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Those were decent shows for someone who is just beginning to book. You should try to spell better and use bolds, italics, and colors that way it is easier to read your show. You have some good ideas on storylines but try to encorporate more detail into the show to make the reader feel like they are right there in the audience!

I didn't like the fact that Batista is WHC but it's your show. Also, I hope to have a reason next week why Rock defended Ric Flair on Raw. Lastly, try to use most of your superstars in your shows which will be difficult but make the shows seem more realistic.

Overall though I give your show a 6/10 but keep booking because you will get better.

Also, if you want to read an experienced booker's thread read Being the Booker by Wolf Beast. His WM21 was 94 pages long on word I think. You could learn a lot from reading his shows. Also, I don't know if Grendrill and Limit are still writing Rise Of Glory but that also was a very good thread.
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