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Billy Kidman
Booker T
Big Show
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Benoit
Chris Kanyon
Eddie Guerrero
Jamie Noble
Jeff Hardy
John Cena
Kurt Angle
Lance Storm
Matt Hardy V1.0
Rob Van Dam
Rey Misterio
Scott Steiner
Sean O'Haire
Shannon Moore
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Steve Austin
The Rock
The Undertaker
Triple H


WWE World Heavyweight- Kurt Angle
WWE World - Triple H
WWE World Tag Team - Team Angle
WWE Intercontinental - Vacant
WWE European - Vacant
WWE Cruiserweight - Matt Hardy V1.0

Raw will be up in a bit......

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RAW live from Madison Square Gardens

Pyros explode as RAW comes on air-

JR- "Good evening everyone and welcome to RAW. I can't wait for....."

"No Chance" kicks in and Vince McMahon struts down to the ring. He gets a microphone.....
"SHUT UP!!"... gets major heat from the crowd....
"For once in my life, I have to admit that an idea of mine has failed. Now failure comes more than once to most people- just ask Hulk Hogan- Oh you can't bwecause I retired his arse last night at Wrestlemania".... major heat.
"From tonight the roster split ends and all WWE superstars will be appearing on both RAW and Smackdown!"..... huge pop from the crowd.
"Believe me, before the night is up, you will never forget the name of Vincent Kennedy McMahon".

JR- "What a huge announcement by the owner of the WWE..."
King- "I am shocked".

1st match- Rey Mysterio vs Jamie Noble
Rey hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building. Noble walks into a high dropkick from Rey Mysterio. Spin kick by Rey Mysterio to the face. Driven DDT by Rey Mysterio. Rey only gets knees on a splash. Jamie Noble hits a rolling kick on Rey. Beautiful spinning arm drag out of the corner by Noble. Cover for a two count. Jamie Noble misses a clothesline. Flying cross body off the top rope! Hooks the leg for a two count. Back heel kick off the second rope, Noble goes flying. Hooks the leg for a close fall. Noble counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face. Spinning back kick from Jamie Noble. Rey reverses a Jamie Noble hammerlock. Rey Mysterio hits a rolling kick on Noble. Jamie Noble can barely stand. Here it comes - 619 followed by the West Coast Hop. 1....2...3, it's finished. Hurricane comes running down the aisle, and gets into the ring! Rey turns around...straight into a Eye Of The Hurricane!! Rey Mysterio has been left down on the canvas.

JR- "What the hell is that all about..."
King- "The Hurricane is obviously out here to make a statement tonight..."

2nd match- Team Angle vs RVD \ Kane (For The WWE Tag Team Titles) : Charlie Haas with a spinning neckbreaker on RVD. Spinning bulldog in the corner, RVD is down. Tag to Shelton Benjamin. Running knee lift from Shelton Benjamin. Cover for a two count. Double Arm DDT by Shelton, RVD got destroyed. Shelton tags out to Charlie Haas. Shelton \ Haas whip RVD into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Hooks the leg for a close fall. RVD counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face. Tag between Rob Van Dam and Kane. Big clothesline on Haas. Haas walks into a spike slam. Tag to Rob Van Dam. Kane \ RVD whip Haas into the corner. Kane whips Rob Van Dam in for a hard clothesline to follow-up. Spin kick by Rob Van Dam to the face. Spinning bulldog in the corner, Haas is down. Tag between Rob Van Dam and Kane. Flying shoulder tackle by Kane sends Haas to the mat. Charlie Haas powers out of a Kane headlock. Tag to Shelton Benjamin. Powerful Spear by Shelton Benjamin. We have our mandatory ref bump, as he goes down after accidentally getting caught by an elbow to the face. Kane knocks Shelton to the outside, then signals for the Choke Slam. He reaches out of the ring for Shelton Benjamin...and gets clobbered with the ring bell! Right to the head! The referee wakes up to see Shelton sliding in and making the pinfall: 1....2....3! Forget about it. Kane \ RVD look like they aren't done...and they attack Shelton \ Haas! After an exchange of blows, Shelton and Haas are laid out in the ring.

King- "Team Angle may have won the match but they have certainly lost the war JR!"....

(We go backstage)

Edge is seen getting a coffee (huge pop from the crowd). As he turns round, he bumps into Mr McMahon and spills the coffee all down it.

McMahon- "You idiot!! What the hell do you think your doing??"
Edge- "Sorry Vince I didnt see you there.... Don't worry though i will pay for it"...... Edge leaves....
McMahon- "Indeed you will".

3rd match- no. 1 contenders match for Cruiserweight title- Jeff Hardy vs Tajiri vs Billy Kidman vs Chavo Guerrero
Hard back suplex on Chavo. Tajiri hits a massive spinning kick to the jaw. Hooks the leg for a two count. Super frankensteiner on Chavo, who hit hard. Chavo kicks Tajiri in the gut to reverse the momentum. Chavo uses a basement dropkick to the knee. Cover for a two count. Chavo crushes Tajiri with a running senton. There's a two count on the pin. Tajiri reverses a Chavo Guerrero hammerlock. Tajiri hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building. Tajiri tags out to Billy Kidman. Driven DDT by Billy Kidman. The ring shook violently, instantly making it better at selling than some of the current roster. Super frankensteiner on Kidman, who hit hard. Legsweep out of Nowhere. Where is Nowhere, and why do moves keep coming out of there? Does it have a factory? Tiger suplex on Chavo, right from out of the Misawa playbook. Hooks the leg for a close fall. Tag to Jeff Hardy. Flying elbow from Jeff Hardy. Diamond Dust from Jeff Hardy, Chavo is out. Cover for a two count. Flying elbow from Jeff Hardy. Cover for a two count. Flying cross body off the top rope! Even Steamboat would have applauded the execution on that. Cover, but there's a last second kick-out. Chavo tags out to Tajiri. Super frankensteiner on J.Hardy, who hit hard. Driven DDT by Tajiri. The ring shook violently, instantly making it better at selling than some of the current roster. J.Hardy walks into a high dropkick from Tajiri. Jeff Hardy elbows Tajiri in the face to break a hammerlock. Shining Wizard on Tajiri, J.Hardy really laid that one in. Jeff Hardy has Tajiri down on the canvas and is ascending the corner. Through the air, Swanton Bomb! 1....2....3...

JR- "What a match displayed by all 4 of these competitors"
King- "Too right JR- and now Jeff gets to face his brother"
JR- "Business has picked up!"

4th match- A-Train vs Shannon Moore
Stiff chop lights up Shannon. A-Train slams Shannon Moore down. There's a two count on the pin. Shannon Moore elbows A-Train in the face to break a hammerlock. Driven DDT by Shannon Moore. Shannon Moore strikes A-Train. Hard back suplex on A-Train. A-Train pushes out of a Shannon Moore hold. A-Train hits a bulldog off the ropes. A-Train moves in for the kill. Here it comes - Baldo Bomb. 1....2...3, it's finished. Shannon Moore leaves and walks back down the aisle. Wait...A-Train comes running as well, and Shannon gets dropped with a clothesline, followed by a load of stomps. He is left lying in the aisle.

JR- "A-Train has left Shannon is a bloody mess King..."
King- "A-Train is one huge guy and I would hate to think who he will destroy next".

Main Event- Edge vs Rhyno (For The WWE European Title)
Edge takes a headbutt from Rhyno. Rhyno drops an elbow...but misses. Fate can be so cruel. Rhyno gets slammed. The referee bumps after catching a wild right hand and is down. Powerbomb on Rhyno. Hooks the leg, but the referee is still out. Rhyno reverses a hip toss. Fallaway slam by Rhyno. Devastating face-first slam from Rhyno on Edge. Cover for a two count. Rhyno drills Edge with a press slam into a Michinoku Driver. Pinfall attempt gets a 2.9999. Edge ducks a wild right hand. Nice piledriver on Rhyno. Pin, but Rhyno is out just before the three count. Edge misses a clothesline. Vince McMahon comes running down the aisle and into the ring! Edge turns around.... Massive Chair Shot!!! That shook the ring. Vince leaves the ring, the damage done! Cover gets three. Rhyno pinned Edge. Vince McMahon pushes the referee aside, then continues to assault Edge! Right hands rain down on Edge, pounding him into the canvas. Satisfied with his work, Vince McMahon turns and leaves the ring, the damage done.

Find out what happens next on Smackdown......

Please post your opinions...

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You are new so I won`t go hard on you.
-Have your matches well written
-Have your matches flow with your show
-Make your storylines/angles well developed
-Make more promos.
-Think about your storyline a little bit.
-I give a credit for well organized show!
-NDM is good.
-And please when King or JR is talking put it like this...
King: Coming up next Steve Austin vs. The Rock.
JR: I can`t wait to see it!

Because of that your show will look nice.
-And I like the Main Event,but it`s your first show and you made Edge vs Rhyno for the title,if I were you I would put Edge vs. Rhyno(regular match)And maybe at the next show you can put Edge and some one else for the title or Rhyno and someone else.

Grade: D+

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Smackdown! Live from the Skydome!

Pyro's explode as Smackdown comes onto the air!

Cole- "Good evening everyone, Welcome to Smackdown!"
Tazz- "I can't wait until later tonight Cole. Its gonna be Tables, Ladders and Chairs as Team Angle defend their titles against Los Guerreros and RVD and Kane"
Cole- "Indeed what a huge night it is going to be......"

Michael Cole is interupted as Edge makes his way down to the ring with a huge pop from the crowd......

Edge gets into the ring, looking very angry. He grabs a chair and sits down....

Edge- "I am not leaving this ring until that b*stard Vince McMahon gets his ass out here" ..... Huge pop from the crowd.

After a couple of minutes, 'No Chance' hits and McMahon makes his way to teh ring also looking pissed. Edge stands up as Vince enters the ring...and they immediately start brawling! Chaos reigns. A hoarde of referees, officials, and other wrestlers run down to drag them apart.

Tazz- "I can't believe what I have just seen Cole"
Cole- "This fued Tazz is beginning to get personal"

Match 1- A-Train vs Billy Kidman
Kidman gets slammed down as he enters the ring. Hooks the leg for a two count. A-Train misses a clothesline. Billy Kidman hits a rolling kick on A-Train. Billy Kidman scores with a back heel kick on A-Train. A-Train counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face. Kidman must have been knocked out cold by that blow. Spear by A-Train. Billy Kidman can barely stand. Baldo Bomb! 1....2....3. A-Train slides to the outside and grabs a chair, then climbs back into the ring. Kidman turns around...and gets planted with a huge chair shot to the head! He is left down and out on the canvas.

Cole- "What the hell is A-Train's problem Tazz? First he took Shannon Moore out on RAW and now Billy Kidman. Who is next?"
Tazz- "I dunno Cole. But sooner or later, someone will teach this monster a lesson"

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 is backstage in his locker room. The door opens, and in walks Jeff Hardy. Mattitude gets up, looking angry, and they both look ready to fight, but a host of officials and road agents appear and pull J.Hardy away. The Crusierweight title is next.

Match 2- Matt Hardy Version 1.0 vs Jeff Hardy (For The WWE Cruiserweight Title) Jeff leaps into the ring and hits a second rope flying axe handle, Mattitude goes down. J.Hardy crushes Mattitude with a sweet running senton. Cover for a two count. Mattitude counters a sleeper hold by turning it into a jaw breaker. Standing leg lariat by Matt Hardy on J.Hardy. Spin kick by Matt Hardy to the face. Hooks the leg for a two count. Vicious kick to the teeth from Matt Hardy Version 1.0. Pin, but J.Hardy is out just before the three count. Matt Hardy Version 1.0 hits a rolling kick on J.Hardy. Jeff Hardy reverses a hip toss. Super frankensteiner on Mattitude, who hit hard. Hooks the leg for a two count. Springboard dropkick from Jeff Hardy. Nicely done. Pin, but Mattitude is out just before the three count. Flying elbow from Jeff Hardy. J.Hardy hits a wicked chop that echoes through the building. Matt Hardy reverses a hip toss. Flying elbow from Matt Hardy Version 1.0. Diamond Dust from Matt Hardy Version 1.0, J.Hardy is out. Matt Hardy Version 1.0 hits J.Hardy with the twist of fate near the ropes and makes the pin. Mattitude is using the ropes for leverage! The referee hasn't seen it: 1....2....3!! Matt Hardy Version 1.0 slides out of the ring to the floor, then turns and leaves through the crowd. He's happy to have the win, and evidently isn't going to hang around for J.Hardy to get some payback.

Tazz- "Jeff just got screwed by his own brother Cole...."
Cole-"You can bet we haven't heard the last from these two superstars"

Some unfamiliar music hits..... After a while, the Hurricane emerges down the ramp in his street clothes to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Hurricane gets in the ring and takes a microphone...

Hurricane- "Many of you people maybe wondering why I did what I did last week to Rey Misterio. Well I shall tell you.... Misterio enters the WWE and everyone goes wild. He is pushed to the top of the ladder. What do I get for my dedication to this company...? Absolutely nothing except for some lame gimmick- Oh yeah the fans are really gonna believe that I am some superhero- Don't make me laugh!!
So from this moment on, it all stops. I am going to stand up for myself and get myself noticed around here. And from now on, people will have to watch their backs because you never know when Shane Helms is going to strike"
..... Helms throws the microphone down and leaves the ring to a chorus of boo's.....

Cole- "What is up with the Hurricane? He has just turned his back on all these fans that have supported him..."
Tazz- "Well maybe he think sthe fans were laughing at him instead of supporting him..."

Match 3- Brock Lesnar vs John Cena
Brock Lesnar fires off some right and left hands. Lesnar counters an avalanche with a raised foot to the face. Lesnar with a bigtime throw to John Cena. John Cena charges, Lesnar moves, and the referee is conveniently placed to get knocked out. Massive lariat by Lesnar. Pinfall attempt, but the ref is conveniently laid out. Lesnar walks into a trip. Cena slams Brock Lesnar down. Spinebuster by John Cena. Cover for a two count. Death valley driver by John Cena, Brock Lesnar got planted. Pinfall attempt gets a 2.9999. John Cena gets taken down out of nowhere. Spinebuster by Brock Lesnar. Hooks the leg for a close fall. Cena blocks the suplex attempt. Kurt Angle comes running down the aisle with a chair! Cena goes to irish whip Brock Lesnar into the ropes. Angle hits Lesnar with a chair to the back! Brock Lesnar is in trouble. Here it comes - Protoplex. 1....2...3, it's finished. Cena and Angle tie Brock Lesnar up in the ropes, then start punching away at him until referees run down and break it up.

Cole- "Once again, the WWE Champion has screwed Brock Lesnar..."
Tazz- "I know that eventually, Kurt Angle will have to pay for all his mind games and he will eventuallty have to feel the pain..."

Edge has come down to the ringside area again. He climbs into the ring...but is too late to see Vince McMahon come out of nowhere with a chair shot to the head! And another! Edge has been left down on the mat, holding his head. Looks like he has been lacerated quite badly, there is blood everywhere. Vince McMahon picks him up...DDT onto the chair! With Edge down and out, Vince wraps the chair around the ankle, then climbs to the second rope. He leaps...and Pillmanizes Edge by hitting a flying stomp, closing the chair around his ankle! Edge rolls around in agony! Vince McMahon places the chair in flat in the center of the ring, then drags Edge up. He brings Edge up...then drives him down with a piledriver onto the chair! Edge has been left beaten to a pulp in the ring! As Vince leaves the ring, paramedics come running down to help Edge. They load him onto a stretcher carefully, then take Edge out toward a waiting ambulance.

Main Event- Team Angle vs Los Guerreros vs Kane \ RVD (For The WWE Tag Team Titles)
Big clothesline on Haas by Eddie. RVD crushes Chavo with a running senton. Running table shot by RVD, sending it into Chavo. Eddie gets slammed hard onto the ladder. Ring-shaking throw on RVD by Shelton Benjamin. Kane hits a stump piledriver on Shelton Benjamin. Chair shot by Haas to Kane. Los Guerreros whip Kane into the ropes and hit a double clothesline. Back heel kick off the second rope by RVD, Eddie goes down. Lightning kick by Chavo on Haas. Powerbomb on the ladder by Shelton Benjamin to Chavo. Bodyslam by Shelton on Eddie. Shelton and Haas set the ladder up. Haas starts climbing as Shelton battles with Kane. RVD goes up top. He hits the ladder with a missile drop kick sending Haas to the outside. Face jam onto the table by Eddie on Shelton. Powerbomb on Shelton. Rude Awakening on Chavo Guerrero by RVD. Back heel kick off the second rope by RVD, Eddie goes flying. Kane and Rob Van Dam set the ladder up and climb it, grabbing the prize for the victory.

Cole- "New Tag Team Champions- my god what a match up..."
Tazz- "Unbelivable match by all 6 competitors- who can beat Kane and RVD?"
Cole- "Rememeber to watch RAW on Monday night, but for now from Tazz, I am Michael Cole, saying goodnight folks"


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That was a little better.

-At the end of the matches put who won.like this..
Winner: Rock

-Promos are not so good.But well organized.

-Matches are not so good,cause you have to put more details into your match.

-Make your show little bit longer!

-NDM is worst!

Grade: C
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