the pin, 1...2... taker kicks out!!! Angle comes in, Cathces RVD from behind withe the Ankle Lock!!! RVD resitist tapping at first but the ain is too much!! RVD Taps OUT!!!!
Taker & Angle are left, Taker is still on the ground, Angle goes to Lock in the Ankle Lock, but Taker reverses. They both get up, Angle gets the chair, he goes to hit taker, but Taker hits an uppercut. Angle drops the chair. Angle Dazed goes to swing at Taker, but he is caught and Taker hits a chokeslam on Angle onto the chair!!! 1....2.....3!!! Taker WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's the new #1 Contender!!!

Winner: The Undertaker wins the 10 man Elimination match for the #1 Contenders spot for the WWE Championship, he won it in 36:49.

* Smackdown! goes of air with The Undertaker Taunting the crowd!!!*

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WWE: No Way Out - RELOADED!!!

Raw Rebound:

Major Announcements:

- Eric Bischoff announces that next week on Raw, he will tell everyone, the suprise PPV coming up. He will also announce a special stipulation concerning Edge & HHH.

Raw Results:

Chris Benoit def Chris Masters
The Shane Twins def La Resistance for the #1 contendership
Muhammed Hassan def Shelton Benjamin to retain the IC Champinship
Chris Jericho & Randy Orton ended in a draw
Edge def Ric Flair to become #1 Contender for the WHC

Smacdown! Rebound

Major Announcemts:

- Teddy Long announces that there upcoming PPV "Judgement Day" has been canceled. Teddy Lond announces a 10 Man Elimination Match for the #1 Contendership of the WWE title.

Smackdown! Results:

Paul London def Spike Dudley retains the Cruiserweight title
Kurt Angle def Tank Toland
Dudley Boys def Holly & Hass for #1 Contendership
John Cena def The Basham Brothers
The Undertaker def Big Show, Rob van Dam, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guererro, JBL, Orlando Jordan, Carlito Carribean Cool, Kurt Angle & Jeff Hardy for the #1 contendership for the WWE Title.

Updated PPV Card:

Jan - Royal Rumble - Both
Feb - Now Way Out - Smackdown!
Mar - No PPV
Apr - Wrestlemania - Both
May - Backlash - Raw
Jun - New PPV - Both
Jun - Vengance - Smackdown!
Jul - No PPV
Aug - Summerslam - Both
Sep - Unforgiven - Raw
Oct - No Mercy - Smackdown
Nov - Survivor Series - Both
Dec - Armageddon - Raw

That was WWE: No Way Out Reloaded!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Important Announcement From Me:

Due to it being School Holidays in my part of Australia, i am going on holidays for the whole of this week. So both shows will NOT be posted and next week, ill try to post all 4 events. Have fun!!!

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Raw – May 10th

Raw intro/music/movie package is played…. Instead of the camera moving to the titantron, it moves to the ring, its set up for the Highlight Reel… Y2J’s music hits… J>R and King talk while Jericho comes out…

J.R: Hello Ladies & Gentlemen and welcome to Monday Night Raw!!! I’m good ol’ “J.R” Jim Ross, joined by Jerry “The King” Lawler!!!

King: Thanks J.R, we can’t talk much because the “Ayatollah of Rock ‘n’ Rolla” is hosting the Highlight Reel!!!

Y2J: Hello everybody and welcome to the HIGHLIGHT REEL!!! * Pyro goes off * Last week on raw we saw Edge challenge HHH for the World Heavyweight Title. *Crowd Cheers * But when Edge challenged the game, the game hesitated… he explained to Edge that if he could beat the Nature Boy Ric Flair, he would get a title shot at the next PPV!!! Roll the footage Monkeys!!! *Video package of Edge beating Ric Flair plays* So after watching the footage, we clearly see Edge..

“Time To Play The Game!!!” Interrupts Jericho, HHH appears, Boo’s are heard.

HHH: Cut the crap Jericho!!! I don’t need to go into details about Edge’s “amazing” win over the naitch. Wow! Edge beat the naitch! Ric might be a legend, but I am the Game! AND I AM THAT DAMN GOOD!!!!

Y2J: Ok Trips you might be that dam good, but what about Eric Bischoff and what he said last week, he had a special announcement concerning you! So if my second guest could come out…

“I’m back...” Eric Bischoff appears at the top of the ramp, he stays there.

Eric: You’re certainly right Chris, I do have a major announcement concerning the match between Edge & HHH. But before I get to that I am going to announce what the PPV will be… Ladies & Gentlemen, for the first time in 3 years, the WWE has decided to bring back the joint production PPV, THE KING OF THE RING!!!! Where the winner of the tournament will face their respective Champion at Summerslam!!! *Crowd Cheers* * Jericho looks happy, HHH looks angry * qualifying for the tournament starts tonight!!! As for you HHH, your match with Edge at The King Of The Ring, will be an “I Quit” Match!!! *Crowd goes crazy, as Bischoff leaves*

J.R: Oh My God King!!! Edge & HHH will meet in an “I Quit” match!!!!

King: I am not going to miss that!!!


1st Qualifying Match: Chris Benoit vs. Tyson Tomko

- Benoit always gets a huge pop. The two lockup, Tomko gets a upperhand, kicks benoit in the stomach, picks him up and gives him a vertical Suplex. He hits a couple of elbow drops on him. He covers, 1…2… benoit kicks out. Tomko picks him up, benoit reverses and starts hitting some chops to the chest. Tomko goes for a clothesline, benoit reverses into a German Suplex. He pins, 1…2… Tomko kicks out. Tomko gets thrown into the corner, Benoit goes up for 10 punches, 1..2..3..4..5..6..7, Tomko pushes benoit off. Tomko runs at benoit, he catches Tomko and hits the trifecta of Germans. He signals the headbutt, benoit goes up… dives… and hits the headbutt. Benoit gets up, and manuvers Tomko into the sharpshooter, after about 6 seconds, Tomko taps out!!! Benoit advances!!!

Winner: Chris Benoit def Tyson Tomko via submission in 7:29 to Qualify to the Quarterfinals!!!

- Backstage – Randy Orton is talking to Bischoff, he explains to Eric that his sick of Christian’s antics towards Orton and he tells that Last Weeks attack was uncalled for. He demands to have a match with Christian at the KOTR!!! Bischoff gives him the match and tells Orton that he has a Mixed Tag match against Christian tonight!!!

King: Yes J.R!! We are gunna see some puppies tonight!!!!

J.R: Stay Tuned folks, that match is coming up later TONIGHT!!!!


- Smackdown! Rebound – Video package is played of Jeff Hardy returning, Teddy long announcing that “Judgement Day” is cancelled and The Undertaker is shown winning the 10 Man #1 contenders match!!!

J.R: Smackdown! was a very busy place last Thursday!!

King: It certainly was J.R!

* Muhammad Hassan’s music interrupts King, Boo’s are heard!!! He grabs a Mic *

Hassan: Now even though you predigest people don’t think I should be the Intercontinental champion, I am going to win this tournament and become the World…

* Matt Hardy’s music hits, interrupting Hassan!!! *

2nd Qualifying Match: Muhammad Hassan vs. Matt Hardy

- Hassan gets the usual heat. The two lockup, Hassan gets the upperhand, he hits some combo punches. Hardy falls to the ground. Hassan picks him up and hits a modified backbreaker, he covers, 1…2…Hardy kicks out! Hassan picks him up again and attempts to throw him into corner, Hardy reverses and throws Hassan into the corner turnbuckle. They both go up, Hardy goes for a swinging neckbreaker and hits it!! He manages to pin, 1…2… Hassan just kicked out! They both get up, punch after punch, the fight goes back & forth. Hardy catches Hassan with the side effect!!! Hardy moves Hassan into the Leg Drop position. Hardy goes up to the top turnbuckle, jumps…. And hits it! He pins, 1…2… Hassan kicks out again!!! Hardy sets up Hassan for the Twist Of Fate, Hassan reverses into the Face First Impaler like move. He pins, 1…2…3! Hassan Wins!!

J.R: As much as I hate Hassan King, that was an Impressive win!

Winner: Muhammad Hassan def Matt Hardy via pinfall in 6:22


- In the GM’s office – Edge is there talking to Eric Bischoff, he asks if he can have a “warm up” match against an opponent of his choice. Eric gives him the match, but his opponent will be drawn out of a barrel!!!

* Camera moves to J.R & The King *

J.R: King, In less then 4 weeks we are going to have the joint production Pay Per View The King Of The Ring and King, Edge will have his hands full, with a well deserved Title shot.

* Video/Music package is shown of the HHH/Edge feud, King continues to talk over it…*

King: Your certainly right J.R, Edge will get his well what he wants… that is a Title shot! In my eyes, I can still see HHH walking out champion.

J.R: Edge won’t be the only one with his hands full, Randy Orton will be when he takes on Christian. This feud has been boiling up for weeks King!

* Video/Music package is being played of the Orton/Christian feud *

King: After Christian interfered in Orton’s match last week, Orton’s is gunna get the retribution he wanted. And J.R it’s gunna be a slobberknocker.

J.R: And King, you can’t forget The Shane Twins, they will be challenging the team of William Regal & Tajiri for the World Tag Team Championship.

* Video Package is shown of the Shane Twins winning the #1 Contenders match *

King: I wonder if the Shane Twins can do it??? But J.R, the mixed tag match is up next.


3rd Match: Mixed Tag: Randy Orton & Victoria vs. Christian & Trish Stratus

- Orton & Victoria get a huge crowd reaction. Trish & Victoria start in the ring. Trish hits her a couple of times hard. She throws her into the corner, runs to the other side and runs back and clotheslines her. She puts Victoria on the second corner turnbuckle, runs and hits a frankenstiener. She covers, 1…2… Victoria kicks out. Trish tags in Christian, Orton gets in automatically. The two go at it like 2 rapid dogs, punch after punch, Orton gets the upperhand and hits a modified backbreaker. Christian gets up and goes to clothesline Orton, Orton dodges and counters into a DDT. He pins, 1…2… Christian kicks out!! The two get up, Christian hits a neckbreaker! He tags in Trish. She and Victoria start-up again, Orton & Christian are going at it outside the ring. In the ring, Trish has got Victoria in the stratusfaction position, Victoria pushes her away… Victoria goes to Clothesline Trish, but as Victoria is running she gets a face full of Chick Kick!! Whiles Christian is distracting Orton, Trish covers, 1…2…3, Trish & Christian WIN!!!

King: Woo Hoo J.R!!! Trish & Her Puppies prevail!!!

Winner: Christian & Trish win via pinfall in 11.03

* Bischoff is backstage – Talking To Coach *

Eric: Coach, tell Edge to get out in the ring next because me & his lucky dip of starts will be up with me! Quickly find him, cause his match is NEXT!!!!!


* “I’m Back” More boo’s are heard through out the arena as bischoff appears at the top of the ramp with a barrel *

* “You Think You Know Me!!” Edge comes out and goes down to the ring and gets ready for his match *

Eric: Edge, I have a bunch of Raw superstars names in this barrel, and you may face anyone of them!!! So your fate is in my hands…

* He spins the barrel and picks out a name on a piece of paper…*

Eric: Edge, Your opponent tonight is… * He Smiles * … Batista!!

* Batista’s music hits, he appears from the curtain…*

Main Event: Edge vs. Batista

- The two men just stare into eachother’s eyes… Edge hits Batista in the face, he doesn’t move, Edge hits again, nothing happens. After abit of a pause, Batista hits Edge in the face, Edge falls. Batista picks him up and throws him into the corner, he runs and clotheslines him. He pulls him out of the corner, thows him to the ropes, Edge bounces off, Batista gives him a Spinebuster. Batista covers 1…2… edge kicks out!! He picks up Edge, Edge starts retaliating back, he hits over and over… Batista goes for a clothesline, Edge counters into the Edgecution!!! He pins, 1….2… Batista kicks out!!! The two get up, Edge throws Batista against the ropes, Batista comes off and Edge hits a huge Flapjack! The two get up slowly, they run at eachother and manage to clothesline eachother. The Ref starts the count, 1…2…3…4..

J.R: Sorry folks, we’re gunna have to take an add break!!! Stay Tuned!!!


- Back in the ring. Both men are up, punch for punch, Edge gets the upper hand, he throws Batista in the corner. He runs at Batista, Batista dodges and Edge hits the corner pole. Batista on the other side of the ring, runs at edge, out of nowhere edge runs and hits the spear!!! He goes for the cover, 1…2…3!! EDGE Wins!!!

J.R: Oh My God King!! Edge has done it!!! He beat the animal!!!

Winner: Edge wins via pinfall in 14:39

King: That was a ripper of a match!!!

J.R: It certainly was King!!! See Ya next week folks for Monday Night Raw!!!

* Show goes off air with Edge walking up the ramp taunting Batista!!! *

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like your shows and i especially love the idea to bring back king of the ring good shows and keep it up

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Great kick ass show! The matches could be a bit longer. I like the Hassan/Shelton fued. Edge getting a title shot should not work unless he is a heel. As SD!, everything was great. 7/10 for RAW!, 9/10 for SD!
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