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WWE: New Attitude!
Wrote by F94.

Backstory: After Armageddon, Vince McMahon finally realised that he had drove his product to the ground. He decided that before it was too late he would turn his company around and once again become the company that fans loved worldwide during the Attitude Era. He fired useless talent, brought in all of the wrestlers that deserved a chance in the WWE and basically took TNA’s top guys. He announced the return of the Attitude Era! He decided that starting January 1st 2006 WWE would step into the NEW Attitude Era! Vince also ended the brand extension and kept Raw as WWE’s show, he also made some more changes regarding Championships, PPV’s and GM’s.

WWE Championships:

WWE Undisputed Championship
WWE Intercontinental Championship
WWE World Tag Team Championships
WWE X-Division World Championship


• Monday Night Raw
• Tuesday Night Velocity- X-Division Only
• Sunday Night Heat- Lower Carders & Raw Recap

Owner, GM’s etc.:

WWE Owner & President: Vincent K. McMahon
Monday Night Raw General Manager: Eric Bischoff
WWE Commissioner and Head of Velocity & Heat: Mick Foley

WWE Behind the Scences Creative Team: Paul Heyman, Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler, Michael P. Hayes, Eric Bischoff and More.

WWE Monday Night Raw Announcers: Joey Styles & Tazz
WWE Velocity Announcers: Michael Cole & Jonathan Coachman
WWE Heat Announcers: Jerry Lawler & Todd Grisham
WWE Backstage Announcers: Michael Cole, Jonathan Coachman, Todd Grisham.

World Wrestling Entertainment Roster:

1) AJ Styles
2) Booker T
3) Billy Kidman
4) Brian Kendrick
5) Bubba-Ray Dudley
6) Carlito
7) Chavo Guerrero
8) Chris Benoit
9) Chris Jericho
10) Chris Masters
11) Christopher Daniels
12) Christian
13) CM Punk
14) Danny Basham
15) Doug Basham
16) D-Von Dudley
17) Edge
18) Gregory Helms
19) Jeff Hardy
20) Joey Mercury
21) Johnny Nitro
22) Juventud
23) ‘Masked’ Kane
24) Ken Kennedy
25) Kid Kash
26) Kurt Angle
27) Lance Storm
28) Lashley
29) Matt Hardy
30) Paul Burchill
31) Paul Heyman
32) Paul London
33) Petey Williams
34) Psicosis
35) Randy Orton
36) Raven
37) Rey Mysterio
39) Sandman
38) Rhino
40) Shawn Michaels
41) Shelton Benjamin
42) Super Crazy
43) Tajiri
44) Triple H
45) ‘American Badass’ Undertaker
46) William Regal

WWE Undisputed Championship Contenders:

1) Christian
2) Chris Jericho
3) Chris Benoit
4) Edge
5) Triple H
6) Kurt Angle
7) Rey Mysterio
8) Shawn Michaels
9) Kane
10) Undertaker
11) Randy Orton
12) Rob Van Dam

WWE Intercontinental Championship Contenders:

1) Booker T
2) Chavo Guerrero
3) Carlito
4) Rob Van Dam
5) Chris Masters
6) Shelton Benjamin
7) Ken Kennedy
8) Rey Mysterio
9) Randy Orton
10) Lashley
11) Rhino
12) Raven

WWE X-Division Championship Contenders:

1) AJ Styles
2) CM Punk
3) Christopher Daniels
4) Paul London
5) Lance Storm
6) Billy Kidman
7) Tajiri
8) Gregory Helms
9) Shelton Benjamin
10) Kid Kash
11) Brian Kendrick
12) Juventud
13) Psicosis
14) Super Crazy
15) Petey Williams

Tag Teams & Factions:

1) Brothers of Destruction (‘Masked’ Kane & ‘American Baddass’ Undertaker)
2) MNM (Johnny Nitro & Joey Mercury w/ Melina)
3) The Basham Brothers (Danny & Doug Basham)
4) The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy)
5) The Dudley Boyz (Bubba-Ray & D-Von Dudley)
6) The Great Brits (Paul Burchill & William Regal)
7) The Mexicools (Juventud, Psicosis & Super Crazy)

Green- Face
Red- Heel

The WWE Pay Per View Calendar:

January- Royal Rumble
February: No Way Out
March: Wrestlemania 22
April: Backlash
May: Interactive Invasion
June: King of the Ring
July: Vengeance
August: SummerSlam
September: Unforgiven
October: Over the Edge
November: The 20th Annual Survivor Series
December: Armageddon​

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Why not? Shelton is a great technichal wrestler, and you don't have to be high-flying to be in the X-Div, Tajiri will get the job done, time and time again.

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^Thanks for the comments, but don't blatently advertise in your posts, it's okay to say 'I will review here, so please check out my BTB...' etc. but don't just go to threads to advertise. But yeah, thanks for the comments anyways.

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Special Announcements?

This week on Raw, Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff have announced that they have some very special Announcements to make, regarding all the titles, the Royal Rumble, and much more. So far no matches have been announced, but one thing the GM has said is that we have a Blockbuster Card and Main Event this week on Raw.

Make sure you don’t miss the first Raw of the New Attitude Era, this Monday Night at 9/8 CT on the USA Network, or get the Play-by-Play coverage, right here, on WEForums!


Breaking News! World Wrestling Entertainment buys out Total Non-stop Action!

It has been confirmed, that as of today, the 27th December, WWE owns all rights to TNA, it has been rumoured that the price was around $4 Million, with this WWE now has rights to TNA’s entire product, meaning they can use matches such as Ultimate X. They also with the deal got TNA's Arena in Orlando, WWE hopes to turn this Arena into a full-time Training Facility and Youth Development Centre, starting in February. WWE also get rights to all of TNA's superstars although some are expected to be released from their contracts.

More on this story as it comes available!


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Breaking News! Additions to WWE Roster!

WWE today revealed that they have signed some more Wrestlers to the company, here is the list of WWE's newly aquired Superstars:

JBL (WWE Undisputed Championship Contender)
Big Show (WWE Undisputed Championship Contender)
Maven (Lower Carder/WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender)
Val Venis (Lower Carder/WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender)Johnny Parisi (Lower Carder)
Garrison Cade (Lower Carder)
Mark Jindrak (Lower Carder)
Matt Striker (Lower Carder/WWE Intercontinental Championship Contender)

Red- Heel
Green- Face

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Okay guys, Raw is going great, it will be up within 4 Hours Hopefully, just have the Main Event to write and then it's done but I wont be writing it all now, I'm off to watch TV.
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