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Hey, i did my first thread in the BTB forums, but it didnt turn out well as possible. In my new Thread im guna post Preview for both RAW and Smackdown! RAW's will be posted monday's or tuesday and Smackdown! will be posted thursdays or friday's. My First Raw will be set the night after Wrestlemania 21 and from there WWE will continue as usual. WWE Roster is the same as it is at this moment. Below is a list of PPV's.

Jan - Royal Rumble - Raw & Smackdown!
Feb - No Way Out - Smackdown!
Mar - New PPV Created
Apr - Wreslemania 21 - Raw & Smackdown!
May - Backlash - Raw
May - Great American Bash - Smackdown!
Jun - New PPV Added
Jun - Judgement Day - Raw
July - Vengance - Smackdown!
Aug - Summerslam - Raw & Smackdown!
Sep - Unforgiven - Raw
Oct - No Mercy - Smackdown!
Nov - Survivor Series - Raw & Smackdown!
Dec - Armageddon - Raw

Fell Free to comment on any posts made!!!

Raw Preview Below:

After coming off on of his biggest wins of his carrer on one of the biggest stages of them all, Batista will be defiantly celebrating his historious victory over HHH.

And what will HHH have to say for his former Friend/Tag Partner???

Also, we will have a Intercontinental Championship with newly crowned champ Chris Jericho will be against a mystery Opponent.

All this and much more on Raw, Monday Nights 8/9est on Spike TV.

Raw will be up tomorrow prob! Enjoy!

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Before I post, i will put up a list of the champs; these are the champs before the start of Raw:

World Heavyweight Champion - Batista
Intercontinental Champion - Chris Jericho
Tag Team Champions - La Resistance
Woman's Champion - Trish Stratus

Well here Raw!!!!

Raw, Live from San Diego, California. 5/04/05, The Night After Wrestlemania.

Raw intro plays with music and movie starts... leading to raw pyro inside the arena!!!

J.R: Hello Ladies & Gentlemen!!! Welcome to Monday Night Raw, Live from San Diego, California!!! Im good ol' J.R Jim Ross with Jerry "The King" Lawler ringside.

King: Thanks J.R, After the carnage at Wrestlemania last night, we're in for a hell of a night!!!

J.R: Thats Right King, Its guna be a slobberknocker off a nite.

Batista's music hits, the crowd Roars!!!

J.R: I guess our new World Heavyweight Champ is guna start the show off!!!

Batista: Last Night I did something I wanted to do for a long time! No, It wasnt to get the World Heavyweight Championship!!! It was kicking HHH's Ass!!! Crowd Cheers!!! The World Heavyweight Championship was an added bonus, but enough of this chit chat, I would like for the man who made me the champion to come out to the ring...

Ric Flair's Music hits, Crowd chants Wooooo!!!!

Flair: Woooooo!!!! How you goin champ??? Gee that sounds good!!!

Batista: Yes, it does sound good, doesn't it?? Im good Ric man. I wanted you to come out here, caus i wanted to say thanks for helpin me make my way to the top and for realising that HHH isnt championship material.

Flair: Batista!! I dint have to realise anything about HHH, as I say, To Be the man, You have to beat the man! And last night you beat the man to create history!!! History doesn't create itself, Legends do!!! And you my man are a Legend!

HHH's music hits, crowd boo's!!!

HHH: Last Night Batista, you beat me in the middle of the ring, 1...2...3!!! And I Knew You Had it in you!!!! Congrats man!!!

Batista: Thanks man!!! Really appreciated!!! But you know there one thing that is crampin my style!!!

Flair: What would that be champ???

Batista: YOU!!!!!

Batista looks Ric in the eyes then kicks him in the stomach, following the kick Batista picks up Flair and gives him Batista Bomb. HHH picks up flair and Pedigree's him!!!

J.R: I can't believe what im seeing!!!!

- Add Break -

1st Match: Chris Benoit def Rob Conway after Conway tapped out of the Crossface

- Backstage - A bloody Flair is being helped by EMT's as he talks with Eric Bischoff. Flair Demands a match with Batista. Bischoff gives him the match, A World Heavyweight Championship match with everyone in the RAW locker Room Banned from Ringside!!!

2nd Match: Woman's Championship: Trish Stratus def Victoria after trish hit the Chick Kick on Victoria for the pinfall.

WWE Rewind: Shows the WHC match from Wrestlemania 21 with Batista winning the championship!!!!

King: J.R up next is the match where Chris jericho will have an Mystery Opponent attempting to beat him for the Intercontenental Championship!!!

- Add Break -

Chris jericho is in the ring awaiting his opponent, it is non other then... Kane!

3rd Match: Intercontinental Match: Chris Jericho def Kane when Jericho made Kane tap out of the walls of Jericho.

- Locker Room - Christian is contemplating with Tomko on his loss to Randy Orton at WM. Christian starts shouting at Tomko demanding that he solve Christian problem of Randy Orton!!!!

Promo's air for the New Raw Magazine with Mohammed Hassan on the cover!!

4th Match: Edge def Simon Dean after Edge hits the spear for the pinfall.

J.R: The WHC match is up next!!!

- Add Break -

Main Event: Batista def Ric Flair as he uses the Figure-Four Leg Lock to make Flair tap out.

After the match, HHH comes out and celebrates with batista when... "If You Smell" The Rock appears and comes out to help Ric Flair!!!! Batista & HHH run off!!!

King: J.R, its THE ROCK! What the hell is he doing here???

J.R: I duno king, but folks tune in next week on Raw to see this unfold, thankyou and good night!!!!

Show goes off air with The Rock staring down Batista & HHH!!!!

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Here is a list of Smackdown! Champs:

WWE Champion: Kurt Angle
U.S Champion: Rob Van Dam
WWE Tag-Team Champions: The Dudley Boyz
Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London

Now for Smackdown!

Smackdown! From San Francisco, California!!! 8/4/05 1st Smackdown after Wrestlemania!!

Smackdown! Intro movie and music hits, leads to arena, Pyro goes off, Crowd Cheers!

Michael Cole: Hello Everybody and Welcome to Thursday Night Smackdown! Im Michael Cole joined Rinside by Tazz and Tazz after the impact Wrestelmania made, Smackdown! is sure guna be a warzone!!!

Tazz: Thanks Cole, your sure right, tonight as J.R would say, is guna be a SlobberKnocker!!!

Cole: And after a new Champion was crowned, i wonder what will occur of this.

Kurt Angle's music hits, mixed crowd reaction?!?!?

Cole: Well Tazz, I guess we're guna find out now!

Angle: 1 man, that is all it took to defeat JBL's 9 month WWE Title reign and Ladies and Gentlemen, I am that man!!! Winning the WWE Championship isn't as good of winning the Gold Medal at the Olympics, but when you win it at the biggest stage of all, makes it special!! When you win the WWE Title at Wrestlemania and for the 5th time it adds that...

John Cena's Music hits, crowd errupts!!!

Angle: What the Hell do you want?

Cena: Wo Wo Wo man! Calm Down! All I came out to do was to congratulate you on your win at Wrestlemania!

Angle: Thank You! Now you can leave!

Cena: Wo, is that how you treat an old foe? Well guess what? I dont leave unless I want to! And I aint leaving unless I have one thing!

Angle: And what is that?

Cena: A WWE Title shot tonight in San Francisco!!!!

Crowd Cheers!!!

Angle: You want a title shot aye? Well my answer is... NO! But ill do 1 better, If you can beat my good friends Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak in a Handicap amtch tonight, ill give you the number 1 contenders spot for my title! We got a deal?

Cena: Hell Yeah we got a deal!!!

1st Match: Non-Title: Paul London def Shannon Moore after he hit the 540 pin

- Add Break -

2nd Match: Eddie Guerrero w/Rey Mysterio def Orlando Jordan w/The Bashams after Eddie hit the Frog Splash for the pin.

- Locker Room - RVD is in his Locker Room stretching when Charlie Haas walks in. He explains to RVD that his title win at WM was just a fluke and that he does not deserve to win the title because he's done nothing since coming to Smackdown! Haas demands a title shot next week, RVD gives him one and tells him he doesn't know what he's getting into!

Raw Rebound is shown of The WHC match with Batista beating Ric Flair, it also shows the Rock coming in to help Flair after the match.

3rd Match: Booker T & The Big Show def Carlito Carribean Cool & Zeus after Booker T hits the scissors on Zeus with Big Show pumbling CCC on the outside for the pin.

Cole: RVD is in action NEXT!

- Add Break -

4th Match: Non-Title: Billy Kidman def Rob Van Dam when the referre was distracted, Charlie Haas came in and hit RVD with a chair in the head, with the Ref not distracted, Kidman hit the Shooting Star Press on RVD for the pin & win!

- Josh Mathews is backstage interviewing John Cena - Cena explains to Josh and the Smackdown! audience that he will not lose, suddenly Luther Reigns attacks John Cena, then jindrak comes up and hits Cena with a Steel Pipe in the head.

Cole: I can't belive those two just did that!

WWE Rewind: They reply that match at WM21 of Kurt Angle beating JBL for the WWE Title!!

- Add Break -

- Backstage - EMT's are sayin that Cena is going in and out of conciousnes and they suggest for him not to wrestle, but he gets up and makes his way to the ring.

5th Match: D-Von Dudley w/Bubba Dudley def Kenzo Suzuki after D-Von & Bubba hit the 3-D

- Add Break -

Cena's music hits... nobody appears, then all of a sudden Cena appears from the curtain!!!

Main Event: Number 1 Contender: John Cena def Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak when Cena hit the F-U on Reigns.

Show goes off air with Cena celebrating with the Smackdown! crowd!!!

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Raw Preview:

Raw comes to you live from the home of Shawn Michaels San Antonio, Texas. What will HBK so to excite his hometown?

Last Week On Raw we saw the comback of the Rock, helping out Ric Flair, what kind of impact will the rock make on Raw? And On the World Heavyweight Champion Batista? Tune in to find out!

Also, Eric Bischoff has a big announcemant on the upcoming PPV Backlash!

So tune into Raw, 8/9est on Spike TV!!!

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Those were decent shows for someone who is just beginning to book. You should try to spell better and use bolds, italics, and colors that way it is easier to read your show. You have some good ideas on storylines but try to encorporate more detail into the show to make the reader feel like they are right there in the audience!

I didn't like the fact that Batista is WHC but it's your show. Also, I hope to have a reason next week why Rock defended Ric Flair on Raw. Lastly, try to use most of your superstars in your shows which will be difficult but make the shows seem more realistic.

Overall though I give your show a 6/10 but keep booking because you will get better.

Also, if you want to read an experienced booker's thread read Being the Booker by Wolf Beast. His WM21 was 94 pages long on word I think. You could learn a lot from reading his shows. Also, I don't know if Grendrill and Limit are still writing Rise Of Glory but that also was a very good thread.

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^^^Seriously buddy do you spam in every post you make? How is that supposed to help out at all? Before you say anything about saomebody else shows try making one of your own. At least they try.

But WordLife I have to agree with everything that Wall Jon said, use his points and you will do find.
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