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Hi everyone im starting my own BTB, WWE New direction. I will start with the current Raw and Smackdown rosters but my first episode of Raw will be the draft lottery and you can expect some changes. The champions will be the same they are as follows

RAW- World heavyweight Champion- Batista
Intercontinental- Shelton Benjamin
Tag Team Champs- Hurricane and Rosey
womens- Trish Stratus

Smack down- Undisputed Champion- John Cena
US champion- Orlando Jordan
Tag Champions- MNM
Cruiserweight- Paul London

I will start with Raw a few weeks after judgement day, and tonight is the draft lottery, the only thing i have changed is that Chris Jericho is the number one contender for the WWE title on Raw.

JR- Hello everybody and welcome to what promises to be a historic night in the history of the WWE, the draft lottery is tonight,

The King- thats right JR, theres no telling whats going to happen tonight, we might even lose HHH to smackdown or even worse, stacy keibler.

JR- Oh sure that would be just awful ( sarcastic Voice)

no chance hits and Vince mcMahon makes his way out...

JR- here comes the boss lets see what he has to say.

[COLOR=Red]Vince- As you all no tonight is the draft lottery where the rosters are going to be shook up and NO-ONE is exempt, this includes champions, commentators and referees. However the draft is only the beginning, even I have noticed that things have become a little boring in the WWE as of late and in the coming weeks that will change. To begin with The King of the Ring will return in a few weeks where I guarrentee new superstars will be born, no longer will the titles be dominated by the same people as the winner will recieve an automatic title shot. Now the Draft will begin after this next match, So damn it lets get this show on the road. And if you think this is big wait till you see Smackdown lets just say theres going to be some new faces and some old faces coming to the WWE tonight is only the beggining[/COLOR]
no chance plays as Vince leaves.

The King- Wow the king of the ring is back JR

JR- I heard king, but what other changes is McMahon talking about i guess we're gonna see in the up coming weeks

Aint no stopping me now plays and shelton benjamin makes his way to the ring

Lillian garcia- the folloing match is scheduled for one fall introducing first from orangeburg S.C WWE intercontinental champion Shelton Benjamin.Muhammad Hassans Music Plays
Lillian Garcia- and introducing his opponent weighing in at 243 pounds from detroit michigan accompaned by Davairi, Muhammed Hassan

JR- King this should be some way to open a historic Raw a non title match between shelton Benjamin and that no good Anti-American Mohammad Hassan,
King- Well JR im not Benjamins biggest fan but id root for anyone over Hassan

Match 1-The match kicks off Hassan gets an early advantage after davairi distracts benjamin by shouting at him about the treatment of arabs in america. He uses a downward spiral right away and looks for an early win, but benjamin gets the shoulder up at 2. He picks up Benjamin and whips him into the turnbuckle and kicks him in the gut a few times, benjamin fights back and knocks Hassan back a few paces, he then runs at Hassan but gets nailed with a sidewalk slam, but again kicks out. Hassan then lifts up Benjamin and whips him into the opposite turn buckle, but this time Benjamin shows brilliant athletisism to jump to the top rope in 1 go and cross body Hassan, he waits for hassan to get up then give him a perfect arm drag then right after that a dropkick. He lifts up Hassan and pushes him into the corner and starts kicking him but Hassan catches his foot and spins him around, Benjamin spins 360 degrees and spinning heel kicks him into the corner, Benjamin takes a few steps back ready for the big splash but davari grabs his foot and wont let go, Hassan then runs out the corner and hits Benjamin with a clothesline he picks him back up and delivers a suplex then looks for the camel clutch finisher, but Benjamin battles out so hassan starts to punch him then benjamin fights back then runs into the ropes where Davari trips him up again, then as the ref warns davari, Hassan lowblows benjamin and puts on the camel clutch, Benjamin is forced to submit.
Your winner and still undefeated in WWE, muhammed Hassan

King- hey if Hassan beat Benjamin does that make him number 1 contender for the intercontinental championship
JR- You can bet Hassan will say that, you can be sure we aint seen the last of these 2 folks.

----------------------------------------------------------------------COMMERCIAL BREAK--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Raw returns and Both general managers are standing ready to make there 1st draft picks.
Eric Bishoff- Well well well Mr Long its time for Raw to steal what little talent you have on smackdown so lets see who will be joining the superior brand shall we. bishoff picks a name reads it and smiles, now this i like ladies and gentlemen Raw has just made a BIG aquisition in fact Raw has just made the biggest aquisition in the WWE, please welcome all 7 foot 2, 500 pounds of the big show!!!
King- What!!!

JR- all right!!! what a pick for Raw the biggest athlete in professional wrestling, the big show is now property of WWE Raw.

the big show is shown in the back looking shocked but not dissapointed
Theodore Long- Holla, holla playa. now i wont lie thats a great pick and Smackdown will be sad to see the bigshow leave but dont get too cocky Mr Bischoff, lets see who'll be joining the blue team from now on ya' feel me. Long picks a name, OHH Hola hola hola You may have got The biggest WWE superstar but this guy is big in his own way- he is Larger than life, he is Y2J, Chris Jericho, you better believe that

JR- but he's the number 1 contender to face Batista

King- not anymore JR HAHAHA, we wont have to sit through another Highlight reel again

backstage the coach interviews Chris Jericho.
Coach- Chris, chris, chris we will all be sooo sorry to see you leave, but what are your thoughts on having to leave Raw and go to Smackdown, even though you are the number 1 contender here.

Jericho- First of all Coach im gonna tell you what every jerichoholic in this arena is thinking, and that is- Coach will you please SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! now ill tell you what im going to do. Im going to show up on smackdown, and im going to give every person on that roster a Y2J beating that they will never-eeeeever forget, and then when the time is right I will challenge that snoop dog wannabe, Vannila Ice impersonator John Cena and become the WWE champion for the 2nd time

visceras music plays*
Lillian Garcia- the following match is scheduled for 1 fall introducing 1st weighing in at 485 pounds from Harlem N.Y Viscera.
Simon Deans music hits

JR- wait a minute, Simon Dean is not Visceras schedualed opponent here tonight

King- now just wait one second i think viscera would do well to listen to what Simon has to say, i mean come on JR Viscera should lay off the nachos a bit huh?

Simon Dean- Now Viscera before you get all mad, i want you to know im not here to fight you, im here to help you. Now don't get me wrong your a good wrestler but with my patented Simon System you could be a great wrestler- cause lets be honest you could stand to lose a few pounds- a few hundred pounds, i mean you look like the type of guy who has his own area code. so what im gonna do is make you up a simon shake. Hey it might even make you more lucky with the ladies.
Viscera delivers a big clothesline to Dean and the bell sounds
JR- well it looks like dean has gone to far and big vis has heard enough.

Match 2-Viscera nails simon with some punches to the face and lifts him up and lays him out with a scoop slam. Simon rolls to the ropes in agony but Vis follows, he picks him up and gives him a short arm clothesline. Dean kicks out at 2. Viscera continues his attack but Dean fights back with punches and a dropkick but Viscera stays on his feet. Dean bounces off the rope and attempts a cross body, he is caught by Viscera who nails him with a fallaway slam, Dean is out but Viscera still finishes him off with a Big splash. 1.....2.....3Your winner- Viscera

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------break for adverts------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

after the break the 2 GMs are already on the stage for the next picks

Bischoff- without further ado lets get right on to the next Raw pick. Pick number 2 is the 5 time WCW champion Booker T!!!!!!!!. All right, you know what im on such a roll im gonna go right ahead and pick number 3 just now, and the 3rd former smackdown newest raw member is......[/B]Break down the walls plays.

Chris Jericho- Okay Eric, tonight is my last night on Raw and as number one contender Im sure as hell not gonna miss my chance at the title after earning it so Eric I demand you give me my shot against batista for the title.

Bishoff- Wow your really as dumb as you look arent you. There is no way i am going to risk having you win the title and then taking it to smackdown, so you will NOT be having a Championship match tonight but ya know what Chris your still under my control until the end of the night so im not gonna give smackdown any advantages, so tonight you will be in a No DQ match against .......Edge. Oh and to make sure Edge gets the job done he'll recieve an extra title shot if he wins.

Jericho- Allright Eric you want to play that way FINE ill make sure that for the last time Raw is Jericho will be one that all that all the jerichoholics will never ever forget, and Eric neither will you cause ive been meaning to give you this for a long time
jericho lays Bishcoff out with a punch to a huge crowd pop. then dips into the tombola
Jericho- and the 3rd Raw draft pick who will unfortunatley be managed by this pathetic assclown is....Charlie Hass, good luck to you.
JR- what have we just witnessed King bischoff is out cold

King- that idiot what has he done- good riddance to bad rubbish, Chris Jericho

JR- but what about those picks, Booker T and Charlie Hass things will be getting very interesting on Raw. and now Mr Long will make his picks

Long- What type of Show do you run here Eric, you have no control over your wrestlers playa. Anyway the next draftee joining Smack Down will be.....hmm well this man is a completley underused talent on Raw but you can bet your bottom dollar that he'll be given a fair chance on Smackdown, so my 2nd draft pick is....steven Richards,

Bishoff ( struggling to his feet )- hahaha Steven Richard, fine have him, hell i'd of payed you to take him off my hands, better luck next time PLAYA.

Long- Lets see if your smiling after my next pick then Eric. My 3rd Draft pick is.....oh your going to love this playa, from now on the WWE tag team championship will be exclusive to Smackdown because we have just aquired the hurricane and Rosey, ya feel me.

JR- Oh my god king, i guess tag champs go into the pot together and now Raw have lost the Tag Team Championships

King- well i'd off been happy to lose those two idiots but not the belts what will Eric do.

JR- well without a doubt Smackdown have just went one over on Raw, but we have Todd Grisham standing by with Hurricane and Rosey

Todd- thanks JR, guys how do you feel now that you are going to Smackdown?

Hurricane- Holy lucky dip, it looks like Hurricane and his faithful super sidekick- Rosey. Will be battleing the forces off Evil on Smackdown from now on. and I have just one question- WHATSUPWITDAT!!!

Rosey- Hurricane, we have done all we can here, and now we are needed elsewhere its time we move on and bannish villains from Smackdown.

Hurricane- You are Correct Rosey we must fight for the name of all that is good. come Rosey- To smackdown. WHOOOOSH!!!!!

Todd is left looking confused

Long- Alright now Eric, before my next pick i wanna propose a match tonight, between Raw and Smackdown.

Eric- You know what thats not such a bad idea, think of the ratings Raw would get, but who could compete? We could have the battle of the technitions with Benoit vs Kurt Angle. or how about Undertaker vs Kane, perhaps JBL vs HHH,

Long- all of them classic matches Mr Bishcoff but how about champion vs champion, John Cena vs Batista, gimme a hola hola if you wanna see that crowd pops hugely

Eric- allright its a deal i cant wait to see Raws champion embarrass Smackdowns

King- Wow what a main event JR were finally gonna see which brand is the best

JR- well i cant wait for this one folks but after the next picks its Jericho against Edge don't go away folks


raw returns to the air as Eric Bischoff makes his 4th pick

Eric- and My 4th pick is, ohhh yes, ladies and gentlemen this man has not been on your screens for sometime now but he will make his return to Raw, he was Mr thursday night and soon to be Mr Monday night........Rob Van Dam. loud crown pop

JR- Yes, what an addition to the Raw roster king he'll be back, its the unorthodox RVD

King- What a night this is turning into for Raw

Long-( looking disappointed) another great pick Eric but lets see if I can top that. Oh boy this man is an exciting talent he's going to be a major playa on the blue brand, Captain Charisma himself......Christian.

Christian is shown in the locker room looking extatic he says goodbye to tomko
Christian- From now on all my Peeps will catch me on thursday nights john Cena better kiss goodbye to his title, cause captain charisma is coming his way. To coin an old phrase this totally reeks of awesomeness.

JR- well thats a big loss for the Raw brand but up next is Chris Jericho vs Edge.

Break the walls down!!!!!!!
Lillian garcia- the following match is a No DQ match introducing 1st from manhasset N.Y Chris Jericho!!!!!

King- here he comes Jerichos last match on Raw and you can bet Edge will go all out to ensure that he doesn't leave with a win

metalingus hits

Garcia- and his opponent from Toronto Ontairo Canada Edge!!!!!!!!!

JR- well where the hell is he....HEY that no good edge has attacked him from behind

King- HAHAAHA JR whos side are you on come on edge

Match 3-Edge lays into Y2J with some right hands before picking him up whipping him into the ropes and nailing him with a spinning heel kick, as jericho struggles up Edge kicks him in the stomach and suplexes him, then looks for the edgecution. Jericho battles out of it by kicking Edge into the ropes then gets up and catches edge with a drop kick as edge runs at him, both men get up and trade more punches, Jericho is whipped into the ropes but comes back with a flying fore arm. edge kicks out at 2 and then jericho hits him with a back suplex, he lifts Edge, but Edge hits him with a blatant low blow, JR reminds us this is no DQ, edge hits a swinging neckbreaker goes for the cover, but jericho gets the shoulder up, Edge still attacks Jericho, he lands The Edge O matic hooks the leg- but Jericho kicks out at 2. Y2J is irish whipped but holds onto the ropes, Edge is backbody dropped to the outside as he runs at Jericho. Y2J then uses the 2 rope as a springboard to catapult himself over onto edge. Jericho gets up fairly quickly kicks edge and grabs a chair he throws it into the ring the goes to continue his attack but Edge droptoe holds Jericho into the steel ring steps. Advantage edge, then he irish whips him into the ring post, Jericho looks to have injured his shoulder so Edge zeros in on it. he rolls Jericho to the inside of the ring and applies an arm bar to Jericho, who refuses to quit, Edge continues to work on the shoulder by throwing Y2J between the 3rd and 2nd ropes into the post shoulder first. Jericho looks seriously hurt but continues the match, edge waits at the opposite corner ready for the spear as jericho turns he jumps out the way and Edge spears the ringpost, Edge staggers back in pain and jericho smashes him with a chair shot to the head, he takes a while to make the cover but 1.....2....edge kicks out just in time....but wait here comes Eric Bischoff to cheer on Edge. As Jericho continues the attack he attempts a suplex then as jericho goes for the Bull dog Bischoff grabs his foot, Y2J turns round edge runs at him, but Jericho moves and hits Bishoff off the apron, jericho gets a roll up and edge kicks out at 2 rolls through then hits the attacking jericho with his modified DDT, 1.....2.....jericho gets the shoulder up. Edge can't believe it, he goes for the metal brief case, swings at Jericho, misses, and jericho takes him down for the Walls of jericho, he doesn't lock it on however as Edge still manages to hit him with the briefcase that he had. Eric gets up and looks angry he demands Edge injures jericho, so edge puts jerichos shoulder in the chair and climbs the ropes, jericho manages to get up quickly though and hits edge with the chair again, edge sits on the ropes as Y2J climbs up and Frankenstieners Edge from the top rope. Edge looks unconsious, Jericho holds his shoulder in pain and struggles to make the pin, eventually he manages it but Edge kicks out, bischoff breathes a sigh of relief. jericho grabs the brief case and lines up his shot......this looks like the end for Edge, he swings for Edge, but edge ducks out the way, bounces off the rope goes for the spear, Y2J avoids it again, and goes on the attack with right hands, and then knocks down edge with a fore arm, jericho then begins to climb the ropes, but edge recovers and follows, Y2J tries to elbow him off but its no use, edge ducks underneath him and gives him a big electric chair drop from the top rope. He gets the pin 1.......2......NOOO WAY he kicked out again, Bischoff and edge can't believe it. suddenly bischoff gets in the ring gets the chair and is about to swing for Y2J when.....
.JR- oh my god king it's Theodore Long he's out here to protect his new wrestler, hes beating the hell out of Eric Bischoff.
but edge is still atacking jericho, he's got a chair and he's gonna finnish this match- but wait, jericho got a burst of energy from no-where and hit the running enziguri- that chair goes smashing off edge's skull. 1......2.......3 it's all over Chris Jericho has done it.

King- nooo damn it thats typical cheating smackdown

JR- shut up king im pro-Raw but Y2J deserved that win, well done to him. and folks we aint done yet theres still 1 more draft pick and a match of the champions between Cena and Batista

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------commercial break---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Eric Bischoff- Its time for my 5th and final draft pick......A broad smile appears over Eric Bischoffs face this is without a doubt the steal of the night, and you know wha- steal is a very ironic word because ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to Raw Eddy Guerrero.

JR- what a bombshell, former WWE champion Eddie Guerrero. another great pick for Raw

King- He lies, he cheats he steals, hes coming to Raw. I am an Eddie Guerrero fan JR, the guy is great.

Long- Damn playa your taking some serious talent, but it aint gettin me down, i've been matching every pick youve had so far and I got a feeling this'll be my lucky pick so here goes........the final smackdown draft pick is, ohh lord you aint gonna believe this.........3rd generation superstar Randy Orton

King- not Orton ohh JR this is terrible news, why couldn't we get rid off you or something

JR- thanks King glad to see our friendship means so much to you. I'll be sad to see Orton go but I guess thats a fair trade. well i've just been informed by my sources that eddie is standing by for an interview, over to Smackdowns Michael Cole, nice to see you Michael.

Cole- hello JR and King nice to see you there has been some great additions to both rosters tonight, but im standing by with Eddie Guerrero, Eddie I'll be sad to see you go

Eddie- Hey don't talk to me like im your homie Michael, i sure as hell won't be sorry to see the back off you. Anyway..................Chris

Chris Benoit- Hey Eddie, it'll be good to have you on Raw. but ill tell you one thing, we're old friends, but i've gotta say i'm dissapointed with the way you treated Rey Mysterio he was your family.

Eddie- hey man who are you to critisize me ese? What happened with me and Rey was personal but that doesn't make me a bad guy. Rey used to be famila but things change holmes. Your my famila now Chris

Benoit- Yeah I hope so.

King- well do I detect a hint of tension between those two

JR- well it certainly seemed that Benoit wasnt pleased with Eddie, but I hope nothing comes out of it. but folks up next should be a slobber knocker John Cena vs world heavy weight champion Batista.

Batistas theme plays- and introducing 1st from Washington DC WWE world heavyweight champion Batista.
My time is now plays- and introducing his opponent from West bury, massatussets. WWE champion John Cena.

king- Im looking forward to this JR, Im picking batista to win it.

JR - well time will tell, but lets get this match started.

the two men stare each other down, and begin to trade right hands
Match 4-batista gets the advantage and hits cena with a big boot, he pulls him up whips him into the turn buckle and begins smashing him in the gut with shoulders, he pulls him out the corner and hits a side walk slam 1......2......near fall but Cena kicks out. Batista keeps the advantage though he runs into the ropes and comes back with a clothesline, cena ducks though and hits a clothesline of his own, batista gets up to his knees, and cena bounces off the ropes and Hits a Throwback. Batista still isn't out though as he struggles to his feet Cena doesn't give him a moments rest though going for a DDT. but batista uses pure power to push him away, cena runs at him but straight into a spine buster, Batista makes the signal for the power bomb but as he attempts it cena back body drops him. he turns round pumps up his shoes and waves a " you can't see me " at the fallen batista, he bounces off the ropes and hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. pin fall 1.....2......kick out, Cena pulls up batista and goes for a suplex, but Batista counters with his own suplex, followed by a pumphandle slam. again though cena kicks out before the 3. Batista then attempt a short arm clothesline, but cena pulls him in for a FU out off no-where. he lifts batista onto his shoulders but Batista escapes, kicks Cena in the stomach and goes for the batista bomb. The SUDDENLY HHH COMES OUT OF NO-WHERE AND LAYS OUT BATISTA WITH A CHAIR SHOT, THEN NAILS CENA. he starts to lay into cena with right hands when suddenly booker T runs out to attack HHH, Ric Flair comes to help HHH, so Rey mysterio comes to save his fellow smackdowner Booker, it doesn't take long for the whole of both rosters to arrive and a huge riot ensues

JR- its total chaos out here what the hell did HHH interfere for Damn It

King- Its not safe out here JR its every man for himself

the superstars are seen fighting as raw goes off the air

Well thats it, its my 1st attempt at BTB so i realise it probly isnt great, so advice would be appreiciated. Thanks.

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Hey first off excellent name of your thread. And your show was excellent too. Yeah some things like the promos could be better, but everything else flowed. Hopefully you can keep up with it, and this can be a really good thread. 1!

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WWE- New Direction Update. posted on WWE.com

The draft-ermath

Well as you know this week saw the draft lottery being held on Raw, and of course every year after the draft the 2 GMs are allowed to trade wrestlers for 24 hours, only one trade has been made:

Kurt Angle for The Rock and Tajiri.

General Manager of Raw Eric Bishoff had this to say:
" Once again Eric Bischoff has pulled one over on smackdown, even I cant belive Theodore Long was dumb enough to trade one of his major players for Tajiri and The Rock, because last time I checked, the Rock doesn't wrestle anymore, but Smackdowns loss is Raws gain, and im looking forward to having Kurt Angle on Raw"

So to recap the draft here are the new superstars:
Raw- The Big Show
Booker T
Charlie Hass
Rob Van Dam
Eddie Guerrero
Kurt Angle

SmackDown- Chris Jericho
Steven Richards
WWE Tag champions Hurricane and Rosey
Randy Orton
The Rock

Well thats all for WWE draft-ermath update, be sure to catch smackdown.

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It looks good

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Nice show, i liked the Eddie and Benoit build up, could be a good fued, and also i liked the draft, looks that Smackdown have the developing superstars. The interpromotional main event was nice, big props for the 2 rosters coming down to help each other, overall rating 8/10. Keep up the good work.

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Hey before I start Smackdown I just want to thank everyone who has replied to Raw, thanks for the praise.


Cole- Hello everybody and welcome to WWE smackdown, Vince MacMahon is schedualed to appear to night for more announcements as the shake up continues.

Taz- Thats right Cole its gonna be an awesome night on Smackdown, with the additions of Chris Jericho, Steven Richards, Christian, Randy Orton..

Cole- Yeah Taz and how about The rock, Tajiri and Raws Tag champs, Hurricane and Rosey?

Taz- You know Cole thats one thing i dont get, why would Our GM Theodore Long trade Kurt Angle for The Rock and Tajiri, I mean no disrespect to Tajiri he's a good friend of mine and ive known him for many years, but he's just not on a par with Kurt Angle.

Cole- I know what your getting at, The Rock doesn't even wrestle anymore.

Taz- yeah, I know its something I just dont get.

no chance plays through the arena.

Cole- here comes the boss.

Taz- Oh man I cant wait to hear what he has to say

Vince- Well the shake up continues, You may think the rosters have been shook up and finalised for this year...but that is NOT the case, world wrestling entertainment has just made several new signings, and they will be appearing over the next few weeks on WWE television. Many of which will be appearing on SmackDown and not Raw, Why you ask? Well Ill tell you why. I have heard it said that smackdown is the secondary show and Raw is the primary, flagship show. That has to change. Both shows should be equally entertaining. The Smackdown signings are.....you know what, Im not gonna tell you. Youll just have to wait and see, but im willing to bet one of them will appear next week, and if I know him he'll bring something New to the WWE.

Cole- New talent for smackdown is on the way Taz.

Taz- Man, cole, that announcement was a real bombshell, You never know what to expect from Vince MacMahon, Im just trying to think off who could be coming.

Cole- We'll we might see someone tonight.

Stand back theres a hurricane coming through

Tony Chimal- And Making there way to the ring, WWE Tag team Champions The Hurricane and Rosey.

Cole- Well heres a chance for Hurricane and Rosey to prove there smackdown material, A non title match against The Bashams

Taz- No doubt there Smackdown material, Cole. But whats the situation with smackdown now having 2 tag champions.

Cole- Id imagine MNM and the superheros will have a title unification match in the future.

bashams music hit.

Tony Chimal- and making there way to the ring, their opponents, Doug and Danny, The Basham Brothers.

Hurricane and Doug start in the ring, They lock up, hurricane puts danny in a headlock, gets pushed into the ropes, and comes back. Doug attempts a Hiptoss but hurricane hops over and hits his own. Doug comes back quickly but runs straight into a backbody drop. Doug struggles to his feet. Hurricane goes for a clothesline, Doug ducks it and hits Hurricane with right hands, a toe kick then puts him in a headlock drags him to the middle of the ring and hits a russian leg sleep. Makes the tag to Danny. He picks up hurricane and doug kicks him in the ribs. Danny whips Hurricane into turn buckle and runs and clotheslines him into it, then whips him to the opposite corner, but Hurricane grabs the top rope and leaps over Danny. Danny hits the turn buckle hard then out of desperation Hurricane hits a final cut. He begins to crawl to Rosey, and Danny crawls back to doug. Both men make the tag. Rosey runs in, Clothselines Doug and scoopslams Danny. Doug attacks again but is tossed to the outside. Hurricane comes in and hits the shining wizard on the rising Danny 1......2.....kickout just in time. Rosey picks up Danny and goes for the power bomb, but Danny drops to his knees and lowblows him, Ref doesnt notices. Danny kicks him a few times and goes for a suplex but Rosey easily counters with his ow suplex, Doug again runs in but Hurricane also runs in and cross bodys Doug but while the ref tries to get bot men out the ring MNM come down and nail Rosey with a chair. The Ref turns round Danny gets an arm over Rosey 1.....2......3. Its over.

MNM head up the ramp smiling showing their Tag Belts, the point to themselves and motion that they're the champs.


Smackdown comes back on the air and Theodore Long is shown in his office, the hurricane and Rosey burst in.

Hurricane- Holy Flash photography, in the name of all that is flash and bright...... Whatsupwidat.

Long- Now I know why your here Hurricane...

Hurricane- Of course you know why we're here....The Hurricane.....just saw his faithful supersidekick.....Rosey, become the victim of a vicious run in attack......and we're here to....demand a match, with those villians.....because its clear that theres not enough room for 2 Tag champs on Smackdown.
( Rosey nods in agreement)

Long- Ya know playa your right, there Aint enough room for 2 champs on smackdown, thats why im holding The Tag Unification Tournament, Ya feel me. Over the Next 3 weeks there will be 3 matches and the 3 winners will go to King of the Ring and have a 3 way tag match for the Tag Team championships, Gimme a hola hola.

Hurricane- All right the superheros will fight there way to the top......but all I ask is that.....Next week......We face those wrong do-ers.....MNM ( folds his arms and does the super hero pose- crowd pops )

Long- Deal.

back at ringside Chavo is making his way to the ring

Chimel- the following contest is schedualed for one fall and is the triple threat for the WWE cruiserweight championship. Introducing first from El paso Texas weighing in at 210 pounds...Chavo Guerrero.

Rey Mysterios music hits-

Chimel- and his opponent from San diego. Rey Mysterio!!!

Paul Londons Music.

Chimel- And Introducing the champion from Austin Texas, Paul London!!!

Cole- Cruiserweight action on Smackdown now folks, for the cruiserweight title.

Taz- Cole I got a feeling this match is gonna be off the hook, when these guys get in the ring theres no telling whats gonna happen.

bell sounds the 3 men stare each other down contemplating tactics.
The 3 men lock up immediatley Rey and London hit Chavo with a monkey toss, Chavo gets up runs at London who drop toe holds him, rey follows up with a leg drop to chavo, then lifts his head up in the camel clutch position, London runs to the ropes and dropkicks Chavo in the face.
Cole- awesome double team moves there from London and rey
chavo roles out of the ring to recuperate and london and rey lock up, Lomdon takes rey down with a headlock take down, rey nips up, but runs into a japanese arm drag followed by a perfect dropsault, he picks up rey and whips him into the ropes but rey out of nowhere senton bombs over the ropes onto Chavo below, Then when rey turns around London is on the apron and hits an asaie moonsault onto Rey Mysterio. London is the only man standing, he picks up Chavo and rolls him into the ring, he hits a snapmare bounces off the ropes, then chavolies down, london jumps over him, chavo gets up and london runs right into a flapjack. pin 1....2....Mysterio breaks it up with a springboard legdrop. onto chavo, he then pins London himself. 1.....2...kickout. Rey gets up and hits Chavo with right hands, whips Chavo into the ropes but chavo reverses it and whips Rey into the ropes rey then uses the ropes as a springboard and attempts a cross body but Chavo ducks and Rey hits London, then without time to recover Chavo gets Rey with a roll up 1....2...kickout. Chavo whips Rey into the ropes and goes for a tiltawhirl slam, but Rey spins and looks like hes going to hit a headscissors, when Chavo viciously drils Rey facefirst into the mat by sitting down. Rey looks out cold, but London comes back into the match hitting Chavo with chops, chavo irish whips him, but London leaps over the fallen Rey Mysterio and comes back and hits Chavo with a dropsault landing on Rey, 1....2....some how Rey gets the shoulder up. Chavo comes back and gets London with a suplex, goes for a second hits it but on the 3rd Mysterio breaks it up and hits chavo with a hurricanrana into the ropes...He makes the 619 signal and hits it, Chavo staggers back into a paul London school boy 1....2...just broken up by Rey with a spring board dropkick. rey picks up London whips him into turn buckle and sets him up for a top rope suplex, but London pushes him off out the ring to the floor, Chavo climbs the ropes after him and also looks for a suplex, he to is pushed off this time in the ring, London is already on top rope and finishes off chavo wit the 360 splash, 1....2.....3. Your winner and still cruiserweight champion Paul London.

Cole- Can you believe that What a match London retains the title against the odds

Taz- Off the chart Michael, that was the best smackdown match ive seen in a long time

Cole- never mind smackdown, that wat the best match ive seen in a long time.

Rey is shown back stage, walking to his locker room. He looks upset following the loss. He bumps into Orlando Jordan.

O.J- Well well well, look who it is, Rey Mysterio. Hey I saw your match, that Paul London is a good athlete, You were unlucky but you can't win them all. haha unless your Orlando Jordan cause unless you haven't noticed Ive been US champion since March.

Rey- Yeah, well maybe thats because you've only defended it about 4 times.

O.J- Well thats because each time I have defended ive dominated my Long-opponents so much. No one wants to face me, Im all out of challangers

Rey- Out of challengers huh? Well unless im wrong, Youve not defended it against me.

O.J- Sorry Rey but Your not exactly US champ material. I mean your just a cruiserweight who couldn't even win the Cruiserweight title. What chance do you have against me?

Rey- Hey Im sick of people constantly over looking cruiserweights, they're just as good as you. We just dont get the chance to prove it. So give me a shot at your belt and prove me wrong.

O.J- Look just get the hell out of here before make you

Rey- what you waiting for? make me.

theodore long interupts as he passes

Long- Hey, playas whats with all the argueing

O.J- Im glad your here Mr Long, would you please tell Rey to get the hell out of here.

Long- You know Rey the cruiserweight division was created so that cruiserweights would have a place to compete.

Rey- I know but just give me a chance, It couldnt hurt.

Long- alright, You get one shot. I think the fans want to see Rey Mysterio compete for US title gold. ( loud pop )

O.J- What

Rey- Yes

Long- Allright next week, its Rey Mysterio vs Orlando Jordan for the United States Championship.

I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool, carlito makes his to the ring for Carlitos Cabana

Cole- What an announcement Tazz Next week Rey Mysterio vs Orlando Jordan for the US championship

Taz- Well its about time too, Rey Mysterio has more than payed his dues and deserves his shot.

Cole- but now its time for Carlitos cabana.

Carlito- Good news people Carlito survived the draft lottery and you all get to witness Carlitos Cabana tonight now Dats cool, however If Carlio had been moved in the draft, it would mean I wouldnt have to be here in Boston tonight, cause Boston.....Bostons not cool. Carlito laughs crowd boos. Any way with out further ado Let Carlito introduce you to my guest for the cabana tonight, one of smackdowns draft picks....Christian.

Just close your eyes,

Chimel- Introducing from Toronto Ontairo Canada, Christian.

Christian gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Carlito- Christian welcome to Carlitos Cabana, the coolest place on Smackdown, with the worlds coolest host.

Christian- you know since arriving on Smackdown, I haven't met anyone who could claim to be "cool" but Carlito, you are cool, but while you may have coolness, I have Charisma.

Carlito- Oh yeah dats right, your captain Charisma, but any way what are your intentions on Smackdown?

Christian- What are my Intentions? My intentions are simple Carlito. Im going to demand a title shot against John Cena, and when he fights me, the only beat that wannabe rapper will hear is the 3 beats of the refs hands on the mat when I take his title

Carlito- You Know something, Im with you Christian, Im with you I want You to beat that punk John Cena, He walks around like a big shot, when we all know, dat Cena,.......Cenas not cool. ( crowd boos )

Christian- Your Right again Carlito, Cena is the most uncool and uncharismatic person on smackdown, and being the new number one contender Im gonna take him out, with the help of the peepulation cause thats how I roll.

Break the walls down.

Jericho- Excuse me, but if you two Ass clowns can stop complimenting each other and just move on to the first date we can get back to wrestling.
Carlito and Christian look furious. and how in the hell can you, Christian claim to be the number 1 contender, I Y2J Chris Jericho was raws number 1 contender before I was drafted here and it should damn sure stay that way. So if anyones going to beat Vanilla Ice...its gonna be me.

Carlito- hey, who do you think you are interrupting Carlitos Cabana...

Jericho- Would you please shut the hell up!!!! heres what ive got to say to you Carlito, you better watch out because you can forget the Cabana...The Highlight reel is in town Baby!!!!

Long comes to the stage- Now hold up playas, you cant come to my show from Raw and run the place, saying your number 1 contenders to the title. Smackdown has its own superstars who deserve a title shot just as much as you two do.

Christian- hey hey, look I can beat anyone you put infront of me on smackdown cause i have the power of the peeps,

Long- Is that so, well prove it playa, You beat the man I put infront of you tonight, both of you will have a match tonight, Christian will face

My time is now hits

Cole- Its the champ the champ is here

Christian- well look who it is its.....

Cena ( buting in )- THE CHAMPS HERE, yoyoyo don't I get a say in all this,
Man I don't care who I have to fight, Ill take these guys on any night,
Jericho you make fun of my music and Cd for a start, Whats the highest that Fozzy has been in the Chart?
Christian you go on about Charisma but we can all see, your a moron whos nothing but a CLB.
So anyone of youse Y2J Christian or Carlito your Chum, You Want some come get some!!!
and Christian one last thing...I saw your Rap you musta thought it was slick....well it sucked harder than you guys suck D....cena holds the mic up and the crowd finish his rap.

Jericho- oh hahahaha, you make that all all by your self? or did you just hire a 5 year old. but im through with talking its time to settle this in the ring tonight. ( crowd pops )

Long- all right thats enough, you guys all have issues with each other so tonights main event will be Christian and Carlito vs Cena and Chris Jericho.
Christian and Carlito smile as Cena and Jericho stare at each other as Smackdown goes to adverts


Cole- Welcome back to Smackdown and What an announcement from our GM Theodore Long, tonight the main event will be Christian and Carlito vs WWE champ, John Cena and Chris Jericho.

Tazz- That match will be something else Cole, I dunno how Y2J and Cena are gonna co-opperate cause they didnt look like they liked each other.

Steven Richards music
Chimmel- Introducing first from Philadelphia Pa. weighing in at 220 pounds Steven Richards
Rene Duprees music
Chimmel- and his opponent weighing in at 250 pounds from France the French Phenom Rene Dupree

Cole- Time to see how Steven Richards can settle into Raw

Tazz- I gotta say that Steven Richards is a hell of an athlete, but Rene Dupree is no push over himself.

Dupree and Richards lock up Richards puts him in and hammer lock, Dupree fights out with elbows to the head of Richards, Richards lets go and dupree starts to hit him with right hands, and goes for a big Clothseline, but Richards ducks it hooks Duprees arms and gets a backslide pin 1....2...kickout. Richards doesn't let Dupree up using kicks to the head, then lifting him up and going for a suplex, dupree blocks though and hits his own suplex, with a float over but Richards kicks out at 2. Rene drags him up by the head pushes him into the corner and drives his shoulder into Richards's gut, he then places Richards on the top rope and climbs in looking for a superplex, Richards fights back with forearms to Dupree, then tornado DDTs Dupree from the top. he crawls over hooks the leg and 1.....2....kick out again. Richards picks up dupree whips him into the ropes and as Dupree comes back he jumps up for a hurricanrana, but Dupree catches him and hits Richards with a STIFF powerbomb, 1....2....somehow Richards kicks out. Richards gets up but is then knocked down by a Dupree shoulder block, Richards head snaps back off the mat. Dupree stands at Richards head and does the french tickler ( crowd boos) Richards is picked up and Dupree clubs him with shout to the back of the head, he bounces off the ropes but as he comes back richards kicks him in the gut and hits the double underhook DDT. Richards continues the attack kicking dupreee, picking him up, whipping him into the rope and nailing him with a dropkick as Dupree comes back. 1....2...kick out from Dupree. Richards then looks for a scoop slam Dupree slides off his back though, and pushes Richards into the Ropes as he comes back Richards ducks a Dupree Clothesline, stops on the spot and as Dupree turns round Richards hits the Stevie Kick out of nowhere

Tazz- what did I tell you Cole another of Smackdowns draft picks looks good

Cole- Well i'm impressed with that I must say, Steven Richards can do great things on Smackdown I think.

Tazz- Well you can be sure he'll get a chance on the blue brand cole.

Theodore Longs music hits

Cole- Whats going on here an unschedualed appearance by Teddy Long just now

Tazz- Oh I cant wait to hear why he's out here, I see an anouncement coming here

Long- Ladies and gentlemen as your aware after the draft Smackdown traded Kurt Angle for Tajiri and The Rock ( huge pop ) and afterwards Eric Bischoff posted a message on WWE.com critisizing the move because the Rock doesnt have a permanent WWE contract. He thinks he got one over on me Ya feel me. Well thats not the case, I got one over on him. but I aint the one who should explain it so please welcome.....The Rock

If ya smelllll what the Rock is cooking...the Rock makes his way out to ther ring to a gigantic pop.

Cole- Oh My God, Its the rock the rock is here tonight, this is Unbelievable

Tazz- I can't belive it either Cole, The Rock on Smackdown tonight.

The rock holds the mic up to his mouth but the crowd are going wild and he can't get a word in.
CROWD- " Rocky Rocky Rocky Rocky "

the noise dies down and the Rock speaks

Rock- Finally the Rock has come back to the WWE!!!!! but this time it's for good. The Rock doesn't say this often, but he'll say it this time. I made a mistake. the Rock made a mistake when he left the WWE for Hollywood. every morning the Rock would wake up and think about wrestling, and every Monday and Thursday, he would watch Raw and Smackdown and realise what he was missing. The Rock isn't an actor the Rock is a wrestler. So I realised it was time to come back to the WWE, and when I was watching the draft, I phoned Theodore Long and I phoned Vince MacMahon and I signed a 5 year deal with the WWE as a full time performer. Which means that the Rock will from now on be whoopin Jabronis Candy asses on Smackdown, the rocks show, the peoples show....every single week and The Rock will cement his place as a WWE legend IF YA SMELLLLLLLLL WHAT THE ROCK-

Burn in my light

Cole- what the hell its randy Orton, whats he doing out here

Tazz- I don't think he's to happy to see Rock back Cole.

Randy Orton- finally the Rock has come back to the WWE, why? because he loves it so much.....Your full of Shit Rock. Theres one reason that you came back Rock its because you bombed in Holywood Rock, you failed. So what do you do? you come back with your tail between your-

Rock- WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA , who in the bluest of blue hell are you? What is your name?

Orton- don't pretend you don't know me Rock, Im the youngest WWE champion in WWE history, i am

Rock- It doesnt Matter what your name is!!!!!!!

Orton- Oh yeah hahahaha, go ahead spit out your catch phrases Rock, laugh it up. Now I guess your wondering why I'm out here Rock, well theres one simple reason behind that....You called your self a legend. and read my T-shirt I am Randy Orton Lege

Rock- yeah I know Legend Killer, so this is the part where you come into the ring beat me up and claim you killed the legend of the Rock. Well? go ahead Randy get in the Ring You come in here and beat the rock up, go ahead, read my Tshirt it says Just Bring IT.

Orton begins to walk up the steps, gets into the ring and the 2 men come face to face in the ring.

Orton- Sooner or later Rock your going to join the legend killer tour, when I leave you lying in the ring

Rock- sooner or later the rock is going to take his boot, shine it up real nice, turn that sum bitch side ways and....
The rock nails Randy Orton with a Rock bottom.

Rock- You think the Rock is going to wait around for you to kill me. No no the Rock says this...next week it will be Randy Orton going one on one with the great one.

The rocks music plays as he leaves, and Randy Orton Struggles to his feet as he realises what happens.

Tazz- wow, what a match for next week Cole, Randy Orton vs The Rock, I can't wait for that.

Cole- I don't know what to say The Rock is back in the WWE and his 1st match back is against Randy Orton

What does everybody want- HEAD, Al Snow comes out to Ringside with Lance Storm.

Tazz- Hey its Snow and Lance Storm

Cole- well I don't know what there doing out here now, Lance Storm doesn't wrestle anymore he's a road agent now.

Tazz- well the ECW PPV is coming up and Storm has a match against Chris Jericho, Do you think he's planning to get a bit of practise.

Cole- well I certainly hope so, Im always ready for A lance storm match

Storm- As you know the ECW One Night stand PPV is only a few short days away, and I have a match against Chris Jericho, and I guess your wondering why that means im out here with Al snow just now. Well before the PPV we want to show you what ECW was all about.

Snow- ECW is about alot of things, but its not just about mindless hardcore violence. I hate it when people say it was only Hardcore and call it Barbwire City. It wasn't like that....sure It was extreme, it was Hardcore, but that was mixed with great wrestling and technical action, and we want to show you some tonight. Me versus Lance one on one in a wrestling match ( crowd pop )

Tazz- man that was a heartfelt speech there from Al Snow, and it was true man, ECW wasn't just Hardcore, its more than just Hardcore.

The bell sounds and the 2 men lock up Lance Storm puts Snow in a headlock, Snow attempts a back suplex but storm turns in mid air and lands on Snow like a cross body, Storm puts on another headlock but Snow nips up out of it, Storm gets up and runs into a japenese armdrag then gets trapped in an armbar, but Storm reverses it into a pin on Snow, 1.....2.....kick out. the men lock up again and Storm hits another armdrag, he then goes for an elbow drop on Snow, but Snow rolls out the way and Storm misses, he gets up fairly quick but runs into a snapmare by snow followed by a kick to the spine, then a sleeper hold, after a few mins Storm is fading, the ref raises his arm...it falls once....twice....three times- NO he keeps it up just in time, he begins to stand up, Snow is trying to keep him down. but Storm gets to his feet, elbows snow in the stomach and pushes him into the ropes and as snow comes back he hits him with a spinning heel kick right in the jaw. he gets snow up who tries a clothesline, but storm ducks and hits a Jaw breaker. 1.....2.....kick out from Snow. Again Snow attacks, with right hands, he whips snow into the ropes but Snow reverses it and whips storm into them but he jumps on the 2nd rope and hits a spring board cross body 1.....2.....kick out again, Storm climbs the ropes but Snow gets up and follows, they fight at the top rope and Snow lifts Storm and Unbelievably hits the Snow Plow from the top rope. both men are out. The ref starts the count 1....2....3...4....5....6....7.. Snow manages to get an arm over Storm 1...2...KICK OUT. ( an ECW chant has broken out ) Snow gets up looking frustrated He goes for a snow plow again but Storm slips off his back and hits a german suplex with a pin 1....2...kick out again. Storm signals for the thrust kick, he goes for it but Snow catches it spins him round goes for a clothesline, storm ducks then hits a Thrust Kick.
HEY WAIT....JBLs Cabinet runs in and destroys both men with a steel chair.
Winner of the match: No contest.

Cole- what the hell is going on here

Tazz- JBL ruined the match and destroyed both men, ( the 2 men are shown being stretchered out the ring )

JBL- ECW ECW ECW ECW, I hate that chant, It's all ive heard for weeks now. News flash ECW is dead, and a little nostalgic reunion, is just a sympathy vote for the company that never made it. ECW was a failure and is a failure. Not one of there Wrestlers has drawn a dime for the buisness and I make a year what they made in there entire pathetic history. So I stopped the match before you people got dragged into it. but I know why you love ECW, both You and ECW are failures, with no money and no future... I on the other hand, I am a wrestling God, and a self made millionaire.

** missile** Welcome to dudleyville

Cole- It's the dudley boys their back on Smackdown to shut Up JBL

Tazz- It's about time that someone told him to shut up

JBL- what the hell do you think your doing you

Buh Buh- Shut the F**k up, and listen. You come out here and run down ECW every week. Well we are ECW JBL. ME Dvon and all the guys in the back who were there, and ECW was a family. and your disrespecting our family. So Ive talked to Teddy Long and Next Week Its You and the bashams vs The dudley boyz and...whoever else we want in an ECW rules match

D von- and you will learn that Thou shall not F**k with the ECW. Oh my brother Testify

Buh Buh- but we dont want to wait till Next week. ( the dudleys begin heading to the ring )

JBL- What you cant do that im JBL im a wrestling god I will not lower myself to an ECW match

The dudleys reach the Ring and begin to brawl with JBL OJ and the Bashams, they manage to hit O.J with a 3D but are eventually over powered by the 3 other men.

Cole- The dudleys have bitten off more than they can chew I think, there being dominated by the Cabinet.

Tazz- No look who it is.

Steven Richards arrives with a steel chair and chases the Cabinet out the ring, and helps the dudleys up


Cole- welcome back to Smackdown and what have we just witnessed folks, before the break it was revealed that next week It will be The Cabinet minus O.J who is already in a US title match against Rey Mysterio against The dudley boyz and I'm assuming Steven Richards.

Tazz- and its ECW rules, so its definetly in favour of team ECW

Cole- but it's now Main event time John Cena and Chris Jericho vs Carlito and Christian.

I spit it the face of people who don't want to be cool.

Chimmel- coming to the ring weighing in at 234 pounds from The Caribbean, Carlito Caribbean cool

Just close your eyes

Chimmel- and heading to the ring weighing in at 235 pound from Toronto Ontairo Canada, Christian

Break the walls down!!!

Chimmel- introducing weighing in at 231 pounds from Manhasset N.Y, Chris Jericho.

My time is now

Chimmel- and introducing weighing in at 240 pounds from West Newburry Mass. WWE champion John Cena!!!!

Cena and Jericho say something to each other, they don't seem to be getting on well. they slide in the ring but Carlito and Christian get out the other side, Christian motions to start against Cena, Jericho agrees and gets out to the apron

Cena and Christian stare each other down, Christian motions the champion sign around his waist. Cena does the you cant see me sign. they begin to trade punches back and forth, Cena gets the upper hand but Christian kicks him low and begins to nail cena with punches a few knife edge chops, then ran against the rope and hit Cena with a drop kick, he picked cena up and hits a suplex, then stomps on Cenas head. Christian stops to blow kisses to his peeps. Cena starts to get up Christian bounces off the ropes but runs into a spine buster, he picks up Cena and hits a shoulder breaker before nailing him with mounted punches, he drags up Cena hits a scoop slam, and goes for a 5 knuckle shuffle, Jericho makes a blind tag, Cena hits the 5 knuckle shuffle. then realises Jericho made the tag, when the ref wont count the pin. he argues with Jericho. and while Jerichos destracted, Christian comes from behind and hits Y2J with a reverse DDT. Cena is seen smiling as he gets out the ring. Y2J is picked up whiped into the ropes and hit with a cross body from Christian. Carlito is tagged in and Christian and Carlito hit a double suplex on Jericho. Carlito back breakers Chris and then puts on a camell clutch, Cena comes in and breaks it up. Carlito still has the upper hand, he chokes Jericho on the top rope and goes for a back suplex but jericho counters, flips right round and lands on his feet and gets a school boy 1...2...kick out Jericho then gut kicks Carlito who turns away then Y2J hits him with a bull dog. he then looks like he's going for the lionsault, but instead jumps over and hits Christian off the apron with a spring board drop kick. then goes back to get Carlito who low blows Y2J and gets a roll up 1....2....Cena breaks it up but as he fights Carlito, Christian comes off the top rope with a missile drop kick to Cenas back, who crashes into Y2J. Christian then knocks Cena to the out side before Leaping over the top rope onto him. Carlito and Y2J are still the legal men Carlito punches Jericho but Jericho hits a DDT, out of nowhere. Cena Smashes Christian off the ringpost and rolls into the ring, Jericho confronts him about crashing into him ealier Cena tries to explain but Jericho isn't listening, Cena Pushes him and Jericho pushes back, Carlito throws Jericho over the ropes and Christian comes from behind and hits an Impaler on Cena. Carlito is legal so makes the pin 1.....2.....3

Cole- Christian and Carlito have one it,

Tazz- wow Christian has sent out a message to Cena

Christian grabs cenas belt and Celebrates with it on the stage.

In the Ring Cena and Jericho argue some more and begin to fight, Cena Hits an FU on Jericho and when he turns round Christians back in the ring and nails Cena with the belt. He stands over both men with the title raised above his head.

End of show..

What did you think of the show, reviews would be great as would advice on how to improve thanks

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Vince's announcement was excellant, i'm looking forward to who will be brought into Smackdown. Great start to the show.

First match was good. I'm looking forward to who will come out on top with MNM, Hurricane and Roses and whoever else will be in the tourny, great way to unify the titles. I hope the Superheroes can do it.

Great Cruiserweight match for the title. Fast paced and well writen, i'm glad London retained the belt.

I like the fact that Rey is getting a US title shot against OJ, finally. Hopefully he can get the win. I though the segmant could of been better but it was still okay.

I liked Carlitto's Cabana. Both men seemed in charector and it flowed really well. I would of liked to have seen a bit of a confrontation between the two for them to feud later but what the hell. I liked the announcement for the main event and I hope Jericho and Carlitto have a match for who gets to host there show sort of a Cabbana vs Highlight Reel match.

Richards Won!! Excellant, great he's being used well.

Randy/Rock segmant was great. Looking forward to the match next week.

The ECW match was going great until JBL interupted. I liked the segmant following with the Dudleys getting there say. Steven Richards stopping the brawl with a steel chair was great, once again well done with Richards.

The mian event was cool. Great to see Jericho and Cena kicking off, if it happens it should be a good feud. I liked Christiann nailing Cena with the title, great ending.

Overall good show. I like how your using wrestlers that are overlooked in the WWE. I'll give it a 7.5/10

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This was a pretty confusing show. Here is some advice. Make your matches longer and put the winners name in bold so people who just skim through know who the winners are.

Grade-- 6/10

Y2J and HBK Mark
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OK OK ............ This is amazing ........ i have the same idea with the Rock & Randy Orton ......... 10/10 for the draft it was great ........ unexpected pic there .. ok now got to WWE headquarters and take control of the writing team

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hey its me, im still on holiday and wont be back for just under 2 weeks. but I have a question, I notice WWE are starting a cena christian jericho fued, as you may have noticed I too was heading towards one, should I continue with it as I started it a while ago and really liked its direction

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Hey Ive decided to continue with my cena-christian-jericho fued even though WWE are doing it too, as I started it first and I doubt WWEs plans for the fued will be the same as mine so Ill keep going, Is that ok???. Ill be back from holiday on sunday and have Raw up the same day.
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