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This is my new thread.

Roster are the same with the additions of Sabu, Masato Tanaka, Tajiri,Ultimo Dragon, Akio and Charlie Haas.

I will only be doing smackdown until I find a partner.

I will post the smackdown before No Mercy to get everybody up to date.

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Well I decided to post the smackdowns leading up to No Mercy. Here is the first one. I don't expect any reviews and let me warn you it isn't very good.

WWE Smackdown
Madison Square Garden, New York
September 22nd, 2005

The Usual video is shown

Pyro goes off around the fist

Michael Cole: Welcome to WWE Smackdown. I’m Michael Cole here with my broadcast buddy Tazz and what a great night we have in store for you tonight.

Tazz: You’re absolutely right Cole. This night is going to be off the heezy.

Michael Cole: The road to No Mercy begins here tonight.

Can you dig it hits to major heat

Tazz: Alright kicking it off with the bookman.

Booker T: I’m out here to demand Teddy Long come out to this ring and give me a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Teddy Long’s music plays

Teddy: Booker, you just come out and demand me to give you a title shot?

Booker T: Yeah that’s what I said dog.

Teddy: Well I am not just going to give you a title shot. You’re going to have to earn it. So tonight you will face Randy Orton and Undertaker in a triple threat match. Can you dig that sucka?

Teddy leaves the ring as the crowd pops big

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Smackdown! What a huge announcement that Teddy Long just made.

Tazz: I still can’t believe that, this Smackdown is turning out great already.

Mexicool’s music hits as only Psicosis comes out to a lot of boos

Tony introduces Psicosis

Rey Mysterio’s music hits to a huge pop

Tony introduces Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis

The match starts off with a headlock from Psicosis who then throws Rey Mysterio against the rope and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Psicosis picks up Rey and spinebuster’s him. He runs against the rope and knee drops Rey. Psicosis climbs up on the top rope and hits a diving hurricanrana. Psicosis irish whips Rey in to the corner and runs at him trying for a clothesline but Rey moves out of the way. Rey runs behind Psicosis and rolls him up. Pin 1----2-Kickout.

Rey waits for him to get up and dropkicks him. Rey throws Psicosis against the rope but Psicosis grabs onto the rope. Rey runs at him at knocks him out of the ring with a running calf kick. Rey climbs on the top turn buckle and does a moonsault onto Psicosis on the outside of the ring. Both men are down. Rey gets up first and picks up Psicosis and tries to irish whip him in to the steps but Psicosis reverses and Rey flies into the steps. Rey screams in pain. Psicosis taunts before dragging Rey over to the steel pole and gives him snakes eyes into the pole. The ref tells Psicosis to get back in the ring but Psicosis doesn’t listen. He picks up Rey and DDT’s him.

Psicosis climbs back in the ring. Rey gets up and just as he is about to get back in the ring Psicosis does a baseball slide and knocks Rey against the security wall. Psicosis gets out of the ring and throws Rey back into the ring. He picks up Rey and tries for a suplex but Rey stops it. Rey then runs against the rope and ducks under Psicosis’ clothesline and hits a bulldog on him. Rey then picks up Psicosis and hits a drop toe hold. Psicosis’ head lands on the second rope. Rey calls for the 619 and he hits it. Rey tries for the west coast pop. Psicosis catches Rey and powerbombs him. Pin 1----2----3!

Tony: Here is your winner, Psicosis!

Michael Cole: Both men put up a great performance.

Tazz: Yeah they really gave it their all.

Michael Cole: Well we have to take a quick commercial break we will be right back with more Smackdown action!

Commercial Break

Eddie Guerrero is shown backstage

Josh Matthews walks up to Eddie

Josh: Eddie I was wondering wh-

Eddie: I don’t care what you were wondering Josh. All I care about is the United States Championship. You see ever since Chris Benoit won the title I have been waiting to take the title away from him.

Josh: Why is that?

Eddie: You want to know why that is?

Josh: Yes I do

Eddie: That is because Chris Benoit doesn’t deserve it! His match at Summerslam for the US title was less than one minute. Do you want a champion whose matches are less then 30 seconds long or do you want a guy like me who put on good quality matches every single time. Think about that Josh.

bWo’s music hits to a fair amount of boos

Tony introduces the bWo

What a rush hits to a good pop

Tony introduces Animal and Heidenreich

Non Title Tag Team Match
Heidenreich and Animal vs. bWo (Steven Richards and Nova)

The match starts off with Heidenreich and Animal attacking Richards, they toss Nova over the top rope. Animal and Heidenreich beat down Steven Richards in the corner. Animal goes on the apron. Heidenreich irish whips Richards against the rope and big boots him. He picks up Richards and powerslams him. Heidenreich tags in Animal. He tries to pick up Richards but he gets away and tags in Nova.

Nova runs at Animal but Animal picks him up and drops him on the rope. Animal then picks up Nova and tries for a backbreaker but Nova reverses into a backbreaker of his own. He runs against the rope and hits leg drop on Animal. Nova climbs on the top rope and hits a crossbody off the top rope. Nova picks up Animal and runs behind him and gives him a chop block. Nova now puts a STF on Animal. Animal is crawling towards the rope and he grabs it but Nova doesn’t let go. Ref counts 1----2----3----4 Nova lets go.

Nova then drags Animal to the corner and tags in Richards. Richards irish whips Animal against the rope but Animal comes back and knocks him down with a shoulder block. Animal then lifts up Richards and atomic drops him. Animal runs over to Nova and knocks him off the apron. Animal tags in Heidenreich. Animal lifts up Richards, while Heidenreich climbs on the top rope. Heidenreich jumps they get the Doomsday device! Pin 1----2----3.

Tony: Here are your winners, Heidenreich and Animal!

Psicosis is shown in Teddy Long’s Office

Psicosis: Teddy I just beat Rey Mysterio one of the greatest cruiserweights in the WWE today besides myself of course. So I think it’s safe to say that I have earned a shot at the cruiserweight title.

Teddy: Well Psicosis you guys did just have a great match but you didn’t earn a title shot yet. You see there are a couple of other guys who think they deserve a title shot too.

Super Crazy and Juvi walk in

Psicosis: What are you guys doing here?

Super Crazy: I want a shot at the cruiserweight title too.

Psicosis: Yeah well you guys didn’t earn it like I did.

Juvi: I am going to earn it next week when I beat your ass in a match.

Super Crazy: Juvi what makes you so sure your going to win. I am going to be in that match too.

Juvi: I can beat anybody

Super Crazy: Oh really

Juvi: Yeah especially you two chumps

Psicosis gets in Juvi’s face then Super Crazy pushes Psicosis out of the way and gets in Juvi’s face

Teddy: Alright here is what we are going to do. Since you three can’t seem to get along, next week it will be Psicosis vs. Super Crazy vs. Juvi in a NO DQ Triple threat match. Oh but that’s not all the winner will be the number one contender for the cruiserweight championship.

Psicosis: What? I earned my shot!

Teddy: You have to win next week playa.

Psicosis: But-

Teddy: No buts, now all three of you get the stepping.

Juvi walks out followed by Super Crazy and Psicosis who looks really mad as he leaves.

Commercial Break

JBL shows up on the titantron

JBL: We have a superstar here on Smackdown named Christian. Some of you may refer to him as “Captain Charisma”. Well he is so full of himself when he can’t even win a damn match. That is why I am challenging him to a match at No Mercy. Should he accept, since I am the Wrestling God. I will let him choose the stipulation. So Christian get ready to become another victim of JBL “The Wrestling God!”

The camera goes back to the arena

Samoa Joe’s music hits the as the crowd looks confused some cheer

Michael Cole: Oh my! Samoa Joe is now a part of Smackdown!

Tazz: Big ups to Mr. Long. I’ve seen this guy wrestle and he is amazing.

Tony: Please welcome the newest addition to Smackdown, Samoa Joe!

Whatever hits to a big pop for Benoit

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Benoit

They start off with the test of strength, Samoa Joe wins it. Joe irish whips Benoit against the ropes and flapjacks him. He runs against the rope and leg drops the back of Benoit’s head. Joe lifts up Benoit and bear hugs him. Joe holds in on for a minute of so then lets go. Samoa Joe goes for the muscle buster but Benoit reverses into a DDT. Benoit picks up Joe and throws him into the corner and starts chopping him down.

Benoit backs up and runs at Joe he knees him in the stomach. Benoit tries for the crippler cross face and gets it but Joe grabs the ropes right away. Benoit lets Joe get up and hits a german suplex, he gets another but Joe grabs the top rope on the third one. Samoa Joe turns around and heatbutts Benoit. He then picks up Benoit and scoop slams him. Pin 1----Benoit gets his foot on the rope.

Samoa Joe backs up and waits for Benoit to get up. He runs at Benoit but Benoit reverses into a drop toehold. Benoit then drags Joe to the corner and gives him snake eyes. Benoit climbs up on the top rope and hits a diving head butt. Benoit then puts the sharpshooter on Samoa Joe. Joe is about to grab the rope but Benoit drags him back into the middle of the ring. Joe looks like his going to tap when suddenly Eddie Guerrero’s music hits.

Benoit lets go of the sharpshooter and goes over to the rope by the ramp looking for Eddie. Eddie then shows up on the ramp and has some words with Benoit. Benoit decides to ignore Eddie and turns around but Samoa Joe is standing right behind him. Joe picks him up and hits the muscle buster. Now Joe goes for the Kokina clutch. Benoit doesn’t want to give up but he is fading. Finally Benoit taps out.

Tony: Here is your winner, Samoa Joe!

Samoa Joe leaves the ring

Eddie Guerrero comes down to ringside and grabs the chair from Tony Chimmel. Eddie climbs in the ring picks Benoit up and hits him with the chair. Guerrero climbs to the top rope and hits the frog splash. Eddie grabs the US belt and stands above Benoit holding the US title high in the air.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe Eddie Guerrero.

Tazz: He has no right to come out and interfere in this match.

Michael Cole: This is all because Eddie thinks Benoit doesn’t deserve the title.

Tazz: Well Eddie has to learn that he has to earn a title shot.

Commercial Break

No Chance hits to a ton of heat for Mr. McMahon

We want Cena chants build up

Vince McMahon: Nobody cares about John Cena! Now I am here to tell you “fans” Smackdown has gotten very lucky. I have a major announcement concerning Smackdown. You fans have already seen one new addition to the Smackdown roster and that was Samoa Joe. Well there are two more additions. Please give a warm welcome to Billy Kidman! The other addition is a former tag team champion, former member of Team Angle and part of the World’s greatest tag team. Charlie Haas!

Crowd pops big

Tazz: What a blockbuster announcement by Mr. McMahon!

Michael Cole: Yeah, Charlie Haas and Billy Kidman signed.

Tazz: Cole you can’t forget about Samoa Joe.

Michael Cole: Oh I didn’t partner. That makes three huge signings by Mr. McMahon.

The camera shows Chris Benoit backstage holding his ribs, Josh Matthews walks up to him.

Josh: Chris Benoit do you have any idea why Eddie Guerrero attacked you and cost you your match?

Benoit: Yeah I do Josh. Eddie is too scared to be a man, Eddie is too scared to tell me face to face that he has a problem with me. So he has to always has to resort to lying, cheating and stealing. This is why I am challenging him to a match next week. So he can…

Benoit stops, he sees Eddie Guerrero. Benoit runs down the hallway at Guerrero he knocks him down with a hard clothesline from behind. Chris Benoit puts the crippler crossface on Guerrero.

Security has to pull Benoit off of Guerrero and keep them away from each other

Benoit: I’m going to make you tap Eddie!

Raw Rebound is shown

Burn in my light hits with a large amount of the crowd booing

Tony introduces Randy Orton

Can you dig it hits to a good amount of heat

Tony introduces Booker T

Undertaker’s music hits to a great pop from the crowd

Tony introduces The Undertaker

Number one contender triple threat match
Randy Orton vs. Booker T vs. Undertaker

The match starts off with Randy Orton and Booker T deciding to double team Undertaker. Orton and Booker run at Undertaker and knock him down with a double clothesline. They start mud hole stomping Booker T. Orton runs against the other rope and does a baseball slide to Undertaker knocking him outside of the ring.

Booker T and Randy Orton then stare each other down. Orton walks over to Booker and gets nose to nose with Booker. Orton takes a step back and slaps Booker hard in the face. Booker tackles him and starts punching him. Booker waits for Orton to get up and chops him back down. Booker runs against the rope but Undertaker grabs his leg and trips him. Undertaker climbs in the ring and big boots Booker T. He then throws Booker into the corner. He throws Orton into Booker and runs slams them both against the turnbuckles.

Undertaker picks up Booker T and hits snake eyes on him. Taker lifts up Orton and sidewalk slams him. Taker calls for old school. He climbs on the top rope and hits Old School on Booker. Undertaker pins Booker 1----2—Broke up by Randy. Randy starts kicking Taker down and elbow drops him. Randy waits for Undertaker to get up and tries for the RKO but Undertaker throws Orton off. Booker T comes from behind and STO’s the Undertaker.

Booker goes over to Orton and picks him up and Book end’s him. Pin 1----2 Orton kicks out. Booker looks frustrated and pins him again 1----2 Orton kicks out again. Booker T goes for another pin 1---Orton kicks out for a third time. Booker turns around and is met by a chokeslam from the Undertaker. Taker than symbolizes he is going for the Tombstone. He picks up Booker but Booker slides out of the ring.

Undertaker looks at Booker T and then is turned around by Randy Orton and he RKO’s taker. Pin 1----broke up by Booker T. Booker kicks Orton in the stomach and runs against the rope he hits the scissor kick on Randy! Pin 1----2----3!

Tony: Here is your winner and the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Booker T

Before Booker T can celebrate, unleashed hits at Batista walks out onto the ramp. The two exchange words. Batista holds the World Heavyweight Championship proudly in the air.

Michael Cole: Thank you joining us for Smackdown!

Tazz: You guys have a good night.

Smackdown! goes off the air with Booker T staring at Batista yelling that title is mine!

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WWE Smackdown
Continental Airlines Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
September 29th, 2005

The usual video is shown

Pyro goes off around the fist

Michael Cole: Hello and welcome to Smackdown! The journey to No Mercy continues here tonight!

Tazz: That’s right Cole. What great matches are in store for No Mercy?

Michael Cole: There’s only one way to find out.

Tazz: What’s that Cole?

Michael Cole: To watch Smackdown tonight!

Tazz: Good because I was going to do that anyway

Michael Cole: Well Tazz we have just learned that Theodore Long promises us two huge surprises tonight!

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Hey Tazz up next is Samoa Joe vs. Charlie Haas

Tazz: Cool I can’t wait

World’s greatest hits to a nice pop for Charlie Haas
Tony introduces him

Samoa Joe’s music hits to a fair amount of boos for him
Tony introduces him

Single match
Samoa Joe vs. Charlie Haas

The match starts off with a side headlock from Joe. Samoa Joe irish whips Haas against the rope and body drops him. Joe picks up Haas and tries to sidewalk slam him but Haas lands on his feet. Haas runs up behind Joe and bulldogs him. Haas goes for a german suplex and hits it on Joe. Charlie Haas waits for Samoa Joe to get back to his feet and dropkicks him. Joe doesn’t fall, so Haas dropkicks him again. Joe falls this time. Haas climbs on the top rope and tornado DDT’s him. Pin 1----2-Kick out by Samoa Joe. Joe slowly gets back to his feet. Haas runs against the ropes and tries for a shoulder block but Charlie Haas falls down instead. Joe lifts up Charlie and scoop slams him. He runs against the rope and knee drops Haas. Samoa Joe then puts a single leg boston crab on Haas. Haas almost has the rope, but Joe pulls him back. Haas looks like his is about to tap but he manages to kick Joe off of him. Haas tries to get up but is met with a big clothesline from Joe. Samoa Joe picks up Haas drags him to the corner and puts him up for a Superplex. He hits it! Pin 1----2----Kick out by Haas. Joe picks up Haas and gives him a big power bomb. Joe then tries to put the Haas of Pain of Charlie but Haas gets to the rope before Joe can do it. Haas gets up and hits a running calf kick. Haas then stands behind Joe and waits for him to get up. When Joe gets up Charlie spins him around and enzuguris him. Charlie goes over to the top rope and tries to hits a cross body on Joe but Joe catches him and hits a side backbreaker on Haas. Samoa Joe picks up Haas, irish whips him against the ropes and gets a tilt-a-whirl sideslam on Charlie. Samoa Joe kicks Haas into the corner. Joe then lets Charlie Haas get up but when he does he hits stiff kicks on Haas. Over and over again. After the 7th kick the ref tells Joe to cut it out so Samoa Joe does. Joe backs up and runs at Haas but he moves and leg sweeps Joe. Charlie puts the Haas of Pain on Joe. Samoa Joe grabs the rope too fast though. He stands up and heat butts Haas hard. Joe than picks up Haas for the muscle buster and hits it. Samoa Joe smiles at the crowd before he puts the Kokina clutch on Haas. Charlie taps quickly.

Tony: Here is your winner, Samoa Joe!

Tazz: What a great match by the two men.

Michael Cole: Samoa Joe looking impressive in his second match on Smackdown.

Tazz: Yeah first he beats the United States Champion, now a world class athlete like Charlie Haas.

Commercial Break

Batista and Josh Matthews are shown backstage

Josh: Batista now that you know that you will be facing Booker T at No Mercy are you at all worried?

Batista: Of course not Josh. Why would I be worried? I am The Animal, I am the current World Heavyweight Champion Josh!

Josh: With all do respect Batista, Booker T is a 5 time WCW Champion.

Batista: Nobody cares about WCW Josh! That is all in the past, the only thing that matters is the current champion not the champion from 4 years ago.

Booker T walks up to Batista and pushes Josh Matthews out of the way

Booker T: Your saying my WCW title reigns don’t matter? You know why you are still champion?

Batista: Why is that?

Booker T: Because you haven’t faced my for the title yet!

Batista: No I haven’t. But you know what? That doesn’t mean anything. I am still going to destroy you at No Mercy. Like I did with all my other opponents.

Booker T: You don’t disrespect the five time, five time, five time, five time, five time WCW Champion like that.
Batista: I believe that I just did.

Booker T: Tell me you didn’t just say that!

Batista: Are you talking to me?

Booker T: Your damn right I am talking to you.

Batista: You talk the talk Booker but can you walk the walk?

Booker T: Yeah I can back it up dog and I will prove it to you. You me in the ring tonight.

Batista: Your on.

Booker T walks away

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Some heated words between Booker T and Batista

Tazz: Yeah this rivalry is already growing.

Michael Cole: Hey Tazz are you ready for some cruiserweight action?

Tazz: I always am Cole. I love watching these guys fly.

Michael Cole: Good because up next is the number one contender match for the cruiserweight title.

Nunzio’s music hits to a little pop

Michael Cole: What is Nunzio doing out here?

Tazz: I don’t know but it can only be good.

Nunzio sits at the announce table next to Michael Cole

Michael Cole: Nunzio if you don’t mind my asking why are you out here?

Nunzio: I am out here to watch this match up close. The winner of this match will be facing me for the cruiserweight championship so I want to be prepared.

Juvi’s music hits as he comes out to a ok amount of boos
Tony introduces him

Super Crazy’s music hits to a mixed reaction
Tony introduces him

Psicosis’ hits to a good pop
Tony introduces him

No DQ Number one contender match
Psicosis vs. Super Crazy vs. Juventud Guerrera

Juvi gets out of the ring. Super Crazy and Psicosis start if off. Psicosis tries to grab Juvi and pull him in the ring but he misses and Super Crazy runs at Psicosis and rolls him up. Pin 1----Broke up by Juvi who climbs back into the ring.

Nunzio: Good move by Super Crazy there taking advantage of Psicosis’ mistake.

Juvi and Super Crazy start kicking Psicosis not letting him get up. Super Crazy and Juvi pick up Psicosis and irish whip him against the ropes and lift him up for a double flapjack. Super Crazy and Juvi walk over to the corner. Juvi climbs on top of Super Crazy’s shoulders and moon saults off onto Psicosis he goes for the pin 1----2 broke up by Super Crazy. Juvi gets up and yells at Super Crazy. The two start pushing each other. Super Crazy runs against the ropes and knocks Juvi down with a flying shoulder block.

Super Crazy picks up Juventud and scoop slams him. Psicosis gets up and runs at Super Crazy and hurricanranas him. Psicosis throws Super Crazy over the top rope. Psicosis picks up Juvi and dropkicks him over the rope. As Juventud and Super Crazy are trying to get up Psicosis back flips onto them. Psicosis gets up and lifts up Super Crazy and drops him on the security wall. He throws Juvi back in the ring and pins him. 1----2—Kick out by Juventud.

Nunzio: That was close.

Psicosis gets up and irish whips Juvi against the rope but he lowers his head too early and Juvi kicks him in the head. Juventud then runs at Psicosis but Psicosis body drops Juvi over the rope onto Super Crazy who was just getting up. Psicosis gets on the turnbuckle and tries for a corkscrew body splash but Super Crazy and Juvi manage to move out of the way and Psicosis hits the security wall. Juventud gets up and climbs back in the ring. Super Crazy gets in the ring too.

Nunzio: Now why wouldn’t they go after Psicosis? I mean come on…

Juvi runs at Super Crazy but Super Crazy jumps over him. Juvi runs from behind and chop blocks him. Juventud picks up Super Crazy and brings him to the corner. Juvi pulls off the padding on the turnbuckle and smashes Super Crazy’s head into it a few times. Super Crazy is bleeding. Juvi climbs on the top turnbuckle and does a 450 flip onto him. He goes for the pin 1----2---Super Crazy gets his foot on the rope. Juvi gets frustrated, so he climbs to the outside of the ring and looks under the apron he pulls a chair out.

Juvi climbs back in the ring and tries to hit Super Crazy with the chair but Super Crazy ducks and does a spinning wheel kick knocking the chair into his face. Super Crazy pins 1----2----broke up by Psicosis. Psicosis lifts up Super Crazy and hits an emerald fusion on him. Psicosis then gets on the top rope and hits a leg drop off the top rope. He pins 1-----2-----3! Juvi jumps on Psicosis and Super Crazy to break the pin up but is too late.

Tony: Here is your winner and the number one contender for the cruiserweight championship Psicosis!

Psicosis gets out the ring as fast as he can and walks over to the announcers table.

Psicosis: Come No Mercy (points to the cruiserweight title) that title is will be around the waist of Psicosis!

Nunzio gets out of his seat and laughs at Psicosis before hitting him with the belt, knocking Psicosis out cold.

Commercial Break

Macmilatant hits to a nice pop for Teddy Long

Teddy: Holla, holla, holla. Now is everybody enjoying the show so far?

Crowd pops

Teddy: That’s good to hear. Now I ha-

World’s greatest hits to a mixed reaction

Charlie Haas: That’s great Teddy, real great.

Teddy: What are you doing coming out here and interrupting me like that?
You don’t do that to me.

Charlie Haas: Blah blah I don’t care. I came out here to challenge Samoa Joe to a match at No Mercy. You see he cheats to wins his matches. You saw last week he wouldn’t of beaten Chris Benoit if Eddie Guerrero hadn’t come out and this week Joe only beat me because I got distracted from some stupid fan.

Crowd boos

Teddy: So that’s how it is?

Charlie Haas: Yeah that’s how it is.

Teddy: Well you can have your match at No Mercy but I’m adding my own stipulation. At No Mercy it will be Charlie Haas vs. Samoa Joe in an ambulance match!

Commercial Break

Just close your eyes hits to a mixed reaction

Christian: Welcome to the peep show!

Crowd Cheers

Christian: Tonight I Captain Charisma will be interviewing, the so called Wrestling God John Bradshaw Lamefield.

Crowd Cheers

Longhorn hits to an amazing amount of heat

Christian: So Mr. Lamefield, I heard your little challenge last week and I have decided to accept.

JBL: That’s good because I am looking forward to kicking your ass in the ring. You see it is people like you who make me sick. It’s people like you that disgrace America.

Crowd boos

Christian: People like me? You mean people that are incredibly talented, sexy, a great wrestler, and a role model to all?

JBL: No I mean low-life scum that think they have all these little “peeps” around the world.

I am peep chants start up

Christian: Ouch. That one got me where it hurts but uh this one will get you where it hurts.

Christian runs at JBL and knocks him down with a spear. Christian then picks up JBL and goes for the unprettier but JBL pushes Christian off of him and knocks him back with a big boot. Now JBL picks up Christian and scoop slams him. Christian rolls out of the ring and grabs JBL’s foot and pulls him outside the ring. The two start slamming each others heads against the security wall and the steel steps. Christian goes under the ring for a chair but before he can hits JBL…

Stone Cold’s music hits!

Michael Cole: What the hell?

Tazz: Stone Cold is back!!!

Stone Cold makes his way down to the ring and pulls the chair out of Christian’s hands and kicks him then throws him into the ring. Then picks up JBL and tosses him in the ring.

Stone Cold grabs a mic

Stone Cold: What the hell is this? I’m sitting in the bakc drinking some beer, watching some smackdown action and now I got this? JBL and Christian fighting like too little sumbitches…

JBL: Shut the hell up Austin. What are you doing sticking your head in my business. Nobody wants you here.

Stone Cold: Give me a Hell Yeah if you want Stone Cold here.


Stone Cold: That’s what I thought. Now see that Sheriff is back in town for one reason and one reason only and that is to shut you two girls up.

Christian: Look Austin. I know that sitting at home on your fat ass all the time must get kind of boring after a while. So I can see that you would want to

Stone Cold: What?


Christian: Very funny now…

Stone Cold: What?


Christian: Hey I see what your d-

Stone Cold: What?


JBL: Christian since your are a jackass you might know…

Stone Cold: What?


Christian: I’m just going to ignore you Asstin.

Stone Cold: What?


Christian: You know what I am going to solve this how about Christian vs. JBL vs. Stone Cold at No Mercy.

JBL: Hey I like that so now I can kick both your asses in the same night.

Stone Cold: What?


Christian: Shut up!!
Stone Cold: What?


Christian: Damnit!!! Stop saying what!!!


Stone Cold: What does the little baby need his bottle?

Christian: Very cute…but I don’t like cute.


JBL: Oh come on Christian we all saw you last week…

Christian: What? I don’t know what you are talking about.


Stone Cold: You mean this?

Stone Cold pulls out a shirt with a bunny on it

Christian: Hey!!! Give me that!


JBL: So Christian does have a soft spot.

Christian: Shut up!!! It was for my niece.


Stone Cold: Hey JBL you aren’t as tough as you think you are either. Roll the clip!

A clip plays where it shows JBL talking to a stuffed teddy bear and hugging it.

JBL: Where did you get that?

Christian: Hahahahaha


JBL: Shut up Bunny man!

Christian: What’s his name JBL?


JBL: umm he doesn’t have a name.

Stone Cold: We can see you blushing so tell us or I will bring you over to that corner and stomp the living daylight out of you.

JBL: Fine! His name is Mr. Cuddly.

Stone Cold: Mr. Cuddly?

Christian: Wow maybe JBL should be going after the Women’s Championship instead. I mean I always knew he has no balls but jeez this is taking it a little too far.


JBL: I’ve heard enough.

JBL runs at Christian and starts kicking him against the corner. Stone Cold pulls JBL around and flips him off then hits a stunner on him and tosses him over the top rope. Stone Cold walks over to the corner and starts mudhole stomping Christian. Stone Cold picks up Christian gives him the finer and Stunners him.

Stone Cold: No Mercy Stone Cold vs. JBL vs. Christian.

Stone Cold climbs on the top rope and smashes beer cans and drinks beer.

Michael Cole: Wow! Stone Cold is back!

Tazz: That is amazing Cole.

Michael Cole: Another huge match added to No Mercy.

Tazz: That’s right Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Christian vs. JBL

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back. Incase you missed it Stone Cold has returned here tonight.

Tazz: Yes that’s right Stone Cold is back here on smackdown!

Ken Kennedy’s music hits

Tony starts to introduces him…

Kennedy: I have told you once and I will tell you again. You were not meant to announce. See I have a natural talent for this. This is how it should be. Hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin weighing in at 242 pounds Mr. Ken Kennedy ….. Kennedy!

Funaki’s music hits

Kennedy: Making is way to the ring hailing it at well nobody cares. Funaki

Single match
Ken Kennedy vs. Funaki

They start off with a test of strength. Ken Kennedy wins it and kicks Funaki in the stomach. Kennedy irish whips Funaki against the ropes and knocks him down with an elbow to the head. Kennedy picks up Funaki and scoops slams him. He runs against the rope to knee drop Funaki but Funaki moves. Funaki gets up and leg drops Kennedy. Funaki climbs to the top rope to crossbody Kennedy and hits it. Pin 1----2-Kickout by Kennedy. Funaki waits behind Kennedy and hits a bulldog on him. Funaki lifts him up and suplexs him. Pin 1----2Kickout by Kennedy. Funaki tries to dropkick Kennedy but he moves and Funaki misses. Ken Kennedy powerbombs Funaki. Pin1----Kickout by Funaki. Kennedy pins again. 1----2—Funaki gets his foot on the rope. Ken Kennedy puts an arm bar on Funaki. Funaki almost gets to the rope but Kennedy lets go and starts kicking him. Kennedy starts choking Funaki with the rope. The ref makes Kennedy break it but he doesn’t let go. The ref starts counting 1----2----3----4-Kennedy lets go. Kennedy drags Funaki over to the turnbuckle and DDT’s him off of the top rope. Pin 1----2---Kick out by Funaki. Kennedy starts getting mad and goes for a chair. He brings the chair in the ring but the ref grabs it from him. While the ref is giving the chair to the ring announcer, Kennedy pulls out brass knuckles and hits Funaki. He then irish whips Funaki into the corner and sets him up for the Green Bay Plunge. He hits it! Pin 1----2----3!

Kennedy: Here is your winner, Mr. Ken Kennedy…..Kennedy!

Michael Cole: He cheated to win!

Tazz: Oh come on he won fair and square.

Michael Cole: He used the brass knuckles!

Tazz: He hits his finisher to win, Cole.

Michael Cole: Well none the less up next is the tag team champs in action.

What a rush hits

Tony introduces Heidenreich and Animal

Heidenreich grabs a mic

Heidenreich: Since we are undefeated here on Smackdown we are issusing a challenge to any new tag team that we haven’t faced yet.

Rey Mysterio’s music hits

Heidenreich: Hey look Animal its Rey Mysterio

Animal: Hey rey you usually need two people to challenge for the tag team titles.

Heidenreich: Unless of course you want to face us in a handicap match.

Rey Mysterio: I got a partner. He is extreme to the max just like Rey Mysterio.

Animal: Oh that’s great, just bring him out.

There is a pause

Heidenreich: Nobody just like we thought.

The lights so off

When the lights so back on Sabu is standing behind Animal and Heidenreich with a chair.

Rey Mysterio: Hey L.O.D turn around

L.O.D turns around

Sabu throws a chair in Animals face and then hits Heidenreich with the chair. Sabu and Rey climb to the top rope and both do moonsaults and cross in the air and land on Animal and Heidenreich. Rey sets up the chair for Sabu who runs against the rope and jumps on the chair and does a triple deck lionsault to Animal. Rey lifts up Heidenreich and puts him on the second rope and 619’s him. Animal manages to get to the outside of the ring and pulls Heidenreich out of the ring before Sabu and Rey can do anymore damage.

Rey Mysterio: No Mercy Animal and Heidenreich vs. Rey Mysterio and the suicidal, homicidal, genocidal Sabu!

Michael Cole: That’s amazing! Sabu is back and so is Stone Cold!

Tazz: Yeah and all in one night

Michael Cole: Could this mean new tag team champions?

Tazz: I think so. I have wrestled Sabu before and he is tough to prepare for. He is very unique as is Mysterio.

Michael Cole: Well it should be an interesting match to say the least.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Up next is the main event.

Can you feel the heat hits to a good amount of boos

Tony introduces him

Can you dig hits to a lot of heat.

Tony introduces him

Whatever hits to a nice pop for Chris Benoit

Tony introduces him

Unleashed hits to an amazing reaction for Batista

Tony introduces him

Tag Team Match
Booker T and Eddie Guerrero vs. Batista and Chris Benoit

Eddie Guerrero and Batista start off the match. Eddie Guerrero tries to knock Chris Benoit off the ring apron but Chris Benoit moves and Batista runs from behind and knocks Guerrero into the turnbuckle. Batista starts kicking him in the corner. Batista picks up Eddie and tries to snake eyes him but Eddie slides down and knocks Batista’s head into the turnbuckle. Eddie Guerrero then pulls Batista over to the rope and runs at him trying to clothesline him over the rope but Batista reverses and back body drops Eddie over the top rope. Batista then walks over and tags in Chris Benoit.
Chris Benoit does a suicide dive through the topes but Eddie catches him and drops him on the announcers table. Eddie then picks up Benoit and brings him over to the steps. He picks up him and tries to suplex him onto the stairs but Batista saves Chris and does a facebuster to Guerrero. Batista picks up Eddie but Booker T runs at Batista and knocks him down with a shot from behind. He starts kicking Chris Benoit and throws him in the ring. Booker then punches Batista in the head and goes back to his corner. Eddie and Chris are in the ring now. Eddie picks up Chris Benoit and does the three amigos to him. Eddie then climbs on to the top rope and hits a frog splash on Chris. Pin 1----2-Broken up by Batista. Eddie gets pissed and tags in Booker T. Booker irish whips him into the corner and then rolls him up. Pin 1----2---Benoit manages to kick out. Booker T lifts up Chris Benoit and starts chopping him. Booker scoop slams Chris Benoit. Booker T pokes Chris in the eyes. Batista tries to come in but the ref doesn’t let him. Batista is distracting the ref. Booker T low blows Chris Benoit. Booker then runs against the rope and goes for a scissor kick but Benoit falls down and avoids it. Booker T picks up Chris and drags him to the corner. Eddie Guerrero gets tagged in. Eddie tries to dropkick Benoit but Chris ducks and hits Eddie with a drop kick of his own. Chris tries to tag in Batista but Guerrero dives and grabs Chris Benoit’s foot. Chris then kicks Eddie in the head and proceeds to tag in Batista he makes the tag. Batista comes In and throws Eddie against the ropes and spinebusters him. Booker T comes in and runs at him but Batista catches him and sidewalk slams him. Batista picks up Eddie and throws him into the corner. Eddie tries to tag Booker but he isn’t there. Eddie then reverses a shoulder block into a DDT. Pin 1----2—kick out by Batista. Booker T gets back into the corner and gets the tag from Eddie. Booker T picks up Batista and tries to suplex STO him but Batista reverses into an STO of his own. Chris Benoit runs over to Eddie and baseball slides him. He then climbs on the top rope and does a diving headbutt onto Eddie. Back in the ring Batista picks up Booker T and Batista Bombs him. Pin 1----2----3!

Tony: Here are your winners, Chris Benoit and Batista!

Michael Cole: Wow! Chris Benoit and Batista were able to pull it off.

Tazz: Another stellar match!

Michael Cole: Well thank you for joining us for smackdown tonight! Have a good night.

The WWE logo shows up as smackdown fades off the air

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Can you post the Smackdown roster and probably Raw too if your looking for a partner to do it. Some quality shows here but try using some bold for headings of matches and when the narrator is speaking. Otherwise good job

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Wow. Great Smackdowns but i thought you should have posted the latest on next week to be more beleive able. Anway, I love the Benoit/eddie, Batista/Booker, and Nunzio/Psycosis. I love how you made Nunzio and how the CW division is. Booker going for the whc is great in my books and another benoit/Eddie match is great in my boks. I was starting to like jbl and christian's but come on? Why did you have to bring stone cold? at least it was funny. i give both smackdowns 7.5/10. Not bad kid. Looking forward to No Mercy.

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Smackdown Results

Ken Kennedy defeats William Regal via DQ

After the match Regal challenges Kennedy to a match at No Mercy

Heidenreich w/Animal defeats Sabu w/Rey

Charlie Haas cuts a promo about how Samoa Joe will be seeing the inside of an ambulance for the first time.

Nunzio and Eddie Guerrero defeat Psicosis and Chris Benoit

Booker T says that after No Mercy he will become the 6 time heavyweight champion.

Stone Cold is shown bloody backstage

Christian defeats JBL

Christian grabs the mic and says this will be the result at No Mercy and if Stone Cold wants to mess with him then this is the price he pays

Booker T defeats Batista

Booker T grabs the heavyweight belt and stands above Batista
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