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Okay, broskis. Here are my predictions for WWE Night Of Champions:

Cody Rhodes VS Ted Debiase: Can Cody please win?

Dolph Ziggler VS Jack Swagger VS Alex Riley VS John Morrison: Dolph?

Air Boom VS The Miz & R-Truth: Air Boom, YOU SUCK! I'm just kidding. Miz and R-Truth.

Kelly Kelly VS Beth Pheonix: Beth, porfavor?

Randy BOREton VS Mizark Henry: I honestly don't care about this match at all whatsoever.

CM Punk VS Triple H: This looks like my favorite match of the night. I'd like Punk to win it.


Those are my hopes and dreams of this PPV. How about yours?

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Already discussed on the Championship Forum thread, but:

WWE Championship: Alberto Del Rio v. John Cena
World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton v. Mark Henry
CM Punk vs. Triple H
Fatal 4-Way for the U.S. Championship: Dolph Ziggler v. Jack Swagger v. Alex Riley v. John Morrison
Tag Team Championship: Air Boom (Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne) v. The Miz & R-Truth (4)
Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly v. Beth Phoenix
Intercontinental Championship: Cody Rhodes vs. Ted DiBiase

As for my other predictions:

- Orton is not winning clean to put more heat on the feud and drop the title on HIAC being destroyed by Henry.

- Nash will interfer and while trying to attack HHH hits "unintentionally" Punk, giving HHH the win, and intensifying the promos and continuing the feud

- Del Rio will win with any distraction/interference

Hope PPV delivers and entertain me

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Cody Rhodes VS Ted Debiase: Rhodes, no question. Ted isn't nearly relevant enough to be a champion and Cody hasn't held the belt that long.

Dolph Ziggler VS Jack Swagger VS Alex Riley VS John Morrison: I think Swagger walks away with the title due to Vickie costing Dolph and hopefully ending their association. He's ready to take the next step but he has to do it alone.

Air Boom VS The Miz & R-Truth: Truth and Miz have dominated Bourne and Kofi so far so I'm going with Air Boom.

Kelly Kelly VS Beth Pheonix: Beth. I don't care if the PPV is in her hometown, she needs to win to keep any credibility she's gained back.

Randy Orton VS Mark Henry: Orton is going to win but Henry is going to snap and destroy him after the match, keeping the feud going. No way this program ends tonight.

CM Punk VS Triple H: HHH wins with interference from Nash and Ace. I'd like to see Trips finally turn heel tonight but there's going to be some screwy circumstance that prevents that from happening.

Alberto Del Rio VS John Cena: Del Rio has to win tonight or else him cashing in on Punk is completely for nothing. Dirty finishes in the 2 biggest matches is very TNA-esque but I feel that it's necessary tonight.
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