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Hey everyone havent been here for a while so I have decided to come in and post some shows. I'm not sure how frequent they will be because of work and what not but I'll try to post regularly(is that even a word?) Anyways onto the details of my show.

Its called WWE No Limits(its the name of the thread to so you cant miss it) its a show that takes place within an hour time span which means 3-5 matches in each show.(Take that into condiersation when you post feedback that way your not saying add more matches or the show looks to short). The roster is everyone from WWE and anyone else I feel like having on the show which means TNA, Japan, Mexico wrestlers could show up at anytime I feel like it. The belts are as follows

- WWE World Title
- T.V Title
- Light Heavyweight Title
- Hardcore Title
- Tag Team Titles

The champions are yet to be determined and I will have a few matches for titles on this show. The GM is yet to be announced aswell but will be in either this post or the next one which ever one it fits into best. Onto the show.

Welcome to the Jungle plays

JR: Welcome everyone to the first ever WWE No Limits live here from Madison Square Garden in New York City. Im Jim Ross alongside Jerry "The King" Lawler and King what a show we have in store today.

King: Wow I can't believe it is finnaly here the first ever WWE No Limits and yes JR we do have an incredbile line up of matches here tonight we will see the Tag Team Titles detrimined in a Fatal Four Way contest.

JR: Well thats a little bit later on tonight lets find out whats happening first here tonight. Take it away Howard Finkle.

Fink: Ladies and Gentlemen this is our opening contest. And it is for the WWE Light Heavyweight Championship!!! First from San Diego Ca. Rey Mysterio...And his opponent from Japan Funaki!!!

Match 1.
Light Heavyweight Title Match
Rey Mysterio vs Funaki

Bell rings were underway. They lock up and Rey locks in a headlock on Funaki. Funaki launches Rey into the ropes and Rey comes back and catches him with a spinning heel kick. Rey throws Funaki into the ropes and runs and catches him with a flying head scissors takedown. 1-2-kickout. Funaki gets up and punches Rey who retalites with a couple of his own punches knocking Funaki into the corner. Rey hits him again and now Funaki is sitting on the mat in the turnbuckle, Rey takes a run at him and hits the Bronco Buster. Rey poses for th crowd and Funaki hits him from behind and rolls him up 1-2-kickout. Funaki clotheslines Rey and then tosses him out of the ring. Funaki climbs the ropes and dives off at Rey who moves out of the way and Funaki hits the railing, Rey back in the ring at 6 and Funaki back in at 8. Rey swings at Funaki but he ducks and rolls Rey up again and another count of 2. Funaki goes and argues with the ref and Rey dropkicks him from behind and he lands in the ropes. Rey calls for it and then hits the 619 followed up with his patentate West Coast Pop, 1-2-3.

Winner and NEW Light Heavyweight Champion: Rey Mysterio

JR: I cant believe this what a way to kick off todays show we have to take a break dont go anywhere.



Shelton Benjamin is getting ready for his match when in walks Charlie Haas.

Haas: Hey Shelton whats up?

Benjamin: Hey hey Charlie my man hows it going?

Haas: Not bad brother so you got a a match tonight or something?

Benjamin: Yeah against Luther Reigns

Haas: Well I wont hold you up then good luck see you after your match

-They exit-

JR: Well King I have just recieved word that next week Vince McMahon will be here to announce who the new GM of No Limits will be and I cant wait!

King: Your right JR but thats not all thats happening next week because Mr. McMahon has said that the WWE World Champion will be crowned in a 20 man battle royal!!!

JR: King thats huge news so next week everyone tune in to WWE Limits at Noon thats 12 PM next saturday afternoon and find all that out. But before we roll to Toronto next week lets decide who the T.V champion will be right now.

Match 2
WWE T.V Title Match
Shelton Benjamin vs Luther Reigns w/ Mark Jindrak

Bell rings. Luter slaps Shelton across his face. Benjamin retaliates with a kick to the stomach and then an irish whip to the corner for a 10 punch combo. He puts Luther up onto the top rope and goes up after him. Shelton goes for a superplex but Luther counters it into a front suplex off the top rope but he hit hard aswell and both men are down. Jindrak slides a chain into the ring and Luther grabs it and Jindrax gets up onto the apron and distracts the official. Charlie Haas runs out and pulls down Jindrax and then throws him into the ring steps. Luther swings at Shelton but he ducks and whips Luther into the corner and hits the Stinger Splash followed by the T-Bone suplex 1-2-3.

Winner and NEW WWE T.V Champion: Shelton Benjamin

After the match Haas and Benjamin embrace and Haas congratulates Benjamin on becoming the T.V champ.

JR: If you think that match was great were not done yet we still have a Fatal Four Way for the Tag Team titles. And thats next.


In the back Kurt Angle is yelling at Luther and Jindrak and tells them that if they dont smarten up they will be kicked out of Team Angle.

Main Event
WWE Tag Team Title Match
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match
Dudley Boyz vs La Resistance vs Christian and Tyson Tomko vs Muhammad Hassan and Kashro Daivari(am i spelling that right?)

Hassan and Bubba start things off and Hassan yells something at everyone. All the participants get into the ring and beat him down while Diavari runs to the back scared. Tomko gives Hassan a big boot, Christian hits the Unprettier, La Resistance hit the Au Revior and then the Dudleys hit the 3-D and Bubba covers Hassan 1-2-3. The crowd sings the goodbye song as Hassan is helped to the back. *Hassan and Daivari are eliminated* Bubba and Tomko in the ring now and Tomko goes for the big boot but Bubba moves out of the way and Tomko hits Grenier. Bubba hits the Bubba Bomb 1-2-Christian makes the save. Bubba goes to attack Christian but Tomko nails him from behind and hits him with a sidewalk slam. Tomko tags in Conway. Conway locks up with Bubba but Bubba throws him across the ring. Bubba then hits Grenier and then slams Conway. Grenier tries to get into the ring and the ref stops him and the Dudleys hit the Wazzzzz Up and then Bubba tells D-Von to get the tables. As D-Von goes to get the tables Jindrak and Luther come from the crowd and attack D-Von. Bubba turns and sees this and when he goes to help D-von put La Resistance hits the Au Revior 1-2-3. *Dudley Boyz are eliminated* Bubba chases off Luther and Jindrak. La Resistance celebrates but forget about Tomko and Christian and they attack them from behind and Tomko and Conway battle on the outside. Inside the ring Christian hits the back head crush and then sets up Grenier for the Unprettier. He hits it and covers him 1-2-3.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Tyson Tomko and Christian

JR: Bah Gawd King what a night this was today I cant wait for next weeks show where we crown not only a new WWE Hardcore champion but also a new WWE World champion. Also next week Vince McMahon will announce who the new GM is until next week though for Jerry "The King" Lawler I'm Good 'Ol JR saying so long from MSG!!!

As we go off the air we see Christian and Tomko still celebrating.

-End Show-

Enjoy it, rate it, berate, any comments are good comments. See you all next time.

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Hey Welcome Back, I remember you from a while back I liked your booking. Good comeback show but a little short, I'm sure you'll get into full gear over the next few shows.

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Ok I have some spare time right now so here comes show #2 of the show I like to call WWE No Limits.

Welcome to the Jungle blares over the sound system
Cue the pyro

JR: Welcome everyone to another edition of WWE No Limits we are live here tonight in Toronto Canada. Hello once again I'm Good 'Ol JR alongside this week Todd Grisham.

Todd: Thank you very much JR. As you just mentioned I am Todd Grisham filling in for Jerry"The Burger King"Lawler who is on a 4 week vacation...and theres no telling what he might be doing!

JR: Speaking of no telling what people might do right here tonight there is no telling who the new WWE World champion will be as 20 men battle it out in a Battle Royal. But for right now lets take it too Howard Finkle.(I will only put The Fink in at the start of the first match and no more because it is hard to fit him in.)

Fink: Ladies and Gentlemen this is our first match of the day. It is sheduled for 1 fall and will be contrsted under hardcore rules as it is for the WWE Hardcore Championship. First making his way to the ring from Detroit Michigan....Rhyno!!! And his opponent from Yonkers New York Tommy Dreamer!!!

Match 1
WWE Hardcore Title
Rhyno vs Tommy Dreamer

Bell rings were underway. Match starts out with a slug fest and Rhyno gets the upper hand early on in the contest. Dreamer tries to fight back but Rhyno powerslams him hard for a 2 count. Rhyno tells the ref that it was a slow count and the ref tells Rhyno to stick it up his ass. Rhyno gets infuriated and knocks the ref out of the ring with a punch. Dreamer hits a low blow on Rhyno and then goes outside the ring to find some toys. Dreamer comes back in the ring with a singapore cane, a trash can with lid, and a stop sign. Dreamer hits Rhyno with the cane repeatidly and then gives him the Dreamer DDT on the stop sign. He sees the ref is still out so he goes to set the garbage can up in the corner. As he is doing this Rhyno comes running at Dreamer to hit him with the Gore but Dreamer moves and Rhyno rams himself into the trash can. Dreamer rolls up Rhyno but still no ref. Dreamer toss Rhyno out of the ring and onto the entrance ramp(one like old WCW days and ECW days). Dreamer suplexs Rhyno on the stage and then goes and grabs his cane and a fire extinguisher. He again hits Rhyno in the head with the cane and then covers him but still no ref. Dreamer goes over to the ref and throws water on him and then slaps him around. Back to the stage goes Dreamer, and he goes to attack Rhyno, who was playing opussom, and he hits Dreamer with a low blow. Rhyno grabs Dreamer and nails a pile driver 1-2-kickout after 2. Rhyno again gets into the refs face but Dreamer hits him in the back with the cane and then sprays the fire extinguisher in his eyes. He goes for another DDT but Rhyno revereses it and hits a back body drop on Dreamer. Rhyno goes to the other side of the stage and calls for a Gore. Dreamer gets up turns around and moves out of the way of Rhynos Gore. Rhyno flies off the stage onto a bunch of tables, Dreamer jumps off the table and hits an elbow drop 1-2-3.

Winner and NEW WWE Hardcore Champion: Tommy Dreamer

Todd: I cant beileve that. What a match. That was an amzing match. Hw can they even walk?

JR: Well we get Todd calmed down we have to take a quick break we'll be right back. *mumbles* Todd for god sakes calm down or your fired!


JR: Were back well I'm back Todd has been taken away to a mental institution somewhere in the GTA.

-Coaches music plays-

Coach: JR I seen you were lonesome out herer but dont worry the Coach is here for you tonight. Now we have some business to attend to. Vince McMahon is going to be here later JR and the Coach doesnt want you messing up his show.

JR: Oh brother...well ladies and gentlemen standing by is Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns.

-In The Back-
JR(whos is talking to them over the titantron): Well guys you requested the T.V time whats on your minds?

Jindrak: Right here tonight me and Luther Reigns are issuing a challange to Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin for next week.

Luther: And we want it to be a #1 Contenderes match because once we beat them we want the Tag Titles.

JR: Alright folks we have to take a quick break we will be right back.

-We see a limo arriving-

JR: Well moments ago we seen a limo arrive backstage and we all thought it was Vince McMahon but it sure wasnt.

-Footage from "Moments Ago"-

Lillian: Well folks the moment we have all been waiting for Mr. Vince McMah...
-The Rock gets out of the limo...Lillians mouth is wide open-

Rock: Lillian close that mouth before the Rock stuffs it shut...Now Lillian Garcia I know you were not expecting the Rock, the Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment. So let the Rock ask you one question...Who were you expecting?

Lillian: I wa..

Rock: It doesnt matter who you were expecting! What matters is right here today LIVE from Toronto..excuse the Rock one moment I forgot something. Finally The Rock Has Come Back To Toronto! Now getting back on track right here today in T.Dot the Rock is gunna go out there whip 19 roody poo candy asses and become the 8 time WWE World Champion.....IF YA SMELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK IS...COOKING!

JR: The Rock is here tonight I cant believe this.

Coach: Well little does the Rock know that the Coach is also in this Battle Royal and I'm going to send him out over the top rope later on this afternoon.

Match 2
Winner gets to be in Battle Royal
Stevie Richards vs Maven

Bell rings...They lock up and Stevie punches Maven a couple times. Maven goes for his own punch but it gets blocked and Stevie hits a clothesline. Followed up with an arm drag. Stevie Kick followed up with the Stevie T 1-2-3. Richards is in the Battle Royal

Winner: Stevie Richards

We see Vince McMahon on his way to the ring

JR: Well I guess coming up next we will find out who the new GM of WWE No Limits is. I cant wait.


No Chance in Hell plays and out walks the owner of WWE with his funny strut on of course.

Vince: Hello everyone. As many of you fine Torontonians know I have the very dubious honour of naming a name GM for this show WWE No Limits. And since I know you all want to see the WWE World Title Battle Royal I wont keep you much longer. So without any further a do I give you the new GMof WWE No Limits Shane McMahon!!!!!

Hear Come The Money plays

Shane: Thanks pops and I too will not keep you long I just have 2 things to mention regarding next week. First off Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns get there wish as they take on Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in a #1 Contenders match. And secondly next week The WWE World title will be defended when the the winner of the battle royal tonight faces an opponent of my choosing...Thank You very much enjoy the Battle Royal.

**Note** For those who dont know me I will post the 20 men and then the eliminations and who eliminated...then when we get to the final four i will post regularly until the shw is done.

1. Stevie Richards
2. Coach
3. RVD
4. John Cena
5. JBL
6. Big Show
7.Kurt Angle
8.The Rock
10. Triple H
11. Y2J
12. Rene Dupree
13. Kenzo Susuki
14. Akio
15. Tajiri
16. William Regal
17. Eugene
18. MaTT Hardy
19. Kane
20. Snitsky

1.Coach by Stevie
2. Akio by Snitsky
3. Kenzo by Kane
4. JBL by Big Show
5. Benoit by Big Show
6. Regal by Kane
7. Snitsky by Kane
8. Kane by Snitsky
9. Matt Hardy by Y2J
10. Dupree by Y2J
11. RVD by Angle
12. Eugene by Triple H
13. Big Show by Triple H
14. Cena by Y2J
15.Stevie by Y2J
16. Tajiri by Triple H

Were down to Triple H, Y2J, Kurt Angle, and the Rock. They all stare down each other and then in comes Jindrak and Reigns. Team Angle attacks the other 3 superstars until Haas and Benjamin come in and attack Jindrak and Reigns and they battle to the back. Angle is shocked and mad and then out of no where Y2J eliminates Angle. Jericho taunts Angle who runs back in and tosses out Y2J and then attacks him on he entrance ramp locking in the Angle Lock. Rock and Triple H continue to battle it out and then Trips tosses the Rock over the top rope. Rock holds on and pulls himself back into the ring and hits the Rock Bottom. Rock then goes to toss out Triple H when from the crowd comes Booker T. Booker gives the Rock a scicossers kick to the back of his head and then Triple H tosses the Rock out of tghe ring to become the WWE World Champion.

Winner and NEW WWE World Champion: Triple H

As Triple H and Evolution celebrate the Rock chase after Booker T and thats where we fade to black.

-End Show-

Hpe you enjoy it see you all next time.

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Gee, are you the same one that was here around 3 years ago with I first came onto the Booking scene?

If it is, great to see you back; this guy inspired Nitro along with pcw_cubs1. Glad to see you back. I remember your war with Toad...... trip down memory lane today :)

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Heh Heh I remember reading your show BIRD your war with Toad and him getting banned was hilarious so now your back and I am back:) things cant get any better

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Hey everyone glad to see that there is still some people out there that remember me...I hope I'm still as good as booker as I was many many moons ago....Anyways wow Raw was awesome last night, and Hot Rod Rowdy Roddy Piper is going to get inducted into the hallowed halls of the WWE Hall of Fame thats great news. Now if only they would hurry up and in duct Earthquake. That man was a hell and then some back in the glory days, and as you may or may not know has been battleing through cancer, so wish him well by heading over to wrestlecrap.com and join the forums and wish him luck in his battle(this is not a cheap plug for the site because the site is just a comedy site about the stupid gimmicks in wrestling, so dont get mad at me saying that)so if you want a laugh head over there and have a chuckle. Anyways enough about nothing lets talk business here is the show.

Welcome to the Jungle plays
Pyro goes ka-boom(i had to say ka-boom)

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to WWE No Limits I am good 'Ol JR alongsid....

Coach: Alongside the Coach thats right baby the Coach is in the house, and JR what a show we have tonight we have a WWE World Title match, and a #1 Contenders match for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

JR: But Coach thats not all because Shane McMahon over the last week has been in talks with a fomer WWE Superstar about making a return and he will have the details today. Also on hand tonight we will have an....

-Rocks Music Plays-

Rock: Booker T...Get out here RIGHT NOW!!! Come on sucka I know you can dig that.

-Booker T comes to the ring-

Booker: Now what you want playa?

Rock: Playa?..Well playa lemme speak at you playa to playa...What in the name of all that is holy were you thinking last week when you attacked the Rock?

Booker: You see Rock I've been in this business for 17 years and I have never gotten the respect that I deserved. You know why?...Becuase of people like you that show boat around and steal my T.V time!!! But no more because you see sucka I'm taking a stand right now becuase I refuse to be overlooked anymore which is why I'm gunna....

Rock: Your gunna what Booker? Cry home to your big brothers that looked after you your whole life?

Booker: NO I'm gunna do this

- He gives the Rock a BookEnd and then a Scisocrs Kick to the back of the head and then leaves-

JR: What a way to kick off the show tonight but we still have plenty more...stay with us.


We sse the Rock in the back demanding a match with Booker T and Shane McMahon agrres that next week Rock vs Booker T in a #1 Contenders match for the WWE World Title

Match 1
Edge vs Stevie Richards

Bell rings. Edge taunts Stevie and then slaps him. Stevie sits on the mat and gets the crowd riled up by making them chant b.W.o(if you watched ECW you'll understand) Edge tries to get the fans to chant Edge but they continue with the b.W.o chant. Stevie and Edge tie-up and Stevie throws Edge down. Edge complains about Stevie pulling his hair but the ref doesnt believe him. They tie up again and this time Stevie does pull the hair but the ref still wont believe Edge. One more tie up and Edge pulls Stevies hair and the ref gets in Edges face. Stevie hits Edge with a clothesline and then an arm drag into an arm bar submission hold. Stevie drops a few knees onto Edge's arm and then locks in the arm bar tighter. Edge rolls out of it and punches Stevie which takes him down. The ref warns Edge about the closed fists. Edge goes to get Stevie but Stevie drop toe holds Edge into the turnbuckle. Edge starts getting frustrated and pulls his hair out. He runs at Stevie but he dodges it and Edge goes face first into the turnbuckle. Edge goes to the outside and grabs a 2 chairs. He thrws on close to the ref and keeps the other one. As the ref is getting rid f the one chair Edge goes to hit Stevie witht he chair but instead Steveie hits the Stevie-Kick knocking the chair into the face of Edge covers him 1-2-Christian and Tomko pull the ref out of the ring and attack him. They get into the ring and attack Stevie. Just as Christian is about to hit the Unprettier Simon Dean runs out with a chair and saves the day.

Winner by DQ: Stevie Richards

After the match Simon Dean gets onto the mic.

Dean: You know I've got stuck with a lot of crappy gimmicks but this one is by far the worst! So Stevie I have some good news...NOVA'S BACK BABY!!!!

-They high five and then leave-

JR: Oh god Coach you know what this means?...The b.W.o is back in blue!!!

Coach: I cant believe this JR I'm absolutley speechless...I spilt my water all over myself

JR: Coach were you not paying attention?

Coach: Yeah yeah yeah AC/DC Back in Black great great song

JR: We'll be right back


JR: Well folks we got off to an auspicious start today on WWE No Limits. First we had Booker T lay out the Rock with a BookEnd, then we seen Stevie Richards defeat Edge after the match we saw Christian and Tomko attack Richards until the former Simon Dean came out to save the day and announce the return of Nova and the b.W.o!!!

Coach: b.W.o is back....oh my god no this is horrible when did this happen?

JR: Oh brother, Coach go to the back I'll do the show by myself!!

Coach: Is that a challange?..Do you wanna 'wrassle me Boomer Sooner?

JR: I never said that

Coach: Thats it get to the ring right now

-Coach and Jr get into the ring-

Match 2
JR vs Coach

Match starts with Coach in JR's face and the JR punches Coach and covers him 1-2-3.

Winner: Jim Ross

-JR goes back to the announce booth-

Coach: JR you got lucky now lets go right now I want some compitition

Shane McMahon comes out
Shane: Compitition?..Is that what you want? Because I have a locker room full of guys that want some compitition...in fact lets bring one out right now.

-Lights go out and a Gong sounds as we await the arrival of the next competitor-

Match 3
Coach vs The Undertaker

Bell Rings. Coach cowares into a corner and then Taker repeatidly kicks him in the chest and then picks him up and gives him a taste of Old School. Taker picks up Coach and gives him a HUGE Chokeslam followed by the Tombstone 1-2-3.

Winner: The Undertaker

JR: Thats right..Finally the Coach has been put in his place.

-We go to the back where Kurt Angle is giving his boys a pep talk-

Angle: You guys are going to go out there and beat Benjamin and Haas and become #1 contenders!! Why?


Angle: And why are you winners?


Angle: Now show them what you have tonight. Go get ready!!!


Match 4
Big Show vs JBL

Big Show walks right up to JBL and spits in his face. JBL tires to hit Show but he blocks it and delievers a clubbing blow to JBL's back. Shw drps an elbow and then covers JBL for 2. JBL goes outside to regroup but Show follows him out. JBL runs away with Show on his tail... he rolls into the ring and then kicks Big Show when he tries to get in....JBL motions to the crowd that he is smart but when he is doing this Show gets into the ring and is standing behind. JBL turns around and Show gives him a big headbutt. Big Show mocks JBL by tapping his head. Big Show says its time for a chokeslam. He picks JBL up but JBL counters to behind Show, he knees Show in the mid section and then runs off the rope as fast as he can and hits a Clothesline from Hell. Show staggers but did not go down. JBL hits another but JBL gets the exact same results. He tries it again but Big Show catches him and hits a Showstopper 1-2-3.

Winner: Big Show

-Shane McMahon is on his way to the ring-

JR: Coming up next folks its the WWE World Title match between new champion Triple H and his opponent who General Manager Shane McMahon will announce next.


We come back and Triple H is already in the ring(didnt wanna bore you with details of his crappy entrance)

-Here Comes the Money plays-

Shane: First off folks I regret to inform you that due to time restraitants the #1 Contenders match for the WWE Tag Team Titles has been postponed until next week, but that show will go on first match next week gaurenteed. Alright ladies and gentlemen this is the moment I know you have been waiting for so without anymore hesitations I give you the #1 contender for the WWE World Title....And the man who I have just recently signed to a contract....MICK FOLEY!!!!!!

JR: Bah Gawd Mick Foley...Mick Foley is here...Dear god go get him Mick. Mrs. Foleys baby boy is in the WWE World Title match!

Match 5
WWE World Title
Triple H © vs Mick Foley

Before the bell rings Shane McMahon announces that it is a No DQ match. Bell rings. Foley jumps on HHH and pumples him with some right hands, then a knee drop. Foley whips HHH into the corner and he falls. Foley runs and hit the knee in the face. He does the Cactus BANG BANG salute. Foley again levels Trips with a bunch of right hands followed by a kick and another BANG BANG!!! Ric Flair runs into the ring and Foley tosses him out the other side. Flair does his classic tanturam and the ref throws him from the match. Triple H tires to get in some offence but Foley hits the double arm DDT for the 2 count. Foley goes under the ring. Triple H looks for Foley but cant find him so he too goes to hide under the ring. After about 30 seconds a cloud of white mist comes from under the ring followed by Triple H holding his face and rolling and Foley with a fire extinguisher. Foley battles with Triple H on the outside and then front suplexs him onto the gaurdrail. He grabs a chair and goes to the apron where he hits the Foley elbow drop. He covers him for yet another 2 count. Batista makes his way to the ring and Foley goes face to face with him. Triple H attacks Foley from behind with a chair and then Batista and Triple H lay the boots to Foley. Foley fights back and hits the both with low blows and then a double noggen knocker. Foley grabs the chair and hits Batista with it knocking him off the entrance stage face first into the stell steps. Foley does the BANG BANG again but this time he turns around into a Pedigree 1-2-3.

Winner and STILL WWE World Champion: Triple H

As we go off the air JR plugs next weeks show which WILL feature the #1 contenders match for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Along with Rock vs Booker T for the #1 Conterdership for the WWE World Title...and also next week The WWE Hardcore Title will be on the line when Tommy Dreamre defends the title against a former ECW alumni.

-End Show-

Ok I have noticed that not too many people rate shows anymore...but please I encourage you to rate my shows if you read them...I really do wanna know if people like my work. Thats it for me this time. Also if you have a free moment check out wrestlecrap.com and send Earthquake John Tenta a get well wish.

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Awesome Nova!!! Raven or Sabu to be the ECW Aluminie 8.5/10 for the show
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